ukraine-protesterUkraine’s interim government says it has started “anti-terrorist operations” against pro-Russian seperatists. Roughly seventy people were arrested in the city of Kharkiv in Eastern Ukraine today when Interior Ministry troops seized government buildings that had been occupied by the protesters. Some commentators argue there is evidence that the pro-Russian protesters are being paid and organised by the Kremlin, whilst others call for Ukraine to be transformed into a loose federation with broad powers devolved to the regions as a way to defuse the situation. Tensions are high following the death of a Ukrainian naval officer on Sunday after he was shot by a Russian soldier.

We had a comment sent in by G.H. who is worried that the crisis in Ukraine heralds the beginning of a “new Cold War” and deteriorating relations between the West and Russia. We recently spoke to George Vella, the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Malta and a member of the Maltese Labour Party, which sits with the  Social Democrats in the European Parliament. How would he respond to G.H.’s fears?

george-vellaFirst of all, it’s important to accept that Crimea is gone. I’m sorry to say it, but I do not see Crimea being returned to Ukraine. However, I firmly believe that there will be no further incursions into Ukraine beyond Crimea. And, as far as relations are concerned, we now know more about the way Russia thinks, about the way Putin behaves, and we will have to be more cautious in future.

But I’m sure that diplomacy and good sense will prevail, because tensions in Eastern Europe are not good for any side, whether EU or Russian, and I’m quite confident that this will happen if we do all we can to have a responsible, competent government elected in Kiev which is representative of all the regions of Ukraine and which is tolerant and representative of ethnic minorities and Russian-speaking people, especially in the eastern part of Ukraine, in the regions of Donetsk and Karkhiv – where obviously the people in those regions will have to feel that they are represented in Kiev. Because, up till now, Kiev has been seen by some Ukranians as being more pro-European than otherwise. So, the new government will have to be a government which is truly representative.

Next, we had a comment from Tom, who thought that the sanctions taken against Russia by the EU were too weak. Tom believes that tougher measures should be taken. How would George Vella respond?

george-vellaThe truth is that we have to act and behave within permissible limits and be conscious to avoid consequences. First of all, we have to be very careful not to build up walls with Russia, because if you build up walls you stop communication and you stop diplomatic exchanges.

Secondly, all EU countries are conscious of the inter-linkage between their economies and the Russian side, meaning whatever measures are contemplated would have a double-edged effect – affecting Russia but also affecting the EU country concerned. So this is why, initially, we are imposing visa sanctions, limiting the freedom of movement of certain people and also implementing asset freezes against the 33 people who have been listed.

I sit in the monthly EU foreign ministers council, and it’s quite evident that there is no agreement in the EU over economic sanctions, because they hit both ways. Economic and trade sanctions would have disastrous effects because of the inter-linkage between EU economies and Russia. The USA would be less affected, which is why they have been taking a different approach. The US and Russia do not have the amount of trade between them as the EU and Russia do.

So, it’s all so inter-linked, and it’s all a question of being prudent and not over-reaching or over-reacting, but rather being cautious and going one step at a time and trying hopefully to solve problems in a diplomatic manner. This might sound a little bit too pacifistic, but that’s how it is. I mean, nobody in his right sense of mind would dream of Europe going to war over Crimea.

Finally, we had a comment sent in by Kroum, arguing that most Ukrainians did not think that they would have to choose between Russia and the EU. Is the EU partly to blame for the current situation by forcing Ukraine to make a decision it did not want to make?

george-vella I have been on record as saying that the European Union was too naive in thinking that they could engage the European neighborhood countries and offer Association Agreements, deep and comprehensive free trade areas, and hoping that Russia would not react. We know full well that when we are talking about Ukraine we are talking about a country of 46 million people that is economically, historically, demographically, socially, you name it, part of Russia. It is tied to Russia. So, anybody would have expected that Russia would react.

It is strange to me that there was never an agreement that Russia would be part of the Association Agreement negotiations. I do not believe in Russia being involved in the bilaterals between the EU and Ukraine, but if one is looking at the whole picture, one cannot understand what the EU was thinking in keeping Russia completely out.

No, we should have said all along that we didn’t want this to be a zero-sum game, in the sense that we didn’t want Ukraine to become closer to the EU but cut its ties to Russia. Not even the Ukrainians wanted that! They wanted to have both frontiers open and carry on trading with Russia whilst opening up new opportunities with the EU. So, I agree that things could have been handled better and one should analyse what brought us to this situation so that these mistakes are not repeated with Georgia and Moldova.

George Vella’s cautious approach mirrors that of the  Social Democrats‘ candidate for the next President of the European Commission, Martin Schulz, who recently warned that:

Martin Schulz_photo

People fear the outbreak of a new Cold War… [and] it is important that we in the European Union should speak with one voice in sending the following message: what is happening in Ukraine is unacceptable and must never be repeated anywhere.

At the same time, we must be careful not to ‘sleepwalk’ into an ever escalating conflict… [We must] think the about the conflict from the point of view of its outcome and to keep all channels of communication with Russia open.

However, the  Centre-Right candidate, Jean-Claude Juncker, has taken a different approach. Juncker argues that the EU must respond firmly and decisively, and quickly offer Association Agreements to Russia’s neighbours.

jean-claude-junckerWe have to steal a march on Putin. He has to know that he cannot do in Moldova what he did in Crimea… Otherwise Moldova could be the next victim of Russian aggression. Putin only reacts to EU action when we make it clear that we won’t accept his behaviour,

This approach is also echoed by the  Liberal Democrats candidate, Guy Verhofstadt, who argues that the only solution to the crisis is for the EU to back up its words with “deeds” and that Russia must return Crimea to Ukraine:

VerhofstadtFailure to show clear and decisive vision in the coming days would be to betray the courage and determination of those who stood up to Viktor Yanukovych’s corrupt and incompetent regime… Inability to turn our words into deeds when it is our turn to take action would be unforgiveable and a grave historical error… Any outcome must involve Russian forces being withdrawn to pre-conflict levels.

 Do you agree with any of the candidates? Don’t forget to VOTE for the party you support in our Debating Europe Vote 2014! Should the EU accept that Crimea is gone and will never be returned to Ukraine? Did Europe provoke the current crisis by forcing Kiev to choose between the EU and Russia? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below, and we’ll take them to policy-makers and experts for their reactions.

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    Tony Westfallen

    Yes, 100%. I am not pro-Putin, but EU expansionism, is obviously seen as a threat to our neighbors. Sending Ashton to Kiev, to support a undemocratic take-over of a country places the blame clearly at the feet of the EU!

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      M. E. Morgan

      I’m sorry to say that this is true!

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    Yannick Cornet

    I think even if that is not the case, it may as well have been perceived as such by Putin. This said, is national territorial integrity that important? How about a Europe of regions and capitals, more empowered locally, more connected to their local environmental and social reality, but linked together for the greater good at EU level? Are nation-states really still a good model for the future, where sustainability challenges tend to be both very global and very local? As with the Kyoto Protocol experience, it appears that nation-states often serve as a level of management putting sticks in the wheels rather than supporting proactive action. Whether it is the UK or Ukraine, I am not religious if they decide to split along new and more relevant lines – as long as it is done peacefully of course.

