merkelLast month, Angela Merkel was named the world’s most powerful woman by Forbes. The announcement came as no surprise; Germany’s Chancellor has lead the rankings eight times over the last nine years. In fact, she has never come in lower than second place since she was first elected in 2005. Hillary Clinton, former US Secretary of State (and likely presidential contender in 2016), yesterday declared her admiration for the German leader – arguing that the US also needed an Angela Merkel.

So how did this daughter of a Protestant theologian, raised in communist East Germany and trained as a chemist, become the most powerful politician in Europe? The economic crisis has undoubtedly played a big part, pushing Germany – and its chancellor – into a leading role (something many Germans feel uncomfortable about). However, Merkel also has a reputation as a careful pragmatist and skilled consensus builder. Her cautious “step by step” approach has seen her to victory in three federal elections in Germany, including most recently in 2013 when the CDU/CSU came within five seats of an absolute majority.

So how did “Mutti” Merkel do in the recent European Parliament elections? With the eurosceptic Alternative für Deutschland entering the European Parliament for the first time, will she find it harder to forge a consensus? What impact will the vote have on German politics? We spoke to Matthias Krupa, EU Correspondent for the German newspaper Die Zeit, about the results of the European Parliament elections in Germany:

krupaThe turnout in Germany rose around 5%, which is a success; around 48% voted, which is better than the 43% who voted in 2009. And the result for the eurosceptics of the AfD – the Alternative für Deutschland party – who ran for the first time in a European Parliament election, was not as good as some had forseen. They took around 7% of the vote, so they will have some seats in the European Parliament, but not as many as eurosceptic parties have in other countries.

Who are the AfD? We heard recently that they will be formally sitting with the British Conservative party in the European Parliament (much to Frau Merkel’s displeasure). But are they closer to eurosceptic parties like the UK Independence Party (UKIP)? Or are they more “euro-critical” reformists?

krupaI would say it’s still not decided what kind of party they will become; they were founded during the crisis as a eurosceptic party but they have never argued in favour of Germany giving up the euro. They have only ever argued that some countries, but not Germany, should leave the euro. They are so far not really EU-sceptic and they are not a far-right party, but they contain a mixture of several ideologies and it is too early to say which ideology will survive in the party and be the strongest. So far, I would say that you can’t compare them with Geert Wilders, Marine Le Pen or others. Maybe they’re a little bit more like the Tories. Maybe somewhere between UKIP and the Tories.

And what issues did the parties campaign on in Germany? Were these “European” elections, or did national issues such as the economy and immigration come to the fore?

krupaThat’s a difficult question, because in Germany the Social Democrats campaigned very much around the figure of Martin Schulz – the so-called “spitzenkandidat” [top candidate for European Commission President] – and around the question of who should become the next Commission President. But, of course, the arguments given by both sides were arguments about the economy and how to get more growth and more jobs and what to do about unemployment in the EU.

It was not so much about immigration. There were some attempts at the beginning of the year to raise this issue, but in the campaign itself immigration was not one of the main topics.

How did Angela Merkel become the most powerful politician in Europe? And is she the right politician to lead Europe out of its crisis? With the eurosceptic Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) entering the European Parliament for the first time, will she find it harder to forge a consensus? What impact will the recent European elections have on German politics? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below, and we’ll take them to policy-makers and experts for their reactions.

IMAGE CREDITS: CC / Flickr – European Council

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What do YOU think?

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      ….full of emotions……..?

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    Rui Jamp

    Absolutely not the best for Europe. I might say she is one of the worst things that happened to Europe.
    She now is almost as hated as the worst dictator in history, that happens to be from the same place.

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      the question was: “the best IN Europe”! If you are a Portugal soccer fan- I understand your hang up!

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      ……besides being emotional- it’s rude street slang….

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    Oliver H

    Merkel is certainly not the right politician to lead Europe out of its crisis – she has no vision for Europe, or even of Europe. If she has a vision at all, it is that of ensuring to be in power. She has shown in the past that she is willing to throw key party program points into the bin if they stand in the way of reelection.

    It is interesting that the article notes that the Social Democrats in Germany campaigned with Martin Schulz but fails to mention that the Christian Democrats campaigned with Merkel – despite the fact that she was not an EP candidate at all, top or otherwise. It was simply the appeal “If you want more Merkel, you need to vote CDU”. That’s what the CDU has become: A Merkel election club. Whatever is necessary to ensure her a domestic plurality if not majority will be done. That’s why they can’t stand Juncker, who sacrificed his domestic career for his European efforts.

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      ….by whom?…..the Greeks? Name your favorite please………

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    Johannes Kaiblinger

    because she has the ability to find compromises in a circle of egoistic men with personal or nationalistic egoism.

