war-to-end-all-warsIn the hot July of 1914, a diplomatic crisis was brewing between the great powers of Europe. In most countries, though, people weren’t that concerned by the assassination of some Austrian archduke in a far-off corner of the continent. In France, for example, the public was much more interested in the scandalous trial of Mme. Henriette Caillaux, who had shot and killed the editor of Le Figaro and was later acquitted because (or so it was believed at the time) women were more emotional than men.

Europe was enjoying La Belle Époque, characterised by an extended period of peace and prosperity. Only four years earlier, a popular book by the Englishman Norman Angell, The Great Illusion, had argued that economic integration in Europe had rendered war essentially self-destructive, making militarism obsolete. When war was in fact declared in August 1914, the author H.G. Wells predicted that this would be the “war that will end war.”

Seventeen million people died in the First World War, and yet the British Prime Minister, David Lloyd George, is reputed to have replied cynically: “This war, like the next war, is a war to end war.”

Obviously, we still have wars in the 21st Century (and approximately 5000 people are currently dying each month in Syria’s civil war). And yet, are we ever likely to see again the sort of conflicts that tore Europe apart in the 20th Century? Have we finally reached an era of peace in Europe, at least? Has the NATO alliance and the nuclear bomb rendered European wars unwinnable? Or is, just possibly, the EU’s Nobel peace prize justified?

One of our commenters, Uğur, argued that:

citizen_icon_180x180There are no threats to Europe for now, and the Earth is getting smaller because of globalisation. War is getting more expensive too… In fact, war has changed shape. In the 20th Century, the tools of war were weapons. But in the 21st Century, the tools of war are economic growth, export rates and so on.

For this reason, Uğur believes that Europe does not need a common defence force, and he was not worried that European defence spending was relatively low compared to, for example, the United States.

Earlier this year, we took Uğur’s comment to Barry Pavel, Vice President of the Atlantic Council and Director of the Brent Scowcroft Center on International Security, for him to respond.

We also had a comment sent in from Robert, who argued that, even if the chances of another war in Europe are now slim, there are still other threats out there:

citizen_icon_180x180Whilst there is no obvious state-based aggressors likely to threaten the European Union, there are several political and fundamentalist groups that still pose security risks to the safety of Europeans… [And don’t forget that] war-fighting is only one small part of what Defence Forces do – much more of their activity is centred on responding to natural disasters and other emergencies… Defence Forces provide sea and mountain rescue services, distribute aid, and also ensure transportation, water and energy supplies are maintained in the face of disaster or strikes.

For this reason, Robert believed that a common European Defence Force would be a benefit to all Europeans. We took his comment to Artis Pabriks, the Latvian Defence Minister, to see what he thought. He was clear that a more federal approach to military thinking would be beneficial, but doubted the political will existed to undertake such a project:

Pabriks[The EU should make] thinking in the military and defence sphere more federal, and find small amounts of seed money – I’m not speaking about a huge amount of money – for common projects… but you need political willingness to do this, and this is what we are lacking.

Finally, we spoke to Michael Gahler, a German MEP with the centre-right  Centre-Right and a member of the European Parliament’s subcommittee on Security and Defence. Public budgets are under pressure because of the economic crisis at the moment, and many people argue that defence spending should not be spared from these cuts. Is it possible to maintain defence spending in times of austerity?

IMAGE CREDITS: CC / Flickr – John Powell

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What do YOU think? Are we ever likely to see another war in Europe like those in the 20th Century? Or have we finally reached an era of peace on the continent? Is it time for a common European Defence Force? And is it possible to maintain defence spending in times of austerity? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below, and we'll take them to policy-makers and experts for their reactions.

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    Szymon Nowicki

    First work on stabilizing european economy, then think about spending money on joint military forces. It’s as simple as that.

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      Edgar Sonorous

      It is not who would win it that is the question – it is who would start it? The EU has a good experience of that.

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    Alex Traian

    Europe it’s not a country therefore it doesn’t need an army of its own. As for a military alliance, NATO is good enough.

