One of the most troubling results of the EU elections was the entry of neo-Nazi parties into the European Parliament. In Germany, the far right National Democratic Party (NPD) took advantage of a recent change in the country’s election law which scrapped the minimum vote threshold to send an MEP to Brussels. The NPD’s first euro-deputy, Udo Voigt, recently denied accusations of xenophobia, before adding: “Europe is the continent of white people and it should remain that way…“.

Still, the NPD’s success should be put into perspective. The party only recieved 1% of the vote, less than the Animal Protection Party. Far more worrying, however, is the rise of Golden Dawn in Greece.

Despite most of the party’s leadership being arrested last year on charges including murder, extortion, the possession of illegal firearms and the disappearance (and presumed murder) of up to 100 migrants, Golden Dawn won 9.4% of the vote in the European elections on 25 May, making them the third political force in Greece.

As part of our post-election coverage, we have been interviewing journalists and politicians from across the EU and asking them their reactions to the results. We recently spoke to Nikos Chrysogelos, a former Greek MEP with the  Greens who lost his seat in the May elections. We asked him why support for Golden Dawn was still growing, despite the arrest of its leaders:

We also asked him about the results of the European Parliament elections and what it means for politics in Greece. Were the results as expected?

The success of Golden Dawn is often blamed on Greece’s economic hardships. But why are they doing so well when other countries with ferocious unemployment rates and high immigration, such as Spain, have rejected far-right politics? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below, and we’ll take them to policy-makers and experts for their reactions.

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    Tarquin Farquhar

    Not being Greek, this is a very difficult question to answer.

    However, Greece has demonstrated since WW2 that it is a country wherein murderous EXTREMISM [on the LEFT and on the RIGHT] in politics seems to be par for the course.

    Greece’s EXTREMIST penchant, its CORRUPT political elite and the German-inspired AUSTERITY BLITZKRIEG definitely appear to enhance the allure of such FRIGHTENING political parties.

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      as a Greek : you’re quite correct. Greece was always divided. However what has helped the rise of GD is a combination of factors.
      There was always a great problem of illegal immigration from the Turkish border in Greece, however the politicians refused to adress it and did little to solve the situation(mind you I dont hate anyone, but we have to agree that a country that barely supports its own citizens can not take illegal immigrants..).It did not take long and certain neighborhoods were filled with immigrants and just passing through them anytime of the day is dangerous-robberies,attacks,bad things happen. People are scared and want them out—> result: GD does the job. Yes, in a wrong and inhuman way, but for the people that have been victims it hardly matters…
      Also, the austerity measures have been harsh for the people that were already poor-usually those the same people that live with the immigrants. They feel ignored by the government(which they are) and want someone to have a voice for them–> GD does that… Basically what GD does is take the people with their side. They distribute food to the greeks, help them and provide this ”insurance”. So the desperate poor people get convinced and vote for them.
      Furthermore, again usually in these kind of areas, the education level is not very high. Yes people do go to school, but it is dubious whether they finish it, kids are generally uncultured and cant judge,people are just different there. So they believe and support the Golden Dawn fairytale, because it’s ”cool” and macho, and because while they are mocked down by most since they have no education, GD tells them they have something better that others–> they are greeks!- and subsequently better than others. so these idiots vote for this party because obviously being greek is the only ”good” thing they can think about themselves.
      Usually it is a combination of these things- I live in one of those areas mentioned where GD thrives, sadly… However, it should be noted that Greeks are extremists- the majority is against GD and the majority of the votes belongs to a leftist party that considers nazists and fascists scum.
      Just saying that you support GD is enough to make most people hate you- and even get you physically attacked…-, even in my neighboorhood that has them in abudance. Most greeks hate them and their ideas and practices. The country suffered a lot from nazism,we don’t forget that.
      I hope I have helped you.

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      Jim Young

      Well said indeed that just about sums this nation up.

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      Jim Young

      Greece like Italy now had another problem; Boat people, what is going to happen to them, I know it is terrible that many drown, but we have not made them board unsafe boats and risk their lives. Many of these illegal immigrant;s because that is what they are; illegal immigrants are fit healthy single young men, can you imagine in 1939, had the British boarded boats and fled to the USA, No we did not, we stood our ground and fought for our nation against a foe of the likes the world had never before seen, Stand and Fight, these people run and the economic consequencies are yet to appear.

      I watched a British TV program only a few years ago telling us about how Greece to a large extent had arrived in this mess; They did not pay taxes; the Taxman was a crook, the government were incompetent, Bus Drivers retiring on huge pension in their fifties and the rich and powerful not paying any taxes if they wished, they did not, Bankrupt as a nation and we the British have had to work and pay; now it is reported by Nigel Farage; UKIP, £55,000,000 “A DAY”, can you imagine that sum of cash; I certainly cannot; thrown down a drain, Greece…..That is also one other reason I want out, Out, OUt, OUT of the EU and NOW.

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      Umm not really.NPD got a single seat

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    Alex Tselentis

    Hitler rose to power through telling DESPERATE people what they wanted to hear and that he was there for them, EU has hammered Greece with 10 years worth of austerity in 3 years, which has left the country a mangled wreck, when people loose their homes, jobs, and any hope of a better tom, they become DESPERATE, the EU inflicted an overdose of austerity in too short a time, thats the cause of this rise, people are scared desperate and with no light at the end of the tunnel, radical parties prey on that desperation.