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    Alex Tselentis

    Didnt she back the maniacs in Kiev who gunned down their own supporters ?? People who burn humans alive in buildings, when you take the side of such violent racists, you damage your image and credibility, shes shamed Germany and Europe by defending some pretty violent people that are now blackmailing Europe using Oil/Gas supply from Russia, why must Europeans suffer because Kiev doesn’t want to pay its 4 BILLION dollar debt ?? Europeans as people dont want trouble with Russia, sadly Merkel is to blame for the current tension and even talk of war, youd think people learned something from WW2 apparently not.

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      The hell are you talking about? Everybody wants to nuke the Ruskis. Nobody wants overpriced Ruski oil anyway, which is why Eastern European countries are turning to American oil, and soon the rest of Europe will follow. You Ruskis apparently never learned anything from WW2 or the cold war apparently either. You started the war in Europe by giving the Nazis oil and thankfully the US stepped in and saved your god forsaken Ruski land from complete destruction. Save your garbage for the RT forums you joke. And in terms of maniacs gunning down their supporters, lets not get started on Putin’s death count.

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    Jean-Baptiste Perrin

    There is no doubt that she is the best politician in Europe today. However, there is also little doubt she is not the best stateswoman, or even has the basic qualities for it.

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      wouldn’t say the best, far from it…
      she might be the best in handling macro economical issues of her own country, but besides that, she has absolutely no political vision whatsoever – not for her own country, and not for the EU.
      Some statistics that never show up can prove it: during her reign, 20% of the German population got poor, whilst a mere 2% increased its wealth by 70%. Big lobbies make deals in Frankfurt and the taxpayers are asked to pay a bit more for the sake of big great Germany.

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    Mark Stockfisch

    Maybe not the best, but the worst, Rui Jamp? Think of the Billions of money she agreed to give to Greek an other countries despite a majority of Germans was against it. She also initiated a program in Spain for a better vocational training, since Germany has a world renowned system of vocational training ( )

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    Dunalda Almeida

    She isn’t. We need someone, who’s able to think out of the box and Merkel thinks how to rebuild German Empire :)

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      …..Portuguese citizen? If yes…….she is neither P’s nor EU’s property- make sure you have your wish fulfilled within your own country: honest politicians, sunny weather, clean condos & beaches will attract many & add to taxes…..if paid over!

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    Dirk Schönhoff

    You should not hate Merckel, but your own national politicians responsible for the crises in your country. It is so easy to blame the one who tries to find solutions now and did a far better job in her own country than you did.

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    Jaume Roqueta

    really the question itself is anoying me!… what do you mean by best politician?… in what sense? in the ethics and moral? the way to manage money? the way to impose their ideas? In the way to privatize public sectors? what do you mean?… I would say the best policitian of europe is in Iceland…and there are no good policiant in the europena Union… because it is just a market… se there are traders in the european union but not politicians… I would say that politicans 2000 years ago where much better than nowadays!…

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    Sandra Fernandes

    She is the main responsible for the present Europe’s crisis. Working hard for the USA and Germany interests while destroying the whole concept of integrated Europe.

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    Laoi Ó Murchú

    Sometimes I wonder what cave the readers here live in… There was a global crisis (don’t think Merkel forced anyone to spend above their means), and Germany was one of the few countries to escape a recession. On the back of a powerful German economy the rest of Europe has managed to recover in next to no time. People talk about losing certain liberties, economic freedoms, etc., but the truth is these things never truly existed. You, me, all of us, only have the freedoms we have because we’re allowed to have them by the system we live in… pick up some Rousseau once in a while.

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      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Laoi Ó Murchú
      Please do not denigrate ALL readers, to do so marks you down as a tad rude if not ignorant.

      FTR, Germany did NOT help the rest of Europe in this current economic crisis only those countries in the FUHROLAND.

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    Giwrgos Filippatos

    You are either ignorant or Hypocrit Mark.She just tried to save her own system and her countrie’s financial status.Do u know what would have hapened to a possible Gre’exit ?Th European bank would lose billions…not to mention the domino effect on the already bad shaped eonomies like Portugal and Spain.EU would fall so hard it would trigger huge changes in both political and financial strategy of the current EU whos boss no doubt is Merkel…so make the maths yourself

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    Rui Jamp

    Mark Stockfisch give? What did she gave??? “She” earned billions in interests on that money. She gave nothing, only headaches to European people. And what about the money to be given from ww2 time from damage to dozens of Country? Did she gave any?
    She may not be the worst for you, for me she is. The Germans never changed, only from bombs to pens… If they proved me wrong, i will change speech. Now she is the “leech” of Europe. If the Germans are better with that money from interests from “given” money i don’t know… Maybe she is just making a hell of a trick and stealing billions like the American that is arrested did…

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    Raul Vaquero

    I don’t know if Angela is the best politician in Europe today, but I think she is the right politician to lead Europe out of its crisis for her careful pragmatist and skilled consensus builder.