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    Ana Georgieva

    Yes, we are not blind! Live them alone, they are realted to Russia genetically and historically, Russia started from Kievska Rus.

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    George Danieldsg

    U.S. and E.U. are totally to blame for supporting new-nazists and mercenaries in Ukraine .A fatal error of incompetent politicians.Solution is to sit down and form a legitimate government to bring peace in Ukraine.

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    Dohboh Blikesville

    So the Ukrainian people need to give up their “false hopes” of ever living in a law and order transparent society and embrace the Russian-style oligarchic kleptocracy system…is that what you perfidious bastards wish for the people of Ukraine? My God…I thought my fellow Romanians were a bunch of ignorant bigots but I see that Britain has its own breed of despicable idiots as well. Listen here you brainwashed ultra-natiionalist patriotards…my grandparents lived for 20 years under the occupation of the Red Army(thanks to your beloved Churchill’s “percentages agreement”). During this time they have endured every possible abuse that the Russians could think of ranging from beatings, rapes, torture and looting all the way to indiscriminate killing of innocent civilians. And the Russian army’s mentality hasn’t changed over the decades. Look up what they did in Chechnya in the 90s if you don’t believe me. Also, the 2012 elections in Russia have been staged and there are tons of evidence to prove that(for a start see the documentary “Winter go away” made by Russian students). Putin does not represent the Russian people, he’s just a KGB criminal spy specialized in controlling the masses through torture and intimidation. Did you know that the Russian journalist Alexei Navalni is currently living under house arrest for denouncing high level corruption? Is this the kind of society that you want installed in the Ukraine and other parts of Eastern Europe? Is this the “traditional identity” that should be enforced on millions of young people who want to live a free and happy life? I’m sure most of the commentators on this page are UKIP members paid by the hour to infest forums and news sites with their ultra-nationalist propaganda. But in case any young people are reading this, please listen to me! Don’t believe these people! Try to look for facts, try to gather information from as close from the source as possible, try to think for your selves. Bombard UKIPers with questions and with facts and you will see how their conspiracy theories will crumble like a house of cards. UKIP can destroy your country. Nationalism has failed in the past and it will fail again. And yes they are nationalists and racists and xenophobes even though they deny it. They can’t make the difference between collective and individual rights and responsibilities. They have no respect for critical thinking and evidence-based reasoning. They’re appealing to your emotions to gather some votes so they can win some comfy seats in the European Parliament(which they are fighting against btw). So young people of Britain, be smart and don’t give your country away to bigots. Yes, the EU is not perfect and it might still be vulnerable to economic shocks and its decision making mechanisms are still very rigid. But destroying it is not the solution. You’re living in a community of freedom loving countries that work together for building a better future for all of us. If we can make through these hard times the future will be ours.

    • avatar

      Si eu sunt roman si nu sunt de acord ca UE sa lase pur si simplu Ucraina pe mana rusnacilor :)

      SI da, englezii sunt xenofobi si rasisti cu draci.

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      That was very well said sir and as a Bulgarian, i understand what you are saying. Russia has no right to make this choice for Ukraine and the choice is not only between Europe and Russia, but between democracy and dictatorship.

    • avatar

      Excellent said! From top to bottom this post is absolutely true.
      I’m with you, since as an Eastern European, I also feel the pain in your words more acutely than any “Old European” ever will.

    • avatar
      comrade collins

      You do not have points & naive to world politics. Look back history will tell you the worst atrocities& the perpetrator

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    James McManama

    Ultimately, Russia made the decision to invade. The EU did not “force” Putin to make this choice.

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      You are correct in assigning blame to the EU for the difficult if not dangerous situation in Ukraine.

      Please note that your comment about racism is in fact RACIST – please refrain from such uncivilized postings.

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    Maike Gosch

    I think the problem is not necessarily the EU, but the possible NATO-membership of Ukraine (which usually follows EU accession). Since the west promised the then Soviet Union that German reunification would not result in an eastern enlargement of NATO and then broke its word, Russia’s reaction is not surprising. The most important thing is for the Western powers to focus on what’s best for Ukraine and its people and not to make it into a ball in their retro-Cold-War powerplay… That goes for Russia as well, of course.

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    Karel Van Isacker

    100% caused by the EU and the USA indeed with their irresponsible behaviour insupporting these coup parties, supported by a bunch of extremists. And of course by the fact that they approved Kosovo as a state, opening the box of pandora. Do I support Putin? No. But the EU/USA created the perfect reason for Putin to intervene. And that ragtag of scum that calls itself the Ukranian government is not democratically elected and consists of opportunistic parties and people.

  9. avatar
    Alex Tselentis

    Partly ?? Well considering Klitch and the gang met with Merkel one evening, and the very next morning all hell broke loose, it makes you wonder, worse is miss Ashtons reaction during the leaked calls, exposeing Maidan leader had their OWN protesters shot dead, is one of guilt .. EU is to blame for this, though the EU enacts the policy of America, Europe is Washingtons tampon you could say, yes the EU is to blame.

  10. avatar
    Andriy Duda

    Definitely not. Ukrainians chose EU and massive protests was called Euromaidan. There is no equal choise than EU. Goodbye Russia!

  11. avatar

    European Union has to support the Ukrainan governement to face the risk of its disappearence.

  12. avatar
    Kastrati Arlinda

    The answer is rather complex and contradictory..Yes, in a way of the sacred-profane dichotomy od Europe.

  13. avatar
    Yvonne Kennedy Kinch

    Well why not blame the EU they are getting blamed for everything that is going wrong these days. If people would only read the facts..

  14. avatar
    Rolando Van Velden

    Putin is mainly to blame and the last president. The people wanted to become part of the EU and the president ignored the parliament and the voice of the people. Especially the pro-russian groups are militant, agressive. Ukrain offered Russia to have a military base and instead of saying thank you, they invade. And the Krim is not enough, I think Putin wants to have all land where russians live. I think there are also Russians living in the Netherlands, which part was he thinking of?

  15. avatar
    Emil Barjami

    It is very complex situation and not easy answering ‘yes or ‘not. Europe is a normative power at the gates of Russia and much attractive to former soviet republics.Russian Federation is an oligarchy! Ianucovic had caused much malcontent by choosing Russia instead. This stands at the basis of Ucraine’s dramma. And now may God save Ucraine by Russian militay power.

  16. avatar
    Ibrahim Uzun

    It was caused by EU , special with the Greece presidency in eu, Ukrainian ex president had signed a special friendship with Russia but EU interrupt it and destroy Ukraine ,

  17. avatar

    I kinda feel like US wanted to make a mess as usual and I cant believe they didnt have any foresight in this… I dont like how EU is acting like a Washington puppet. And for Putin here really messed this up, he made a very bad move not with the troops, but with the decision to anex Crimea he could postpone it, sit down to a table and talk, but he didnt. And I wonder if he realizes what is going to happend next, because it doesnt look good at all. Its a boiling pot.

  18. avatar
    Tarquin Farquhar

    The EU [i.e. Germany and France – Europe’s warmongering blood brothers] is 100% to blame for the crisis in Ukraine.

    Let us hope the Ukrainian situation does NOT escalate to WW3!

