Banner_French-SchoolDebating Europe wants to give students the chance to question policymakers, debate with fellow students from other European countries, and learn more about the work of the EU.

To achieve this goal, we are working closely with schools and colleges across each EU member state to launch a series of student-led online debates. You can read our previous debates with students from other European countries here.

Our thirteenth debate is with students from the Lycée Montchapet, France. We took their questions to Maria Da Graça Carvalho, a Portuguese MEP who sits with the  Centre-Right in the European Parliament; Saïd El Khadraoui, a Belgian MEP with the  Social DemocratsNils Torvalds, an MEP from Finland who sits with the  Liberal DemocratsTraian Ungureanu, a Romanian MEP with the  Centre-Right, and Jan Mulder, a Dutch MEP with the  Liberal Democrats.

Take a look at their answers below, and see if they help give you a better idea who you want to vote for in our Debating Europe Vote 2014!

1. Does the EU offer an alternative model to US influence in the world?

Our first question came from Anaïs and Hélène. They wanted to know in what areas the EU was more competitive than the US, and whether Europe could offer an alternative model to US influence in the world. Plenty of our commenters that believe it can, but how would MEPs respond?

We began by taking their question to Saïd El Khadraoui, a Belgian MEP with the  Social Democrats in the European Parliament:

Next, we approached Nils Torvalds, an MEP for the Swedish People’s Party of Finland (who sit with the  Liberal Democrats in the European Parliament). What did he think?

torvaldsFirst of all, I think Europe has an educational system that gives people with less income a better chance. In Finland, for example, people coming from the very lowest parts of society can have access to a decent education, and by that education they can achieve social mobility, which I think is very important.

Then, the other part of my answer is that Europe has an enormous amount of potential if only it had a Europe-wide industrial policy. Many of our current economic problems are due to some countries being too low on the value chain in their production. This problem can’t be solved by the individual countries. Instead, we have to build a European industrial policy looking, for example, at how EU structural funds are being invested. We need to be much more European. If we worked on this, we could be able to lift our production up the value chain, and by doing that we could compete with anybody in the world.

2. Are EU policies strong enough to fight against the current economic and financial crisis?

Next, we had a question sent in from Sandra asking whether MEPs thought that EU policies to fight the economic and financial had been strong enough. We began by taking this question to Jan Mulder, a Dutch MEP with the  Liberal Democrats.

We also took Sandra’s question to Maria Da Graça Carvalho, a Portuguese MEP who sits with the  Centre-Right in the European Parliament. Here’s what she had to say:

carvalhoWell, remember that the economic and financial crisis is not just a European crisis, it is an international crisis. And I think the fact that we have had the EU has helped us all to fight this crisis. Countries like my own country, Portugal, if we were outside the European Union we would have suffered much more than we have. Of course, we still need to do much more to fight the financial crisis, and I would say that there are three things we should do.

First, structural reforms should be implemented at both the European and national level. One such reform that is very important, and is actually underway now, is the European banking union. We need to make sure that we have in place a Europe-wide system for the banks, so that we do not commit the same mistakes as we did in the past. We need strong supervision and a European system of guarantees. Also, there are various structural reforms that Europe is supervising in each Member State, in terms of tax reforms, having more efficient public services, etc.

The second thing we need to do is to keep the right macro-economic conditions. So, for example, we must not have excessively high levels of debt or deficits in Europe. That’s very important, and is underway and will continue.

And the third is to have smart investment. Europe needs to investment in areas that create growth and create jobs. Unfortunately, in the past, sometimes Member States have invested in a lot of areas that do not promote these things. I don’t want to give examples from other countries, but I can give one from my own: Portugal had a European Football Championship in 2004 and there were about ten new football stadiums built. However, probably we should have invested less in football stadiums and more in education, research and SMEs.


3. Do you think Turkey should join the EU?

Finally, we had a question sent in by Jules asking whether MEPs thought Turkey should join the EU and what benefits Turkish membership might bring.

We took this question to Traian Ungureanu, a Romanian MEP with the  Centre-Right. How would he respond?

