Back in April, our partners at the Student Forum Maastricht organized their annual conference, bringing students and policy makers together at the Maastricht University Campus in Brussels. Over the course of four days, students from across Europe exchanged ideas about EU policies, ranging from the TTIP negotiations to youth unemployment and the EU’s migration policy. The students put together five policy proposals for the European Commission. Experts from the Commission will comment on each of the proposal in the next few weeks. Debating Europe was there to record a summary of each of the proposals. What do YOU think about these 5 ideas?

PROPOSAL1: Set up an independent body to evaluate the US-EU trade deal

The first group put together a policy proposal on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). Negotiations on this wide-ranging trade deal between the EU and the US have been under fire recently, partly due to the high level of secrecy surrounding the negotiations (now in their fifth round). Europeans also fear that the trade deal will open European borders to American products that do not comply with European health and environmental standards. How can the European Commission best continue the negotiations while gaining more support from the public? Click on the video to see the first policy proposal of European students!

You can find the full policy proposal that is sent to the European Commission here. It is now awaiting feedback from the Commission.

PROPOSAL 2: Build stronger political and economic ties with EU neighbours such as Ukraine

The second proposal came from a group of students working on the European Neighborhood Policy (ENP). The ENP include 13 countries bordering the EU, many of which – including Ukraine and the Arab Spring countries – have been engulfed by political upheaval and conflict in recent years. The EU has spent almost €12 billion between 2007 and 2013 on the ENP regions (click here to see our infographic on the EU’s Eastern neighbours). Is this money well spent? How can the EU encourage greater prosperity in the region? Click on the video below to see the policy proposal for the EU’s neighbourhood policy:

What reforms do you think are necessary to make the ENP more flexible and successful in the long-term? Read the full policy proposal for improving the ENP here.

PROPOSAL 3: Beef up recycling and sustainability efforts by introducing a “product passport”

The third group worked on a proposal in the area of climate change and sustainable development (click here to see our infographic on climate change). Although the EU is seen as a leader when it comes to sustainable development and fighting climate change on the world stage (the EU committed to cutting down 20% of its emissions by 2020), critics argue that there is still room for improvement. The third working group suggests introducing a “product passport” to encourage greater transparency and more efficient recycling efforts.

Read the full policy proposal on sustainability that was sent to the European Commission here.

PROPOSAL 4: Give the EU a greater say over how money to tackle youth unemployment is spent

The fourth group worked on a policy proposal for tackling youth unemployment (click here to see our infographic on youth unemployment). The EU plans to spend 60 billion euros between 2014 and 2020 to fight youth unemployment and create sustainable, smart and inclusive growth. But the working group argued that this money will be spent inefficiently by national governments, and that the EU should have greater leverage over how it is spent. With over 20 million young unemployed people in the EU, what would be the best way to spend this money and create jobs?

Do you agree that European youth funds should be restructured so that the EU has greater control over how they are spent? And would recording which organisations have been funded in an open European register help make the process more transparent? Or, in your opinion, are national governments best placed to distribute funding? Click here for the full policy proposal sent to the European Commission.

PROPOSAL 5: Improve integration of immigrants into society and strengthen options for legal migration

Finally, the last group of students worked on a policy proposal on migration in the EU (click here for our infographic on migration). With over 72,000 illegal migrants entering the EU in 2012 alone, should we have an EU-wide migration policy? How can migration be made safe and beneficial for both EU and non-EU citizens? Watch the video to see the students’ policy proposal on migration:

Click here for the full policy proposal that was sent to the European Commission!

What do you think? Would the opening of new migration channels lead to less illegal immigration? Would the creation of an independent body to monitor the TTIP negotiations help improve transparency and public trust? And would a “product passport” help make the EU more sustainable? Share your thoughts and questions in the comments section below, and we’ll take them to policy makers for their reaction!

IMAGE CREDITS: CC / Flickr – Tsahi Levent-Levi

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    Paul X

    You have to laugh at proposal 4…….

    Give the EU more control over a sum of money to make sure it is spent more efficiently?

    You gotta hand it to the youth of today….. they certainly have a sense of humour!

