euro banknotesYesterday, we liveblogged the European Commission’s “Debate on the Future of Europe” event in Sofia, Bulgaria. It was a townhall-style debate with EU Commission Vice-President Viviane Reding, and it was originally supposed to focus on issues such as the economic crisis and, more generally, the future of Europe. However, Bulgaria has seen weeks of anti-graft street protests, and every second question from the audience was about corruption.

Angry citizens lined up to ask what Reding, the EU Commissioner for Justice, was doing to hold the Bulgarian authorities to account. One woman complained that:

The Bulgarian judiciary is strongly corrupt and dependent on the oligarchs, working only in the interests of the big fish… The media is owned by the richest people in Bulgaria, who manipulate the government. Never will the Bulgarian people hear the truth from the media.

This sense of frustration is shared by many in Bulgaria. Transparency International’s Global Corruption Barometer 2013, publish earlier this month, found that fully 87% of Bulgarians believe their judiciary is corrupt or extremely corrupt.

Whilst Vice-President Reding admitted that her sympathy lies “with the Bulgarian citizens who are protesting on the streets against corruption”, she also made it clear that the Commission’s powers are strictly limited when it comes to allegations of corruption in member states:

I’ll tell you something straight from the beginning: the European Commission… does not have the power to ask a national minister to give his resignation. That is up to you [and] I wish you well in building up a government which you can trust.

But should the EU have more powers in this area? Earlier this year, we interviewed Manfred Weber, a German MEP with the centre-right  Centre-Right in the European Parliament. Responding to a question from one of our readers, he told us he was in favour of giving the European Commission more powers to tackle corruption in member states.

Last week, Reding presented draft proposals for a European Public Prosecutor’s Office (EPPO). This would (if approved by both the European Parliament and EU governments) have the power to investigate and prosecute cases of fraud involving the EU budget. For example, if corruption was involved in projects relying on EU structural funds within a member state, then the EPPO would have a mandate to bring about a prosecution. However, not all member states will take part (the UK, for example, has already opted-out) and cases of fraud or corruption that don’t involve EU money will remain a national competence.

Bulgaria, along with Romania, has the lowest distribution of GDP per head in the European Union, along with the highest percentage of its population considered at risk of poverty or social exclusion. In an earlier debate, we looked at temporary restrictions on Bulgarian and Romanian workers in some EU member states, which are due to expire in 2014 and have proved to be a deeply controversial issue.

The infographic below sets out some facts and figures for the debate:

Bulgaria - Romania infographic

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What do YOU think? Should the European Commission be given greater powers to investigate corruption in member states such as Bulgaria? Do you think street protests can make a difference in the fight against corruption? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below, and we’ll take them to policy-makers and experts for their reactions.

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    Tiago Mouta

    Are they going to fire central banking cartel? If not there is no point in fighting themselves… ;)

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      Hans Mund

      Dear Gratian,

      I invite you to join us on the Rock the Union tour. The tour that wants to show the people in Europe how to empower themselves by discussing, informing, debating and celebrating with everyone who is living in the European Union our rights and to communicate our needs towards the European Parliament and the European Commission. We gain to raise awareness about the European Parliament elections in 2014. But if you and others, who are willing to participate, join our tour in the cities we are coming to, we will together reach out further and have even better discussions, better information, better debates and nicer celebrations. Together we can change Europe!
      If you are looking for people who demonstrate with you their need for a change in the European Union, you should join Rock the Union. We will have the European debates on the local level and will be connected to all over Europe via Debating Europe. In the Year of Citizenship we, the citizens of the European Union, empower ourselves to change Europe towards the future we want to live in.
      You will find Rock the Union via the Debating Europe Partner page.

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    Catalin Vasile

    No, because it would be like expecting the Cosa Nostra to wipe out one of their competitor or punish some low level partners…Some of the most corrupt people in the EU are exactly appointed n the leadership of the E.U. and I am not talking only about material corrpution, but also moral corruption!

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      Tarquin Farquhar

      Well said!!

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    Emanuel Din Bajra

    Absolutely, there is a need for the centralisation of regulation and tackling corruption Euro-wide more effectively, this can be achieved through active citizenship and more investments in reporting and auditing infrastructure and further more accountable institutions locally and at the federal level. Transparancy must be a huge priority for EU to become a viable political and economic entity in the years and decades to come.

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      Tarquin Farquhar

      The suggested EU powers should be limited and applied only to those countries with high-levels of corruption, high levels of nepotism and high levels of cultural racism/protectionism i.e. the Club Med countries, the Baltic countries and the Balkan countries.

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      John Smith

      @Tarquin Oh that’s right so lets discriminate against certain states even more, allow Roma to build slums in lets say Bulgaria and Romania where if they are cleared its racism but not in France, Germany, or the UK where its a crime oh no no no. I have a question for you do you want the EU to collapse, because the more you bully the smaller countries the more you are pushing them away from EU and closer to Russia, I know this because I have heard the opinions of Bulgarians and Romanians that they were better off under the control of the Soviet Union than the EU, that Russia is currently investing in their countries (for their own interests of course) whereas the EU is telling them how they should tolerate crimes (both organized, petty and hooliganism) because they are committed by Roma and it is racism if you don’t tolerate them. Didn’t the EU learn something from Yugoslavia, it is good while everyone is treated equally but when you have a dominant, privileged character (Serbs in YGS, Germans, French, British in EU) and the rest are bullied and discriminated the union collapses.

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      Tarquin Farquhar

      @John Smith
      While the aforementioned nations take money from my UK taxes I will regard said nations as inferior – at least financially!

      Let said countries join Russia – that would save me a few quid!!

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      John Smith

      Yes but your government doesn’t want that to happen, it would be beneficial for all parties but what is Europe so afraid of that they will do anything including bringing them into their rich boys club to keep them out of Russia’s influence. If that’s not corruption tell me what is.