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    Igor Feio

    I don’t really want be offensive, but i think that the most of the people here does not know anything about Europe.
    I trully doubt if you read the EUT or EUFT. I don’t really think that you know what is the EU. And that is really bad. You can’t have a discussion if you don’t understand or just say things that don’t make any sense.
    By the way Merkel may not be the best politician to Europe, but one thing is for sure, she didn’t force any country to live above their own possibilities.
    Finally, Giwrgos don’t say something that is not true. Greece is in that position ’cause you want. You received over 1 salarie a month. You didn’t make any of the things that ECB, EU and IMF ask you to do. And Greece could leave EU, you’re free to make that choice. But are you going to pay your debt with Draco? I’m sure you don’t.

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    Sky Lise Eva

    If by best politician you mean doing nothing and not taking decision either expressing an opinion, yeah, she sure is.

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    Nando Aidos

    Regardless of how much each one of us wants to find a scapegoat, Merkel was not elected to be the president of the EU or its Commission. She was elected by the Germans to be the German Chancellor. She did what her country wanted and at that she was effective.
    The other countries did not stand up to her and now they all claim Merkel is the culprit. So much hypocrisy!
    Would I elect her for the EU? Probably not based on what I know today. But she has not come forward as an EU Commission candidate either. So the jury is out.

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      Actually i doubt the Germans want her to do what she is doing. Bailing out others and stuff.The Problem is that the alternatives like Greens or Social democrats or leftists would do much worse and just gave the money away without any demands,beeing like:”There you got it,waste it just like you did before and when you re done we ll give you some more.”She is bad but bad is at least not worse

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    “Best Politician”

    Now there’s an oxymoron if ever there was….

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    Giuseppina Paterna

    she is not the best politician in europe, merkel has become the frontwoman of Europe only because she can rely on the economic stability of Germany, in fact her diktat of austerity can not be considered the only way out of the economic crisis, as evidenced by the ‘significant increase in euro skeptics of the last European parliamentary election.

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    Dolly Nedeva

    Definitely not the impecable politician acc. the future of the Eu. She made a lot of mistakes- most of the wrong politics of austerity

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    Andrew Lally

    She’s the worst possible politician at the worst possible time and she is doing incalculable damage to the European Union with her Germany first attitude and less than honest narrative that the PIGS caused the financial crisis, while denying any responsibility for the credit bubble that German banks fed recklessly without doing due diligence. And worst of all, the BILD readers believe Germany is innocent of this crisis. Many hands would make light work of the financial crisis (Germany had a budget surplus of ?198 billion for God’s sake!), but Merkel won’t entertain any notion of distributing the proceeds of Europe’s trade more fairly, despite German imports being cheaper than would be the case without the euro. She’s a walking DISASTER for Europe and she will be blamed for a century when the eurozone and EU disintegrate.

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    Sakis Pastras

    if you country is Big and located Central it is not that difficult. Its a huge responsibility and not an easy task. With the Europe available i think she does not do a bad job. Perfect is nonsense everybody makes mistakes…Europe does not have a solid geopolitical and a solid intra european agenda, there is the weakness and the biggest flaw. Too much timecoslty politcs which is the real cockblocker for a solid and strong Europe. I think she is good, but like i said wihtin the Europe we have right now. A non seriously taken power by the people, just see the % of people voting for european elections!

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    Minne Wiersma

    history repeats it self. she,s back for the finnal hit on the world ?the rest is stil in a crisis .

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    Andrew Lally

    My perspective of course is based on the outside looking in, but a German on the inside looking out would naturally be pleased with her seemingly corruption-free administration and competence in managing Germany. However, even in that regard, Germany has become a more unequal place under her stewardship and it is common to see the elderly rooting through bins for food, etc. Her policies have led to wealth inequality within and without Germany

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      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Andrew Lally
      What about Christian Wulff?

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    catherine benning

    Ms. Merkel. Most powerful or best? Not if she is unable to junk Juncker or get rid of the American foothold. Juncker is an American patsy, hence the reason she’s bowing to his pressure. How many troops do the yanks ‘still’ have in Germany? Look it up. Sixty years without a break. How could that sit with best or most powerful? It cannot. For it makes her a patsy along with the rest. That’s why they spied on her to make sure she was staying on key.

    And here is what Juncker wants to promote in the EU, which Ms Merkel is backing by supporting him in the position he’s after.

    His politics are, trade agreement with the US yes. But, he tell us he will see to it the food is healthy when they send us that unfit for human consumption pile of shite. It will not be accepted, he says. Don’t make me laugh, he cannot do that as no American food product comes under that umbrella. It is all contaminated and they send the worst of it abroad. Look it up if you don’t want to be eating meat that has been stored fro years. Also Juncker said in some interview, politicians had to lie to the public when things are bad.

