anti-eu2Judging by the results so far in our Debating Europe Vote 2014, very few of our readers (just 2.63% of those who have voted) intend to support a Eurosceptic party in the EU elections in May of next year. Of course, the views of our audience are likely different from the general voting population, and it doesn’t necessarily follow that Eurosceptic parties will scrape by with less than 3% next year. In fact, quite the opposite, with some analysts predicting that as much as 30% of the vote in May 2014 could go to Eurosceptics.

Still, whilst disillusionment with the EU project is higher than it’s ever been, there is also a long-term trend in European elections of declining voter turnout. Indeed, the two can even go hand-in-hand: David from the UK, for example, says that despite supporting UKIP he will not be voting in next year’s European Parliament elections as he has “never bothered to vote in [an EU] election and never will.”

So, just how big will the Eurosceptic vote be? We approached several leading EU correspondents from newspapers and broadcasters across Europe to get a sense of what might happen. First, we spoke to Jean-Luc Bardet, Brussels Bureau Chief for AFP, and asked him what he predicted in 2014:

The extreme right and extreme left will increase their vote, and the mainstream parties like the Socialists and the EPP will all lose seats, even if they manage together to maintain a majority. The polls suggest that the Radical Left, Eurosceptics and the Far-Right will all gain. That’s what all of us are saying and thinking for the moment, even the leaders of the European Union, like Barroso, Van Rompuy, and even the President of the Parliament. That’s certainly what they fear.

Next, we spoke to Andrea Bonanni, Brussels correspondent for the Italian newspaper La Repubblica. He told us he believed a surge in support for Eurosceptic parties could be seen as a normal part of democracy:

bonanniEver since Europe started to take more significant decisions and to have real power in the every-day lives of citizens, there has been a growing anti-European sentiment. This is perfectly normal, because in politics there is no power which doesn’t raise a counter-power… So, I think having a certain amount of anti-European votes is even, in a certain sense, a good omen because it means that people are starting to realise that Europe exists and has influence in their lives. Of course, this is good if the anti-European sentiment is constrained to, let’s say, 15% to 20% of voters. If it’s higher than 20%, then it means that Europe is starting to do something wrong, and they should wonder what they are doing wrong and they should try to assess this and fix it.

However, Luke Baker, Brussels Bureau Chief for Reuters, says it was not impossible to imagine protest parties (including Eurosceptics) taking even more than 20% of the vote next year, which would complicate things in the European Parliament.

bakerThe people I speak to who have their finger on the pulse talk about anywhere between 20 to 30% of the vote being a protest vote… However, while there may be a large proportion of the vote going to protest parties, they are not a uniform bloc that will immeditately have an impact and change the direction of European policy-making. What they could do is form a ‘blocking minority’ that, if they are in any way coordinated, could have quite a disruptive influence on process in the European Parliament… And if there is a significant enough protest vote, and if there is a significant level of co-ordination among those protest parties, it could very well block the formation of a working majority in the Parliament. Now, quite a few things have to happen for that to take place – and it’s more a fear factor at the moment – but it’s not impossible for it to happen.

Finally, the BBC News Europe editor, Gavin Hewitt, also saw an increase in the Eurosceptic vote as potentially a positive sign, but warned that the blanket label “Eurosceptic” should be applied with caution, because it can refer to a wide range of different and ideologically contrasting movements and political parties.

hewittThe various anti-establishment parties across Europe come in different shapes and sizes, and I think it is wrong to put them all in one bundle… But if we do have a more Eurosceptic European Parliament, it would really depend on what kind [of Eurosceptics] they are. It could be that they simply have no sympathy for the European project, but it could also be that they will reflect the concerns of ordinary people more… If, in the end, we have a European Parliament which is more reflective of the questions being asked by ordinary people, then that might be positive and, in fact, even enhance the authority of the European Parliament.

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Voting is closed in our Debating Europe Vote 2014! The results are now in, so come and see what our readers thought!

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What do YOU think? Will Eurosceptic parties triumph in next year's European Parliament elections? Could they take as much as 30% of the vote? Will YOU be voting for a Eurosceptic party? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below, and we'll take them to policy-makers and experts for their reactions.

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    Karel Van Isacker

    Well, how do you expect people to react if by setting up a banking union, the EU plans to fund it with a one-off 10% overnight theft from all bank accounts.

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    Nico Selleslags

    Als europa de ambitie heeft om een echte staat te worden en als ik eurosceptisch ben omdat ik daar tegen ben. JA! Dan stem in eurosceptisch.

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    Ana Georgieva

    EU is nothing else but total economic and cultural occupation made by the Great powers.