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      @Tarquin Farquhar… Your uk taxes goes to everyone, including your country “chavs” who still live on benefits… and some of them earn more money without working than people who actually work. This is your government’s problem. A high-ranked mason from your country said “Not the masons rule the world, but the bankers”. So who rules your country finance/tax, etc.? The bank of England? And more info about it – The Bank of England was “nationalized” in 1946 but the power to create money remained in the same hands. England is in fact a financial oligarchy run by the “Crown” which refers to the “City of London” not the Queen. The City of London is run by the Bank of England, a private corporation. Just like the federal reserve in the USA, what I want to say is this – corruption is everywhere. In some places is more hidden and tolerated, since protests and free speech is allowed (Usa, Uk, France, etc.) while in some places the situation is monopolistic (Russia, China, etc.). Don’t get me started about the EU… Help is always needed, specially when it comes to corruption. People should be accused, even if it goes to the highest level, but you cannot fix a country’s problem unless you go in the country and experience the situation…

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    Ernest Dautovic

    It should have been done earlier but vested interests in specific countries (current politician rulers) will not allow a centralization of corruption control EU wide.

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      Tarquin Farquhar

      VESTED INTERESTS – here is an example of same. The UK is reluctant to let the EU tackle corruption because the EU is even more corrupt than the EU!! Why would any sentient country that has been stable for a thousand years downgrade to EU levels?!


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    Davey Brown

    The EU asking for extra powers to tackle corrution? Thats like the Yorkshire Ripper asking for powers to tackle violence against women.

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    Christos Mouzeviris

    absolutely yes…our national governments have failed big time to do this and tackle the issue, and what it even worse they thrive on and encourage it is about time the issue to be dealt on European level…but before you do that, make sure you sort out your own backyards too, as the EU Commission had also its moments in corruption!! yes?

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      Tarquin Farquhar

      Christos Mouzeviris
      I’m sorry old chap but why penalise good countries like most of the Northern EU nations when the bulk of corruption in the EU is a product of the Club Med nations.
      Besides most Northern EU nations don’t want their high-levels of anti-corruption reduced by allowing the EU [corrupt-as-f@##] to get involved.

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    Alin Roman

    Yes! As a Romanian, I see the effect of corruption on everyday life. It should be eliminated at once! However, there is low chance of doing that if this aspect is taken care of by the Romanian authority. The EU should be given the power of dealing with corruption and to finally cease this underground activity in its easternmost members.

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    Saviour Cachia

    Oh my, my, my, no trust in the Governments, no trust in the Commission, so who could be trust? If there is nobody to trust, why protest, let life goes on merrier for the fat cows and desolated for the lean cows. Only one person can do justice, and He is in heaven, after being cruxified. Where there is no trust and hope, sadness and sorrow will prevail. Money is the root of all evil, but you can do nothing without money and usually money is piled with a little help from my friend: CORRUPTION.

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      saviour cachia

      The basic to democracy is power to the people. People trust their power in Member of Parliament, where a Government is formed. As long as the people are happy with the way it is government, obviously there is no place for protests, especially street protest. But Corruption in itself rears its head in different institutions, and let us say lately have been witnessed in the European Commission. So what is the alternative to the people, where the maxims that count is POWER TO THE PEOPLE? How much is this power being abused? How much the European and national institutions are failing to people where corruption is concerned? What does the set of rules (or shall I call it Constitution) of the European Union cater in this regard. An institution is run by rules and directives and certainly European Union or European Commission should satisfy the trust shown in it and first of foremost hold a firm hand on any form of corruption, because corruption corrodes and for this in future the same EU might pay heavily. In these circumstances, yes to street protests, because this is the only way that the people show its power, save the once every legislature when it is called to elect a government. The people elect the Government so they have every right to force it to resign, possibly by legitimate means, but if need be, even by anarchy.

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    Sunshine Rose

    HAhah, but, how can EU fix coruption when they are not even able to fix corruption in EU with all those lobbyist?

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    Michele Browne

    Name and shame, if a business stop buying product or service until they tackle it. It will need huge numbers to protest but it’s a better way than going on the streets. Getting infiltrated by people that want to start trouble works for the corrupt more than the people.

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    As a Bulgarian, I want to say yes, yes, and yes. It is important to keep the EU corruption-free, as well, however. This means that lobbying in Brussels should be regulated more strongly and curtailed to an extent.

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    Egon Witte

    I tell you, if you pay me for my opinion… so it happens for all men..bankers, etc…

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    ely toncheva

    Thanks for inviting me in this conversation! Bulgaria needs such help! Political parties, the executive power in Bulgaria is heavily dependent on economic oligarchs! BSP and MRF are managers and creators of these economic circles! Executive and much of the media serve those circles! Do we in Bulgaria we need your control!!

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    Mike M. Vacalares

    stret protests are not the reason to stop corruption unless if you make a laws to empeach politician proven corrupt.

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    John Smith

    No, as many people have stated above, the EU is the source of the corruption. That will only give more power to the EU to appoint anyone which will lick corrupt EU ass such as someone who is pro-fracking, anti-Russian, pro-shutting down nuclear power stations in favor of importing electricity from France and Germany WTF, which reminds me what were the first protests about: a proposed electricity hike caused by the shutting down of the Kozludy nuclear power station because EU said so. If Bulgarians really want to fix their country they need to not only protest against their corrupt government but protest against the corrupt EU as well.

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      Ignacio Paredero Huerta

      EU, the source of corruption?? you are kidding or from the UKIP (that is more or less the same)

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      John Smith

      No I am just someone who knows the recent history of Bulgaria, and I know from reliable sources (i.e. people who lived there before and after) that it was much better during Soviet times than it is now i.e. under Russian influence, but in 1990 when Russia lost influence and the EU started gaining influence that’s when thing went downhill when the EU forced the country to privatize 100% of their assets, i.e. sell them/give away to Mafia bosses and hence you have the corruption you have now. Saying that Bulgaria is better off now than before is like saying Iraq is better off now after being leveled to the ground by the USA than it was before during Saddam Hussein.

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      Ignacio Paredero Huerta

      So you are saying that they should be under the russian wing, because that would be less corrupt? Really?? Russia is a less corrupt country than the EU???

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      John Smith

      Its hard too tell since the EU has its fair share of corruption but what I can tell is that Russia has huge reserves of natural resources, whereas the EU doesn’t, all they have is their pathetic shale gas. And what I am saying is that these two countries were much better off under Russia than they are under the EU now. The EU forced them to privatize their state assets 100% which left both countries in the extreme poverty they are in now. What they need to do is re nationalize everything but they need to do it under the protection of a bigger, stronger country otherwise the West would destroy them just like they destroyed Iraq, Libya and preparing to destroy Syria.