  19. avatar
    Taulant Mersini

    EU is as much to blame for Ukraine, as France and England was for the start of WWII. They declared war on Germany after allowing Hitler to built a formidable war machine. The European left, through its hypocrisy and stupidity, enabled the Russian Bear to create an energy monopoly, and now is shocked that the Bear is a Grizzly. Apparently there wasn’t enough evidence in the past 100 years that this was the case.

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Taulant Mersini
      Ah, I see you are a fan of NAZI GERMANY!

      The driving force behind the EU is Germany with a cameo/poodle role from France. The EU/Germany wanted to ‘pull-in’ Ukraine to gain advantage re its resources both people and otherwise – the ‘soft-power’ version of what Germany tried to do in WW2.

      The EU/Germany [+ petite France] went too far with its expansionist/imperialist ambitions and unfortunately for the EU/Germany, the great bear was NOT hibernating.

  20. avatar
    Christos Mouzeviris

    The issues were hidden dormant.. Obviously for the Russians EU expansion ever Eastwards was what a red rag is to a bull.. But if the Ukrainian leadership and people want to explore the prospect of EU integration then I am sorry but the Russians should have no say over it.. Having said that the EU must have known Russia’s reaction.. The Baltics are small but Ukraine large and more significant.. So going forward with their plans was a gamble which now they obviously have to pay the consequences… It is not the EU’s fault.. Clearly some issues have remained unsolved between East and West since the end of cold war.. I am tired over this “us and them” mentality Russia is in Europe too and the two of them must come closer together.. Pity that Putin’s administration lives in the past!!

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    Giannis Lainas

    EU and NATO is to blame surely,meaning that they *started* this mess by supporting the supporters…Ukraine is basically 2 countries…one that is pro-EU and other pro-Russian…a lot of them considering themselfs Russian and Ukraine and not dividing those 2 as something different…what EU did was to support the half that was pro-EU and which was the one that was protesting…tho those protests were lead by facists…even that didnt ditter EU to stop supporting them…now pandoras box is open…its the pro-Russian turn to demonstrate against the facists now in power and against the plans of EU and NATO for Ukraine,they dont want that future for them…if u dont like it…too bad.U cant put one person freedom in higher respect than the freedom of the next person….which was what EU and NATO did…hypocrisy basically,classical hypocrisy and double standars of western goverments…so bottom line….either both EU and Russia leave them alone and find a middle solution for themselfs…doubt that can be done at this point tho,afterall if NATO or Russia wanted that we wouldnt be where we are now…or Ukraine will have to be split into federations that each will decide what they want to do,Crimea style,hopefully with no foreign ttroops like in Crimea,if u can call Russia troops foreign on a region that has 60% Russian ethnic population…peacefully…or a civil war will start which will decide things,ofc that could result in open war between Russia and NATO and will make our world way more complicated that it is….take ur pick

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Giannis Lainas
      NATO was NOT involved in the attempted EU-Ukraine trade deal that precipitated this crisis.

      The EU is 100% to blame for this dangerous debacle.

      NATO was brought in to help the EU in its dealings with Russia.

  22. avatar
    catherine benning

    Europe should never have agreed to or united with the US and the UK to do the dirty work they obviously did. How many times must the same links be put up to show what we heard and in our heart know is true.

    Catherine Ashton on the phone with Paet.

    Victoria Nuland the US spook telling the colleague ‘f–k the EU.

    And the NATO ex employee revelations that this mess was instigated by Washington, with the UK in tow, because of US paranoia regarding the Federal Reserve and the petro dollar. This suggests these powers were willing to bring havoc and death to all of us.

    Don’t believe it……….And the reason the UK is sucked in. This is a channel 5 documentary aired in the UK which exposed the threat faced by the UK from the USA.

  23. avatar
    Stephane Czajkowski

    Of course! It is clear! It is an old western European strategy. They know that Slavic poeple are the biggest ethny in Europe. For centuries, under other empires, their strategy has been – dividing for ruling. Moreover, the world is in lack of energy and resources. And the they know that in Russia, there are plenty of energy yet unexploited. Step by step, they are progressing. Anyone who knows the basis of strategy could understand that.

  24. avatar

    Germany in particular. As a russian gas/oil “junkie”, could’t resist the temptation. As a result Germany need a detox cure.

  25. avatar
    Stephane Czajkowski

    It is proved that the communism fall was only caused bay its corruption but by an economical strategy against them. They suffocated their economy and the local mafiosi ended it up. The results? Drugs, crime, prostitution, deaths, people dying of coldness, … And many Eastern women still have to prostitute themselves. Look at the situation of Europe, … Wasn’t it better before? Do they live better in Western Europe and in the new European countries. You know the answer! How can you be so cynical for supporting that high level corrupted partycracy. The States put us in a world financial crisis and Europe is about to create a big market with them?! Many cities in Europe have become unsecured, and we do not recognize European culture in those areas. Europe is becoming a big untasty mess which crushes local national cultures. Haven’t you any respect for your ancestors who fought for their ideas and culture ?

  26. avatar
    Con Rad

    EU is not to be blamed. Putin and his Soviet Union are solely responsible for their own actions. All eurosceptics are just commie-nazis. Like their grandfathers Stalin and Hitler.

  27. avatar
    Lazaros Kalaitzidis

    Whoever can stick to the facts and is not openly anti-russian for his own reasons (like polish people for example) it is more than clear that in order to arrive at today’s situation, Russia has been provoked again and again and again. If we want a war with Russia, we are in an excellent path to get there. If not, maybe we should examine why things are going so wrong in our place.

  28. avatar
    Eduardo Oliveira

    Ms Mer(d)kle is to be blamed for the crisis.
    She and fellow germans are eagerly looking for… commerce, selling, …
    Dear Ucranians! Stay away from IMF, EU banks and… germans!
    Just crap, to say it politely.

  29. avatar
    Rudi Spoljarec

    No , It would be selfish to say yes . Let the Ukrainan people decide what’s the best for them.

  30. avatar

    How much money are we Europeans going to make out of this whole scam?
    Where does the U fit in the PIGS?

  31. avatar
    Stephane Czajkowski

    There are Polish people who are for building a good relationship with all Slavic people, but they are not given the microphone or they do not dare to speak. Those people who say that eurosceptics are the sons of Hitler or Stalin and who are for building a big Euro-american market manipulate people as usual. Use of the atom bomb, eradication of the Indian culture, destruction of European cultures, destruction of the economy, submission of the week European countries, European structure which resembles to communism, making TV programs for children which present Russians like dictatorial people … Who did that? Who is doing that? Europe and the USA are becoming real totalitarian structures more powerful than Stalin and Hitler together and Germany dictates her rules in Europe better than under the second Reich. Who financed Evromadan in Ukraine? Germany.

  32. avatar
    Debby Teusink

    How can imperialistic and nationalist politics from Putin, the blatand invasion of Cremea, be the fauld of the EU? To parafrase Reagan, “If you don’t love the EU, then leave it!!!”.