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    Alexander Samaras

    What a question.! The most shocking outcome of the European Parliament elections was the rise of far and extreme right parties in Europe. After that you still think that Greece is an exception?

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    Jaume Roqueta

    rich people dont like fascism… but they really hate people’s power, so before giving the power to the pepol, they will pact with fascist… the story says statistically this is what will happens…

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    Jaume Roqueta

    and nowadays there are two options in greece and spain… fascism or give the power to the people…. but soemthing must change

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    Dionysis Kontarinis

    People who are jobless and cannot overcome their daily problems, at some point, will lose hope and respect for themselves. These parties propose them a way to restore their pride. Unfortunately, the cost is far too great.

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    Jean-Baptiste Perrin

    French living in Greece and as an ex-candidate for D66 in the Netherlands, now trying to help Greek social liberal Kinonia Axion, I think it is pretty clear why Golden Dawn is having good results, despite being a criminal organisation. First, they are the only current Greek party with a very intensive grass root organisation and grass root activities. One might not like what they do (and obviously murder and racket of immigrants is the worst kind), but most people only see the “nicer” face of the organisation. It is the face which distributes food to the poor, helps older members of the community, defends households against the rising violence. Another obvious reason is that, unlike Portugal, Greece is totally unused to mass immigration. And one has to recognize that in the last 10 years, immigration has literally exploded in Greece. The Western media always speak about Lampedusa (in Italy) or Melilla (Spain). But the fact of the matter is that the majority of immigrants to the EU enter via Greece. For such a small population and poor country, it is simply unbearable. Nothing is ready to tackle the flow of migrants, often arriving in absolute misery but meeting even worst conditions when detained here, following the idiotic Dublin 2 rules that the EU imposed on Greece. No wonder they turn to criminality or prostitution, facing as a consequence the hostility of the locals. Last but not least of the reasons why Golden Dawn is doing so well is, unfortunately, the nationalistic and conservative traditions of the Greek system. Greece is a very religious, traditional and in many regions quite conservative country. Beyond the “leftist” Athens, most provinces have deep nationalistic roots. It is not so far ago that the government was a military junta. While this junta was toppled by the rich families dominating the Greek politics, allied with the leftist youth of 70’s Athens, it had quite a lot of popular support. God, fatherland, family values and the “Great Greece” idea still sell quite well in the Greek political landscape… no wonder that the most disgruntled vote Golden Dawn.

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      Christos Giotis

      As a Greek that has been in the Greek army (airforce) as part of the mandatory service and of course high-school etc. I can assure you that a majority of the youth are thinking exactly like this fellow here is saying. I don’t remember any immigrants until a few years ago (I am 21) and it is kind of scary seeing them swarm entire areas and take over while you don’t even hear about the issue recognized from the E.U. It’s like they are turning a blind eye on purpose. At the same time we do have a violent history with the junta and the ‘revolutionairies’ (spelling + meaning may differ but anyway the ‘rebels’) that then became the communist party.

      I think that if you go and give out food at such desperate times while promising to punishing an obvious and over-the-top problem such as this mass immigration, a problem that the E.U is ignoring, people will vote you. Sadly what people DON’T realize is that they are indeed criminals and you don’t put a murderer in the place of a politican for a murderer shall kill even after he has killed the ‘bad ones’.

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      nikos avramitis

      I agree in almsto averything with you. Eventhought a foreigner in Greece you seem to know quite well the Greeks. However in my opnion you are making a little bit of a mistake. When it is true that a big part of the greek society is a bit consrvative and indeed there is some pople (few in my opinion) that re inspired by the idea of restoring the Byzantine Empire or other simillar “dreams” of the past, this is not teh reason that golden down has so much support. First of all reall supporters of Junta or neonazis are a veyr small part of the greek population, as most of them are dead by now. The people are just angry with the current political system in Grece. They want to see the politicains punished for their corruption and thei believe that Golden Dawn can do it, without considering the price of this idea. The problem with the peopel that you call nationalists is the lack of education. These people do have the mental abillity to calculate the results of their action, (voting or participatin in the parties activities), and that is the problem. Honestly i am very dissapointed with the current situation, thsi rise I believe is far worst than the crisis or the austerity, and I doubt if something can be done to stop them.

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    Helena Feio

    People dont believe in traditional parties anymore and want someone they think can change their lives. But this is not true. If you look at these parties that emerge as a salvation they haven’t done anything so far. Tradicional parties have to start to look after people’s interests besides their own.

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    Ana Georgieva

    Lets hope history do not repeit itself. This party is a danger for the peace on the Balkans.

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    Emma Kollatou

    Firstly as it is already stressed out the rise of extreme right wing ideology is not only a Greek phenomenon but it can viewed in many if not most european countries. As far as Greece is concerned however I would state that the political corruption which had reached unprecedented levels in the public administration, as well as a general disapproval and devaluation of the politicians alongside the financial crisis created a wave of people who viewed the extreme right wing party as a means of venturing their anger towards the political system in the Greek Parliament and why not the European Parliament. There are many cases of people that were not affiliated with the ideology but voted as a reaction. On the other hand, financial crisis always create a sense of xenophobia (WWII for instance). In general I believe the phenomenon is multi-faceted and demands a lot of attention.

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    Aimilia Marsellou

    What about the 25% of Le Pen without huge unemployment and immigration problems? What about Finland, Holland, Denmark?