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    Should a corrupted EU be given powers to tackle corruption? If that is the question the answer is pretty obvious.The indirect question is whether EU is not an uncorrupted body which can become a safeguard of the european citizens.However,the fact that the even the president of the EU council is not directly elected by the people raises many serious questions.The fact that EU has the power and dare to remove a democratically elected Prime Minister like George Papandreou is another way of which EU demonstrates that it should not be trusted .Finally I believe there is no point debating here because even if the people of Europe say anything different than the EU’s executives opinion they wont take it into account.I believe that EU does have the power to tackle corruption and there could be no objection to that.Can EU have the power to send in to EU countries troika to run the economy and does not have the power to tackle corruption? You are kidding us right ? Having said that I assume that what you are doing with these sites is to try make people believe that everything is being discussed and that everything is being democratically executed where the reality suggests that the exact opossite is happening.

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    Ronny (TI-EU)

    I will be interesting to see how the European Commission will answer the question “Should the EU be given powers to tackle corruption?”. We expect the 1st EU-Anticorruption Report, “later this fall” as Commissioner Malmström tweeted earlier this week, and this report is supposed to deal with corruption in all EU member states and with EU measures to address corruption and corruption risks.

    It is clear from our Global Corruption Barometer that in 14 out of 20 EU countries covered, a majority or respondents feel that level of corruption has risen in the past two years. And last year, we showed that issues such as lobbying, party financing or procurement are corruption risk hot spots in EU member countries, but also potentially in and around the EU’s institutions – something we are studying right now.

    So, the answer to the question is quite pertinent and we’ll keep a watch and push Brussels to keep focused on fighting corruption – inside and outside Brussels…

    Ronny, Transparency International EU Office

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    ely toncheva

    I do not think it’s a joke! Do we make this discussion to see that in some countries, young members of the European Union, such as my country Bulgaria, things are pretty bad!’s New government does not want to comply with European rules fair economy! it manipulates people for allegedly sotsyalna policy, and in fact wants to benefit their firm and dubious businessmen! but this loan will pay for it people! in my country, Bulgaria executive is corrupt and dependent on the reigning oligarchs ! Many media fulfill their orders!

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      saviour cachia

      The basis to democracy is power to the people. People trust their power in Member of Parliament, where a Government is formed. As long as the people are happy with the way it is governed, obviously there is no place for protests, especially street protest. But Corruption in itself rears its head in different institutions, and let us say lately have been witnessed in the European Union Institutions. So what is the alternative to the people, where the maxims that count is POWER TO THE PEOPLE? How much is this power being abused? How much the European and national institutions are failing to people where corruption is concerned? What does the set of rules (or shall I call it Constitution?) of the European Union cater in this regard? An institution is run by rules and directives and certainly European Union or European Commission should satisfy the trust shown in it and first of foremost hold a firm hand on any form of corruption, because corruption corrodes and for this in future the same EU might pay heavily. In these circumstances, yes to street protests, because this is the only way that the people show its power, save the once every legislature when it is called to elect a government. The people elect the Government so they have every right to force it to resign, possibly by legitimate means, but if need be, even by anarchy. The EU heads cannot satisfy the complaints of citizens from different member state, because they have no authority to sack anybody elected by the same people. This is only the divine right of the people and the methods they show in this regard are theirs and only theirs. Corruption in itself already leads to disorder, because it causes injustices, and injustices should be fought an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. When ways are found to really deal with corruption, than the people might be convinced to hand their rights to the competent authorities. So far, it is a corruption galore. We still waiting for the Messiah to salvage us from injustices and corruption.

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    Aiman Zahabi

    I think the EU should have this kind of power, because it would maybe able to create special corps to tackle this issue.

  20. avatar
    Sofia Terzieva

    It depends on the purpose these protests have, the amount of people, which protest and the political powers or interests that stand behind.

  21. avatar
    Christina Andersson

    Yes I think so EU must be given much more power because this corruption

  22. avatar
    Manuela Zlateva

    Definitely yes – there should be more EU control over corruption and corrupted politicians! What is happening nowadays in Bulgaria and Romania is not only a national problem, it is a problem of the whole EU! Politicians are doing whatever they want and feel uncatchable! So more control, transparency and accountability are needed, to reduce corruption! What are the mechanisms this to happen is another question – it might be a very innovative solution in politics and legislation!

  23. avatar
    Marcel Onufrei

    They would like a law to start to tackle corruption in Romania and Bulgaria but what about Germany and UK and France let alone Italy… Do our countries remain sovereign or is a EU one state and one country? Just tell us straight and let us decide through a referendum how we like to go…

  24. avatar
    John Smith

    Giving the EU the power to fight corruption is like giving the USA the power to remove web pages which “violate copyright laws” (remember SOPA and PIPA) and it was met with protests because it gives the USA too much power to remove any page, which criticizes the government or exposes information which the government does not want reveled, under the blanket of copyright protection. Same with giving the EU the power to fight corruption, it will give the EU the power to remove any politician, which does not dance to the EU’s tune, under the blanket of fighting corruption, and with an untrustworthy corrupt EU do you really want to give them that power?

  25. avatar
    Henry Lloyd

    David Fuzzey, do you ever have the urge to write anything other than mindless gung-ho one-liners?

  26. avatar
    David Fuzzey

    if you don`t like them don`t read them . But I do have the urge to get my Country out of the eu as soon as possible.

  27. avatar
    Paul X

    I don’t believe what I’m reading here….
    Somebody writes:
    ” the European Commission… does not have the power to ask a national minister to give his resignation”

    ..and the question in reply is…
    “But should the EU have more powers in this area?”

    So the debate is should the EU be able to sack National ministers who have been democratically elected by the people of that country???…..i.e give them free hand to remove anyone who disagrees with the EU and it’s policies…..the mentality of someone to even suggest this must be very worrying

    • avatar
      John Smith

      Exactly what I have been saying, and its worrying that people from Bulgaria and Romania actually think that this will have a positive effect on their country. Its time they stop thinking the “incorruptible” EU will solve their problems and solve their own problems. Would they feel happy if a minister places a ban on fracking (like they want) and the EU sacks that minister because he is corrupt and puts someone new in charge who lifts the ban. The EU is only concerned about those countries when it comes to good relations with Russia which the EU is against, going through with economic sanctions against some poor country like Cuba, Iran and Belarus because EU said so and they only care that the countries are puppets who will do whatever EU says. If I were Romanian or Bulgarian or even Croatian I would truly be disgusted at the idea of being in this EU.

