With only two days before our Debating Europe Vote 2014 closes, have YOU decided who to vote for? The last question we asked the candidates for EU Commission President is the most important question of all: ‘Why should we vote for you?’

We gave each candidate one minute to answer. With only 60 seconds to convince you, which topics will they choose to address, and what solutions will they offer?

In the run-up to the elections, we have been putting questions to the candidates for Commission President and publishing their responses here. We are using the same rules as the Eurovision TV debate on 15 May to decide which candidates take part, meaning they must be nominated by one of the political parties represented in the European Parliament, the party making the nomination must be represented in one of the seven officially recognized political groups in the Parliament and only one presidential candidate can be represented per political group.

We did invite Alexis Tsipras from the Radical Left to take part, but he did not agree to an interview in time.

Let’s start with Ska Keller, leading candidate for the  Greens. Apart from wanting a green economy, in which other areas are her views different from the other candidates?

Keller’s message is that a vote for the  Greens is a vote for a more open Europe, for more democracy and social justice, stronger climate targets, and for a greater focus on the next generation.

We asked the same question to Guy Verhofstadt, leading candidate for the  Liberal Democrats (Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe). How would his answer be different?

Verhofstadt argues that issues like climate change, the financial crisis and illegal immigration are all multinational problems that can only be solved on a European level. So whereas he says the  Conservatives and Eurosceptics believe we should solve these problems on a national level, the liberals believes more European integration is needed. Do YOU agree with them?

Next, we spoke to Martin Schulz, Presidential Candidate for the  Social Democrats (Party of European Socialists). When asked to explain why people should vote for him and how his party is different from others, what would he say?

In short, Schulz’ message is that the  Social Democrats will fight for a combination of budgetary control and investment in growth. He argues that fiscal responsibility is needed to prevent the next generation paying debts made today, but nevertheless investment in growth and jobs is needed to regain trust in Europe.

Finally, we spoke to Jean-Claude Juncker, Presidential Candidate for the  Centre-Right European People’s Party. He is clear that responsible budgets and fiscal consolidation is needed to guarantee sustainable growth in Europe. Can he convince you to vote for his party?

Which party will YOU vote for? Should we have more budgetary control or more investment? Who has the right ideas for a better Europe? YOUR voice counts! So, with only two days until our Debating Europe Vote 2014 closes, let YOUR voice be heard!

Vote 2014

Voting is closed in our Debating Europe Vote 2014! The results are now in, so come and see what our readers thought!

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What do YOU think?

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      Alexis Tsipras 100%

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      antonis Kakitsis

      Alexis Tsipras 150%

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    George Danieldsg

    ?he one you hide because of fear for change in favor of people A.Tsipras for a E.U. of citizens not market vultures.

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      Correct……. but the question was whom do you support?
      The president is elected by the European Parliament, on a proposal of the European Council for a 5 year term.

      The way this appointment is done dilutes a persons democratic choice tremendously and becomes a reflection of only “big party” politics- a rather “very distant” democratic way & should be changed!

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      No, but the question was whom to you support?

      The president is elected by the European Parliament, on a proposal of the European Council for a 5 year term.

      The way this appointment is done dilutes a persons democratic choice tremendously and becomes a reflection of “big party” politics- too “distant” for a true democratic choice indeed!

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      No! correct, but the question was which candidate do you “support”- not vote for!

      The president is elected by the European Parliament, on a proposal of the European Council for a 5 year term. This dilutes a persons personal democratic choice tremendously and becomes a reflection of “mainstream” politics- personal democracy in a distant & “roundabout” way!

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    Joel Dominic Rodrigues

    The local Green Party candidate. To those of you who don’t vote, the irony is by your actions (or rather lack thereof), your opinion doesn’t really count for much.

  3. avatar
    Georgeta Mitran

    The EU Commission President will be elected by European Parliament majority.

  4. avatar
    Tamás Heizler

    We cannot vote directly for EU Comission President. We can only vote for the EPM candidates of our own countries. So what are we talking about? It’d be great to vote directly for EU president, but now it’s not like that…

  5. avatar
    Pawel Wysocki

    Jesus answered: ?Watch out that no one deceives you. For many will come in my name, claiming, ?I am the Christ,? and will deceive many. You will hear of wars and rumors of wars, but see to it that you are not alarmed. Such things must happen, but the end is still to come. Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be famines and earthquakes in various places. All these are the beginning of birth pains. (Matt 24:4-9)

  6. avatar
    Paper Aeroplane

    Since Tsipras couldn’t even be bother to sit down for an interview, it’s Schulz for me all the way. The PES offer a credible route out of austerity.

  7. avatar
    John Bevegård

    hi we need a president who speaks for all of europee more democratic but we need a common policy for a joint military eu force a strong eu needs good foreign policies a common international foreign policies go eu johnb.