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    Conrad Wallenrod

    Why? It is simple. Just like after great crisis ox XX century populistic Hitlers was what Germans wanted to hear. Balming others for difficult situation in own country. I would like to point to my dear Greek fellow citizens that it was EU on your rescue and bail out the country. So saying austerity in to short period is a little bit hypocritical because without EU Grece would be bankrupt by now – this would be disastorous for Greek people. There was rapid action needed and rapid reaction was needed as well. But I did start with crisis, yes in XX century fascist began to spread their fear and now in XXI century again after crisis they begin to spread their fear. Racist attacks are hppening across Europe and I have bad news – it will end up with global war with Putin taking over country after country. That’s his goal – to enslave free Europe. Any one who’s eurosceptic fascist is useful puppet of great communist Putin and does the job for Moscow.

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      nikos avramitis

      First of all we re talking about Greece here, not Putin. Seondly, while i undestand what you are saying about the bail pout and all the stuf, I dare to come and see how about 1 million people live in greece right now. Some had to happen, i agree, but what was doen to Greece is extreme, and honestly I hope that you do not live to see something like happen in your country-eventhought that would be the only way to understand. You see, the EU saved Greece to save the whole system. We were the sacrifiace for all the falses that the EU had made when it adopted the Euro. I a no eurosceptict, by the way I am pro- european, but you confuse some things. Greece could had been saved without getting punished, for past mistakes. The Europoean humilliated us, saying we do not do nothing, we are lazy and useless, and now it is proved that Greek work more than any other European. So your opinion is another reason why not only the Golden Dawn but far-right and neonzis parties are rising all across Europe. Change your thinking, face teh reallity and not what the media say or your politicians, or the war that you so afraid of will not be that far away.

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      could you define free europe? which countries in your believe are free for example germany is free? holland?hungary? poland france etc .there is no place at the moment with out austerity measures in europe who doesn’t need evaluation from the CENTRAL EUROPEAN BANK and there is no country who decides for themselves and this is globalization
      for most of the people PUTIN is considered as a neo liberal leader certainly not a communist absolutely not a communist

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      “it was EU on your rescue and bail out the country…”

      Yes, but it was “rescue” not rescue.
      I mean that he terms of rescue, created far more serious problems than the initial ones. Greece was a country with 115% debt, 7% unemployment, and a GDP of 340 billions back in 2009. And now has 30% unemployment, a gdp of 260 b, and even the debt is now bigger!!!!!!! Wait a minute! We destroyed our country following EU instructions in to pay back the debt. And yet the debt is now bigger???????

      So, i seriously doubt that Greece would be in a worst situation if the country had declared bankruptcy.

      And also is this sense of humiliation, all these BILD, and Focus articles. There so much anger in Greece and not only for the ridiculous and disastrous fucking EU “help”. Help your ass!!!

      I will Hate Germany for the rest of my life.
      Or I would like to see a nuclear war. I have nothing to lose anyway.
      Come on Putin, come on like the old Days (1945)!!!!

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    Candy Jalloul

    It’s not always about the economy … England and France are also in favor of such politics . Greece’s problem is that the state is unable to function .

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    Maybe because Spain had far right tyranny in the mid of 20th century, while Greece didn’t have?
    Other reason is the psychology, when people lost their excitation in crises, and then when people saw that they are humiliated when their future create IMF or EU, and they don’t ask Greeks what they are thinking about reforms, then the people began to awaken nationalism like last thing what they had.
    Similar thing happened in ex Yugoslavia 1990s, and then we have witnesses of the bloodiest war in Europe since the World War II.

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      As a greek, i think that the rise of the golden dawn is mainly due to the huge impact that the financial adjustment and the bailouts had to our society. I think that greek people translate the vote to golden dawn as a political slap to the old traditional parties for the damage they have done and still do. This way, even they know that this party is a criminal organization, they vote in favor as an angry reaction to the old political system and the european politics of austerity. I give as a related example, Chicholina, a porn-star that made it to the Italian parliament in 1887, promoted as a strong reaction to the high levels of corruption. Of coarse the rise of golden dawn is strongly related to the economic despair of the greeks. This party exists in Greece since late 70s but until 2009 was like a joke, something ridiculous to lough at. In the eleccions of 2009, before the measures of the Union and the I.M.F they got 0.1% of the greek votes. In the eleccions of 2012, after the disaster we lived, they got 8,4%. There are many people in Greece calling their voters ironically “Angela’s kinds”. After all, i think it is pretty obvious that this cancer of our society is a result of losing 25% of our economy in 4 years and the 40% of our incomes. We lost the ground under our legs. I hope we get rid of them really soon. Austerity kills.

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    Nick Str

    Because any of the politic parties in Greece care for greek people,greek people vote for golden dawn so simple…The only party that says Greece belongs to Greeks…Those bankers who rule in Greece nowadays are more fascist than the golden dawn fascists

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    Julia Walker

    Because they think they are “patriots”….when really they are using half a million ill informed Greeks to carry out their crazy murdering hateful activities

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    Jorge Qoqe

    Greece already has a strong Syriza, in Spain we have now Podemos. Extreme-right in Greece is possible cuz they didn’t suffer a Extreme Right Dictatorship as we had with Franco

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      amigo teniamos una dictadura militar durante 1967-1974, pero no es eso, es la puta austeridad. Vamos Pablo inglesias jeje Saludos!