    • avatar
      Radu Dumitriu

      I cannot speak for other countries but:
      1/ ministers are not elected. They are imposed by the leading coalition / party. Up until recently we have such a case. Search “Relu Fenechiu” on google.
      2/ you don’t deal with the same stuff I do on everyday basis.
      3/ Nobody prevents any country to appoint a non-corrupt minister, right ? No matter if s/he agrees or disagrees with EU.

    • avatar
      Limbidis Adrian

      He’s british. The UK population has been brainwashed by the corporate media in that country that the EU is ‘evil’ and that they are still relevant alone in this world and britain can do better alone.
      Let them leave and in 3-5 months they’ll come crawling back knocking on the EU’s door.

    • avatar
      John Smith

      I doubt they will come crawling back, the EU is a disaster, but however I doubt they will be allowed to leave, them being allowed to leave means the rest of Europe is allowed to leave and before you know it there is nothing to come crawling back to.

  28. avatar

    What about tax evasion and tax heavens? The cause of the problem!!!

  29. avatar
    Ray Doyle

    How can we trust anyone? Us Irish people are being ****** by our own government and being crucified by Germany…. These people don’t live in the real world….

  30. avatar
    David Fuzzey

    Because Chantelle we only ever consented to join a Trade union not a political union. For myself , I do not want to be in a federal Europe , I do not want the `bolt on `eu citizenship , I have not and do not consent to eu citizenship . I regard this so called federal Europe idea with complete disinterest as to me it is meaningless clap trap and something to avoid at all costs . I consider barrosso , wormy von ropey and co. as unworthy of the merest respect and regard. I won`t bother going on about the idea of the so called eu nationals as I am not one.

  31. avatar
    Mirela Predan

    Here, in Romania, is very much corruption. But the real culprits never pay. Judicial corruption is the biggest, but DNA (National Anticorruption Directorate) make inquiries on intelligence orders. If I file a report, I am despised. Because I’m just a citizen. European Commission must stop more sustained political police in this country!! Justice must leave the press alone, because without media can not be called a democracy. The High Court of Bucharest Romanian is a cesspool of corruption. But no judge has not paid! Judiciary must be free from politicians. In Romania, it is not. Political revenges make a lot of innocent people sit in jail, with human rights violations, while mobs are protected real!! Not listening on Monica Macovei! She is engaged to the throat in these structures mafia! No longer sustain Traian Basescu! We want an independent Justice, not Basescu’s mercy! STALIN not yet risen!!

  32. avatar
    Christos Mouzeviris

    @ Tarquin Farquhar.. Please mate stop trolling on my posts with your ridiculous claims.. I have been ignoring you for so long now… Corruption exists in all countries, especially the richer ones… Depends of course what you mean by “corruption.”…. Is it only corruption when you bride the City Council to build a road that will favor you? Is it corruption when you secretly agree with USA to follow them in a war, invading a third country, just so you serve the interests of the oil and arms industries in that country and yours, and you lie to your nation about the existence of weapons of mass destruction, sending hundreds young men and women of your country to be maimed and killed, in a war that will offer them absolutely nothing? Is it corruption to keep a banking secrecy policy, encouraging tax evasion from other countries, while you are getting richer by the money lost in poorer “corrupt” countries? Is it corruption to have established overseas territories that will also act as tax havens, so rich people of your country and other countries will be able to freely tax evade and then you will have the nerve to call the countries of origin of these rich folk that they tax evade, and make your banks richer, as being corrupt? While you are obviously part of this equation, you are fostering and encouraging corruption and tax evasion!! Is it corruption to support the leaders or the opposition movement in another nation, militarily or financially, in order to serve your interests in the region and the nation, but with great and negative consequences for the region as the divisions of that war or political struggles that you are encouraging or fostering again, will tear the country apart with the outcome dominating the country’s policies, political and financial life for decades to come.. Think of all the above and see who is more corrupt in this world..The above examples fit the richer “less” corrupt and “more” democratic countries of the North..Don’t you think? Idiot!!

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      I have thought about your risible comments (BTW what a wonderful example of obfuscation, obnubilation, artifice and chicanery – bravo!) and my conclusions are the same.

      Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but when a state is so corrupt that it lies, robs and steals from its own EU partner nations (eg Spain/Portugal/Greece) and then said state allows corruption to get to the level where state TV is turned off, people en masse are starving, foreigners are harassed and even murdered just for being foreign then said state has FAILED and should be isolated until lessons have been learned and they can be trusted again by their fellow EU partner nations.

      Greece will NEVER succeed UNTIL it acknowledges its cultural weaknesses [eg acceptance of corruption as a norm] and too its denizens are able to respond to a legitimate identification of factual inexactitude without resort to emotional/irrational/illogical language – this is a debate dear chap – keep your emotions in check and argue logically, rationally and eloquently – much like the Ancient Greeks did many millennia ago.

    • avatar
      John Smith

      @Farquhar You cannot complain when you are also involved in stealing, lets say hypothetically I am someone who hacks into banks and steal people’s hard earned cash, I cannot then go on and complain that people are breaking into my home. Your country has been involved in a lot of theft along with the USA and the IMF, theft from the middle eastern countries (fellow muslim countries) Iraq war and the intervention in Libya and also supporting rebels in the other middle eastern countries. Due to that you are saving quid when you are filling up your car with petrol.

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @ John Smith
      Your logic is twisted dear sir – you SHOULD complain about ALL crime no matter the crime, no matter the source, even if it embarrasses you directly or indirectly – “For evil to prosper all it takes is for good men to do nothing” – I’m sure I’ve heard that somewhere before!

      I too am NOT pleased with the UK or France or the USA getting involved in the affairs of other nations whether it be Mali OR Greece or hurting the lives of hectomillions because of banking corruption BUT when the corruption of a state is soooo BIG that the state’s own people suffer from starvation and worse then in my eyes said state deserves to be named and shamed.

      Only when such states [like Greece] can accept their culpability without resorting to hyper-defensive irrational/passionate?!/illogical defenses will they be able to systemically address their weaknesses and gain the respect that once made the world smile in both awe and respect for the once great nation that was the cradle of Western civilization.

      Until the Club Med countries boost their respective national EQs I will not want to pay my UK taxes to support/advance said countries.