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      Truth is that social policies is almost completely member state responsibility. Fact is also that governments have spent a lot and failed broadly with delivering inclusion and perspectives. More EU community responsibility might not be a bad idea after all…

    • avatar
      Paul X


      Fact is the EU has proven itself to be totally incompetent when dealing with fraud and budget control. Maybe some national governments have failed but at least people have more chance of seeing where their taxes have been wasted

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    Richard Osborne

    Great concepts and read all of them. But, there’s not a single idea there that would restore trust in the e.u. Better money management, streamlined beauracracy and get rid of the ‘old guard’

    • avatar
      Cătălin Vasile

      Exactly my thoughts, too!

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    catherine benning

    What a vague and totally ill thought through paper this is. Surely they jest?

    As it appears the UK is on the way out of the EU, as a result of us being unable to accept Juncker in the role planned expansionism, we therefore, should not be putting any thoughts on their EU reasoning whatsoever. It is Europeans who must decide what is right for them. However, I suggest these students dwell on this prospective UK policy.

    The UK has seen the number of immigrants into the UK rise by well over seven million over two decades. Many originating from other European States along with more from outside of Europe entering Britain via the border controls of other EU ports. Compelled to take them, we are told, by EU law. Now, as we are heavily weighed down by this influx financially, on every level, Europe must begin to make proposals to repatriate the migrant workers back into European States that can afford them an take care of them. They must arrange for those who entered Europe from outside its borders to have access to the state help they were denied on arrival and to help them return to their country of entry. The UK being unable to continue to do so as the European money we receive for this will dry up. As these entrants were forced to Britain as a result of the unwelcoming practices in their entry states we feel it is right that the EU put this right. Especially if, as this report highlights, the pattern of settlement is going to increase and their policy set to inflate, not decrease, the numbers. The UK citizens are voting to leave the EU for reason of expansionist policies and other EU dogma found unacceptable to them. This must therefore be dealt with by the leaders of Europe prior to our departure in order to immediately redress the imposition placed on our citizens whilst under their rule.

    Homes must be built for these people to return to comfortably, schools made ready and health care made available for their easy assimilation into European life. Benefit systems must be functioning and jobs created to offer them the lifestyle they are seeking.

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    Tarquin Farquhar

    Proposal 1: Independent body? IMPOSSIBLE.

    Proposal 2: EU (Germany + France) have already caused a civil war in the Ukraine – leave it alone!

    Proposal 3: LOL! MORE bureaucracy! We [in the UK] can’t even control our national border given conventional passports, what difference will a risible ‘product passport’ make?

    Proposal 4: The EU thought more of its banksters than its youth, too many people both young and old have suffered because of the EU. It should leave well alone.

    Proposal 5: Good idea! I for one am in favour of temporarily reducing the numbers of EU foreigners in the UK – our UK infrastructure is buckling as-is.

    PS: Let us hope NONE of the above students is permitted to wield any political power UNTIL they’ve worked in the real [NON-POLITICAL/NON-LOBBYING/NON-POLITICAL RESEARCH] world for a decade or two. I for one am particularly frightened by [albeit bright] political careerists bereft of real-world honing, real-world exposure and real-world empathy, treating public office more like a gravy-train than a public-service/vocation.

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    nando aidos

    Proposal 0.0 – develop a “vision” for the EU. What does it need to be? What kind of “business” is it in?
    Proposal 0.1 – develop a “mission statement”. What is its purpose in life?
    Proposal 0.2 – develop “goals and objectives” to support its “vision” and its “mission” in life.
    Proposal 0.3 – develop “initiatives” that lead us all towards those goals and objectives.
    I do not believe that the Proposals above will lead us very far because they are not aimed at specific “goals” and do not follow a “vision”.

    • avatar
      nando aidos

      I meant to write:
      “the proposals BY THE STUDENTS will not lead us very far.”

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    The way the students argue indicates an increasing narrowing of the European mind, partly caused by the EU supported political correct pressure to produce a conformist next generation (all 5 proposals are highly conformist and almost completely echo the opinion of the Commission), partly a narrowing mind is also caused by interventions of forces from other sections of the globalist nomenclature (business, politics, NGOs).

    No five or more proposals will restore trust but a complete Rennaisance which must first of all emerge from Europe’s nations, because only there real life takes place. The main purpose of a construct like the EU must be to strengthen its members, the nations. And this does, for example, not happen by attempts
    to transform Europe under the false pretence of “human rights” into a kind of Eurabia or/and an appendix of demographically exploding Africa.
    To stop this would be a first step to restore trust into EU institutions.