  8. avatar
    Isabel Atalaia

    I support Alex Tsipras. The Ulisses’s countries need a voice. Tired of the moral judgement from the northern countries.

    • avatar
      Negen Tropist

      What an insensitive joke!

      Of course, one shouldn’t mind making jokes, provided he/she doen’t want to look like one…

  9. avatar
    Frédérick Moulin

    I will vote for Martin Schulz for sure! For a more democratic, a more social and a fairer Europe! For solidarity, justice, transparency, and first of all Honesty! Martin Schulz is honest, unlike Tsipras, unlike Juncker and sometimes Verhofstadt: see the chasm between their programme and the programme of their parties!

  10. avatar
    Harry Bell

    Martin Schulz of course. We can’t even vote EPP in the UK, not that I would.

  11. avatar
    Alexander Daskalov

    #Schulz has no education!!! Not even a Primary School Diploma!!! This is really embarrassing not only for the European Socialists but for all Europeans! #Europe #NowSchulz #TellEUROPE #KnockTheVote #EP2014

  12. avatar

    Why you didn’t put Alexis Tsipras in the photo? As you can see (also since european left does it great in your poll) we are many that support himi for the commission’s president!

  13. avatar
    Stefanescu Dan

    Alexander Daskalov #Schulz has no education!!! Not even a Primary School Diploma!!! This is really embarrassing not only for the European Socialists but for all Europeans! – ?????

  14. avatar
    Joe DaSilva

    Oh, this is the absolute biggest lie the world has ever heard. Liberals and Democrats have been the ones that caused Europe and the world to errupt into chaos and misery.

  15. avatar
    Nikolaos Sotirelis

    Dear admin, we have a saying in Greece: “the prostitute wants to hide herself… but the joy doesn’t let her”!
    If I remember well, there is a fifth candidate!
    You don’t have to be so “objective”! :p

  16. avatar

    The Italian journalist Nadia Urbinati has recently published (“Il Mulino”) an essay in which she concluded the following:

    “Often, very often, Europe manifests itself incapable of acting, of speaking with a single voice, of controlling the bureaucratic drive: there is a big need for reforms. […] If finally, Europe becomes conscious of this need, we have the populists to thank. Their message is unpleasant, sometimes repugnant, but it represents the yell of desperation of a disorientated society.”

    Whoever will win the EP elections and get the high payed and prestigous jobs in Council and Commission should be aware of this.

    Also in my observation, never since 1945 have European societies been so disoriented and frustrated as now. A main reason for this is the EU technocratic attempt to force people, policies and countries together which do not belong together.
    Currently the main source of “desperation” are the alienating concequences of (wrongly supported) migration and the “stabilization” of the €uro.
    If these problems are not tackled properly the disorientation will further increase.

  17. avatar

    european left and tsipras for the big change

  18. avatar

    I don’t get why tsipras is not among those who can be indicted, he’s candidate and the list supporting him could be the third force in the European Parliament. This is totally different from a politically correct attitude from your side .

  19. avatar

    Schultz offers a new hope for countries which have the problem of illegal immigration (Malta,Italy,Greece) and for the immigrants that seek better future in the Europe

  20. avatar

    I support Guy Verhofstadt. He has the vision of Europe.

  21. avatar
    Kenneth J. Murray

    Hello ska, as the youngest possible president, you have the potential to bring the future of European youth to a bright future. Education and employment are key elements in a constructive society.

  22. avatar
    Kenneth J. Murray

    The real changes that are required to produce a solid working foundation for the future start with today’s young people. They are the future. Proper ideals of a modern working society are the key elements in making an effective pathway of direction. That direction starts with the foundation of effective leadership. One to bring European youth into their own future. It is what they make it. But it is also only as good as the tools and resources that they have access to.

  23. avatar
    Mathieu Soete

    Well technically, unless you happen to live in or be a national of either Germany, Luxemburg, Belgium or France, you won’t vote for either of them. Though you can vote for the national or regional parties part of the European alliances they represent.

  24. avatar

    European Greens if we want any kind of future at all

  25. avatar
    Hercules Mesaretzidis

    One issue of essential importance is the establishment of guidelines for the controlling of the international private funds which exploit the work product of the peoples

  26. avatar

    Schultz is the only candidate speaking based on facts and stating actions needed , all other are only other speaking about ideals and high level concepts

    • avatar
      Hercules Mesaretzidis

      Maria, you might be right since Martin represents succesfully the real politics in a declining socially Europe, whereas Alexis the new perspective and hope within Europe

  27. avatar

    Four popular politicians? I thought that there were five.
    Ο άνθρωπος που είναι ενάρετος και σοφός δεν έχει ανάγκη από δόξα.
    ‘The person that is virtuous and wise does not need glory’

  28. avatar

    Vote for European Left. This will only change the policy to employees and to make Europe more democratic.