    • avatar
      John Smith

      @Farguhar yes but you only complain about the crimes when it affects you but not about the crime your state commits. This has been shown to have serious future implications. Take South Africa as example, Apartheid favored the white man hence the white man was happy and didn’t complain or protest about the crimes towards the blacks. However now that the Black man is in power, the Black hasn’t forgotten the crimes and now they are taking revenge against white people even though most of them had nothing to do with Apartheid, the white man is now protesting about the revenge crimes of the Black government towards the whites but it only angers the blacks even more because it shows they only care when it affects them. Same attitude is witnessed here, its OK when it favors you but not OK when it has implications on your life. I don’t know if you recall but these two countries are in the situation they are solely due to Europe’s sanctions until they starved to death, then you proceeded to buying off (privatizing) all of their industries (austerity) and hence leaving them with no income and this is the result. I agree with you though, that the would be better off away from Europe.

  33. avatar
    Mariana Manolova

    The EU should have powers to tackle corruption in memeber states, as they are not only states, but Member states ! Bulgaria needs more Europe to tackle the current situation and a governmentwhichdoesnottoresign! Unbelievable situation!!! 42 days of protests on the streets of Sofia and they do Not want to resign! Every day Bulgarians are waiting this front page news! No reation from the government! They pretend not to see and hear the voice of the intelligent people who hasn`t left the country yet! Do not legitimise their power with your political tolerance and politically “correct ” tone! These people want to divert the country away from its European future!

    • avatar
      John Smith

      Your country has no European future, you cannot have a European future if Europe doesn’t consider you European. Sorry to be the bearer of this news but you are not one of them and no matter how successful your country becomes in the future they will always have a superiority complex and you always be second class, not truly European. When will people stop being deceived with the words “European”, “Europe” doesn’t mean good, I mean look at Greece that is solely the EU’s fault.

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @John Smith.
      I too believe that countries like Bulgaria are inferior (financially at least) to the Northern EU nations. BUT UNLIKE YOU I believe that Bulgaria will eventually stand equal with the likes of the Northern European nations but only AFTER significant upheaval, unrest and violence.

      Until that time I do not want to pay my UK taxes to countries that have not lifted themselves up by THEIR OWN bootstraps to a level compatible with the Northern European nations.

    • avatar
      John Smith

      I agree with you Bulgaria will stand equal with Northern Europe but only after the austerity, haircuts and paying back IMF loans hits Northern Europe, and when austerity hits its there to stay and this is the result. I however don’t understand why Europe tries so hard to unite completely different people and completely different cultures, it should just be divided without interference. Uniting Europe and calling them the same Europeans is like uniting South Africa and Somalia, Canada and Mexico, or China and Afghanistan. Bulgarians and Romanians and the rest of the Balkans should decide their own future adapted to their own culture instead of copying a different European culture and failing miserably.

  34. avatar
    Christina Loizou

    I wish they did it in every member state. It would probably have prevented the economic crises in the Southern Europe and probably reveal some scandals in northern Europe where everything seems to be so “correct”.

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      Northern European nations suffer corruption too BUT unlike Southern EU nations they refuse to accept it, they refuse to endorse it, they refuse to abide with/by it.

      That is why [according to TRANSPARENCY INTERNATIONAL] the Southern EU nations are far more corrupt than the Northern ones.

      No nation is perfect, not even picture-perfect SWITZERLAND but the Southern EU nations will always be shady UNLESS they acknowledge their sometimes near-endemic levels of corruption, they accept same and they upgrade their societal norms to Northern EU nation standards.

      Unfortunately, the above scenario may take some time as some Southern EU nations are overly-passionate [read unnecessarily proud] and are constrained by such unenlightened attitudes.

  35. avatar
    Ivelina Moncheva

    Corruption is a state of mind. May be we should think more how to prevent it through rotating politicians,administration, more transparent electronic government and good lustration laws.

  36. avatar

    The EU itself is prone for corruption, at least out of two reasons: a) its staff exists of representatives from all member states, from more corrupt and less corrupt societies and b) decision making in EU institution is often intransparent and thus open to corruption (lobbying etc.). However, I think an additional layer of forces fighting corruption could maybe be helpful, at least for some countries.
    On the other hand, look at Italy, a founding member of the EU. Has this anything changed in corruption there? I am afraid not, the possibility of the EU to influence (social engineering) the deep socio-cultural structures of its member states is highly overestimated. Greece remains Greece and Sweden remains Sweden in the long run.

    • avatar
      Paul X

      I agree Bastian, what is the point of the EU being allowed to meddle in National corruption when itself is full of corruption. It’s like employing criminals as policemen
      Far better the EU diverts its anti corruption capacity internally to find out where all the money is going that they cant account for. It’s time they stopped the subsidy fraud that costs taxpayers like me lots of money etc etc………………..

  37. avatar
    Radu Dumitriu

    Obviously, at least in Romania and Bulgaria, yes. I do not care about those spoiled commenters above, blaming EU for corruption (what’s funny: they are told by their own politicians or people with a well-known agenda that EU is corrupt, this is a good one! is this because sometimes their influence is not what it used to be?); I cannot quantify how corrupt EU is, but I know for sure that Romania is corrupt; I wish we would have the same level of corruption as in Bruxelles.
    I believe that having common anti-fraud rules will help all of us. I wish EU would be more active on this matter, at least in states where corruption is perceived to be a threat (RO, BG, etc).

    • avatar
      John Smith

      The EU is not corrupt, that’s a good one. Name one government in the world which is not corrupt at all which doesn’t lets say spend its taxpayer’s money on wars to topple “dictators” in the middle east and the next day worships a baby of an unelected monarch. Why does the EU support sanctions against Cuba and Iran. Why does the EU force your countries to shut down power stations in favor of importing from Western Europe. Seriously you are delusional if you think the EU will solve your problem, in the EU you are second class you are nothing to them, just someone who they keep deceiving to keep you away from Russia.

    • avatar
      Radu Dumitriu

      To tell you sincerely, I do not care about Cuba and Iran. Seriously, you should care about your own pocket, as I do.

    • avatar
      John Smith

      I bet you don’t like it when Germans, British and French say I don’t care about Romanian and Bulgarian scum let them starve to death, but anyway that wasn’t the point I was trying to make. The point I was trying to make is that the EU is a corrupt organization so how can you trust it to fight corruption, can you trust a criminal to fight crime. The only reason why you are in the EU is for political reasons (keeping Russians out) not cultural, european values and all that crap. To them you aren’t even Europeans.