    He wants to promote legal immigration from ‘outside’ Europe as we Europeans are getting old and need these boat people to work to keep us alive as pensioners. Oh, please! Also, does he really believe those who come from outside Europe in boats et al, are fit and able to work to sustain a European way of life. B) They will not be an interminable burden on the European tax payer as they show now, especially once they import wives, inter family offspring, many with inherited disability, elderly infirm family members totally unfit for work. Send their cash back home to build a palace on their expected retirement that never materialises in the round and all this at our expense as they can live well below the standards of the European lifestyle, bringing down the wages of us all. C) Will they accept the European ethos of equality in all manner of issues including the rights of women? Put the community before their religious fractions? Stay out of jail long enough to pay a tax expectation? I ask Mr Juncker, if they can do all this once entering Europe, how is it they can’t or won’t do it for their beloved homeland? Why, instead, doesn’t he plan to set up policies of encouraging big families for those indigenous and already here. It is no more expensive than importing them. And being a woman and mother can once again be heralded as the important natural and fulfilling task it is, rather than shouting loudly for women to pretend to be men with their values and needs as outdoor work slaves to hunt for the non existent jobs we are told need filling. Educating our children born here to function and perform in the work we do need carried out is common sense. Not shipping our factories and manufacturing bases out of our homelands. This is the way to a European future, not the import of the lame.

    And not at all the last, he’s a banker who wants more say in the IMF? Dah. Is he kidding me? He plans to make them more user friendly. LOL.A man who fiddles his expenses wants to bring fairness to the European table. This is like handing the chickens over to the fox so he doesn’t need to dig a hole to get in the hen house.

    Any who read this, add your thoughts to the list of doubts. Or, indeed your applause of his vision for us should he find he is backed by all and sundry.

    She looks cuddly though. Familiar, as in older Auntie.

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      You got it rigth.That why she supported the Maidan.She is basically a puppet,but else should we vote for.Social democrats or leftist?The Greens?With the Greens there probably would be left Germans in Germany and more…The FDP liberals it would be even worse as they do everthing for money.So the only alternative is the “Alternative für Deutschland”.
      Imo we should just leave everyone alone and don t bail out anybody.If a country is just to stupid it s none of our business and her yankee buttkissing is just a disgrace.
      As someone who migrated to Germany myself i can see that pretty good.All the Germans had been brainwashed with this “Atlantikbrücke” crap for 60 years and we have to be gratefull that they helped us against “der Ivan”.Yeah greatful my ass

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    Alex Lexva

    Because she is a responsible person who keeps her house in order . She is not after an ego trip and more, like many prime ministers/presidents of Mediterranean countries

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    What did Merkel actually for Europe in a decade ? She is a great manager, over a decade, I cannot remember a single visionnary or inspiring speech of hers regarding the future of Europe. Her Big Picture for Europe remains unknown to me.

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    Lee Tong

    Yep she is the best. Because she can talk with anyone in world making one phonecall. Its not about trash talk in TV its about influence and yes she has the most in the world. She calls Putin anytime a day, Iran, China whoever she want to talk and she can influence them as she wish. She has good realtions with anyone.

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    João De Lalanda Frazão

    well, despite being portuguese, I like her… I would love to have a PM that would seem so smart as she does, even though she triggers hate feelings in every part of Europe. But I mean, it’s not like her fault she’s the chancellor of the most powerful nation in Europe, right?

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    Sophia-Maria Prentou

    Um, no she isn’t! I can’t believe that the Europe of Jacques Delors or Giscard d’Estaing or Helmut Schmidt has become Merkel’s Europe. Where is the welfare state that the EU used to embrace in the previous years? Why should everything be sacrificed on the altar of economic success or financial recovery against social progress and security?

    • avatar

      Easy to answer because when Schmidt and the others were in charge,there were not the likes of china around to challenge us.As wealth will be more destributed in the world in the future,we should just get used to “have less”.
      If european countries have less there is also less to destribute by social systems.Thats how it is.For half a century we Europeans INCLUDING the Germans besically lived over the standart that we could actually afford.Now we are shrinking the social state to a level that it should have been actually like from the beginning

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    Rui Jamp

    to keep her house in order she messes a lot of countries… If that is good politics, let another WW come… She keeps Germany good with high wages and pensions, working less hours than other Europeans and having more holidays… productivity is biased, because Germany stops other Countries from exporting freely like they do… Ye… easy to be a Governor like that, but not pretty. It will do more damage than good in the long term for Germany… Again… And with that, to Europe. I think they should be kicked out of EU and have their strong coin that chokes most of the remaining. The UK knows it well…

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    Harry Tsopanos

    merkel is an east german lady she is strong,determined and follows hitler’s steps,with one difference,instead of developing nazism inside germany she developes it outside,with her policy she will destroy europe for the 3rd time,this time without arms and soldiers,with the economy she will make this happen.

