eurosceptics-v2Across the European Union – from France to Finland – mainstream politicians are eyeing the rise of “Europe’s Tea Parties” with growing concern. Anti-EU, anti-immigration parties are surfing the wave of popular discontent formed in the wake of the Eurozone crisis, and they hope an electorate frustrated with high unemployment and a faltering economic recovery will be motivated to vote for them in historic numbers at the upcoming European Parliament elections in May.

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Despite recent attempts at cooperation between Marine Le Pen of France’s National Front and Geert Wilders of the Dutch Party for Freedom, the only common ground between these parties is a shared dislike for immigration and the EU. Simply put: in terms of working with other like-minded groups across Europe, the biggest challenge for nationalist parties is that they are nationalist parties.

Above all, nobody wants to be tainted with the brush of “far right” politics. We had a comment sent in by Tony, for example, arguing that to “put all Eurosceptics in the same basket as Le Pen and Wilders is a gross misrepresentation”.

When we interviewed Stuart Agnew, a British MEP from the UK Independence Party (UKIP), we put Tony’s comment to him and asked whether he agreed that there was indeed clear blue water between the Eurosceptics of UKIP and parties like those of Le Pen and Wilders. Agnew responded that Marine Le Pen was “not necessarily eurosceptic [but rather] something else”.

Stuart_Agnew_MEPUKIP is different from those parties in two ways. First, we are for full withdrawal from the European Union with no messing about. We just don’t want to be part of this political union – we feel it is undemocratic, it’s very expensive for our taxpayers, and we just want to withdraw from it completely. The other two parties you mentioned are not withdrawalists. As far as I know, they just want to grumble about the EU and try and change it.

But the key thing is that Le Pen’s party in particular has all of this antisemitism and racism. It’s got all that baggage, and we don’t want anything to do with that in UKIP. That’s not necessarily Eurosceptic, it’s something else which in the UK is represented by the British National Party.

UKIP’s political opponents, however, believe the distinction is not quite as clear-cut. When we interviewed Struan Stevenson, an MEP with the British  Conservatives, he argued that low voter turnout in the May elections could lead to strong gains by the far right, and he was clear that UKIP should be included in this camp:

stevensonI fear a very low turnout in May would be taken advantage of by the far right, and these parties would be the direct beneficiary of people not coming out to vote. And I blame, to a certain extent, the media for their lack of interest in European elections. Seventy percent of laws in our countries emanate from the European Parliament, but the media focus all their attention on Member State governments… The outcome of that is, when you hold a European election, few people bother to go out and vote. Unless people get out and vote in May, the British National Party and UKIP and all the fascist and hard right Eurosceptic parties will do very well.

Of course, David Cameron’s Conservative government in the UK has not been completely averse to stoking nationalist tendencies. Last month, Cameron came under attack from the Polish Foreign Minister for suggesting that Polish migrants were coming to the UK and abusing the country’s benefit system.

We had a question sent in from Flavia, a student from Romania, wanting to know what MEPs were doing to improve relations between citizens from different EU Member States. We asked Stevenson how he would respond, especially given the current bad blood between the UK and Poland over Cameron’s comments.

stevensonWell, I think the problem is that some of the far right parties – and in this case let me cite UKIP in the UK led by Nigel Farage – have latched onto the question of freedom of movement of people in the EU, which is one of the core rights of the EU and one of the key reasons the EU is so important. If you start challenging the free movement of people between the 28 Member States, as Nigel Farage has done, you are challenging one of the great success stories of the EU. For example, Farage is demanding that there be extended bans on migrants coming from Romania and Bulgaria, claiming on one occasion that 29 million people will flood into the UK from these two countries – that’s more than the combined population of both countries! It’s quite risible for Farage to suggest that every single Bulgarian, down to the last man, woman and child, is intending to emigrate to Britain. By mid-January 2014, two weeks after the “floodgates” were supposed to have opened, exactly a total of 12 people have come to Britain looking for work from Bulgaria.

With regards to the remarks about Poland, I feel it was perhaps remiss of the Prime Minister in the UK to mention Poland, because Poles have traditionally been welcomed in Britain. Indeed, I don’t know where we would be without the service of Polish plumbers and builders!

Finally, we spoke to Morten Messerschmidt, an MEP with the Danish People’s Party (which sits with the Eurosceptics in the European Parliament). A nationalist and anti-immigration party (they argue that Muslims should be refused Danish citizenship), the Danish People’s Party has worked hard to project a moderate image and avoid the label of “far right” which many still attach to them. As such, they refuse to cooperate with Marine Le Pen’s Front National which they regard as containing “deeply rooted anti-Semitism.”

We asked Messerschmidt what he thought about the rise of the far right across Europe:

Morten MesserschmidtI think it can be explained predominantly by one thing: it’s because the EU has not delivered the solutions that it promised. On the contrary, they have created lots of problems. With the open borders and migration policies of the EU, they have sparked racism and xenophobia across Europe; and with the obviously catastrophic consequences of the euro they have turned the eurozone into the last remaining big economy in the world still in recession.

