Have you decided who YOU want to be the next President of the European Commission? For the first time in the EU’s history, the results of the upcoming European Parliament elections on 22-25 May will decide who heads the EU’s executive arm. The position is currently held by José Manuel Barroso of Portugal, who has served two five-year terms and will step down after the elections.

In the run-up to the elections, we will be putting questions to the candidates for Commission President and publishing their responses here. We are using the same rules as the Eurovision TV debate on 15 May to decide which candidates take part, meaning they must be nominated by one of the political parties represented in the European Parliament, the party making the nomination must be represented in one of the seven officially recognized political groups in the Parliament and only one presidential candidate can be represented per political group.

We did invite Alexis Tsipras from the Radical Left to take part, but he did not agree to an interview in time.

We began by asking the candidates what their top three priorities will be once in office. Let’s start with the response from Ska Keller, one of the two official candidates for the  Greens (along with José Bové) You can see her party’s top priorities here.

Next, we spoke to Martin Schulz, the official candidate for the  Social Democrats (whose manifesto priorities are available here).

Then, we asked Jean-Claude Juncker, the nominee for the  Centre-Right European People’s Party (you can see his party’s election manifesto priorities here).

Finally, we asked Guy Verhofstadt, the candidate for the  Liberal Democrats. You can find the summary of his party’s manifesto priorities here.

Which candidate for European Commission President do YOU want to win? What do you think should be the top priorities for whichever candidate is elected? And who will YOU be voting for? Make YOUR voice heard now and take part in Debating Europe Vote 2014the first ever pan-European online e-Vote ahead of the European Parliament elections!

Vote 2014

Voting is closed in our Debating Europe Vote 2014! The results are now in, so come and see what our readers thought!

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      The best option.

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    Debating Europe

    Hi Corentin, we are using the same rules as the Eurovision TV debate on 15 May to decide which candidates take part, meaning they must be nominated by one of the political parties represented in the European Parliament, the party making the nomination must be represented in one of the seven officially recognized political groups in the Parliament and only one presidential candidate can be represented per political group. We did invite Alexis Tsipras to take part, but he did not agree to an interview in time. Our rules are explained in pour post here:

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      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Paul Blakeman
      BECAUSE English is the second most widely spoken native language in the EU and is by FAR the most widely spoken language in the EU period.

      What a silly question!

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    Frank Puskarev

    What the heck? As far as I know there are at least five european political parties with a candidate. Why this picture only shows four and though is suggesting there are just four? Even if the radical left in your own poll is the second biggest group now? #epicfail !!!

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      It´s written above: “We did invite Alexis Tsipras from the Radical Left to take part, but he did not agree to an interview in time”

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    Debating Europe

    Hi Paul, the candidates all chose to respond in English. We made it clear they were welcome to respond in whichever language they preferred and we could subtitle it in English.

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    John Georgopoulos

    Nice work with the pic. You must be “forgetting” some other candidates.. EU is so strange these last years…

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    Frank Puskarev

    i’m sorry, but “in time” means he was late? you guys know that there is an election campaign running? just until now this was one of my favourite sites to be informed and I spread it around as informations seemed to be objective. I’m not sure anymore…

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    Jérémy Jeey

    I want to choose Amelia Andersdotter from Pirate Party but I can’t find her on your list. Why ???

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    Stanislav Ilev

    Defining better strategies for the poorest EU members because these are threatened from falling far behind in both quality of life and justice.

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      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Stanislav Ilev
      Defining better strategies for the poorest EU regions NOT EU members.

      The UK pays almost the same as slightly larger France as a net EU contributor PLUS it loses an additional c£3b per year due to the CFP.

      In short the UK vies with Germany as the biggest paymaster in Europe YET many UK regions are now poorer than parts of Poland.

      Solidarity has gone too far!

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      Stanislav Ilev

      @Tarquin Farquhar
      I mean the poorest countries that are already members of the EU. I do not care how much money some governments lost on financing our economies, we do not want their money, our government steals the money anyway. Is there anything beyond money that you people understand when somebody says “strategies”?

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    Con Rad

    Jan Przewowski – raczysz zartowac? Na rasiste nienawidzacego Polakow?

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    Debating Europe

    Hi Frank, we first contacted Alexis Tsipras’ office four months ago about an interview, and we let him know the other candidates would be taking part. We’d still really love to have him take part, and there’s still time for him to agree!