  33. avatar
    Harry Tsopanos

    and you should’nt stop people from making comments on your facebook page,you have done this with me,what is your problem if i have my opinion?don’t you like people who do have their own opinion and you are stopping them like this….you are fasists like they eu you representing.

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    george vranas


  35. avatar
    Pedro Jesus

    Probably Germany believes she is, she’s been defending german economy but from my point of view she is killing European Community and if this way of thinking continues the raising of nationalist parties in european won’t stop and it will be the end of europe as we know it

  36. avatar
    Lígia Mesquita

    Merkel’s Europe is a disgrace for anyone who believes people are more important than all those USA corporation’s economic and financial interests.

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Lígia Mesquita
      Of course, blame the USA. The EU had nothing to do with the financial tyranny in Greece or Spain. NOT!

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    Lígia Mesquita

    I’m Portuguese and I can tell you that half of my country’s public property was sold for the sake of “economic success”. The result? More taxes and the growth of private companies owned by well known names. What the hell is happening to Europe?

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    The best politician I don’t think so, but the most powerful politician she is. Angela Merkel helped to German banks that they pick up their money from Greece, Italy, Portugal… with extra interests and profits, and with that politics she destroyed dignity of these countries. She is the one of the biggest responsible for million of unemployed young people in Europe, and destroyed million of future plans of young people outside of Germany.

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    Ferghane Azihari

    She is legitimate inside Germany’s borders but not on the European level. The EU need to be ruled by politicians elected by European citizens, not by national governments.

    • avatar

      Yeah i wish you all the best with it,but hopefully without us :)

  40. avatar

    She is a former communist german researcher turned neocon and she acts in the best interests of her country.
    If it happened that someone else interests are in the path of her’s, bad luck. It will be levelled the next second like butter over bread. As a politician in CDU/CSU I do not know her, but as a decision maker at top European Institutions from behind the curtain at Bruxelles, she was enriched by these EPP orcs with unacceptable amount of power, both politically and economically.
    – And no, she is not brilliant at all, she is dull as ’60’s communist Trabant.
    – Clever? Yes, because she’s building her big and fat country on other nations sweat, tears and various resources thru invented in purposes draconic, perverse and twisted economic and financial rules and regulations regardless the stage of development of those unlucky targeted nations. The alleged “anti crisis measures” the most important and dear project of Merkel’s, the troika, the Lisbon Treaty make not just slaves to work unlimited time for free in Germany’s benefit and sucking all the qualified and highly qualified workforce and natural resources. The unluckier and poorly developed, and drained out to the bones the nation, the fatter the krauts.
    – Control freak and cynic bitch? Yes.
    – Political risk taker ? Unlikely, she’s planning carefully every next move (former communist researcher)
    – Fair with some and unfair with others, double measure queen ? Hell yeah !

    Under Merkel’s iron fist for a full decade of german hegemony, economic dominance and austerity spread all over continent faster than bubonic plague, after all the sacrifice and social efforts made in the name of an illusory “Stronger United Europe” where just some nations have to bear the burden in the benefit of others, in this given situation I would like to see more unity against her, or I would like out of her Europe built just for her and and governed by her rules.

    • avatar

      Who’s standing on your big toe Sir? Quite an emotional mouthful & never ending tirade! But you are correct- the 28 member EU is not for Sissies and dreamers. Reality eventually changed from a happy honeymoon into a failed marriage! A long overdue re- alignment needs to happen to consider all that! In hindsight, the EU came for many too early and with wrong expectations! Ask your country’s politicians why they sold this issue under false pretenses & demand a new referendum!

    • avatar

      I recon, I am bit emotional about this subject and I would like to apologise for my abrasiveness. Just tired being stolen and bullied in the same time in the name of alleged Integration, and from this “state of grace” that we were brought to, benefiting only Berlin and their protégées.

  41. avatar
    Rita Cortis Coleiro

    Reminds me of Another German, who first ruled Germany, when that wasn’t enough, he aimed for Europe… When That Lure also faded he aimed fo the world at all costs !!

    • avatar

      Is that all you remember? How far back in European history should we go? To the Roman conquests, the Spanish colonization by its conquistadors of the Inca civilization of Peru, the Aztecs of Central America, and the Maya civilization of the Yucatan, the plague, France’s Napoleon, the House of Habsburg or the Communists and their aim of world domination….?

      So far, all Europeans in general are experiencing the highest ever living standards! Never grateful for anything?

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    Miguel Queiroz Martinho

    powerful is not being the best politician. politics should be for the people by the people. honestly most politics today only look at their own selves.