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      NATO is NOT “enough” as it contains the USA (and other non-EU states) therefore it is a threat to our EU independence/our collective sovereignty.

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      Limbidis Adrian

      No NATO is not “good enough”. We don’t want the US influence, we have enough of it already.
      They can stay on their side and we can stay on our side, we’ve been dragged into enough pointless wars due to their influence.

      The EU needs a federal defense force BUT ,and there ‘s a ‘but’ only if transparency to the people becomes a non-issue.
      Right now we have to make a riot here or there because they
      keep try
      ing to pass insane fascist laws ( for corporate benefit ). And we know very
      well who drips that poison into their ears, because the same people do it in the US too.
      Lobbyists and corporations !

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    John Fotopoulos

    If the EU does not implement regulations to further strengthen the certainty that only democracy can offer, then the possibility of a new war to happen, is more likely than ever. The formation of a common defence force in EU is a nice idea, because small countries might not be so well protected than others.

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    George Paphitis

    A country without a military arsenal has less persuasion over third countries. Take for instance US. The presence of this mighty force all over the world has managed to create a strong political alliance, cooperation and respect towards that country.

    The geopolitical chessboard in the EU boarders is so “hot” nowadays that requires a unified and strong voice against all outside threats.
    For now we have a union that is indirectly correlated with NATO actions, which in effect is not that independent as we would have wished to be.

    In order for the economy to thrive, all 28 members have to have a common goal, their unanimous prosperity in the region.

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    David Eaton

    Nope some member nations are against war (such as the republic of Ireland) and would prefer to stay neutral

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    Daniel Pintilie

    You don’t need the spectre of war to argue for a common European Defence Force, the reality is enough to argue for that. EU needs an EU army because economic leverage is not enough to stop conflicts or make thru negotiations. Also, when you have global competitors investing so much in defense, not having a common army is just not going to work. War may not be possible within EU, but what about outside EU? Yes, we have MS armies, but they spend money on defense without a common view. NATO is ok so far, but USA has already said that European spending is less that necessary. Peace costs money.

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    Pauline Massart-Weit

    European states are going broke – a common defence force would be a lot more cost-effective than individual ones, would mean hugely improved means available, and most probably better projection of European power around the world.

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    Máté Parászka

    An era of peace in Europe? I don’t know. I think it’s sounds like a utopia until we have fixed the financial problems…..this was the start of every war in Europe….first, lets make a real United Europe, after this, let’s make the money back, and after this maybe we’re going to have an era of peace….and about military, I don’t know. I’m waiting for the era when I’m not going to see soldiers, not even in a toy shop….but what I see is that some contries still have problems with each other, so until they don’t solve it we can’t talk about peace eras, and common interests.

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    Christos Mouzeviris

    Get rid of NATO and form a common European defense strategy… When you rely on others for your protection then you can never be independent!!

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      Paul X

      “Get rid of the EU and form a national defense strategy… When you rely on others for your protection then you can never be independent!!”

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    War IN Europe? I guess not very soon. But war between Europe and other, close to Europe regions – probably in this century. Depends on expansion of Islam (will it be peacefull or not) and how the imbalance between Europe and poorer states will change. Civil wars on the other hand, hmm…

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      peter oliver

      To bloody right get rid of E.U. before its to late

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    Frédéric Robert Georges

    We are in a time of ‘military peace’ ..and we are in a time of ‘economic violence and war’ .. ‘social dumping’ , ‘markets domination, and its fear and greed philosophy’, ‘currency war’, ‘lack of vision and leadership from our ..leaders’, ..with competition in economics and work at the center of gravity of our daily life. Many people in Europe are living in stress or/and are depressed, or have no job nor salaries …. I’d like to read new nuances in what we mean with ‘war’ ..as, for my point of view, ‘war’ is not only limited to conflict between armies. ..i’d say the kind of peace we are experiencing today is only a first necessary step toward a deeper peace to be created..and so on.

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    Nikolai Holmov

    Let’s be quite honest. This issue is like many other issues (foreign policy and the EEAS for example) where Member States may very well and clearly recognise the benefits of consolidation – but none of them want to be actually be consolidated – wanting to retain their autonomy and ability to act individually.

