EU heads of state and government are meeting tonight to discuss the results of the European Parliament elections. Leaders will be digesting the results of the vote, including increasing support for Eurosceptic and anti-establishment parties, at an “informal dinner” in Brussels. The agenda, however, will likely be dominated by wrangling over who is to be the next President of the European Commission.

Under new rules introduced by the Treaty of Lisbon, EU leaders must “take into account” the result of the European elections when deciding who to nominate as Commission President. The European Council will decide upon a candidate by a (qualified majority) vote after first consulting with representatives of the European Parliament.

Once a candidate has been officially proposed by EU heads of state and government, the European Parliament then votes to either confirm or reject the nomination. Should the Council’s candidate not obtain the required majority in the Parliament, the Council will then be forced to propose a different candidate within one month. This veto potentially gives the European Parliament a powerful voice in negotiations over who will be appointed Commission chief.

We’ve put together an infographic outlining the expected process over the coming weeks. If everything proceeds smoothly, the next commission could be inaugurated in November (the mandate of the current commission ends on 31 October). Traditionally, however, negotiations have dragged on later than that, and it could be early 2015 before the new commission begins its work.


Jean-Claude Juncker, the EPP candidate for EU Commission President, has already claimed victory. Speaking at a press conference just before midnight on Sunday, Juncker said: “As we did win these elections, I feel fully entitled to become the next European President of the commission.”

However, he also admitted that his appointment would not be automatic:

jean-claude-junckerI think it’s clear that we can assume that the lead candidate from the winning party will be President of the Commission. But we know that not only the voters have the right to decide who will become the Commission President, also the European Council and the European Parliament have a serious role to play… I will be ensuring that there is a majority and there will be no getting around the EPP and it will be important for us to have good co-operation. No-one should try to come up with a different majority.

Juncker added that he had spoken to Berlin by phone, and during his campaign he had the backing (albeit somewhat tepid) of German Chancellor Angela Merkel. However, at least one EPP prime minister – Hungary’s Viktor Orbán – has said he will not support Mr Juncker as Commission President, and British Prime Minister David Cameron (though not part of the EPP group) is actively campaigning for a “less federalist” candidate.

It’s also not immediately clear whether Mr Juncker will have the unopposed backing of the European Parliament. Both the social democrat candidate, Martin Schulz, and the liberal candidate, Guy Verhofstadt, have so far declined to publicly support Mr Juncker and are calling for negotiations.

Will Jean-Claude Juncker be the next President of the European Commission? Or will EU leaders put forward a different candidate – such as Enda Kenny, the Irish prime minister? And what would that mean for EU democracy? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below and we’ll take them to policy-makers and experts for their reactions.

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What do YOU think?

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      Michiel Hampsink

      Why would you possibly want Le Pen as the next president? How can some one who doesn’t believe in the EU even run it?

    • avatar

      who is “we”? please say that I want le pen, and some other idiots .. but please, never say “we”

    • avatar
      Eric Banner

      @Michiel,simple because if le Pen was given presidency we would immediately return to sovereign control of our own countries and stop paying the useless EU shed loads of money to do nothing useful.You seem to be another one who just doesn’t understand that people want out of the ludicrous controlling elitist scam that the EU is.

    • avatar
      Joaquim José Rocha

      North Coreas in Europe?
      Salazar, Franco, Mussolini, Lenine, Staline, Bonaparte, Ceasar… too many in European History…
      One more? NO.

      One more thing:
      A Banker, a FN blue eyed, an expat and a claimant voter sit down to share twelve cookies. The Banker immediately takes eleven for himself, and the FN blue eyed says to the claimant voter: WATCH OUT FOR EXPAT, HE’S GONNA STEAL YOUR COOKIE.

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    Given the high Eurosceptic vote in many countries where is the Eurosceptic candidate ?

  2. avatar
    Sjanne Quellhorst

    The eu needs someone younger than juncker if you ask me. Someone able to provide a fresh vision on the eu and its future

  3. avatar
    catheine benning

    The worst possible choice after such an election result would be Juncker. He is an insult to peoples intelligence.

  4. avatar

    I’m afraid that what will happen next will lead to more eurosceptics and extremists. A union between PPE and S&D should never ever happen. Just see what happened in Romania.

  5. avatar
    Jovan Ivosevic

    If he has a majority in Parliament that majority can block everyone else’s selection by the European Council. con – soc is the only stable majority

  6. avatar
    Sebastiaan Van Severen

    The EU needs an experienced commission president, who is diplomatic and reluctant to intervene all too much. In my opinion, Juncker is an adequate candidate.

    • avatar

      He is an enemy of democracy, wants to destroy national democracy and further the Eurosoviet Union.

    • avatar
      Eric Banner

      @ Sebastian ,And a complete denial of the most recent vote,Do you not understand that you cannot elect a federalist at a time when there is a huge outcry for reform ,Juncker is entirely unsuited to the current political climate.

  7. avatar
    J M Perz Gnlz

    EU is going to its limits. Juncker and PPE-S&D coalition means no future for half of european citizens.

