We’ve had a couple of debates on EU enlargement recently here on Debating Europe, including discussing relations with Serbia, Kosovo, Croatia and Macedonia. One country we haven’t focused on yet, however, is Albania; the small Western Balkan nation applied for EU membership back in April 2009, and the European Parliament has just adopted a resolution calling on EU Member States to accept the country’s application and formally recognise Albania as a candidate country.

We recently spoke to Albania’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ditmir Bushati, and put some of your questions to him to answer. We started with a question sent in from Mihail through our “Suggest a Debate” form, asking simply: “When will Albania join the EU?

Next, we took a question from Paul, who wanted to know exactly how it benefits existing EU Member States to have new countries like Albania join the EU:

What’s in it for me? What is the benefit to me, a tax-paying EU citizen (by default) by allowing [new countries] to join?

Minister Bushati argued that Albanian membership would bring stability and prosperity to Europe, as well as greater credibility for the EU in the interntational arena:

Finally, we had a comment sent in from Nikolai, who wanted to know what the Western Balkan nations thought the future direction of the EU should be. Were they worried that the process of European integration might accelerate and transform the nature of the EU before they joined? Would Albania be able to influence this process from outside the EU before it gains entry?

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What do YOU think? Leaders often argue there are economic advantages for countries joining the EU, but what benefits does EU enlargement bring to existing Member States? And should Albania be officially recognised as an EU candidate country? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below, and we'll take them to policy-makers and experts for their reactions.

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    Karel Van Isacker

    First cure the EU, then expand. But surely Albania together with Turkey would be a nice extension of a healthy EU. Leida Ruvina

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      helen cela

      Yes i agree

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      Paulo Especial

      I agree with Karel Van Isacker

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      EU has been curing since it was formed and i do not believe that should stagnate the process of expansion.

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      Aleksander Coho

      Albania is NOT Turkey.
      Turkey may not change. It”s about cutting people”s throats with their yatagans. For some time, people of European descent in Turkey, thought they could move Turkey in a European direction. It could not last last. That”s because Islam is a millennial project. It doesn’t matter how long it takes – the end result should be people who don”t own their own brains. Islam is the biggest collective psychopathy of all time.
      The second biggest psychopathy of all time is socialism – it is also about forbidding people to think. This is a Western disease, by the way.
      Now Islam and socialism are cooperating (in the form of multiculturalism).
      Albanians have tried them both. Many of them have the knowledge to help people from the West understand. That is, if you don”t want want your great-great grand daughters to live in a black sack with two peeping holes.

      Aleksander from Albania

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    Paul X

    “Minister Bushati argued that Albanian membership would bring stability and prosperity to Europe, as well as greater credibility for the EU in the interntational arena”

    So is that supposed to answer my question? What he actually means is it would bring stability and prosperity to Albania…and who cares about EU credibility? one apart from them political elite who want to play on the world stage
    I still await an answer of how allowing other countries to join benefits me, individually, as an EU taxpayer…what exactly do I get for my money??

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      Didn’t you gey enough all the years Albanian (and non EU citizens) paid taxes for EVERYTHING and got nothing back? No student loans, not even rents! But hey, on taxes we’r equal!
      Anyway one BIG difference is that Albanians wouldn’t take the EU Status for granted, like all u do!
      It’s miserable to see how people don’t stick together anymore. If it was a rich country (oil), i don’t think you would be so worried about your taxes wouldn’t you? And people don’t like to see it but Albania would be the next debt slave of rich European countries!

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      Hi Paul. The tax we pay is for organizations like government they get paid by the tax we contribute and this is not an investment bank that will give you some think back. Pleas understand this thanks
      As for albania or any country join the eu you can’t say that they are poor no.
      The reason albania will join the eu is because they are in ue map and they should be in asap.
      The more eu member you have together the better is for the eu.
      Do not get on the wrong side of politics.
      Us had been expand every year and they are the most paurfull ecanomy in the market and the only way eu will be better is by expanding more.
      All the best palu.

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      I agree with Paul,what exactly is it I get from EU enlargement,the answer is nothing,EU enlargement benefits nobody,it imposes rules,hinders bussiness,restricts free trade and encourages a culture of dependence on countries queuing up to join,sorry but that is a fact,and while I have nothing against Albanians,I too can’t remember getting anything from them.

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      if new commers come and contribute to the uk then I cant see the problem , don’t be so free in giving benefits to uk residence either , its not just the foreeigners who come to get benefits some actually want better life and to work, no one should be judged because there a poorer country , uk only better because they throw to everyone state benefits , perhaps if Albanians had state benefit and help like we do they wouldn’t be in such a state and also so much crime ,

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      helen cela

      So right Annie x but Albania i have been to and in married to a Albanian.there country is the way it is because no state help. They get no help like we do. But all want to work and pay tax just like us to live better

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      id like to address the issue that Ericbana brings up. “I too can’t remember getting anything from them”. is that so love? what exactly are you expecting from us?we have been invaded for many years, suffered so much and have been under leaders whose promises meant nothing. Now I’m willing to apologize to you in behalf of Albania since we haven’t given anything back to the community during the years that we were dragged throughout the mud and back. we trade with our surrounding countries and hold good relations with them. joining the EU would be an honor and a big help, a push to stabilize the country. We are willing to put history aside and create allies and a unified Europe. we might not have much to offer now but only 16% of our exports are crude petroleum oil. we won’t have a negative effect.

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      you should do you home work better :-) .

      You are getting more money out of eu than tou putting in.

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      I dont know what country of EU are you from but for the future, € does not look good and it will continue to weaken.

      You can invest in Albania and hedge against what is to come.

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      Hi Paul and hope u are well,I am a Albanian and British citizen ,we don’t like to see and plaing with are believe to be part of the Europe ,and than what we hate are Albanians gate ,a big ‘No’like we are born yeasterday and we are criminals and thefts and forewer,but you ahold know Europe today if was not for the Balkans people ,I am not saying only about my country Europe and we will speak Turkish now,anyway the Albanians don’t what to be any more part of EU witch is only corupcion and lie,but we want to be part of human bean bc even Albanians are part off,hope and pray even Europe people change the mentality and being great agen,but hope not with corruption governments but with humans heart and helping each other ,bye

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    Olivier Laurent

    The EU is merely an organization, not a person. Who cares what is good or bad for it. It isn’t a goal as such.

    The real issue is: would be good for Albanians? And would it be good for people already living on the territory administred by the EU?

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    Rifat Lica

    Il MInistro Bushati,non si rende conto,che l’Albania non ha nessun ruolo nella Stabilita e nella Prosperità europea,…se non e Albania che si deve adeguare al europa e fare di tutto a convertire il suo immagine e far si crescere la sua credibilità per essere degna nel completare impegni e con dignità prendere il status del paese candidato per l’UE.Il Ministro Bushati e giusto che prende impegni per completare tutto le riforme che il governo albanese deve fare per il suo paese,che sono…il sistema giudiziari,uno dei più corrotti e burocratici nel mondo,..le istituzioni dello Stato,come la polizia e la sanità,altri due Istituzioni non più corrotti ma anche a livelli di miseria e povertà peggio che in Afganistan,e non parliamo di amministrazione pubblica,e settori di economia come energia i costruzioni in mano della mafia e criminalità organizzata con stretto legami in politica e potere.

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      I sincerely hope you do some research and perhaps return to Albania for a period of time. In the quest to feel better about their own decisions, emigrants tend to put their own country down. They should reconsider and move the clock forward 20-25 years. It is a personal opinion that is out of date, not the country.

      Such ill-informed views of Albania are ancient (relatively speaking, since the fall of communism) and deeply based on the transition period, towards a now – fledgling democracy. There is a modern, European society in Albania full of energy and values that Europeans would be happy and proud to have amongst themselves! As far as poverty and corruption figures, please check EU statistics (or CIA World fact Book, etc), and make sure to check the progress and reforms. It is much better than you think, and then some.

      There are problems in Albania, yes, but please take a look at the neighboring countries (Greece, Italy, the Balkans, or even further, Spain, Portugal and Ireland, etc), do you see a perfect picture there? …Far from it!

      European Union is a long term idea and that works as a top-down approach. If it was left to not well-informed views of any countries’ constituents (a minority), especially in times of economic downturns, nothing good would ever happen. If Europe does not steam ahead with its enlargement policies, there is no hope in competing with the new World economic giants and their ever increasing alliances (China, India. Brasil, Russia, etc) in the next decades. Europeans would progressively emigrate. The level and standards that EU enjoys now are based on decisions taken back in the 60s and 70s. The EU picture would be much different if this was not the case.

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      Si tutto quello che hai deto e vero. A me non e che piace molto la politica pero mi fa rabbia vedere il mio paese spegnersi di piu a causa della politica. Se non fosse per la politica a volte sarebbe meglio. Se noi avessimo una economia migliore gli albanesi non lasciremo il loro paese. La magior parte di noi lascia il paese per la colpa della poverta e non per divertimento. Dimi a te piaccerebe lasciare il tuo paese e tutto quello che conosci alle spalle se hai gia li tutto quello che ti serve ??? Ed e giusto dire che il sistema e corroto e si puo vedere con occhio nudo. Tutti tentano per il meglio. Io non ci posso fare nulla se gli partiti maggiori sono uno piu corroto dell altro . Lasciare il tuo paese d’origine non e una cosa che si prende alla leggerà ma siamo costretti a farlo dalla enorme poverta. E se questo lo capisce un 18 enne che vive cui figurati gli piu grandi. Il problema maggiore e che la gente non si ribella a questo sisteme perche sembra esserssi addatato e chi non si e addatato guarda al trove.A me piacerebbe vivere cui pero senza un lavoro io non mi ci vedo cui neanche se finissi i miei studi. Onestamente vivrei al trove se continuassero cosi . E il diploma lo vedo come un extra per andarmene da cui perche da noi non serve a niente aparte apenderla al muro. Pensa di essere al posto mio tu che faresti ???

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    Alex Sekkpefb

    If they really want to make afforts maybe. Not like Croatia that wants all the benefits but makes no real sacrifices (Especially when it comes to human rights).

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    Francesco Barezi

    Dear Minister,
    Europe is not an NGO and Albania is not and cannot be a crucial part of the European and World economic, social and political Union.

    Question: What is the new political and/or economic and/or social ideas that your country and your political elite will bring to Europe, taking into consideration that you are still balancing between an aggressive ottoman foreign policy (e.g. with Greece) and an American controlled positioning contradictory with European Directives and Policies?

    I know many Albanians living in Italy and they are real European Citizens, but they expressed the opinion that the Albanian Political Elite does not want the European Integration.

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      Which encyclopedia have you read about?!?! Ottoman foreign policy?! Political elite does not want the integration?! They might not want it as real benefit for the albanians but surely that is a benefit for them as a political gain.

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      what gives u the right to say no they cant come to uk, I don’t expect u got a bloody husband in Albania who can come uk because I got to prove income 18.600 years from just being self employed,enough are here illegal so let them come legal, and theres enough itally Greece I know illegal so I say let them come ,

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    EU by approving the status candidate to Albania would earn some credit to their ideologies for being inclusive to all states of Europe, to really make effective the idea of Europe, otherwise it would be a mere hipochrisy

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    Emmạnuel M. ּּ

    Oliver Laurent: “…EU is merely an organization…”. Are you serious?! The EU is the closest integrated union of sovereign states on planet Earth – give me another example of an equally integrated economic Union(search the term of economic union first coz it is pure terminology) and I will accept your view. IMF,WTO,WorldBank,UN .. these ARE organisations, EU is way more, it is NOT an organisation. Thanks :) No hard feelings – Just a contribution.

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      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Emmanuel M.
      FTR the United Kingdom is more closely integrated than the EU.

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    Nikolai Holmov

    The problem appears to remain that the EU really does not have a consensus over what it will (and/or needs) to be in the medium term. It has still failed to deal effectively with its internal problems, 5 years since they were highlighted by economic and by extension political crisis.

    Albania may want the EU to remain as it is – which is nothing more than a confederation of sovereign states that have a central bureaucratic hub that facilitates (occasionally) mutually agrees (and all to often lowest common denominator) rules for all members.

    Quite necessarily the EU will need to change to address the existing internal framework flaws as well as addressing future (and quite possibly pressing) frameworks for the future such as foreign policy, defence, energy, food and migration policies as well (to name a few).

    For Albania there may well be “safety in numbers” relating to many of the above issues, but there are also costs to carry both financially, in terms of sovereignty and socially.

    Depending upon how quickly and what the EU morphs into in the years ahead may make it more – or less – attractive than it is today. What is an absolute, is that the Albanian desire for the EU to remain as it is simply cannot be sustained.

    Even a glacial moving monolith such as the EU moves and evolves to its environment – no matter how slowly, it will change.

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    Christos Mouzeviris

    Yes for sure.. It is not good to have unstable poor countries on our doorstep.. Every country that joing is a new market and comes with benefits.. Having said that Albania is not ready to join soon and even though I support its entry in the EU they should not join for another decade. The EU should solve its internal problems first…

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      If it is not good to have unstable poor countries,why is Greece still in EU?

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      Albana Hana

      I am recently taking courses on (international) law and economics as part of my PhD studies, and, am more convinced than before that it is not about rationality in choices (economics), nor is it about law. Albania certainly isn’t ready to become a candidate country to the EU, which is not same as becoming a member, just like Turkey is a candidate for more than 25 years now. Nor have countries which already joined the EU, or which are there for quite some time, been ready to join or deserve to stay in. Certainly Albania has not and won’t play a major role in the political and economic arena of the EU and beyond. But certainly the EU has to find it pace and inner peace first, and then give one-standard messages. Not that this will damage its reputation; I still do not believe this is anymore the case in the national and international arena: it is all about POWER, no matter which means you use or images you construct. I’ve never believed that we should become better off just because some external forces pull us, though this pulling forces are needed, as much as a pushing one is. But I don’t know and still am not at all convinced that we have an inner motivation which pushes us forward.

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      Christos Mouzeviris

      Juha, for the same reasons that Albania will join the EU one day.. The inclusion of Greece in EEC was a political decision, not an economic one.. To bring stability in the region.. Greece was not ready to join EEC when it did, just as many of the new EU member states weren’t either.. Croatia Romania Bulgaria and many others, all joined not just on economic or social grounds, but also political..It was not an offense to Albania my comment I think, I wonder why you took it so badly.. Greece used to be poor and unstable, and in many aspects we still are when compared to other nations of Europe. But even with the crisis, we still have much higher living standards from most of our neighbors.. GDP or economic growth is not something to boast in my opinion as it often is objective, so countries should not be judged on such grounds solely.

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      your country have the biggest ptodlem it self christos (greek:-))

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      True, and perhaps it will join in 5-10 years. However, do you think they should do what the Greeks did when they joined EU…be economical with truth about the country’s finances…and keep doing that for a couple of decades until a massive crisis happens?

      Have a look in the mirror first before being judgmental.

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      One of the big mistakes made from the EU is leting Greece joining the European Comunity .
      Look at Greece now what a distaster .Now my question why greeks a poor country with big corruption issues can be part of EU and Albanians not ?

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      Yordan Vasilev

      Yes! I am agree with Christos. Albania will export fruits and vegetables to Europe, she will import some machines. The EU market will spread. Also Albanian membership will bring stability to the Western Balkans.

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    Hans Metzke

    It’s way too early for countries like Albania, Turkey, Ukraine and Georgia to even think about joining the EU. Let’s get our act together first. Let’s form a more perfect Union before we think about expanding even further.

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      lol so its bettr to have all the illegals here ,flush the illegals out and let EU memebers move freely , just because poorer country why should Albania be kept out , uk got state benefits and albanins get nothing theres a big difference then to the way of living ,work,everything

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      Hans do u have any logical explanation about this ? Why is so early for these countries ? and Why is the right time for others ?

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    Arber Lami

    I was hoping to find Europeans friendlier for this issue. We Albanians know that we have a lot to do but giving the candidate status would be encouraging to make the ‘hard steps’. I bet that if it was discovered oil in Albania we would be discussing something different ;) .

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      catherine benning

      Yes, you are right Lami. And that is because if oil was discovered in your country it would then be classed as an asset. Presently it is not even close to the expectation of what an asset can be.

      The EU is not in any position to be contemplating other asset deprived countries as part of this union. It needs to self assess and work out how to repair it’s own damaged economic circumstance so that the people who are the funders and tax payers of this union can be sure they are benefiting from their being in such a group or club.

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      Arber, Albania is the largest on-shore oilfield in Europe. There is plenty of Oil…There has been a huge drive in the past 10 years by multi-national companies to bring this to world class production standards. Oil has been flowing since the 1930s.

      This is only one asset of many in the country. It is a rich country in many respects and a matter of time before the standards of living reach EU levels. EU can see the potential.

      Please don’t underestimate the destructive power of decades of communism. It is a natural transition between systems. Some EU countries have had 800 years of practice in this system…Albania has had less than 25.

      Please be patient and supportive, it’ll be worth it for EU and Albanians alike.

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    eusebio manuel vestias pecurto

    Eu como cidadão da Europa e Português estou de acordo com o alargamento da União Europeia creio que com esse alargamento irá criar uma mudança de mentalidades dentro dos estados da União

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    Pranvera Sagajeva Backlund

    Catia, Albania was in Europe before there was a Europe. A little bit of Geography would bring anyone to this conclusion, not mentioning how helpful history would be to find out that albanians ancestors were there even before greeks.

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      helen cela

      True x

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      The problem Pranvera is that geography dosent count and never counted for “europeans”.They are all religion that’s why albanians are left out europe and serbians
      a genocidiary nation will join the EU because they are ortodox like greeks and europe dosent like muslims even if albanians were more christians then jesus him self before the otoman occupation.

