The European Green Party adopted their common manifesto following their Electoral Convention in Brussels last month (and you can read the manifesto in full on their website). As part of our coverage in the run-up to the European Parliament elections in May, we’ll be looking at the  Greens‘ manifesto in detail below. We’ll also be taking a look at the manifestos of the other parties, and we’ll publish those over the coming weeks.

So, what do the European Greens believe? We’ve taken some of the main points from their manifesto and presented them below (click for a bigger image). There’s much more in the manifesto itself, but these are some of the policies that stand out:
Manifesto_GREENS (2)

If you like the sound of these policies, make sure to support the  Greens in the Debating Europe Vote 2014! Or, if you think the Green manifesto would take Europe in the wrong direction, stay tuned as we will be looking at each of the others parties’ positions in turn.

Vote 2014

Voting is closed in our Debating Europe Vote 2014! The results are now in, so come and see what our readers thought!

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    Paul X

    1. Will cost the taxpayers lots of money
    2. Will cost jobs
    3. Will drive banking sectors out side Europe then (2) will apply
    4. Will cost taxpayers lots of money whilst make billions for shareholders of those who have a monopoly on the renewable market
    5. Complete waste of time, there is already plenty of laws in place dealing with violence between individuals, gender is irrelevant
    6. Will cost me money and the UK lots of jobs
    7. Pointless, plenty of privacy laws already in place. Most issues are because people broadcast their own private details online, why waste my taxes trying to protect them from their own stupidity?
    8. There having a laugh here aren’t they? How about better control and accountability of the current EU budget before they dare mentioning increasing it!
    9. “End war on terror” Maybe they should ask the terrorists to stop first
    10. Yer why not put up big signs at the border saying “Everyone’s welcome” After all its only our taxes they want to dish out to anyone and everyone who fancies an all expenses paid European holiday

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      I was going to go through your comments one by one, with links to evidence showing them to be either factually incorrect, or the opposite to be the case, but then I go to this: “gender is irrelevant”


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      Johny Biscuit

      I believe the greens have the best solution to the economic crisis. In fact, most jobs are created in the ‘green’ energy sector and by innovative sustainable technologies. Let’s not forget that being ‘green’ means being more efficient too! We’ve all seen the failure of the neoliberal economic policies…
      And I don’t understand how you can be in favour of tax evasion?

    • avatar
      Pietro Moroni

      Jeez, I didn’t know there could people so backwarded. Fortunatly the majority of Europeans do know that a green economy will creates more jobs and more wealth. Go back in your cave, plz, come back when you will have discovered the use of fire.

    • avatar

      I’m used to comment on serious arguments! But I just cannot find any true, real or even arguable element. So, that will be it. :D

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    Rui Oliveira

    Some of their mesaures are acceptable but i think there is a long way to achieve those goals. However, the main ideas are there but we can`t forget, that the European Union, has a huge crise to deal with and it`s important that all the proposals, including the ideas and projects of the Socialists and Democrats, be considered to built a strong European Projetc. The main reason for several delays in European process, is the burocracy and must be a priority to end with that.

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      I do agree 100% with the Greens manifesto. And, Rui Oliveira, yes it is true that it might be a long way to achieve it. And for sure, there should be more left -left – green (and even Alde) collaboration for many of those goals. Biggest problem is that the social democrats will not collaborate with the radical left. (They might vote on the same issue sometimes, but that’s it). If left-soc.dem-greens would come to a “coalition” (my preference) there would be likely a majority. And with Alde liberals for sure. So second best combination might be soc.dem-greens-Alde. I really hope that they will form a coalition concerning equality, making gay rights (marriage) a European law. It was a sd-liberal majority in 1999 in NL and in B that took the effort to be the first 2 countries to make it into national law. :) But it’s absolutely ridiculous that if you are married in NL, B, Es, Ei, F, … and want to move to (to migrate) to Italy, Germany, … You’re suddenly two singles with an EU passport stating that you’re married, but not recognized as such. :/ Concerning bureaucracy, I agree! But who will change it? The Euroceptics likely not at all, nor the conservatives, nor the EPp (Chris.dem) nor the ex communists!!! So… Again it’s my opinion that a sd-green-Alde coalition would or at least might be the best we can wish! ;)

  3. avatar
    catherine benning

    1) Sounds good. …How do they plan to do this?. What are the pro’s and con’s? How can I make a decisions on whether I agree with something, unless I know how it will be achieved? Who will be addressing it and what do they expect to gain by it.?