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    Jason Pi

    Give up their post to either a democratically elected dog, or to an enightened dictator.

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    Yannick Cornet

    A transition to an environmentally sustainable Europe, anyone? I mean, we can only ignore the problem for that long before it hits the fan..

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    Yannick Cornet

    A transition to an environmentally sustainable Europe, anyone? I mean, we can only ignore the problem for that long before it hits the fan..

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    Patrice Puchaux

    For Debating Europe: we had two debates for this election but there is something I don’t know: there are two co-candidates for the presidence of european commission supported by Green part and we’ve only seen Ska Keller. Do you know why Jos Bov did not participate in the debate and why we haven’t seen him yet even today? Thank you for your answer.

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    Dolly Nedeva

    Unemployment and poverty , less common regulations , more free market, more independence from the USA in foreign policy , less dependence on one gas supply resource, less burocratism and bare no sense statements, etc… More power to the eu parliament , more work on restoring of democracy and for federalism- no more inside circles on different speeds – otherwise who the fuck needs EU?

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    Dolly Nedeva

    Debates- if you have nothing better to do – debate! The real decisions are made somewhere else without such debates. And usually are made in Germany .

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    I think that Safety of the Union should be the first priority for next EU Commission President.

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    Тодор Кънчев

    Martin Schulz ??? As long as Sergei Stanishev is president of PES – NO thank you !!! Do you know who Sergei Stanishev is – the man who is ready to ruin Bulgaria only to stay in authority, the man whose party BSP is in coalition with ethnic and fascist party, the man who uses BLACK PR in his European Elections 2014 campaign…Black PR ??? It is so pathetic!!!

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    Jan Przewowski

    Con Rad > na antyfederalizm, Farage jest chyba najbardziej znanym i rozpoznawalnym reprezentantem antyfederalistw

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      The same guy that govern in Germany with Merkel?? No thanks

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    Luke Lamb

    none of the above, I have been to the debates and they all seemed to leave their personalities at home. Adding the fifth candidate would have just added to more script reading which seems top be all they are capable of doing. I think it is time for a British candidate to stand up and firstly show how to use the English language correctly, secondly all these parties do not seem to understand that being the President of the #europeanunion is about a more neutral and understanding prospective of the #eu having said all that for the comming 5 years that the future president will have to serve and follow the objectives already set out in the #horizon2020 which has already been approved by the #europeancommission for further reading material I am posting on my #Googleplus account. #lukelmamb

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    Luke Lamb

    I have been to the debates and they all seemed to leave their personalities at home. Adding the fifth candidate would have just added to more script reading which seems top be all they are capable of doing. I think it is time for a British candidate to stand up and firstly show how to use the English language correctly, secondly all these parties do not seem to understand that being the President of the #europeanunion is about a more neutral and understanding prospective of the #eu having said all that for the comming 5 years that the future president will have to serve and follow the objectives already set out in the #horizon2020 which has already been approved by the #europeancommission for further reading material I am posting on my #Googleplus account. #lukelmamb

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    Karel Van Isacker

    Only one reasonable candidate: Juncker. He is not corrupted or fraudulent (see Schultz) nor is he an unrealistic liberal (only-for-the-rich-and-my-ep-pocket Verhofstadt), and Ska, you are toooooooooooo young and inexperienced.

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      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Karel Van Isacker
      What did Schultz do al al corruption or fraud?

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    Nikolaos Sotirelis

    Juncker is the most corrupted from the rest. He was accused in his own country 3 years ago for the watching scandal! Not to mention the relations with the lobbyists and the bankers!

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      I live in Spain, our cadidates for this party are MAFIA, and they are pure corruption.

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    Ayca Akinciturk

    Het aanpaken van asilbeleid. Alleen kennis migranten moeten in Nederland toegelaten worden.

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    Jovan Ivosevic

    Diffusing the fascism that will burst onto its stage when the far right captures as many seats as they will capture.

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    Jan Vannieuwkerke

    What Europe needs is growth: support Ukraine economically, build solar energy panels in the Sahara to help meet energy demands, force the banks to increase their capital in order to restore confidence and start much needed credit rendering to (small) businesses. Attack fiscal fraude and budget inefficiency. Renew infrastructure, prepare for climate change, prepare for major natural disasters (Vesuvius, earthquakes, flooding,…) which will hit Europe inevitably. Use the unemployed “lost” generation to solve all this needs. Also increase EU’s own military power (who else will?). Give a minimum income to everybody, an extra 100 euro a month means a lot for most people. This will increase consumption immediately, thus creating jobs and VAT revenues.