  7. avatar
    Pedro Redondeiro

    They are definitely good objetives and good chains of thought!

  8. avatar

    1. “Europeans also fear that the trade deal will open European borders to American products that do not comply with European health and environmental standards.”

    Bull, europeans fear that they will loose their jobs. American car manufacturers, the Big 3, have the best deal “adrenaline / $”, europeans charge double or triple for the same deal.

    2. Economic ties with “neighbours”.

    That mean “rich” neighbours, like Russia, who cares about poor ones ?

    3. “Beef up recycling”

    Recycling different materials. Kind of hard to achieve and costly, at the moment someone’s trash is somebody else’s treasure. Not sustainable in long term.

    4 .”How money to tackle youth unemployment is spent”

    Good one. Unfortunately money are at the wrong people.

    5. “Improve integration of immigrants into society and strengthen options for legal migration”

    You should check with Farage and Le Pen about that. There’s a very strong opposition at that.

    All five are just simple good intentions. Not impossible, but hard to implement. Good Luck though.

  9. avatar

    Proposal 1:Just stop it and that s about it as it gives EU-US rellationsship a self-evidence and casualness which we never decided about.
    Proposal 2: Agree but with all of them at the same level without this pro US-Issues
    Proposal 3: Not really relevent for the trust in the EU i think.
    Proposal 4: Just make a pot for it were everyone contributes and that s about it.When all the money from that is distributed that about it.No additional money.If you failed you failed ,get used to it.
    Proposal 5: Just make rules for migration.Each country decides who is allowed to imigrate.A ranking system would be nice like in the US or Canada.Points for language,university graduation and stuff.So if you want to live in a diffrent society you should be able to contribute something,then there won t be problems with integration.Everyone like smart people.It s just the stupid ones that people don t want

    • avatar
      Bert van Santen

      The best solution possible, but the bankers and politicians will not agree. It`s costing them their status and even worse, their warm seat and money

  10. avatar
    George Titkov

    Just drop all negotiations, they’re not in the peoples’ interest, only of big US corporations.

  11. avatar
    Jaume Roqueta

    yes…. Obama said some years ago they wan our healt care… we undestood they want to reform the healt care on USA, but finally they took the healt care of Spain an they are ruining it!…go home politicians… your time is gone! we need decent people in politics, administrative people will do your job much better than you!.

  12. avatar
    Matthijs Pontier

    I think Glyn Moody’s weblog is already an independent body that evaluates the EU-US ‘trade deal’ TTIP..

  13. avatar
    Catalin Vasile

    I think EU should ask us, the Citizens, if we agree with the project of a Transatlantic treaty with USA which will give corporations a godly power over us and NSA limitless access to our personal data without moving eeven a finger!

    • avatar
      Bert van Santen

      Hahahahhaha, think twice, they`ll NEVER do that!!! Far to much at stake for them

  14. avatar
    Jokera Jokerov

    Independant ombudsman? Really? What for? The Board of auditors never gives a clear sheet about the EU budget, so what? They keep on kicking the can regardless of this.

  15. avatar
    Cătălin Vasile

    I will trust EU only when people will be elected not appointed and when EU will ask citizens about initiatives not imposing all kind of fascist or bolshevic laws and regulations like the so-called free trade agreement with the USA and laws against Internet freedom!Laws are only for law abiding citizens while criminals don not give a frack about it! So the conclusion is the EU beaurocrats only pursue the imposing of a government that rules people and limits their ability or power of protesting and take action against the so-called “elite”! For us, those living in former bolshevic countries the waz the things go on at the moment looks to familiar with the decades of bolshevism we had to live! I do not accept to live again those times! Period!

  16. avatar
    Alberto Rizzi

    Of course we should strenghten our relationship with other european non-EU countries, but it is something that should come both from Eu and those countries that wants to join it.
    EU is not a close members club, it is a free and voluntary union open to everyone.

    • avatar
      Paul X

      “EU is not a close members club, it is a free and voluntary union open to everyone”

      It’s certainly not free for every country………. just remember some of us are footing the bill

  17. avatar
    Nikolas Kalaitzidis

    Debating Europe ! you are pooling our leg! Prior to new coming countries European Union should fist start to think over elementary European Treaties Principles that neglects to implement! .

  18. avatar

    Don’t support the faschists in Kyiv, please. They are killing their own population, Western halve is Nazi-supportive. They don’t have democratic traditions and they are very poor. Instead, help Eastern Europeans in the EU to overcome their rising social hardships.