    • avatar
      George Yiannitsiotis

      Ukraine had an option to avoid the current crisis: join the Russian-led customs & trade union instead of seeking closer ties with the West European Usurers Corporation (namely, the 4th Reich). They opted for the blunder: closer ties with the WEUCorp (disguised as “European” “Union”) thus gravely miscalculating the strategic interests of Russia in the region and the validity of the Bush-Gorbachev agreement (NY 1988-Malta 1989). Now, they pay the cost along with their old WWII ally (the 4th Reich, successor state of the 3rd Reich, that owes more than 400bn USD of war reparations and loans to Greece + compensation to the victims of German Army attrocities commited in-between 1941-45).

  33. avatar
    Stefano De Spinis

    Of course, Ukraine is not a nation, it is a geographic expression: there are Russians on East and Ukrainians on west, speaking different tongues and having different habits.

    NATIONS cannot be written on a map, they live in people’s mind and are one of the main parts of politics.

    If you forget this, you will drive nations to war.

  34. avatar
    Stefano De Spinis

    Of course, Ukraine is not a nation, it is a geographic expression: there are Russians on East and Ukrainians on west, speaking different tongues and having different habits.

    NATIONS cannot be written on a map, they live in people’s mind and are one of the main parts of politics.

    If you forget this, you will drive nations to war.

  35. avatar

    EU and nato became pretty much the same.In the Lisbon treaty theres been added a defence clause.So if one country is attacked all the others have to back it up.Basically no diffrence to let Ukraine join Nato or EU

    • avatar
      George Yiannitsiotis

      Wrong! If Greece be attacked by Turkey, NATO will remain silent; the clause in Lisbon Treaty is empty letter since no EU-force exists outside NATO.

  36. avatar

    Funny how everyone is blaming it on the Germans.From my point of view they re the only ones having a moderate point of view to this,as they have close economic ties with Russia.While its the polish and baltic peeps calling for more Nato presence and the British and some re**rds as John Mccain from the US who seem to want a ww3,it s the like of Merkel and Steinmeier who are like ,don t push the russians out of g8,we need to communicate with them.We don t need further escalation and so on.Germany is strongly critizized for it by the US and the likes of John MCcain(Arizonas senator).Ischinger replied to him that Germans would lose the most in a further escaltion and replied: “Not a single dollar will be lost in Arizona.”

  37. avatar
    Gatis Gailitis

    EU is not to blame. The people demanded joining the EU to which the outcome was ridicule and ban of pro-eu protests. What needs to happen now is Ukraine needs to show that they’re not invertebrates and clear the pro-Russia terrorists from Ukrainian buildings on Ukrainian soil. By force and violence. That’s what I’d do. That’s what is just and protective. That’s what would prove Ukrainian people that there is resistance and Ukraine will fight back. Note that this doesn’t involve all out military action against Russian federation military just the pro Russian terrorist forces. Crimea conflict had to be resolved in discussion.

  38. avatar
    Aubrey Williams

    So, the EU, offering a modern, fair set of agreements, is to blame over an expansionist neighbour with its eye on eastern Europe? Ok…

  39. avatar
    Sten Hubinette

    russia had imposed a puppet government, standing against that is not “imperialistic”. On the other hand, oligarchs, pro-Russian and pro-Ukrainian are fighting for power, neither of which desire true freedom and democracy, though the west leaning ones have the greatest chance of heading in that direction.

  40. avatar
    Pedro Redondeiro

    No, however the EU is to blame just like US for acting too late to prevente an escalation of the situation!

  41. avatar

    No, however the EU is to blame just like US for acting too late to prevent an escalation of the situation!

  42. avatar
    eusebio manuel vestias pecurto

    Não a UE não é culpada da crise da Ucrania a UE e os EUA agiram tarde de mais para evitar uma escalada da situação

  43. avatar
    Gatis Gailitis

    Excuse me but EU was brave enough to offer all sorts of help to Ukraine just that they could get away from Russias grip.

  44. avatar

    I am Belgian and working in Russia. I am sorry to be probably in the minority but I cannot share the too simplistic declarations about Russia. Perhaps if our leaders, like Mr. Van Rompuy or our politicians as Mr Verhofstadt would spend some time in Russia and try to understand the Russian people, they would not speak on such an agressive and dishonourable way about Russia and its leaders. The diplomatic initiatives of the European Union and the Nato in some of the former Republics of the USSR have made the Russians quite nervous since a few years already. It is quite strange now that our leaders seem surprised by what happened. It would be profitable for the European Union and Russia that our leaders try to use a less agressive tone. The one they are using today will have as only result that 99% of the Russian population will back Mr. Putin to react strongly to the verbal attacks. With this, we shall not achieve a peaceful solution.

  45. avatar
    Tarquin Farquhar

    The EU caused this crisis by trying to coerce Ukraine into the EU-sphere of influence – only then did the Russians react. Ergo the EU is 100% to blame for the crisis in Ukraine.

    • avatar
      George Yiannitsiotis

      Correct and exact!

  46. avatar
    catherine benning

    I wonder what those who wish to hide from the ‘facts’ have to gain by their pretense at this violent act to ensnare a European country is an EU move, rather than what it is, a US-UK move? One has to wonder who is paying them to spout obvious nonsense. What do they have to gain from their subterfuge? Anyone care to voice a view?

  47. avatar

    First of all can we ban these damn UKIP drones? I am getting sick and tired of the same tirade about how the EU is this and that.
    Please, no more of this.

    Second, i watched Russian Today AND western media for their take on it. Both are biased to their own sides sadly, so i had to dig deeper for reality. Here is what i found:

    Putin de-facto controls Russia alone, he is unchallenged, similarly to North Korea.
    In Ukraine the Svoboda party is right-wing but not more extreme than say…UKIP is.
    The Right Sector group are the real problem but lately the provisional govt has been dealing with them – arresting them and suppressing their views.
    SO the govt in Kiev is BY FAR NOT “neo-nazi”.
    ( i’ll get back to this neo-nazi crap later on )

    Back to Putin’s Russia:
    Between 80,000 to 150,000 neo-nazis are said to be living and active in Russia, now the world center for neo-nazi recruitment and training facilities.
    American nazis have sent supplies and money to help out link with these groups.
    They use social media to spread their propaganda to young impressionable minds, youtube for example is crawling with these people.
    Russia’s version of Facebook, called “” has regular postings about russian neo-nazis ( with their real name ) shown beating or administering “urine therapy” ( you can guess what that means ) to gay boys in Russia.
    The leaders of russian neo-nazis are well know – TO THE WORLD.

    Given that, Putin’s sudden *worry* about Ukraine’s so-called “neo-nazis” is suspicious at best. If he is so worried why not start at home?
    The answer is evident to see.

    Next on the line is the state of press freedom and why all russian news outlets praise Putin.
    Reality is in Russia press has been strictly controlled in a very fascistic manner, journalists are threatened, fired
    or killed

    Russia Today, the kremlin sponsored TV news channel that up until now has maintaina a somewhat balanced view ( although heavily bashing the west at every turn ) is now shedding its disguise and churning out pro-Putin propaganda at 110%, even claiming that EU officials were down in Kiev instigating protesters themselves against the “legitimate govt” of Yanukovich.
    Speaking of Yanukovich, it is interesting to note how his opponent suddenly got attacked, poisoned and driven out of the race through intimidation.
    But of course, that is SURELY not mean FSB tactics, that Putin is known to be found of ( as an ex-KGB himself ).