    2) Yes, I agree with this sentiment and ideology. Again, how will they go about this, what do they expect to achieve and how long will the changes take? And most importantly of all, ‘who’ will be running this show in order to implement and secure the outcome of these policies?

    3) I agree with these objectives. And again, how, will, what, where and when comes to mind.

    4) A mixture of yes and no. But a clear NO to nuclear power. The rest have their benefits as well as their down side. And much of the downsides can be addressed to lessen the problems they bring about. Nuclear has no benefit that outweighs disaster. The fact of waste being tantamount to a death wish.

    5) This is so much bigger an issue than the pretense we get shoved down our throats. Gender equality does not and cannot exist. Each gender in its true form has an equal right to be and express what it is. Both sexes are different in essence and what is right for one part of that spectrum is not right for the other. Presently was are geared up to reinvent the nature and psyche of women to perform and feel identical in their expectations and goals as men. This will never fulfill either of the sexes and can only lead do separateness. What we presently have will diminish the natural well being of both genders physically and mentally. So, what is needed is a thorough overhaul of all that is being suggested.

    6) The only fairer tax system is the basic redistribution of wealth. Higher taxes on the top 1% and extra high taxes on corporations to make up for the years they have had virtually tax free.

    7) Yes in essence, but what is being proposed?

    8) Yes, I agree in principle with the further unification of Europe. However, I don’t trust those in control now as what they have done so far does not fill me with a sense of well being, quite the reverse. So, what are the proposals and who will be carrying this out? We need to see the quality of their cloth not simply its width. The agenda and the expectation of the outcome is as important? Lots of questions to be answered on this one. There is no need to increase the budget. Stop the mismanagement and chicanery bordering on outright fraud and there will be no need for an increase. Waste is another big factor here.

    9) Yes, in principle, but again we have to see what is being proposed and by whom, how and so on. What will take its place on the job front and income levels. Arms are a big business that has been the mainstay of nations for centuries. Sounds good but not easy to accomplish. A much further and broader mind set has to evolve on this one.

    10) No. We need a far more fortress Europe approach to foreign policy and immigration at the moment. An open door policy has proved irresponsible and goes against the best interests of the European people as a whole. Immigration must be controlled and firmly. A closed door moratorium would presently be in the interests of us all.

    However, my yeses, do not mean I will vote for Greens as they are obviously immature of stature and mind, making them quite incapable of leading a strong Europe. And we need, more than ever right now, a strong Europe that is united in its ability to save itself.

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      George Greece & Green

      Green Manifesto has the Main Idea of the European Greens’ proposals.You can’t wait to see the extended answers.Although,there is an open line to send your questions through Facebook and Twitter,or in their official site!

    • avatar

      :) GOOD questions! But I’m not an “active” member of the Greens, and it’s not to me to answer! :) I do have my opinions and would like to share them with you, later, when/if you get answers from legitimate Greens. And I do hope that some will!!! But next time, in 5 years, I will be running AND answering every “reasonable” question as far as I can. :) if you want to keep in touch, my blogs, Facebook, Twitter, … Anywhere (!) is always and only “danielmclion” my portal site with all links is :)

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    eusebio manuel vestias pecurto

    Eu estou de acordo com algumas ideologias politicas do manifesto os verdes Europeus como reformar as energias nucleares .Defender uma Europa de estados verdes são pontos importantes dentro da sociedade da Europa Eu defendo as reformas de imigração dentro dos estados da UE A Europa tem que devolver a confiança aos seus cidadãos Europeus e cada europeu contribuir para um mundo melhor Este será o sonho Europeu que guia as novas gerações futuras da Europa lutar por uma Europa verde e viva

  5. avatar
    George Greece & Green

    European Green Party is the only political power in Europe,away of secularism and with sustainable solutions in Economy,Democracy and Human Rights,Equality and Political Rights!