If you look at European history, it’s only normal that when the politicians fail gravely – which the European politicians have done – it gives fuel to extremist movements. And it’s not only right-wing extremists, it’s also left-wing extremists, where you see various communist parties rising in different countries.

So what IS the difference between a Eurosceptic party and a far right party? Do Europe’s nationalists have a forward-looking and positive message to sell to voters? Or are they just pandering to people’s fears and frustrations? And will they win historic levels of support in the European Parliament elections in May? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below and we’ll take them to policy-makers and experts for their reactions.

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IMAGE CREDITS: CC – European Parliament, Marie-Lan Nguyen, Sebastiaan ter Burg

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    Karel Van Isacker

    They are both realistic. So no difference at all. The left on the other hand wants to continue its old political tricks and plunge Europe in even more socialist misery.

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    George Danieldsg

    Far right is nazis,fasicts and racists.Eurosceptics are europeans who estimate that E.U. as it is funcioning today serves only private interests and cannot continues to exist.The argument arises both from Far right and E.U. true bosses in order to continue the present intolerable for E.U. citizens situation.It is ridiculouw mr Shauble a F.M. of 1 of 28 member states to acts as Fhurer!!!!

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    Carlos Manrique Pérez

    I am purely politically far right and for planned economy, and moderately eurosceptic, but I dont support any dictatorship and a far rightist can be not euroscepric and the other way round so yes.

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      Giannis Lainas

      The center right is majority in the EU and its policies is being supported by the center-left as we speak….But not for long indeed.Those policies is the reason that brought EU in the situation it is….as for Greece,i hope we get out of there as soon as possible.

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    Vicente Silva Tavares

    We should question ourselves, why the far right is growing in Europe? European Union embraced the theory of Globalism a theory that defends the interests of international corporations. For these corporations it is cheaper to compete if they can put their factories (or sub-contract) in cheap labour countries instead of investing in R&D. To be successful this theory implies the lowering of customs duties of the target markets. EU has the lowest custom duties of the world (Europe starts on 3%, China starts on 90%). On a first stage this was seen as a positive fact to customers with cheap goods available. However the dark side of this theory is transferring the jobs for Asia or else, therefore spreading unemployment throughout Europe. Beside loosing jobs, Europe is also loosing its most advantage feature: its know how, its technology. So, a crisis had to happen. When a crisis come over, the masses tend to support extreme and populists parties. If we look at the past, it was the same situation in Europe with the 30s crisis. The advent of extreme right and left is always connected with desperation. EU leaders and technocrats are directly responsible for the rise of the Extreme Right with their policies. The greed of the big corporations will kill the dream of a United Europe.

    • avatar
      Giannis Lainas

      Amen…..someone got it at last.Thats why everyone is talking about us being competitive…competitive with what and who?The Chinese wages?Yeah…and then they *cant understand* what has gone wrong…sigh

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      Jose Luis Da Costa Sousa

      I fully agreed with this comment. This is it. Personally I believe EU has its own days counted. Any normal thinking person comes to such a conclusion. All political/ economical unions or whatever is EU come to an end. In my life time, I,m 66 ears old, I don´t remember in my life, and mainly in my country, such a huge and generalized financial, economical and social disaster, with never seen levels of unemployment, sovreign debts not payable at all, sovereign rigths so cut off in exchange of nothing and on behalf od the EU owners, mainly Germany. Everything came with EU, to deny it it is simply stupid. The unemployment came with the globalization and the displacement of factories to Asia, which it was an advantage just to Germany and the big international corporations, against the interests of the vast majority of the EU population. In addition and just to benefit Germany came the opening of the EU borders to all Asian products, mainly from China at zero taxes, which destroyed hundreds od thousands of factories and entreprises throu EU and my Portugal. The only country with advantages in this once more it it is Germany, they have a lot of unique products to export to Asia and don,t care that the industry in other countries like portugal, Spain, Italy, Grece, etc… it was destroyed… they only care about to sell their products and so on… any normal EU informed citizen knows very well that EU it is a project led by Germany taking into consideration only their national interests… using all the other EU countries as their own minor colonies to pay for all this EU politics and they are the only ones getting billions…. how does it come that in a EU flooded with unemplyment and financial debts, germany is the counbtry in the world with the hugest superávit ??? Something is wrong. Germany is EU….they take the advantages all the other 27 pay the disadvantages… Germany is simply th esame as ever….. without Panzers…using just EU legislation…. and because of this many conscious europeans out from Germany simply want to withdraw from EU immediately, to think it is possible to change it against Germany it is simply too stupid and not realistic to discuss… no way… just close the doors and let us go back to our original countries… before all the EU countries will be financially and economically smashed by the racial superiority of Germany… so I am in favour of any party which wants to get out from EU immediately, far rigth or far left whatever…. out from EU…. which is basically the Great Germany dreamed by them in the 1st and 2nd world war…