  38. avatar
    Guida Lee

    Corruption is a vary dangerous disease that can contaninate/infecte/prejudicate other menber states!!

  39. avatar
    Dani Alexandrov

    Yes, EU should support peacefully protesting EUROPEANS seeking for democracy on the street in Sofia. At this moment internal affairs in EU r more important than foreign affairs!

  40. avatar

    No, the EU (Eurosoviet Union) is far more corrupt than our national government, plus the fact that EU is 100% undemocratic. No demos = no democracy.

    And Eurosoviet Politburo Kommissar Reding has no mandate. We do not want a EU-state and see even more of our money stolen by south and east.

  41. avatar
    John Smith

    If you had been included in that plan you would have ended up just like Greece is now, drowning in debt with the IMF telling you how you how to run your country. I think Bulgarians also got the courage to make the protests from the Turks as well. What the Balkans needs is to end their stupid ethnic conflicts enough with the Kosovo and Republika Srpska BS, and work together to fight corruption and use their resources to collectively fix their countries after all you all have one thing in common, you are all poor and you are rejected by Europe they don’t want you, in my opinion the Balkans fighting each other and then striving for the EU is just as stupid as Ukraine fighting with Russia and striving to join an EU club where it will be a low-class member. At least in Sarajevo all the ethnic groups realized that the ethnic conflicts and division is just a political decoy to keep them divided and preoccupied to hide their corruption, so now they are protesting together against their corrupt government.

  42. avatar
    John Smith

    The fact that the quality of life is just as bad as Albania (even though I doubt its that bad, Albania is really really bad) means you and the Albanians should unite to fix your countries.

    Why are you in the EU and Albania is not, the reason is very simple its not because of cultural connections, European values and continental connections or that you reached the EU standards, its because you were allies with Russia in the cold war and the only reason you are in the EU is to keep you Germany’s puppet and not Russia’s puppet. Albania was never allied with Russia and they have a different way of keeping them out of Russia’s influence, they support Kosovo, Russia is against Kosovo. As you see these ethnic differences are just there to divide people and keep them poor and powerless.

  43. avatar
    John Smith

    Yes that’s exactly what I am trying to say, that as long as you are in the EU you are a weak, pathetic, powerless, second-class country. I don’t mean to be insulting your country but just saying things as they are, remember this can be changed. What I don’t understand is why your country and the other Balkan countries and also the Ukraine are trying to fit into a club in which they don’t belong, it will only lead to humiliation of your people and will drive your countries further into ground. Culturally your country is completely different from UK, Germany or France, in fact you could go as far as to say that it has nothing in common. What you have more in common with is Albania, Serbia and Croatia, like you said you had a good Albanian friend, what you also have in common is all your countries are poor, corrupt and if you go to Western Europe you will be treated like a low-class criminal immigrant. I think the countries of the Balkans should resolve their petty issues (FYROM, Kosovo, BiH) and instead work towards buildings normal relations and sharing resources so the Balkans can prosper economically.

  44. avatar
    Velin Tangardzhiev

    I wish lots of smart and compassion people in Europe really knew, what is all about in Bulgaria and what an arogant people “govern” our country! …It is hard to stay silent if you really know who they are, what they have done trough the years, who’s mafia stays behind them and especially if you have felt the poisoned social atmosphere when they have the power. For 3-4 years we though we fought them, but here they are again, trying to pull us back… I am sure that every support from abroad(small or big) wont be in vain and it will be a step towards The Unification of Europe and the World in which the people, on the streets in Sofia right now, believe in!

    • avatar
      John Smith

      The unifications of Europe? Sorry did I hear that correctly, how can you have unification when recently there was the exact opposite: ex-Yugo, Kosovo, BiH ring a bell. And we have more states just waiting to be partitioned Spain, Belgium, UK, and possible future candidates for partition Italy, Switzerland and Germany.

      Unfortunately the mentality of the people in Bulgaria is that it is only them, that only they have a corrupt government, that only they have Mafia, but the problem is global, globally all governments are corrupt, your mafia is just a small cell in a global network of Mafia, the same Mafia which supported the war in Iraq for its own interests, the same Mafia which supported rebels in the Arab states and currently in Syria (again for its own interests), the same Mafia which is currently doing the same thing that they did to your country in 1990 to the rest of Europe, and wonder what those interests are, its simple to get richer and richer because money isn’t making them happy and they think more will do the trick.

  45. avatar
    Antinazi Archimedes

    The entire EU is corrupt because bankrupt banks are bailed out on the expenses of the people. Greece at the moment has an unemployment rate of 27%.

  46. avatar
    Limbidis Adrian

    Romania and Bulgaria have shown they cannot even govern themselves – corruption is so rampant here it’s not even funny anymore.
    It is at every level from smallest to highest.

    If this is what it takes to curb it down, then i’m all for it.

    • avatar
      John Smith

      What is wrong with you people, by getting others to fix your problems which they themselves have you will just make them worse, they will only exploit you, and nothing will get better. You are not a baby, you are not a slave fix your own problems clean up your own room and stop expecting others to do it for you because they will only care for their own interests and once they have secured their interests they will throw you out like forgotten garbage, same thing with Iraq, it was supposed to be fixed but only the interests of the global Mafia were met and now nobody cares that terrorist groups run the remains of what once was a country.

  47. avatar
    Limbidis Adrian

    @John Smith: The corporate Mafia is unstoppable while we live in an economic system based on money.
    As long as money as a finite supply exists and has value there will always be people tempted – even and especially in power – to get “extra” ( bribes ).
    If there is no will to fight this on a large scale then they have already won.
    We have become so traumatized by the soviet experiment and ms Thatcher’s “there is no alternative” that we have internalized it and forgotten there is ALWAYS an alternative.
    I say the current riots and global collapse of economies are clear signs that humanity has out-grown this outdated system. We just need to man-up and face it.
    And ask ourselves – what are we going to replace it with.

    • avatar
      John Smith

      You yourself a part of the reason that they are unstoppable, people who accept the way things are, who are too cowardly to do anything, who excuse it saying “its just human nature”, people like that shouldn’t exist.

      You need to replace it with a system which has a balance of power between the rich and the poor, a balance between corporations and trade unions, the minute you give full power to either such as in communism or capitalism you end up with disaster. The only way you can prevent power from being abused, is when there is a balance, you give too much power to a single person or class you can bet it will be abused for their own interests.

