The former Prime Minister of Luxembourg, Jean-Claude Juncker, has been formally chosen as the candidate for President of the European Commission on behalf of the  Centre-Right European People’s Party (EPP). Last weekend, at their Party Congress in Dublin, the EPP also adopted a common manifesto for their election campaign.

As part of our coverage in the run-up to the May elections, today we’ll be looking at the  Centre-Right manifesto in detail. So, what does the European People’s Party stand for? We’ve taken some of the main points from their manifesto and presented them in the infographic below (click for a bigger image). There’s much more in the manifesto itself, but these are some of the policies that stand out:


Do YOU agree these should be the top priorities for Europe? Then show your support for the European People’s Party by voting for the  Centre-Right in our Debating Europe Vote 2014! Or if you think the  Centre-Right are wrong check the other parties’ position in our “Get to know the parties!” section and vote for the one that represents you best!

Vote 2014

Voting is closed in our Debating Europe Vote 2014! The results are now in, so come and see what our readers thought!

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    I do support all the main points of the People’s Party Manifesto, and particularly the ensuring of data protection as a human right and immigration control. More and more people are now trying to move in Europe in search for peace and a better economic and social situation for their families and it should be one of our duties as a human-right promoting society to make sure that they receive better care and a more peaceful travel towards a place where their basic human rights are respected!

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      Noemi Rey

      Sofia, I think that they are proposing the opposite:, to ban immigration through “immigration control”, following the UK and Belgium recent policies, for example.

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      Sofia I think that to. It’s important for EU be open for those people how escape from wars and regimes. But we cannot confuse illegal immigrants with refugee. I think that the EU should address the issue of refugees and illegal immigration as separate but similar materials. It ‘important to study systems for Community affrantare the problem and put in place a system where the border is considered as the frontier of the continent and then across the Union. After that it will be necessary to study ways to more adequately distinguish an illegal immigrant from a refugee, but this should not be a responsibility of the individual member states but the EU as a whole.

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    Borislav Valkov

    I am from Bulgaria and I am wondering how EPP is going to act on the reports for Bulgaria in it’s problematic sectors: corruption, mafia and it’s dependency on Russia and money laundering by it’s officials.

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      Alexander Stoyanov

      The idea of the European Elections is to promote european policies and establish control over the whole union, Bulgaria has it´s own problems which should be ended by us, the Bulgarian citizens, I suggest that we don’t mix the two things together.

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      I guess that they (aswell as the anti-EU parties) are the least interested in problems of southern and eastern EU members. :( reason I never have and never ever would vote for them.

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    Emmanuel Jacob

    These priorities are those that are close to the day to day business of the European citizens. These ten priorities are above all realistic and feasible.

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      Raul Antonacci

      Dear Emmanuel,
      I agree that comparing the PPE’s with the other three manifestos which are here published, this is the one which looks more “realistic and feasible”. Nevertheless, points as “fixing the financial system” and “encouraging growth and jobs” are a little too generic to push my personal enthusiasm at your level.

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    Noemi Rey

    I think that one of the key missing points is what you propose about poverty, which affects 120 million Europeans, according to EUROSTAT. Poverty is extended and chronified in many Member States. Besides, there are 10% of European working poor, i.e. people who have a job, but are still poor. They vote as well…

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    Hristo Valkanov

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    catherine benning

    This is the worst party manifesto I have read on here to date. It means nothing in real terms other than more of the same and worse. And the nerve of it to ask the people to vote for it. Asking our consent to lead us into desolation and ultimate destruction.

    More austerity, more hand over of our Union to corporate power and the USA, worst of all scenarios, the trade agreement with them, so we will be fed poison we cannot know about as they refuse to label the shite they are trying to force us to consume.

    What a traitorous group this lot are. Anyone who votes for them would have to be seriously ill.

    • avatar

      “Anyone who votes for them would have to be seriously ill.”

      Unlike you?

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    Carlos Das Neves

    No a esta EU com dirigentes, no mnimo incompetentes, que ainda no foram capazes de entender que, mais do que servirem o capitalismo financeiro que os suporta, cabe-lhes defender os EUROPEUS !