  43. avatar
    Sakis Agorastos

    It depends on who you ask. The best politician for bankers and lobbyists. The worst politician for the rest of the citizens at the south.

    Otherwise, before all, we should ask ourselves what really defines “best politician”?

  44. avatar
    Tareq Hajaj

    Yes, she is! She did a great job so far, that’s the truth. Without her courageous actions Greece and Southern Europe would be destroied today. But as we can see Europe is already recovering and will probably be stronger than ever when all this crisis is gone.

    • avatar
      George Yiannitsiotis

      Προφανώς δεν γνωρίζετε εις βάθος θέματα διεθνούς πολιτικής για να γράφετε αυτά. Σέβομαι την άποψή σας, πλην όμως, ως ΕΛΛΗΝΑΣ ΠΟΛΙΤΗΣ αδυνατώ να δεχθώ ότι η κα Μέρκελ είναι η καλύτερη Πολιτικός για την Ευρώπη. Είναι η καλύτερη πολιτικός για την Γερμανία αλλά καταστροφική για την Ευρώπη ως ΕΝΩΣΗ ΙΣΟΤΙΜΩΝ ΚΡΑΤΩΝ-ΜΕΛΩΝ.

  45. avatar
    Charalambos Cherkezos

    It doesn’t matter who believe what but in all cases it’s the one who pays that makes the rules of the game and in this case she’s the banker’s boss……

    • avatar

      While the taxpayers pay for her bad choices. Typical politician

  46. avatar
    Simone Marsili

    she is the best for bankers and the lobbies for sure. Europe since Euro is a total disaster, with a lot of countries in serius difficult.

  47. avatar
    Thanos Tzitzo

    she is danzerous,she has no right to lead noone exept here own country,when we enter the eurozone nobody told us that germany will lead this project

  48. avatar
    Dani Alexandrov

    I think she is the best European politician! Mrs Merkel, I wish you a good luck in your future tasks regarding building more-stronger, fair and integrated Europe!

  49. avatar

    @Iberian & adriatic mind sets:………”empires” where built for “King & Church” in the middle ages- like sending out Hernán Cortés to wipe out the Aztec Empire & harvest all gold- assisted by gifts like smallpox in return!

    Nowadays, empires have fallen- they are replaced by democracies & “partnerships”! To be fair & less emotional:

    Mrs. Merkel earned a doctorate & worked as a physical chemist before entering politics. She also speaks English/Russian fluently. Her CV earns respect, maybe envied by many. She was named the most powerful woman in the world by Forbes in 2014.

    She reflects a solid character, is a down to earth, honest lady with experience from both sides of the iron curtain & roots in Poland. Not a sleazy street salesmen or paid bank “advisor”!

    She is first of all Germany’s Chancellor- not the EU’s- and is backed by one of the most efficient economies on earth and a cool & winning soccer team as well! Eat your hearts out or simple try & beat a winning nation through competition!

    • avatar

      “She is first of all Germany’s Chancellor- not the EU’s- and is backed by one of the most efficient economies on earth and a cool & winning soccer team as well! Eat your hearts out or simple try & beat a winning nation through competition! ”
      Thats how it is.When the Spanish keeps beating you for 6 years in football and you re always at edge to victory and in the end keep beeing in the 2 or 3 spot its not the spaniards fault.It s the German teams inability.Same with economy.You can t expect the others to get worse.You got to move your lazzy butt and grow stronger

  50. avatar

    Beeing mad at the Germans for their economic superiority is like beeing mad at the Spanish cause their national team is strong and beats everyone.
    Both basically do what they are for.The others can t ecpect them to get worse only cause of some “justice” or “fairplay” reasons.If the Germans want to beat the Spanish(doesnt seem to be necessery^^) then they need to build training facilities,grow better talents and just get stronger.The Spanish would be stupid to get weaker only to give Germany,France,Italy a chance.Same in economy,it is a freaking contest.If one country is stronger then yours it would be stupid of them to get worse.Basically its your task to make yours stronger.

    Do you hear us Germans crying about the Chinese catching up on our export?But for the Greek,Spanish,Portuguese its never their own inability it s always the others…

    • avatar
      George Yiannitsiotis

      Germany owes its success due to the fact that under the London Agreement (1953) got a postponement in pay WW I and WW II Reparations to the victims of 3rd Reich aggression till the re-unification of the country. Now, 20+years after the re-unification of Germany, the German government still refuses to even discuss the matter, and tries to bypass it by bribing local politicians via the infamous German MNCs Siemens, Hochtief, Ferostaal However, it is clear that the German economic strength came in the 1990s up to date due to:
      1. the structure of the euro agreed in Maastrich that gave full advantage to the center to the expense of the periphery
      2. the fact that Germany refuses to pay the WW I & II Reparations primarily to Greece (7bn USD in 1947 prices = 200bn USD + interest) as well as the two loans extracted from the Bank of Greece in 1942 & 1943 (5.6mn golden English pounds in 1947 = 1.5mn ounches of gold + interest) as well as COMPENSATION to the victims of the barbaric German army for the damages caused to them (killings, damage to private property etc.)