  48. avatar

    Sounds like a great idea. Is that already an EU department looking into corruption, wasn’t there a certain requirement before joining the EU? I don’t like the idea of the EU dictating to a country what it should do. This said, I’m all for the EU helping enforce laws that already exist in a country! If the EU can help identify, prosecute, protect and dismantle corruption that would be great!

    • avatar
      John Smith

      Yes but it can’t, when it is corrupt itself.

    • avatar

      Haha, quite possibly true, sadly. Perhaps we need a couple of european wide free media organisations to keep them on their toes?

    • avatar
      John Smith

      @JJ thats a good idea until they get censored or shut down.

  49. avatar

    It’s funny how the EU thinks it can handle corruption in Romania/Bulgaria when they can’t even handle in Brussels or for that matter, Germany.

    As far as I know, Bribery of MEPs is legal in Germany and in Brussels (European Parliament), it’s at least not illegal (no jail sentence for taking money to vote this or that way).

  50. avatar

    Absolutely not!
    Till the time that Brussels becomes a legitimate body that is voted in by its citizens ,no way.
    First things first.
    1: Binding in/out referendums for all member countries..
    2:Then elections on a federal basis.
    Lets ask the people what they want first, then well go from there.
    No cart before the horse please, and could we stop with the (more power for brussels , new laws from brussel ,this and that from brussels). Brussels is nothing until the people of europe have given their thumbs up, till then its a expensive useless chocolate teapot thats bankrupting the member countries.

  51. avatar
    Jokera Jokerov

    The EU is the most corrupt and useless structure in the history of mankind. 18 years without an audit signed… Unbelievable thieves!

  52. avatar

    EU again a bunch of corrupt nationals, it has no moral ground to dictate any other countries. The best way to deal corruption is to give power to people and people specially youth of every nations should fight against corruption. EU involvement in many developing countries is more interest base on economy and power gain.

  53. avatar

    I think EU should disappear, or at least Romania should leave it for its own good, so it’s pretty obvious what I think about EU powers to tackle corruption.

  54. avatar
    John Smith

    They won’t get a response from Europe, because Europe supports the Mafia government, as long as it does Europe’s dirty work they don’t care how it treats its people. The only way things can get better for Bulgaria is if it leaves the EU and starts a process of nationalization and expropriation, trust me the last thing you want is international companies which will exploit you like slaves and won’t give a sh*t about what happens to your country and the environment of your country, e.g. they skip the waste treatment procedures and protocols and normally just dump everything directly into the environment.

    The only way things will change in Bulgaria is if the people start taking action, i.e. there is a national awaking and control their own destiny instead of leaving it up to the EU, NATO or international investors and companies.

  55. avatar
    ely toncheva

    Yes! That can happen if there are rules in Bulgaria in the economy: if there are rules of the system! In Bulgaria continues to play depending … than the capacity of the people! And of rules depending on a party! (In Bulgaria the ‘brother and brother, “I miss you too you” is steeped in economics and politics! Not to mention outdated tehnologiy! ! silly to detect hot water! and not to mention, what kind of justice system we have, steeped in corruption and servicing power haves! of course once if Bulgaria to establish European economic rules we will ask the Commission and supervision by the EU! still too early! that’s my opinion! !!!

  56. avatar
    Ignacio Paredero Huerta

    yes yes. Europe support the mafia government!!! Of course!! The mafia pays money to them, in virgins i have heard!!

    ¿Are you serious?

  57. avatar
    Ignacio Paredero Huerta

    The European level of decision, sooner or later, should have rules and tools to affect or act against violations of the european rules and costumes. Or even to non democratic relapses, as in Hungary, for example. The problem is to define those rules and tools and to be very careful to do only on population demand and to uphold the law and dismantle clientelar schemes.

    • avatar
      John Smith

      No wonder Hungary wants to leave the EU, you are calling them undemocratic because they refuse to be a colony of Europe any longer.

    • avatar
      Ignacio Paredero Huerta

      I call it “undemocratic” because a Constitution can not be ammended by any one political party, no matter how many votes they have. That is not democracy: it is a regime. And Im not even talking about minorities (gypsies or LGTB people).

      A democracy to have that name is obliged to respect the minority and Hungary is an example of just not doing that: it is not a liberal democracy it is a democrature. If they want to be in the EU, they should respect the EU values. United in diversity is our motto and that is not just for show.

      PD: the “colony” rhetoric is just easy. Please, be serious. Nobody wants to “colonize” Hungary or Bulgary. They should live and decide by themselves but if they want to be in the EU, there should be minimums of democratic quality.

    • avatar
      John Smith

      Neither Hungary nor Bulgaria wants to be in the EU. Hungary actually wanted to hold a referendum on leaving the EU, after they kicked the IMF out of their country no wonder they would be called undemocratic, that is a big brave move for a small country.

  58. avatar
    John Smith

    Not in virgins, you imbecile, in state assets that’s why Bulgaria is virtuality 100% foreign owned, it can’t even control the price of the electricity it produces, it has to go begging to the Austria and German companies which own its electricity to decrease the prices. And hence, due to 100% of Bulgaria being foreign-owned and hence 100% of export profit goes abroad and the foreign companies don’t really care if the people are paid the lowest salaries in Europe, neither do they really care about paying taxes and hence Bulgaria is as poor as it is now.

  59. avatar
    georgi tchinkov

    Dear Barroso, Dear Malstrom and other commissioners,
    If you want to achieve economic growth in Europe, you should stop bribing politicians as the Governments of Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Czech, Hungary …and the Central Bankers. We all know you thought-control them on the nets of Telecom Austria, Telenor … with implants …to quote European Parliament “conve_rging technologies, shaping the future of european societies” – “there will be politicians with implants and control in this manner”. We all know Commissioners, ECB, EC, EBRD employees have such implants and act together. We know you offer a “better life” to the CEE servants if the betray their countries, a little bit. We all know how you manipulate Ukraine and media.

    There is a doubling in M1 for 5-6 year in the EUROZONE, which led to high Stock Prices only without significant growth. There is declining inflation, and according to the quantitative theory of money prices should nearly follow the quantity of money in the long run. The USA economy is growing, the EU not. So if prices do not increase, the competitiveness is not good and there will not be profits for the companies so the Stock Exchange Index may be a bubble. I am not sure how much you earn from stealing from CEE, but it is not enough for growth. I am also not aware how thought control influence the economic growth theories, but I suppose as Greenspan says if there is leverage and bubble the crisis may be substantial due to animal spirit. So we do not need bluff for economic growth but fair game from now onward to some extent.