    For the “big” EU nations, none want to simply hand their influence and autonomy to the EU institutions whilst they can still influence the global stage individually. The “small” EU nations can see the benefits of consolidation but are not likely to want (or perhaps be able to) fund their contributions to such EU consolidated entities.

    The time will come when this consolidation arrives – as we are watching power, influence and wealth move out of Europe now – thus the influence of the “big” EU nations already begins to shrink.

    Let’s be quite honest, ignoring the usual belligerent nations such as Russia or Iran – these days China and India are in no mood to be lectured to by anybody. A trend likely to continue with other rising nations.

    Consolidation will occur across many EU national institutions under the EU umbrella eventually – simply for European nations to remain relevant at the top table collectively – or be relegated to the second tier in global relevance individually.

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      Tarquin Farquhar

      Let me commend you on a good, thoughtful and articulate response!

      One point was not covered however and that is that if the EU does assemble a defence force it will NOT be a key player unless the UK is involved.

      The UK holds the ‘balance of power’ on whether the EU can ‘almost’ compete with the USA OR fall far behind a USA-UK (ultimately Anglosphere) alliance – the EU and in particular France MUST allow the UK to cherry pick EU legislation if it wants the UK to stay in the EU OR face falling behind other world blocs as the EU becomes a 2nd-rate bloc funded by the ‘Teutonics’ but dominated by the Latins.

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    War in the EU is possible any time but most likely it will hit us by surprise. Just think about Yugoslavia, a case resembling the EU structurally.
    In fact, the EU by itself is pursuing policies (immigration, monetary policy, unjust transfers, decreasing democracy etc.) which are laying the ground for violent internal outburst and even civil war.

    On the other hand, as far as global conflicts are concerned the EU and its member states have outsourced security and defence questions of last resort to the US. Today not even the UK or France (winners of WWII) can act globally without the help and thus implicitly the permission of the United States. However, this includes also whenever the US decides for war, the EU has to follow in one way or the other.

    Under such historical circumstances the paradoxy is, that the more the EU is federalizing the more it is getting as a whole dependent on the US in peace (e.g. financial crisis) and war (e.g. Afghanistan, GALILEO).

    A basic problem also relevant here is the self-interests EU institutions are increasingly developing over the interests of the people in member states. Hence, instead of further empowering Brussels by continuing centralizing, we should rather look for new forms of enhanced intergovernmental cooperations (a kind of network-state).
    This could give us more security by being able to consider the enourmous diversity inside the current EU, which is a major factor producing security risks.

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      On the other hand, as far as global conflicts are concerned the EU and its member states have outsourced security and defence questions of last resort to the US. Today not even the UK or France (winners of WWII) can act globally without the help and thus implicitly the permission of the United States. However, this includes also whenever the US decides for war, the EU has to follow in one way or the other.


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    Paul X

    The EU receiving the Nobel Peace prize was a complete load of political gesture garbage
    NATO and a nuclear deterent have maintained peace in Europe, if anything the EU and it’s power hungry mission to force the diverse countries of Europe into one state against the will of the people is causing civil unrest

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    Tarquin Farquhar

    How on Earth can you have a federal defence force after WW2? I’m not talking about the fact that Germany/Austria/Italy etc fought the bulk of the rest of Europe BUT the fact that schizophrenic France had to have its fleet scuttled because of its arrogant, ignorant and ‘pathetique’ behaviour!

    A federal defence force will never work unless the Northern Europeans are at the helm AND France realises that it needs to RESPECT its allies more than its enemies.

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      Limbidis Adrian

      Why would “northern europeans be at the helm” ? Ubermensch syndrome again?

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      Tarquin Farquhar

      Whilst the EU Northern nations pay for your roads, pay for your farms and pay for your improving lifestyles, Southern EU nations have by their own begging bowl addiction shown themselves to be inferior – at least financially!!

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    Mark Pedersen

    NATO has kept the peace, not the EU. The EU is slowly but surely dismantling the nation-states, achieving through diplomacy what past conquerors could not achieve by the sword.
    And, as always, it’s going to be the small countries that suffer the most.