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    Christos Mouzeviris

    I am afraid so.. The news from France are indicating this fact.. And since the pro-European, Liberal or Socialist parties do not get organized as the far right or nationalist parties are aiming to do, then the EU should prepare itself for trouble.. Far Right parties from France, Sweden, Holland and Italy are preparing a united front to raise their profile and influence in European politics..What will the other parties and the EU do about it? Will we be beaten by the anti-EU camp in creating the first successful pan-European electoral campaign?

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    Alex Tselentis

    EU=US FED .. Same Bankers, different continent, Europes destiny under the current powers within the EU (Van Rumpuy/Barroso/Shultz/Merkel) is to become the New Soviet Union.

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    Alex Merkin

    I do not think they will do as good as they think I mean Marine Le Pen will never be French president and UKIP will not take all the UK seats in the European Parliament but that still doesn’t mean that the pro-EU voice needs not to stand guard and do nothing. People like myself who in favour of the EU needs to work informing people and work to make it better rather than defending it’s problems.

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      This is not the case that Marine Le Pen can become French President or not, the fact is that she (and her party) shifts French politics. Historically, in France we always had bipolar system, i.e. left and right that were competing in elections; however, today we have tripolar system where a far-right party joins in and poses a major threat to the traditional system. The fact is, that in my opinion, the French Front National perfectly reflects today’s situation in France and this misbalances the conservative party (UMP) and the socialists (PS). They are uncertain how to behave, therefore they try to adapt their policies and make them similar to the FN ones. Sure, Marine Le Pen will never (probably) become a President, but she will definitely influence the policies of UMP and PS. And it is very likely that she will get a lot of votes in European elections (recent cantonal election in Brignoles proved it).

      I believe that the EU needs this anti-EU impulse to start working more efficiently.

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      United States of Europe, or Europe of United States?

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    Luís Berenguer Todo-Bom

    I think so and it’s not a bad thing either to happen. The EU has to rethink its purpose and put it to referendums.
    The democratic deficit is becoming intolerable.

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    Carlos Manrique Pérez

    Yes, the EU prides itself on democracy and it happens that those who are against it or against how it works ( like me) but those who don’t support the UE are named as nationalists or told that we want another war. PERSONALLY I AM against the EU, but not against the european treaties, i mean, couldn’t we have just free commerce , trade, and freedom of movement instead of having a parliament no one cares for and an organization which is NOT controlled by politicians but by bankers?

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      Strange thing isn’t it, that the Eurosoviet Union (EU) is priding itself on democracy when in fact it is 100% undemocratic.

      We are the ones who are for democracy, those who support the EU are the ones who are against it. They want to destroy national democracy and take all into the unified Eurosoviet soup. Moscow 1960 = Brussels 2013

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      Eurosoviet Union ? not heard it put like that, but from my perspecitve here in Ireland it is exactly on the nose. I have worked on Euro Projects (software) and their only purpose is to waste money and create further projects. Brussels is a self perpetuating waste of space

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    Christos Mouzeviris

    I agree with Luis.. Though I personally detest such parties and I am a staunch “pro-European”, perhaps the European leadership needs a kick up the backside to think things through and reconsider!! The people had enough!! Get your act together or face the music and the consequences!

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    Vicente Silva Tavares

    The EU and mainly the Euro destroyed the economy of my country. We lost our industry, we lost our fishing ships, we produce less agricultural products, we cannot increase our custom tarifs even for third party countries, we are obliged to open our borders to the Chinese goods, so, what can we expect from EU? More unemployment and misery. Until China starts exporting Volvos at low prices to compete with the German cars. When Germany starting feeling in its own skin, only there they will change the policy of open borders.

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    Con Rad

    I hope their big clouds will end up in low votes. It is an education about EU what is needed. So ordinary citizens see it as political body representing our rights. Partly deregulation is not bad idea – but far right promise of destruction of EU that is not very best. Far rights base on their populistic rethorics and scapegoat immigration. They need to be argued at the door step so locals will not look at immigrants as a threat and EU as symbol of communism.

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      If people were educated about how the Eurosoviet works, more would be against it.

      It is in the Eurosoviet’s interest to keep people as ignorant as possible, as those who are more aware tend to be more against it.

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    Debby Teusink

    I am not going to vote Eurosceptic because those who do, are willing to give their future to Washington and Moskow and are willing to abdicate their freedom. I can vote for the EP, not congress or duma.

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    Javier Sánchez

    lol look at this, this page is already an eurosceptic festival. Take a look at Facebook: there are a lot of pro-European pages and all of them are taken by eurosceptic. Europe itself is “euroscepic”, Europeans doesn’t believe in themselves and the politicians are unable to provide a solution. People wants a solution and they think nationalism and extremism are the answer. Next election will be an eurosceptic orgy.

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    Eduardo Barroso

    I would not vote on an Eusrosceptic party but instead I would like to vote in atotal different party that had the truly vision of Europe!! I love Europe but in fact some changes are needed but not in the contrary way. I think voting anti-Europe is getting back to the past…

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      Stephen Wolstenholme

      You can love Europe but still think that the EU is a disaster.