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    Ska has nothing real to offer only words again, Schultz all the way he is realistic.

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      We can’t trust in PSD, they are governing with Right Parties in Germany, Greece, Italy and they agree with PPE. In at least 76% they have the same vote.

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    George Yiannitsiotis

    Overlooking the propaganda for the four out of how many? (at least one more, Alexis Tsipras from Greece) candidates, I state clearly the following priorities:
    1. Monetary revision in order to turn the euro-mark casino-bond into a real monetary unit; fundamental principles regarding the new euro: a) the ECB will lend directly the eurozone member states at the nominal interest (now 0,25%) for up to 100% of their GDP
    2. Money-transfer within the eurozone at least in order to counterbalance the competitive advantage of the center vs the periphery
    3. Common EU defence in order to share the burden even and stop the bleading of peripheral countries bordering volitile areas (like Greece) out of high military and security expenditure
    4. Revision of Dublin II agreements regarding migration from 3rd countries; EU members should undertake even burden of illegal imigrants in accordance to their population and productive capability
    5. Democritization: cutting off EU Commission authority to the benefit of European Council in condition of unanimity and the EU Parliament with veto power
    6. Normalization of relations with key World players, namely Russia and the USA (the two major enemies of the 4th Reich)
    7. Investment in peripheral countries to stop the destruction of their economic and social life.

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      Tarquin Farquhar

      @George Yiannitsiotis

      1…What you want is called CHARITY.
      2…This too is called CHARITY.
      3…Agreed. Greece does reasonably well in terms of defence spending.
      4…No. The UK already houses millions of immigrants from within the EU already. Poor countries like Greece should be forced to take on more immigrants as this would help expand their economies by sheer weight of numbers and too reduce some negative cultural practices.
      5…Democratization? Of course – start with EP elections whereby a French vote is worth as much as a vote from a micro-state like Malta and not as-is currently the case worth less than 10% of a Maltese vote.
      7…Sounds like CHARITY again.

      The UK, France & Germany have given Greece billions upon billions upon billions of pounds/Euros and Greece is still a developing nation.

      Methinks SOLICHARITY (i.e. money from wealthier EU nations diverted to poor EU nations) is NOT a solution to the woes of Greece and other developing EU nations.

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      Paul X

      “EU members should undertake even burden of illegal imigrants in accordance to their population and productive capability”

      Sounds good to me , the UK is one of the most densely populated countries in the EU, we should be able to ship some immigrants to the less populated eastern countries

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      George Yianntsiotis

      @Tarquin Farquhar
      1. No! Charity is when one offers goods or money for free! Direct state lending from the ECB with the same nominal interest for all eurozone members up to 100% of their GDP (or 60% if you like) is the least to avoid uneven distribution of money supply between the center and the periphery.
      2. Due to geographic factors, Germany (at the centre of Europe) has a competitive advantage in the European Single Market. Should money transfer to the periphery not being established (under strict conditions of targeted investment), uneven development would dry up the periphery from resources to the extreme benefit of the Center; alternative option: targeted import control imposed selectively by the peripheral countries vs products from the center without reciprocal action.
      3. Greece faces real threats against its territorial integrity by neighbouring Turkey and the “EU” does nothing to share the burden. One of the basic causes of Greek bankruptcy in 2010 is high military expenditure. FRONTEX is too feable to detter the waves of illegal immigrants that cross the Greek-Turkish borders in Thrace and the Aegean Sea.
      4. The UK has many immigrants from the ex-English Empire. This is not the reason to deny even share of the burden. The UK government may count them into the maths putting heavier burden to countries like Germany.
      5. Democratization in a confederal form includes what you state for, provided that the EP splits in two bodies: a direct Parliament in the form we know (proportional representation) and a 2nd Upper House where all member-states will have a veto power (equal representation of all member-states) so that to avoid collonization of the weaker/smaller states by Germany (as it has been the case of debt slaves like the PIIGS since May 2010)
      7. Sounds like charity but it is vital if one likes to keep the Union intact. Otherwise, it will cause leafs cut off the European Tree at first U-turn in economic growth. However, should the points (1) & (2) be implemented, private investors will have no competitive disadvantage investing in the periphery!