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    Paul X

    You only need to read Struan Stevenson’s answers to see just how out of touch most politicians are

    Yes parties ,like UKIP will probably have big gains in the elections, but that is because at last the people are being given another option to vote for apart from the three main parties who all want to push the UK further and further into Europe. Until UKIP started coming to the fore a lot of the the UK population wouldn’t bother voting because there is very little to choose between the policies of the main parties. Democracy is about choice, now people have a choice they will probably come out and vote and that is what worries people like Struan Stevenson

    He also states “Seventy percent of laws in our countries emanate from the European Parliament” I suggest he shuts up there, that is exactly what the people of the UK don’t want to hear and if he keeps on about it he will be doing UKIP no end of good in the forthcoming elections

    “If you start challenging the free movement of people between the 28 Member States, as Nigel Farage has done, you are challenging one of the great success stories of the EU”
    Success? I would love him to explain just how he measures success?
    Free movement was always going to lead in net migration from poor countries to the richer ones. Throughout history people in the UK have left home for the bright lights London where they believed “the streets are paved with gold” very few found the riches they looked for and London ended up with slums and streets full of vargants. Move through history to the current day and you have exactly the same scenario except for the UK substitute Europe and for London substitute any one of the percieved richer countries of the EU

    I suggest Struan Stevenson takes a reality check

    Lessons learned from history by the Euro-elite? absolutely zero

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    Patrice Puchaux


  7. avatar
    catherine benning

    Lets first address the open lie on this thread that starts with the notion that this ‘rise’ in discontent with immigration began only as a result of the failing economy. That is a blatant refusal to accept the truth. In the UK, for example, immigration and it’s fall out has been an issue with the British people since Enoch Powell was thrown out of office for voicing what the public, in their majority, were saying. Parliament decided to stifle the discontent at the time by police brutality toward demonstrators. They had a secret agenda they didn’t want to reveal, mainly the import of cheap labour in order to float big business whilst keeping wages down. The ultimate objective to enhance the bounty of the wealthiest 1%.

    The three politicians you have selected here have exactly the same agenda of course, adding to the wealth of the already rich and powerful, but, they have tapped into the ‘rightful’ concern of the public on damage already done by mass immigration into the culture and quality of life of the European people. They too want to advance their parties hidden agenda of universal enslavement.

    Now our opposing parties are worried by their popularity, not by their hidden motives as they are one and the same. They simply fear their loss of power and subsequent loss of income from being in a position to push it. Mainly by stiffing the voice of the nations people with totalitarian control, such as the threat of imprisonment should they rise against the enforced subjugation which is no longer being tolerated. This is driving them all crazy. Loss of power, or the fear of it, drives the controllers out of their minds.

    Where most people are going wrong is in their belief that there is a ‘right’ and ‘left.’ When, in fact, there is no alternative to the so called right. They are all tarred with the same brush. Do any of you see any real difference with change of politician or change of government? Our so called right wing government in the UK has more than tripled the debt left by the Blair/Brown government they condemn, whilst removing the safety net benefits of the tax payer beyond all proportion, Yet they tell the imbeciles who cannot see the forest for the trees, and vote for them, that when they are re-elected they will do more of the same and make it all worthwhile. The suffering now will be heaven tomorrow if you just stick with us. Sounds like the freedom fighters cry when rejoicing at the salvation their dead. It means when they take away the entire welfare benefits paid for by taxation all their lives, this, they tell us, will right the bankers theft once and for all. If it wasn’t so tragic it would be extremely humorous. And still the average guy can’t see the top 1% gets increasingly richer and pay less and less contribution to the economy and infrastructure of the country they live in.

    Farage is already back tracking on his promises regarding immigration, et al, as he is being leaned on and cannot take the strain. He’s beginning to believe those he always fought against, and is now having to remove the people who support him in order to be allowed to stay in the race. So the more he does that, the more he will lose his backers, yet he is blind to it, or, pretends he is.

    Le Pen and Wilders are less afraid than, Farage, who feels he has something to lose, the other two do not. They promise all things, they will stop immigration, they will return the country to the morals of yesterday, do away with gay marriage and on and on, we will all be better off. If only they meant it. But they don’t. They are never asked to explain ‘how’ they will make these amazing changes and ‘how’ they will do this. The terrible lunacy being, our present politicians knew the discontent these so called unwanted left wing policies were having on the public, they were warned constantly by their trackers, but they ignored the voices in stubborn smugness. Only now presenting the audacity to feign surprise.

    You cannot impose massive lifestyle changes that go against the human psyche on a nation and expect them to comply without revolution. Yet, you never learn. Remember the Shah of Persia and the changes he imposed on an unwilling public. He took them back 500 years with his lack of insight.

    • avatar

      Your insight is to be commended. But only a fool tries to command the seas.a tsunami comes as can be seen in the rise of the fringe parties. And those in its vanguard will be swept aside should they try to veer its course.corrupt and imbecilic officials planted these seeds and now they will reap the harvest of discontent. History shows us this to be true. And I for one am saddened by this.