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      The issue being, at least in my country, that the assumed moderate rghtwing UMP and the supposed socialist party PS, follow excactly the same tracks and are making the same Policy…. the Green as well… so what is the remaining choice ? only one group on the left side has a reasonable vision of what Europe should be, even if the others repeat that it is considered as far left. Eurosceptic under the traditional wording, means just that you desagree with the way existing Europe is working, that does not mean that you are against Europe…

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    Euranet Plus - Official

    Last week we hosted an interview in French with Marine Le Pen, the leader of the Front National (FN), where she gave us details about the potential emergence of an extreme-right group at the European Parliament after the next election in May 2014. Jobbik, Golden Dawn and other “extremist weird groups and neo-Nazis” are not welcome, she said. The entire interview as audio and video here:

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    Georgi Hrisstof

    The dynamics of the Arab revolutions offered inconvenience and discomfort of the European citizen , not only in the periphery , which is normal in terms of ongoing hostilities , waves of refugees and schemes of invasion , rights and obligations during the economic and debt crisis , apparently reducing budgets of states and income statistical average citizen may bring to the surface the Euro- skeptics with a radical twist ( ! ) but are rather nostoyashtata barometer of European policy , practice and be in making important decisions contracts to block some liberal views .. which actually is not bad !

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    Tarquin Farquhar

    The idea of an EU is a good one BUT the EU as-is is a no-no.

    UNTIL the EU adopts more Northern-European standards and drops the heavy Club Med influence the EU will be a basket-case.

    Furthermore, if the EU finds that there is a significant anti-EU parliamentary demographic then it will need to adapt its policies, protocols and procedures to reflect the will of the people.

    Failure to do so will further destabilise the EU project so much so that the pro-Europeans may have to KILL eurosceptic rioters as is permissible under the risibile European Human Rights Act.

    BTW, whoever drew up article 2 of the EHRA should be identified and vilified at the very least – this TRULY FRIGHTENING law is reminiscent of Nazi Germany, Stalinist Russia or China’s Chairman Mao.

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    Sabino Ciprelli

    EPP and ESP should be proud because the euro sceptic triumph is their fault. Thanks to god I see all these young people discussing to save europe from neonazi and ultra-liberis that is distroying our country

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    Sean O'Hare

    For crying out loud and for the last time of asking please stop confusing Europe (my Continent), which I am very much for, and the awful anti-democratic political construct known as the EU!

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    catherine benning

    I have to add that I agree with much of what Tarquin F has written, as well as many of those who wrote above him. One way or another they are telling you they know the reason the EU is falling apart. And I for one am very sad indeed about that, but they are right.

    And only you in that European bubble are to blame for it. You have known for a good long time about the unrest you were creating by massive debt, outsourcing of our manufacturing and agricultural policies, introducing mass immigration, and forcing those newcomers into the employment available in order to reduce the wage bill. On top of that, giving all manner of rights to those who were criminals under the EHRC, regardless of the ludicrousness of so doing.

    You know people were disturbed about the changes to the marriage laws and children being adopted by gays. And you hid the reality of what this meant to our social cohesion and culture. You also knew exactly what was taking place when you allowed Islamic law to take over huge areas of our separate countries, forcing women to live with abuse of their person and their rights, and more. allowing the veil to be forced on female children at very early ages. Thereby making it acceptable to wear this symbol of subjugation as if it were something to honour by Western women.

    Would you have backed the wearing of the KKK outfit in schools and in the work place because it was their religion? Or, the wearing of the Swastika if they told up it was cultural and a mark of their history? No you would not. And yet you allow European women to be enveloped in this wickedness that is a symbol of female subjugation, allowing their daughters to be polluted by it on a daily basis. Just as the KKK white robes are an abuse of morality and the human condition. As is the swastika so is this symbol of abuse.

    You also knew and know Islamic organisations plan to take over the political process of our countries, yet refuse to either acknowledge it or do anything about it. What did you expect? Our nations would lay down and accept his without a word being spoken just because you raised the term racist if it was mentioned. another US tactic they have used for years to stifle debate. .

    Instead of running Europe for Europeans you have joined the so called Globalisation club and that, as we know, is run by corporate USA. Although so many Europeans clawed their way into this enslaving mentality via the money markets they saw as a haven for them regardless of the effect on the poor. You believed ordinary people would simply lay down and die.

    And even now, at this final hour, what are you doing? Like Nero you fiddle. What do you plan to do? Nothing? Yet you know what is wrong and still will not do a thing to change tact. Why is that? Who is holding you back? Who is behind this stagnation? Why are you so afraid to make the changes the people require to save this united European project? Much of it was good. Much of it was necessary to protect us from the greed we now are engulfed by. And much of it would lead us to salvation of our civilisation.