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    Vanessa Caramés Trigo

    As a citizen of the European Union hope that the next Commission will take into account the protection of the environment, protection of Natura, and prohibilición of open pit mining, and espcial mining using cyanide in their processes. It can not be that local governments such as in Spain with the Xunta de Galicia, allow open pit mining in the spaces provided in areas of high ecological value sky. Nor can we allow the European Union to continue to allow the use of cyanide in open pit mining.
    As a citizen exigo more environmental protection, and that the legislation is enforced.

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      George Yianntsiotis

      legislation is enforced! Very good argument provided we live in a real DEMOCRACY! The West European Usurers Corporation (disguised as “European Union”) cares only for the euro-mark casino-bond! Whatever threats its growth shall be removed regardless of legal or other barriers (people in Chalkidiki, Greece have already learned it first hand!)

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    Thomas Dalvad

    I would like that the European Commission will be trimmed and reinforced. Then I would like to be made ​​a union covering action against organized crime. I believe that the commission President should go ahead with the need to create a common defense, so the EU military can be independent of the united states.

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    Rui Ramos

    Guy Verhofstadt for an assertive and political Europe!

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    Jose Maia

    What should be the priorities for the next EU? in my opinion, press the “reset” button and start everything again…

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    Pablo E. Álava

    If i was born in europen territory and I don’t want to be part of this european project… What can I do? Should I to feign my dead?

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      Yes, I would like to see him also.

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    Chalks Corriette

    Unity, Equality, Employment innovation (people in work buy more and give back to the state and the community via the purchase of goods and services – reduce complexity of employment and especially self-employment).

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    Chalks Corriette

    Reward self-employment to get more small/individual business people to create jobs and opportunities. There is so much opportunity to self-employment in Europe, but individuals find the tax burden in the first 3 to 5 years to be too high. Or, we need to create a new kind of interim agency able to support those individuals that want to be self-employed and not able to deal with all the administration. Right now, one has so few choices due to policy that was put in place to protect some sectors at a time when work was plenty. Well work is no longer as availabe and we need to adapt to the real and current situation.

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    Koen Buffel

    A less severe cut down on expenses so there is more money available for environment friendly investments in small business and technology initiative

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    George Danieldsg

    You personally are part of the team which is destroying rapidly euro and E.U.Priority is to vote for A.Tsipras to save E.U. for the benefit of its citizens.

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    Tommatto Tutto

    Are you doing somehow propaganda? It’s evident that many EU-burocrats and politicians fear the new wave of Tsipras’ movement since it’s also left aside from your brand here…any suitable explanation of this?!

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    Andrew Rout

    I do agree with a European government. It’s the only way for a better future, for a better economy and a better society for all in Europe.

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    João Gomes

    The EU should take an active role in fighting corruption in its member states, especially in cases of blatant misuse of public money such as the ones that occur in Portugal all the time.

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    Loris Gatti

    PRIOIRTY simple, close down the monoloth of incompetence that is the EU, with its two parliaments, CUT expenses and salaries…. BUT closing down would be the bext thing.

  42. avatar
    Tamás Sófalvi

    Youth. Europe is led by old people who can only give life for our children but not a future. Too much power and too much wealth they have and they do not understand the youngsters at all. Look at how hard for them to get a job. They are our future and I do not want to live in a gerontocracy led by people who cannot use a computer. Especially when it is getting harder and harder for old people to catch up with technological development and its impact on the society.

  43. avatar

    I don’t find the Pirate party candidate? o_0

  44. avatar
    Nikolaos Sotirelis

    We’ve seen your priorities very clearly here in South mr Juncker, especially those for growth and jobs!!! Thanks but… no!

  45. avatar
    Nic Benbow

    Decisions need to be made as close to those affected by them as possible. They need to be made at an appropriate level. The environment for example – should be global decisions. Trade subsidies, regulations etc. This are the decisions of sovereign states. Voting Green for a regional, subsidiary EU, not a super state!