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    Pranvera Sagajeva Backlund

    ps2. And also the greek person who liked your comment, has already forgotten that they shouldnt have been in EU in the first place, and Greece is farer to the rest of the Europe by location then we are.

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    Pranvera Sagajeva Backlund

    All the Greeks here: you are the example why poor countries like yours shouldnt have and shouldnt join the EU. Like you screwed up the rest of the Europe countries despite their help.

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    Marsida Hyseni

    Albanians are open minded and very good people! We are showing that we can walk side by side with EU

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      Paul X

      Marsida, I’m sure Albanians are very good people but that does not endear me to want my taxes spent on the good people of Albania rather than the good people in my own country

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      sok miloti

      tell them marsida they forgoten that mother teresa feed the world in the past centery, albania dos not need eu and eu dos not need albania….

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      Paul x what taxes are you on about seriously!? Is it fair and right that you can travel and work in Albania but an Albanian cannot do the same as you? Is it fair mr Paul that you have the right to be free and others not? I think some people lack in common sense!

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    David Miko


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      Than you should be part of the KKK

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      British Citezine infact


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      Loser david miko don’t be a racist

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      Gina, that’s exactly what it is. But at least they wont be illegal. What countries like the UK, France, and Germany are doing is allowing their big corporations to exploit illegal immigrants, and that is the modern slavery.

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    Marie Strati

    The successive integration of Balkan states in the EU will be a historical moment for the region.

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    Erjon Luzi

    I’m Albanian. I hoped my country would get the candidate status. Europe, for us, is still an ideal. An ideal of peace and brotherhod. Unlike some of the “European” guys here who think of EU just as an economic union. Europe was born to be more than that. EU must be more than that. I’m sorry, but i don’t se mutch of those ideals in your comments. Funny thing is that you think you are better than us. Look at the mirror, see if you can find in yourselfs the values that the EU people were meant to have, by those great men who created it. I don’t want anymore to be part of your union. Keep it. It is by people like you that the EU is failing nowdays.

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      Paul X

      That’s because some of us here remember when the EU (EEC) was sold exactly as you desribe “just as an economic union”
      It’s progress into anything beyond that has been completely undemocratic and against the wishes of many of its citizens, particularly those who are footing the bill

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      You just want our money, and then to come here to undercut our local workers (ie ‘steal’ our jobs).

      The only value the EU was ever supposed to have, as indirectly expressed by the ‘great men’ *cough* who created it, was to abolish national parliamentary democracy and build in its place a new sort of Soviet Union.

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      Margaret spencer-suli

      I would like Albanian to be let in the EU

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      Erjon ,im british im married to a Albanian and hes still in Albania because needs the visa to come , uk residence think there better because they get state benefits help from councils ,get given homes food and home less get help all free, a lot uk residence not work in uk because some choose to stay on benefits and not work, then they moan that foreigners come take the work and we employ foreigners , but the truth is foreigner also want to work and have a better life , I know Albania done get counsil help ,state help and seen some poor area and how peope do live in Albania and its heart breaking , this is the difference with uk to Albania we get the state help and good pay from working ,what uk residence don’t see is Albanian do work and work all day for 5.00 where we get 5.00- 6.00 minimum pay for 1 hour working here , some people have no idea and see the reasons why some countrys are like they are , uk is notihing to brag about and be proud of ,we have state hand outs givem freely this is the difference ,lol

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      Erjon ,im british im married to a Albanian and hes still in Albania because needs the visa to come , uk residence think there better because they get state benefits help from councils ,get given homes food and home less get help all free, a lot uk residence not work in uk because some choose to stay on benefits and not work, then they moan that foreigners come take the work and we employ foreigners , but the truth is foreigner also want to work and have a better life , I know Albania done get counsil help ,state help and seen some poor area and how peope do live in Albania and its heart breaking , this is the difference with uk to Albania we get the state help and good pay from working ,what uk residence don’t see is Albanian do work and work all day for 5.00 where we get 5.00- 6.00 minimum pay for 1 hour working here , some people have no idea and see the reasons why some countrys are like they are , uk is notihing to brag about and be proud of ,we have state hand outs given freely this is the difference ,lol

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    Tarquin Farquhar

    “Minister Bushati argued that Albanian membership would bring stability and prosperity to Europe, as well as greater credibility for the EU in the interntational arena”

    A poor backward country with an insalubrious history of just over 3 million people (circa 0.6% of the EU population) would make such a difference.

    Erm, methinks the word HYPERBOLE is most apposite at this juncture.

    We’ve already seen what happens when very poor and democratically challenged countries join the EU – hasn’t the EU learned its lessons yet?

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    Albania economy is small and it showed during the big crisis that as small, it can be manged easily. Personally i dont think that we are puting any economy in danger. Albanians as people of EUROPE diserve to feel as Part of it and not prejudiced or otherwise. How would anybody feal if somebody will deny you to be part of the neighbourhood wich you live in because you dont have money. EU is a Community and as so we know what is fairest thing to be done.

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    Pranvera Sagajeva Backlund

    Economically it will take long time before we are ready to be part of EU. As I see this, being a candidate doesnt mean to be a member. It means making adjustments, achieving standarts and criterias. I would also add to that the EU countries who found the union and set these standards dont meet them either. As somone who has studied economics I see this very sceptically even tho Im an Albanian. But didnt EU breech these standards by letting Greece, Bulgaria and Romania join it? Im sceptical about it working for Albania which would have more disadvantages then EU itself in case Albania joins. Still, its not the first time for EU.

    • avatar

      The EU has made economical decisions (as im sure you know better on this) and political decisions. Overall I think the decisions have been more political rather then economical. They felt the pressure from Russia and feared the creation of Soviet Union once again. Overall EU was unprepared for the east to join as majority of migrants moved to EU and attacked their benefit systems. This has led to the rise of anti-EU movements in these countries like the BNP, UKIP and so on. On the greater scale the EU benefited from these migrants as they were and still are cheap compare to locals. EU has exploited these people by using them like animals. And in this aspect I think it will be better for Albanians not to join. However, Albanians have every right to be free to move anywhere they want to just like the rest of EU citizens.

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    Pranvera Sagajeva Backlund

    Economically it will take long time before we are ready to be part of EU. As I see this, being a candidate doesnt mean to be a member. It means making adjustments, achieving standarts and criterias. I would also add to that the EU countries who found the union and set these standards dont meet them either. As somone who has studied economics I see this very sceptically even tho Im an Albanian. But didnt EU breech these standards by letting Greece, Bulgaria and Romania join it? Im sceptical about it working for Albania which would have more disadvantages then EU itself in case Albania joins. Still, its not the first time for EU.

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    Riccardo Biasetti

    Erjon Luzi you are lucky your country won’t belong to EU. EU is not structured with a democratic setting. The European Commission it’s not elected by people though it decides what is good or not for the EU, it has the power of proposing legislation (the monopoly of that!), and the power of implementing decisions.
    European Parliament should have much more power, but it hasn’t.
    EU doesn’t garantee any shared sovereignty among European people. It’s a kind of shared oligarchy between many States to bypass people’s will.
    Unfortunately this antidemocratic structure is not failing.

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    George Yiannitsiotis, PhD

    Would Albanian membership be good for the EU?
    Taking into account the experience of all Balkan EU-member, states (Romania, Bulgaria) as well as the experience of EU and eurozone members (the famous PIGS according to 4th Reich propaganda) the question shall be “Would Albanian membership be good for the Albanians?”
    Taking part in a German-centric empire as a would-be debt-slave (like the Greeks, Portuguese, Spanish, Italians is not the future any proud people desires!
    Friendly advice to our Albanian neighbours: look how the West European Usurers Corporation (disguised as “European Union”) devastes Greece: GDP -25% in 3 years! Unemployement 30%+!! Poverty 40% of total population!!! all with rising trend.

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  27. avatar

    Would Albanian membership be good for Albania? No. Why should Albania join a union where there a majority of countries that always disliked Albania, partitioned Albania, and now treat the country like a piece of rag? Why should Albania give a lot, just to get the candidate country status? Does Albania need EU dictatorship, where probably it has to give up pieces of its territory and territorial integrity just to have the permission to be in the waiting list to join the EU? NO. I as an Albanian vote against an EU membership for Albania. We need EU as a partner, not as a dictator that will use us as a market commodity. Albanians want reunification with Kosovo, not an EU membership with horrible conditions for the nation.

  28. avatar
    Juliana Sula

    I am thinking about grece …… the big problem of Europe but the greek people are talking for albanian country that s its very nice uauuuuu good luck for grece

  29. avatar
    Anja Kadiu

    Let me make a point real quick! There is a fine line between getting the status as a candidate and being a member of the EU.

  30. avatar
    Silvi Chatziri

    Of course it would be good! It’s a nice with nice history and the economy of the country grows better than the Turkish or the Bulgarian economy!

  31. avatar
    Luly Nurediny

    Being an EU expert I will say that: this country is a twice punished one, ones upon a time by Communism and now by Eurocratic-Bureaucratism

    • avatar

      well said!

  32. avatar
    Arianit Bekteshi

    Reject albania, the EU is more popular in albania then most likely any other contry in europ, buut lets reject albania, lets make them feel unwanted, cuz the EU only wants agresive countries that are known for starting wars and publicly threatning to side with russia if rejected (for thos who cant guess serbia).. so yeah just reject one of the most historicly known least agresive nation, and most pro EU nation because of its econamy and corruption.. yeah greece bulgarian romanian serbian econamy is excelent , there ant be corruption there.. they ready for europe.. but albanians? Nahh fuck albania their economy suck, and their muslm ! Yep thats what albania and most of the world will think by rejecting albania…

  33. avatar
    Pranvera Sagajeva Backlund

    It wouldnt be convenient for EU because Albanian immigrants all over europe who have worked hard to stay there would return back with everything they have earned and invest it back to Albania. A work they have done so long and much cheaper then EU citizens. firstly there will be a shortage of labor who does those jobs and secondly, what is not forbidden is not appealing anymore. There will be such investment and income flowing out of Europe that will cause a problem for EU itself. Immigrants to a certain extent are necessary for the economy.

    • avatar
      helen cela British and married to a Albanian. Why should they be any different in sending money back home to there own. We got alot here now such as polish doing this. Romanians came here by the bus fulls and admitted there only coming to the uk to claim our benifits to send now is nothing to be proud of its a shit hole.theres more foreign than uk residence here now let them come what does it matter.

    • avatar

      I absolutely agree with you Pranvera on “what is not forbidden is not appealing”. That is exactly what drives the non-EU countries wanting to join this union. Once they get there, most will think “what a waste”!

  34. avatar
    Spiros Nikolaou


    • avatar

      Do you have any statistics or data to back your claim?

    • avatar

      Hi I would like just to let you know that not all Albanian are criminal I have met lots of Albanian people and they are very had working and good people .

    • avatar


    • avatar
      helen cela


  35. avatar
    catherine benning

    Albania cannot be considered an asset for the European people. it will be a drain and there are already too many drains we are having to clean up. Why would the elite in Europe consider this a good idea? another form of cheap labour for the corporations making it even more possible for those to lower the wage of the working family?

    What needs to be considered more fully and in depth is, what will you do to rid us of these satellites once you realise they are an expensive noose around the neck?

    As we all keep reminding you, charity begins at home. The citizens of Europe are not in this club to support corporate greed or for the benefit of self deluded ruling classes visions of glory, they are in it for a return on their investment. Albania and others are not a sound investment. If that changes in the future, which will be a very ling time coming, then we could do a rethink.

    • avatar

      Get lost catharine

    • avatar

      Catherine, in that case Albania should kick out the EU corporations that do business in the country which would mean less taxes in your pots and less money coming in? You forget that the coin has two sides! Albania would be the best investment EU has done in the last 3 decades. The country has the potential in powering most of Italy and only in renewable energy, not using any atomic power plants. The largest offshore crude oil in Europe. The second largest country in Europe after Russia in chromium deposits. A serious competitor in the European tourism industry. I see a lot of discussion participants lack knowledge and those who do state that it will be in the benefit of Albanians not to join. Me personally think that Albania should not join, however, also foreign corporations should be kicked out of the country unless EU does not allow the free movement of Albanian citizens.

  36. avatar

    Albania would be a big investment in terms of Regional Stability and a very good example how the diversity even in a small percentage is respected by the majority. Albania is a good example how minorities are integrated in the cultural political and economical life of the country, also it is unical in the world in terms how three official religions (christianity and islam) can live peacfully close each other.

    Albanians are a very young age population and very well educated an hardworkin, if they are motivated about the european dream they can give the rest of Europe big lessons.

    personally I think pushing the Candidate Status for at less 6 month was a good thing because the new PM has a very great power in Parliament and the oppositions is very weak for the moment and this can harm the check and balance system of the powers in the country. EU supervision through this time can keep things in control :). I Hope for the best because I don’t want the Russian influence for my country (this goernement are the heriess of the communists), but the Europan one :)

  37. avatar
    Pranvera Sagajeva Backlund

    The trojan horse is invented by you. That is how you publish those biased statistics. Protecting criminal greeks by accusing albanians its easy in greece, no one would take theur defence there. You are the most racist country there is. Hitler thought that arian race was superior what about you? what do you think you have something superior? You have some crises now because Karma works this way.

  38. avatar
    Spiros Nikolaou

    SO you suggest letting the albanian mafia in Europe?? And whatever you say doesnt change the fact that albanians are criminals. not only in greece but serbia and kosovo also

    • avatar

      Spiros i think u are albanian to dont try to hide ur self my “vorioepirot” brother.

    • avatar

      Spiros Nikolaou, what is different about the Albanian mafia to the rest of EU countries mafia? The only difference I see is the rules of the game, apart from that I don’t see anything unusual! Mafia is everywhere, since you know about it, im sure you have seen them in your country. Try make a less fool out of yourself!

  39. avatar
    Spiros Nikolaou

    And how you compare Greece Bulgaria and ROmania with albania? In albania most villages dont have electricity.. and the poverty is extraordinary.. I have been in south albania and i know. You comparison is inadequate

    • avatar

      This is the most stupid thing I have ever read in my life Spiros.

    • avatar

      So you think because most of the villages in albania don’t have electricity and some of them may have thing that dose not mak them criminal ok thank you.

    • avatar

      you are so full of your self spiros and you look like a criminal

    • avatar
      helen cela

      So what no electric.i also been Albania and same as any country there’s richer and poorer.if they had state money and free hand outs like we do in the uk there would be a big difference there too.its not the peoples or individuals fault for the way they live.they have such shit state there that don’t give people the help and support .even uk have poor living on streets,homeless,pleading poverty.albania has the right to be given a chance to improve .

    • avatar

      It is very simple just by looking at your face the biggest problem of eu is Greece spirous and get of now

    • avatar

      I’m gonna tell you what ? We are the most older people on Balkan .. Britain have broke the albania and that’s why we are like that .. But no worries we getting much better Becous we have to much oil ok

    • avatar
      Arber Masati

      Thanks God in Greece, there u have the light in your place but no money to pay it. And Spiro don’t open your mouth when u don’t know nothing. I have been in Greece too and trust me Tirana is way better then Athens look like right now.

    • avatar

      I think you need to do some more research! Albania exports energy to Greece at least 4 months throughout the year. Albania’s economy is much better than that of Greece who is borrowing trillions to recover, and a better growth rate than most Balkan countries.

  40. avatar
    Pranvera Sagajeva Backlund

    I have met many greek people visiting albania and they come with racist thoughts but unlike any other nations they dont accept to see how it really is and getting to know albanians. They come with closed mind and live with the closed mind. My best friends come from all over europe and call albania their home. They are absolutely shocked where this bad reputation comes from. I guess it comes from you.

  41. avatar
    Gonxhe Kandri

    Spiros Nikolaou you RACIST!!!! Shut up and thank Albanians that have worked in your country and developed your country economically by doing works with less than the half of a normal salary and in most cases you have killed young mens just to not pay them!!! Hundreds of young man working in your country are missing. We came from a comunisem period and we had no mafia – you brought mafia in our county.
    You shouldn’t speak about you or about crime – you are the one that have lie in EU to still the taxis from EU countries!
    And despite your bad publicity, villages in south Albania are wonderful places, with a magic sea side and wonderful people! Thats whay you want to take those villages. Your are Trojan – you invented.
    Go and eat some meat and chips because you are not able do something else.

    • avatar


  42. avatar
    Genci Malaj

    #spiros, esis isaste akristi oli, esi tha skoliasis ja tin Albania ke tous Alvanus? Fuck of racist peopel!

  43. avatar
    Engjell Hamitaj

    Spiros Nikolaou don’t change the subject, when u speak for mafia look at your country when the people suport one mafia and racist group like Xrisy Avgy. I worked and i lived in greece for 15 years and i never had full respekt from this people. So let’s not speak for this bicouse you know wery well than your country also is dirty on crime! Albania deserve being part of eu! Don’t speak for electricy or what else you coment,look in Romania there are city when the people are fight for bred and food. Being part of eu doesent mean than one country shouldnt have problems! Allways albania has ben left alone and the wrong media acuse them for everything. Wana say just Albanians culture and history is wery large and you dont have any idea!

  44. avatar
    Erjon Luzi

    Spiros, you are not a racist, you are an ***hole. Unfortunately, your country is a member of EU and has a word in merit of our integration. And, unfortunately, there are a lot of people like you that being un-informed, bad-purposed-***holes who spread their racist-backed “ideas” everywere they can.

  45. avatar
    Marsi Vreko Dashi

    Albania is one of th oldest places in Europe. Shame on u for not let in this beautiful place with great people ne part to where it belongs. Don’t want to be racist but wash your mouth when u speak about my Home.

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Marsi Vreko Dashi
      I’m sorry but I am unfamiliar with Albania.