    My country, the UK, is in total chaos. As is Greece, Spain and many others, yet you sit there unable to move. Frozen like rabbits in the headlights of the motorway speeders.

    So, yes, the elections are going to change Europe beyond recognition and as Tarquin says, sad as it is, it is necessary. There is little purpose relying on a group of politicians who do not know where they are going or why. And will not even acknowledge that what they have done is very deeply flawed. It could not have been worse if lunatics had been in charge. And I am left of centre, not on the right at all.

    Even the simple understanding that we have been horribly abused by mass surveillance leaves you still clinging on to the offender, as if they are going to change their ways and stop the horror they perpetrate. Its the sadness of the middle aged wife who refuses to jail her violent husband, even when she can barely raise her head to speak. He will say he’s sorry you see.

    Leaders have to prove the people they are leading are their first concern. Not those who intend to conquer.

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    eusebio manuel vestias pecurto

    Sou Europeu e vivo na Europa e faço o meu direito civico em 2014 os 28 paises da UE no futuro terão que reforçar a sua governação económica melhorar a sua competitividade e criar um ambiente mais estável e mais transparente para as empresas a fim de atrair investimentos e incentivar os crescimento economico e a sustentabilidade e respeitarem o estado social e de direitos humanos

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    Tamás Heizler

    I won’t vote for a Eurosceptic party, but I think it’s absolutely the fault of the European Parlament and the fault of EU institutions that a lot of people will vote for Eurosceptic parties (more than in 2004 and 2009). European Parliament sometimes overestimates it’s role and tries to interfere to the internal politics and everyday life of member countries.
    There are two ways to destroy Europe and the EU:
    1. federalism (Europe shouldn’t be a centralized empire)
    2. Euroscepticism (Europe shouldn’t build back the borders between countries)
    I don’t want to support any of them, so I’ll vote for the European People’s Party.

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    Juan Vázquez García

    Europe needs to step aside, it doesn’t have the capacity to decide about anything because it’s commanded by a bunch of idealists, the French and the Germans.

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    José Paulo Matos

    I hope not, but the danger it’s still present. We need an federalist Europe, united and spoked in a unic voice. I will vote for that in 2014.

    • avatar

      I will vote against it, as such a thing means it will cost my country more. No more transfers to the lazy Southeners!

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    Eli Dirkx

    You can either try to “fight” the Eurosceptic parties, or understand the reason they exist and make sure that problem is solved.

  26. avatar
    Tamás Heizler

    Christos: You’re right.
    Jos: Do you have racional arguments why federalism, centralization and standardization would solve all our problems? Europe is colorful and consists of (similar but) different cultures, nations. There is high need to cooperate, there is high need for EU, there is high need for Schengen, but there is no need for a centralized federation, where they tell us from Brussels what to do 1000 km-s away from Brussels.
    It’s funny that some people want federation, while more than half of EU’s people don’t even speak English, we don’t even have common TV Channels and we don’t agree about lot of basic issues (let it be economy or cultural thing like gay marriage). Federation would just increase bureaucracy and decrease the weight of people’s voice in politics. Today if you don’t like the decision of your government you just begin to demonstrate in the capital city of your country. What should you do in a federal Europe? Who would care about a demonstration in Madrid, Budapest, Helsinki?

  27. avatar

    The main bias of the current EU establishment is its apparent unwilligness to make policies in the interests of Europe. Instead these “elites” do everything to court its international buddies (NGOs, IMF, WTO, UNO etc.). EU Europe is increasingly ruled like a dominion of international organizations.
    At the same time the EU, including its member states, is submissively dependent in security matters on the US (see the current NSA scandal) who itself doesn’t care at all about what international organizations are saying or wanting.

  28. avatar
    Christos Mouzeviris

    I agree on the idea of a loser kind of federalism, something like what Switzerland is or what the UK and Spain are becoming.. Definitely NOT a centralized European government. I come from a country (Greece) and live in another (Ireland) with centralized governments and we have seen how the gathering of all power in one place damages the fair distribution of wealth and fails to deal with issues that people in the periphery are facing… I am watching closely the developments in Spain and Britain and the bid of Scottish and Catalan independence. Europe should be governed in three levels, local, national and European.. A European government for all issues European, a much weakened than currently national government for national issues and interests and a local government for local issues.. It will definitely slow down the decision process and at times it will prove costly or inefficient. But I fear that a centralized government based in Brussels, ruled by people with no real experience or information about the issues that a local community is facing will do nothing more than acting undemocratically.. As it happens.. The European Parliament MUST have all control of the decision making in Brussels while the Council and the Commission must be weakened or in the case of the Council even scrapped. A European parliament ruling Europe, answerable and observing to national government that in return will be answerable and observing of the actions of the European parliament and the ones of the local governments and so on.. The EU Commission is controlled by strong lobbies and contributes to lobbyist influence, secrecy, unaccountability and democratic deficit while the Council contributes to intergovernmentalism and elitism. The citizens have no say in the decisions of the European government and this must stop. Finally if European leaders want to rule Europe, they have to make sure they do so with the interests of all European citizens in hand, not the interests of a few rich elite nations..It should not be the Germans, French, British or Dutch or any other that rule Europe for the benefit of their nations, but rather the benefit all European citizens equally.. Otherwise federalism is no deal!

