europe-futureHow do you see the EU in 20 years time? 50 years? 100 years? The upcoming vote at the end of May will be perhaps the most important elections in the history of the European Parliament. Citizens from across the EU will have a chance to decide the future direction of Europe, having a real impact on the world that coming generations will grow up in. We’ve already set out summaries of some of the party manifestos in these elections, and short profiles of the different candidates for EU Commission President. You can also vote in our Debating Europe Vote 2014 for the party that you support.

Franziska sent us a video question asking politicians if they have a vision for Europe. How do they see the EU in 2050, and what sort of Europe would they like their grandchildren to grow up in? We took this question to a selection of MEPs from different parties, starting with Mairead McGuinness, Vice-Chair of the  Centre-Right group in the European Parliament.

Next, we talked to Wolf Klinz, who is a German MEP sitting with the  Liberal Democrats in the European Parliament. What was his vision for Europe?

KlinzI hope that Europe will continue to grow closer together. I do not see the ‘United States of Europe’ [in the future], nor do I think that this is a desirable development. I think the ‘unity in diversity’ that we have in mind is a good approach. We should try to keep our national identities while moving closer in areas where we really need Europe to have a say in the world.

Currently, we represent 7% of the world’s population and 20% of the world’s GDP, but both percentages are shrinking fast. While our population is shrinking, emerging markets like China, India, Mexico, Brazil, Russia and South Africa are moving ahead. In 25 years’ time, our share of world population and of GDP will be much lower. Therefore, I think if we want to be heard and participate in the decision-making processes on a global basis, we have to speak with one European voice, especially when it comes to foreign and security policies, climate questions, but also in energy questions and transport questions.

We also spoke to Struan Stevenson, a British MEP who sits with the  Conservatives. Like Klinz, he doesn’t believe in a “United States of Europe”, and would prefer to see a loose union of independent nations cooperating with one another for the common European good:

stevensonThat’s an interesting question… because recently a poll carried out in all twenty-eight member states discovered that in only four countries were more than 50% of people in favour of EU institutional leadership from Brussels. So, twenty-four out of the twenty-eight member states now appear to have become increasingly eurosceptic, and in some cases outright anti-EU.

The lowest result was in Greece, where only 14% of people declared support. But there were also very low levels of support in Spain, Germany and the UK as well. So, clearly there is a gap beginning to emerge between the perception of the European citizens of what the EU is doing and what it’s trying to achieve and the perception of the European elite, who are calling for further and deeper integration. I think there is a need to close that gap, or Europe could be facing a catastrophic future.

The British Prime Minister, David Cameron, is correct in saying that the way to deal with this is to seek major reforms of the way Europe is working now… Wresting power away from the army of bureaucrats and giving it back to the stakeholders. Giving the European Commission the responsibility for the framework, but devolving power away from the center. That’s the kind of way we need to reform the EU.

Of course, some of you are going to respond that you hope the EU doesn’t exist in 50 years time. When we spoke to Stuart Agnew, an MEP from the UK Independence Party (UKIP) who sits with the Eurosceptics, he said much the same thing. What did he think Europe should look like in 2050?

Stuart_Agnew_MEPDefinitely democratic nation-states trading with one another, playing sports with one another, but not being corralled into this political union which is exemplified by the euro. The euro is an absolute disaster for most of the countries that are in it and it is reducing the standard of living for people in Southern Europe day-by-day; and too few people realize that this common currency isn’t working and we’re going to see much more rioting against it. People don’t like to have a lower standard year-on-year.

My children, I think, will struggle to get to the standard of living that I and the Baby Boomers got. Look at the prices of housing for start; it’s so difficult for them. We are also concerned in our country about levels of immigration; as a consequence of being in the EU, we can’t control it. The population in our country is growing. We don’t know when these people are going to arrive; we don’t know where they’re going to go. We don’t know what their medical and criminal records are. That is creating terrible social tensions in my country and is one reason why our party is getting so popular, because we need to take control of this. So, I think the future for the continent of Europe looks pretty grim under this political structure. However, it is the wish of the most of these countries that they wanted and until they realize that is a symptom of their problems, their lives will get worse.

How do YOU see the EU in 50 years’ time? What about 100 years? Will life be better or worse in the future for Europeans? Will we have a United States of Europe, or will the EU collapse or change into a looser grouping of independent nation-states? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below, and we’ll take them to policy-makers and experts for their reactions.