  19. avatar
    Joel Dominic Rodrigues

    The problem is one of lack of awareness (with the media largely to blame) about what the EU is, who it is, what it does, and what is has done & achieved. Then we have isolationists, nationalists, racists, xenophobes, those trying to make out there’s some sort of conspiracy with accounts, people who claim it’s undemocratic but _vote_ right wing loons into parliament, etc., etc. The EU does plenty of good, there are just those who will not, & do not want to, hear about it.

  20. avatar
    Joel Dominic Rodrigues

    So much scaremongering about #TTIP! We do not need a world where decisions are made based on fear & rumour rather than vision, courage and embracing an increasingly interconnected world. It’s _always_ been a “globalised” world, you know why, because we live on a globe. The alternative is nationalism & isolationism. We know how well that’s worked throughout history.

    • avatar

      TTIP is crap cause it leads to a unipolare world.One side getting so strongthat it can force its s**t on everyone.Imagine an Adolf lke creature in charge in a USA+EU superstate.I wouldn t want the Russians or Chinese need to stop that one.As it is barely possible.Only in a multipolar world where countries are on eye level they can controll each other

  21. avatar
    Spyros Kouvoussis

    The alternative is democracy and solidarity, not a globalised capitalist globe where corporations make policy.

  22. avatar
    Pedro Pais de Vasconcelos

    In my personal opinion, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), should be frozen for as long as serous limitations to democracy, (Guantanamo et all) still subsist in the US.
    A new initiative «Transatlantic Freedom and Democracy Partnership (TFDP)» should be launched in the meantime.

  23. avatar
    Salvador Gota

    ?Castells patrimoni immaterial de la humanitat?
    La independncia de Catalunya s un cam tan difcil d’aconseguir com aquest castell realitzat a Montserrat, per igual que ho han aconseguit els Minyons de Terrassa ?coronar el castell?, Catalunya aconseguir la independncia perqu s la voluntat dels catalans.
    Per una Catalunya lliure

  24. avatar
    Daniel Yount

    All great answers for the question. To fix the problem with the youth unemployment, I think job building focused away from old energy and resources methods and funding and efforts moved toward the new economy , smart grid, clean energy, recycling. its these jobs that will help strengthen and meet needs that the future demands.

  25. avatar
    Dennis Kelly

    Countries are falling apart because of decisions that might work in Brussels are being forced on people everywhere, with different cultures and different peoples all being told to follow the European Unions way or else. In Ireland, for example, we have used Turf and Bogs for fuel for centuries, but because we didn’t destroy them by harvesting with massive machinery like the rest of Europe, now we are told we cannot cut turf for personal use, because it is basically the last surviving Bog in Europe. We are being punished for protecting our environment, generation after generation have cut turf during the summer months, sometimes it’s the only time a family works together anymore. Now old men are being fined and arrested for doing the exact same thing as their Great-Great Grandfathers.

    Just one example of how the European Project is doomed to failure because of ignorance of peoples heritage.

    So, no, I don’t think Europe should have a say in how youth unemployment is dealt with, because they caused it in the first place.

  26. avatar
    Vincenzo Benincasa

    I apologize in advance if I made errors in English & you don?t understand me?