      Would you please kindly name 5 famous Albanians so that I can research same. Thank you.

  46. avatar

    I am out if this debate with people like Spiros. I feel pitty for such people. Spiros thats why your country is today in this situation because for you is easier to lie and give wrong informations instead of finding a way to cooperate with neighbours for prosperity of our Balkan penisula.

    • avatar
      helen cela

      One famous person tarquin is the mother Teresa. She done alot for Albania.very famous.

  47. avatar
    Belisar Hoxholli

    Think about something… We were criticized for heroin trafficking and not being able to secure our borders… Yet for heroin to even reach Albania it has to go in and out a EU state… So much on EU border control. Albania has, is, and will be European country because my dear non-Greek Europeans, we were here before your ancestors could shout Rus with axes on their hands. As for the Greeks, one day you will realize that in the end we saw hope in you in a moment of need, just as you see now, by Cathimerini own articles, in us. I couldn’t care less about the EU, but I sure hope one day we will get past the resentment toward each other and work towards something that is of benefit to both our nations. As for the rest of whoever is jumping on Albanians… We don’t care. The question is not if EU is better with us, it is whether we are better off without it.

    • avatar
      Troy USA

      The question is : Is it a good thing for Albania to join the EU ??? Despite the fact that geo strategically Albania is a big plus for the EU , in return the chances are Albania would be better off Independent of the Euro and its Economy . A temporary cash flow to the underdeveloped sea cost tourism and the exploitation of the countries natural resources won’t be much of a gain for the albanians but rather to the big corporations that in return are going to transform the hosts in to their servants .

    • avatar

      Balisar,we would all be better off without the EU,we would have our own border controls,our own currencies,why anyone would wish to surrender those things I am at a loss to understand,You talk about”so much for EU border control”you must know that joining the EU involves a total lack of ANY border control,that’s why the drug traffickers like the EU.and as for resentment ,isn’t it blatantly obvious that the resentment stems 100% from the fact that some countries resent subsidising other countries out of their taxes!this is really basic stuff!it really isn’t difficult to grasp !

  48. avatar
    Tarquin Farquhar

    George Yiannitsiotis, PhD
    Good point – ‘Little Europa’ has over-extended itself to the detriment of all the Northern [net contributing] EU nations and too the proud [not too proud to accept charity in the form of SoliCharity monies from the Northern EU nations though] Southern EU nations that have [UNNECESSARILY] suffered terrible hardship all in the name of the Teutonic elite and its French poodle.

    • avatar

      Firs of all, I am a french citizen, and I want to inform you, that is not necesary to tell u 5 famous albanians. It is just enough to mention the name of Skenderbeg. The hero of albania, and the protector of all western europe from ottoman is thanks to him that europe has its own religion and its own culture. Except greece that lied and destroyed the eu ecconomy.

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      You can’t even name one famous Albanian!! LOL!!

  49. avatar

    Firs of all, I am a french citizen, and I want to inform you, that is not necesary to tell u 5 famous albanians. It is just enough to mention the name of Skenderbeg. The hero of albania, and the protector of all western europe from ottoman is thanks to him that europe has its own religion and its own culture. Except greece that lied and destroyed the eu ecconomy.

  50. avatar

    First of all, I am a french citizen, and I want to inform you, that is not necesary to tell u 5 famous albanians. It is just enough to mention the name of Skenderbeg. The hero of albania, and the protector of all western europe from ottoman empire. it is thanks to him that europe has its own religion and its own culture. Except greece that lied and destroyed the eu ecconomy.

  51. avatar
    Paul X

    @Annie (way at the top)
    No I’m afraid I don’t recall getting anything courtesy of the Albanian taxpayers, please remind me?
    And yes if Albania was a rich oil country I wouldn’t be complaining, that’s exactly what the EU needs is more countries that can contribute to its budget rather than more countries that take from it……..unfortunately I do not see any rich countries in the “join here” queue do you?

    • avatar

      Dead right,and it’s interesting that the ones making noises about leaving are those countries who are funding the rest of the “TAKERS”

  52. avatar
    Christos Mouzeviris

    some of the posts here very shameful and I wonder why debating Europe allows them..Both from Albanians and Greeks or other nationalities.. It shows how immature people from the Balkans are in general, and are always at each others’ throats for stupid reasons and complexes of inferiority/superiority. Put it well in your minds all.. If all Balkan states eventually become EU members they could form a formidable block within EU..We have nothing to separate anymore, the borders are set and not changing.. This ultra nationalism , Albanians against Serbs and Greeks, Greeks against Turks and Albanians and so on, is exactly what keeps our region behind and we are the least developed region in Europe..!! Albania should join the EU, not because they will bring huge benefits to the club,as they are a small country and market.But because they are a European nation and they are eligible and entitled to do so.. Besides the only way to lift them out of poverty is an EU membership and that my dear Greek compatriots IS the only way to stop the actions of Albanian criminals in our country.. The poorer a nation is, the worse corruption is in that nation and criminality settles… It is in our best interests to encourage Albania in EU, and help them become full members, so that we won’t have to deal with certain criminal groups that come from there and other countries.Most other countries which joined the EU recently were where Albania is today at some stage of their history.. They are progressing.. Things change over time and even Albania will change.. By slandering them we do not help this change to take place, we are only harden their nationalism as it is obvious from some of very stupid and illogical comments they have made in this topic.. Please stop embarrassing yourselves..

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Christos Mouzeviris
      I agree with you that some of the postings herein have been racist – quite appalling.

      However, on occasion, one should be able to critique negative cultural practices endemic within any given country, without the race card being inaccurately and irresponsibly played.

      PS: I salute you for your ‘changing of spots’ given your previous racist comments towards me and Africa, well done.

    • avatar
      Christos Mouzeviris

      The only thing I have said against you, after having been objected either personally or as a Greek negative comments and slander, that you should not have a stiff British upper lip, as you are not of “pure” British descent, as you are half Irish half African. There is no racism there in my opinion, I did not underlined you African heritage at all whatsoever.. That is not an issue for me.. Half of your family comes from Ireland, the other half from Africa..There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, but to see a person like you of mixed heritage to be so close minded towards other cultures thinking that the British culture is superior to others, is something that baffles me… You should visit countries like Spain, Italy, Greece and others in the Mediterranean.. The culture and heritage there is so rich and there is so much history that personally I value countries with such rich heritage more, than countries with high GDP or wealth…But that is me..

    • avatar

      well done on this christos

  53. avatar
    Greece B+ Hub

    Hope you don’t mind we shared your comment Christos Mouzeviris along with the article.

  54. avatar
    Erjon Luzi

    Christos, I wish others were as logical as you in their comments. We should cooperate. Doing so, an unprecedent synergy will be released, making us both better cittizens, better countries, heading towords common objectives.

  55. avatar
    Pranvera Sagajeva Backlund

    Im Albanian, and Im glad to have read such comment from a greek person. You have got my respect for your words. When I meet someone like you I would never show hate because I dont hate, its just a mechanism of defence when the humiliation is constant from closed minds.

  56. avatar
    Jude De Froissard

    Albania diserves to be in the eu….this beautiful country went through dark ages.. and its people suffered a lot like many countries in the region,and its people diserve to get a better future…like all of us.When will we understand that we have a common future and it is not with racist and degrading words that we will all improve.I also would like to add that it is poverty and bad education that creates bad people wherever in the don’t blame one country or another for that.

  57. avatar

    The real issue is probably not to know if it is good for the EU but if it is good for Albania….at the time I have been working in Albania, an engineer was paid 30 dollars a month and I believe that some Inside the EU will find interresting to have well educated people working for them for more or less nothing, are they going to develop Albania I don’t believe it.

    • avatar

      What time was that, 1980? Now a good engineer is paid something like 700-800 euros a month in Albania.

  58. avatar

    Dear Flucas i am sorry to disagree with you on the salary of an engineer. It has never been 30 euros for the last 23 years. Maybe 300. Actually im an engineer living and working in Tirana and im being paid 600 euros per month.

    Dear Christos, i appreciate your openmind and realistic oppinion and point of view.

    Dear all who Support us and understands the issues that Albania had to go through the last 500 years(ottoman invasions, WW1,WW2, COMMUNISM, TRANSITORY DEMOCRACY ETC). May God open the minds of those who have it closed. Thanks and regards from European Tirana.

    • avatar

      Hi! Martin
      correct in what you said, it was a long time ago, the salaray was what I undicated. But even now, 600 euros represent half of the minimum salary guarantee by the law in France for a basic worker, and as long as no social and fiscal alignment will be done Inside Europe, the only result is a competition between workers. By the way, I should say that I did like Albania when I was there, and I always thought that the potential for this country was very high. So good luck. But Europe as it is built now, is not for the benefit of european citizens.

    • avatar

      Flucas, you mention ‘social and fiscal alignment’. You do realize that it would require massive decreases in salaries in Germany, Netherlands ea?
      Or do you seriously think it is possible that everyone eventually will come up to our level, income and social benefits wise? If you think that, then I would say
      you are living in cloud cuckoo land.

    • avatar

      Answer to Marcel:

      If you don’t think it is possible, if you only consider that the alignment will be on the lowest levels… then forget about Europe which will be a pure non sense….

  59. avatar
    Paul X

    While I agree with a lot of your sentiments there is some contradiction in what you say.
    You cannot in one sentence accuse people of Nationalism as though it is a bad thing but then go on about how good the culture and heritage is in particular countries?
    Nationalism (moderate not extreme) is born out of people wanting to keep their countries cultures and heritage. It is (ab)used by the pro-EU lobby as a big “no no” because it is totally against the aims of the EU which is to amalgamate every country into a one politic, one currency, borderless, homogeneous zone
    I totally agree countries like Spain and Greece have wonderful heritage and culture and I’m sure likewise many Eastern European countries do, and when I visit them I want to be able to tell when I’ve stepped from one country to another, I prefer crossing a border, I prefer changing currency, I want to see as many differences between countries as I can but the EU seems intent on blurring everything into their personal vision of greyness

    • avatar
      Christos Mouzeviris

      A single currency does not in any way lessen the culture and heritage of a nation.. A little bit of nationalism is good as you got to love your country to see it progress. But the problem is that most of us have the wrong kind of nationalism.. The only threat to Europe’s mosaic of culture is the Americanization of Europe with all the movies and music from the other side of the Atlantic dominating the European market.. Europe should promote its own culture and that means constant cultural dialogue among its nations.. More European movies music theater and art or even media please and less American..

  60. avatar
    Paul X

    Christos so its all the fault of them over the Atlantic?

    It is a paradox that European countries critisise the UK because we apparently blame the EU for all our problems, yet the very same countries try and blame the US for all theirs?

    There would not be so many McDonalds if people stopped eating their burgers, the people who are creating the demand are as much to blame (probably more so) than the companies who are capitalising on it
    The same with music, you cannot stop people who want to listen to American music from doing so without some North Korean type dictatorial regime but don’t blame the country supplying it, blame those who choose to listen to it
    No amount of money spent on EU cultural propaganda will stop people liking burgers or rubbish American tunes, countries should take responsibility for promoting their own heritage. It is totally unfair to expect taxpayers in one country to pay to promote culture in another country while their own culture continues to be erroded

    and I totally disagree with your comment on currency. Currency is fundamental to the sovereignty and therefore heritage of a nation and only those who have given it away would dismiss it’s importance so casually

    • avatar
      Christos Mouzeviris

      I think you do not understand how the media and the PR campaigns they run work..At all.. It is all about money..The one who has lots of money can shove his products into every market..I mean seriously, how the hell have the likes of Justin Bieber and Niki Minaj found fame? Just look at how the X-Factor works..Someone rich, pours money into one campaign presenting an artist as the next big thing.And everyone goes bananas over him/her even though they are c&%p!!

      You won’t pay for others to save their culture, you will pay to save yours..!!! Above all…

  61. avatar
    Zemaida Kastrati Mozali

    I think it is the right moment to note that the patience on the part of the candidate countries ( potential ) is needed , implying that the early/unmature entry could undermine the EU and the countries themselves .

    But on the other hand, population of these countries ( namely my country, so Albania ) should not be left to wait too long unnecessarily , otherwise a negative feeling towards EU and EU integration and can also damage the EU itself . Society in our countries is put under a great strain . Our societies/countries have been transitioning from communist regimes and centrally planned economies to democracy and market economies , while at the same time adapt themselves to the sophisticated mechanism of European integration . Social stresses that result , in addition to other problems without end , can not be ignored .

    It is quite understandable that people do not have more patience . Appetite for further reforms may well fall down if these countries begin to feel that the goal of EU membership will not ever achieve .

    Just remember that when Hungary and Poland put in a difficult position , threatening European Community to get out and Vaclav Havel talks threatened ” authoritarian forces and right-wing nationalist ” will exploit a failure to reach out agreement , then the member states reluctant – mainly France , Spain and Portugal – reacted . Only after this , they advanced further negotiations .

    On one hand it means that Europe should be demanding to region
    ( namely Albania) , but preferably without exaggeration and without attributing the burden of the current problems to the region. On the other hand , there are our own countries , which have to work hard to go to Europe .

  62. avatar
    Zemaida Kastrati Mozali

    I think it is the right moment to note that the patience on the part of the candidate countries ( potential ) is needed, implying that the early/unmature entry could undermine the EU and the countries themselves.

    But on the other hand, population of these countries ( namely of my country, so Albania ) should not be left to wait too long unnecessarily. Otherwise, a negative feeling towards EU and EU integration and can also damage the EU itself. Society in our countries is put under a great strain. Our societies/countries have been transitioning from communist regimes and centrally planned economies to democracy and market economies, while at the same time adapt themselves to the sophisticated mechanism of European integration. Social stresses that result, in addition to other numerous problems, can not be ignored .

    It is quite understandable that people do not have more patience. Appetite for further reforms may well fall down if these countries begin to feel that the goal of EU membership will not ever achieve .

    Just remember that when Hungary and Poland put in a difficult position, threatening European Community to get out and Vaclav Havel talks threatened ” authoritarian forces and right-wing nationalist ” will exploit a failure to reach out agreement, then the member states reluctant – mainly France, Spain and Portugal – reacted. Only after this, they advanced further negotiations.

    On one hand it means that Europe should be demanding to region
    ( namely Albania), but preferably without exaggeration and without attributing the burden of the current problems to the region. On the other hand, there are our own countries, which have to work hard to go to Europe .

  63. avatar
    David Fuzzey

    What has Albania ever done to deserve the likes of barosso , wormy von ropey and the other eu drones?.

  64. avatar
    Marko Nano Ruzin

    The Balkans need to enter the EU as soon as possible. It is the only way to build a stable and powerful Europe with a sense of identity that overcomes the bureaucratic and ideologically lacking senses it aspires to right now. The Balkans need to liberalize and only EU can bring their economies up which would then inextricably return to the EU a strong support and an opinion from other places that the EU is the true binding mechanism and successor of Rome.

    • avatar

      Who is gonna pay for that? You expect my country to hand over even more money to the corrupt EU?

  65. avatar
    Riccardo Biasetti

    Thank you David. It’s nice to read the truth. Unfortunately many people are victim of their own ignorance and naivety

  66. avatar
    Tarquin Farquhar

    @Christos Mouzeviris
    Look old chap – I applaud your Damoscene realisation that RACISM is not a la mode anymore; I’m glad you’ve joined the 21st century [at last] BUT the topic at hand concerns Albania and the putative upsides and downsides of its possible EU membership.

    The only thing I am aware of that Albania can offer the EU is some mineral resources – are you able to add any more positives?

    • avatar
      Christos Mouzeviris

      My dear I am racist only in your little disturbed brain.. Apart from that it is not obly about what a country has to offer… If a country is on the European continent and shares some certain values with the rest, is a democracy and has a market based economy then that country is eligible to join by law.. And that is that.. C’est la vie you once told me.. Well then….

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Christos Mouzeviris
      Please concentrate on the debate in hand!

      Sharing values is one thing but some of the values endemic in some continental countries [such as Albania] have values that quite frankly need to be extirpated and NOT shared; examples include cultural acceptance of major criminal gangs, sectarianism, a corrupt judiciary, a corrupt police force and so on and so forth.

      Incidentally, sharing values is one thing BUT I am loathe to continue sharing my country’s wealth, land, jobs, universities etc with countries that refuse to acknowledge my country’s CHARITABLE donations to same.

      The EU needs to adjust its treaties to counter the hyper-asymmetric costs that Northern EU nations pay to support/prop-up/industrialize/civilize developing nations within/without the EU such as Greece and Albania.

      PS: If YOU post RACIST comments [as you have done several times on DE] then you are a RACIST – QED.

    • avatar
      Christos Mouzeviris

      Tarquin here the pot calls the kettle black.. I think you have serious issues of inferiority, what has happened to you, were you bullied at school about your heritage? Or are you trying to disqualify any valid arguments against your position, by branding the person who makes them as a racist?

      A strategy followed by many in your country and the British way of doing politics, slander and manipulate public opinion in order to silence any dissident voices.. You are a weak debater and a person of limited intellectual capacity and that is proven by your posts in here..You keep repeating yourself..

      You call everyone who disagrees with you a racist, either me or Catherine, anyone who you can not confront effectively. And you also keep repeating the same arguments about how inferior the southern states are culturally (if that is not a racism then what is).

      You fail to understand how these conditions in these countries were created and how are they are sustained, and you will be surprised that in many cases the big powers of Europe, that include Britain, are to be blamed partly.. They have started the two world wars that have wrecked the continent, and they sustained the cold war plus they funded or supported juntas and regimes in countries that they had interests..