Vote 2014

Voting is closed in our Debating Europe Vote 2014! The results are now in, so come and see what our readers thought!

IMAGE CREDITS: CC / Flickr – European Parliament

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What do YOU think?

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    What do you think?
    Free democratic countries where people have the right to referendums when it comes to important issues.
    One where the idea of brainwashing our children to like Brussels is cause for alarm. This idea was floated by Merkel….
    Sovereign countries trading ,prospering, innovating, and having the right to invest in their own countries ,people/hospitals etc, this is what our grandchildren need.
    Absolutley not whats going on now, Brussels grabbing power/money/gold, human rights and democracy.
    What i will always tell my grandchildren is that brussels and the europhile leaders of europe have ruined plundered and bullied the countries into giving up thier democracy, and the whole federal fiasco is nothing more than a power grab.
    And by the way where is the 33 tons of ukrainian gold which was shipped out under the cover of darkness??
    People should teach their grandchildren that europe was robbed of its culture ,its heritage, its democracy, innovation , and its future by greed and extremism.

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      I can’t agree more

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      Regenaration…. and FMI and troika can go to h*****….

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    Christian Weale

    I hope Europe will continue to grow, both in the short term and also in the long term! Developing on the principles that are at the heart of Europe!

    As a British European I believe that if Britain can overcome the angsts that often defines decision making in national politics, which I believe is loss of empire, suspicion of others and the class system! We in Britain could be at the very heart of these founding ideals!
    Britain is in it’s very Essence built on diversity, tolerance and Liberal values!
    Like every world recessions in history, Britain has swung to Political extremism, reverting back to it’s angst! I do believe there is another side to the Psyche of the British electorate though and that is, it tends to allow what it values to be almost pushed to the brink of losing what it values then Britain swings back to the centre ground!

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      One group of Eurosoviet apparatchiks and hangers on vs another group of Eurosoviet apparatchiks and hangers on.

      Eurosoviet? No thanks!

      What we need is a 1989-1991 like revolution, and jail traitors to democracy like Barroso, Blair, Rompuy, Ashton, Hollande, Monti, Draghi, Samaras etc…

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    If Eu continue in same path the future of your grandchildren will be very hard.
    Today European Union don’t care of the european citzens intereresses.
    The main interesses of European Union are the interesses of the lobbys, the United States economic interesses as well of the big coporations.
    The example is trade treaty the european Union will sight with United States of America. The sight of that treaty will have seveare consequences in our culture, food safety, health and so on.
    An other example is that European Union of members of goldam saches as advisors in economic problems.
    The raise of right wing movemens are warning that European Union should change their police.

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      Right now, you’re right.. rich epople, baks, FMI… the same people, posoning and destroying everything they touch,, Rockefeller etc etc…

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    Panos Mentesidis

    hopefully it will still exist and it will be called United states of Europe. But i dont know about that…i am not sure that the Germans and the Dutch will ever want to be equal with us “the lesser human beings”
    Having superiority complexes and shit like that and considering other people worst or lazy does not help in the spread of European Ideas and paneuropianism.

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    Daniele Scaramelli

    The EU was the best idea the Europeans ever had. Even the ones who write here against the EU (including the British!), would never emigrate to, say, Russia. They stay safely at home, where you can criticize and get the benefits and do not risk anything.

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    Jaume Roqueta

    I see Europe being part of China not USA. At least all the industry and primary resources….

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    Jaume Roqueta

    on the other hand Daniel, EU was not an idea of Europeans, but some lobbiest of carbon and steel. EU is a club. As BCE and we have no idea of who is the owner… 10 years of euro and 6 nations destroyed… Erasmus in the other hand was a very great idea!

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    Javier Sánchez

    Non existant. I see a world were Europeans and all are living worse than today, with poverty, fascist-like governments, racist and xenophobic societies and no jobs for nobody except the Google super-engineers.

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      With FMI, torika and big fortunes, that’s the way… we need a radical, radical regenration, when will people realize that neoliberalism/egoism is NOT the way?

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    Christian Weale

    David, maybe you could expand?
    You are not representative of all British people!
    I wonder why you clicked like?

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      You are not representative of all British people … neither are you Mr Weale it would seem.

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      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Christian Weale
      You too are NOT representative of all British people!.