  29. avatar

    Tsipras and European Left is the only hope for the people who suffer from neoliberal policies of austerity and misery

  30. avatar
    Mike Aethelmaer

    I’m a native Englishman who was under 10 years old when we joined the Common market.
    We never agreed to join a federal superstate and I’m being deliberately refused a democratic vote on Europe that stinks of tyranny to me.
    Who ever the EU puts on the “throne” is never going to be accepted by me and unless some of us get a vote on the EU you are going to get more trouble than you’ve had since WW2.

  31. avatar
    E. Valsami

    Tsipras and European Left is the only hope !

    • avatar

      Huge bunch of nonsense. Tsipras can’t even understand what he’s reading. Empty promises by the greatest demagogue of Europe, hiding his true communistic convictions…

  32. avatar

    “We did invite Alexis Tsipras from the Radical Left to take part, but he did not agree to an interview in time.” So…thats a reason for you and you didnt put his picture with the other four? Democracy …?

    • avatar

      The worst case about Tsipras and his communistic party is that he doesnt really need to go to Europe to destroy it (and fulfill the dream of his comrades & financiers). He can indeed unleash hell right from the outskirts of EU, from Greece. Then a spiral effect can disintegrate the biggest peace project of the world…

  33. avatar

    You don’t have to be so objective. The Greek Tsipras you turned?

  34. avatar
    marco calabrese

    I am a moderate socialist, against every form of masonry and finalncial hidden power: this means Alexis Tsipras

  35. avatar

    Guy Verhofstadt the…RightGuyForTheJob

  36. avatar
    Philippe Rives

    Great debate last evening. Definitly you win it.

  37. avatar

    Yes, if a candidate can proof he was once a prisoner of Al Qaeda, lived several years in Nigeria, Saudi Arabia or Afghanistan– any one fitting that picture?

  38. avatar

    Interesting isn’t it that there is not one candidate who is Anti-EU,so where is the debate,we can vote for anyone we want ,as long as it’s from the selection above.Disgusting display… much for democracy.

    • avatar

      @ Ericbanner

      Correct, none of the 4 candidates are anti EU- otherwise it would be fruitless for them to apply for the job! This just an “opinion poll game”. Any serious anti EU candidate would never be elected by the 766 EU parliament anyway! EU is dominated by the 2 big Pro-European parties, the EPP of 274 & S&D of 174. Together they have absolute majority of 469 votes.

      If you are Anti EU you must check & vote for a party in your own country that will join up with one of the fringe anti EU parties! Check it out!

      But understand- the president is elected by the European Parliament, on a proposal of the European Council- we cannot vote anyway. We can only vote in our own country for the party you think represents your view best in the EU parliament!

      Call it a farce, political comedy, diluted or “imaginary” democracy! That is why the EU needs to be seriously reformed to be real democratic! One feels we citizen are just being used for a “higher” purpose or master plan for whose questionable benefit?

    • avatar

      @Proactive,already done my friend,my vote is for UKIP,and has been for as long as they have existed,I am looking forward to this Thursday ,I think there will be a lot of surprises.

  39. avatar
    Joanne Agate

    Why is a photo of Alexis Tsipras left off every website? This is not correct at all. he has my vote even if this website and others due their best to exclude him.

  40. avatar

    I’m amazed of the support for the radical Left. I mean seriously people ? one of their ideologies is Communism??
    Do we really wanna do that mistake again?

    • avatar

      @ Janar,

      unfortunately there is a perception & wrong belief that any justified criticism of the EU’s excesses is unpatriotic or coming from the “radical left”! Some might, but the majority me thinks is upper, middle & just a class more informed than others- of course not elites, banksters, gamblers, bureaucrats & technocrats working for ever bigger governments!

      It is worrying to see the continued empire building effort to create ever bigger and more wasteful government- disregarding the taxpayers who pay all of it! They act as if they would produce and add value to the GDP- except create save employment for themselves & living it up! It is “them” who misused & lost the trust of voters- exception however granted! The EU needs to be reformed sooner than later!

  41. avatar
    Jim Young

    OK then, all of you people, while we in Europe have been taking a cut both in wages and lifestyles have you taken a cut in your salaries, expense accounts and lifestyles…Well I am waiting for an answer and I expect so are millions of others.

  42. avatar
    Jim Young

    As an Englishman and a Briton, I would never vote for anyone because I want to get out of Europe, I voted only to join a Common Market under Edward Heath prime minister and nothing else, certainly not to be controlled by outsiders; that is why I support UKIP and I expect this is now catching right throughout Europe because the people are sick and tired of stupid legislation that hinders people’s lives, I am British; we made the world you people live in; we invented most of what you have from the Industrial Revolution to the Internet and Europeans controlling Britain; NEVER as Churchill would have said.

  43. avatar

    Ska Keller with no second thought

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