    And finally, the issue of international law:
    Even if Kiev had a neo-nazi govt, that does not give Russia a free pass to get in there and change it or worse rip apart a part of its territory.
    Worse, their bogus claim stinks highly of Hitler’s 1938 Sudetenland crisis.

    “We are worried about our fellow ethnic germans and we must protect them because the evil czechs are killing them”.
    Bonkers then, and if you replace germans with russians and czechs with ukraineans, it’s bonkers now too. Putin is using Hitler like tactics to test the waters, see how much he can get before he can’t get anymore.
    So far a few sanctions are the reason he is laughing all the way to his ( probably ) net invasion plan – that is being prepared in Donetsk by his pro-russian “protesters”.
    You know, the “protesters” that arrived on buses across the border? Yeah, those.

    I have never been the one to be for an aggressive response, or to support NATO as i considered its interventions barbaric.
    But force is the only language Putin understand. And we would be very unwise to think, as Chamberlain that Putin will simply stop his lust for conquest.

    In the end i will leave you with a RUSSIAN’s online rants about Putin’s Russia and his comments on “who” exactly the so-called “referendum” observers were.
    Hint: the OSCE and UN officials were held at gun point and turned back.

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      The EU is meant to be democratic – everyone has a right to free speech, whether it be UKIP drones [as you so offensively put it] or even someone who comes from a country inexperienced regarding the notion of DEMOCRACY.

      I personally am averse to begging simpletons with a penchant for radical extremist politics – BUT I would never disallow you from the right to conduct free speech.

      You would do well to remember the benefits and responsibilities of democracy as you seem to eager to ignore same.

  48. avatar

    It s our own foult.I remember somebody talking about an antirocket shield levaing the russians out,when they wanted to join.wasnt there also a Russia georgia conflict where at the Georgia came out to be the aggresive one?In the west everyone until today says it s the Russians.Not to mention that no matter what the Russians do,the media in the west want them to fail…Russia most likely the only country to build this sotchi thing in a few years ,while the west instead of beeing impressed critizes them for the waste of money.Also i heard of Russia to planning a moon base,but i would not wonder if western politicians will be sitting there like:”Actually cool mankind goes to moon,but as it is the Russians,i hope this thing will explode.”
    After 20 years of this weird smacktalk i find it hard to be suprised that Russians change there attitude towards the west,because after 20 years every Russian got to the conclusion:”No matter what we do,they will hate us anyways.”

  49. avatar
    Ole C G Olesen

    YES they are .. IRRESPOBSIBLE UNDERLINGS of International Capital and the US .. everyone KNOWS this

  50. avatar

    The situation is getting hotter. “Pay or I cut the gas” Putin attitude toward Kiev followed by american response (more warship in the Black Sea and more F’s flying the area), put Europe in a defensive position. And still there are differences among EU countries about to increase or not the sanctions against Russia. “Play it cool or stand the ground” is the dilemma that will dominate the upcoming talks RU-EU-UA. I wonder what Germany can do about ? They lead Europe financial and economical but not military. They will “play it cool” for sure.

  51. avatar
    Limbidis Arian


    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Limbidis Arian
      It appears that the nuances of the English language are far too subtle for you to embrace dear chap.

      You have as UK vernacular quite adroitly states ‘gone off on one’ – I welcome free speech BUT I find it quite disturbing that extremist zealots like you forged by a country unaccustomed to freedom and democracy feel free to vent your splenetic venom at all and sundry without bothering to intelligently engage those that happen to foster an opinion other than the warped ones held by you.

      I don’t truly understand your emotional post [indeed I wonder if anyone can comprehend the musings of a hyper-emotional zealot] – it appears that you have deep-seated psychological issues. Anyway, in the interests of elucidation, here are my ripostes to your somewhat disturbing invective:

      Please explain what you mean by Naziism is banned – where [not in the UK, extremist views are NOT socially acceptable in the UK – unlike say – where do you hail from again?] and how?

      Please explain why you want to ban UKIP?

      Please provide proof that Europe is ‘less demented’ [LOL] than the USA – from my view point the USA has its faults but it is head and shoulders and far and away superior in so many many ways to some countries that managed to con their way into the EU.

      Please refrain from your RACIST words about people of colour – if you must repeat such offensive words then please have the DECENCY to part mask some of the letters comprised in any offensive words you wish to post.

      Please try to understand that BINARY THINKING [that malaise that you suffer from] is a limited, primitive mindset and the cause of many disputes and grievances throughout the world today.

      I do NOT identify myself as right-wing or indeed left-wing but I borrow from both ideologies – thus your right-wing bilge is more of a [DARK] reflection on your limited prejudicial, partisan and biased mindset than anything else.

      BTW, please provide details on your assertion that only 50 Bulgarians and Romanians have ‘invaded’ the UK [quite a pejorative statement old chap – do you dislike Romania?] as I have seen so many ‘dodgy statistics’ cited by extremist both LEFT [like YOU] and RIGHT over the last few months.

  52. avatar
    Limbidis Arian

    Those of you cheering so much for Putin should do well to investigate an inconspicuous figure named Alexandr Dugin.
    He is a fascist neo-nazi with a big plan of spreading this ideology into Europe WITH THE HELP of the European RIGHT and with strong connections to the Kremlin.
    The Kremlin has been shown to have good relations with the Jobbik neo-nazi party ( Who recently just pushed a bill that would make the Crimea incident appliable to ALL Europe – expect revolts and “exploding” regions in all EU countries if this is passed” ) and with Front National’s neo-nazis in France.
    Who are the REAL nazis here?
    I haven’t seen ANY evidence except from Putin’s propaganda machine and his drone like followers that there are “nazis” in Kiev.
    Right Sector?
    Lol ok, they are a small fringe and totally AWAY from power.
    Meanwhile a russian nazi runs the kremlin and has the gall to school us in who the nazis are.

    Additional note: a hungarian speaker at PACE ( i forgot what the acronym meant exactly but if you want i will search the article and link it ) went on with his tirade about how the EU is bad and it is the EU’s fault Crimea happened…While wearing a T-shirt with the following inscription:

    “Crimea belongs to Russia and Carpathia belongs to Hungary’

    You keep letting these right-wing run loose and i guarantee you, you WILL get a war !
    Hungary will eat its words!

    • avatar

      hungarians ans romanian are the very best friends, don’t have to worry about any war between us you must worry about russian aggression and the permanent threat against civilization that rusia under a crazy regime is performing now!!

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Limbidis Arian
      Please stop STEREOTYPING Hungarians.

      NOT all Hungarians are so famished as to want to eat words! LOL!

      BTW, joking aside – please try to ‘tone it down a bit’ – the world would be a better place if we can talk/post in a civil manner – aggressive, hyper-irrationals like you do very little to encourage peace and civility.