  46. avatar
    Nic Benbow

    The Euro-zone’s “growth” is the worst on the planet if you look at all the major economic blocks. Your austerity policies have failed, there are no jobs. An EU energy union controlled by private organisations for the profit of the few? I think not. Fiscal consolidation is a fancy phrase for cut spending but not increase the taxes on the richest, so that the rich stay rich and the poor get poorer. It increases inequality, which leads to greater crime and worse healthcare, and as scientists have said is a long term threat to us all. While clarity on things like disclosure agreements for online content would be welcome – take note of the recent Microsoft/Machinima controversy, we must be careful with things like copyright, as it can be a tool for corporate censorship, for example SOPA/PIPA. Imagine how indie companies might suffer and how the consumer might suffer if people who don’t know what they are talking about with regards to the online space are allowed to make laws. SOPA was a classic example. It was not just an attempt to stop copyright infringement, it was an attempt to shut down websites and all channels that allow for new ideas and marketing to take place for smaller companies – corporate censorship of the worst kind. We must be careful of allowing laws to be made by people who have no idea what they are talking about. This digital single market is an attack on a sovereign state’s ability to form it’s own deals and regulations. Instead the deals will be corporately/privately controlled. It is open to huge abuse by business lobbyists who can make one sweeping internet trade deal to cover a wide area. We must be very careful as it is likely not to be in the interests of the consumer, but in the interests of huge multinational entertainment corporations. So no I do not support these views.

    • avatar
      Paul X

      You are right Nic, the whole EU “experiment” has been a failure from start to finish

      Its propaganda machine that claims even the countries who pay a net billions into the budget still somehow benefit from membership is being proven a complete lie

      The EU is Robin Hood in a blue starred flag…. it takes from the rich and gives to the poor…unfortunately all this manages to do is piss off the rich whilst making the poor resentful that they should be grateful for such charitable handouts

    • avatar

      The answer you get from the pirate party member is basically “we’re already screwed because of the US … we can’t do anything better so we go in the same direction”. I’m sure you’re reassured now lol

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    Tarquin Farquhar

    @Stanislav Ilev
    ‘Strategies’ cost MONEY- please get ‘real’.

    It costs MONEY to educate/train an uneducated workforce.
    It costs MONEY to industrialise a backward nation.
    It costs MONEY to reform corrupt police evident in several poor EU nations.
    It costs MONEY to reform corrupt judges/lawyers evident in several poor EU nations.
    It costs MONEY to upgrade the infrastructure evident in several poor EU nations.

    Strategies [read platitudes] COST money.

    Clearly, your NAIVETY know no bounds!

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    Piotrek Oliński

    I have a question to Jean-Claude Juncker :
    What do you think, should be the next step in the european integration ?

  49. avatar
    Stanislav Ilev

    @Tarquin Farquhar
    spending MONEY is not a STRATEGY.
    absorbing FUNDS is not a real IMPACT/IMPROVEMENT

    Improving the strategies would bring an improvement and deliver results, maybe provide incentives and make our poor contries more independent from the local corruption structures and project-winning mafia members.

    I really want the EU to spent less MONEY on reasonable causes and then inspect the quality and results more thoroughly, hold the involved parties responsible and maybe request refunds if the result does not deliver the desired goal. We also work and pay taxes here and we do not need all the EU money to bring us back to life. Even if it sounds naive, I would like this to happen. Thank you. :)

    • avatar
      George Yianntsiotis

      Spending money is a strategy! The West European Usurers Corporation (disguised as “European Union”) reclaims them back from the peoples of the countries that have fallen into its net!! Simple strategy reqesting corrupted allies and idiot citizens!!!

  50. avatar
    Stanislav Ilev

    @George Yianntsiotis
    I think you are absolutely right.
    Please forget about the strategies, lend us all the money you want, we will emigrate and our gipsies will have to pay back in the future. This is why you need more advanced strategies.
    @Tarquin Farquhar
    Have a nice day!

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Stanislav Ilev
      Have a nice day too. x

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    Antonis Triantafyllakis

    I also want to ask why Amelia Andersdotter is excluded from the debates? She is also a candidate! Please answer this time, cause it has been asked before above but with no answer yet…

  52. avatar

    Bravo Martin Schulz who is full of energy, good and realistic ideas and who invested himself a lot to bring that new type of elections forward! He shows how committed he is to the European idea and will definitely be a good leader.

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      Tarquin Farquhar

      Mr Schultz may quite possibly be described [by a partisan zealot] as you have posted BUT he does NOT respect democracy; he wilfully ignores the lack of democracy that defines the EU and pushes an agenda that could only be attained via a non-democratic EU.