      Indeed, your blind acceptance of all things EU is disconcerting, alarming and indeed frightening.

      When democracy is sidelined by the EU and big business is a cheer-leader for the EU then no wonder many British citizens are in angst regarding the EU and its anti-democratic and imperialistic tendencies.

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    Malcolm Seychell

    The eu will not exist thank god. If it will it will be run by sharia law. Thanks to liberals and the eu

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    ivan vikalo

    USE: united states of Europe.. Europe is probably the best place to live in the world, and the amount of achievements we have accomplished so far is remarkable, and I want my grandchildren to have what I have had and more.

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    Nuno Oliveira

    An EU as a confederation of local communities, with all the diersity that implies, an example to the world in terms of sustainability, democracy and quality of life

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    Radu Negoita

    I`d like them to live in a wiser, more self-conscient EU. A Union based on moral values that can afford to enforce moral behaviors to its neighbors.
    A EU that learns from its mistakes and realises that men are never lazy, bad or uncivilised, but improperly educated would be great for my grandchildren. A EU that understands this will be the EU whose politicians will no longer need to lie to the masses about the apocalyptic invasion of other EU immigrants who come to steal jobs. A EU that spends on education to prevent the outcome of rigid-minded adults that fear foreigners and believe cheap propaganda. Such a EU would plan its future carefully and it will know who and what to be careful about because it would learn form its past.
    I don`t plan to get married in the near future; that`s also because I`m afraid my grandchildren would appear too soon for this new EU to be ready for them.

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    Rui Manuel Simões Oliveira

    The EU will be, a state of wellfareness that we all should be proud of, but depend on us in today`s time, built something that can be more than an utopy: must be a reality. So, the future start now and we all can not waste more time in discussions which main purpose, is debating irrelevant questions. I want to leave a European Union, more strong, based on the principles that has made this project succeed.

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    Frankie Babyee

    Dan Scaramelli, I write against the EU, and I live in Greece. At this point living in Russia would be better living in this hell hole, so yes I would move to Russia given the chance. Maybe my family might be able to find a job then.

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    Pedro Redondeiro

    Well, i think it is unanimous that the European citizens want indeed a Federal europe! My guess is that it should and certainly will becomee a reality in the next 5/6 yeras, by 2020. If it does not happen until then, it will happen preciseely in 2020! The USE are going to to become a reality and that is a fact, it was the MAin objetive if not the reason why the EU was born by the hand of its founding fathers! ;) There is only one thing the EU lacks to be a federation, the political union, which… oh wait if you look at it it already exists, after every member state, needs to take the EU’s regulations and policies, while acting Reginaly localy! we already have a “constitution” that goes by the name of “treaty” I know what you are thinking and yes, it is the Lisbon treaty, which amogst other things reinforces the EU insitttions political power, over the memeber states, specially the European Comission and European Parliament powers… Oh and despite all this we also have the banking union, which is going to de fulfiel by the end of this year and the begining of the next one! USE (United States of Europe) yes we can! ;)

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    Paul X

    “because recently a poll carried out in all twenty-eight member states discovered that in only four countries were more than 50% of people in favour of EU institutional leadership from Brussels. So, twenty-four out of the twenty-eight member states now appear to have become increasingly eurosceptic, and in some cases outright anti-EU”

    Yet still they arrogantly carry on regardless as if they have a god given right to impose their will onto a majority who clearly do not want it. It seems the majority of people (taxpayers who fund the EU) are eurosceptic yet they are continually portrayed as the villians of the piece, to be considered a “good guy” you have to be pro-europe, can someone please explain where the democracy is in all this?

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      catherne benng

      I go along in part with Paul X in part This idea of a person or group who does not want what Europe has become and wishes to change it, or, have their country leave the union as a result, are considered ‘not politically correct’ and must be ridiculed and demeaned for their perception. Well, since this fiasco in the Ukraine in th last couple of weeks, I have had an enormous change of feeling. I’d thought a United Europe, run by a ‘democratic’ and straight group of sane people was the light of the future. What I never considered was another bunch of the same brand of politically bent characters we already had as leaders.