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    Pavlina Pournara

    Judging from conversations about this issue, it seems that most people that voted for Golden Dawn, did so as a reaction against the outstanding inefficiency of the political leaders who do not seem to be in command of matters in this country. There is a strong belief that no one can do worse than the present coalition government.

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    Pier Dal Ri

    Why not? Why do communist still exist? International socialists are they better or did they just win the II wwar?
    Where is the difference if you are national socialist rather than international socialist? Tell me.

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    Breogán Costa

    because people is desperate, because they are ambiguous, because they say what people want to listen (and they don’t care if it is a complete lie), because people (in all the world) is too lazy to remember the mistakes of the past and check if they are being repeated…
    This is all crazy

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    Ioannis Koutoudis

    Since the 80’s political parties in Greece managed to make their voters shortsighted, uneducated, selfish, and greedy as themselves. It was the easiest way to maintain themselves in goverment and harvest the benefits of ruling a country for them and their “friends”.
    In one word they breed idiots. Bear in mind that in english “idiot” means stupid, but it in ancient greek is the opposite word for “citizen”.

    The answer you seek is simple.
    When your flock of idiots is hungry and desparate, happily and stupiditly becomes a herd for facists.

    The solution is simple as well, start feeding the idiots (means stop eating the rich and the impersonal beasts called businesses) and the herd will be tamed. But don’t stop there. They must be educated so they become citizens, and then there not worry for the Democracy.

    Of course that means that the unworthy politicians who serve their rich donors and friends, but apparently not for their nations, it might be difficult to be ellected again.

    Hard dilemma for EU politicians, don’t you think?

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    Christos Mouzeviris

    The far right was always lingering in Greece’s political life since the junta days.. It never totally went away. It was hidden in the army and police forces, as well as within its political elites!! It just so the circumstances are right now, a huge economic meltdown plus an increasing immigration problem, plus foreign meddling plus an incompetent state and local government… All these made the far right to come out on the open, just like the slugs after the storm!!! Once things settle again, and people get their senses back, I should hope that they will see these people for what they really are and place them back where they belong again: in the undergrowth!!

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    Miguel Queiroz Martinho

    contries like portugal and spain had the longest far-right dictatorships in europe basicly they dont want to go down a path they know where it would lead them.

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    Ioannis Koutoudis

    @Jorge Qoqe we had a Dictatorship during 1967-1974. It is believed as the reason our brother-country Cyprus lost the 1/3 of its national territory when Turkey find a chance to invade (still kept occupied under a turkish pseudo-state). For some, it was just a way to keep the east mediranean so close to the oils of the South East (now miraculously discoverd with oil deposits itsef, see Isreal, Egypt, Cyprus, Greece) in a situation of colflict and crisis.

    For the same reason my country was the experiment of the cold war. After the 2nd World War a civil war occured. On the one side communists (rebels) funded by Soviets the other (goverment) funded by Americans. The conflict starting with a question raising. Why Great Britain was still present after the end of the War. Motivation for all the three, they had their eyes to the oils of the East.

    Oil is money.

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    Unfortunately austerity has been a political failure Europe llost in dark days. European Institutions must react and regain confidence and bring back a social Europe and solidaire.Il is frightening to see the return of nationalism, xenophobia and the creation of the popular castes and non-equal distribution of money. The parties of the extreme right, the anti-European parties should be better explain what they represent. Thisis the work of democratic parties.Create a Europe of human rights, a Europe of social equalities. No hopewill rise for the future of Europe in the presence of these amalgames of faulse salvation and wrong direction to Europeans.

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    Porque en España la extrema derecha está ya en el poder

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    Carlos Echaide Gorriz

    In Spain we have been with “fascist” or maybe franquist influences all these years. Does not make sense to vote another fascist party.

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    Jorgos Tzouliadakis

    Isn’t it MORE interesting to explore the reason for the growing support of north and rich (!) European countries to far-right ideologies???

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    Hélder Vieira

    Memory. Or better, lack of it. The younger generations never experienced an authoritarian regime, and the older ones almost forgot the darkness… So, each of us is slowly and willingly moving once again into that swamp.

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    catherine benning

    I think the answer to this Debating Europe question, asked of us, obviously lies in Golden Dawn’s manifesto. And the Greek people are feeling strongly connected to it. So they must see some truth in what they are saying, otherwise they would reject the party soundly. Would they not?

    Not being Greek or living in Greece, or, having visited this beautiful country recently, how can I comment. But, from this comment below made in our newspaper here in the UK today, Greece is not the only place the EU, with it’s US partners, have brought chaos to the lives of so many good Europeans. What is the underlying but hidden story of ‘why’ this is being done to our continent by it’s politicians? And the man they want to place in the position of it’s new President wants more of it and a continuation of the principles already adopted. What can possibly be in it for them I wonder?

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    Prophet, Riga, Latvia, 16 hours ago

    This is far from, over. I have family in Ukraine. The EU, backed by the piratical U.S., lost Crimea, the biggest jewel in their land grab. Disproportionately, the South East is far richer than the otherwise arable Ukraine. This region is in Civil War against the Western backed Kiev regime. There is nothing that the EU or U.S. needs from the rest. The vital trade with Russia has come to an end with the signing of this Association Agreement. This is Ukrainian famine MK 2. They are now building a wall to stop Ukrainian refugees fleeing to Russia. Nice one, EU ¿ U.S.