    The corruption of Italy has returned to the footlights on the strong powers table of European Union. They speak about the cost of corruption that burdens on the Italian contributors: hundreds of billions of Euros per year? The corrupt ones and the bribers burn money as the old vapor locomotives from beginning ?900 did with the coal… and they pollute too, that is they also contaminate the last remained honest ones!
    It?s obvious that corruption is a common evil to all the States members of European community, but in Italy it reaches mastodontic levels. The corruption of Italy has millennial origins, if we are agree that the beginning of western civilization coincides with the development of Roman Empire. Corrupt ones and bribers live among patricians, senators and Emperors of Rome, they didn’t disturb money conquered beyond their “lex”. In fact they wrote the law and therefore they could revolve it better. An Emperor, Vespasian August, said: “Pecunia non olet!?. Then He repeated that to how many were disgusted in receiving dirty money, money drawn by slight noble situations.
    In the medieval age, it was almost in a primitive social state and corruption became synonymous of Barbaric incursions. The strongest and bossy ones established their personal laws and all the other people had to be subjugating under death?s punishment. In the Renaissance, the papal and ducal corruption reached almost refined and modern levels like nowadays. The gold and the precious gems were hunted by who had elevated positions. The prelate behaved worse than lazzaroni of Naples streets taverns: it stole money and it was surrounded of bad women. The dukes and the knights didn’t fight for ideologies, but for money, for ransacking and to cash in. Moreover, during the Risorgimento, some centuries later, the loot was made by Piedmont of Savoias in damage of the Two Sicilies: Cavour knew well how to plot the briber tactic that got off the military and politic stability of Bourbons secular dominion. And the corruption reigned then in the Parliament of the new Kingdom of Italy. The regal decrees moved all the money, all the enterprises and all the powers to Northern States: it was born so the “quistione meridionale!” There was diffused poverty in the South of Italy it forced millions of subjects, in following decades, to emigrate toward foreign countries and particularly toward the North and South America. In the North of Italy, so they began to build new industries with the penny of Risorgimento?s loot. Italy, a few years before the Great War, was defined new industrial power. But a greed of power toward foreign countries by capitalists and industrialists, as well as of nobles and how many gravitated around the Parliament of Fascist Italy, it brought us the war and the devastation in our house. And so, in the postwar period the cards were shuffled in the Parliament of republican Italy and new corrupt ones and bribers established their law, behind benevolent cover-ups and fake ideological-politic opinions. The corruption of Italy has, therefore, these origins, because who reaches elevated public positions or for overbearance or for public recognition he wants the power on the people, he wants much more money than he was allotted, he wants to show its undue wealth. And the European Union must be careful ?cause the corrupt ones and the bribers grind money, they burn money as the coal of the old vapor locomotives from beginning ?900! And… they pollute as I said!

    Italy has never been so united and homogeneous about frauds and robberies, illegality and corruption. We live and lived, as I already said elsewhere, as in the best films of Neapolitan Tot. However, Anthony De Curtis was a comedian and made to laugh both during the war and later. The Italians don’t make to laugh anymore. Those who get up fierce in the morning with conjecture to go working. Those who feel “fighi” (freak) because they belong to protected groups. Those who have titles of study and important positions. Those who ask for favors, those who are recommended, those who always operate dishonestly without being punished. Those who ask for money only to get papers and stamped “scartoffie” (public documents). Those who practice off limits & off topics charges. Those they?re children of… they get nominations and recognitions without any canon of worth. Those who always escape from troubles through dialectics and resonant voice tone. Those who boast friendships in the high stairs of executive rooms of the world?s super powerful persons. Those who display honesty whereas they?re able of stabbing you to the shoulders only for one more look. Those who organized against who seems different from them. Those who believe they?re above the mass and they possess villas of luxury totally unknown to the inventory and erario, automobiles and dizzying boats invisible to PRA (public registrars) and the insurances, secret accounts that are not subject to the banks national rules. Those who, when revealed in flagrancy of crime, call lawyers, judges, police officers and financiers for arranging everything in the best ways. Those who contaminate the honest ones and they stop them in the profitable job for community. Those who make noise, they display power and comfort and they insult the honest “poor cristi” of being begging gypsies. Those who don’t give value to the money because they steal it too much and they squander it for insipid things. Those who embarrass the poverty, they use the political ones to legislate really for self-advantage and against all the people, to which they continually ask for sacrifices. Those who revolve the taxes and they obligate to pay them to the unprovided ones with menace of sanctions in terms of banking usury, if they don’t pay, if don’t pay the amount of incomes that themselves use, then, to create own undue wealths. Those who get the most beautiful women, those who kid the humble ones, the consumers, the artisans, the workers, the families, the children that must go to school. Those who cheat the most ingenuous ones, they use the television to hand down idyllic fables of Italy, instead really all to reconstruct and to “rottamare” (renew it)!

    Il sito di Gargione
    Il mio unico romanzo
    Le mie riflessioni
    Sign in… in english
    Iscrivetevi e iscrivete i vostri amici al gruppo
    Iscrivetevi e iscrivete i vostri amici al gruppo

  27. avatar
    Daniel Dimitrov

    1. drop the vat, 2. cut the state run pensions and introduce individual ones;3. reform healthcare; 4. pay for own army and security; 5. enforce law. How hard can it be?