      I wanted similar political views to the ones I perceived as a child that were for the good of us all. I never once considered people at the top of this new European state would be as greedy and low down as they are. Run by charletons who sold out to corporations who simply wanted robots with no needs of their own. Creeps like Blair who take their country to war on a lie in order to fill his pockets with silver as a tin pot Judas and bring into our life the unholiest of all cultural practices and activities we have to abide by against our will and without our permission to do so. Had we wanted to live the lifestyle of the African nation,s the religious teachings of Islam and the genital mutilation and honour killings of the third world we would have brought a one way ticket to those countries that give us such a multicultural way of life. We didn’t ask our leader or indicate we wanted them to interfere with and systematically change the cultural practices of our European way of life to the point of it being unrecognizable to the majority. Which has now driven me and many in my community to want an escape route of the type the Jews in Israel have. A land of our own where we can return to the comfort of the beliefs and way of life we enjoyed before the nut cases took over the asylum that they have created.

      What really threw me this week was UKIP’s leader changing his mind on the principles of his parties policies. That really shook me. He was the hope of so many in my country looking for a return to the land of peaceful coexistence we had only to find what I already knew, that he was a liar and could not do any of the things he was promising. Nevertheless knowing he had to back down and trying to figure out from that what kind of threat he had faced in order to force him to submit was an eye opener that felt really uncomfortable indeed.

      However, what this question has brought up is, what is it those who are making plans for the European Union see it as in 10-20-50 years? Where are they taking us? What vision do they have? Because, if it is anything close to what we already have put up with, then, we are in big trouble. Britain will be overrun by foreign cultures and find it is completely unlivable, as will those other states already dissatisfied by what they have become. What does Europe have in mind for our future and is it something any of us would vote for? Would we have voted for mass immigration? Would we have voted for gay marriage? Would we have voted for Globalisation? Would we have voted for one war after another or indeed any war at all? Would we have voted to be under the control of the USA? Would we? I know I would not. Would any of us have put up with deregulation of the banks to the point where they impoverished us all and where they would be bailed out by us? Knowing it would create a horrendous reduction of our hard earned welfare benefits including the abolition of our health service and pensions just to keep them as fat as pigs and us crawling on our knees as serfs doffing our caps hoping or begging for a job. Any job that is to keep us and our children from starving to death?

      We have been conned and lied to and it has all come to a head with the phone calls of that duplicitous pair of nasty ‘women’ Nuland and Ashton. And why I highlight women is because the other pretense has been if only women were in the driving seat it would be so different,’ We would all be so much more ‘caring.’ What a load of hogwash that was and is. They are like the old calypso song, man fortyleg bad bad, woman fortyleg more than man.

      So, time has come to let go of this hedonistic bunch of creeps and head back to those hills of yesterday to start all over again. Unless, of course, they can drop he pretense and put an acceptable alternative to the people in a vote.

      What we need is a renaissance.

  18. avatar
    Christian Weale

    David Fuzzey, you have clicked like on this page, the Debating Europe Site! Why? You never debate your thoughts, you leave one word/lines that are derogatory and incoherent and without clarity!
    A recent independent poll asked a cross section of the British electorate if they would vote UKIP, 20% would consider voting UKIP in the European Elections but less would actually vote for them, in the national elections, only 5.9% would vote for them!
    This doesn ‘t make you the majority!
    I don’t wish my step children, Step Granddaughter and Britain to live in the introspective vision you and UKIP have planned!
    Your ideas are a terrifying regression into a world that is divisive and driven by perception, NOT facts!

    • avatar

      The EU is a regression into the 20th century as it rivals the Soviet Union in its undemocraticness. There isn’t a “European people” just like there wasn’t a “Soviet people”. No demos = no democracy.

      People who support the EU tend to be contemptuous of democracy, and I certainly understand why some people can get frustrated at seeing so many argue to abolish national democracy in order to enable comrade Barroso and his ilk in the Eurosoviet.

  19. avatar
    Christian Weale

    There are many aspects of European Membership that make life better for us all, that I value! For example Human Rights, Democracy, freedom of movement, Erasmus, and how we work together to reinforce the principles of EU membership!