      While in the same time you have rebuilt your countries with Yankie money and that is why now you kiss their butts and do whatever they say.. You also fail to notice the many things that are wrong in your country, the big bubble that your country’s economy is at the moment, that if it bursts, you will find yourselves in a bigger crisis than Greece is at the moment.

      But because you are a big country, and a big economy, the markets do not want or they can not afford to let you go under as a lot will be at risk.. That is how your country is kept afloat by borrowed money so you can come and lecture us about how Great Britannia is and other arrogant sickening and idiotic nonsense that you and Paul is blubbering on about in here…

      Go and tell those who train you, you and your folk that dominate and European forums and platforms, that they need to train you more and come up with new arguments, because you need to catch up with reality and become more effective debaters if you would like to see your cause successful..



  67. avatar
    Paul X

    Christos, I know perfectly well how the media works unfortunately your thinking is about 20 years out of date
    Manufactured bands backed by lots of money had their heyday in the 1990’s, these days the same bands can be equally successful without the money due to the internet, that is where the current crop of talentless idiots find their fame
    Yes there is the X-factor and the like, but there are more winners of these “talent” shows that have faded into obscurity than have actually made it successfully, that would indicate that no matter how much backing and hype they get from music moguls if people don’t actually go out and listen to them them they will flop
    If you want to blame anything for destroying culture then blame the very internet you are currently using

    • avatar
      Christos Mouzeviris

      …. Internet was not around in the ’80s when we were all massivelly exposed to American and English speaking movies and music.. It was after WW2 that Europe well half of it fell under the American influence and we were oblidged to fill our markets with American products in return for the Marshall pland and the money we got to rebuilt our countries.. Since then we are culturally and socially assimilated into America.. Time for European movies me thinks.. I would be happy to watch as I already am….

  68. avatar
    Caroline Walcot

    It costs a lot to join a pukka golf club, so poor people tend to avoid them. It costs a lot to join the EU – you shell out in legal fees and forests of paperwork and getting the aquis before you get any money back in grants; and no way can Albania’s economy support even a child’s membership of the EU. However, very convenient for Albania to be surrounded by EU countries.

  69. avatar
    Tarquin Farquhar

    @Christos Mouzeviris
    What a bizarre, singular, obscene, RACIALIST [if not RACIST] tirade? Please focus on the forum question and suppress your wild-eyed phantasmagorical, obnubilated musings to yourself.

    Albanian membership of the EU will be GOOD for Albania but BAD for the Northern EU nations [specifically Northern EU tax payers] as they will have to foot the bill to upgrade, civilize, democratize, and industrialize a very small nation of little positive repute.

    PS: I always stand up to people with EXTREME views – whether its you [Christos Mouzeviris the RACIST commenter] or Catherine Benning; your extreme points of view need to be challenged, outed, ridiculed, chastised, criticised and marginalised.

    PPS: ISPs existed in the late 1980s therefore your assertion that the internet did not exist in the 1980s is wrong, YET AGAIN.

    PPPS: I agree that the UK gets treated better than a small developing nation like Greece by virtue of its size, its superior economy AND TOO its culture, fiscal and otherwise.

    PPPPS: Your comment that the UK caused 2 world wars marks you Christos Mouzeviris as either ill [if so Godspeed] or of questionable integrity.

  70. avatar
    Paul X

    Christos, there is only one person continually blubbering on here about how the UK still thinks it is “Great” Britain and that is you, I said long ago I accepted the UK is no longer a major player on the world stage so why do you keep draggin up the same tired old accusations?
    This is a European forum, I’m here to comment on what I see are major failings in the EU which cost me and my country a great deal of money, mostly going to extremely ungrateful recipients
    You on the other hand have only one agenda and that is to blame the UK and US for everything that is wrong with your country…… is everyone in your country issued with those blinkers that block out internal corruption and mismanagement and only allow people to look across water for a scapegoat?

    • avatar
      Christos Mouzeviris

      “Christos, there is only one person continually blubbering on here about how the UK still thinks it is “Great” Britain and that is you..”” Wrong, just look at Tarquin!! The comment was mainly targeting him..

      The problem with you is that you only know or comprehend half of how the EU works or how politics in your country work, or politics in general work.. You only have one narrow minded, one sided view, formed by the British press, which is known to be among the most biased towards Europe and EU in the world..

      It is also well known that the majority of the British Euro-skeptics are pensioners, with little understanding or regard of what the EU is or how it works or why.. The younger generation of Britain is found to be more pro-European and that is a fact..Pity that the future of Britain will be decided by people like you and Tarquin, but the younger generation will have to pay the price..If only they knew..

      The problem is that is harder to convince the older generation for change..Plus, the pensioners are those who more time in their hands to participate in forums as these, promoting their hatred towards everything that comes from the EU or Europe..

      I understand that conservatism in the older generation, especially in Britain is rife and very hard to change, but please do not use other countries as an excuse for your country’s failures..If your government wanted to use your money wisely, they would have done it already..

      Also I find it peculiar that you criticize me of being “issued with those blinkers that block out internal corruption and mismanagement and only allow people to look across water for a scapegoat,” as you Brits are doing exactly the same in here, for ages.. I am just trying to tell you to stop blaming other nations, or the EU for the wrongs in your country, by turning the tables.. See how it feels?

      The EU is all our governments put together, and yes, that includes the British government. So if any bad policies or mismanagement is coming out of there, then the responsibility is also falling on British politicians and your government.. When will you put it in your head.. The EU is Britain, Britain is EU too!!

      I know very well the short comings of my country, I have written many articles in my blog about it.. But, many of these wrongs were created by the actions of European powers, either you like it or not.. Some others by history and how generations upon generations of Greek people grew in absolute poverty and deprivation due to the constant wars that either we found ourselves in, or others like the European powers dragged us into..

      Plus, Greece can not change on its own, if Europe can not change itself, because what I said about Britain is the same for Greece too..Europe is Greece and Greece is Europe, as Greece is one of the oldest EU members, so change can not take place on a national level only.. It has to come on a European level too..

      That is why my position is always against the intergovernmental-ism, lobby-ism and elitism that exist in Europe and is supported by conservative folk from all countries that want things to remain as they want them, know them, or suits them that guess what, that includes you.. Either you like it or not, you support things to remain as they are, while I support change and progress…

      On national and European level.. That is why I am what you would call “pro-European” meaning I would favor further EU integration in order to have more transparency, accountability and democracy, by giving more powers to the European Parliament, while limiting the powers of the Commission or the Council, by merging those two in one body or scraping one of them for good.

      In my opinion that is the only solution to make the EU better. At least I have an opinion and a vision. I do not come here to blame the poorer states for what my government does or how it mismanages my money.. They do not need Bulgaria and Romania, Greece or Spain to do that, they are doing a great job by giving power to the bankers mind you!

      No, the EU is not perfect and I do not like it as it is, its neo-liberal agenda and its elitist attitude. But the solution lies with more and direct citizen participation, with a strong EU Parliament and further integration..

      Tarquin you are not worthy of even replying to the mumbo-jumbo that you posted, I do not make sense of you anymore.. Me racist, because I have an dislike towards you? Seriously grow up!

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Christos Mouzeviris
      Please stick to the forum question, your RACIST rantings are NOT funny just sickening.

      If Albania joined the EU, it would [like Greece and other Southern EU nations] cost those EU citizens in the North too much money with very little positive pay back.

      Albania [and perhaps Greece] should forget the EU and establish a union with Turkey as they share a lot in common – food, corruption, denial, mismanagement etc.

    • avatar

      too blood to talk

    • avatar

      My opinion is that a lot of Lithuanians I have met here in UK are of limited education and have no clue about the world.
      Having said that I do agree that some of the girls from your country are very pretty and good in bed.
      The issue here is that most comments here are not valid because this only a candidate status which is only going to help Albania adjust in all levels to EU standards and not access EU right now. It would be the most idiotic decision not to allow the that status now.
      For the UK bigoted commenters here I know you full well how biased you are due to your ignorance of the rest of the world.
      Living in UK is great and the problems of UK don’t come from Albania or would be made worse by Albania being in the EU.
      The people that wanted to emigrate and come to the west have already such as myself and have fully integrated and become British citizens.
      Stop your arrogance and your ignorance or you risk appearing idiots.
      To: Tarquin
      You are a simpleton and I bet you don’t know much about anything and your ridiculous usage of “fancy” words does not make your argument stronger. BTW the Greek guy kicked your ass every time so best if you shut up. Also I bet any Albanian would kick your ass “literally” if you spoke to them like that and you know it.
      Rant over!
      Why do I have to get angry first thing Monday morning???

  71. avatar
    catherine benning

    Albania is not ready for assimilation into the EU. The EU cannot afford it. Certainly the UK cannot afford it. And Albania is not likely to become an asset in less than fifty years, and as the planet is facing economical obliteration, it would not be in Europe’s best interests to open its doors to yet another beggar. . The problems associated within it are greater than shows on the surface.

    The Norwegian who believes his is the richest country in the world is living a delusional life. You need to read economics and relate it to the world economy.

    The small minded Brits on here, apart from being intellectually challenged with little education to hand, are simply brainwashed into believing they live in a ‘democracy’ even with an unelected second chamber called, The House of Lords, an appointed group of nepotism and cronies if ever there was one. All fiddling their expenses en masse and bringing in laws that suit their infantile carry on to the extreme. Even with all that evidence this crew continue to believe we are a so called ‘sovereign country,’ when they are simply a ridiculous, laughed at by the world, satellite of the USA. And if the revelations of Snowdon has not opened their blind eyes nothing will. They enjoy their stupor as it elevates their ego and keeps them chugging on like Boxer in the book titled Animal Farm by George Orwell.

    Now hear this European people. Absorb what you are reading. Our British government has reduced to starvation masses of people in our country who have either no work at all and cannot get any because there is none, or, they have to work twelve hours a day for so little pay they cannot afford to eat. So they are sent with a special vouchers, given by the State, to go to food banks. This includes women, children, the disabled and the elderly. We are a part starving nation. Whilst that same government is handing rich corporations and billionaires tax cuts, tax payer funded write offs for betterment of their corporate concerns, and they watch with glee, chuckling at the growing hunger of our people.

    They are trying to ban the Churches from showing advertisements that highlight the lines of devastated people whom they are throwing out of low cost social housing on to the streets making them homeless and beggars. This includes children, just as the USA have done since the thirties. As, just like under Thatcher, they want to sell off low cost housing so that rich Landlords can raise their rents even higher than they presently are and then they can feed off tax payers funds through housing benefit to fill their coffers higher. and our opposition benches in the House of Commons stay mainly quiet as they watch this fiasco.

    But. wait for this, the biggest most deplorable act any government can do is refuse the offered aid of 2.5 billion Euros the EU has offered to feed our starving people. Saying that they will only use part of it, to once again prop up the rich in our society. Yes, they have rejected the Euros because it is ring fenced for feeding our starving poor.

    Don’t believe it. Well here it is in its full glory. The Great Britain who wants it people to die of hunger and cold. All of them one time tax payers or present tax payers.

    And here is another little eye opener, they have not allowed this to be aired on our radio or television. This news has been censored from the BBC and the newspapers. They don’t want our people to know they have refused to feed our people. And that is proof positive that they are moving toward human cleansing of the British poor.

    Why is the EU not taking steps to bring the British government into line under the Human Rights Act for this satanic policy? Sick, disabled, elderly and mentally ill people are dying for want of food and heat. How can this go unchallenged in the modern world? There are thousands already dying and dead from the cold and lack of food. What are you waiting for?

    This is the time for goodwill toward men. It is Christmas for God’s sake. SOS.

  72. avatar
    Paul X

    Christos, I do not blame any other country for the UK’s problems. My issue is quite clear and I’ve said many times now. Every country has its problems but I would prefer my money (taxes) to be used to help the people of the UK and to help resolve UK problems instead of being handed to the EU to dish out to other countries

    I agree parts of the British press are very Eurosceptic…. so where is the counter arguements being put by the Pro EU lobby?. It’s no use saying that the UK attitude to Europe is because we are all mindless idiots who believe everything written in the populist tabloids, what’s more to the point is where is the pro-europe coverage? It would be beneficial to the Uk attitude to Europe if some of the “sensible” papers published some articles on how much good the EU is doing for the people of the UK, but they don’t, and people therefore have to assume it’s because there is nothing good to write about
    The only statements put forward by UK Euro-fanatics are doom and gloom stories of how we would suffer if we left the EU, never anything positive about remaining in, so what does that tell you?

    And you really do show your naivety by saying “That is why I am what you would call “pro-European” meaning I would favor further EU integration in order to have more transparency, accountability and democracy” That is a complete rubbish, more power to the EU is less democracy, the more you intergrate the less an individual vote counts but that is exactly what the EU wants. It is forever trying to extend majority voting to areas it shoudn’t why is that do you think? So it can impose legislation on countries that do not want it, how is that more democratic?

    The older generation see what is happening and we are already paying for it right now. How you assume the younger generation is more Pro EU I don’t know but what I do know is they will never thank us if they inherit what will be just another a faceless region in a EU block, particularly one with financial liabilities to support all the other poorer faceless regions

    • avatar
      Christos Mouzeviris

      You do not give more “power to the EU” as it is, you are reforming it and make it more democratic, by giving the EP more powers, limiting the powers of the EU Commission and the myriads of lobbies that surrounds them…We could of course withdraw from the EU or dismantle it, and keep it as a trade block.

      But then we will have the paradox of Norway, that it has to follow EU legislation as being part of EEA, while it has no say in the decisions. The Norwegian people have no say in the laws that affect them directly.. That may be ok with them, but for a large country like the UK, to be forced to follow legislation decided by others in Europe is not a good solution in my opinion..

      The reason that there is no good words written about the EU and Europe in Britain, is the same with all other countries.. In no country you will find anything extremely positive about the EU, apart perhaps on Europe’s day.. And that is limited on how the EU stopped the wars in Europe and blah blah blah.. The reason is, that for any successes the national governments want to take the credit, but for any failures, the national governments put the blame on the EU and Europe, in order to remain in power.. That is happening in all EU states, but obviously in the UK it is more evident.. The British press is among the most Euro-skeptic, because the British elites are among the most Euro-skeptic.. And that is that…

    • avatar

      One cannot make the EU more democratic because it is inheritly undemocratic. No demos = no democracy. The Soviet Union, as I mentioned numerous times before, had the exact same legitimacy problem.

      Giving the EU more power is actually making things less democratic because you have to take it away from the national democracies. I think already it is outrageous that some unelected Eurosoviet Politburo kommissar (EU Commission) can practically overrule elected national governments.

      The EU is a relic of the 20th century and should be abolished.

    • avatar
      Christos Mouzeviris

      Marcel I respect your opinion but I do not share it.. As I respect Paul’s, you are obviously trying to do what you think it is best for your countries and that is admirable that at least your participate even in a debate..

      But your views of the EU are a bit one sided.. Yes as things stand in the EU right now, the club is not democratic, there is a huge legitimacy problem, elitism, intergovernmentalism and so on.. The only way to deal with such issues is to turn the EU as something of our own, of the people..Taking control of it, by giving full power to the European Parliament for all matters European.. Giving people a voice in the EU..

      Your opinion is actually advocating for the opposite, to either turn the EU just in a trade block or dismantle it altogether..

      Note that I do not support a European centralized government, as I am against centralization of power anywhere.. Europe should be governed in 3 levels in my opinion, local, national and European.. Thus we have to weakened the centralized “national” governments, give more power to the local authorities and for all European issues give full power to the EP.. Weaken the EU Commission or merge it with the EU Council.. One of the two is unnecessary in my opinion..

      So yes, that will make Europe a federal entity, but not one country, as Europe has a mosaic of nations..

      We could of course as I said dismantle the whole thing, but we will be going backwards or in circles.. I do not want to live in a free trade area only, where the rules of the Markets apply and shape the laws that influence my life, while I have no say and control in them.. For me it is a no no..

      Or we could even dismantle the whole European free trade structure and go back to the basics.. Things have changed in the world during the past few decades..Europe won’t be the richest continent anymore in a few decades as it is a small, aging and with a very few natural resources left continent.. Our best chance is to combine our knowledge, efforts and resources, in a equal manner..

      I know you will disagree so let’s agree to disagree on this.. I am expressing what I personally think it is best for my country and for Europe in general..

  73. avatar

    Being anti assimilation of Albania into the EU isn’t racist, especially when we are basically the same race in Europe.

    Albania has got a significant problem with organised crime, the focus should be on Albania doing all it can, with the help of the EU to curve that crime. Something of that scale would take many years, likely decades to bring to an acceptable level before Albania should be considered for entry into the EU.

    Not a bad idea to plan for potential Albanian integration however, it should be considered a very long term possibility.

    Separate to that; the EU has far more important issues to work out, before it should even consider more countries joining.

  74. avatar
    catherine benning


    Yes, you are mostly right. However, the only way to ‘democratise’ the EU in reality is by fully introducing ‘Direct Democracy.’ Which in essence is the only ‘true democracy’ there is on the planet. If Europe took this courageous move it would dramatically change the world for the better overnight. The effects would immediately change the thinking of world leaders. No longer would they believe Corporate influence was the prime mover in our destiny and more respect for the wishes of the people would take first order.

    We already have gross laws and insane policies that go against the majority wishes of our citizens and it is seen this way throughout the entire European community. These anomalies need to be addressed and put right as living with the mess is beyond contemplation.

    So, how do you move this forward? Certainly not by opening the borders further at this time. The mess we have needs to be corrected and a pattern for future expansion worked on before any sense can be made in that direction. The flaws on entry requirements are vast and will not be addressed overnight no matter how we move toward it.

    Here are some ideas from Canada.

    And according to the UK’s Magna Carta

    This can be done in Europe. And it can be done without too much trouble.

    If this happened in Europe it would result in ‘Global Direct Democracy.’