      Sum up the above and then come back to talk about PIGS! Refusing payment of international obligations to another state is not acceptable by the international usurers gang; let’s talk about German DEBT to GREECE!

    • avatar

      @ George Yiannitsiotis

      It is widely understood that the Treaty of Versailles & WWI’s unrealistic war reparations where a major cause for WWII.

      The recent Greek’s opportunistic, emotional and “none governmental” demand of similar over inflated expectations- which Stalin followed to keep Germany on a “permanent subsistence” level after WWII- against the “foresight & wiser” US approach to keep a defeated Germany capable of some level of self-sufficiency (to avoid becoming a burden to all)- is therefore spurious & will probably find little support by the “Big Three Allies”- as shown during & after the London Debt Agreement of 1953 & the following cold war years.

      The rather complicated international legal ramifications & discussions can be followed and better understood in some of the following articles:

    • avatar
      George Yiannitsiotis

      Better a burden rather a threat!

    • avatar

      ….what makes you conclude she leads “Europe”? Last time I checked world No 141 billionaire, convicted tax evader, Forza- “Cavaliere” Silvio Berlusconi is recovering from his late life crises in local leadership- “repenting”- doing social community work. The over 70 year old’s in Italy are all exempt from prison- great concession to all “Capo di tutti capi”

  51. avatar
    Jesús Arc

    Esa seora es la canciller de su pas. Como yo no la he votado ni lo pienso hacer, me da igual pero como veo que sus polticas me afectan, propongo que Espaa abandone la Unin Europea.

  52. avatar
    Massimiliano Sortolano

    could be that her ancestor was hitler? because she’s doing exactly the same thing has him, with the only difference, hitler used the weapons, she’s using the finance.

    • avatar

      …do you really understand what ancestry is- or just practicing in irrelevant gossiping?

  53. avatar
    Nitin R. Naik

    Yes !! She the right politician to lead Europe

  54. avatar
    Nitin R. Naik

    Yes !! She is the right politician to lead Europe.

  55. avatar
    Dimi Très

    Germany became powerful after 2nd World War because they didnt have army for 10 years and all these money were given to economic growth. Moreover they didnt give billions of Euro for the destroy and harm they caused to so many nations (with the excuse of East and West Germany). It’s never late to prove you are against this. We have nothing against German people, we are just against these politics and against fascism of course. We blame our politicians too for this.

  56. avatar

    Mrs. Merkel is a clever lady, trying to run Europe with household mentality. The outcome will be dramatic for her and the German people she represents.

  57. avatar
    Ismene Daskarolis

    Ofcourse she is, she made Europe agree that they stop wanting to be Europe!


    • avatar

      “Iron Lady”? You must be joking right?

      She’s done significantly more while causing far less trouble. Margaret is a hoax, Merkel is a legacy.

  58. avatar

    Best politician in Germany not in Europe. She is putting a stop on further European integration. She is bad for Europe. Germany is bad for Europe. Only wants to reap benefits out of the EU not sacrifice anything.

    • avatar
      Ernst Beckmann

      To Yvetta, first of all, I accept your comment.
      I know, political things…..than comes historie…. a sharp sword.
      To Angela: You said, she is stopping further integration.
      I don`t know, who are you, where are you`re living, how old are you.
      But I`m telling you: My Question: Who is the best politican in Europe?
      Your english premier-minister, I don`t know his name !
      Spanish, ……… who!….. nothing ! Can you find anybody ?
      Where is Britain? Oh God.! You have lost youself in historie. See not what happend.
      When Angela Merkel would be not in Europe ??? Who is speaking with Obama, Putin…. Who……. A Britain?????? Ha, ha ha ….Who? (Mr. Smith)? When nobody helps: You Queen? Ha, Ha…. There is nobody!
      After Greece, Spain, Italy, then will come England !

  59. avatar

    Can’t understand the mentality of anyone who thinks that little England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, altogether just a couple of tiny islands, can absorb unlimited immigration. We already cannot move for people and cars. Every journey by road ends up crawling nose to bumper, even in the villages. Every visit to doctor or dentist takes days and sometimes weeks of waiting. Yet supposedly intelligent people are insisting that we have yet more unlimited migration.

  60. avatar
    karen rassmann

    Angela Merkel was born in hamburg.where do you get yr information from??

    • avatar
      Debating Europe

      Thank you, Karen – we have corrected this now.

  61. avatar
    Frank Weyl

    I remember the last Chancellor of Germany and how that panned out.