UngureanuWell, I think my answer for Jules is that Turkey will join the EU when the French agree that Turkey can move in! At the moment, there is still divided opinion inside the EU towards allowing a large new state like Turkey in. Particularly as Turkey has, over the past year, experienced new internal problems that are doing nothing to speed up the process.

On the other hand, I think the EU is guilty of what I would call ‘endless debate’. It’s been more than 30 years since we started asking ourselves ‘what about Turkey?’ and I don’t think anybody has really tried to give an answer.

Turkey is a problem, nobody should try to hide this. Turkey is a problem because it would bring in tens of millions of people, a large economy and also a big number of contradictions. So if Jules asked this question because he’s afraid of Turkey joining, I should say he shouldn’t be afraid. If he asked this question because he wants Turkey to join, I would say the time has not come yet.

Vote 2014

Voting is closed in our Debating Europe Vote 2014! The results are now in, so come and see what our readers thought!

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  1. avatar
    Paul X

    “Does the EU offer an alternative model to US influence in the world?”

    Why am I not surprised that this question comes up from France?

    It seems to me one of the biggest driving forces behind Frances EU ambitions is to compete with and reduce the influence of the US

    Personally I would prefer it if they stopped looking enviously over the fence
    and forget trying to “keep up with the neighbours” and concentrated their efforts on what is best for the people of Europe instead of pandering to Gallic pride

    America is there…it’s big and powerful and the EU will never compete…… get over it

    • avatar
      Hélène (video)

      You don’t need to be so hostile. It was a simple question.
      We are not opposed to the US or anything like this, just stop having so many predjudices, making this video has never been about this at all.

  2. avatar
    eusebio manuel vestias pecurto

    Tolerância Zero as desigualdades dentro das escolas da Europa há que defender as ideias os valores e os principios dentro do espaço da Europa

  3. avatar
    Paul X

    When is Debating Europe going to let us put some real issues to the Politicians rather than this kind of continual trivia from school children?

    How about this for an issue for discussion?

    Or how about this idiot who wants to remove any form of democracy in the EU, if he has his way just who can we vote for if we disagree with the way Europe is run? There is a damn sight more threat to peace if you try and tell the people that they are too stupid to make any decisions and that they are only to be allowed to vote for pro-EU parties….

    • avatar
      Debating Europe

      Hi Paul,

      In fact, we’re interviewing politicians and working on a debate about the EU corruption report right now. Look out for it in the coming days.

      But please don’t be rude to the students taking part in these debates. We want to give them a chance to ask questions to policy makers. For many of them, this might be their first experience of interacting with politicians – so please don’t discourage them!

  4. avatar
    Samu Tandorf

    A Turkish membership would drastically slow down the unification process. In fact, we should not have any new member states until the unification process in the EU is complete. If, at some point, we decide we want new member states, those countries need to qualify in ALL fields including using our currency right from the beginning.

    • avatar

      Newsflash, we do not want further unification.

      THe EU must be disbanded and rolled back into an EEC.

      No to political union.

      No to fiscal union.

  5. avatar
    Karel Van Isacker

    The question is rather: does Turkey still WANT to join the EU? After all, the EU has not demonstrated lately that they are stable and prosperous. On the contrary. Then again, Turkey would offer a new market of 85 million (muslim) souls, and this can only be good for the EU in terms of trade, etc. So I do welcome them to join the EU…

    • avatar
      Anaïs from the video

      I think you’re right as Europe is in a big crisis and it’s up to Turkey to think twice about joining Europe. The perspective has shifted.

  6. avatar
    Christus Maior

    If this entails better relations between Greece and Turkey,then yes. But I believe that they have a long way to go when it comes to human rights,freedom of Press,speech and Religion.

  7. avatar

    First,before anything Turkey should recognize the Armenian genocide and withdraw from Cyprus.

  8. avatar
    Michel Witteman

    A Turkish membership of the EU would be very beneficial for both party’s. Cultural, political and economical. But the EU and Turkey are both facing tough times. Patience is a virtue in this respect. Turkey will join the EU, but not in the near future.

  9. avatar
    Yiannis Dimitriou

    Of course not! Isn’t Turkey an Asian country? I didn’t know that Europe has borders with Iraq. This must be a new kind of geography.