  29. avatar
    Helena Feio

    I believe that no Eurosceptic parties will triumph in next year’s European Parliament elections despite the contraditory policies concerning the countries that are supposed to be helped like Portugal and others. Europe must reinvent itself and not be just the sum of different countries and different cultures but a land where the rights and duties and the way of living is similar. There is a rich and a poor European Union at the moment. People should vote massively in next elections so they really mean people’s will.

  30. avatar
    Eduardo Branco

    Of course I feel european! Being european is what connect us to our ancestors, the majority of which never shared our present nationalities, but all shared our european heritage. European identity exist for more than 3000 years and have always been able to preserve its essence, despite being extremely dynamic, always ready to reinvent itself.

  31. avatar
    John Bevegård

    hi great love 6the european union we must come together we need solidarity….not more secterictic nationalism etc eu is a common union we share common western democratic and economic humanitarian values come on we need each other eu love from johnnyb sweden johnb.

    • avatar

      You pay for it. You give up 25% of your wealth. Because I refuse.

  32. avatar
    Limbidis Arian

    This is far more dangerous than simply about the EU.
    In the last crisis in the 1930s the Left ( socialists and liberals ) were pushing very “dangerous ” idea for capitalism.
    The idea that the rich and the corporations should be held accountable for what they did.
    The rich did not like that.
    So what they did was support groups to fight the left.
    Right-wing groups. And a certain small man, of austrian descent, with a funny hair and small mustache came to teh capitalists ( both those here and in Wall street ) and told them: You give me the support i need and i’ll handle the left.
    And they did and he did.
    He drew attention from the true culprits.
    And invented boogie-men for everyone to point the finger at: jews, gipsies.

    And now we’re at that same point,
    The rich and the Right have learned this game well. They cannot use “jews” anymore. But now we hear other buzzword like…ohn i dunno..MUSLIM…or maybe “immigrant”…or “terrorist” or whatever boogie-man will distract people from the real problem.
    Take Greece where Golden Dawn is just a group of thugs beating up on muslims, immigrants etc
    On the OTHER hand Syriza is the one who is actually offering real sollutions.

    And the Right has learned to use social media to spread its message well.
    Youtube, facebook, everything is being used to poison minds, especially young impressionable ones.

    InFrance we got that LePen woman, in Britain we got the BNP and UKIP ( UKIP is BNP with a more humane face for those of you that wonder ), netherlands has them, Sweden has those , what they call them? National party or something, Germany has the NDP(?), Hungary has Jobbik, etc
    Whole of Europe is seeing a ressurgence in far-right insanity.
    And of course what is the credo of these movements?
    “The poor and those who are down on their luck should die off” – yeah…that’s basically it.
    That’s why politicians are ANSWERING the call of their new electorate – Cameron included.
    He is pandering to idiotic nuts who guts medical systems, education systems, everything that has made Europe BETTER and more civilized than fascist America where they would leave you to DIE if you can’t afford that blasted “inssurance” ( which is a scam btw ).
    Everything is being stripped.
    Everything is being ‘privatized”.
    We are made to sign “free trade deals”. you know what those are?
    They are a way for corporations who LEAVE EUrope to sell their good easier HERE and milk us.

    Everything is being done to crush us.
    And the real problem i, no one talking about it. No is saying anything.
    Mr barosso talk and talks but he still implements austerity which ahs been PROVEN TO NOT WORK.
    Economists left right and center are ripping their hair off around him baffled as to why Europe is commiting economic SUICIDE.

  33. avatar

    This trend comes out of the deaf and dumb politics lead by Frau Merkel und Freunde

  34. avatar

    It is to be hoped. I am utterly against any kind of European state. I see no need for a Soviet-esque structure in Brussels, as its already repeatedly proven its utter superfluousness, seemingly only existing for the tax-exempt-jobs it has for politicians.

    The only truth people need to know about the EU is that it is 100% undemocratic (and deliberately so).

    Elections =/= democracy. Where there is no demos, there is no democracy by definition.

  35. avatar

    I love the EU and the € but i am seriously considering voting for a eurosceptic party unless the negotiations with Turkey are stopped. Therein lies the real threat to european values and democracy!