  62. avatar
    Jim Young

    I don’t know much about her, but when Germany is dictating to Brussels and in return to Britain, this is totally unacceptable; History, history; a nation that caused the demise of millions of people and was finally rebuilt by the West; now telling the British what to do; I THINK NOT.

    • avatar
      Ernst Beckmann

      To Jim Young,
      I think you`re american.. When you write:” I don`t much about her”, pls. no comment.
      But I write to you. Germany is not dictating to Brussels! Germany has a heavy weight in europe, but we can not dictated anything to Brussels. That as first.
      “And in return to britain”….. Britain was 200 years ago a very strong country. With all the History. (indeed). After 1900…. Britain was only proud of history… and nothing other. During the world war, britain was on the floor! Technical…. No. They lost all. But Britain tought at days, in the past….. there were alwas dreaming.
      Until today ! It`s hard to say this. Great-Britain could be the strongest partner next to Germany and France. We could be Europe….. But no ! No!
      Germany and France, they shall do it, against Russia, Asia (sometimes against USA), because……
      Where is Britain ? You said: unacceptable? Historie ? Where is Britain? Where!
      I ask you. It is unacceptable that britains poor politikers…. do nothing!
      Dear Jim: Maybe you have engl. roots, but tell your people, not german or france alone, should hold the truck out of the distaster. Also the english.
      ( Iwas living in the 70s 2 years in London and Belfast) I think I have much learned about british people…..)
      Jim: The british politic, is terrible ! Believe me.
      And English-people, soldier, have not rebuild Germany, that were americans and we ourself, not british, we were strong. Sorry, the english never, they never forget the history against germany, they never forgot the helpness against germany. Until today. Ther`re only weapon is hate…. until today. Poor Britain !
      And now! What is ! Britains are not on the international politicans stage.
      We need Britain (Germany and France). But they are have no chancellor, not anyone, they are not in europe. Only for her own.

  63. avatar
    Some Kraut

    She’s the best! Why? Because she’s German!

    • avatar

      haha! what a joke!
      I was speaking with a (hold tight) German university professor, who was asserting that Germans were always stronger than the rest of European. I tried to show him in a nice way how racist such an assertion is, he wouldn’t get it.
      Of course Germans have this one characteristic, that isn’t to be drawn from a peculiar gene they might have but simply because of their educational system: they learn fact and never learn to use their brain for reflection. They just say: “Es ist so.” It is that way, no discussion to be made about it.
      So my guess is, either you’re joking or you’re a German!

  64. avatar

    She is causing a catastrophe in Europe and should resign. She is leading Europe into war. Shes a turncoat

  65. avatar

    She will go down in History, as the person, who destroyed, Europe, and the E.U.
    I think she is seriously Deranged. And the sooner she is in a Straight Jacket. The better.

  66. avatar
    Nitin R. Naik

    Whether Angela Merkel is the best politician in Europe today or not doesn`t make any difference so long as she proves to be a Great Leader.

  67. avatar
    Nitin R. Naik

    Dear Ms. Rita
    Kindly Note :
    Is it not because of that very German that we the world today reaps the benefits of the second world war — by leaps & bounds.

  68. avatar
    Nitin R. Naik

    What I acknowledge is … whether this German or that …. Germans have always contributed to the world … by their excellent Engineering & Technology … since second world war.

  69. avatar

    Dr. Gerd Muller is the best that Germany has. Merkel is in over her head.

  70. avatar

    well, the recent events have proven that she is actually some of the worst politicians in Europe. her decision to extend an unconditional welcome to the so-called refugees has very clearly been proven an error of judgement defying common sense. the people that were presented as desperate refugees have been proven to be comprised of criminal elements that have come to attack their own hosts and whose cultures and values are totally incompatible with those of Europe. merkel’s fail will be recorded in history.

    • avatar
      George Yiannitsiotis

      Her failure regarding the European project, lies back in May, 2010 when she opted for rescuing the private (mainly German and to some extent French) banks instead of the peoples of eurozone member-states. The melt-down of Deutsche Bank will disperse all illusions of German economic might – PIIGS were a nice, convinient scape-goat. Now, scape-goats are dead; Gauleiter Merkel has to deal with the ashes of her neonazionalist, anti-EU foreign policy.-

  71. avatar
    Marie Bella

    Angela Merkel is a woman who was born and raised in a third world country.
    East Germany. She has the mentality of a person from a third world environment.
    At best she has progressed to becoming provincial in her thinking.
    And is of course cunning as such people are. People who luck sophisticated thinking, as the Germans do. The Germans are socially backward. They think that by exploiting others they will progress themselves. They are second rate. If you want a first rate example look at the Brits. There’s a race for you!

  72. avatar

    It is unrealistic that someone can be the best. EU governance is a collective effort. However, I do appreciate her efficient and flexibility.

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