  10. avatar
    Pavlos Vasileiadis

    No. The EU has many problems of stability and consolidation, a new member would only increase them. Besides, if Turkey wants to join in, it should make drastic changes regarding the Cyprus Dispute, the Kurdish Question and of course the respect of human rights, freedom of press etc.

  11. avatar
    Guillem Martí Bou

    Definitely not. They don’t accept de armenian genocide, they still in cyprus; Indeed would be very hard mantain the PAC, plurality management and unity if Turkey come to the EU.

  12. avatar
    Christus Maior

    + As far as I am concerned,a conservative Muslim nation being the most populous EU member would be…weird.

    • avatar
      Robin Gruillot

      may I remind you that the official motto of the European Union is “united in diversity”. One of the main goals of the European Union is to address social issues, promote democracy and human rights which I must admit are not really always respected by Turkey… Religion should’nt be a hindrance to joining the EU.

  13. avatar
    Catalin Vasile

    First of all, E.U. shoul solve it’s own serious problems, than talk about new members.Second, Turkey should withdraw from Cyprus and solve the fronteer problems with Greece / an internal eternal conflict between two E.U. members is unacceptable!

  14. avatar

    The EU is not working anyway (even though they say it is) so yes, why not? And then let Syria, Israel/Palestine, Egypt, Sudan until we reach South Africa. The more the merrier.
    Of course we can put the hypocritical controls that they would not be allowed to work in the EU until 2089 like Romania and Bulgaria. Hypocritical since either you both support the EU and freedom of movement or neither. You can at least be honest about it.
    Not to mention the religious impact. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that they are Muslims, they could easily be Christians, but Europeans are not really into religion. There it is. An honest opinion.

    • avatar
      panagiotis salonikidis

      Salonikidis Panagiotis
      Despite the economic advantages that the market of Turkey may give to Europe, I don’t think that we should “build” Europe only with economic foundation. There are several problems that Turkey has at the time, riots, bad relations with her neighbours, and problems that may come out later, such as the different religion. Nonetheless, don’r forget that this country has unresolved matter with genocide (even germany has solved these issues, at least most of them) that affects more than one nation. We should not reject Turkey at once but we should not accept it either.

    • avatar

      exactly. and since some countries have unemployment above 25% I believe the answer is NO until we sort that out.

  15. avatar
    Lefteris Eleftheriou

    How can Turkey join a union while it refuses to recognize its members and their borders? Turkey refuses to recognize Cyprus, refuses to recognize Greek sea borders in the Aegean sea and by refusing to sign the sea border mandate of the UN indirectly disputes the sea borders of every EU country. So how can it join if it does not recognize the other member states of the union, or their geographical jurisdiction?

  16. avatar
    Fırat Güllü

    See that people all are speaking with hate no guys thanks but we are happy with our not racist and hostile citizens , all people who doesnt want turkey either greek or armenian all has racist speeches…what u have in europe?? Nothing ..why turkey need eu membership honestly would be good from trade but not more..even in a capital of eu i mean germany still has problems with neo nazi , in england also racist problems so while all this happining in Eu why my country need you??? What differs you from my people ??? Its not a problem to be eu member citizen unless u are peacefull!!

    I live in Bulgaria i love more than bulgarians maybe this country but if you think honestly and compare turkey vs bulgaria or romaina or greece what they have additionally???
    More racist people who throw our passports to our face? (This is how bulgarian migration department works) or legal money steal from students ??? (300? for residency cart per year while minumum wage 140? / month) so while they are giving schoolarship for nothing eu citizen students they are stealing ours maybe you became an Union but you lost your personality and all you do dividing people non-eu or eu citizen or muslim or christian..

    Oh cmon i dont want you too! I dont want people who doesnt work and lay down all day and take money cuz he has child….really i dont..

  17. avatar
    Dirk Schönhoff

    Depends on our future plans for the EU. Turkey should definetely join a European Free Trade Zone with strong political coordination. Thats from now on a good idea for both of us, Turkey and the EU. Talking about a real political union with an elected parliament and european government with responsibilities taken over from the national governments, I can not see Turkey as a part of this united union…sorry.

  18. avatar
    Carlos V Arc

    If Latvia, Romana and Bulgaria joined, why not Turkey? At least Turkey is being able to show some strenght itself lately.