  53. avatar

    after my humble opinion this is only a problem of politics! the dominant social democrat “wind of change” that occurred in Europe over the last period; this system is a very “popular” one with very high support from the old generations , mostly highly corrupt, extremely dangerous and with very big implications over the “aggressive” stands of some very well known persons with known past implication in the communist regimes all over the Europe! The so called “liberty” that is very well “organised” in the favor of the “democratic leader”, behind of that being the propaganda machine and the “forces” of “democracy” that are targeting the “new democratic revolution” for the “future of the people” and all this communistic way of making democracy does not FIT !! The first results of this “social democracy” over the Europe is the monstrosity that is happening in Ukraine! How can you ignore the monster that occupied Crimeea and say that ” ce la vie ” , we need to understand that the “new leader” of the “social democracy” , we know who exactly, is in his newly feeling of “LOVE” with Crimeea and for this reasons we must obey! No way mr. social democratic , NO WAY , pretty soon this monster will get even more greedy and more monstrous, he will need ALL, absolutely everything that you have been working for your entire life, because this is his communistic “thinking” and his communistic “people” and his communistic (“social democratic”) “believes” and his communistic everything and everybody ! :(
    The idea is to change this regime, maybe and I repeat maybe, we will survive the poverty , the weakness of all and everything that comes from communism, including WAR !

    • avatar
      catherine benning

      War is coming from the capitalists not the communist side in this event. You are being used as pawns in the game of the big but fallen financial money markets of Wall Street. Or is that too hard to dwell on as you have believed for so long the dollar will rise up and save you.

  54. avatar
    Limbidis Arian

    “Please note that your comment about racism is in fact RACIST – please refrain from such uncivilized postings.”

    You’re having a laugh ! I AM the racist one not you and that other guy Paul X who rant on and on about how ‘subhuman’ romanians and bulgarians are and they are “omg invading” ?

    You got a LOT of nerve!

  55. avatar

    Know u what? I’m Ukrainian and I tell u:
    1. Russia starts really from Kiev Russ. But We are too much diffrent.
    2. It was EUROMaydan. For European integration of Ukraine cause WE ARE NOT RUSSIA!!! Never was and never will.
    3. EU NOTHING DID to help to Ukraine or to make situation worse. Do not flatter yourself. In this world decides USA, China, Russia and just then EU.
    4. EU visas sanctions are shit! It’s just seems like we doing something…. This sanctions DOES NOTHING change.
    5. Now in EU up to 1 mln ukrainians… so let’s tell them that u don’t want see them now in EU. After all that what ukrainians did Ukraine to be a part of EU.
    6. Ukraine is a Europe. And mostly EU nothing know about Ukrainians and their lifes. I’m sure that if you’d know this, you’d never write what you did hire.
    7. We are PEOPLE like U!
    8. Sometimes, I think that Europeans don’t know nothing about that how be Europeans.
    9. You scared of Russia so maby EU must be a part of Russia? Why not? If some of hight politics of EU thinking now in that way about Ukraine.
    10. Ukraine fight for their lives and you have any rights to speak about them. Cause u just sitting in Brusell in your chairs and thinking to LONG. When you’ll decide something won’t be Ukraine. And after Baltic, Finland, Poland and inc. Still just West Europe with 12 stars of EU-flag. And then u’ll have border wirh Russian Empire and then u will have separatists and crisises and lose your lands one by one. Because EU have no balls.

    Ukrainians now more Europeans than you.

    • avatar
      Limbidis Arian

      This is more complicated than you think. It is not that we do not “want” to help ( well those who want Ukraine in the EU anyway, i am sure the lunatic part of the EU will gladly throw you to the wolves…like UKIP ) it is the fact that:
      a) Putin is unstable or hard to read;
      b) Europe is still dependent on fossil fuels massively and although major efforts are being done to limit this it is not enough and not fast enough;
      c) Russia has nukes

      So while the EU would love to smack the Bear, we lack the military cohesion ( since we are being sabotaged by right-wing maniacs who love Putin’s fascist march into Ukraine ), we lack economical strength to go on a lengthy troop deployment and we fear escalation of conflict to dangerous levels.
      Placing NATO troops on the eastern border is fine – IF Putin back down.
      But what if he doesn’t ?
      What if he instead decides to play all his cards and just pour into Europe proper too?
      The guy is a fascist , you can’t really reason with them as their whole world view is warped by their mindset.
      It would take Putin a few hours to reach Romania, then 6-12 more hours to take it over, Hungary would join willingly as they are run by a neo-nazi with close ties to Russia.
      Poland would be overrun quickly too.
      And then in less than 1-2 days they would reach the first nuclear power of Europe ( to my knowledge anyway ) – Belgium.
      And then what?
      Do we go nuclear to deter Putin?
      This is very tense because of this very problem. If it was some punk with conventional weapons he would have been bombed the crap out of already.
      But this guy is a “punk” with very dangerous weapons – for the world.

      That’s why Obama is so ‘weak’. The hawks in the US congress are lunatics who dream of glory and – in the most demented case “rapture”.

      4: The EU should have imposed a total embargo on everything to and from Russia. Agreed these sanctions while thought out to be smart …weren’t.
      Or at least we’re not seeing any effects.

      6: You have to understand those bashing Ukraine here are mostly the same right-wing nutjobs i have been talking about earlier.
      Most of them are poorly educated and of low intelligence. It’s already been proven that right-wingers are not very smart and that this low IQ leads them to a xenophobic world view.
      8. True.
      9. Interesting fact. Get this:
      Turns out the guy behind Putin’s “russia revival” is called Alexandr Dugin, a neo-fascist with very strong ties to the russian duma ( russian parliament ).
      He is the one who came up with Eurasianism – his *supposed* totally different -ism.

      In reality Eurasianism is Fascism sugar coated with nationalist propaganda.
      Russia IS part of Europe.
      And Russia SHOULD join Europe i think.
      But not under “El presidente” Putin, and definitely NOT under Fascism.

      If it is ever done, it should be democratic, and willingly.
      Not at gun point while hypocritically claiming “we are protecting ethnic russians”.

      10: The EU flag doesn’t represent all states bu the number 12 – the stars are aligned in a perfect fashion to look cool.
      It’s not like the USA where each star is a state :)

    • avatar

      you think too much about russian imperial, this was far long time ago and is not going to repeat this performance for a long time from now..the so called “greatness” of this russians is being pushed for one in rusia wants to conquer crimea or ucraine but the “communist leaders” ..they are the main problem here I believe…you know probabily what romanians did to the communist leader ..?!?

    • avatar

      You will never be part of the EU. In fact, we’d rather like it if we (NL) weren’t in the EU either. The EU is undemocratic, you will get laws imposed voted on by other countries politicians (this isn’t democratic). It can be that 100% in your country is against a law, and you have to implement it anyway (those nutcases in Brussels do actually call that democratic).

      1. so?
      2. forget it, you will not be part of EU ever (not just because we don’t want you)
      3. why should we? its not our business
      4. of course, everything the EU does is shit, they don’t care about democracy, liberty or anything except their own income-tax-exempt salaries
      5. 1 mln too many
      6. no it isn’t. Kharkov, Donetsk etc… are not in Europe, no matter how many times you say they are. The Dnipro is the border of Europe.
      7. so? Africans are people too
      8. I think your concept involves us giving you money
      9. I like Russia, and I love how Putin makes the dimwitted EU talking heads look stupid. Anything to undermine the EU is good. We will eventually destroy it like the Soviet Union (its predecessor) was destroyed
      10. maybe you shouldn’t overthrow the legitimate president using fascist stormtroopers (Banderaists and nazi Svoboda-ites), and then try to put the most corrupt and self-enriching politician (Yulia Tymoshenko) in his place

      And finally, enjoy the higher energy prices and the government with the National Socialist Ukrainian Workers Party (Svoboda) and the IMF bailouts which will help the rich and hurt the middle class. And see services like healthcare and welfare slashed to satisfy American bankers.