  75. avatar

    I believe that countries which have issues with their own borders and neighbours should first deal with those problems once and for all first. Only then should they think about joining international unions or federations…

  76. avatar

    Yes to Albania when they are ready. This will take quite some time, but they wil get there.

    But a very big NO to Turkey joining the EU!

    • avatar

      I find it bizarre you should think Albania is a good bet but not Turkey,what on earth do you base your questionable logic on,
      fact ..when poorer countries join the EU the richer ones see an increased financial burden followed immediately by mass immigration,which leads to countries suffering from overcrowding ,strain on their health services,schools!a shortage of housing the list goes on and on.
      Don’t you find it interesting that the countries who want the EU to continue to expand are poorer countries and those starting to resist enlargement are those who’s inhabitants are actually paying all the bills.
      Get real,improve your life if you want but don’t impose the cost of improving your life on me.
      Every country should work to putting its own house in order and stop expecting everyone else to foot the bill

  77. avatar

    The reason I do not want any of what you want is because any ‘federal’ Europe would require benefits/pensions/wages reductions here in Netherlands (and Germany etc) in the double digit percentages. Or do you live under the illusion that all can go up to the ‘highest’ level?

    The differences between US states, for example, are minuscule in terms of wages and welfare compared to the differences between European countries. Any kind of federal Europe would require at least a moderate level of convergence even if you accept that no two countries will ever be at the exact same level.

    And that convergence requires that something or rather someone gives way. US states started with relative parity compared to us in Europe.

    For me this is a major reason to oppose any kind of federal Europe. Why should be give up a significant portion of our income just so that some unelected clown in Brussels can then pretend to speak for ‘Europe’?

    • avatar
      catherine benning


      The US had no parity, economic stability or equality in standard of living when united as one nation. Far from it. In fact they don’t now. And remember, although the US began to seriously import Europeans in May 1610, the last state to join the union was in 1951, with Hawaii.

      However, it really began to gel under George Washington.

      Then it’s true concept began with the US civil war and Lincoln.

      America didn’t come easy.

    • avatar
      helen cela

      i wish more would understand why there poorer , no state benefits ,no handouts ,support there own ,no imports ,no child benefits ,no housing benefits ,no house given if get woman pregnant ,no given income of money if they have low income ,very big difference to the uk, i think they should be given the help and let in the EU, UK SUPPORTED ENOUGH OTHER COUNTRYs AND LET SO MANY ILLEGALS AND LEGALS HERE NOW ,why not let albania ,i hope thery are accepted in the EU

  78. avatar

    And furthermore, I do not for one second believe that immigration from Poland, Romania or Bulgaria benefitted us even one bit. One only has to stroll around the neighbourhood here to see the utter devastation it has wrought in terms of habitability of this part of the city and the fact that many of these immigrants have displaced locals in the jobs market (ie ‘race to the bottom’ which is why corporations love this thing).

    The rich and corporations may have benefitted, but ordinary people never have. Not in my country.

  79. avatar

    A big YES for Albania.Albania was there,before there was no plan for creating European Union

    • avatar

      Only so you can live off my taxes tetova,at least be honest enough to admit that the only reason you want Albania to join the EU is so that you can benefit from the taxes of others

  80. avatar

    I don’t know, although we observe that the European Union never egcheirise to append to the expansion of angenda countries appear to have a different tradition or culture, whether and why not religion, although with the exception of Turkey, which is an official member, however not made great strides for the full integration of from the side of.

  81. avatar

    Albania should become a member of the EU by 2020. That is the goal of the current government. I think the EU should expand and would be a wise idea to unite the whole continent. One currency, one parliament,one flag,one army,foreign policy,un permanent seat…all of these should be in place so we can resist the emerging economic powers in the world like china,brazil and russia!! All countries should be in the €urozone by 2020 including Britain!

  82. avatar



  83. avatar
    Olga Nor

    Yes yes yes! Albania must joint EU!!! I’m not an Albanian, But my husband is! I have met lots of very good, hard working, intelligent, family, kind, always ready to help people. They have an amassing nature, yammy food, big history. Even mother Teresa was Albanian!!! Do you know that most Albanian speak at least 2 foreign languages!!! Lots of them have 2 degrees. Do not judge the whole country by 2-3 bad people you’ve met. I say, there are not bad countries, there are bad people. You can meet them everywhere. I don’t know 1 Albanian, who is on benefits, or using this country, they working hard, opening business, paying taxes, employing people. They are in Europe anyway, they must be in.

  84. avatar


    • avatar

      bare in mind Albania don’t get state benefits ,don’t get schools paid for ,don’t get free homing and food ,dont get child benefits ,payouts of any kind ,don’t get 5-6.00 for 1 hour working ,I know a lot countrys poor also ,but they cant be condemned soley because they cant contribute towards the uk, they have good reason why there countrys the way it is ,people need to stop racism and open there eyes a little ,see how others live ,ask your self what would the the uk be like if no state benefits and we all had to support our own, lol im sure we would be worse that Albania ,we got too many freebies in our country ,

    • avatar

      well said x

  85. avatar

    yes I agree with u let then in not solely because I am married to a Albanian and they refuse him to come because I cant show 18.600 income solely and from being self employed, but who also gives anyone the righ to keep familys separated ,

  86. avatar
    Heart of Europe

    Albania has been in the heart of Europe since the begining and it is going to join EU soon. The unfortunate events of the global economic crises slowed down the process.
    Furthermore ..Greece cataclysmic state failure not only has slowed the progress of Albania joining EU, but for all the other countries waiting to join. Hundreds of billions of euros of europian taxpayers money going in a hole,sparked hate and racism throughout europe, yet again you see Europians loving Greece and are scared of some small self sufficient countries joining EU and hate them, instead of hating greece and greeks. The greeks shouldn’t be speaking here.

    • avatar

      good one

    • avatar
      helen cela

      very true x

  87. avatar

    1. Albania already did 100 years ago mate with an Orthodox prime minister. and also in the early goverments Orthodox, Muslims and Catholics was always part of the would be nice if you read a little bit more.

    2. I dont think that religion has anything to do with joining EU.
    Your democracy tells people to follow whatever religion you fill like following.


    I am an Albanian Orthodox and a am recognised and free to follow my religion. nobody stops me doing so. I feel bad that media transferes this feeling in Greece.

  88. avatar

    Hi I just would like to say that it is good for Albanian to come to the eu soon please .

  89. avatar
    Joe Camilleri

    It used to be like this:
    A superpower occupied a territory or a country and imposed rules on it.
    Now you have to apply and your application has to be considered in order to be ruled by some major power like EU.
    Funny when you think it. ;)

    • avatar

      The mechanism being used is different and it disguises the real purpose of this union where the rich get richer and the poor poorer. Its all about the market size. And who has the technology, expertise, capabilities, brands, corporations? Guessed it right… UK, Germany, France and so on.

  90. avatar

    I think Albania deserve the membership. For EU members will be a benefit in cultural, economic and others aspects as for as people like above comments from Zeus are losers :) . I’m Albanian from FYROM leave in Scandinavia all my life and since the collapse of Greeks economy, I do pay more up to 500 € per month and according to some sources this money goes to help Greeks economy and losers like this so called zeus which they caused by-them self by ignoring the West and started the relation with Russia . P.S everything is about politics and oil.

  91. avatar
    Helis HYSENI

    Yes ALBANIA U CAN ENTRE IN EUROPE ,,, c est simple , et comme ça tu améliorera te compétence comme PAYS ,,,,,,,, MR STEFAN …….S.V.P FAIS (LE )

  92. avatar

    What taxes? Don’t you remmember what you did ti us 1912 ??? Now Albanians are in more than 4 Countries.
    Why don’t you talk about what we last because of your interesses. Noone asked us. You did what you wanted. Albania today is what Europe wanted to be.

  93. avatar

    I do not know who manages this blog but I have to say from the language of some commenters here, that if EU is not able to put some moderation even in this kinds of blogs it certainly has no power to promote the “closer than ever” value! Oh btw you guys getting worried of what does Europe gains if Albania become candidate I can tell you it gets a lot. It got a lot already, just like Italy got favors in its investments (way before any candidate status idea confirmed), transported waste for years. Germans and Austrians have into the banking sector ( the most sustainable btw), French sold us some super expensive helicopters, and finally if you heard the latest new the Czech are about to put their veto vote as well because of their economical appetite. All this because of an ideal named EU, all this because of the candidate status which literally means an official smile by EU. So I do not know if I replied yo any of your answers .. Oh btw if you go back to 1913 I may cite the former UK foreign minister:” Peace in Europe was found sacrificing the territories of Albanians” This could be a quiz for this EU blog. Who said it , and in what historical context?

    • avatar

      Ok that’s a good answer, let me hijack this post to give my two cents. I’m originally Albanian, but fortune gave me the chance to leave the country (legally), move around (legally, waiting in lines at embassies), get an education (legally, I worked like a dog for 16 hrs a day/ 7 days a week over 4 months in the US for 4 consecutive years to pay for my education), got a master degree, and now currently work in an EU country. In total, my life in Albania can be summed up to 9 years, first as a child of 4, and then as a young man looking for a future. In every country I went, and everywhere I have lived, it was a goal of mine to fit in and appreciate the place that had taken me in. Despite the countless bureaucracies, the hunting for opportunities, the tooth-and-nail battles to get somewhere, there was no resentment for the EU countries that I lived in. Like me there is a population of 3 million. Not everyone will be kindred of spirit, that much is for sure, but what do you get? Imagine if a student didn’t have to worry about paying 20 000 Euro per on an education but 3 000 like the rest of you. Where would he put his energy and motivation? It wouldn’t be in a mentality of doing anything (good and bad) in order to get that 20 000. You eliminate one problem there. As I read earlier, someone said that they liked Albanians, but they thought that they were closed minded… And it’s true, we as a people are; not because we don’t care, but because we don’t know. Not enough people have been exposed to a truly European life, and with the process being as difficult as it is, not many will in the near future either. Opening the EU gates for Albanians would give them a chance to see, feel and appreciate your “homes”, they would learn to adopt your cultures, laws, economics. The mentality of dog-eat-dog would loosen its grip and fade away. The region would decompress, and actual progress can be made. If you’re looking at it from your personal point of view, I can give you a few examples as to how you’d benefit.
      1. Reduced criminality.
      2. Improved trade routes between the Eastern Balkans and the rest of Europe
      3. Skilled and unskilled labor force eager for work (cheap)
      4. An alternative to gas pipelines other than Ukraine
      5. A potential country that could take on things that are undesirable to other countries because of its eagerness to join
      6. 0.5 Million potential new tax payers who just like you cover the tax burden
      7. Do you need me to continue?
      The question is whether Albania and the EU are ready for each other… The bill that the EU would have to pay would probably be the lowest compared to other accessions, with the highest rate of return. There is no time-clock on this kind of thing, but Albania has shown time and time again that it is willing to change, adapt and accommodate in order to prove itself worthy of joining. The political class may have its own hick-ups, and sometimes there is regression, but the general trend is that of progress. If the EU allows Albania in, that progress would grow exponentially. The EU should allow Albania in starting today.

  94. avatar

    #Albania good results&trends in reforms,2continue w/success on EU path keep up momentum,implement reforms,be inclusive

  95. avatar

    I thought about it and I also read most of the comments, what I think its we just need to get proper government and work like we were 24 years ago as we didn’t miss anything, then you will see EU asking us if we want to be join with them . 3 milion people its nothing north london area . So we have more than north London have. So I wouldn’t care to much about going to EU as much as I would care getting the best way of getting jobs and doing things the way should be done. You will also see half of European will be coming to Albanian

  96. avatar

    It’s done :)
    All the haters chill out

  97. avatar

    Albania is a small european country with full of history, beautiful beaches and enormous petrol reserves, the country will be an eu member in 3 years time and will become the richest Balkan country in ten years time,an economic hub, so congratulations. I am pessimistic for my own country Turkey though.

  98. avatar


    Why do you have the feeling that Albania’s foreign minister is obliged to answer your not so intellectually average question?
    And plllissss can you tell us all and the ones who are reading this exactly what tax of yours is going to Albania, and what would you expect to get back for it even if that 0.1 penny per year of yours that you personally are so generously giving to this poor foreign countries through the total of your taxes was to be based on monthly interest? I am more then happy that as an Albanian citizen to cover all of your loses and the interest on top of that…. so come get your 0.000000000000000000000001 of a penny that I would owe you in case you were directly to contribute somehow towards people in Albania (and I am being generous with that figure), or STFU!! And that if we were to take for granted your stupid argument that you are somehow through your taxes contributing towards impoverished Albania!

    As an Albanian that I have traveled Europe in all its corners I can confidently say that if the decision for entry in European union was purely a standards, weather economical, democratic etc Albania would have joined European union before Romania and Bulgaria to say the least. The decision is political, and the politics of that decision are so well kept hidden that the general public will never find out WHY Albania! I am personally opposed to Albania joining the EU as I see it as an loss of freedom towards an bureaucratic machine that for many reasons has continuously seen Albania as a thorn and Albanians have paid a price for it. Also I don’t see how we can be in a superstate with Greeks, Italians, British and other Nordic people that I find deluded in their self-importance. We have a great culture and historical experience as a nation and what we need is sorting out the Albanian question in the Balkans. Long live the Indians of the Balkans. May god bless the people of my country and may god lead all peoples towards the path of liberty and rightness.

  99. avatar

    None has that right. But I will tell you that being an Albanian or attached to one defines you and your life. Its a sacrifice and a privilege at the same time.

    • avatar
      helen cela

      the only downfall is trying to get him out of his country is like trying to get out of Alcatraz prison, they wonder why so many risk coming to the uk illegal, were still waiting aker 6 weeks ago applying for spouse visa, been together 4 years ,showed all proof and my self employed income ,,what gives anyone the right after to say no and then I got to appeal, if we wait for the EU we will wait forever ,getting status don’t mean there get in the EU ,all deserve to make there lives better ,as someone said uk get state benefits lol, that’s all changing now too, thi isn’t a wonderful place to live like all thing its gone down hill a lot ,but unfortunately I live here in England and born british , Ive been Albania saw Tirana, fier,lushnje,alot towns villages and theres noway I would want to live there even being married to a Albanian ,

  100. avatar
    E vlore

    Just to make you happy or sad Albania will join the Eu by 2020 Albania is in NATO , is candidate country to Eu , don’t need a visa to travel to Europe up to
    3 months , it has oil , it has turism along 12 months, it has agriculture ,is just 3 milion people and more than 1 million has Eu passports ,it has clever people who can easily can open their own business anywhere in the world , is an important way which many countries use to travel thru Eu and you think it will take long for albania to joing the Eu . I think you are probably couple of years behind the world . We are near no more than 2020.
    All the best .
    Eneo .

  101. avatar

    It is ridiculous and almost pathetic . Frustrated people thinking that their money are being used to make richer other poorer countries . The mother of irony is that those are the ones usually not paying their taxes . Someone please do convey to them that such is not the case .

    Personally as an Albanian , i am AGAINST albania joining the EU . The only benefit , and the only reason why many of us would consider it , is the guarantee that you get that another country will not initiate a war against you ( thus we need safety ) …. and that s it .

    Yet albania is in nato , and is surrounded by albanian population , so i think this problem is sorted for now .

    All in all , i hope that Albania never joins EU . We are a very smart nation that is ( still ) gathering its pieces from the totalitarian communist regime , yet we do it very fast . Albania has oil , tourists are invading the country now days , and what is most important is that i see that the peoples human development index , the know how combined with their smart nature is making albania one of the fastest developing economies in Europe , and this trend is expected to only increase .

    Think a bit about it you pathetic beings full with stereotypes and cliches , we did not need you when we needed you the most ( after the fall of the most totalitarian regime that any country has experienced ) in 1991 , we did not need you the decade after that where we were so poor as a result of our recent historical past … do we need you now , that albania is the only country in Europe to have experienced economic growths from 2009 and on wards ( in the peak of the global economic crisis ) ?

    Nah thank you …. Albania is doing more than fine without Eu , in fact its advantage till an extend comes from not being in EU , yet EU is being used as an inspiration , and an institution where all the laws , and state practices are being copied from .

    Greetings from Tirana , from a 25 year old Albanian

  102. avatar

    I believe that the misconception many have on Albania is made up ignorance and lack of education. Yes, Albania has seen it’s dark days as most, if not all, countries have. It was only recently that this country was able to start anew. Unfortunately, communism had impeded Albania to catch up with the progression of the rest of the world. However, ever since the fall of communism, they have undoubtedly strived and bettered their country.

    I believe that if Albania joined the EU, it would be of a mutual benefit. Albania has all the potential to be a prosperous country. With the structure, regulations, and organization the EU provides, Albania is likely to overcome its long standing obstacles to create a place of opportunities. Albania has grown substantially in the past decade; and it will continue to advance. From the location of the country, the natural resources, the people, and, importantly, the will to change for the better – Albania could contribute many great things into the EU.

  103. avatar

    Join the EU
    Live and let live their are good and bad
    Positive and negative in all countries and people.
    I have been married to an Albanian for 15 years and my son only ever gets to see his relatives if we visit them
    Why shouldn’t they be allowed to go where they want when they want just like us.
    I want his relatives here without applying for expensive visa and wasting time and money on interviews just to be rejected.
    My husband is here with me and missing out on valuable family experiences with family members over there.
    Let Albania be part of the EU.

  104. avatar

    Albania deserves to be EU member , so many people work hard pay a lot time and monney to be like the others in europe and wins nothing . The people of albania will learn from europe and will help europe why all of albanians want to be eu ? For vocations or hollydays or chill life ? No but for hard working and recognize of them they are so missanderstud . Sorry for my awfull english xD :p

  105. avatar
    Matica Madalin

    if they will respect the human rights, prevent islamism inside their country and commit to pursue the united europe ideas…overall, on long terms, yes..