  8. avatar
    Nikolaos Papaloukas

    It’s time for Juncker to go home his policy it’s for the garbage. The next president should be someone who will end the austerity measures and the policy of IMF ECB in South Europe. We should all be equal and not slaves of corrupted banks and politicians.

  9. avatar
    Joaquim José Rocha

    Europe needs someone who have an attitude of rupture with the financial power. It’s important and necessary that Government’s Accounts should be clearly and correctly, but not fucking European People. Juncker wants the same as Barroso: taxing Europeans to give to banks.

  10. avatar
    David Eaton

    Do not ever suggest Enda Kenny, he is a embarrassment to many Irish people and is a complete insult to the Young, Old, Sick and Poor of Europe. That said Junker has both experience and personality in his side, he is also neither French or German which many people would like to see. However someone a little younger and from more obscure less established origins who has had first hand experience with poverty would be a much more interesting and able candidate

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @David Eaton
      Juncker was sacked for CORRUPTION – he is not fit for the job!

  11. avatar
    Nikolaos Papaloukas

    If EU leaders will keep the road of austerity i believe that Neo-Nazis will take over. The same situation was in the 1930’s.

  12. avatar
    Trond Johannessen

    There is no Greater symbol of policy failure than Juncker. No re-shuffling of the boys who incompetently got us here.

  13. avatar
    Stefania Portici

    Jean-Claude Juncker: “We take a decision, then we put it on the table and wait a while ‘to see what happens. If it does not cause protests or riots, because most people do not understand anything of what has been decided, let’s go step by step to the point of no return. “

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Stefania Portici
      His statement is OUTRAGEOUS!!

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Martin Monks
      You must really HATE your fellow Europeans!

  14. avatar
    Alex Tselentis

    Why is the EU so upset about the far right gains in Europe, when they supporting Nazis in Ukraine ?? Who are currently bombing their own people.

  15. avatar
    nando aidos

    Will Jean-Claude Juncker be the next President of the EU Commission?

    Is this a leading question?

  16. avatar
    Tony Nikolov

    Way better than the socialists, even the leader of PES took a humiliating loss in his homecountry

  17. avatar

    Capitalism has globalised all: residues, air pollution and even degradation of our democratic system. We can´t face future and lead the change letting those who turned the European Parlament into a circus rule and be our voice. We need a leader that believe in future generations more than in his pocket, willing to empower youth so that we are the change towards a fair, sustainable Europe. We don´t need a dinosaur leading us to the 6th massive extinction.

  18. avatar
    Nuno Ribeiro Palha

    If European leaders try to impose a different head of the commission it will show how EU parliament elections are just a facade ! And next time they will have twice the number of eurosceptic MPs…

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Nuno Ribeiro Palha
      EP elections have always been anti-democratic.

    • avatar

      These elections have always been a farce. There is no ‘European people’ (like there never was a ‘Soviet people’). European democracy does not exist, by definition.

      This whole ‘elections’ thing is just to confuse people and make them think the Eurosoviet Union is democratic when in reality it isn’t (and was never meant to be).

  19. avatar
    Boriss Dunajevskis

    Jean-Claud Juncker is the best candidate for presidency!Valdis Dombrovskis from corrupted Latvia should be under criminal investigation soon!Shame who promote him!

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Boriss Dunajevskis
      But Juncker was sacked for corruption too!

  20. avatar
    Dickran Dickran

    You destroyed Cyprus Italian Greek Spanish Irish and Portugese economy and you wonder why people don’t like Europe. If you continue the same way European Union will die for ever in 2 years after British elections

    • avatar
      David Eaton

      Actually I admit it was the wealthy Irish who screwed over the Irish and destroyed our economy. It was an Irish bank that required the bailout which forced us into the position we are in, the bank was run by Irish people, the bank was bailed out by an Irish government. The EU and EPP only had a slight effect. Also consider the problems we in Ireland are facing are largely because decisions made by Irish people in the 1990s – 2010 period.

  21. avatar
    Olivier Dutreil

    Europe is at the service of free world trade . The consequence is a fiscal and social dumping in europe . To me if we dont have tax and social harmonisation europe will completely failed according to british wishes

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Olivier Dutreil
      You cannot have fiscal and/or social harmonisation – the cultures in Europe are too different.

    • avatar

      OK, France lower your income and corporate taxes by about half. Harmonize them with Lithuania.

      Oops, I guess you meant the other way round, right?

  22. avatar

    Ah, someone who will continue ridiculous austerity measures and sell out Europe to corporations…no I am not happy.

  23. avatar
    David Fuzzey

    [quote] If you continue the same way European Union will die for ever in 2 years after British elections [quote] …I hope so , sooner would be better.

  24. avatar

    I hate everything he stands for. All the fuzz with “far” right movements entry is just smoke and mirrors in the public eye to hide the not so transparent political negotiations and efforts for continuity of austerity, and EPP (Merkel) hegemony and economical domination of the continent. Merkel (EPP) + Russia (Putin) = Love = Enemy of most europeans.