  19. avatar
    Goksun Birgül

    EU would gain dynamism, power, new perspectives economic, politic against growing asia or new partnership in the World. But EU lost chance because Turks alredy don’t want to join to EU. EU is getting increasingly boring, racist a Union. Everything will be worse about EU in the near future. EU limited itself with a border politic, economic has confined itself to the limits and now it doesn’t exceed limit. it could not detect a new world order, new power balances economic, politic. I say NO

  20. avatar

    First of all, let me remind that;
    EU is religion based platform even you dont agree(please check believes of members on religion level). It’s big issue for head of Eu that a Muslim country applies for joining. Secondly, public opinion about muslim countries. People say human rights allowing press,genocide and cyprus issues(we have to admit that there is no cyprus issue anymore. They will not leave and genocide is still suspicious). I see that Turkey has alot to do. But we have to recognize that Turkey is the most open country amoung muslim countries. If Eu wants to get close Muslim community. Turkey is greatest option

  21. avatar
    Goksun Birgül

    EU lost the huge potential for growth and empowerment with Turkey for South Cyprus . what a narrow vision for a Union. what a pity.

    • avatar

      I don’t think the reason is (South) Cyprus. That’s just their excuse. But I think they made them a favor in the end.

  22. avatar
    Tsvetanka Boeva

    With Erdogan ruling? Are you OK- what sort of question is this?? Perhaps EU wants to turn into an islamic union and to use tear gas on us all…

  23. avatar
    Vasilis Siadimas

    a free trade arrangement with Turkey is ideal i guess. a full membership doesnt seem to work. besides, to enter a club, u have to recognise the members of the club. I doubt Turkey would ever recognise Cyprus

  24. avatar
    Bădiță Raabis Ștefan

    Strategic position
    Very good culture
    Infrastructure well developed
    Borders with Irak and link to the 3 Caucasus countries
    More budget for U.E.

  25. avatar
    Mario Biondini

    …NO! As long as the freedom of the press, speech and Religion, Armenian problem, human rights, occupation of Cyprus, and recognition of the Aegean sea boundaries are not resolved, it will be a great relief to leave Turkey outside the EU!!!!…

  26. avatar
    Sabato Danzilli

    A great example of democracy , a Parlamient with threshold at 10% , an example of toleration and wish of peace . No ! No ! No !

  27. avatar
    Mirko Marinov

    no! of course it is an Asian country with a Muslim fanatic religion ..!what about northern Cyprus !. Armenian genocide Bulgaria Greece genocide and imposing Islam ….. no no!!

  28. avatar
    Javier Sánchez

    A market of 75 million people. A young population to an aged Union. A 789.300.000.000 growing economy… And they’re not Asian (Cyprus is further east than Turkey and it is EU). Of course YES to Turkey! When it meet the requirements.

  29. avatar
    Fuat Aslan

    Turkey as a very powerful and ekonumik in Asia, a country with a very large regional power!!!

  30. avatar
    Mirko Marinov

    entirely in Asia!with stolen little piece of the Balkans! not of Islamic fundamentalism!!

  31. avatar
    Fuat Aslan

    Either the European Union or Turkey will be the leader of the Asian Union!

  32. avatar
    Ahmet Furkan

    I would like to share my idea too.. First of all EU has twofaced organization. EU cares human rights but if it happens inside of EU. EU cares economic disaster but if it happens inside of EU. They do not care what’s happening outside of EU ?? Nobody can explain why Turkey is not member or EU since 1959.. Malta , Slovenia, Slovakia etc. are better then us?? NO! EU is racist, except mates of Turkey .. Actually some member countries affair to Turkey’s development level, economic growth and political power in region.Turkey is still working about EU’s chapters and we still try to progress ourselves. Somebody talks about Taksim Square protests , but they did not look at what happened in Germany and UK. Why EU’S TV channels broadcasted from Istanbul and not did any news from Germany and UK?? They can not. Why did not they decide anything about Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan ?? They can not because these countries are Muslim. I am so sorry but EU is making religious discrimination.
    As a Turkish citizen, i do not want to member of EU just like Norway. I really respect their citizens because they bravely voted NO in referendum of EU

  33. avatar
    Sunny Sany

    no never .why turkey need EU membership honest would be good from trade but not more..even in a capital of EU Germany still has problems with neo nazi , in England also racist problems so while all this happening in Eu why we need you??? What differs you from my people ??? Its not a problem to be EU member citizen unless u are peaceful!!