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    Mihail Viorel Anghel

    NO PPE! PPE stole the votes of the Roumanians in a referendum for dismissal of former President Basescu, to maintain him, against the law, according! It was the biggest mess antidemocratic! Long live the Monarchy! For us, Roumanians, is ALDE!

    • avatar
      Raul Antonacci

      This is another issue none of the manifestos here are mentioning in details. National limits to the European action of these parties. I am not free to vote for ALDE in my country as the small parties which are members of it are both 1. represented from people who DO NOT have my trust and 2. so limited in media coverage which are not even likely to gain a seat in my district.
      Is someone talking about the opportunity to organize European parties in a form where national localism is outdated at least regarding the EU elections?

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    Rui Coelho

    Surprisingly for me, I agree with most of the “priorities”. The exceptions are 6, 8 and 9 (also, I’m not sure about 10).
    Anyway the first 5 are great priorities with wich I, far from being a conservative, support.

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    Antonio Jose Pecurto Pecurto

    Europa transformou a classe mdia em risco de empobrecimento e criou um verdadeiro el dourado para os poderosos da Europa esta na hora para dizer basta de criar novos milionrios dentrom desta crise politica Europeia A Europa de futuro ter que passar pelos direitos humanos a nova Europa de valores ideias e principios

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    I oppose point 10 as the TTIP should be stopped!
    IF TTIP is accepted it will contradict to points 2,4,7,8!

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    Ivan Hinovski

    I do support this balanced program: financial order, business inceintives and new jobs,environmental protection, low & anticorruption, economic growth. All different is attempting to revival the socialist way of sharing the money of inititive people with others doing nothing and relying only on social help.

  13. avatar
    Paul X

    @Borislav Valkov

    With stories like these is there any wonder there are concerns about corruption in Bulgaria?

    So basically anyone in the world with a bit of cash can get all the benefits of EU citizenship by spending two days Bulgaria…….what chance is there of any sort of control when member countries abuse the system like this?

    • avatar
      Borislav Valkov

      That’s a system I don’t want to be part of. I want change, the ruling elite wants to hold the control. There were more then 200 days of ongoing protests yet EU simply said that there is “energy for change” in our nation that the ruling parties shoud use. So tell me how is going to be a change when EU authorities only cirtizes and do not support the change?

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    Europa Federalna

    We need build European Federation. Why ??? The economic crisis in Europe showed the weakness of the system which operates in the euro zone. On the other hand the political crisis in Ukraine and brutal aggression of Russia in this country sh……ow inefficiency and slowness of action of the European Union as a supranational international organization. If the European Union and Europe wants to play a significant role in international relations and have a real impact on the creation of reality around themselves, this should be the European Union turn into federation. Foreign policy and defense policy should be the responsibility of the European Union, and not within the competence of individual Member States. European Federation should be a response to the new challenges facing the European Union. Look my project Constitution of European Federation:

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    Tarquin Farquhar

    Oh, err. Dublin great city that it is [I have loads of relatives who live there BTW and I have worked there myself for a time in the past] held an EPP conference.

    Sorry, but Ireland is a VERY small country with a small ‘publicity imprint’ and relatively poor transport links – why on earth did the EPP choose such a location for a European-wide initiative?

    Surely publicity is a mainstay of a political party?

    The EPPs sheer ineptness should disbar it from the EU parliament.

  16. avatar

    Again with the EU – US free trade agreement… We should first of all make the single market work.

  17. avatar

    EPP is not representing anyone but a bunch of lobbyists. EPP means the destructions for all middle class Europe. EPP is synonymous with austerity and hash discriminatory laws. EPP suppose to bring to masses wealth and jobs, instead they did exactly the opposite, muffled any whistleblower and increase their own propaganda, they prove to be friends with Europe worst enemy. EPP is Germany’s creation for serving their political and economical ambitions. I hope they will get what they deserve.