    • avatar
      Limbidis Arian

      I’m sorry but while i agree that all – these luantics included – parties are trying to enrich the 1% i will not agree that “they should” return to the “morals of yesterday”.
      The world moves only forward.

  8. avatar

    What about the extreme center? I mean, these catch all parties with no convictions apart of getting votes? At least, when you ask something to an eurosceptic, to a far right politician or to a communist, all of them have a solid idea on how to deal with an specific problem. But when you try to find out what the EPP or S&D think about something, it is impossible to get clear responses. Maybe that’s why citizens started listening these other options, which at least are able to defend their ideas.

  9. avatar
    Mirko Celii

    Far right party it’s a euro-extremist party.
    It’s a party where the single currency named euro is the holy bible, and inflation, devaluation, public debt are the demons to be faught with any mean available, including lies, austerity and deflation.
    Full employment it’s not even thinkable, as well as welfare, public investments, domestic demand and workers right.
    No worries if People suicide, we will win when inflation will be lower than 2%.
    And of corse we have been winning since 1999.

  10. avatar
    Carlos V Arc

    Eurosceptic means you dont believe in a United Europe, despite your ideology. Far-right can be Pro-European identity parties or anti-European nationalist. Very often are those who belongs to a group that keeps a political speech about the prevalence and protection of the traditions and heritage of their nation, and prohibit the intromission of foreign citizens in, on dangerous way. On the other hand, in social policies, they tend to be overrprotective (same as far-left, but with a selected criteria only – nation, religin, ethnicity, place of birth…)

  11. avatar
    Carlos V Arc

    P.D. They usually use a sharp speech to get social mass votes from blue-collar, offering them “protection and security”, against defined groups of society.

  12. avatar
    Pavlos Vasileiadis

    I think the difference is obvious. A eurosceptic party can anything….far right, far left, center left, even liberal. Euroscepticism is a trend, not a coherent ideology, so it can encompass very different ideas. The far right sees everything through nationalistic lenses….

  13. avatar
    Olivier Laurent

    I’m not an far extremist but I do appreciate people like Farage. they promote a free market which is hardly the case of the extreme right. it makes no sense to mix both unless you are a pro-european and you want to associate your opponents with the worst of politics.

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Olivier Laurent
      Well said. You only need to watch the EU funded anti-Anglo-Saxon so-called news channel “EURONEWS” to see EU bias in action.

      BTW if a news channel’s remit is to counter the alleged ‘Anglo-Saxon’ news bias’ can it be considered a ‘news channel’ when its peddling biased propaganda.

  14. avatar
    Paula Serra

    a commentator above, believe was Carlos, mentioned a few topics which are quite relevant to explain the worriews we may have, those who are against far right and populist defenders. by reading the facts of the 30’s, what was the evolution of weimar republic, exception to inflation, one knows – though history is not repeating itself 100% and the industrial society is far different today – that too many signs shows that eu moves in a suicidal direction like it moved before the II world War. the destruction in europe, the persecutions against minorities, the level of unemployement, the concentration of power in the hands of corporations, with the agreement of politicians inside and outside the eu, the so called and so stupid ‘ end of ideologies’ – which is a populist and dangerous theory -, the lack of solidarity in time of crisis – which many said it would not happened …. naive or just pretending – the role of the so called socialists, the one dimensional man society which is being bildt since the last world war…..too many local and global problems! colonialism and pos colonialised societies still face too many unsolved problems, the envirnoment problems are being put to a second or third place in the name of preserving jobs and false wealth…. lack of thinking, specially lack of critical thinking… or the role of mass media hidding the still existing critics in the name of mainstream!

  15. avatar
    Christos Mouzeviris

    Their only commonalities are that they are both populist and against EU, European integration and the end of European nation states. The far right because they believe that their nation is better, sacred or pure, while the eurosceptics because they want to protect the monopolies of the established national elites that are challenged by the competition that European integration brings, in the case of Right wing euroscepticism, or in the case of Left wing Eurosceptic parties because of their ideological opposition to what the EU represents at the moment: free market and capitalism!

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Christos Mouzeviris
      When you denigrate the will of the people with your scant regard for so-called ‘populist’ views [like simply not wanting to be in the EU] you deny democracy.

  16. avatar
    José Veiga Rodrigues

    Euroscepticisim means being against the concept of the United States of Europe.

    Is this far-right? No. It’s just a sensible opinion. We can have a free trade agreement without a political union.

    Unfortunately, the EU promotes a lot of propaganda and is everything but a neutral participant in this debate.

  17. avatar
    Paula Serra

    we need more walter benjamin’s, foucault’s, agamben, zygmunt bauman’s just to name a few examples of men, intellectuals, philosophers and political engaged scientists from all domains to come to public and criticise the actual state of politics, society, culture, economy, environment…. otherwise things will reach a even worse zero degree of living!