    • avatar
      D Coonan

      I seen “people like you” shoot, beat and murder human beings as the tried to save themselves from a burning building. You are nothing like me and I want nothing to do with you or your kind.

  56. avatar

    it is incredible how the kgb is “working” to try and change the “view” on this war! I had lived in the communist era and I know how this bests are “working” (intimidation on every form, lying, violence, instigation to hate and many more); Unfortunately for them the “golden era” of the communism has crashed badly into a very dirty times filled with corruption, poverty, abuse and so many on (actually the regime’s former “leaders” that are stilling everything from everybody leaving with the impression that they are still on power – the regime actually declined mentally then financially and so on ..all the “values” that he was having being collapsed , the “people work force” that is “working” currently in China under the same regime being a very volatile force that is being enslaved by the more powerful forces from the west under the “tacit” approval of the communist leaders on the behalf of themselves (they believe about themselves that are the most reaches of the planet /..similar to what happen in romania during the communism era and untill present days); this kind of people changed our lives and our destinies in to what their sick minds told them to is good for the “future”..we constructed monstrous – if you look at china or rusia or romania you will find this kind of monstrosities , buildings that destroyed our identity and our lives , this kind still “working” today under the “remains” of the monstrous people that are following “almost” the same patterns of the former regime..shall I continue..I guess not..the people that know what I am talking about will be bored about my short description and the people that don’t know already seen enough..

    • avatar
      catherine benning


      Try to stop centering on what the KGB did once upon a time and that Putin was the head of it and that he is a ruthless nut case.

      Bush senior was the head of the US CIA and they are far more dangerous and sinister than anything Russia can conjour to compensate for them. Bush then worked his son into the position of President, which meand Bush senior dod two full terms in the Presidents position, and the golf playing ‘yes, we can guy,’ in there now, had to be scrutnised and given a yes vote before he could take that office now. As do our leaders in the UK and I suspect in the EU. Nuland was a giveaway.

      You are being done, as is the EU and the UK but they have more insider information, by the financial corporation with the collusion of the CIA. What you see going on has been instigated to enable those who are already in the Ukraine, CIA et al, plundering what they can before they prod the bear even further.

      And as far as the grab raid, they are already looking to the arctic region to grab what is there from any Russian might. It is the old pincer movement and I am surprised you can’t see it. The worst thing a mind can do, in these instances is, have an affiliation with any particular group. Get it into you head once and for all, they have a target and how they achieve that goal is all that matters, not you, your people, your country or their allies. Think of it as a hunt when the winner takes all mentality. You are simply there to be ignored. Nothing exists but the target.

  57. avatar

    Putin watch out ! Europe is coming to get you. Just kidding, It’s not gonna happened, Now it’s time to make the difference between boys and mens. Let’s see who’s got a small one. Who got the balls to confront Puntin’s army is the the best european. Germany is here ? Hey brits, your Nigel is home ?

  58. avatar

    The western Europe will expect Russian danger to fade away as usual.

    • avatar
      Limbidis Arian

      Or they will sell us Eastern Europe to save their butts like they did in 1945.

  59. avatar
    Limbidis Arian

    Now even Russia’ propaganda channel that ( ironically ) has brainwashed even the West into believing its lies admits there WERE russian troops in Crimea invading and not “self-defense forces of Crimea”.
    Seriously what more proof do we need this guy ( Putin ) just doesn’t not give a rat’s ass about international law or treaties?
    This is pure comedy if it wasn’t so sad – we got this nut case who apparently is so loved by right-wingers because he hates gays and runs around shirtless ( that should tell us about right=wingers’ sexuality btw ) and the whole damn world is not able to punch him in the nose for breaking into other countries.
    This is nuts !

    • avatar
      catherine benning


      Why don’t you put a link up to the RT report? That way we could all see and hear it.

    • avatar

      Also, if you don’t believe there were armed militias taking part in the putsch in Kiev they call a revolution (the peaceful protesters with fire weapons and Molotov cocktails everybody saw on TV), just go to the current putschist authorities there. They passed a law to disband the “peaceful protesters” (or the non-existing armed militias) – although Timoshenko wants to create its own, in her usual disregard for the law.

    • avatar

      The EU and ECB also don’t give a rats ass about the treaties as they enacted bailouts for the rich at our expense. These bailouts were illegal! They seek to prop up their American banker friends tool (the Euro) at our expense.

    • avatar
      Limbidis Arian

      @Catherine, i already did, check the link for the youtube clip – RT posted it themselves.
      Putin admits the “LGMs” were his soldiers.
      Any questions?

      Ever heard of “whataboutism” ?
      I suggest you google it.

  60. avatar

    yes…European History …American History and the history of mankind have proved so many times with so many actions …that politics ,egoism, exploitation of resources have brought all kinds of evil ON OUR LITTLE PLANET EARTH !!! :( We need to see POLITICIANS from all nations WORKING TOWARDS …PEACE TREATIES !!! and what is more shocking ….is that while most Europeans are Christians (as we all say ) ….people have “evil ideas” of expansions etc etc.WHAT HYPOCRITS …ARE WE ALL !!! I declare myself mainly CITIZEN OF LITTLE PLANET EARTH and wishing you more COMMON SENSE …MORE POSITIVE AND CONSTRUCTIVE ACTIONS …MORE EDUCATION …MORE JUSTICE …MORE OPPORTUNITIES TO THE LESS FORTUNATE …AND MOST OF ALL >>> A CLEAR COUNCIOUSNESS OF ALL INDIVIDUALS !!! ( EUROPEANS, …PUTINK…AND THE REST !!!

  61. avatar

    It is not only partly to blame, it is the main culprit. It irresponsibly supported the coup in Kiev and instigated to violence against the legitimate government of Ukraine, without asking the citizens of EU nations if they want to got to war with Russia over Ukraine.
    To make things worse, a disgraceful leader such as Rompuy signed the Ukraine -European Union Association Agreement with a putchist and illegitimate government which holds power as a result of a putch, not invested with power by the people of Ukraine by elections.
    Rompuy didn’t even bother to save appearances by waiting until elections are held in Ukraine (not fair elections, because that isn’t going to happen soon, not with the sort of events which happened in Ukraine).
    Further, this association agreement was signed despite recent severe border issues between Ukraine and Romania, a EU member (second hand member as it is).
    Of course, that’s not entirely EU’s fault: it is also the fault of the bunch of corrupt lackeys which govern Romania in the name of western colonial powers.
    Just the kind of government Ukraine is going to get, with Brussels in Moscow’s place, only with more expensive energy.
    You think Ukraine’s pro-EU politicians will be less corrupt than the pro-russian ones? Just look at nice places such as Romania or Bulgaria. That’s the future of Ukraine.