    • avatar

      I am sorry I forgot to link you in my comment above

  53. avatar

    I had the opposite impression; in his book ‘Europe’s last chance’ he criticizes and highlights the problem of this democratic deficit. He also proposes solutions and the elections with top candidates where the winner will very likely be the President of the commission and therefore be able to make law proposals are a good beginning to balance out the power, aren’t they?

    • avatar
      George Yiannitsiotis

      Dear Carina,
      the problem regarding the West European Usurers Corporation (disguised as “European Union”) is not only the “democratic deficit” but the root causes that turn the periphery to “debt slaves” to the benefit of the neo-nazionalist German economic-political elite.
      In order to have true democracy (ΔΗΜΟΣ+ΚΡΑΤΟΣ = power of the people), one must answer first the question of political structure regarding this “EU” supranational institution:
      1. to be transformed to a confederal union of equal member-states? or
      2. to become a federal union of uneven regions with the neo-nazionalist 4th Reich reigning among ruins left by the euromark casino-bond?
      3. taking into account that extreme inequality is the main enemy of democracy, and that the euromark casino-bond (called “euro-currency”) has already caused extreme uneven distribution of economic wealth among EU member-states as well among the people, there would be no ground for DEMOCRACY in Europe without either reshaping the euro to a real currency or going back to pro-2001 currency status quo ante. To your help, please study the way Solon and Klesthenes solved the same question in ancient Athens (6th-5th century BC).

      Mr Schultz as well as the other “candidates” for the EU Presidency say nothing regarding the above questions. Therefore, to my evaluation, they are just bad actors in a pre-decided (by others) path that has no relation to any human value (especially DEMOCRACY). Gauleiter Merkel’s infamous “verbotten” to the proposed referendum led to the replacement of an elected PM in Greece (Nov-2011) and the Memoranda I & II imposed to Greece by the IMF/ECB/WEUCorp gang (“Troica”) violated and deteriorated the Hellenic Constitutional Order (at least) regarding specific human rights (including the right to collective negotiations on job agreements, to private property due to overtaxation etc.)
      Europe and Democracy divorce in May 2010. Good night “Europe”…

    • avatar

      There is no link betweeen what you call the politicial German Elite and Neonazism. Moreover the inequalities between the countries HAVE NOT been created by the common currency although it is true that the Euro requires a better organization of the poorer countries to balance the inequalities out.

    • avatar
      George Yiannitsiotis

      Dear Carina,

      Nazionalism (not the WW II “Nazi”) in Germany is obvious regarding the German foreign policy since the Berlin wall had fallen: Revival of a powerful German state at the center of Europe with the vital space dreamed and attempted (with the use of military force) by Adolf Hitler in his “New Order”. German expansion in the Balkans (1990s) and the east (Ukraine the latest) as well as turning (via the euromark chain) the rest of the eurozone member-states to subordinates-debt slaves, is the proof!

      Main obstacles in the German doctrine for the New Order in the 1990s were the Soviet Union and successor Russia, the old Yugoslav Federation and Greece. Step-by-step, the German neo-nazionalist political and economic elite managed to cause the disolution of Yugoslavia, targeting especially its old enemy (Serbia), to enslave Greece (via the infamous Siemens AG, Ferostaal AG, Hochtief AG corruption money-carriers) and lately to violate the Bush-Gorbatchev agreement regarding the spheres of influence in the region (intervention in Ukraine and subversion of a deomocratically elected regime).

      I use the term neo-nazionalist instead of neo-nationalist, to underline the fact that nazionalism is not simply a repulsive ideology of a marginal political party in Germany; but a coherent, deeply rooted in Hitler’s dream for a new European Order, policy proceeded by the German political and economic elite at least since the re-unification of Germany till now (irrespectively of who is on power, i.e. the CDU or the SDP).

      Hoping that this may give you a hint to view German politics from a different perspective, I can only hope that those parties’ force may shrink in the upcoming Europarliament elections to the benefit of a United Europe (otherwise, Europe has no future)

  54. avatar

    @ all the candidates: “REFORM”- “REFORM” & “REFORM”

    * Are the applicant candidates aware that the EU is in need of a serious rethink & reform? Y/N
    * Do you agree that the EU at this moment is a bureaucratic jellyfish, over governed, over regulated, cumbersome, expensive & on its way to a dictatorship or an ancient empire? Y/N
    *Officially the grand design is to have “seven democratic institutions” for governance, but effectively run by an inner circle. Y/N

    A “first” phase proposal:

    * Decommission the Brussels parliament & create part: a museum, a space for an EU digital center & server (for number crunching) but connected to all member states, plus a small fully sponsored ~50 member Youth Think Tank- selected from the brightest unemployed academic youth in Europe (set criteria).