  28. avatar
    Edgar Malinovsky

    Ha ha, EU alredy had shown their impotence in Ukraine. EU bueroucrats just folowed what Obama offered. EU officials like Eshton even didn’t represented German wievs, instead Obama and Polish – Lithuanian nationalist wievs were leading. What resulted in civil war.

  29. avatar
    Adriana Coppola Furia

    La storia insegna che le migrazioni non si possono fermare. Non c’ riuscito nemmeno l’impero romano con tutta la sua organizzazione. D’altra parte la stessa Europa stata popolata da ondate successive di migrazioni in massa a cominciare dagli indoeuropei: Il problema vero come organizzarsi per rendere la migrazione vera integrazione!

  30. avatar
    Adriana Coppola Furia

    La storia insegna che le migrazioni non si possono fermare. Non c’ riuscito nemmeno l’impero romano con tutta la sua organizzazione. D’altra parte la stessa Europa stata popolata da ondate successive di migrazioni in massa a cominciare dagli indoeuropei: Il problema vero come organizzarsi per rendere la migrazione vera integrazione!

  31. avatar
    Laila Simões

    “Rather than seeking simply to integrate young people into the existing mainstream serious thought needs to be given as to whether is the mainstream itself that needs changing”

  32. avatar
    Dani Alexandrov

    EU need to invest in project for University educated keep them in EU and give them the spark they need, otherwise those folk will work for other countries GDP!

  33. avatar

    1. The TTIP negotiations should not be continued. Period. Why is it always that some politicians seem to always think ‘we need some kind of treaty’ and would accept a terribly bad one ahead of not having one at all. Why would anyone want to sign TTIP when it would destroy jobs?

    2. Don’t see why our money should go to prop up the oligarchy in Kiev or any of the faux-dictatorships across the ‘Arab spring’ countries.

    3. As for ‘fighting climate change’, how does one intend to stop a natural phenomenon? Or do they deny that it is a natural phenomenon? Those that do are the real deniers.

    4. Nope. The EU should have no say over it. Better to localize it than to EU-ize anything when it comes to unemployment. Any EU involvement is waste by definition.

    5. We neither want more immigrants nor more spent on ‘integration’. Those that don’t want to integrate should be thrown out. Promoting medieval cultures with contempt of women should never be tolerated to begin with (that’s looking at you, Sweden).

    And why is it that any ideas that ever come out of such a forum, whether its students or bureaucrats always have the ‘More Eurosoviet’ label on them rather than ‘Less Eurosoviet’? It is like one way integration is the only thing that exists. These people really need to be more open minded.

  34. avatar

    Proposal 1: Reindustrialisation of Europe

  35. avatar
    Enrico De Zanni

    Adriana il problema che la gente non si mette mai nelle scarpe degli altri …. da m orm,a i sono mlti ma molti ma molti di pi gli indiani, i cingalesi gli albanesi. i rumeni e bulgari che gli Italiani … non c’ alcuna strategia di integrazione e loro tutto sommato non che vopgliano integrarsi pi di tanto ….ci provo ma non nella pratica non riesco a condividere con queste persone proprio nulla …. passiamo dalla teoria alla pratica altrimenti sar un vero caos

  36. avatar

    PROPOSAL1: Set up an independent body to evaluate the US-EU trade deal
    I suppose, although i am more worried about corporate lobbyists.

    PROPOSAL 2: Build stronger political and economic ties with EU neighbours such as Ukraine
    No, the EU’s problems are internal not external with partners such as Ukraine.
    We need get out house in order before pushing outwards.
    And Russia doesn’t give us much time.

    PROPOSAL 3: Beef up recycling and sustainability efforts by introducing a “product passport”
    Hardly useful.
    If you really want to help introduce a “product passport” that demands all goods entering the EU are made by workers with the same working conditions as those in the EU.
    This would push slave countries like China and India away and promote healthy trade to benefit the workers not just corporate slave drivers.

    PROPOSAL 4: Give the EU a greater say over how money to tackle youth unemployment is spent
    No, thank you. With how the right-wing is rising in Europe the LAST thing is to let them get close to our social programs.
    Their sociopathic members would gut those programs in seconds.
    We all know all too well the rhetoric of the Right.