    • avatar

      The result of the coup:

      -nazis in government (Svoboda)
      -rich Ukrainians and bankers benefit from EU/IMF/US paid ‘bailouts’
      -ordinary Ukrainians will see their energy bill doubled and tripled, savage cuts in healthcare, pensions and services to pay for the bailouts (bailouts that will go to the rich)

      Furthermore, Ukraine will never be in EU. Period. And not just because we don’t want them.

  62. avatar
    Tarquin Farquhar

    @Miloslav Ivanov
    What ‘case’ are you talking about dear chap?

    Upper or lower?
    Stair or pillow?

    Pray tell, what dark musings have prompted you to engage in conversation with little ‘ol me?

  63. avatar
    Tarquin Farquhar

    @Limbidis Arian
    The EU is to blame for the current worrying events in the Ukraine.

    If things get any worse then Russia could possibly invade Ukraine and even worse the likes of Bulgaria and Romania.

    Despite your wild and illogical and hateful postings I would NOT want any of the aforementioned countries to be invaded by Russia AGAIN despite the fact that you hate America, the UK and NATO.

    BTW, I find your inconsistent enumeration of your own points mixing contiguous letter sequences and discontinuous numeric sequences HILARIOUS.

    • avatar
      Limbidis Arian

      The EU is to blame the Ukrainian PEOPLE didn’t want that BARON Yanukovich sucking up to Putin instead of listening to his own people?
      WOW! How DARE the people demand to have democracy!
      Hey weren’t you yelling the same about the EU leaders? Yeah how DARE you revolt against the EU leaders we should jail you, you are NWO, illuminati , one world govt agitator !

      ( your logic above )
      “If things get any worse then Russia could possibly invade Ukraine and even worse the likes of Bulgaria and Romania.”
      Actually if Russia takes a single step into Ukraine proper – total embargo ensues.
      And Romania and Bulgaria are NATO nations, you can expect a full blow war if the russians don’t stop.
      And their Hitler #2 knows it.

      “BTW, I find your inconsistent enumeration of your own points mixing contiguous letter sequences and discontinuous numeric sequences HILARIOUS.”
      In the real world we call those “Facts”.

  64. avatar
    Limbidis Arian

    Anyone who claims Putin is justified “because we also do it” is engaging in “whataboutism” a special cold-war era soviet propaganda tactic ( apparently every effective and still in use).
    I suggest you people google it and read about it.

    It will open your eyes quite a bit.

    • avatar

      I suspect you are Romanian.
      If I’m correct about this, I can’t understand all your passion to defend a nation like Ukraine which at this time is still illegally holding Romanian territory (Snake Island and other territory at the mouths of the Danube), which considers Ribbentrop – Molotov still in effect and gained other chunks of land from Romania as a result of that. Also, the Romanian/Moldovan minority there has very little rights.
      Why don’t you volunteer to fight for a country which at this very time is occupying Romanian territory?
      Your Russophobia is irrational. The Romanian hybris in this matter is dumb, ridiculous given the size of Romania as well as against the interests of Romania. Nearby nations such as Hungary or Bulgaria, which, unlike us, have no problem with Ukraine, are very cautious about supporting the putschist regime in Kiev & antagonizing Russia.
      I have a saying about Russophobia: it is like cancer. It requires radiation treatment and Russia has what it takes to administer it to anybody.

  65. avatar
    Tarquin Farquhar

    @Limbidis Arian
    The whole state of affairs was precipitated by the EU – ‘slowly, slowly, catchy monkey’ should have been the approach.

    Of course, Ukraine [its citizens] wanted to be part of the EU, the EU has helped civilize/industrialize the likes of Spain and Portugal courtesy of SOLICHARITY from the UK and other Northern EU nations.

    The Ukraine would have been a welcome addition to Germany’s resources – sorry, I mean the EU.

    As I have said before, I don’t want even the likes of Romania to be invaded by Russia if matters escalate; however, if you are representative of the typical Romanian then by all means, let the Russian tanks roll-in – the EU will contract into a smaller, wealthier and less corrupt bloc of states that will NOT require SOLICHARITY to the likes of, erm, Romania…

  66. avatar
    D Coonan

    Not partly, but fully.
    It is obvious that Russia has completely the higher moral ground. Did Brussels not think that they would not act at least to protect its fleet. This “operation condor” type debacle by Brussels was dangerously stupid. Thank God Russia reacted so level headedly. I have lost all confidence in the EU.

  67. avatar

    New revolution is quite probable in Ukraine.

    Maidan Nezalezhnosti in Kiev literally meaning Independence Square may soon become site for another revo, I guess. I’m just back from Ukraine where we are now trying to start up some business and I should say I’m far from being optimistic.
    I mean Ukraine remains unstable, which is no good for business you know. Matter of fact most Ukrainians are not happy at all with the new regime comprised mainly of pro-American tycoons interested in high profits only. Living standards remain low even in western regions of the country. And ordinary people don’t believe at all that pending presidential elections are able to turn things for better in Ukraine.
    Billionaire Petro Poroshenko”, chocolate king” they call him in Ukraine appears to win. He’s primarily known as a businessman and according to the Forbes ranks seventh among 100 wealthiest people of Ukraine. They say he was the main sponsor of Euromaidan and that he’s got some amazing intuition. But some brainy Ukrainians I deal with assert this intuition is due to close links of Poroshenko to Americans, who actually orchestrated Euromaidan. That’s it! Ukraine will be under American rule if he wins and I don’t tend to think it would good news for EU businessmen in Ukraine and for ordinary Ukrainians too! That’s why I expect sort of new Maidan

  68. avatar
    Alex Kim

    I’m not Russian but have Russian citizenship. The truth is that almost no Russian nationalism (there probably in backward regions, but there is probably fault of the government that such regions have). In Moscow, a variety of nationalities including people of African descent living in the world. My view on the situation in Ukraine has one-sided position. Nobody can break into someone else’s country and change Luda on convenient to you. What would have been if Russia rushed to England and sit on the throne instead of a queen-his granny. All this is just chaos. And those looking for freebies sheep led by rich nations – must grow up to own this freebies.

  69. avatar

    Definitely. Notice how the Ukrainian territory was peaceful and not full of civil unrest before it decided to approach the EU? Eastern European nations have never benefited in any sort of ways when deciding to let the EU manipulate them, a prime example would be Bulgaria… the country’s economy is at an all time low, 99% of it’s cities infrastructure date from the time of Soviet occupation and before that and the EU has done nothing but appoint more corrupt politicians. Bulgaria has lost a big chunk of it’s population due to people emigrating out of the country because of how desperate the nation’s situation had become. The same problems can be clearly seen with the Ukraine, but you just need to add in civil unrest and voila. Slavic countries should have always maintained closer ties as their people, cultures and history are the most relatable. Their forced implication into the Western field of economy and politics only ended up destabilizing their situation to the furthest it has ever been.

  70. avatar

    Not partly, but fully. The EU is fully to blame for the crisis in Ukraine. Without EU backing up the US, Ukraine would never become so aggressive and EU would not be pushing towards the brink of war with Russia as things developing now. EU is helping the American presidents Trump and Biden to fulfill their election promises, one for the America to be great again and the other the America back again to control Europe.

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