    • avatar
      Paul X

      You have to laugh at it “makes life better for all”

      Human rights are to do with the ECHR not EU and to be honest it has made life better for more convicted criminals than it has for the average person in the street, certainly done nothing for me
      Democracy?..are you serious..the EU didn’t invent democracy and in fact is far more removed and less democratic than most national governments
      Freedom of movement?…has had no impact on the vast majority of people who are happy to reside and work in their country of birth. It benefits people from poor countries in allowing them to move to richer countries but for everyone else it has just removed a couple of passport checks at airports when going on holiday in Europe…..big deal
      Erasmus?…fine for those who want to get rid of their kids overseas but no benefit to me at all

    • avatar

      Erasmus doesn’t exist for all member countries, and much less the miserable grant we receive in southern countries…

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    Nikolaos Sotirelis

    Dear Ana Georgieva, of course a World Union of people and nations, would be almost everyone’s dream. However, sometimes people confuse this dream, with the so called “Globalization”. the World Union for markets’ profits namely, which is becoming people’s worst nightmare.
    A profit heaven for markets, a poverty hell for mankind.

  21. avatar
    Ivan Drvarič

    Well I would love to think about this question when realising 10 years or 15 years or eve five years. But still grateful for the question.

    1. Cultural and language relationship

    Majority of Average Europeans will be able to speak with cognitive innovations in studying and
    time management of their social life almost all European languages. But at least langugages of currently out numbered nations:

    English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Romanian, Italian, Polish, Russian, Hebrew, Arabic, Turkish language.

    But others more curious and with the desire for expressing deeper will also manage smaller nation lanugages and nurse them as special ability like Czech, Slovenian, Croatian, Serbian, Slovac, Greek, …

    2. Aliances

    Europe will be in climate and people prosperity aliances with Africa and Israel and threathen parts of Antartic…

    Those aliances will be manifested in people migrations because of climate changes ( climate change refugees ), local and effective food production, logistic, energetic pools ( like computing clouds ), no tax oasis but transparent economic aliances.

    3. Energetic

    Europe will developed many systems of energetic pools. Which will include all local and individual sources as big global systems. The energetic sources will not include only present classical sources but on the basis of modern modelling methods there will be place for example Blue Green Algae tubes along the logistic paths ( railways, under the electric power lines ), high ways.

    4. Smart materials

    Nano technology will be improved with smart materials that are reacting according to outside conditions …like smart facades on the houses according to sun radiation for energetic …

    5. Business models in macroeconomy

    There will be new business models based on the more righteous system of sharing the added value. Education will be free accessed through all life.
    Everyone will include himself in labour of market according to his personal life plans that will be adapted accordig to micro and macro communities needs.
    Local resources like food, home, social life for nursing relationship, community and child growth will be established and considered in business models not independent models.

    Management of the projects will be initiated from the customer role, or from the role of …

    Research in applicative science as fundamental science will be fully simulated and tested in technological parcs and mega labs where every one will be able to educate, test for his idea in all form of tests: unit tests, system tests and envrionmental acceptance test so that side effects will be simulated and predicted before the products, services will be launched in the enrvironment, community and this way no need for agressive methods of marketing and chaos in media….

    6. Cognitive methods, learning, school system

    The schools system will be more hetergenic. No limitations in age, mixed classes in all as virtual as living classes.

    7. Health and aging…

    People will manage their health and aging according to the desire of being
    active, spiritual background needs for going thrgouh experience and cohabiting. People will feel more and less demand. The concept of Let it go will be transformed into nobility, modesty and as invitation for taking step into cognitive and spiritual work on self and not discriminated because of that:
    keeping familly values, keep social background, keep community values, preserving relationships,…

    8. Emotional life, relationships, social life , cohabitance

    Here will be tremendous changes.
    Although there wil lbe more tolerance and courage for expressing emotions there will be more self-discipline strength to work on negative emotions, on emotions that could harm others or change their mission. the term young people will be forgotten as also the term older people …Their will be the term emotional maturity, cognitive endurance, recovery abilties, measure power of … More time and efforts will be freely invested in listening than expressing. Ears will become one of te most important sensitive organs. More then visual sensitivity. And great deal will be about sensing the tinny details in noise and tranform them into esthetic sounds. Like some recycling process in audio realm.

    9. Logistic

    Public logistic will be recovered.
    Methods of vehicles that work more on personal pyhsical power, biokinetic will be one of the dominant areas in the mobility. Traffic will be more considerable and less compettive. Public vehicles will be in traffic where each passenger is contributiig with his kinetic contribution.

    Logistic paths will be equipped with protective green living walls adapted for breathing, producing oxygene and controlled for O2/CO2 balance.