    PROPOSAL 5: Improve integration of immigrants into society and strengthen options for legal migration.
    Impose an EU-wide VISA system for any immigrant or visitor coming from OUTSIDE the EU ( just like the USA has ).
    Impose a VISA on americans – let them see how it is to go through a painfully furustrating process.
    Give them a bogus reason for doing it like…oh i dunno..TERRORISTS!
    Yeah that’s it.
    “Some americans might be terrorists ( they got a lot of school shootings lol ) so Europe needs to be careful”.
    Improve integration of ALREADY EXISTING immigrants – especially muslims and gypsies.
    Those seem to be the two groups who constitute the big issue these days.

  37. avatar
    Nadin Dereguardati

    you need first change the leaderships ! then their minds! and ONLY after changes and improvements COULD occurr!

  38. avatar
    Alex Grech.

    To tackle youth unemployment,develop initiatives for business ,lower Tax and Vat to 10%,and get rid of beauracracy.

  39. avatar
    Ivan Burrows

    The EU is built on a lie, that lie is now becoming known to the majority of people so no, nothing can restore ‘faith’ in the lie.

  40. avatar
    Breogán Costa

    With Miguel Arias Caete as EU Commissioner for Climate Action and Energy, having his family shares in petrol enterprises and the own Caete with ‘forgotten salaries’ no way: NO trust in EU. Corrupted persons are being accepted, so, now it is corrupted.
    More info in 2 links or Google:

  41. avatar
    Richard Osborne

    Nope. To reestablish trust in the e.u, you need a complete change of leadership and streamline the beauracracy. The e.u no longer has the trust of it’s member states so coming up with ideas that are no more than window dressing will only confirm the public’s mistrust.

  42. avatar
    Richard Osborne

    Nope. To reestablish trust in the e.u, you need a complete change of leadership and streamline the beauracracy. The e.u no longer has the trust of it’s member states so coming up with ideas that are no more than window dressing will only confirm the public’s mistrust.

  43. avatar
    Pauline Massart-Weit

    Proposal 1 would certainly go a long way to restoring trust and establish a beginning of transparency, which the EU desperately needs right now.

  44. avatar
    eusebio manuel vestias pecurto

    I believe in liberal cool capitalism and economic liberalism Brussels Europe and European change in tax burden and help create jobs in the states of Eurogroup

  45. avatar

    FIVE ‘policy’ ideas & NOTHING to recommend any of them.
    The TTIP is nothing to do with ‘global’ free trade,it’s a deal that will destroy Europe economically,call it the ‘longest’ suicide note in economic history.

    The American CANNOT compete on price,that’s a FACT.

    It is a FACT that the American business cartel will sue the pants of any european business that gets in it’s way,in the ‘AMERICAN’ courts.
    Witness the BP & VW(yet to be completed)evisceration of their respective positions in the market pool in which the Americans are the sharks in the litigation arena.
    MIGRATION-should be strictly controlled,it should be free to travel anywhere within european borders,by ‘European’ born & bred citizens ONLY.
    Migration,including ‘economic’ migration, should form a vital part of a ‘POPULATION’ CAP policy.
    We should set an upper population level,set the migration against that,taking into account the mix of the population.

    We NEED to STOP ‘giving’,or allowing the ‘taking’ away of ‘national’ powers,for whatever reason.
    DECISIONS on policy should be based upon ‘NATIONAL’ considerations, NOT on a pan-european ‘superstate’ with it’s centralised polit-bureau.

    The FACT is, the EU is ANATHEMA to prosperity & progress for ordinary people of the european area.

    The world is our oyster,it’s an irony that those wanting to REMAIN in the BREXIT debate, are the ‘insulari’, the FACT is,as the UK demonstrates from it’s history,as well as other EU countries can, life BEFORE the EU was considerably BETTER economically & culturally speaking.
    The ‘young’ people should take note of this, people have ALWAYS travelled ANYWHERE in the world, coming-going & sometimes staying permamently in their new found country.
    They have ALWAYS been free to adapt to the ‘new’ country’s culture & marry within it.
    We lose nothing,but gain a lot by LEAVING.

    The ‘policies’ by the so-called ‘experts’ demonstrates the very reason to LEAVE.
    There can NEVER be complete ‘agreement’ between any group of people,because all of our ‘differences’ are what makes us what we are as people or country.

    The EU is NOT ‘democratic’, it has no ‘LEGITIMACY’,this whole article demonstrates that,as a handful of people seek to influence an equally unrepresentative group(EU)to exert it’s illigitimate influence on greater numbers of european people through no power conferred on it.

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