    The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline

    Here is the Mail article this comment was written in response to.

    So, as others on this thread have expressed, Greece is not alone.

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    Definitely you are a nazist but this is not an excuse you should learn more for people in these countries and their hystory and then characterise them as clever or anything else shame on you for that kind of fhraseology you are considered as a grown up personality wih arguments
    fool of a malcolm

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    Leonidas Gontzes

    It’s because the “mainstream” parties have failed, and it’s actually both the extreme right and left that have grown and yet no word on the left’s rise.

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    Dim Zev

    In recent years, governments in Greece based on nepotism and corruption. On 4 June, the Greek parliament closed to dispense once politicians accused of financial scandals. (In Greece this law that whenever closes for summer parliament exempted from classes for the preceding season).
    There are many other similar laws that classify Greece on top of the corruption list. For this phenomenon even though nobody wondered …
    Laws in Greece against politicians remind justice in the colonies

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    Defkalion Tsagarakis

    Golden Dawn are agents of Putin and all other parliamentary parties leaderships are agents of Putin. It is the whole political system that promotes the Russian financed gang in order to suppress Greek people when they wake up and realize that it is Russia and China the real enemy of Greece and not Europe as the Russian financed Goebbelic Mass Brainwashing Media and Greek KGB Political parties say

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    Dimi Très

    Because in Greece and in other European countries too, the local people who co-operated with the Nazis in 2nd World War, were not punished. On the contrary many of them took high positions and became rich. How did they become rich? By selling goods in the black market and betraying the Greeks who were fighting against the Germans. After the War, the people who really resisted and were mainly communists, were not allowed to take the leadership in this country. The fascists, in order to avoid the communist threat that would harm their prosperity, they brought the dictatorship in Greece, back in the 60’s to enhance the US plans over a possible leftwing establishment. These plans included the division of Cyprus unfortunately. After the end of the dictatorship, many of these people joined the rightwing political parties, continuing to do their job in a more discreet way. Now they are supporting openly Golden Dawn, they are co-operating with the rich people here, spreading the fascism through media, television and newspapers, which belong to shipowners (who became rich during 2nd World War by supporting Nazis).

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    Bill Sig

    It’s not a greek phenomenon, it’s a european phenomenon and it comes as a reaction to fascist politics of EU. If you want to ellaborate on far right emerging parties, concentrate on northern Europe’s countries. As previously said, it’s a far more interesting topic.

  37. avatar
    Guillem Martí Bou

    The far-right have in the nationalism her strongest bedrock. The Spanish people has a slightly weak nationalist feelings. Indeed, the Francos dictadura has generated opposition and fear to the far-right policies. But Spain has turned to the far-left and nationalist minoriries policices, that its almost worse than the first one option.

  38. avatar
    Isidor D. Coma

    what a stupid thing about the nationalist minoriries policicies u just said! Guillem Mart Bou… u prefer one and big Spain right?… valencia, en el mapa solo por su corrupcin..

  39. avatar
    Nikos Papakonstantinou

    The far-right WON the elections in Britain, France and Denmark. The real question then becomes: why is Spain the exception to the rule?

  40. avatar
    paschal kalochorios

    becouse its the only way to make you feel uncomfortable-all the other parties play with the rules of eu

  41. avatar
    Yiannis Manatos

    Bad education & political culture combined with great economic difficulties is giving rise to ultra-extreme populism and push large masses of people to the extremes (both right-wing and left-wing)..

  42. avatar
    Panagiotis Kalfadis

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    Stefanos Kouzof

    When people get fired from their jobs, they get dissapointed. When a dissapointed person receives no support (eg by the government, first of all), he gets angry. When he learns that corrupt politicians take care of their own instead of everybody, he wants to punish them. When he wants to punish politicians, he turns to far right wing parties, thus Golden Dawn MP’s swear and hit other politicians ands get more popular by the day.
    Political corruption always turns voters to far right wing parties. And EU stands idle.

  44. avatar
    Christos Berdesis

    Alex Tselentis has the correct answer: “radical parties prey on desperation”. That’s the only reason.

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    Ἀναστάσιος Πετρόπουλος

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    As a reaction to faulty polititians and policies, Golden Dawn, is voted by people only temporarily. No case of alarm. It is just a “potent” message by certain people that will not accept illegal immigration, induced poverty ,unemployment ecc. Greeks , Hellenes are not fascists or nazis, as they died in the past for fights for freedom, but this reaction is another factor to show you how desperate they are.

  47. avatar

    The question is rather how Spain can stand “ferocious unemployment rates” without more votes for extremist parties. And if far right parties are a concern for EU, it has just to change its economic policies.

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    Elias Kalamaras

    It’s not desperation or the financial problems to be blamed. Greeks are taught to be nationalists and most of them live along with huge complex towards Western Europe and hate all the others. Golden Dawn was just a spark.

  49. avatar
    John Shinkei Shinobi D

    why don’t you check the european results first and then start talking about Greece…..Greeks are not racists in majority by nature…. yes,there is a 10% (big percentage) who voted for G.D. but they don’t represent the 90%..thats why they came third and not first like in some “progressive/developed” countries…..