  106. avatar
    Ivan Burrows


    If they had anything to offer maybe, but they don’t.

    They would just join the majority of countries in the EU who are only in it for a free hand out of other peoples money.

  107. avatar
    Lourd McCabe Brockmann

    they have to fulfil the requirements proper justice system, human rights, proper tax system, they#re welcome of course if they do it properly, I think there will be like in Poland I think and Bulgaria some embargo of free movement and frankly their governments should get the people ready and not have loads of gold seekers coming into the harsh reality of cheap labour etc as happens every time!!

    • avatar


  108. avatar
    Yüce Ağanoğlu

    If they would match up with the expectations, why not? But the state should spend more efford to control that Mafia in the country.

  109. avatar
    Jorge Qoqe

    The question is not if Albania is good for EU; the question is which proyect has EU for whole continent. Should we even wonder about if Albania, Bosnia or Moldova yes or no?

  110. avatar
    Luigi Monteferrante

    As things are, EU citizens have not had their own socio-economic needs and demands met; once jobs are created, and there are opportunities aplenty, why not? It’s not like we are facing a labor shortage, is it?

  111. avatar
    Ahmed Hrustić

    The question should be, would EU membership be good for Albania? After all, it is ultimately up to the country to decide whether it wants EU membership and not whether the EU as an institution would benefit from Albanian membership. The answer to the latter, in any case, is a big yes because the EU definitely benefits from absolutely all of its member states, large and small in geographical size, population and economy.

  112. avatar
    Emanuel Din Bajra

    Yes. Albania deserves its place in the EU. As a country, it has a lot to offer, highly skilled population, a multi-faith based society , pure example of interfaith tolerance, respect and dialogue, oil and natural-mineral resources, great tourism potential, key geo-strategic position, will offer stability and long lasting peace in the Balkans. The EU has nothing to loose a lot to gain from this up and coming great European asset.

  113. avatar
    Aris Georgiadis

    Yes and Kosovo also take also and North-West Greek territory which you are demanding (flag of Great Albania) .. You destryed the Greek minority,you destroy the Serbs in Kossovo.. You are showing your great albania everywhere but you want to live in peave in EU and also be brother with Turkey.. So the question is DO YOU WANT TO BE CIVILLISED AND JOIN THE EU or YOUR GREAT ALBANIA is more important ?

  114. avatar
    Belinda Little

    I see a lot of prejudice and hatred here. Typically stupid comments from people who are shortsighted and have nothing better to offer.
    Dear European fellas,
    How is supposed to be bad for the EU having Albania, a truly convinced population and willing to improve the actual political and economic system in order to comply with the EU acqui? Let’s not forget that having Balkans as a whole in the EU contributes directly to peace and stability and also good economic opportunities for the old Member States as well. The EU accession of the entire region will procure economies of scale because today in a more and more globalised world, you can’t survive on you own. The more integrated we are in EU the stronger we get economically and politically in the world arena.That’s why the entire Western Balkans should be in the EU, not only my country.

  115. avatar
    Ivan Burrows

    Belinda Little

    Please do not call us ‘Europeans’, it is not a label we have been asked if we want & find it very offensive.

    Thank you.

  116. avatar

    Absolutely yes! The full membership of Albania in the EU would open new doors for this small country, wich is been forgotten for decades by the Europe.

    EU takes its proffits from small countries like Albania with or without their membership. So the question is: Is EU really interested on helping this Country getting forwards?

    I hope Albania enters the EU before it breaks down…

  117. avatar
    Todor Dzhambazov

    Ivan Burrows, do you know that the name Ivan is the most common in Bulgaria and one of the most common in Russia? Maybe you should pay a visit to your slavic relatives someday. Your parents or grandparents were utter immigrants to UK not long ago. Now you think you are one of them? Guess what – you will never be an Englishman…

  118. avatar
    Nicko Dimitris

    No because European Union is not a healthy union of people anymore don’t make the mistake neigbours although if what’s you really want is your right and ill personally soppurt you

  119. avatar
    Nicko Dimitris

    Albania is a. Free country non racist according to the studies the most racistic country in Europe is Serbia and its the fault for some bad ideas you may have for Albania some of ou

  120. avatar
    Florim Brahimi

    Yes of course..together and Kosovo also…two states same nation…the oldest european people for sure !

  121. avatar
    Ermal Sulaj

    Lol… Why do Serbs and other slavs answer here!? Let the european people to decide, you can say NO if Albania ask to join your Sovietic Union!

  122. avatar
    Ivan Vikalo

    Once conditions are met, of course. No doubt. Personally, I am most afraid of the Mafia question that it won’t be solved sufficiently. That is my greatest concern

  123. avatar
    Nyctophilia Ad Iudicium

    Before anyone points at others for whatever flaws and defaults they may have , please consider to wash first the dirty clothes of your home and later question the dirty clothes of the other households. The question is whether we Albanian should join a EU that has an inefficient ECB, that is applying some austerity policies for at least the next 2 future decades in order to keep all the privately big family owned banks of Europe that are unable to drive themselves out of the same crisis that they created with their risky mortgages already 8 years old now, a EU that brought to bankruptcy Spain, that imposes the euro because wants to strength the euro in order to make it the only currency responsible for the oil reserves in Middle East instead of the dollar so that euro can set the monopoly as the US did up to before the crisis of 2007/8, the EU that is not anymore empowering innovation and growth rather than just strong economical beneficial trades in order for it not to through itself in a 3 world war that actually economically and politically it has at least 10 years that it is going on… and last but not least that when in Frankfurt we students protest for having a job and for better living conditions in a booming Europe as the one before the 2000s, well the rest goes and very peacefully inaugurates a new building of the Troika in there…. please if you do not want us then do not show some misconceptions and hate speeches but just say your NO, however it is us that should not join you… because as soon as we balance our internal political problems in the country , we posses so many reserves, agricultural heritage for different crops and arg. cultures with one of the best soils after the ukranian one for agriculture, a splendid coast for tourism and other resorts for other type of tourism , ect ect ect that can shift us in one decade from a country in “transition” in a country at least middle- level developed and with high fertility rate… Muslims, Christians, Hebrews , EPM-ist, Nihilist, Naturalist, Deist and whatever other religious or non religious worldview the other ppl have, we respect them because we base our culture to more profound values and traditions that make us be some of the best hospitable people in Europe…. when everything is said and done… dear Italians ” perfavore pensate che nn ci sono al mondo solo gli albanesi senza un minimo di educazione e di rispetto, perche noi che studiamo, lavoriamo , facciamo tutto per nn arivare a quel punto di disperazzione… siamo quelli che restiamo in Albania…e studiamo 4 lingue minimalmente e 2 universita per un impiego di solo 500 euro che voi direste subbitto “NO”…

  124. avatar
    Alkis Karydis

    I don’t know if it would be good or not I don’t have any objection against their entry. What I do know is that today’s Europe (Europe of the banks and not of the people) is bad for all European people!!!

    • avatar

      James you have two answers there, and I don’t think you have the capacity to foresee the consequences UK would face if it left.

  125. avatar
    Valon Dobruna

    YESS because: -Albanian respect all religion(we aren’t Racist) … We are the oldes people in europe(Arian rac) … I see a lot of sllavs people say no… But here are case for United Europe no United Russia … We are here in Europe we can’t go enywhere …#Albania are in the heart of Europe …

  126. avatar
    Óscar Valbuena

    Sorry but not… Europe needs to grow and stablish itself more… And Albania can’t help… it would be worst… We have enough with Bulgaria, Romania, Italy, Greece and Spain :/

  127. avatar

    Albania has to much to give to Europe, is the country with more reserve of oil in the region, has a capacity to produce green electric energy for all the region if are done the right investments, Albania is a rich country with mines that are not used properly and is one of the countries with more resources for the no. of population ans it surface. The oil in Albania is used from an European company that pay to leas taxes and get to many gains, the international airport is managed from an European company and the contract is that way that fro 30 years no other airport have to be constructed in Albania (so the company have really grate gains), Albania is a factor of stabilization for all the region of Western Balkans. What Albania gains from being part of Europe is a hope to have rights rules that the big companies that the majority are European companies to do fair contracts, to have a political class that fight for the peoples rights, to have a better educated population etc. The presence of Albania and here resources, strategic position will not bring to EU the benefits that gives Germany or France but will be enough to justify here self… I personally think that the EU will be the future model of governance for the human society, where people are not divided in nations and fight with each other…

    • avatar

      Will Romania have a say? you think so?

  128. avatar
    Ermal Sulaj

    For the stupid racists to understand that in this moment there is not any visa regim for albanians to travel in EU. Albanians cross the Europe everyday like Europeans. Your arguments about mafia and staf shows your stupidity and that you have no Idea what is happening in EU. The question is about economic staf..

  129. avatar
    Enea Rapo

    You don’t have any idea what is Albania and who are the Albanians. You slavic people before to leave a comment you must learn about the history. The question is not for haters like slavs is for really EU citizens.

  130. avatar
    Shkelqim Memushaj

    I cannot say it will be good but i would say for sure that it wont be bad. And to those sceptic european passport holders; come and visit Albania before you judge us.

  131. avatar
    Linda Joca

    Ermal Enea un jam shqiptare qe jetoj ne itali , shqiptaret ketu ne itali njesoj si rumenet njesoj si greket njesoj si bullgaret nuk din te sillen me kafshet , me mjaftoj kur erdha ne 99 dhe qe atehere boll edhe pse eshte toka ime nuk me intereson me , kur te civilizoheni atehere hyni ne europ, megjithate nuk e kuptoj pse keni deshire kaq te madhe te hyni , kur ne te gjith nga euro duam te dalim .. Sepse e dini besoj cberi europa ne greqin , e beri te falimentonte …

  132. avatar
    Enea Rapo

    Ti besoj Linda ben pjese te ajo pjese e shoqeris shqiptare qe e kane lene pas shqiperin…cmund te presesh nga dikusj qe nuk i intereson vendi i tij. Nqs nuk te intereson nuk ke pse harxhon kot duke komentuar dicka qe nuk te hyne ne pune

  133. avatar
    Ermal Sulaj

    Prshndetje Linda! Nuk e kam me hyrjen n Europ se mbase dhe ke t drejt. Shteti shqiptar nuk sht i denje pr t’u br pjes e sistemit europjan, por kta q shkruajn ktu nuk e kan pr shtetin. Kta e kan me ty, me mua me t gjith shqiptart. Kta jan thjesht rracista dhe kanceri i shoqris europjane.

  134. avatar
    Irena Topalli

    Dear all,

    Take a look at this survey on what citizens of Tirana, Skopje and Novisad think about EU and the perceptions they have. In the case when you debate and speak sometimes on behalf of the Albania, consider taking a look at the modest survey because it really shown why Albanian want to join the EU and what is it they value?!

  135. avatar
    Astrit Disha

    Albania is part of Europe whether you like it or not. And it belongs to the European family. The question is will EU bring any benefit to Albania except for the stupid rules and regulations.

  136. avatar

    I don’t see the use of further expansion of the EU as long as the EU isn’t functioning as it should, regardless of which country it is.

    About Albania: What does this country have to offer the EU? So far I haven’t been convinced.

  137. avatar
    Atlant Nila

    I see Greeks, Spanish ppl are mocking for Albania not to join and yet non of them debates which means they don’t even know what are they talking about. In my opinion Albania is a must be country in Europe. Europe don’t want Balkans to get radicalized so that leads to the sooner Albania and other Balkan countries enter EU its good for both sides, future of Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro ect lies in the EU.

  138. avatar
    Dimitris Stamiris

    First must finish with Kosovo , problems , with Serbia ect …. AND IF THEY STILL WANT (DREAM) THE “big Albania” witch they want big part of Greece THAN NOONE WANT THEM IN EU !!!!! AND NOONE WILL SIGN FOR THEM !!!

  139. avatar
    Anri Kotoni

    In EU yes because of the benefits of trade opportunities in an open market but we dont have to be in the Eurozone. Dont forget, these are two different things and the second one comes with many catches.

  140. avatar
    Tani Tanito

    I can say one thing.
    This is Albania,we are talking about a country wich has been here at the same spot for milleniums of years.
    Who are these people and those people to decide if Albania is in out?
    I mean,it has always been there right?

  141. avatar
    Anri Kotoni

    Dimitris did not answer the question. The Greater Albania is not the issue here, the EU conditions at the moment are economic related and not politics. Its only the neighbours (and Spain) that are against greater albania but i dont think that matters to Europe. Not now that the Greeks pissed off the germans and EU…the hand that fed you for so many years.

  142. avatar
    Balliu Altin

    Albania its land of europe..and muast be member right now.and more stability in west balkans

  143. avatar
    Vaggelis Ridvald Dhimo

    Albanian membership would be a positive movement for the stability of the region. Despite that, Albania is the country who wants more than anyone to be part of the EU. I think that by the end of this year negotiations should start and help Europe to be completed. Eurosceptism is not a factor that help tha Union but strengthen the differnences. Finally, it is unfair for albanian scientists to be isolated from moving only less than three months and to face the burrocracy if they want to get a visa.

  144. avatar
    Antoine Che

    You want to ruin them as the Greeks? They’re even poorer!
    Nothing to rob there except their land! Leave them alone !!!

    • avatar

      Spain is not any better, it could only get worse with them different minorities that seek independence.

  145. avatar
    Dacii Sunt Stramosii Mei

    No…i mean YES but not now. I am Romanian and i didn’t agree for Romania to join EU in 2007 . Now we are fine but there were 5 years of hell because Romania wasn’t ready in 2007. Albania should join EU and Romania helps them to fight corruption and expand new laws and replace the old ones. Anyway, I think now it’s not the moment, not for Albanians and not for EU. Too many political and economical problems to whom focus on. Mabe after this fckin crisis yes! I am just objective not subjective.

  146. avatar
    Anri Kotoni

    The Greeks are ruined because of the common currency and the dependence on ECB. being in EU does not have the same implications that Greece has. Open market can only be a good thing for trade and free movement. Its a human right!

  147. avatar
    Katrin Mpakirtzi

    We try to took them from turkeys hands so its time to be cool christians europeans with good relations connections and respect to the minorities because the sovinist there they have very…big ideas for their country. A lot of them are very hard working but others maby atheist they create a lot of trouble ….the murders of old people in greece happened almost every day. Life has no meaning for some of them and the respect of old people is our great problem

  148. avatar
    Yavor Tashev

    One should visit Albania before sharing opinion here. I went to Albania last year. I had a lot of prejudices. I enjoyed Albania. I think Europe is a family and Albania is not different from the others. Albania shares the European culture, and thats not the same with Turkey – a country that is more favouritised about joining the union. There is a long way to go so that more order is brought to the country. But if the people of Albania are willing to make that change, things will happen, eventually. I wish for a union of all countries in our historic and cultural home.

  149. avatar
    Dacii Sunt Stramosii Mei

    Oh…i forgot…since Romania joined EU the prices are TRIPLE! IF IN 2006 I WAS PAYING FOR BREAD ABT 0,20 EUROCENTS, NOW SAME BREAD IT’S 1,00 EURO. CIGARETTES IN 2006 BEFORE EU ABT 2,30 EURO. AFTER 2007 ROMANIA JOIN EU SAME CIGARETTES ARE ALMOST 4 EURO. EU say that Romania have to have same prices to gas and electricity as other members (GERMANY,ITALY,FRANCE ect.) so the electricity price its at the stars. But EU doesn’t say that first we have to have salary as other members in EU. Till now Romania have lost money and didn’t won nothing more than some little project. Thats the truth and nobody can denie. Only a few countrys get rich in EU and they command. That’s Germany first of all. Other countries are paying for them

  150. avatar
    Dimitris Stamiris



  151. avatar
    Dacii Sunt Stramosii Mei

    Romania is the stronger political and economical power in eastern Europe togerher with Greece, but Greece is falling because of IMF. We say yes gorbfirst country to Albania , but we have other problems now..see Ukraine where we have an over 500 km vorder share. Ppl are dieing there so…lets talk abt that. Romania never recognise Kosovo as a country together with Spain and Russia and a few more countries. We ,Europe, have much bigger problems t’han enlarge..don,t u think? Later yes but not now.

  152. avatar
    Manuel Bettencourt

    Albania Europe gives you strength and stability,,,you better take the offer before the Russians gobble you up also,,,,yes I know you ain’t got nothing they want,,,and all Europe wants is strength in numbers,,,would be stupid not to jump on Europe’s train,,,,beggars can’t be choosers.

  153. avatar
    Manuel Bettencourt

    Wow Greece is a strong economic power hahahahaha and who Romania,,,really ??you mean all those beggars we see here in western Europe is the great economic power romania can’t feed, them,,,your all lucky your under UE protection,,,or would eat each other up from hunger

  154. avatar
    Gent Sinani

    The force of the EU is this union, and the benefits that all members have from each others, if the EU do not exist, France, Germany, UK ect will be only puppets of USA or Russia probably even China… so don’t be to dump, Albania for the moment don’t have the requisites to be part of EU, but if it fulfilled them why not???? In the end this economic crisis is not from Albania, or Romania, Bulgaria ect, is from USA and bad banking policy in EU countries…

  155. avatar
    Dionìs Koçi

    Peter Sebok calling Albanians as islamic terrorists – you are an idiot. Either Europeannes and taleban-like closemindness (the least which characterises also you) are related to culture (and in Albania religions , the four of them we have, are just a little part of our culture). If all values of your culture are made up by a religion, then please don’t generalize with other people’s cultures. Lots of scorn, Dionis (an orthodox christian Albanian). PS: Albania has still a little to work into before entering the EU, but nothing to do with our cultural background.