    Now, as you Barroso sent people to bribe me, implanted me with a device for though-control involuntary and threatened me to earn 50 BLN from the crisis you organized in Bulgaria, I will dare to give some advices. Do not sent Draghi to ask why people do not believe the european institutions and there is only 30% support. Why 50% believe there will not be EU which is suspiciously stable figure in the eurobarometer? Do not organize cartels on the domestic companies in EU, do not use though-control above law and industry and do not control communications of the aforementioned countries Central Banks and Banking System. Do not organize speculative crises hiding behind Sorors or other speculators. Do not steal resources from these countries. Is the expression “the information is the new oil” origination from EU? Establish fact in economics is that the stability and law lead to economic growth. You can’t take 3 BLN EUR from Bulgaria cooper, 1.5 BLN EUR with Austria Banks cartel in Bulgaria and thought-control on the net of Telecom Austria.

    What is the last and only value of EU – the profit. Even Marx says, that if you still want the same return on capital, which concentrates in 10% of the people, there will be a revolution because employees do not receive enough output. If there is not technological progress, there is not going to be more output and we can expect revolution in one or another form. Think for sharing knowledge with CEE such as thought-control technologies. You are not a businessman, do not strive for short term profits. Do you risk trillions of EUR if bribing, thought-control and cheating of companies as Siemens, Telecom Austria (a nice experiment example),SAP, Microsoft, Google, IBM, Apple is revealed to act together with EU authorities to control the EU (I have proofs for some of them only). Do not steal from small countries with companies and cheap PR for some EU funds (some of them stolen from EU). Do not make fun of us, or every European Citizen sooner or latter will know what are you doing and will interpret the information correctly. In particular, do not extinct the Bulgarian nation for the simple reason of economic profits.

    We can’t shake hands with you, because you do not know if I will hold a check for 1,500 EUR and you for 1 million EUR as it seems to be the established practice in EU. The odds of this game are trillions to 1, think what chance I have and decide if you want to play “music-lover “. Tell Malstrom not to kill people as in Perm, or Burgas as ultimatum or probably the Mall in Latvia, or Smolenks for which I receive info in advance because Stalin and USSR was another union. Strive for knowledge, values with higher return not bribing. Information nowadays is everywhere and EU citizens have about 100BLN EUR, not neurons in neural networks to interpret the information correctly.

  60. avatar
    John Francis

    I have a friend who has all his human right and civil liberties in France taken away from him and persecuted and they have an “open file” on him with defamatory and incorrect information on him yet NO one is interested in helping him at all.. He has made 20 reported to the police and no investigations made, written to the procurer 3 times no response, made many calls to the gendamarie and to the authorities to help and they have been told to leave alone, criminal damage and verbal and physical abuse and nothing done, assurance companies refusing to pay out on claims. 4 Avocats take money from him and do nothing but give his personal papers to the other side, many telephone calls each and every day, damage to his house and cars, cars stolen, court cases held with out his knowledge, local utility company’s and telephone company’s all over charge him money and never respond to any letters as to why, the service companies all take money from his bank account with out his permission, Shouted at in the street on a daily basis, yet still no one does nothing even after suffering after 5 years of so and still matters are not resolved and still over paying and threatened to be cut off services and taken to court and has the bailiffs break into his house. They are all cooperating and getting all the friends he used to have and convincing them to do as they say, or they will have their benefits stopped as a result!. Its institutional racism and homophobic and all the organizations and even journalists and Avocats are soon after told to leave my friend alone and dont get involved. Literally every one is at some time told to leave my friend alone and not to help him all They really do want to get rid of him and all because of an American who is himself on drugs and dealing with the police locally and who has police friends and contacts and is what is called “BALANCE” with the police as a result. Hows that for corruption and has anyone any ideas as to who can help him and how he can get some exposure as a result?? Please help as the human rights was created in France, yet here they are persecuting the very people they say they want to protect. Any one have any such ideas at all as to what one should do. He has also contacted the British Consular and several MEP’s yet they all seem intrusted at first then just blank out any further contact afterwards…They do know how real corruption works. The police and all the authorities know who these people are and who has caused all the damage yet there allowed to walk free and my friend is left to suffer and still pay his taxes as a result! Well done France! you know how to make others welcome.

  61. avatar

    Corruption in France yet no one interested or wanting to help!! Human Rights created in France yet Ive been suffering for 5 years and been made the accused with out any such court actions at all! How can this be right? There are NO human right nor Civil Liberties for me or my family, just huge damages bills left to pay for! Police and authorities do nothing and the press only interested in the below story’s…. I think that the whole system throughout is a scam and is designed for the super rich to be able to afford an expensive lawyer to resolve any such issues? Not right at all….

    See posted comments below:-

    Its very sad of course but does go to show how an uncaring system in this town can of course keep any such matters of embarrassment can be under raps and hidden for the rest of society, outside of general area as a result. My family are still living in the same town, Beziers, have been victim and ignored by all for the past 5 years and NO one has been interested or helped us at all. Perhaps the new elected Mayor in March 2014 will be able to allow ones rights and problems to be properly resolved as a result? We live in hope! Maybe the existing Mayor and his associates are waiting for me to die a tragic in a similar way before someone will take any notice of all our problems at all? Wish his family all the best anyhow. He is certainly someone to be proud of!

    Please see article:-

    I do have quite a story to tell but do not feel that one would be too interested at this stage. Most people dont seem to interested at this time but am quite sure that they will be very soon now, if only one of your competitors get to the post first! There are real humain rights problems and abuse and corruption in Beziers and the news will soon show this in any event .People in the UK are being greatly effected and are suffering in silence, yet no one seems interested in getting involved at all!! Shame really but never mind, all will be reveled any time now…. Thank you anyway for your interest and you made a very good story about this poor young man anyhow!.

  62. avatar

    Yes. There should be an outside party to intervene once in a while. I live in Malaysia where our current prime minister have been struck with so many scandals, I dont even know where to begin with. How I wish an outsider would intervene an ousted him. It would make a lot of Malaysian happy.
    But then again. If EU ever decided to do so, it must be fair and clean. The EU must take action against corrupt politician because it is the right thing to do, not because of their own interest. We dont want a Dominic Strauss Kahn incident going on here in EU.

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