  34. avatar
    Sunny Sany

    no never .why turkey need EU membership honest would be good from trade but not more..even in a capital of EU Germany still has problems with neo nazi , in England also racist problems so while all this happening in Eu why we need you??? What differs you from my people ??? Its not a problem to be EU member citizen unless u are peaceful!!

  35. avatar
    Yolanda Loureiro

    In fact I would like to prove that religion is not na importante issue in integration process but at the same time it would be worst for my country and as I am a patriot, I wouldnt like

  36. avatar
    Fırat Güllü

    Ana Georgieva just compare your culture with Turkish culture if you are still laughing you must have some problems with your mind so come to St.Anna hospital i’ll be there for you;) Stop being racist also and stop thinking that you have better culture than someone elses it makes you funny if i didnt see your culture and people i would belive that but i thhink you are really funny now..Thank goodness i’ve met real bulgarian who thinks bulgaria and turkey has really common culture and thank goodness i’ve met really nice people here in Bulgaria who is not racist like you..You should be fan of ATAKA or sth like this who has totally hate all kind of Turkish people never mind in Bulgaria or Turkey poor you..

  37. avatar

    EU countries have their own terms in the model have been successful in building a democratic society. I see from reviews of Turkey is Muslim members of society is perceived as a problem. So a multicultural Europe have not evolved enough to lift the structure. But democracy, as well as their own thinking individuals into the community and did not need to receive? Thought someone else recognize the right to life, of humanity remained in the classroom. Not a good sight for Europe. Sad situation.

  38. avatar
    Gina Stodinetchi

    You want to destroy Turkey too, like you do with many countries ( Greece, Bulgaria , Romania and so on) ? Turkey is a developing country with industry and agriculture , take a trip by car or bus there to see. Turkish people stay away from EU, just ask for free trade and free travel into EU and you will win more than be a member of this shark called EU.

  39. avatar
    Andreea Teo

    A Turkey outside EU is happier than a Turkey in the EU. Just as Romania and Bulgaria would have been better off the EU as not ready and really bad welcomed (still treated as criminal Roma and no one explains Western Europeans the ethnical and cultural differences!). Not to mention the religion?

  40. avatar
    Sabin Georgiev

    This debate is just non sense the EU has no future, because the people are just diffirent. I can feel the hate in the comments always divide by religion or nation,poor or rich. Some countries just must stop been hypocritical pointing others how poor they are or doing bad, pretending helping them but instead just draining their human resources and killing them economically.I can not see how this will gonna work in this Union? Do you think England and Germany will be real ”friends” or Greece and Turkey and ect ? The only way the EU to survive is to stop hating which other and work together for the benefit of all of us till then gool luck !

  41. avatar
    Cihan Subasi

    Is the same question debated for poland, romania and bulgaria? Thanks to social media to start this debate for Turkey. We need it.

  42. avatar
    Cihan Subasi

    Is the same question debated for poland, romania and bulgaria? Thanks to social media to start this debate for Turkey. We need it.

  43. avatar
    Goksun Birgül

    where are civilization, human rights, equality etc.??????????? where are hypocritic human rights instut?ons of EU.

  44. avatar
    Μιχάλης Νικολούζος

    Turkey does not recognize Cyprus, so a part of the European Union. They push all the illegal immigrants to Europe via Greece. There is still casus belli for Greece. Their religion is against the european freedom and so on. Turkey in the European Union? Take a minute to think about it.

    • avatar

      Typical German politician, probably learned from his mommy and daddy that there once was in Germany a political system where people weren’t allowed to disagree with the rulers. This happened 1933-1945. The EU also dreams of regulations that it can marginalize and exclude people who disagree with the undemocratic EU.

      L’histoire sa repete, Berlin 1933 = Brussels 2014

      We must defend our democracy against the assault from the centralizing politicians. We owe it to our grandparents that we resist EU-ization to the hilt.