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    catherine benning

    War is always a possibility on any continent for a number of reasons, seen or unseen

    However Europe is already in a position where war upon it by a rogue outside country would mean it is already beaten. All we could do would turn ourselves into a resistance. The US has a military force inside our borders that make it already impossible to reject their political and financial policies that factually are not i n the interests of the EU citizen..

    In Germany alone they have an army the size of a serious trojan horse. Around 46 thousand. Then in Italy and the UK the number is disproportionate.


    And interesting read.


    Add to this their bases. Lets look at those. And note, the majority of all these war game active groups are situated inside Europe. Not outside it. We are the target for any nuclear threat, should there be one. As the bases are here not on US soil.



    So, war could be upon us at any time and without notice.

    However, as important and if not more so, as it will weaken Europe to the point of a nuisance country, is, the offset of civil war.

    A socially divided people become aggressive toward those in power. And Europe is more socially divided today than at any other time in recent history. In fact we are seeing uprising all over our States due to financial oppression and sever cultural division which is unlikely to get better. In fact the longer it goes on the harder it will to stem the tide of internal fighting.

    Take what is happening in Sweden between the Islamist movement and the indigenous Swedes. No one wants to discuss it or even acknowledge it is happening but it is. Likewise in France, Greece and Italy. France have riots taking place this minute because the subjugation of women and the symbol of that subjugation is being fought by the State and the usurpers. Europe cannot pretend it can sustain two separate closely held expectations of their citizens. Women are equal on the one hand against women are subject to the domination of their male counterparts on the other. The symbol of such expectations born out by, on the one hand, women being forced into covering their bodies, to the point of suffocation, against the idea of female freedom symbolized by part nudity in public on the other.

    Of course this is the lightening bolt when the truth is there are far more fundamental differences below the surface that are never mentioned, discussed or addressed. Once again we see women used as the pawn in the power game of politics.


    So, yes Europe could be in the clutches of war at any given time. And pretending it doesn’t exist, and refusing to open it up for discussion is ludicrous. It will not go away because you pretend it isn’t there. Yes, facing it will bring accusation of why our leadership have been so naive in their policy making, but, a worse move is the turn your back on the issue that can ruin us all.

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    Tarquin Farquhar

    I do not agree with your assertion that the USA is an enemy of Europe. Over the last 2 centuries the French (5 times in the 1800s) and the Germans (2 times in the 1900s) went to war with the rest of Europe – it is these nations [and in particular France] that I fear could cause WW3!

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    @ Catherine
    Interesting links you have posted.
    Thank’s for sharing with us all that time consuming research -:)

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    Rui Pinto Ribeiro

    There is already a war in Europe.See that fiscal policy is not the same in all EU countries.This creates unequal opportunities for Southern Countries.

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      You would be better off without the Euro, why are you so desperate to stay in? Staying in only means enriching bankers, corporations and politicians.

      Ironically, northern Europe would be worse off if you reverted back to your own currency.

      Apparently, your countrymen have been brainwashed into believing ‘must stay in Euro, must suffer so bankers can profit…’.

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    Francisco Gonçalves

    Yes, the worst of all, “water war”.

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    Hrvoje Antunović

    If European politicians will be passive like now to find solution of this huge crises Europe will have new war very soon.