  156. avatar
    Alexa Balan

    Albania will be worse off if it joins the satanic bankrupted union, albanians are proud people, I don t understand why they would want to be slaves like the rest of jeurope

  157. avatar
    Andrin Shehu

    The complexity of the question can not be answered in a fcb status…..
    The question I guess rises several other issues which I think the utterance of all this needs careful weighing.
    1- is Albania better of as a partner to Europe rather than a voiceless member economically?
    2- does Albania feel alienated for not being part of Europe, does it feel as an unwanted child?
    3- are european politics discriminatory towards Albania for moving goal post every time Albania fulfils its conditions and requirements to join Europe? ( Albania gov does not comply with human rights enough to join Europe but its citizens do not qualify for asylum because there is no risk to their wellbeing) double standards.
    4- do Albanian people want to join Europe just to feel equal and not being told for the hidden truth of federalism?

  158. avatar
    Elvis Adilaj

    its not a surprise that the most say NO are from problems economic country..ok maybe we are not ready for be in EU but we dont need make the bitch for take money from EU every month cos we cant save the country i love the germany game what they dont make it with war its hapen with economic way

  159. avatar
    Shpetim Lezi

    Albania is between Rome and Athens. Constantine the Great who was Illyrian/Albanian made Europe Christian. Both Italy and Greece have more common ancestors with Albanians than with each other or any other country. Check origin of Albanians (genetic studies) in google and you will see that they are the ancestors of Europe.

  160. avatar
    Sokol Mustafallari

    Everybody has the right to think whatever he wants, even negative facs maybe right maybe wrong,but im sorry that young people , well educated in universities still keep being brain washed by politics, radicalism,fake stereotips,and being used by negative fake feelings…im sure here has pigs,but there are not countries without pigs…everywhere you can find good and bad people…Dont forget noone is perfect. But at last people dont say to green. Red. Be open minded and give real facts,not what you heard but what you see.. Im sure a lot of people here connect they thoughts with they bad feelings,… If you think negativly negativ things will.happen :P…

  161. avatar
    Martjan Dedi

    Yes of course Other eastern countries have all problems & mafia . Not all Albania is mafia , the yangs are same level as every EU member.

  162. avatar
    Martjan Dedi

    Yes of course Other eastern countries have all problems & mafia . Not all Albania is mafia , the yangs are same level as every EU member.

  163. avatar
    Benet Shkreli

    If you see the names of people that answered no for Alb in EU, you can understand where are they from…. So, to answer the question here, mine is Yes because we have more and more good things than bad things…. Does coruption exist just here, of course no, it’s everywhere in the world and we have learn from these countries…. I can say it strongly, Albania will be a second Swiss for Europe, but sure more beautiful than Swiss because If we don’t have nothing other here we can live just with tourism and why thanx God we have everything here, we are a rich country, just we need to manage better our benefits. Thank all of you!!!

    • avatar

      or maybe no because you don’t have the capacity to be more sensible?

  164. avatar
    Vincent Kleijn

    for this moment not yet. Maybe later yes. Major thing in that is that Serbia has to accept Albania and Kosovo and Albania has to accept Serbia, we maybe could achieve that with helping them to build a sustainable economy. I see that those countries can join in something like 10 to 20 years. For joining the Euro they maybe would need a little longer

  165. avatar

    Well I believe it will be good for us but not our politicians as the corruption will start to despier they they will lose money and power.
    Sometimes Albanias are ashame to be Albanian just because what’s going on in our country.

  166. avatar
    Stella Tsartsara

    This would enhance European Integration you think? With the unsolved problems in Kosovo and 50% of the Skopian Parliament being Albanians? Europe will have to weight very well the pros and cons not to enter from the back door rogue behaviors.

    • avatar

      Plan A is EU, plan B is war in the Balkans, which one would you prefer?

  167. avatar
    Stella Tsartsara

    This would enhance European Integration you think? With the unsolved problems in Kosovo and 50% of the Skopian Parliament being Albanians? Europe will have to weight very well the pros and cons not to enter from the back door rogue behaviors.

  168. avatar
    Vinko Rajic

    EU should have a strong police force and that member state should go first in any new member state and help them in fight crime and corruption . First if they destroy corruption and accept EU justice they could come in EU . What if you accept Albania and they do like Greece . Albania is probably going to ask big money from Italy because of WW2 . Corruption in Albania is a serious problem. Albania ranked 113th of 176 countries in the 2012 Corruption Perceptions Index, tied with Ethiopia, Guatemala, Niger, and Timor-Leste, published by Transparency International. Corruption is still considered one of the most problematic factors for establishing business in Albania.

    • avatar

      Is not a case of corruption, as we know corruption exists and cannot be wiped off.

  169. avatar
    Mario Shkreli

    the problem in kosovo is solved,not unsolved.Kosovo thanks to great Amerikan nation is a free country today ,never to go back in the hands of serbian killing machine that killed a half milion people in ballkan in half century.Kosovo will be europ as well if serbia is going to be.

  170. avatar
    Mario Shkreli

    corruption in Albania today(today),it s not any bigger than serbia,bosnia,bulgaria,rumania,moldova,macedonia ect

  171. avatar
    Astrit Disha

    Vinko think about Italy with Cosa Nostra ndragheta or others did it stop EU to accept Italy.. be serious..

  172. avatar
    Belinda Little

    You think that only in Albania there is corruption? You’re so naive unfortunately. It exists everywhere but it is so sophisticated and shortsighted ignorant people who are so brainwashed regularly from some grotesque anti EU extreme nationalist parties can’t notice it. Get over yourselves because nobody is better than anybody people!!! Stop stereotyping and think with your own mind not with Marine’s, Nigel’s, Salvini’s or Golden Dawn’s! In general, politicians are corrupted and they want to come to the government to fulfil their ambitions for power and money. Especially these dinosaurs. Open your eyes and think more before you speak and stop offending decent people who work everyday contributing for a better Albanian nation. And by the way, we have no such parties in our parliament.

  173. avatar
    Joan Meksi

    A lot of opinions from people as it seems, somebody want and some not but rather none of us is possible to decide about that.. argue is not worth its just wasting time of people which talks bullshit, albania during this time is having a lot of problems but the policy and the politica are taking them out as fast as they can.. we cannot change it for days, months but for some year Albania would be comfort for a lot of countries which are already in EU.. so lets stay tunning and dont rush up on things we must stay till in earth and not fly up on our mind..

  174. avatar
    Armand Koca

    Europe and world have big problems. HEALTH and EDUCATION have complex problems :( Lying, theft, prostitution, trafficking, murder :( the lack of money, the lack of drinking water, the lack of electricity, the lack of old original documents, and sale of every moral value, :( causing DESTRUCTION and DEATH of the INDIVIDUAL, SOCIETY and NATURE , and it must STOP here and now :( We need the final solution of renewable problems.

  175. avatar
    John Zervas

    It doesn’t matter. The Comission’s plan is very honest and simple: More deepening of the bonds between the CURRENT member-states and no new additions to the Union until the existing system resolves its issues. The Albanians will have to wait for a while to enter the EU and that is not a bad thing. They should wait and enter an EU with its problems sovled and its sights on serious expansion and not random steps without clear goals and aspirations. EU is a mess right now and the Albanians should think twice before getting into that mess for the wrong reasons. Better to wait until the crisis is resolved.

  176. avatar
    Guillem Martí Bou

    Damn! Of course not. We still struggling with the problems of the “big eastern broading”, we don’t need more troubles…

    • avatar
      Amanda hysa

      Please, tell me. This is a big problem for your life, your day, your concern????? Come onnnn, keep calm

  177. avatar
    ani spahiu

    We are european,we live in europe.every albanian knows 2-3 foreign languages.we had our culture , but we are more european than some european state member.its a tragedy that the albanian people with diferent degrees culture and well prepared cant go to work and live in any eu country.

  178. avatar
    Daniel Dimitrov

    Have they proved to be ready for EU membership? Are they ready for political, judicial, economic, social and military integration?

    • avatar

      Dimitrov Say thanks to the Russian threat that Bulgaria and Romania became members.

  179. avatar
    Giorgos Hatzidakis

    Actually albanians are EUROPE’s WORSE CRIMINALS, allies to TURKS (World’s WORSE CRIMINALS), they have NO PLACE in Europe (not EU only…)

  180. avatar
    Elton Dafku

    Of course yes , we are one of the oldest inhabitants of Europe and we are still not part of them that’s not fair

  181. avatar
    Mentor Mimani

    Why we need EU? For what, to rise us taxes and to push us like greek’s. Mos of us want to be part of EU just to find a good job somewhere in Germany or in Norway. Our future is here, is our responsibility ti make our place a good place to live. God bless Albania!

  182. avatar

    Why we need EU? Can any albanian respond to my question pl ?

    • avatar

      Ilirjan, the EU is the illusion that hypnotises people I guess. Is like the Asian business… selling dreams!! Once Albanians get into the EU and see what the EU is all about they will want to do it on their own afterwards. Albanians can do much better than the EU, but Albanians need the EU membership for few years just for a test drive.

  183. avatar
    Dorian Buciza

    Dimitris Stamiris i wish for the greeks to go in ecstrem crisi’s, so you after trasformer in canibal and eat each other.

  184. avatar
    Dorian Buciza

    Daniel Dimitrov and your country was ready? Or right now your country is ready? Ohh comeone man, you eat a patato every day :/

  185. avatar
    Ermal Senior Luka

    It’s better to take Greece out of eu for the reason that they’ve never respect any of eu laws in any way,and theyr economy is so bad which steel it’s not good for eu to just help Greece,and instead Albania join eu keep r own money and be ruled by eu r parliament dosnt seem to change anything

  186. avatar
    LuDjon Hoxha

    What fack doing Albania in European.They not are ready have big problems for the bureaucracy and violence human rights. Union European is 3 cities Berlin, Paris and Brussels.

  187. avatar
    Mimi Desuka II

    In fact I think they can’t be apart of ue right now. To be part of ue you have to respect certain conditions in fact they don’t. So maybe it seems rough but eu should take some serious mesure to face greece’s situation for exemple. Because as we all know greece is a pain to eu right now but it’s not only about greece. The entire ue needs to get up and take real mesures or action to evolve in a better way.

    • avatar

      You don’t own Europe nor the EU, it is the right of every single European country to be part of the EU.

  188. avatar
    Guillem Martí Bou

    Katerina Giuttari Lickovski. Spain has not an old agrarian sector, like eastern europe, and what this implies for the PAC, Spain is the first euro country on GDP growing, and unemployement reduction. And call racist anybody because doesn’t has your same mind, it’s totalitarism of the politically correct.

  189. avatar
    Guillem Martí Bou

    And the most important…. It’s Albania really European?? Has had a similar background with western Europe?? Of course not. Sorry, EU is not an unlimited NPO for undeveloped Countries.

  190. avatar

    Albanians will eventually make it to the union and then everyone will think this union is crap. But like always Europe has been unfair and they have been smart by robbing countries like Albania of its resources. For the sake of the argument lets mention chromium, oil, monopolising their industries, human resources and so on. Im against the union because it is manipulating the poor part of Europe and robbing them of their valuable resources and also getting them in massive debts. EU was formed so the rich get richer and the poor suffer. The big guy is telling the small guy lets play with the same rules! And we all know that the big guy always wins and benefits in such scenarios. It is absolutely unacceptable that these hypocrites think that one size fits all.

    What is the EU doing to these countries? Well for a start it is forcing them to take reforms… but why? So the EU investors can move in and capture these countries’ industries like the minerals, oil, telecoms, tv’s, etc etc. Land is another factor, as we all know the coast line of Albania is exactly the same as that of Greece, south Italy, Spain, and Portugal. This is another money making industry, tourism. I am personally happy that Albania is not in the EU because the wolfs of these hypocrite countries will bite hard. However, these people need freedom, and this is where the pressure is coming from. The EU is using peoples need of freedom into pressurising Albania’s government to take reforms which will benefit Albania and its citizens but it would benefit more to the EU companies who will exploit these countries and people. Is exactly the same as asking Manchester United to play against a Football League Two team!? We all know the winner don’t we?

    Regarding Albania’s power to destabilise the region. First of all Albania may be a small country but do not underestimate its influence in the Balkans as Albanians live in at least 5 countries including Albania, and they are native to these countries. Remember the war of Kosovo? How about the war in Macedonia? Well it takes no effort to trigger these conflicts again. EU would suffer as a consequence, being more specific, economy wise. Albanians would be without a doubt in their right to seek independence in all these countries (Montenegro, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece) as they are the natives in these countries. EU does worry when Albania keeps reminding them that Albania offers stability to the region, and that’s why Albanian officials keep mention it.

    I would like to touch on the Marshall Plan that USA initiated in helping democratic Europe after WW2 to help these countries recover. Why isn’t the EU doing the same thing for its aspiring members!?

    I would like to continue further, but honestly, it makes me sick when I analyse the whole topic.

    • avatar

      i totally agree at every part of your comment.
      i can add that the principal problems in small countries are politich stuff.
      In Albania whe know our politic and i know who is the responsable about having an accord with my land.
      In EURO in this moment every state has their government that take accord with other states , but there is another part called Europian Parlament that is making law for all the states, .. and i am totaly imbarazing about that because every state has it’s own culture, language , tradition etc etc.
      i think that the political stuf need to stay localy ( at every state ) or can be for all UE but we need to be like USA ( so every europian need to choose 1 person to govern all Europe and not to have 29 different parlaments ( 28 states and one is for UE ) that are doing their own law.

  191. avatar
    Ralph Eddards

    Let’s see – Albanian mafia already controls the heroin, prostitution, and human trafficking “trades”; their minorities are already creating more separatist movements in several Balkan countries; and opening borders would mean a flood of them entering Europe (as they are now doing through Serbia into Hungary. So would EU membership be good for the EU? Wow, tough question. Let me think…

    • avatar
      Leonard Rezhda

      Dude u 4 real?
      is only the Albania who got this things that you mention lolllllllll

  192. avatar

    “Minister Bushati argued that Albanian membership would bring stability and prosperity to Europe, as well as greater credibility for the EU in the international arena:”
    And how, specifically, would that happen? Can you count the ways? Can you be specific?
    Let us fix EU first. The EU needs a period of consolidation first. Serious hardcore consolidation. It is in desperate need of consolidation.

  193. avatar
    Nikolaos Sotirelis

    It would be, under circumstances. But with a government which propagandizes the “Great Albania” dream (or even better nightmare), you couldn’t say that they meet the criteria of the European acquis!!!

  194. avatar
    George Kouvakas

    Viktor Haddad
    No. It is greece that wants to trade places with albania. The greek show is not over.

  195. avatar
    Dehari Dorian

    It’s not going to happen’ in the near future. At least 8-10 years would be perfect in order to raise ,or align , standards

  196. avatar
    Kwnstantinos Xatzi

    Depends on what the longterm goals are. If we want a further integrated EU with better and easier decision making procedures then the answer is no. If we want a big union of countries who share some benefits equally then Albania seems to be fit to join.

  197. avatar
    Alejandro González-León

    In my opinion, we should focus our efforts on fixing our EU Home first, so we’ll be able to enlarge our garden the next decade with success.

  198. avatar
    Ivan Burrows


    More unemployment, higher taxes, more bailouts, more instability, less competitiveness, etc

    A better question would be ‘What benefit is there to member States staying in the EU ?’

  199. avatar
    Armand Koca

    Love for each other. Science. the exchange of ideas. communication. Search. As world, Greece and Albania has more need for them because Albania was a country isolated from the rest of the world in the past.

  200. avatar
    Tuija Mustonen

    3 million people, small economy, mountains, sea shore. Hmmpfh. Some medieval habits. But their kids are smart as everywhere, and can change everything better in their own country, so I say a positive maybe. Probably very beautiful place for those who like to travel for holidays, for example.

  201. avatar
    George Papas

    Albania is actually a protectorate of turkey, with some invading views to the neighborhood countries.

    • avatar

      George we have soffer from that Turqey that you hase named before. We are Albanian and we will never be turkish ! We have dimostrated it because we have been 500 years under turqey and we still have our own language, culture and tradition. I acceppt that in our culture we had somethingt turkish but simpy because if you are 500 years under another state is normal that you take something from their culture.

  202. avatar
    MiRi Petriti

    Im from albania i live for many years in greece …..
    As people say and see…albania from the outside….they dont know what albania really is…and how much we had suffered from bad politic system…
    We wan’t a new future for our kids and families….we are the new generation…
    Albania exist in the europian man…
    Albania should join EU when the country is ready for it….
    We also also are people….we pay taxes like everyone else does…
    Peolpe judge countries and cultures…by watching tv….everyone who doesnt like albania …just say that with personal opinion….do’t judge someone you dont know…..
    Politics make people have war…
    But also politic brings peace….
    All politics is all about interest…
    Is not the fault..of simple face so many difficulties and racizm….on the 2015 that we live…..

  203. avatar
    Ivana Dalipi

    so many Albanian haters but it’s OK !! you are free to criticize us because we respect your opinion and we will not debate about it, but why do you have to be so cynical& Albanophobic ?only together we , Europeans are strong ,we are for the union

  204. avatar
    Δημήτρης Κοκκώνης

    Consider one argument that was held in 1979 in Greece: There are a great deal of Greeiks working in Germany, Holland, Belgium, etic. All these compatriots will be no more immigrants, but citizens equal to every German, Dutch, Belgian, etc. ;)

  205. avatar

    You understand that who controls the mafia is in Europe and has another Pasport, like German or French or Italian. They do not care if Albanien is EU or not. No sorry they care, they dont want it to be a strong country that means not EU member. Albania is a small country and for EU that means nothing and changes nothing.