  45. avatar
    Léo Tovagliaro

    I agree wih high levels of debt or deficits in Europe as for as education, public spending and investment may boost our economy.

  46. avatar

    Turkey is a very big country, its presence in Europe could be very interesting but the situation in the country has to improve. As we all know in Turkey there is too much corruption. But its presence in Europe could bring a bridge between Europe and Asia.
    So I think that we should wait and see improvements in Turkey, before joining Europe.

  47. avatar

    Before speaking about the integration of Turkey in the E-U, it should recognize the Armenian genocide and find a solution for Cyprus and also to improve women’s rights. Then, we will be able to speak with Turkey.

  48. avatar

    Turkey should resolve its problems of corruption to think about joinning the EU

  49. avatar

    Before speaking about the integration of Turkey in the E-U, it should recognize the Armenian genocide and find a solution for Cyprus and also to improve women’s rights. Then, we will be able to speak with Turkey.

  50. avatar
    Ana Georgieva

    The ottomans wanted to kill our spirit and culture and they still do the same, but we do not give up!

  51. avatar

    Concerning the 1st question: “does the EU offer an alternative model to US”, I think it would be dificult to do. Of course it has good advantages like free education or it’s medical system, but Europe (and especially France to my opinion since i’m from there) does not push it’s potential to it’s fullest and lacks of competitiveness, which is a great handicape.
    I think that the USA will not be remplaced or caught up by the EU, but may one day be by an other rising country (like China for exemple).

  52. avatar
    burgundy pelo

    Turkey joining the EU is an important debate in our time. It can be a restart in a economical point of view. Despite many negative point in social apsect the Turkey can be a input in a cultural level as in religion. it can also be a territorial advantage because Turkey could join Asia and Europe.

  53. avatar

    I think it is not a good idea because Turkey is not a democracy but in other part Turkey is bordered by the Mediterranean sea, so Turkey could maybe help the maritime trade in Europe. But if we accept Turkey in Europe, we must accept all other countries in Europe according to the Copenhagen criteria

  54. avatar
    Florin Iovi

    If you learn history, Turkey are european by the mixture, they are mixt with the old trachean tribes (they formed the old east roman empire). Resuming, they are mixt european an turkish people), reformed and modern musulmans.

  55. avatar
    Florin Iovi

    Also, if they enter in the EU, they need to apply a lot of rules dictaded by EU parliament

  56. avatar
    Gina Stodinetchi

    Ana Georgieva do not punish the child for parents mistake. My grandfather told me stories about Bulgarians who cross the Danube to Romania and make pockets in mans skin and forced them to put the hands in . But I do not blame you for this, because you personal are not guilty. The past is history, forgive but not forget and move on.

  57. avatar
    Ana Georgieva

    Gina, don’t be arrogan, Romania occupied bulgarian territories not vise versa. And its written in history its not a story told by a grandmother. Mind your own business, the turks have never been interested in your country and you have never been a live human barrier against invasions, like bulgarians were for many centuries. And are stiil a barrier for the same “cultural” influence entering Europe. So, simply don’t open your mouth on this subject any more, and mind your business with your hungarian minority.

  58. avatar
    Ana Georgieva

    And next time when you open your mouth read the history of the Balkans and don’t forget that Bulgaria exist on the map since 681 AD a long time before you had a country. Put this in your braiwashed head and don’t forgen it anymore when you decide to be arrogant.

  59. avatar

    In my opinion, Turkey cannot join the European Union because we have already many problems so this is a difficult thing to change and maybe integrating Turkey is not a priority. It requises full support of all EU members.

  60. avatar
    Emma and Coline

    We believe that Turkey still has to make efforts to fullfil the criteria imposed by the EU. In the current situation, Turkey must prove that it would bring good things to the EU especially in the field of diversity.

  61. avatar

    I don’t know if Turkey should join the EU or not, according to the economic and political situation of the EU. I’m shocked when I see so much racism and so many prejudices against Turkey and the muslim religion. I didn’t know that a country had to be christian to join the EU…

  62. avatar

    To my mind , Turkey has to join the European Union in order to strengthen diversifity between members.
    Moreover, differencies could be an advantage.