  18. avatar
    David Fuzzey

    To many eu lovers anyone who is against the eu is a far right nazi fascist…uneducated and sometimes unevolved….lol…they say Nationalsm is wrong and evil …. unless its a pro united stats of europe Nationalism of course. the right is undemocratic yet the eu has ignored 3 No votes in refeenda and usually does everything possible to avoid consent of the people preferring the consent of the politicians instead.Aparantly we anti eu types will cause Wars!!! but all the violence in Southern Europe is eu created.

  19. avatar
    Paula Serra

    … and a lot more MEMORY!!!! because without real knowlegde, including MEMORY…. we can just be asked to enjoy the present… and this last one… just takes a second to be erased!

  20. avatar
    Paula Serra

    … just forget to mentioned that the above three ‘political persons’ are far more dangerous than most people think!!! open your eyes…

  21. avatar

    I got the point about the difference between eurosceptics and far rigthers (like UKIP vs. Marine le Pen), however here in Hungary the only eurosceptic party is Jobbik which is by the way also strongly racist and anti-semitic.

    I think eurosceptic and racist viewpoints are distinct from each other, but enoughly similar (intolerance towards people from different culture) so that in most countries the far righter and the eurosceptic opinions appear in one single party.

    Here in Hungary the center-right Fidesz government also includes some soft-euroscepticism (rather as a criticism of the system than the criticism of the European integration) into their communication in order to keep their eurosceptic voters. They are a big party and they want to keep both their pro-EU and anti-Eu voters.

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      If one is intolerant of an anti-democratic institution [eg the EU] is that bad?

      BTW, not all cultures are equal, not all cultures are the same – some cultures are SUPERIOR to others for example Scandinavian countries are SUPERIOR to Club Med countries [economically (per capita) and corruption-wise].

      Furthermore, one can vent one’s spleen at cultures that are palpably corrupt WITHOUT necessarily being intolerant of an individual from such an inferior culture.

  22. avatar
    Isabel Sequeira

    I believe they are but they are the only ones to answer peoples fears. Theyre saying aloud what many people feel and think right now.

  23. avatar
    Guillem Martí Bou

    Far right party is not a good word for speak about this party (Von beyme / Ware); we should use: strong nationalist party, because their main issue, first than any one other, is the nationalism.

  24. avatar

    All collectivist ideologies, be they communist, fascist, socialist or EU-ist belong on the left. This is why I am not a left winger. The further left you go on the political spectrum, the more you are for government and collectivism. Anarchy therefore is the true far right.

    Thus, fascism is decidedly a left wing ideology. A certain dislike of all things Israel seems to be in vogue on the left these days.

    By the way, the correct term is not ‘Eurosceptic’, it is ‘pro democracy’ or ‘anti Eurosoviet’. And the socalled mainstream parties who are pro EU should be referred to as ‘anti democracy’ or ‘pro Eurosoviet’. We’re dissidents fighting for democracy against the EU.

    Being pro-EU is similar to being anti-democracy. Because foreign politicians voting what the laws in our country should be, that is not nor has it ever been even remotely democratic. Is it a democratic vote when 20 of your neighbours vote you should give them money? Is it a democratic vote when 20 bank robbers and 8 bank clerks vote 20-8 in favor of a bank robbery? Of course not!

    • avatar

      What rubbish!

      The terms “left wing” and “right wing” were originally coined during the French revolution, when they literally referred to which side of the parliament politicians sat on. Those that sat on the right wanted a return to absolutism and the divine right of kings (i.e. unlimited and arbitrary state control), whilst those on the left wanted the same thing (i.e. unlimited and arbitrary state control).

      After the Bourbon restoration in the 19th Century, the term became even more prominent. According to your logic, however, the original use of the term was wrong. Are you arguing that the Bourbon Ultra-royalists of 19th Century France were actually secret Lefties because they believed in Absolutism?

      An alternative definition of “right wing” (one more in keeping with the origin of the phrase) might be those groups interested in conserving (or returning to) traditional social hierarchies and norms. Left wing groups would therefore be those groups interested in radically breaking with traditional hierarchies and norms. So right wing and left wing would become shorthand for conservatives and radicals. If this definition leaves you screaming with frustration that “your” wing has been short-changed, then grow up. There is no “correct” wing of parliament. A government should pursue both radical and conservative policies as and when they are called for.

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      EU = Anti-democracy = CORRECT!

      The EU needs to reflect the wills of its peoples otherwise it will die.

  25. avatar
    Fernando Cabral

    Amazing how short sighted so many people are nowadays. Europeans are considered arrogant bastards by most of the rest of the world.
    Only acting as a group will we have any chance of promoting the rights and freedoms we cherish so much. There were obvious mistakes creating the EU and above all the Euro. Nonetheless the alternative to an union should be much scarier than each country by itself.
    I’m absolutely favorable to having an European budget with say 10% of all the GDP’s of each member state. And having a harmonized fiscal policies. And a common external politics.
    Sometime ago I read an ironic article about Great Britain or little England. The euroceptics and far right or left movement would lead to many small irrelevant states.
    The only question is how long will it take for people to realize this and at what cost!