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    Hari Bucur-Marcu

    You may answer the question will there ever be another war in Europe in three complementary ways, namely historical, institutional and behavioural.
    Historically speaking, the two big wars of the last century are not likely to be repeated in this century. They were economically driven, and represented violent expressions of the industrial era. The economy in today Europe, like in most of the Globe, is very different from the one in the first half of the 20th century. For the last two decades, the only wars that took place in Europe or had the European nations involved in were politically driven wars, like the ones in the former Yugoslavia, including the NATO war of 1999, or the Georgia – Russia war of 2008. Starting 1991, every other three or four years, Europe had experienced wars to change political regimes or political options or political leaders, either within the continent or in adjacent regions such as Middle East and North Africa. It is very likely that this type of war would be business as usual in the foreseeable future, anywhere Europe would think that its political will should be enforced .with military means. However, it is not at all very credible that such a war would be carried against any of the EU members, because there are other less destructive and costly ways to achieve the goals of changing political regimes, options or people in any European nation.
    Institutionally speaking, since the last years of the Cold War, Europe took steps to institutionalise a comprehensive peace through various measures and mechanisms. These measures and mechanisms look valid enough to prevent a war in Europe in the foreseeable future, even if some of them are not currently enforced, such as the second treaty on conventional armaments. The question is whether new institutions, like a European Army would add to the European peace architecture or would increase the likelihood of a war in Europe. As long as this institution is kept only in the designing stage, any answer is possible.
    Behaviourally speaking, war does not look like an appealing option for all European nations.
    Summing up the three complementary approaches to our question, there is a fade possibility of a war in Europe, but, clearly, not the type of war the Continent experienced in the first half of the last century.

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    Tarquin Farquhar

    Lets hope not! However, if I was to choose a war, I would choose UK v Spain. The Spanish as is the case with many Latin nations seek to divert attention from their crumbling societies by pulling the war/enemy-state card as is currently happening at the Gibraltar border.

    Once the UK wins (throw in a few tactical nukes early doors and the white flag will be displayed incessantly) then Spain should lose a few hundred square miles of land which’ll be used to from Greater Gibraltar.


    Seriously though, joking apart – why do the ruling-elites of countries like Spain fail to adhere to and respect the concept of democracy – Gibraltarians do NOT want to be Spanish – they are aware of its unstable political history and prefer the superior more stable option. Perhaps in a few hundred years when the macho Spanish elite psyche has matured will Gibraltarians think otherwise.

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    Tarquin Farquhar

    Pacifist = potential slave!!

    For evil to prosper all it takes is good men to do NOTHING!

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    Right now there is a war by bankers and politicians to rob ordinary people’s money. There is even a special weapon created to fight this war, the rich man’s tool, better known as the ‘Euro’.

    The brilliant thing is, they’ve managed to sucker millions of ordinary people to actually support this ‘Euro’. In my opinion, people who suffered like in Greece or Spain because of the Euro, deserve it. Why? Because they refuse to overthrow their governments and puppetmasters like IMF/ECB/EU. Why would you not want to be better off?

    Why do so many people believe the nonsensical scaremongering propaganda about ‘collapse without the Euro’ when the reality is very clear indeed: ‘collapse with the Euro’.

    Its truly baffling, but I do have to admire the rich and the bankers, they really have a good thing going there.

    As Churchill would say, never in the history of mankind, have so many people been letting so few rob so much.

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    We do not need an European army.
    We do not need an European navy.
    We do not need an European air force.
    We do not need an European marine corps.
    We do not need an European department of homeland security (Reichssicherheitshauptamt).
    We do not need an European NSA (spying on everyone in the name of ‘terrorism’).

    The warmongers in Brussels who propose these things should be arrested forthwith.

    Also, there is no correlation between the existance of the EU and peace. Take away the EU, nothing would change.

  28. avatar
    Milan K.

    Democratic Peace Theory would very much disagree with you there, Marcel.
    It is wise to recognize that democratic systems in Europe were largely created and maintained through the EU – previously ECSC and EEC – with the financial backing of the US’s ERP, better known as the Marshall Plan. There is a direct correlation between the EU and peace in Europe – one that is very easily proved with simplest statistics.

    Also the idea that by combining European military forces into one would make them more warmongerish is insane. If anything, the sovereign foreign interests of the individual member states collectively put together have much stronger (and more numerous) military interests than a EU army would have. Do you think the UKs solitary move into Iraq would have happened if the EU’s defence would be solely on an EU level? – do not forget that most European countries strongly opposed the war and the ones who did not, did so because they were massively dependent on the NATO and US for their defence.

    There is a strong argument to be made for an abandonment of individual national armed services. If 28 member states would have to agree to take action together the one clear outcome would be less wars, since only wars would be fought that are in the national interests of all 28 members – these situations (almost) never exist. And then there’s the cost question. How can we ask the Greek and Spanish population to cut back massively, while together we waste over €200 billion a year on 28 individual armies?