  25. avatar
    eusebio manuel vestias pecurto

    Lo Capitalismo del nuevo siglo necesita renovarse cierto yo lo creo que lo nuevo lider da Comission Europea debe tener idea de los diferentes gratos de motivación y dedicación

  26. avatar
    Rita Cortis Coleiro

    Angela Merkel wants him, he`s one of her own and can pull his strings to do as she pleases…. Federalism at it`s best !!!

  27. avatar
    Samu Tandorf

    Will he be the next President? What kind of a question is that!? He’s been elected. Not that I voted for him but how can he be elected in the most election in the EU and then not become the President!?

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Samu Tandorf
      Pray tell, who elected Juncker – I don’t remember seeing his name on the voting slip?

    • avatar

      I don’t remember him getting even a single vote this month.

  28. avatar

    I doubt it.The British are against him just as a few other countries.Without those countries there ain t a majority for the conservatives so they either pick an other candidate or accept a social democrate

  29. avatar

    The British are against all the candidates , we don’t want an EU president or anyone else giving direction or opinion .

  30. avatar
    Stelios Panagiotou

    in this EU everything is possible. Shame of the leaders of the EU. Is this the new democracy. No thank you. I hope my small country will make a referendum yes or no to EU.

  31. avatar

    Junker, beyond what I might think about what he stand for is a europhile and anti russian imperialism, or at least that’s how media portrayed him, which is not that bad imho for a popular corporatist. Cameron, Hungarian and Swedish PM’s are against him achieving the highest chair from inside EPP, and even almighty Schulz changed his mind and appear to support him for the leading position. Hmmm, what the heck Bruxelles is “baking” behind closed doors ? It seem that everyone is rushing toward an agreement and skipping usual ever lasting PSU – EPP – ALDE – Greens negotiations.

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      It appears France and Italy are NOW not too keen on Juncker!

  32. avatar

    Juncker is an enemy of national democracy and a federalist threat to liberty, freedom and democracy, so my answer is no.

    The man gets voted out at home and thus his ‘reward’ should be a Eurosoviet job in the Eurosoviet Politburo, one which would make him exempt of paying income tax? I think not.

    Did anyone even cast a single vote for this cretin? Not over here we didn’t.

  33. avatar

    “Honesty is for the most part less profitable than dishonesty”. ……….Plato!

    Q: will Jean-Claude Juncker be the next President?
    A: …..don’t know, but nobody should be a EU-COM president until……!!!

    Q:………………other candidates? What would that mean for EU democracy?
    A: …….nothing, not until THE EU STRUCTURES ARE REFORMED!

    The EU parliament is a farce & designed over time to mask & create the impression of an EU democracy- but is only a costly rubber stamping factory. The decision maker is the EU Council!
    The EU parliament gained the right- ONLY IN 1993- to be ‘consulted’ on the appointment of the President and to veto the Commission as a whole!

    Who exactly knows the difference between the ‘Council’ and the ‘European Council’?
    Not sure? Please go back in history, for e.g.:


    The planners & decision makers behind the EU is the European Council, comprising of the heads of state or heads of government of the EU member states who is setting the EU’s general political direction and priorities. It has no powers to pass laws but decides! Its current president is Herman Van Rompuy.


    The European Commission (EC) is the executive arm of the EU & its Council.


    Having both a Commissions President and a European Council President lead to serious concerns over competencies! That needs to be corrected!

    Therefore, the discussions should revolve around those issues first & create a final EU structure & Constitution. Either abolish the EU parliament or abolish the Council & collapse them into existing structures. Better ideas are always welcome!

    Quote: “Merckel would attempt to promote EU reform through other channels”. That says it all!

    The horses must be put before their carts first! It is time for serious reform!

  34. avatar

    Those elections were about german hegemony over Europe. One day, Merkel support Junker, next day she doesn’t, by the end of third day she declared that she’s very satisfied with Junker in leading position. Schulz appeared to put up a fight with Junker and next day he gave up, but in a statement he pledged support Junker’s candidacy. Why do I have the feeling that no matter who the winner was (regardless exit polls results) the real beneficiary is Merkel ?

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar


      Unfortunately, too many people in the EU, including Germans are NOT aware of the UNDEMOCRATIC nature of the German-inspired ‘Brussels-Reich’.

  35. avatar
    Luis Prenda

    O vote em “Branco”, em democracia é liberdade de expressão!
    Voter en blanche est liberté d’expression!

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Luis Prenda
      Erm, both of your quotes seem a bit RACIST!

      PS: Where are you from again?

  36. avatar

    Apart from being a political dinosaur who is out of touch and having been voted out at home because of a corruption/spying scandal, Juncker is an utter banker stooge. He will wish for more inflation to help his banker buddies at your and my expense.

  37. avatar

    The person responsible for the EURO crisis ousted by a Gladio scandal from office. I see, they could not find a better candidate.

  38. avatar
    Tarquin Farquhar

    EXCELLENT links – thank you!

  39. avatar

    The people of Europe , don’t know this Man. We are never consulted about the Big issue’s, that affect us, And which we pay for. He will be just another Franco -German Toadie.

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