  50. avatar
    Stathis Varveris

    First of all, Greece is not the only example of radical-right growth in Europe. In France, which is not a country with financial problems, right-extremists are now the first power. As for Greece the answer is simple. The majority of people are suffering from the austerity and desperate they choose to vote the two extremes, Syriza (radical-left) and Golden Dawn (radical-right). Extremes are always growing stronger trough difficult times. What Europe must do is to take action. Austerity is close to destroy Europe. Europe has to aim growth and the countries who face the biggest financial problems must be helped. Finally Europe is working like a German Empire. Until it starts working as a united union with every country-state having equal power to others Europian Union will have no future.

  51. avatar

    Because Golden Dawn is actually supported, because most of Golden Dawn’s voters would probably vote for SYRIZA if Golden Dawn didn’t exist and as a result SYRIZA who they call themselves left-wing party would be first party with a great difference. Furthermore I don’t think that the term fascism or nazism would be correct because both of them require the existence of an ideology, and I think that for most greeks ideology is incompatible with their dna, with the exception of the Ideology of the Short Term Benefit. Perhaps I ‘m a little toο dogmatic and critical in my assessment but our age is not an age of ideals.
    To answer to my friend Conrad: Greece would not go bankrupt if it left the european union, Greece is already unofficially bankrupt. European Union would officially go bankrupt if Greece left the Union. Furthermore I don’t know if you are trolling or speaking seriously but from what you are saying I see that you have no knowledge of basic economics and the way the Euro as a currency works. By all means convince me otherwise, I’m really open to discussion if you want.
    I saw some other comments about Russian agents, and extraterrestials living between us, wtf? Really now?
    Power (Εξουσία) with the meaning of Authority/System has no ideology. Ukraine has been split in half, Iraq is in civil war, in Thrace (province of Greece shared with Bulgary and Turkey) has occured the matter of muslim minority. In Spain – I think correct me if I’m wrong – the matter of catalonia and the basques. And more and more. Why all these right now? And most importantly:
    Does anyone know the context of the memorandums that have been signed? No one knows, no channel is saying. Because? Because instead they show what said or didn’t the minister of golden dawn, because there’s the World Cup, because, because, because.
    If I told you that the Treaty of Maastrich contains many nazist articles, and is based on the plan of Hitler about the United Europe. Because the first who made such plans, and such plans require time, were the germans before and during World War II.
    Take what I write as you will, I’m not trying to convince anyone, if someone is curious or skepticist then perhaps he would search for the answers and the information on his own. Because no true analysis is possible without information.

  52. avatar
    Hlias Hy Vasileiou

    Cause the only way to avoid New World Order is for all countries and people to turn to Nationalism. Wake up ppl, zionists playing chess with our nations and lives. WAKE UP

  53. avatar
    Erich Scheffl

    Funny – EU created suffer to the countries like greece, spain, italy. Now chinese buy there detroyed companies. This is their protectionism. Against their exploitation. Make a EU that people have good perspectives.

  54. avatar
    Shiroyasha Kurokami

    Free europe they say , yeah right .. Ignorance is bliss as it seems , thats what them fasists and many people in here have in common and it’s funny how these people themselfs ignorant and brainwashed as one can be dont understand that it’s just a coinsidence that they are not fasists too ( Not honest , admitted one’s anyway . )

  55. avatar
    John Tsesme

    For some people not knowing what hitler and nationalism was well actually hitler first said new world order

  56. avatar
    Ismene Daskarolis

    I believe the answer is the same as to why are far right groups in Europe growing? Golden Dawn is third in power yes, however Greece was one of the very few countries in the E.U to elect a clearly left party as a majority for the European Parliament with an anti nazi war hero and an immigrant having the biggest votes. We see this as a triumph and Golden Dawn is as much a threat as the far right groups in the rest of Europe. Other countries less effected by the crisis like France, Britain and Denmark have also given majority to far right groups and Germany has a Neonazi party again, why is this all happening to Europe is the correct question we should be asking.

  57. avatar
    Andreas ArtzAs

    It is funny, actually ,because of the paradoxical situtation that ocurred in EU recent years. Fascism in Greece = We dont like / Fascism in Ukraine = We like and support.

  58. avatar
    Nick Xios

    I think many valid points were touched upon such as: Golden Dawn’s impressive grass roots efforts and complete lack of such efforts by other parties; the modern history of political schism and extremism which still exists today; the far-right incubating out of sight especially in the police and military forces; the nazi collaborators who instead of being punished were rewarded to help suppress communism; the electorate (since the 80’s) conditioned to apathy, greed and short-sightedness.

    Seems like the confluence of these forces and the economic crisis produces this natural result.

    Why is support still growing? In my opinion because the same corrupt people are still in power and the elite group that backs them grows richer.

  59. avatar
    Andreas ArtzAs

    I m kidding of course , it ‘s not funny, it’s hypocrisy and it’s called geopolitics.But, Europe be careful noone wants to remember the last time you played with geopolitics. ( gas gas gas gas ).

  60. avatar
    Dhmhtrios Kilias

    …M????? ?? ?????? ???? ????? ???? ?? ??????….???? ????? ?? ????? ????? ????………????? ??????..