    10 Agricutlure and Food production

    This will be one of the main areas of challenges.
    Because Urban areas as Rural areas will be almost the same space.
    Beside systemic food logistic chains, individual local prodcution and chains will be included. The concept of consuming right from the soil or tree to the mouth will be established.
    There wil lbe enormous permacutlure projects in Sahara , greening, and
    as potential for green plant residuals energy sources, controle system between night and day, Africa and Europe will function as aliances on the sibjects of food supplies.

    11. Long distance migration, tourism

    Toursim will be mainly in the mission of education and establishing connections between different cultured people. The concept of Copenhagen breakfast will be more considered. So tourist is there to be included in daily life of the host. He is invited to the desk where Copenhagen people stablished the breakfast on the street and put their local home food on the street. After the breakfast is over people are returning to daily educational and creativity needs.

    12. Army , defence ?

    Guess mainly oriented in space activities and global climate management changes …like big greening projects,

    13. Learning methods, transfer of knowledge

    14. Religion , spirituality

    People will be tolerant to each other existence and his way to spiritual divine realms as part of the path and seen truth only at the end.

    15. Telecommunications, Computing, ….Robotics, Bionics
    Hmmm interesting areas but manly in the service for free access to resources and emotional, spiritual and social life balance.

    16. The system of decision, govermental, monetary/economy ….
    Many of those function will be more simple and establish free access to the resources since the needs and goods will be more accessible based on the modelling in simulation methods that are transparent…

  22. avatar

    The EU needs to significantly improve its in-competencies, corruption and democracy.

    English as a working language needs to improve in many of the countries, ideally to the same calibre as current Northern European countries (inc the Netherlands which is also very proficient in English).

    The EU needs to stop the population growth as the population density in the EU is too high and not sustainable. Generally European peoples birthrates are low to moderate however due to mass immigration from outside of Europe, as well as people living longer, the population continues to grow. Non European ethnicity people have the most children with the most being Muslims. Most indigenous Europeans have had their tolerance / acceptance of non European immigrants stretched. Most would say, some is ok provided they are well integrated into European / western culture however in a number of countries now that boundary has been dramatically crossed. Of course, no matter where your opinion stands, the reality is a growing tension. Really this is a product of bad politics.

    The EU population need to be consulted more via vote on government decision making. Modern technology make the process that much simpler. I would like to see a culture of regular “communication” through vote. Not compulsory to do so but if you have an opinion and you want to exercise it, your opinion carries some wait in the final decision.

    I would like to see ground made in energy production, greater investment in nuclear energy research may yield in time an efficient source of energy with a low and very manageable environmental waste.

    Reforestation of areas where farming has become inefficient; for example the steeper slopes in the Alps. Would be good to see more woodland on the mountain sides.

    The EU needs to have a complete plan of territory and “seal it” in time. Over zealous ambitions for ever increased territory creates instability and a lack of definition of what the EU is. Turkey, the Middle East, North Africa and even far Eastern Europe are not realistic ambitions. To strive for these regions to become part of the project in time will be the destruction of the project as a whole. A part from being completely unrealistic, most sane EU citizens would strongly appose this ambition.

  23. avatar
    Ivan Bilokapić

    i would like to see a united, strongly developed Europe, free from American influence. I would like a Europe with it’s own European army, apart from NATO.
    I would like to see a Europe where European countries don’t struggle with poor numbers of new-borns, where European women give birth to healthy European children, and the system actually supports them. I would like to see a Europe without illegal immigrants who collect welfare but don’t contribute to the European societies.
    I want to see a Europe free of Islamic and other non-european influences which undermine and put at risk European traditions and cohesion of European ethnic structure.

    • avatar
      Paul X

      A EU army would be pointless. Before it could be deployed on any operation you would need 100% unanimity from all member states something which would be impossible with all the personal political agendas of member countries

      It’s only useful function would be as a defense force in case some rogue country decided to attack the EU as a whole entity (very unlikely)…….. apart from that it would be parade ground army used on “state occasions” to march past an admiring EU dictatorship with EU flags flapping in the breeze

      Despite what I say about an EU army being completely pointless, an army is a symbol of status and power so no doubt the creation of one is very high on the agenda of the self important EU political elite

  24. avatar

    I dream they can live in a world without the Eurosoviet Union (EU).

    The EU is the enemy of free peoples like the Soviet Union was in the second half of the 20th century.