    And finally: You’re right. Without the EU nothing would have changed. Everything would still be exactly like it was in 1945. How wonderfule that would be, huh?

    • avatar
      Tarquin Farquhar

      @Milan K.7
      Its JUST a theory!

      Do you really think that if the big 4 EU nations wanted to go to war as an EU collective that they would be stopped by the micro-states/city states that are over-represented in Europe?

      I THINK NOT!!

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    Robert Callus

    What if a party like Golden Dawn in Greece or the NF in France gets into power? Do you think there would be risk of war within Europe?

    • avatar
      Joe Thorpe

      Not with the UK so If it helps bring the EU down good luck

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    Andrew Kaci Hili

    A war is imminent…and this will be the European Countries people against the Eu big heads as many people are simply fed up with them for completely ignoring us and instead give utmost importance to muslims and illegal immigrants.

    We see that nearly everyday illegal immigration is hitting us hard, and most coming from Libya. Whoever has any idea of Libya can say that it is near to impossible to ‘escape’ from Libya, yet everyday hundreds ‘escape’! When are the EU big heads going to accept the fact that this ‘escapism’ is just bullshit and the reality is that there is some strong money making business in Libya where they are sending these immigrants with their blessings (and after charging them some hefty fee). They keep coming daily and yet EU expect us to receive them with open arms, threatening us with stupid human rights, racism, asylum seekers and loads of other crap when most probably these illegal immigrants have no idea what human rights, etc are! So then I ask…WHAT ABOUT OUR HUMAN RIGHTS FOR A CHANGE?????
    Stop forcing us to home them and instead change your laws so that these will be sent back from where they came. We have always learned that charity begins at home, so how about EU starts giving us european citizens the importance that we deserve instead of giving it to these law breakers, which in all truth should be all locked up since with their actions they are nothing more than criminals!

    The same goes with muslims and islam! Everywhere around us we can see what is happening, but as yet the EU big heads keep their mouth shut and do nothing about it!
    WHY? Why do you allow this to take place? Why do you expect us to give in and let these camel shaggers to overrule us? They have a totally different look at life which they have no intention of ever changing and which we in unison do not agree with, so why are we allowing them to come to our countries and take over? You should be ashamed of yourselves allowing this to happen. You well know that in a few years time muslim population will outnumber us with their rate of multiplication and this means that once they achieve their intentions to take over Europe, you the big heads will be the first to hit the dirt and it will serve you well as you will have brought this on all of us!

    Hear our cries….we are not happy with them in our countries and we do not want our countries to become backwards like their own stinky countries. We have fought and strived hard to move forward and achieve the life we have now….WE DO NOT WANT TO LOOSE ALL THIS AND GO BACK INSTANTLY 2000 YEARS!


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    War is not imminent in Europe. We no longer hate each other enough to shoot each other. Europe and Russia more likely. A European defence force sounds like a good idea, however in practice each country has very different traditional armies, and each country spends different amounts on defence, and has different objectives with their forces. Linking and balancing forces would work better. France and UK spend similar amounts and have similar technologies and army structure, would work well together. The Scandinavian countries of Finland, and Sweden are closely linked and similar etc. But compare UK or French technology and spending compared to Hungary, or even Spain, and these two militarily dominant countries eclipse others. So the EU armed forces, would it be a splinter version, like UN forces? Or would it be battalions rotate in and out of national and european armed forces?

    Is it necessary? We are generally all in NATO and as such should all be spending 2.5% GDP on our armed forces, and act more like and alliance of nations? Should we therefore need another bureaucracy owned by the EU that is not transparent and not held properly to account by its european citizens.

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    sanjit kunal

    it is the dream of the european to finally achieve peace

  33. avatar

    We live in a very peaceful period in European history. Please let it stay that way. Thinking it will stay all kittens and rainbows without doing anything is foolish. War is always around the corner, that’s exactly the reason we should do everything we can to stick together.