  18. avatar
    Pietro Moroni

    Well, why didn’t they did some of this stuff during the last two Barroso’s Commissions? Or why didn’t they tried to do them in the Parliament, where the held the majority?

  19. avatar
    Limbidis Arian

    1. Won’t work – the regulation method was tried in America after the Great Depression.
    And what did the rich and the banks do? After the war ended they IMMEDIATELY went to work to dismantle regulations and anything that would stop them.

    2. ok, big words, a lot of people promise but don’t deliver.

    3. Private investments is code word for “multinational corporations” that will demand lower regulations of safety, less worker powers, less worker protections etc
    After all we must be “competitive” with those SLAVE WAGES in China, right?
    God forbid we impose blood-drenching tariffs to all these slave-driver countries. Whoaaa that would hurt “job creators” !

    4. #3 and #4 are incompatible. Big bussiness HATES environmental regulations. Just look how “clean” Beijing’s air is due to so much “care” from big corporations.

    5.Trying to appease bat-shit right-wingers, eh? Ok, as long as free movement is not *too* impeded and we don’t get psychotic US-style security checks.

    6. Would be best to control it, but NO BOMBING the crap out of the countries where the immigrants and refugees come from because “America wants it”.

    7. We’ll see. So far ALL governments have been in bed with the NSA

    8. A lot of nice sounding big words but some concrete statements would be nice.
    Build an European army? Or what? What is exactly “promoting peace” because as long as we followed ‘Murika like a puppy dog it meant blowing black people and arabs to their god…in pieces.
    Very peaceful…the “rest in peace” kind of peaceful.

    9. yes

    10. Yes, Especially Russia which could add incredible boost if it would be attracted in the union.

  20. avatar

    I think EPP is the best party. They support human rights, peace, freedom of movement and they stand for united Europe. I support the European Peoples Party.

    • avatar
      Patrice Puchaux

      ALDE, European Green and PES support human rights, peace, freedom of movement and united Europe as well. All of them show us their own manifesto. It is a good thing but each of them support things we can’t fight against. I don’t say not to follow PPE, but not to vote any party only by reading manifestos.

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    EPP is expected to a great battle for showing the strenght of the will of Europe. In Italy NCD and its ally( UDC) are the two most important parties that try defending Europe inspirated to the De Gasperi’s ideals. And I, with other thousands of people, will fight for a “popular” Europe.

    • avatar
      Pietro Moroni

      Giacomo, plz.


    • avatar

      please what? In Italy there are people that still believe in EU,in popular ideals and in a new concept of Europe. EU must be powered in order to face all the problems that affect the european countries. :)

  22. avatar

    It’s just more of the same rubbish, ideas of reform that mean nothing, keeping the same mentality of capitalistic growth that has driven us to the current crisis.

  23. avatar
    Tomás Nunes

    This manifesto is not more than a populist speech, they put EU in this situation, in Greece, Portugal, Italy, Spain. They are the party of austerity and exploitation.

  24. avatar
    Neil Mukherjee

    Hello European People’s Party. Thank you for putting forward your manifesto points to your EU electorate. My name is Neil and I am from the UK. I am still in two minds as to whether our EU can effectively deal with certain broad issues without the mutual support of the member nation states. My question to you is that if we in the UK go along with the continued freedom of movement from within the EU, what assurances and/or recommendations can you provide to UK EU Citizens that EU Citizens from outside of the UK who wish to work and settle here will take up their moral and social responsibilities to respect and uphold the Host nation’s mainstream cultural heritage, our language and way/s of life. Clarification of this question would be most helpful. Thank you & Good Luck! Neil.

  25. avatar
    Xandre Pichel

    Open the gates for market’s interests, and close them for people. Right is always wrong, what a irony!

  26. avatar

    No way. Together with the smaller right parties, they are corrupting a social (not socialist!) Europe. :( now they are for better regulations ??? :D for their own profits, yes.

  27. avatar

    This is an unpreventable repercussion of having a party where the leader has no perceptible securely
    grounded philosophy.

  28. avatar
    Krysia Hardcastle

    How is the EPP accountable to the European people ?

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