  206. avatar

    I’m an Albanian citizen and if i have to vote i’d vote NO for the membership in EU cause such thing would bring my countrie at the edge of economic colapse. We’ve seen what happend to Spain Italy Greece and some other countries. Don’t wanna see my grand sons/daughters paying my debts,cause like it or not all the EU is a fabric of debts and nothing else,no prosperity and niether economic boom.Just debts for the generetions to come. But hey this is just the world we live,in a world of debts where the the rich become more richer and the poor more poorer.

  207. avatar
    Andrè Mazzoni

    Bacause they are cheap and multinational groups need to secure the investment they are making in this country!

  208. avatar
    Κρεμένα Ηβανόβα

    How about ppl think about how to better EU the way it is now, chill a little instead of worrying about one country’s departure and other country’s entrance. I need a break from all this drama :|

  209. avatar
    Gjergj Ndoci

    The strange thing witch make it interesting is that reading the comments you see how much HATE the greeks have for the Albanian people( the greeks must speak and justify there selfs ).
    Albania is EUROPE and nothing else and none can change it.
    With people as Gjergj Kastrioti-Skanderbeg and MOTHER TERESA we Albanians are deeply European and EUROPE is our destiny.
    God Bless my ALBANIA and Europe too.

  210. avatar
    Elton Skendaj

    European Union means all the European countries get together…but if you haters don’t want to. ..we don’t give a f….. we have a fast rapid growing economy, ,,best climate, environmentally friendly energy production,,,bio and fresh food unlike your rotten burgers…we have the biggest oil reserve and and we are an oil production country in Europe…we have the youngest population in Europe with average age at 29 years old while you lot are getting to old…we are the third chrome and magnesium reserve in the world…we have everything nature planned for humans…sea mountains lakes rivers fields…so who the fcuk needs you…and those Greek haters regret joining eu you wished you never joined now ask your self do you want to be in eu? Well as an Albanian I want to join eu but if they don’t want us we won’t be begging…

  211. avatar
    Elpida Fragkaki

    Greece is the example of what happens to countries that aren’t ready to join the Eurozone. European Union is another story. If Albania is ready for EU, then Albania shall be a part of it!

  212. avatar
    TJ Todorov

    No need to hurry up with the Albanian membership. Lets see what is going on with Bulgaria. Romania, Greece. With the Turkish MAP, and then to take the risk of Albanian accession.

  213. avatar
    Labinot Lutolli

    I would participate in this debate, if the debate would be between civilised adults and based on facts. But I have no interest in commenting to people who insult, prejudice etc..

  214. avatar
    Ciprian Anghel

    Yes sure it will be. Albania is part of Europe. Goodluck to join as soon as possible the United States of Europe.

  215. avatar
    Yüce Ağanoğlu

    EU need to expand, this is the only way to progress, the current situation is not promising what so ever. Europe is aging, consuming less, producing lesser, these are not positive facts at all.

  216. avatar
    Federico Nicosia

    What about antarctica?? Or what about cambodia?? At this point Europe should ask any country to join.. It doesn’t feel to be Europe any more :/

  217. avatar
    Elton Skendaj

    Level of ignorance for some people is really concerning…get a life dudes open a book and read some facts….we are the country with the best religious harmony…no one gives a fcuk about religion in Albania…and by the way we may not be a perfect country but given the fact that corrupted Greece and Bulgaria and Romania with half of population being gypsies made it why shouldn’t Albania join eu?

  218. avatar
    Lilium Candidum

    Απ ότι φαίνεται, οι Ευρωπαίοι εταίροι μας ανοίγουν το καπάκι των εν βρασμώ Βαλκανίων για τρομοκρατησουν κάποιους, μέσα στη χύτρα υπάρχει μπολικος αλυτρωτισμος και κατάλοιπα σοβιετικης προπαγάνδας

  219. avatar
    Toni Muñiz

    Depends on the country. In my opinion, Romania and Bulgaria only brought problems to my country and rest of EU. The people causing problems and crime in my small city are all Romas and Bulgarians, and they not only cause problems, they live off welfare. Which is what must bring them here. But since everything must be PC, things like the bad population of the joining country is not looked at.

  220. avatar
    Daniela Hoxha

    Nooooooo way!!! There is a giant gap of mentality over there!!! Maybe we could negotiate Albania in EU without Albanians xo xo!!!

  221. avatar
    Belinda Little

    OMG! I’m impressed how much ignorance there is around here!!! Some of you are so dumb!!! Have you ever seen the European continent in a map before? Albania is more european than any place else in this continent. Go and get educated all over again because you’re such a shame for yourselves. Hating is no argument!!! Oh and by the way, Eurozone is not the same thing as European Union! We will join when all the criteria are met. When you have to say only bull…than it’s better if you don’t speak at all!!!

  222. avatar
    Xhuli Ana Ndoja

    Antonie Zammit ALBANIA is in the middle of EUROPE so go and learn history and geography ..we are the first race in Balcan …pellazgan-ilirian-albanian ….learn more igniorant

  223. avatar
    Afrim Morina

    Antonie Zammit!
    You are not European because you have a bend face!
    Albania is one of the oldest countries in Europe pal!
    Learn before you talk crap!!

  224. avatar

    I am an Albanian and i don’t desire that my land will get in UE.
    I can stay here and write hundred or thousand of expression about htat but i wana use only one expression.
    If a vote a person to govern at my land i want that all the decision will be taken from this person.

    i don’t want to construct a caslte without the basis ( i don’t want to get in Finance if my land is not able to do,.. because later my land, my politican , every law or choise will depend about hom much an investitor can invest at your home ).
    I want a small state with a healthy society and good quality of life.
    If our governemnt want really to think about the people they will never get inside UE.

  225. avatar
    Afrim Morina

    YES 100%! Europe needs to learn from Albania how to live in harmony with different communities and religions!
    Albanians economy is growing at a good rate! Albania is free for religious extremism and we don’t have any big Roman gipsy population like Slovakia, Romania and Bulgaria so why not?

  226. avatar
    Joao Antonio Camoes

    Wrong question unless you see EU as a P&L account and a balance sheet. If youthink and understand EU as a common project thatmakes full sense.

  227. avatar
    Gio Cruz

    I haven’t read any good argument against the albanian membership. Does anyone have any measurable argument against it? (I dont wanna hear “it’s the next greece!” or “they are worse than muslims!”)

  228. avatar
    Azad Maruf

    As a long term the whole global community members , and on the top of them the EU members, will mount the positive changes resulted from that expanding were would became unbelievably fruitful. I, my self, do consider that EU will give a real and more healthy interpretations to topic subjects that were an essential reasons for creating wars in the past. For example, education, Democracy, freedom of expressions, lowest trading of stock exchanges, sharing the Techno developments and medical researches…..etc. Briefly, the good intentions of EU overweight’s any the other limited National agendas.

  229. avatar
    Gio Cruz

    The only no-reason I can come up with; is that by making Albania a EU country, it must automatically join the Euro. With everything that is going on, I think the union must look into a fiscal union first rather than adding more and more Euro countries.

  230. avatar
    Agla Ntouni

    Of course NOT ! for he is a different culture, religion, education etc. are a people aggressive with different backgrounds of the people of Europe

  231. avatar
    Pashko Geci

    How can anyone argue wether Albanians Are European ? Whoever does! i except their hi level of ignorance and knowledge of anything in general,now about the EU membership!i think its not the right time for Albania to even think about it. We’re better off out of”EU”

  232. avatar
    Giorgos Hatzidakis

    It would be a DISASTER!!! Albania is A) a MAJOR SOURCE of JIHADISTS (together with Kossovo-albanians) B) the source of the MAJORITY of DRUGS in EU (based on Europol’s accounts) C) a CRIMINAL nation, responsible for HIDEOUS crimes against humanity, such as human organ smuggling. Evne their “saint” Theresa is rumored to participate in human organ smuggling in India D) ALLIES of Turkey, HUMANKIND’s worse butchers, responsible for the three first GENOCIDES and never obliged to payback E) ENEMIS of EU and particularly of Greece. They even took back their signature on the Treaty for Exploitation of Greece’s undersea wealth!!! Read more on GREECE CAN PAYBACK ITS DEBT, BUT EU SHOULD SUPPORT ADHERENCE TO INT’L LAWS, AGAINST WORST ISLAMIC PREDATOR: TURKEY!

  233. avatar
    Pashko Geci

    Antoine zammit i bet you don’t know your owne parents,do you know what that make’s you? A BASTARD.

  234. avatar
    Gavril Lasku

    EU membership of Albania depends on EU political and economic interest in the region and across regions. The question is that EU doesn’t have a single accounting methodology to measure the value of its interest in accession policy. If EU wants to be a political union, then, it should provide candidate countries with a clear political perspectives in EU, which is not simply a game like Tommy and Jerry

  235. avatar
    Flavio Sousa

    It would be excellent for everyone! And it’s not just Albania, Turkey should also be welcome. Europe has to be a union for world peace, not a fortress.

  236. avatar
    Mario Majollari

    I say no.
    Why to go to EU? What are the benefits? Nothing .
    Just an opportunity for European countries to steal our natural resources for their own good.
    Thank you Europe but no.
    During 2000 years you did nothing for us.
    For some ignorants, you see in the parade de Paris the 4 head of religions in Albania walking together.

  237. avatar
    Athena Savva

    Everyone is trying to get out, why would they want to get in? Whatever good they have will be destroyed and their economy and people will suffer

  238. avatar
    Celi Rustemi

    Im shock from all this hate and racism . Especially from greek people ?? Why is that? And please im tired of all pathetic reasons you use against Albanian.

  239. avatar
    Logan Triantafyllidis

    All the economy’s in the Balkans are not that Strong as E.U…. So they looking for people how they take money from them and can’t pay Back after so they’ll be Workers for them like for ever….so let the Albanien people to take a word to say yes or no……they do know very well what euro money did to Greece even be for crises……

  240. avatar
    Logan Triantafyllidis

    Και για όσους ξέρουν να διαβάζουν Ελληνικά!!!! Μακριά από αυτήν την Ευρωπαϊκή ενωση… Ψάχνουν για κοροϊδία με φθηνές οικονομίες και χέρια για να κάνουν τις δουλειές τους οχι Επειδή η Ελλάδα έπαθε αυτά που έπαθε αλλα Επειδή θα τους κάνουν να πάθουν τα ίδια αυτό είναι το κολπάκι τους……και στο κάτω κάτω θα’πρεπε να γίνει βαλκανική Ένωση όχι αυτη η μπούρδα μια ζωή θα ήμαστε υποδιέστερη αυτόν δηλαδή ας πούμε με τι ακριβώς οικονομία θα μπει η Αλβανία δίπλα στην Γερμανία?????? Θα τους εξοντώσουν πολύ απλά και μετά θα πανε τα εργοστάσια τους εκεί για φθηνά χέρια…..για ποσά χρόνια Έλληνες Αλβανοί και άλλοι Βαλκάνιοι θα πρέπει να ζουν ως μετανάστες?????

  241. avatar
    Frederico Ferreira

    EU will end soon
    It’s only beneficial for northern countries

    The southern are like their slaves… And poorer than before they got in it!!!!

    Poorer in culture, traditions, food, national identity !!! For what ?? For the northern countries of EU to profit!!!

  242. avatar
    Barbara Oskanian

    This is certainly not the time to enlarge . We urgently need to solve the problems the EU faces at the moment and put some order into our house. We should take our time and then perhaps after some years reconsider enlargement.

  243. avatar
    Darin Attard

    The euro was meant only for the Benelux countries only, Romano Prodi made this declaration. Then it was extended to all countries with a standard of living deteriorating where ever it became the national currency. No way, we will have to pay more taxes, to make up for their economy.

  244. avatar
    Denis Jorgo

    Albania don’t want to be Eu .not in Europe with greek. Romanian. Bulgarian. Beter not in Europe .hello from albania

  245. avatar
    Despina Pachos-Karakizos

    We want Greece out of there! Whosoever is joined EU is under German invasion every country will be soon under a slavery……They just started with Greece (as a guinea pig) see next Portugal, Spain, Italy, etc,etc , etc…….

  246. avatar
    Hamid Daneshi

    In an unequal exchange the week looses to the strong according to the laws of free market economy. Nobody wants your country in their union for goodness sake but for resources and strategic position it owns so just look at the older samples like other south european states and will see what future holds for your people.

  247. avatar
    Denis Jorgo

    Not in Europe .Europe is full greek .Romanian. bullgarian. And pakistani afgani .Beter not in Europe. Indipendet albania from Eu

  248. avatar
    Hugo Miguel Pina

    No thank you!!! By the way the Romanians Bulgarians Latvians Stonians Lituanians and HUNGARIANS CAN ALSO LEAVE eUROPEAN uNION!!!

  249. avatar
    Darrell Coombes

    No way. Just think how they can contribute to Europe. Drug smuggling, prostitution and car wash. Brilliant Sounds like a fantastic idea.

  250. avatar
    Curro Fbm

    A bigger market, a bigger society.
    Bigger risks, bigger problems, bigger profits.
    Of course, we could keep shrinking the EU policies, and the EU territory, and become “the EU, that pygmy that existed roughly between 1950 and 2020”.
    Do you remember, Mr Juncker?

  251. avatar
    Erjon Disha

    Albanians only need to be allowed to work abroad! Does’t mater if we are in EU or not.For us is better not to be part of EU!

  252. avatar
    Dorothea Papazoglou

    Well general people from Βαλκάνια have lots of questions?? no matter where they living or working??? Someone need to answer the questions…..

  253. avatar
    Vaggelis Ridvald Dhimo

    Albania is small country and it would definetly not be a problem for EU. Actually, it would be better for the region and the west balkan countries, like Albania, Serbia and Bosnia. I am a supporter of an extented EU with all the European countries inside. The people of these countries have suffered a lot and it is not their fault. Please, think and be openminded. Nobody wants conflicts and problems with their neighbours. We can live all together and try to improve our daily life by cooperating. All this anger is not productive. Do not allow the political elits to make you hooligans because their political survive is fed by that. All countries had problems in the past. This is not an excuse for us and next generations to continue that hate. I have lived in Albania the 10 first years of my life. After I moved to Greece where I grew up and I studied mechanical engineering. Now I am in the UK. My friend were mostly Greeks. In conclusion, things have to be better for Greece and the afourmentioned countries in Balkan and not allow to seperate us.

  254. avatar
    Makis Kafetzidakis

    For sure it will be a disaster for Albania, trust me I’m from Greece. Of course its politicians will be millionairs.

  255. avatar
    Sajmir Ndrecaj

    NO!I’m Albanian,and before the EU I want the union of all Albanian lands taken in London Conference in 1913.
    “True history of humankind will be written only when Albanians will take part on its writting”
    Someone said it,who know why…

  256. avatar
    Vicente Silva Tavares

    If Albanians are crazy, they will join European Union – EU. However if they look what happened to Greece and Portugal, they will be careful and do only an association to export to EU with lower or none custom duties but keep their own currency and their own taxes. Greece lost its industry to a mere 4% of GNP. Before the Euro and EU, Portugal was the 8th most industrialized country in Europe. Now is only the 22nd. Before we were growing with 4 to 6% rates. After the Euro we had grown 0.5%. Our economists call the Euro decade, the “Lost Decade”. You, Albanians, if you want to fall in the same fate, go ahead. If not, think well.

  257. avatar
    Martine Moret

    Yes of course, such a wonderful country with so good things to discover and albanian are pro-europe! They have to joign us!

  258. avatar
    Gjergj Ndoci


  259. avatar
    Kelly Legaki

    Albananias have not matters. They are killers. They hate Greeks and they have tarture Greek people from Albany.

    • avatar
      Leonard Rezhda

      Jesus Christ woman wot ur sayin lol coz few bad applesin it and Albanians are bad oh dear oh dear, neva been to Greece but ur so ignorant and u need to learn how to spell wen ur writin in English, lollllll ppl like u make me laugh to much of propaganda wiv u and u get sucked in no wonder EU is messed up coz of to much ignorance in it lolllllll so u need to open ur eyes and start livin in the real world lol

  260. avatar
    Olivier Dutreil

    Why. Do we have to take care of all poor economies in europe and we have enough muslims at home . Thank you but no !

  261. avatar
    Eno Boçi

    Yes it would be good for the Albanian citizens but not for the 98% of the Albanian politicians. Because they wouldn’t be able to steal that much as they do now. Most of them think how they can make money by being corrupt. They do not worry and do not work honestly for the Albanian people to improve their lives by creating jobs, and building new infrastrucure projects without taking some amount of money from them. Until Albania’s politicians are honest and genuine by doing their jobs without thinking of how they can ‘personally’ benefit then Albania will need another 15 years at least to join EU. Some communists that are in all of the political parties that are still alive must die first though. I mean naturally die, although I would love to see the opposite. And then maybe we may have a chance to prosper!

  262. avatar
    Pashko Geci

    Why should Albania join the EU and pay for Greece’s mess,let the bastards drown,they are stupid to borrow money and live a lavish life style with other people’s money.

  263. avatar
    Olivier Dutreil

    STOP EXTENDING EUROPE . BETTER TO BUILD A FEDERAL UNION WITH 8 members with common economic Tax policies ; europe just becomes an open to all winds market and migration zone . MY EUROPEAN DREAM IS DEAD ;

    • avatar
      Leonard Rezhda

      ur right there Dude

  264. avatar
    Pashko Geci


  265. avatar
    Elona Qershia

    no, im albanian i want to travel free to work in another country free but i dont want albania to be part of e.u they will do the same thing and worst to albania and albanian people that did to greece and greek people europe is not consolidated germany think that only them are powerful and only them can comand the e.u like u.s.a president do in america .no is better this way !