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Fernando Cabral
      NOT all EU nations would fare as badly as you believe if the EU disintegrated.

      The UK for instance could form a ‘Commonwealth Union’ within 3-5 years of leaving, involving wealthy countries like Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

      ‘Little England’ [as you so ungraciously stated] would thus not need to pay money to prop up financially inferior [and ungrateful] countries like Spain/Portugal/Greece etc etc AND they would be part of a more democratic bloc wherein the common man holds sway and NOT ‘big-business’.

    • avatar
      Paul X

      Considering the EU cannot even manage the corruption, waste and accountability of the 1% GDP they currently get, to even suggest they should be trusted with 10% is laughable

  26. avatar
    Mudasiru Bello

    Who told you UKIP is a right wing party, was it not the dutch MP that exposed how some countries in Europe wanted to out do all the Muslim, special thanks to him o.

  27. avatar

    I dont believe that exist any difference between them. Far right is in my opinion, as general, meditate more national and they dont want any unions because they challenge their believes. Euroskeptic in the other hand wants to be part of this political union believe in democracy but their worries are the same with the far right. They afraid the difficulties bring that union and the economical challenges between others things. So we must persuade them to go to vote because the European Union is such a greate idea something unprecedented and must fight for her. Two facet το the same coin.

  28. avatar
    Vera Carvalho

    Europe is empty of humanistic ideas. The polititians are too busy to make their business. Shame on you!

  29. avatar

    Eurosceptics never seem to have alternatives that are realistic to the world today. I see a lot of complaining and maybe some for good reason but I’m interested in hearing solutions that don’t sound like going back to the 1930s where it’s a all for one and one for all Europe.

    • avatar
      Paul X

      Unfortunately it still is “one for all in the EU”
      Despite what they claim no country is in it for the “greater good of Europe and it’s people” they are all in it for themselves.
      The French are in it to subsidise their agriculture, the Germans for the industrial export market, the Spanish for fishing and a whole host of countries who are net beneficiries from the budget are simply in it for the money…… and as a full rate taxpayer in the (net contributing) UK that is my money they are being handed

      The solution is simple, keep the trade arrangements, stop the rafts of regulations that kill competitive business, stop forcing the people of Europe into something they do not want and most of all stop squandering my money on other (mostly ungrateful and always demanding more) countries and spend it in the UK where we have equally deserving people

  30. avatar
    eusebio manuel vestias pecurto

    A minha ideologia Politica não comparte com a ideologia Politica da extrema direita A Europa moderna a Europa de ideias valores e principios não pode morrer e faz sentido e irá aparecer os resultados

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Paul X
      Well said.

      The EU SCREWS the UK no-end, just look at these statistics:

      79% of UK trade is intra-UK.

      Less than HALF [and declining] of the UK’s trade is with the EU circa 10% of the whole.

      Of that 10% – 3/10 is with Ireland – it would be the same or higher if we left the EU.
      Of that 10% – 1/10 suffers from the ‘Rotterdam effect’.

      The net result is that the EU accounts for LESS THAN 6% of UK trade.

      Why do we pay billions/year in contributions AND lose £3 billion/year in lost fishing rights to be in such an undemocratic entity ie the EU?

  31. avatar
    Quiterio Alberto Báez Benítez

    They take the chance of what the other parties have produced, a great deception, europeans are paying an enormous and expensive burocratic mechanism, and its results are these, unpopularity and poverty for the southern europeans countries in UE by other side. Nothing comes close.

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Quiterio Alberto Báez Benítez
      Well said, apart from the fact that the Northern EU nations have paid and currently are paying the vast majority of the EU bill.

  32. avatar
    Quiterio Alberto Báez Benítez

    They take the chance of what the other parties have produced, a great deception, europeans are paying an enormous and expensive burocratic mechanism, and its results are these, unpopularity and poverty for the southern europeans countries in UE by other side. Nothing comes close.