  61. avatar

    It comes from the Greek Orthodox Church who have close ties with the Serbian and Russian Orthodox Church.The Serbian Orthkdox Church had very close ties with Mussolini during the WW2.And it also gave unlimited support to Slobodan Milosevic during his genocidal campaigns in the Balkans.Members of the Golden Dawn were also involved in the Srebrenica Genocide and Greece was providing Serbia weapons,ammo and gas during the embargo on Serbia.Grees also leeked Nato informtion to Serbia during the Nato bombing campain which stopped Milosevic in his plans to ethnicly cleanse Kosovo.

  62. avatar

    The Greeks should know their own psyche best- or is it Zeus? One wonders what has happened to their Spartan phalanges & Laconism? Their political system seem in crisis ever since, and radical populism oscillates from extreme left, abdication of kings, military juntas to extreme right & back again- never stopped warring with them-selves- both sides calling the other fascists & traitors, both border an anarchism. That keeps their blood pressure up and their olives growing!

    Is that a sign of entrenched dissatisfaction, ancient inequalities and an endless search for the culprits.? At this moment it is clearly the unpopular EU!

  63. avatar
    Pedro Pais de Vasconcelos

    Far right and far left growth in Europe is a consequence of political dissatisfaction. European leaders should read well into this and put an end to the deviation of European politics to economic and business interests of major conglomerates and turn their attention to solidarity and common people.

  64. avatar

    In Greece, the real extremists are Samaras and Venizelos, and their parties the Nea Demokratika and PASOK.

    They took orders from EU/ECB/IMF to take money from the poor and middle class and give it to rich French and German bankers. The two leaders of these parties ought to be arrested and put on trial.

    I don’t remember these Golden Dawners taking peoples money away to hand over to the criminal banker cabal. No matter how odious Golden Dawn is, they haven’t stolen other peoples money to give to IMF’s friends.

    • avatar
      George Yiannitsiotis

      The Golden Dawn gang used to be the “security” men of the ND & PASOK political gangs in previous decades. Most of the GD MPs arrested and prossecuted, were in touch with underworld crime (protection of nightclubs, human traficing, drugs etc.) in direct link to the Police. There are also signs that GD was set up and balloned under the direction of an old (ColdWar-era) secret (NATO-approved) plan called “Red Sheep-skin” (revealed in the mid-1970s).
      In fact, this gang plays a very useful to the international usurers gang (IMF/ECB/WEUCorp/4th Reich) role in dividing the Greek society and averting a social explosion that could have blown up the corrupted puppet politicians that execute the orders of this international gang to the expense of the Greek people. So simple! They are usefull to the system; they survive.

      The real threat for Europe is not GD but the all-out war launched by the West European Usurers Corporation (disguised as “European Union”) against the peoples of the EU-member states to the benefit of a bunch of mainly German and to some extend French usurers. This is the root problem. Tackle it, and the situation may reverse; otherwise, there be soon out of control.-

    • avatar

      Not sure if they have stolen but they have killed…and are constantly on trial.

  65. avatar

    Part is economic hardship.
    Part is mentality.
    Interesting is these nazis are not to be colluded with the usual ‘fascism’ that the right wing usually spawns. They are the real deal – something that not even the 1940s nazi were not.
    FOR the people ( sadly they have a very narrows definition of “THEIR people” )
    and against everyone else.

    They help as i heard greeks who can prove they are greeks…and also are not too black.
    They also bust shops ( that ironically provide employment to greeks ) owned by foreigners – a pretty dumb move.

    Why do they still get support?
    Greece has always had a love affair with right wing ideologies. And even though i am half greek i cannot say why.
    Maybe it’s the history of that country.

  66. avatar

    A number of reasons:

    1. Xenophobia is a growing trend Europe-wide and a result of a poor economy, job prospects etc.
    2. The average Greek person has some of the lowest educational level in Europe. The Greek educational system has failed grossly.
    3. The Greek state still teaches its people that modern Greeks are descended from the ancient Greeks only and they are silly enough to believe it. Actually, Greece is the most mixed country in the EU, according to the EU genetic mapping project.
    4. Other less obvious/important reasons.

  67. avatar

    I don’t understand the debate about nationalities here. Don’t you understand that it’s circumstances who reveal the darkest sides of people and not race? Back in Nazi-Germany people were desperate, scared and looking for a strong leader who could give them hope. Hitler was that person. I see the same parallels in Greece.

    People do stupid shit not because of their racial background, but because of many other factors. It depends on their person, the economy, how happy and healthy they are, their political leaders, what their friends and family think…. These things can potentially happy anywhere, as long as certain conditions occur.

    You should read ‘the Lucifer Effect’ by Philip Zimbardo. It’s a great book about this very topic. It’s about how good people can turn evil and how we are capable of terrible acts deep down inside. So if you’re into psychology; go read that book. I learned lots from it.

  68. avatar
    Jim Young

    I thought the idea of a European Union was free Trade and nothing else; how wrong was I. We are told now that nearly all of the member states are in the Doldrums, bordering recession, bankruptcy with Germany and Britain leading way in funding; certainly Britain who is now the most recovering nation in Europe and on it way out of recession, there is a problem with this for me, the more we become successful, the more we have to pay Brussels to prop the rest of the other member states. To make this idea work, then for example, bread should be the same Euro price across the union, it is not, hence until all economies are on a par; equal, then the idea and system cannot work, it is commonsense but not for those over paid out of control unelected officials who continue to antagonise me and the rest of Britain. The Dream has failed, it will not work and it is a totally waste of money with unelected people running the car boot sale. I want out of Europe and repeat myself, Trade with them, but no CONTROL BY THEM AT ALL.