    Does that mean Europe needs his own defence force? Maybe, maybe not. I’m not sure on this one. I think it could save and bring us a lot, but I think a European army is only reasonable if there’s a sort of European nation as well.

    What I do know is that we have a lot of common problems and we share an open border area which must be protected. And of course there’s also the ongoing European problem of foreign policy. If we want to stick together we should speak with a common tongue to other nations.

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    Bobby Fischer

    The United States and Canada would not tolerate any aggression against our European allies That being said, war is possible. China and India are both wealthy and overpopulated. Add Russia to the mix and NATO has a serious logistics problem. Expect a limited nuclear exchange, cyber attacks and boots on the ground for 10 – 15 years. North America and Europe will prevail at the cost of ~ 20-30% of military assets. Invaders will occupy a large swath of Europe and some coastal areas of North America.

  35. avatar

    Hopefully not. It is our responsibility to avoid new wars in Europe and also in another countries. I’m still ashamed, as European, of so many wars sponsored by the European countries by the excuse to promote democracy….like France in Libia among other countries.
    No-war policy is the only policy that Europe should have.

  36. avatar

    Hi…..friends of this planet we are the human beings why we fight for and what it makes its so ridiculous to the human chaos…..so I think in my opinion we had a limited life for a period to survive and enjoy the beautiful world……..if the III world war could be a possible then I think there will be no existence of human being and our lovely planet would be totally decomposed by the nuclear power,,,,,,,so stop the future war and raise a voice against it …….thanks……..love you all

  37. avatar
    Alex Semiserios

    Well, this period of peace has been quite “unusual” by this continent’s historical standards…

  38. avatar
    Povl Christian Henningsen

    I think we should never forget the big European wars. And just think about how wonderful it is that we are fighting with words instead of weapons these days.

  39. avatar
    Aubrey Williams

    A whole generation of men was slaughtered in one of the worst (and from the soldiers’ experiences, probably the worst overall) wars in human history. We really need to listen to and learn from history to ensure this kind of war (and its descendents)never again occur on European soil (or anywhere else, for that matter).

  40. avatar
    Oliver Hauss

    As per the Schuman declaration, that was and is the whole point of, first French and German but in extension European integration – to make war between the nations of Europe “not just unthinkable but materially impossible”. So far, it has worked.

  41. avatar
    Tom Collin

    there already is and ur pseudoUnion is loooosiiiing, can’t trick the tricksters :) love aus Kroatien

  42. avatar
    Hugo Gonzalez de Oliveira

    This is the longest period without war in the E.U. countries, and the main reason for that was the economic growth we experienced trough the last decades. But war is a part of human history, and the history of Europe is one full of wars and territorial tensions between the countries that integrate E.U., so unfortunately I do believe it will hapen. The only way to prevent it is to give people hope, work and prosperity.

  43. avatar
    Емил Марков

    That’s why we need more Europe and more cooperation between the different states. Only a integration project of the U.S type will foster the common interdependence and make us think of mutual prosperity and permanent peace.

  44. avatar
    Nikolaos Sotirelis

    I believe that they had asked themselves the same question, by the end of the 1st World War.
    After a few years however, they had their answer!

  45. avatar
    AdrianaElena Salcianu

    ‘ll never bring peace on earth … And WE PACE Tomorrow we war … but war does not start … but we are in a war … of hunger, poverty, racism, hatred, lack of faith. you then …. we can bring peace on earth? … is left to the nature of good and evil

  46. avatar
    Alex Tselentis

    The EU was hijacked by Banksters, their agenda is always to create chaos and war, it is through those means that they make maximum prifits, current behavior of the EU is deviding and pushing the continent towards a War.

  47. avatar
    Andrea Tuswald

    the next war will probably not be between nations, but against its own populations, and at least germany is already preparing for it. under EU, a countries’ tasks are being reduced to “keeping up stability”, while it is undertaking more and more measures to feed the elites’ pockets. or do you think that citizens will keep silent when EU steals 10% of the money on our bank accounts? in cyprus they said 10 and it became 80!!