  36. avatar

    Kaj sploh želijo evroskeptiki? Želijo spet zaprte meje, želijo spet graditi na zgodovinskih zmotah, ki so pripeljale do svetovnih morij. Pamet v roke na volitvah, to možnost imamo v demokraciji, ki seveda ni enostavna, vendar boljše ureditve ni.

  37. avatar

    Their group will win but not as much as they might think. Reason for this is that people across europe want EU to change. And I definitely agree on this. During all these years it has come very clear that the right-wing comission is mostly a minion of large enterprises. Being one is aventualy easier because EPP and other centrist-right groups have most of seats in the parliament. However the eurosceptics do not offer a real change for this. For example they are not ready to do anything for the millions of normal wage earning people, midle class or for the poor. If we compare the wages of Romanian, German and Finnish worker we see that they are not equal at all. Romanian can barely live with it, German doesn’t have a statuory minimum wage that the Finns in turn, do. The way I see it, EU can be used to make things better and there is alot to do, but those sceptics wan’t nothing but its destruction. And those fellows in UK (as I have heard) want to replace the union with economic area of Brittish commonwealth? Give me strenght…

  38. avatar

    Euroscepticism would be lord and master in Brussels if only the people who refuse to show up for European Parliament elections would show up. The real gains eurosceptic parties can make are in activating people who don’t want to go out and vote.

    Many who do not vote, do so because they do not want to lend the European Parliament any semblance of legitimacy. They reason that, if they do not turn out, at least the policies carried out in the European Union will not be in their name. Others, of course, won’t show up because they can’t be bothered, but it should be noted that they do usually show up for national elections.

  39. avatar
    David Oprea

    and after they liberate Europe from the monster of Brussels, what’s next? :)

  40. avatar
    Nir Hannah

    stupid populism, mainly addressing people incapable to catch up with the challenges of the current times :(

  41. avatar
    Tony Westfallen

    I am a EU-sceptic, on the grounds of national sovereignty and economic reality… to put all Euro-sceptics in the same basket as Le Penn and Wilders, is a gross misrepresentation of why many of us are against the EU.

  42. avatar
    Borislav Valkov

    Nor the socilaists will win considering if you dare to look in Bulgaria where the socialist led goverment faces 150+ days of ongoing protests yet the leader of the bulgarians socialist is the leader of PES!

  43. avatar
    Alex Sekkpefb

    Hopefully not! I mean they just want to get into the European Parliament to dissolve it… and after that? dissolving the status quo? thats why Im voting this year! These scumbags dont represent the EU people.

  44. avatar
    Daniel Pintilie

    When you forget history, you are bound to repeat it. I hope the voters are not so quick at forgetting as those two.

  45. avatar
    Max Dohe

    Let me get this straight, they want to create a European-anti-European-Union-Union? That’s just a contradiction in itself

  46. avatar

    Euroscepticism looks more like a new form of nationalism or populism, supported by nationalist politicians in every country in Europe ( Marine Le Pen in France, Gabor Vona in Hungary or Heinz Christian- Strache in Austria). Their speeches resemble to does that fascists or nazis use to make in the interwar period, seeing the people’s dissatisfaction in other parties as an opportunity to seize power. They know that they would not be able to keep their promises, such as abolishing the euro and each country in the eurozone will return to their previous national currency.

    • avatar

      Not at all… euroscepticism comes from Europe itself. As one of them I don’t want to kill the idea of Europe, I am just saying that Europe without social harmonization and fiscal harmonization cannot work properly. I am saying that something which is only based on the free market is not viable as people Inside Europe being facing internal concurrence will not have the feeling of being part of a unified group, and if Europe has so far avoided the conflicts we knew in the past it will not continue to be the case if drastic changes are not implemented.

  47. avatar
    Julie Pascoët

    First I think we should definitely stop advertising their programs! We are giving them far too much media spaces lately! Let’s focus on the solutions rather than on the problems. What kind of Europe do we want? Let’s do articles about that!

  48. avatar
    Max Dohe

    Julie Pascot I’m not a eurosceptic and yes we should focus on solutions, but what sort of democracy would that be if we reduce media space of movements we don’t like?

  49. avatar
    Jorge Qoqe

    If eurosceptics wins space in the Parlament it means E.U. is going in the wrong direction. Unfortunately we are viewing how they are builiding a E.U. for economy, no for citizens… sucks!!!

  50. avatar
    Desmond O'Toole

    Is the term “eurosceptic” now being used instead of “fascist”? These are leaders of parties that a world war was fought to defeat, and here they are now seeking to slither their way back into mainstream politics. These people must be confronted and expelled from democratic politics. No pasaran for their hate and racist violence. Europeans united against fascism.