    * Return & embed the old EU parliamentary function into each members own parliament without using more overpaid politicians.

    * All future EU politicians need to be vetted and agree to undergo:
    Psychometric testing, scientific proof of above average intelligence and regular lie detector testing.

    * All communications between member states going “green”- using the latest digital media conferencing technology- saving accommodation & travel!

    * Are you willing to give up your ambitions for president during reform? Y/N

    It is simple to make things more complex- but complex to make things simpler!

    Surely, there would be many more ideas in store from all the well educated 500 mio Europeans to make it interesting!

    • avatar

      Finally i am with you on this debate more than 100% . Interesting tougths starting from decommisioning Bruxelles Parliament up to green communications between members states !!! and here we go … we are two!!!!!!

  55. avatar
    Seamus Boland

    The social principles rooted in social justice and peace, which prompted the founders of the EU to promote are in danger of being lost. There is a deficit of ideas in this area, with no emerging leaders who are prepared to challenge the growing racism, the narrow nationalism and general drift away from equality. The loss of these principles wil mean that we are in a Europe, that is embracing values that already caused two world wars and witnessed the slaughter of millions. In this election there is little evidence that that Europe will be a better place to live. Instead we will have leaders whose only aim is to advance agendas, ensuring that the poor remain powerless and instead of benefiting from ideas based on values of justice and equality, will be encouraged to blame other sections of society, who are also economicaly and socially disadvantaged.

  56. avatar
    Seamus Boland

    There is no evidnce that the curent candidates will provide leadership based on principles of social justice, which were fundamental in the ideas put forward by our European union founded.
    The poor and powerless are pitted against each other. The reasons, which caused two world wars in Europe are linked to racism, and a serious failure to respect diverse cultures.

  57. avatar

    @Nello- eccoci

    e.g: Seamus also correctly laments about lost “values” (to summarize) which the EU founders had originally in mind. Therefore, those core values need not to be forgotten in the battle & race to be winners at the polls every 5 years! Who is the caretaker of EU values enshrined in its Constitution? Surely none of these 4 candidates! They just sell with all the tricks of the trade- like any trained salesman would do!

    These “4 sales men” referred by me on the “immigration good or bad page” have no time for reflection, thinking or be overly concerned adhering to the Constitution or honestly serving us voters!

    We as voters must not loose sight of these basic values in the fight to support this or that party or get our opinion and wishes accepted!
    Big deviation from “the basic core values” expressing themselves in corruptions, scandals, dishonesty, policies favoring elites & global capital to the detriment of all others, endless charity, ever higher taxes etc will reflect in a counter balance to the radical left or right! Overly “sentimentalism, narrow “religious” adherence to only political apparatchiks is dangerous!

    To keep Europe in balance, democratically fine tuned and closer to the voters in future need a pause and rethink- to put those wagons which derailed back on the track!

    The bloated self serving political elite & team of salesmen managing the EU need to be kept on a leash and better controlled from within our own country’s parliament- and not outsourced to an expensive 5 star hotel- called Brussels or Strasbourg!

    “Thinking Reform” is my priority! And now- over to other similar thinking folks- ciau!

  58. avatar

    @Nello- you asked: aren’t you afraid to waste your vote? ….NO, be fearless!

    The present voting system- diluted & distant as it is- is meant & designed to assist the “mainstream” & keep things “mainstream- not rocking your fishing boat!

    It is for the supporters of the traditional big tribal parties who are used to vote for the biggest promise (or lie ) made, the best act performed, no uncomfortable questions posed and least risky! To pray for change- vote tactical!

    Only an increase in the radical left or right will put these “servants of us citizens” out of their “Dornroeschen slumber”, change gears, listen & think!