    Change Europe…Vote Green!

    • avatar

      It’s a bit simple, but yes, vote greens and you likely get the most changes possible. :)

  6. avatar
    Paul X

    Come on then Dany boy…explain to me why violence between two people should be treated any differently just because of their gender?….. it is already a criminal offence whether its man v man, woman v woman, or man v woman, what more do you suggest we do?

    ..and no need to go through the whole list…lets just start with number 1…where’s all the money coming from to end austerity and “invest massively”?

    Don’t threaten answers just give some

    • avatar
      George Greece & Green

      Hahahahaha,so pathetic comment of you.Trolling is the only thing you are capable of,right?…actually,what the hell means ”Danny boy”?

      Fair tax system and the new Green Deal are examples,included in Economical Program of the European Green Party,where we could find money…if you don’t get it,it’s your problem,but then stop your fail propaganda!

    • avatar

      Excuse me? I know, it’s another “Dany boy” you are addressing! But so what? What are YOU proposing??? :/ NOTHING AT ALL! :D That’s why I wrote earlier that I don’t want to discuss your comments and fore not answering ANY of your pathetic, trolling questions! :D

  7. avatar

    I think everyne is getting too bogged down in symantics here…If you want to know the details of the policy, read the manifesto. These are helpful infographiccs made by Debating Europe, and are not intended to contain all of the knowledge and all of the policies. Instead, they provide a whistlestop tour on what certain parties believe and propose. the full manifesto for the European Greens can be found here. If you manage to get through this and still find yourself able to disagree based on logical views that aren’t xenophobic, racist, or sexist, then I suggest you go in to politics for the right wing, because they’re really lacking people like taht at the moment.

    • avatar

      Indeed! Read the whole manifesto. Okay, I have my so-so doubts on some items (since the greens cannot “rule” alone) but still, even if some things are wishfully thinking, utopia, whatever: it’s a (long term?) VISION! And I will likely not live the results, have no children, but do care for further generations!!! :)

    • avatar

      :) good for you! ;)

  8. avatar
    Paul X

    @ George Greece & Green

    “Dany” is the person my response was addressed to, not you, so it appears it is you who “doesn’t get it”……..”it” being the simple process of following a thread

  9. avatar
    Pietro Moroni

    A very good manifesto, even if it is not my favourite one! :-D
    I hope the Greens will have a good overall result and will be able to directly influence the Parliament and the Commission!

    • avatar

      Sei italiano? :) vota verde! :) (photo: Pésaro, piazza del popolo. )

  10. avatar
    Sam Murray

    A great manifesto that is level headed and thought through. It is clear to anyone with a brain the we need to convert to green energy sources to save the planet and think of future generations. Green industry creates jobs as well. Greens are a fresh young party and as an old liberal voter I’m going green this coming election it shows and supports the modern values of the developing generations of Europe not the old sentimental drivel of the conservative groups or the scaremongering, scapegoating tactics of the idiotic Eurosceptics. Co-existence is the only way forward to create more peace and prosperity. Finally a party thinking for the future and the young.

  11. avatar
    Tomás Nunes

    In economic and financial terms they are very close or the EPP, the only party that proposes a frontal attack against poverty and social unrest is the European Left.

    • avatar
      George Phoenix

      Hahahaha…trolling around!!!

  12. avatar

    It’s actually verrrrry simple! Yes I do Agee 100%! :) Big question is: how to realize it… :/ I’m sorry that I couldn’t run now. But in 5 years… (If my health stays good next years) then VOTE FOR ME! ;)

  13. avatar

    They have the most rational manifesto and their policies are based on fairness and justice, even if the open door immigration does frighten me a little.

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