  51. avatar
    Desmond O'Toole

    Is the term “eurosceptic” now being used instead of “fascist”? These are leaders of parties that a world war was fought to defeat, and here they are now seeking to slither their way back into mainstream politics. These people must be confronted and expelled from democratic politics. No pasaran for their hate and racist violence. Europeans united against fascism.

    • avatar

      The EU itself is a retread of the Soviet Union. We’re just the dissidents. Small in number like also in the old Soviet Union, but our eventual victory is assured. Let’s hope it won’t take 84 years like with the old Soviet Union.

      I believe that those who are pro-EU are anti-democracy.

  52. avatar
    Karen Fabbri

    A weakening of Europe and what it means to be European would lead Europe and its citizens down a grave path towards global irrelevance.

  53. avatar
    Eduardo Rebelo

    First of all I consider a very good thing that our democratic system allows people with,almost, all sorts of beliefs to participate in its institutions. Let them create all the alliances they want and let us, european citizens, write those ideas in the forgotten pages of history.

  54. avatar
    Vladan Lausevic

    It is impossible and dangerous illusion to think that european nation states could or should have economic models and political power on national level as it was before the EU was created. As european citizen I aspire for modern solutions who would make Europe more social, democratic and economical in a globalized world.

  55. avatar
    Michiel Van de Peppel

    I consider myself EU-sceptic, but I would not vote for politicians as Wilders or Le Pen.

    Apart from that, I really do not understand why some people think that a EU that would continue to drive high speed on the current path, would be the appropriate response to the rise of nationalist political parties.

    Don’t you see that the current form and policy of the EU is precisely the reason that nationalistic politicians are getting more and more support? Europhiles and EU-leaders need to learn to slow down the implementation of their ideas and look at their own actions first instead of blaming others for their democratic choises.

    Apparently, a lot of people disagree with the EU in its current configuration, whether you like it or not. Why not listen to these people and take them seriously, instead of doing what Europhiles have done for 40 years: force their vision on others.

    The only way to get a working, peaceful EU is true acceptance by large parts of society, not acceptance by only a small elite.

  56. avatar
    Vicente Silva Tavares

    Why the far-right parties are growing? Politicians of EU should think about. Unemployment, industry dislocaton, low custom tariffs, globalism, and so on, won’t be the cause? We are comminting suicide slowly.

  57. avatar

    I will vote for EU because a vote against is a vote for washington,moskow and beijing,but the system as it is sucks.We vote the EU-Parliament which elects the commision and the president.So the people don t vote the commision nor the president and that lacks democratical justification.
    I m basically for further integration and additional EU-institutions like a banking union(and yes i m german) or even a european army,but i want to know the people that will be elected,what is absolutly not the case.The system we have now is really like soviet union.After the electiont a bunch of bureaucrats picks the commision and their boss on their own without any democratic backing.

    We need all european parties that can be voted directly into the parliament and the DEMOCRATICLY voted parliament and president must have the power to decide not some central commitee to call it that way^^

    • avatar

      Do you understand that you essentially just said that you support an income reduction of every German of about 20% (on average)?

      That is the consequence of a bank/fiscal union. I take it you assume you will be exempt?

    • avatar

      After having say that you cannot vote for the same people who have created the situation, and seem to be quite happy with it…

  58. avatar

    I am just joining the debate, as a french Citizen I am always disturbed by this expression “eurosceptic”… I would mainly speaks about “eurobeatific” if this expression exists in English. In fact I will be voting for a leftwing party, some may call it a far-left party, not a liberal party (I mean liberal in the economic sense), even the socialist party is no more a leftwing party. It seems that if you vote against what has been decided until now including the Lisbon treaty you are against europe.. this is not at all true. We are against “this” europe. I am against this europe which is not democratic, I am against this europe so proud of the “european citizenship” but which leave 600 000 people Inside europe without any citizenship, Inside this group 18 000 Roms, which are european citizens whithout any rights…including the right of work… I am against the European Central Bank lending taxpayers money to the banks at 1% as the same banks lend money to the EU member states to 6 or more %, which increase the public debt which is again paid by the same taxpayers… I am against the enormous power left to the Commission either to refuse the european initiative (exemple July 2013 on minority rights), or to have the Monopoly of proposing european laws… I can continue for hours.

  59. avatar

    Just like most other dutch , 2/3 will send democratic/patriotic politicians to kick some eurofanatic butt. Its time people see the eurofiles as what they are , fanatics with tunnelvision. Democracy ,referendums, and respect are words not spoken in the halls of brussels. Lets use our heads and get rid of the EU elite and put some real politicians in thier seats whom arnt bent on massing huge amounts of power to accomplish the goals of a few.
    Do we want bankers ruling the day. Our countries turned into provinces, our democracy whats left of it, erased for the EU (cause)??? Even now the eurofiles are scheming away trying to amass power. Germany and france will try to impose new rules that will stop patriotic parties and people from being elected or they will change the constitutions of thier countries to cement themselves in power , watch it happen!!!
    Thell use the war senario, economic doom , all the spin words to frighten folks. They will meddel in goverments, all the nasty little things it takes to rule the day!!
    I just want my country back. So i say to the brussels elite, go find another sucker.
    Just like everyone has the right to thier day in court, i think we all have the right to a referendum, all of us . And democracy dictates we have that right.But the eurofiles will deny us that.
    Scared fanatics thats all they are. Too bad..