    • avatar

      my question was made to be Fearless but my intention was if in my country no political party can represent alone the majority of about 60.000.000 millions (entire population) peoples, that means we have no chance to be prepared for the EU. we already had the radical increase on both side left and rigth wings but look what happen here they got togheter to divide their own interests.
      WE NEED THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF EUROPE to decide what the priorities should be all over the EU. Is the only way.
      Instead the next EU Commission President will act neither more or less as his predecessor this is my real fear and belive me i am not trying to rock my boat only, and no need to change gears, either i’ll be listening & thinking just a little more but i have clear on mind what my vote will be!!!! ciao and keep charging!!!

  59. avatar

    “TOP PRIORITY”- a 1 minute before 12.00 o-clock list – for a happy ending…………

    re: Does the EU/Europe put the cart before the horse?

    * The final Constitution is incomplete- never ratified; Primacy of Union law prevails, overseen by the European Court of Justice- Where is the Constitution, its Constitutional court & how does it operate without a “Covenant”? Does it not limit functionality & legality? Could the EU be illegal? Is there a plan & time table to correct that?

    * Is the EU still in a “constitutional period of reflection with its wise men”/Amato Group” on what “to do next”? Why & is there a time table?

    * Could certain EU actions be considered questionable without a ratified final Constitution after ~10 years of wrangling (only amendments to old treaties- “The Treaty of Lisbon 2009”?

    *Parliaments law making & political disputes need to be measured & tested against a final Constitution to avoid later challenges? Is it not jeopardizing decision making all-round? Is the EU entirely legal & fair to its members in all aspects?

    *How are Parliament & individual ministers/commissioners held to account for transgressions, against what criteria, by whom & is there a vetting process? Y/N? Are they presumed totally honest beyond any reasonable doubt? If yes, why?

    * Quote: “governmental decisions should be taken as close to the people as possible” says the EU!
    Citizens’ or groups democratic access is virtually made impossible due to a diluted & limited representation first via the national & than EU parliament. Only the traditional major parties have a real voice. Does the 1 million citizen petition rule exist & work? How would you improve the situation?

    * Would the EU consider returning & embedding parliamentary functions from Brussels to its member states- overcoming its ego & suspicions- by going “green & home”- using video conferencing & latest IT technology extensively? It could save taxpayer’s money & limiting politicians thirst for luxuries & keeping them out of mischief in Brussels. If not, why not?

    * Generally, EU (none) assistance to its members to house, repatriate, control, manage, identify & classify masses of none European illegal immigrants effectively -on its ever stretching borders- appear a mess. It strains relationships between members, angry citizens & the EU. Rapid expansion of its “dream for a new empire” is perceived a threat to other blocks, detrimental to all, overzealous, questionable, unsustainable & increasingly resisted by all effected parties- but ignored. Why?

  60. avatar

    @Nello-…. yes, some need to rock the “EU boat & shake thinks up”! Limited as it may be! It might help others who are able to do more & on different levels. Wide spread political apathy will encourage shameless politicians to do as they wish and think they are great, until the next painful adjustment!

    Your own country is virtually in permanent crises were voters support la dolce vita for Industrialists & Prime Ministers- only exposed after a long struggle- & just given a soft landing as cleaner in hospitals, instead of Alcatraz. It is moral decay and complacency all over!

    Nello, your dream & wish for a powerful “USE president” is not the solution either; we Europeans are different & too diverse! But our folks deserve better politicians. We must just remain active & get them!

    Judging by this five episodes of sponsored issues of “Debating Europe” receiving only ~500 comments over a period of ~20 days- is a pathetic figure for a EU of ~500+mio- where 99%+ are literate & most have a PC & internet! It appears- the interest span in EU politics is very short lived? Seems only us two left in the end! Why? Is Barcelona- Bayern Munich playing?

    Nello, – who of us two will switch of the lights now? Ciao!

    • avatar

      let me say this it has been a pleasure debate with you and i know we are almost on the same vawelength your way to putting out thinks is “AMMIREVOLE” but now i think the both of us will switch off the ligths and i guest you know why rigth !!!! a presto di nuovo ciao!!!

  61. avatar
    Tarquin Farquhar

    Drastically REFORM the EU else disband it.

  62. avatar

    Europe urgent needs:
    1) Central European Government capable to rules all of the states members economy included.
    2) B.C.E. is only a BANK and peoples can not afford to be ruled and dictated by!! the only worries BCE has is to make the market happy and cover banks discrepancies. Banks will never make the interest of peoples.
    3) if a Central European Government is not possible out of the EURO rigth now before we can not recover !!!

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