  33. avatar
    Jose Luis Da Costa Sousa

    Personally I believe EU has its own days counted. Any normal thinking person comes to such a conclusion. All political/ economical unions, or whatever is EU, come to an end. In my life time, I,m 66 years old, I don´t remember, mainly in my country Portugal, such a huge and generalized financial, economical and social disaster, with never seen levels of unemployment, sovereign debts not payable at all, sovereign rigths totally cut off in exchange of nothing and just on behalf od the EU owners, mainly Germany/ France (?) and no present, no future or no hope for common people,…. Everything bad came with EU, to deny it, it is simply too stupid, because before EU everything was going normal… The unemployment came with the globalization and the displacement of factories to Asia, which it was an huge advantage mainly for Germany, and just disadvantages for the other countries (which got their industries simply displaced or destroyed) and to the big international corporations, against the interests of the vast majority of the EU population. In addition, and just to benefit Germany, came the opening of the EU borders to all Asian products, mainly from China at zero taxes and vice versa, which destroyed hundreds of thousands of factories and entreprises throug EU and my Portugal. The only country with advantages in this, once more, it it is Germany, they have a lot of unique products to export to Asia and don,t care at all that the industry in other countries like Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, etc… it was destroyed… they only care about to sell their own products (BMW, MERCEDES, AUDIS…)and so on… . What can Portugal export to China?? Sun??…..any normal EU informed citizen knows very well EU it is a project led by Germany, taking into consideration only their German national interests… using all the other EU countries as their own minor colonies to pay for all this EU politics and they are the only ones getting billions…. how does it come that in a EU flooded with unemployment and financial debts, Germany is not and it is the counbtry in the world with the hugest superávit ??? Something is wrong. Germany is EU….they take the advantages, all the other 27 pay the disadvantages. (as an example, of these sub repticious economical German politics, look at the recent case of the solar panels which China put in 2013 in EU, 10 X cheaper than Germany, before the 1st worl producer,, and learn how Germany managed to save their industry taxing the Chinese solar panels with huge taxes against EU rules, with some excuses, saving their industry and preventing EU counries to get such panels much cheaper…but when it comes to the industy of other countries, Germany is against special measures..) .. Germany is simply the same as ever….. without Panzers…using just EU legislation as the new Panzers…. and because of this many conscious europeans, out from Germany, simply want to withdraw from EU immediately; to think it is possible to change EU against Germany it is simply too stupid and not realistic even to discuss it. no way… just close the doors and let us go back to our original countries… before all the EU countries will be financially and economically smashed by the superiority of Germany… so I am in favour of any party which wants to get out from EU immediately, far rigth or far left, whatever…. out from EU….that is all… EU is basically the Great Germany dreamed by them in the 1st and 2nd world war… the EU dream became a nightmare for many EU counties like my Portugal, of course we know we are not so hard working and intelectualy developed as Germany, but we were living quite well before…. and now we are just nothing… just a joke for EU , just one of the PIGS….. with EU my country the only we got it was it was to become a PIG country…

  34. avatar
    Natan Simonian

    Eurosceptics are those who are against the EU but the far right mean an extremest right wing ideological viewpoints like ultra-nationalism,ultra-religious,racism and other reactionary policies.

  35. avatar

    Frankly only few say what many people think. Because let us face it, the way the EU is going right now isn’t really good for the people living it!

  36. avatar

    Lets start of by comparing a europhile to a euroextremist.
    1. A europhile will use what tools they have to discrace humiliate and use propaganda to achieve his or her goals.
    2. A euroextremist will do what it takes to achieve his or her federal dream, including the above mentioned methods, but will also go as far as to financially ruin any country that doesnt want to play the fed game. They shudder when they hear the words patriotism, democracy, referendums, freedom, internet freedom, and most of all euroscepticism..
    We in the netherlands are not represented by the ruling parties, they only see one goal (a fed and a financial means to achieve one with dutch money) and the dutch are fed up with the political games and name calling…
    The europhiles even go as far as to call people whom want to vote for non eu parties , fat/stupid/non educated/facist/racist/nationalist/populist/etc. My god , what a mess…
    Who is the real extreemist???
    Lets face it , what it all boils down to is money, all the countries in the eurozone no longer print thier own money, thats the job of the ecb. Lets see, is the ecb owned by the eu countries? No the ecb is owned by one family the Rothschilds, they also own the american federal reserve bank, the bank of england , and many more . These are the people whom call the shots, they rule the day. If you hold the pursestrings you have full control ,period. EU goverments are slaves to the ecb.
    We are on the way to the new world order folks , a new type of slavery.
    But can we turn the tide, yes if we elect eurosceptics they can and will try to at least slow the process of being herded by brussels.
    So last but not least, yes there are good political parties and bad ones, but i would never vote for and give away my freedom to a europhile/banker/politician.
    PVV-wilders is a democratic party who is willing to give back our democracy, hold referendums and give the people of the netherlands some respect.
    The europhiles and thier henchmen will do everything to try to stop the democratic election of eurosceptics , i hope they fail.
    I want my freedom and my democracy back….

    • avatar
      catherine benning

      Again, Klassen, you and I are on the same page regarding many issues.

      However, the only answer to the citizens of the EU is not, as you put forward, a political party or specific politicians. It is only the right to Direct Democracy that can save us from dictatorship. The way the Swiss have it.

      And why I say that is, politicians, when running for office, will tell the voter anything they want to hear. And know, that once they are in the office they run for, they can and will change the policies we voted them in to carry out.

      Therefore, only when we have the ‘right’ to call for a ‘referendum’ through Direct Democracy on issues any politician is putting forward, or, have already put in place, can we know we will not be screwed the way we are presently.