  60. avatar
    Mark Franklin

    Much academic research has shown that
    (1) Turnout within specific member states has not declined. Overall turnout at EP elections has declined because of EU enlargement (increasing numbers of member countries are countries with low turnout at EP elections).
    (2) What brings people to the polls is the possibility of their vote making a difference. In the past no-one has been able to say what difference a particular vote would make. This year parties are supposed to endorse specific candidates for President of the Commission. If those candidates campaign on specific policies people might become aware of the possible consequences of a vote for one party or another and this would bring many to the polls. It would take massive publicity for the policies proposed by the different candidates, however, and there is as yet little sign of this happening.

  61. avatar
    eusebio manuel vestias pecurto

    Não eu digo que a Europa tem uma Democracia das mais modernas do mundo e com esta crise em curso a Europa tem uma das classes sociais mais fortes do mundo e basta ler na história para ver quem construiu a Democracia por isso os europeus querem a sua liberdade politica e económica

  62. avatar

    I think they will get 10 – 15 % . The right side of the European Parlaiment can be very strong afther those elections but in my opinion it will be also the time of the center-left. (Liberals and Socialists) So we can hope, that the european integration is not going to be stopped.

  63. avatar
    Duje Stančić

    I myself will be voting for the eurosceptic party here in my homeland Croatia. Democratic deficit or the rule of unelected is the relentless rule inside the Bruxelles administration. We need to diversify power to state and local levels. Deeper integration can not exist since there is no European demos or national entity. Other attempts to create supranational entities without having the people mind sed on referendums or elections have failed like Yugoslavia or Soviet Union. In Yugoslavia communist party of Yugoslavia insisted upon rejection of nations and called us all Yugoslavians. People who declared themselves as Yugoslavians got higher payed jobs in state administration and in the Yugoslav Peoples Army. One clear example of stupid EU politics is regarding fishing for your own needs in my country. Many retirees in my country, specialy those on the island fish with nets for their meals, and now they are forbidden to do so, cause they need to choose are they sports fishermen or professional ones. This cathegory of fishing up to 5 kg of fish for own needs exists for more than 1000 years in my country.

  64. avatar
    Pedro Redondeiro

    Nop they wont, just because of one simple reason: Europe, more than any region around the globe, has felt and knows from an inside perspective and experience, the negative outcomes, of having extremists in power… I mean, two world wars and many civil wars… in each of these events, europe almost “disapeared” from the map, so fortunetely the european, know what is wrong and what is right.

    And besides, these extremists only want one thing “power”, nothing more they do not care about people, they are “populist” parties only in the way that they take advantage on delicate situtations like crisis, to rise to the power. This has been allways the strategy of this political parties, we just need to take a look at the european history to see that it was because of this oportunistic strategy that they got in charge, exploiting the needing of the people to control them.

    However, there is a difference between those days europe and nowadays europe, which is the level of knowlege and education, that the europeans have now, it is safe to say that europeans are one of the most educated in the world even more than in US. ;)

    Today europeans are well informed about the world, particularly in matters related to politics and economy, this is why that these parties will not get in charge ever again! ;)

  65. avatar
    Ezgi Asena Kurt

    Since last months closely watching EU relations with Turkey and U.S,trying to be involved actively with the progress with presidencies,gradial changes in Turkey it is quite suprising

  66. avatar

    If EU is so bad, why the British are dragging on so long after the referendum on Brexit? Isn’t this enough for us to learn the lesson from the Brexit? In this era of great changes, even the UK, a leading political economy of Europe is unable to leave the EU with the same determination they had in 2016 when they voted in favour of the Brexit.

  67. avatar

    Can Eurosceptics offer their workable plan on how to survive this era of changes after breaking up the EU? Criticizing others is always very easy. What good are Eurosceptics contributing to a better Europe, a more prosperous Europe or a more peaceful Europe? Why Eurosceptics are blind to the danger Europe is facing when its ally, the single super military power is losing its hegemony. We are witnessing Trump is making unilateral decision to give territory of Syria to Israel, to give the whole Jerusalem to Israel. To crown someone the president of Venezuela without requiring to go through any election…. If European people do not want their land to be given out as gift, if European people do not want the Third World War breaks out in European land,… the only way is to support EU and be united under EU protection. EU is established specifically for this rason, to prevent the recurrence of WWIII with collective effort.

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