    • avatar
      Jim Young

      Additional thoughts on this previous post, if the European Union was disbanded who is going to employ those in Brussels, NO ONE AT ALL, they would be out of a job.

  69. avatar
    Jim Young

    Whenever there is a nation in dire straights, in trouble the extremeist groups will appear; be they good or bad, the people will have had enough of those at the top, usually corrupt; living the high life while the people struggle; history reminds us all of that; or it should do, so with Greece in tatters is it any wonder that extremist groups are gaining power; afte all, the people; like us the British have just had enough.

  70. avatar

    Easy, because the Greek people don’t want to succumb to the western, muslim, and turkish influences which histirically threw everything they had at them. “We want a new Hellas, one which covers the land.” Or so goes the Χρυσή Αυγή anthem. They want their old homelands back, the Greeks are not exculusively from the southernmost tip of the Balkans, In fact those are some of their less signifigant homelands (those which Greece owns to this day). Lands in which likely many tens of millions of Greeks have been killed and assimilated, not to mention pleanty of things the turks have done make the Nazis look normal by comparison in both destruction and brutality, and at least the Nazis made usefull contributions, like Volkswagon and their science helping both sides of the space race. They know their Race (or to some, their Nationality or ethnicity) was great and has the potentail to be great once more, and they beleive that Golden Dawn will rise and bring Greece to glory, and wipe that smug grin the rest of europe has over them. If you want to know in english, check out the FAQs in either GD new york or australia’s websites, I’m sure the men who run the sites would be mor than happy to answer any questions that you may have. Beleive it or not, they are actually very knowledgeable and civilized. Not to mention that Greece’s government is purpousfully staying in debt, since the Germans still owe Greece massive war repparations from WWII (not counting late fees) and the massive oil and precious metal reserves in Greece. Greece is full of potentail, but their puppet government is keeping them down purposefully. That is why Golden Dawn is rising so rapidly, and now has a strong claim to first most powerfull political party in Greece, (they are currently tied about, and gaining rapid support as said before; ask for source if needed,) and remember to ask questions if needed.

    • avatar
      George Yiannitsiotis, PhD

      Germany owes to Greece WW I & WW II reparations as well as compensation to the victims of german-army attrocities in Greece (1941-45). However, Golden Down was the only party at the Hellenic Parliament that did not support the raised by the Parliament claim, just yesterday!

  71. avatar

    Trumps adviser Steven Bannon has been working vigorously to radicalize European politics. When European people treasure so much liberty, independence and sovereignty, I really don’t understand why Europe has openly allowed Trump’s adviser to intervene European politics. It appears that Greece is the first one to be recovered when China’s investment has turned Piraeus the 2nd largest port in the Mediterranean (
    Italy has signed also the Belt and Road cooperation. It is naturally the second target of Bannon.( )
    What European people need to think very carefully whether they are voting for Europe or to “make America great again”.

    • avatar
      George Yiannitsiotis, PhD

      For Greeks, the german-led EU has become a threat to our Liberty, Security and Prosperity. Therefore, the come-back of the USA in the Mediterranean belt, can only be welcome as it changes the balance of power, allowing us to breathe.

    • avatar

      Isn’t it stupid to invite foreign intervention to breathe? Are Europeans become sick men of Europe that needs the helping hand of America to help breathing? German’s influence in EU is far far less than the America. It is the US Wall Street and the close transatlantic economic integration which has led to economic hardship for the Greece, Italy and many other member states of EU. It is the US-led Arab Spring which has led to the huge influx of refugees from Africa and the Middle East that has also broken up EU, and at the meantime, the damage is still felt, with the Brexit going no where. I see Europe is like a colony of the America.

    • avatar
      George Yiannitsiotis, PhD

      The German-led EU invited the IMF back in 2010, launching the economic war against the “PIGS” – not the USA. Greece has to defend itself against the german attack. We have, de facto, been deprived of fundamental human rights as a result of the german-led EU attack against us (namely, the right to own a house for 90% of the population in the long runq as well as, the right to choose our future). To stop this aggression, Greece need allies to counterbalance the german-led EU bureaucracy. Russia at first and, since 2016, the USA guarantee our existence, peace and security (domains where the german-led “EU” is nonsense but empty promises). The german-led EU Commission and ECB crop the results of their choices (May 2010): the PIGS revolt may lead either to a more balance EU (direct money transfer, equal lending terms directly from the ECB the two main pillars) or to a (hopefully, orderly) break-up of the german-led “EU”. Hoping that you got the message that the 4th Reich is not the option for Europe though W.Schauble had done his best for it!

  72. avatar

    Germany has to choose between “Make Europe great again” and “Make Germany great again in Europe”…

  73. avatar

    Germany has to choose between “Make Europe great again” and ” Make Germany great again in Europe”…

    • avatar
      George Yiannitsiotis, PhD

      Germany has already chosen (back in May 2010) to dump the dream of a European Union to the dustbin. Their nazionalistic option for “making Germany great again to the expense of the other EU-member states” is the reality. Their last chance to save the coverage of their dream for a 4th Reich (the EU bureaucracy) was abolished back in July 2015. Now they can’t control the evolution at least regarding the periphery of the eurozone (the PIIGS+France) where the USA, China and Russia have leverage, and Germany is considered as “the enemy” of Europe!

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