    • avatar


  63. avatar
    Slim Shady

    In my opinion, Turkey is not perfect regarding to freedom (especially for women, press and human rights) and that would be weird that other countries accept it, but if Turkey improves that, then why not joining the EU ?

    • avatar

      Because Turkey isn’t in Europe.

  64. avatar

    About Turkey, I don’t have a defined postion, I just hate all those prejudices about terrorism, there is terrorism all around Europe, and not just in Turkey. And stop saying that it would be weird if muslim people joined the EU, I don’t find any problem there. We are in the twenty first century! Religion isn’t a problem. And the more different people we have in the EU, the better it is.
    The only thing that annoys me is everything about human rights (about women mostly) and freedom of speech in this country.

  65. avatar

    Does the EU offer an alternative model to US influence in the world?
    I think the US has a really big influence in the world. Europe is competing with the US but I think that the efforts that Europe does are useless.

    Do you think Turkey should join the EU?
    I don’t have any answer to this question but what I know is that people are too much racist towards Turkey.

  66. avatar
    Vassilena Stankova

    My opinion about Turkey joining the EU is yes and no, because if Turkey wants to belong to any union or community, it will have to apply some rules, therefore they have to make some changes concerning human rights and press freedom. Another thing is commuication between Turkey and Greece, they have some conflicts and before joining the EU, Turkey will have to improve its good relations.
    But on the other hand I think it’s a good think for Turkey to join the EU because it gives more foreign workers to other countries, people would travel more easely and it enlarges the community which is always a good thing to do. Another thing is that it would be a good thing for Bulgaria and Turkey to be together as partners because of the few past centuries.
    So before joining the EU Turkey would have to make some changes.

    • avatar

      You can see that you aren’t from a country totally overflooded with ‘cheap’ labor from southern and eastern Europe like we are, displacing local workers and causing more crime and unemployment.

      This would be worse if non-European Turkey is in the EU.

      Therefore it must never be allowed. Never, under no circumstances.

  67. avatar

    The real reason France is interested in things like common debt and liabilities is because it knows it is technically bankrupt, has the largest unfunded liabilities of all and hopes to trick other countries into signing up to common debt/liabilities and funding French pensions with other countries’ money. Self interest as always for France.

  68. avatar

    Turkey will never join the EU, because we do not want them in.

    Turkey is not a European country.

    Furthermore, Turkey is an overt dictatorship (though technically, Brussels is a covert dictatorship) led by a fundamentalist religionist in Erdogan.

    Turkey illegally occupies and oppresses part of Kurdistan and steals the natural resources.

    But the most important reason I mentioned in the beginning: we do not want them. Period. We do not care what unelected Brussels clowns want. No, no and no.

    And this exactly proves that the EU is undemocratic.

  69. avatar
    Paul X

    @Hélène (video)

    Apologies if my post appeared hostile, it was not intentional

    It is my opinion that worrying about “US influence on the world” should be bottom of the list of EU priorities

    If it is for financial reasons then the EU might as well forget it, it will never compete with the US on the world markets

    If it is for political reasons then the EU should also forget it, the only people to benefit from this would the the Bureaucrats who want to be “Big Players” on the world stage and have Presedential ambitions to sit alongside Obamah. I do not want my taxes wasted to pander to their ego’s

    If the reason is cultural then then that is the biggest bit of Hypocracy going, the individual culture of EU countries is already being eroded by the EU itself. The EU is forcing cultural change onto all its member countries (Even calling them “Member States” is an insult) so how can they complain about any external influence from the US?

    It seems acceptable for Polish shops to open up in other countries, have Italian and French restaurants everywhere and people to buy BMW’s but god forbid any European dare mention that they like McDonalds and they instantly become a social leper

  70. avatar

    Does the EU offer an alternative model to US influence in the world?
    First of all, we should realise that EU has to influence the world in a different, more liberal way. That’s why we should concentrate more on how we are gonna accomplish this. And by saying “we” I mean the new generations. It’s very significant to eliminate the hostilities, the prejudices and racism in Europe. In EU should not exist leadership tedences. Instead there should be equality between the countries, between the citizens.

    • avatar

      verry good students in france ! love it <3

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