    • avatar
      catherine benning


      On this is disagree with you. I dream Europe returns to its once held perspective that Russia is in fact Europe and that once again, we and the great Giant Bear can be one powerful and united force, with Direct Democracy at its very heart.

      It was going that way before the yanks decided it was too uncomfortable for them as their noses would be put out of joint if we did. If we do this with Russia, then we would have a real superpower who could shake the planet into shape by the will of its people.

    • avatar

      actually, the USA is all behind the EU and the Euro, a way to enrich their big banks at our expense.

      They are winning as long as the undemocratic EU keeps existing.

  25. avatar
    Christos Mouzeviris

    A more democratic and equal one.. Ever more united.. United States of Europe at some time in the future, not anytime soon though, not until the internal issues are resolved…Ends..

  26. avatar

    A diversified choice for our grands on how to live their lives. That’s how I imagine the next Europe. But I seriously doubt that is gone to happened and I feel realy sorry for my ruthless skepticism.

  27. avatar
    catherine benning

    @ Marcel:

    That is absolutely right. I’m becoming clearer on just how this has been done as my reading on Crimea extends. We have indeed been reduced in democratic control by the financial world sector. The phone call between Aston and Paet showed how that ridiculous person’s first concern was the IMF and how it would have to be appeased before anything else could be decided.

    This may interest you. It has two parts.

    The real issue is, what can we do about it in the real world? The people have no alternative other than to seriously challenge this situation. The voter only has the option to vote for those who are already caught up in the system. Not to mention we are losing more and more rights to vote at all. The EU goes into a spasm when Direct Democracy doesn’t work to suit there modus operandi. They then call for sanctions against those who have the force to use their vote against their policies. Look at the resentment toward Switzerland when they used the system of Direct Democracy to stop further ruin of their countries way of life.

    • avatar
      Limbidis Arian

      Ok on the first issue – DON’T vote, boycott the voting system as inefficient and corrupt.
      And as for Switzerland nobody is ‘ressenting’ because they used their democratic right.
      Everyone however agrees that decisions ( democratically ) or not made in your own house SHOULD NOT be automatically forced on others.
      The EU cannot be forced to give extra benefits to Switzerland if the latter doesn’t hold up their end of the bargain.

      Seriously, i don’t have high-hope for Marcel or Tariq, but i thought you were at least lucid in this matter.

  28. avatar
    Limbidis Arian

    Thanks to the crisis and austerity imposed by the IMF, World Bank and the ECB i won’t have any children…nevermind GRANDchildren.
    Thanks, Troika.

  29. avatar

    How about a free and re-wilded Europe. A one that has one universal language and an UNDERSTANDABLE constitution that recognizes the right to bear arms, a participatory democracy and SMALL GOVERNMENT!!! actual, defined limit on taxation and population size.

  30. avatar

    Another thing, lets bring an end to fiat currency. This is the 21st century. If I want to pay my taxes in bitcoin or gold bullion or whatever…..why not? its not beyond man’s technical capabilities to sort it out! it would make the continent so much more dynamic. the government has no business regulating my finances and periodiclly stealing my money though inflation!

  31. avatar

    I want my grang children to live in a world union.
    However if nothing is done about fraking, gmo, health care and global polution there wont be any grandchildren not myne not anyones.

  32. avatar

    How do YOU see the EU in 50 years’ time?
    I “would like” to see every country providing dignified living conditions to every citizen.

    What about 100 years?
    I would like to see Europe and the world disarmed.

    Will life be better or worse in the future for Europeans?
    If we work towards it it will be what we will work towards. I hope a better Europe!

    Will we have a United States of Europe, or will the EU collapse or change into a looser grouping of independent nation-states?
    Quite honestly, I do not care PROVIDED life is dignified in every country in Europe.

  33. avatar

    I don’t want my three grandchildren to live in the E.U. at all. Not surprisingly this means that I will be voting UKIP in the European elections. I want Britain to become a self-governing country again and I am sure that this will happen in the not too distant future.

    The most interesting thing I have read recently, is that E.U. officials in Brussels are working on the assumption that Britain will leave some time in the next few years.

    The political elites of the E.U. must get used to the idea that you can delay the inevitable but you can’t prevent it.

  34. avatar

    Remember “Open Europe”? Where is it NOW? Remember Hansard where we could read what is being debated? What happened to it? Why the secrecy now?

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