      Don’t trust the word of a politician or party, they do not reveal their true agenda prior to getting your vote. Take Tony Blair and his so called left wing New Labour party, for example, a more right wing s.o.b you couldn’t wish to find.

      Blair lied to get votes, he lied to take us to war, and he lied to get paid for being a traitor toward those who voted him in and he made a fortune by doing it. All paid for by the American banking community.

      Vote for Direct Democracy and have a voice in the way you live. We are the only safeguard we have toward our quality of life. Never forget you cannot trust those who seek office. We have to have a veto against their extreme and unacceptable force on every level.

  37. avatar
    Limbidis Arian

    Front National = neo-nazi organization with known racist ex-leader ( Jean Marie Le Pen ) and now his daughter who has been seen with neo-nazi agitators in Switzerland.
    UKIP = BNP in suits = FASCIST organization: they promote a cute to help for the poor ( typical fascist mentality require they label them as “leeches” – which they do btw ), a return to “christian values”, they are anti-science and don’t believe in climate change believing it to be “liberal scam” and of course they are pro big bussiness ( which is why if you would dig deep you will find who funds them ).
    They are for cutting taxes to the rich, cutting social spending, removing labor rights and since it is one of the EU’s regulations that they want all removed, i assume reintroduce child-labor in Britain.

    Geert Wilder = known fascist white -supremacist ( he calls himself “nationalist” but it’s the same thing ), known for attacks on muslims and minorities, has several minor dropped charges of assault.

    Golden Dawn = neo-nazi organization ( i mean seriously even their FLAG stinks of nazi symbolism, it’s even got the same colors )

    Hugarian :Jobbik party and Magyar Garda = both iredentist and revisionary parties. The latter is a neo-nazi organization.

    So yes, they are all FAR-RIGHT ( no self respecting socialist or “leftist” as the right wing nutjobs would call them would lower themselves to bash the poor or immigrants ).

    • avatar

      You obviously know little of UK political parties and maybe read too many left wing blogs.
      The left hate UKIP as they are democratic , free thinking libertarians , everything the left can never be . UKIP propose taking the poorest out of paying income tax , they would also give the unemployed first option on the almost million British jobs advertised across the EU .A welfare state for the needy , not the lazy .
      Yes Christian values, honesty , fair play ,self reliance ,tolerance and community . You have a problem with that ?

      UKIP are not anti science they are anti unproven science which is not science at all but political ideology .
      Yes making government more cost effective is a policy , the taxpayer will get better value for their contribution ,less red tape ,less waste more accountability . Its something maybe the EU should look at . UKIPs funding from ‘big business ‘ is minimal compared to other parties or the Trade union contributions to Labour .
      UKIP are not for removing labour rights , they are for removing labour restrictions and no they are not for promoting child labour.

      I cannot speak with regard the other parties you mention suffice to say it was at the insistence of the EU that all Eurosceptic parties joined a pan European party . Forcing all together is a common trait of the EU and to answer the question of what is the difference between eurosceptics and the far right I would say, as with member states ,
      Quite a lot

  38. avatar

    One might ask just as well “what’s the difference between the EU and the Soviet Union?”.
    Well, in my opinion, USSR was a more natural state, given the Russian Empire background. EU is entirely artificial.
    The real question is when it is going to end.

  39. avatar

    The real question Gebriel is what the leadersm and the people can do to raise the EU, and it is not artificial EU ιs a living entity , the other is simple nonesense

  40. avatar
    Pedro Redondeiro

    Asolutely, None, they are both EXTREMISTS which means, that they both defend stangnation or going backwards, not progress or moving foward! ;)

  41. avatar

    The question confuses what it means to be right and left wing. These are much more accurately defined as a totally planned totally state run communist economy on the far left, and an extreme neoliberal totally free market economy on the right. You can be right wing and in favour of the EU, because of no-borders migration, better serving the free market, as businesses have better access to a larger labour pool. Or you can be right wing and anti-EU, as you could oppose EU regulation on polluting industries, or finance etc., or the EU subsidies seen by some as a form of state interference. Based on this, however, UKIP are both extreme right wing and Eurosceptic, because they adhere to an extreme form of neoliberal economics (which is weird as they’re attracting support from very leftwing people who apparently don’t understand UKIP’s core ideology). The BNP, though described as far right, are actually left wing of labour, as was Hitler, because these are nationalist parties who also believed in a strong state. This is not to say the left are Nazis, or that Hitler’s left leaning politics was the cause of WWII, this is obviously not the case.

  42. avatar
    Steven Kohr

    It is a truth that the largest part of the planet’s media is controlled by right wing capitalists. Their purpose is to spread the virus of capitalism and retain the world’s gap between rich and poor. Left Insider offers left wing news from reputable news sites such as Left Futures, Red Pepper, Novara, The Canary, Buzz Feed, Left Foot Forward etc. Everyone has the birthright to fully exploit our own potential and we all have the obligation to assist others maximise theirs.

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