  48. avatar
    Carlos Villafranca

    Not soon. Military invasions proved to be ineficient and unfriendly. From now and on, countries conquer other countries by their economies….

  49. avatar
    Surkhan Latifov

    the war is continue every day. This is secret war. Economic, political and cultural spheres. And it is normal.

  50. avatar
    Ricardo M Lopes

    ” war has changed shape. In the 20th Century, the tools of war were weapons. But in the 21st Century, the tools of war are economic growth, export rates and so on.” — here in Portugal we have noticed that from Germany :)

  51. avatar
    Martin Bohle

    Modern technical and economic infrastructure in Europe has too little resilience (luckily) to support war in (western) Europe; projection of war is still done. Beyond that the EU was conceived to make war between its members unlikely; that was the lesson taken from WWI and WWII.

  52. avatar
    Pavlos Vasileiadis

    The lessons that the EU has learned so far are only from WWI and WWII. There were other opportunitties to learn similar lessons, for instance during the yugoslav wars or during the american invasions of Afganistan and Iraq. People expected a lot more clear and peaceful stance from the EU, however Europe – unable (bordering on unwilling) to solve any major political problem since 1945 – let people (at least the vast majority) down once more.

    • avatar
      Joe Thorpe

      We have a German Socialist advocating big increases in Military capabilities & he’s one of the Candidates for the top job in the EU. Lessons from the past indeed!

  53. avatar
    David Eaton

    In todays world I see it unlikely a large European war can occur we are reliant upon each other for economic survival in the long run, even with the re-emergence of ultra-nationalist movements I believe Europe at least the Great powers with her will not be at war. That said I see nations too ignorant or proud to deal with their debts will try and stir up tensions but they are too small to do any substantial in all honesty

  54. avatar
    eusebio manuel vestias pecurto

    Primeiro trabalho é estabilizar a económia europeia depois encontrar uma estratégica politicas de segurança da Europa eu creio que estes são os passos importantes para o futuro da Europa

  55. avatar

    In my opinion, the lack of solidarity, between the European Countries, is one of the many reasons that can lead us to a conflict – not necessary war – but an economic and financial conflict, that can put out of order the peace congregation tha still remains from the Foundation of European Union. This crisis, should teach us how to be more produtive and efficient and raise up again the european ideal, based on the noble values and respectable principles, that were written in the declaration of the construction of European Union. So, we most be strong enough to pass this terrible thoughts, that war may be the solution to solve most of the problems brought in part, by capitalism. Together, we can build a better Europe, because only with the join of efforts, from all the European Countries, we can reach the sucess. Europe, is not one, two or three countries: we are all Europe. Never Forget!

  56. avatar
    Marija Laba

    Hope not, but with all the separatist movements- like that of Scotland and Britain- and Catalunya and Spain, etc… we might experience some, alright…

  57. avatar

    There won’t be a war between European nations anytime soon. But there is a true risk of full-blown civil wars, specially in countries where mass-immigration is prevalent. 25% of Muslims in some European cities cannot and will not lead to a peaceful and tolerant future.

  58. avatar
    Joseph Bartolo

    We need not to fear as its our enemy, it is harmony and love that is needed, as love is more stronger than anything on Earth. I love and harmony everyone gains and in war and degrading no one wins.

  59. avatar
    Jaime Martins

    Unfortunately it is necessary to Europe have defense because we are not alone nor in the world or the Universe. In my opinion should be managed all means available only by a European command in order to monetize and improve the existing equipment and military.

  60. avatar
    Arianit Bekteshi

    itll never work, to many different interests .. if they would have to intervene someplace, some would be for it some against it, and then conflict within starts… I dont think the EU can be anything more then a economic union . but basecly i think the EU is a union that keeps everybody busy discussing buisness and therefore dont go to war over each other because they become dependent economically with one another. So if this would be a Army to protect it from itself, dont need it.. if its an Army to protect it from everybody else, isnt that what NATO is for?
    just change the name of NATO to European Army ..

  61. avatar
    Gigi Alexandru Muresan

    European Defense Force to fight against who? …against the workers,against the employees ? More money for the political dogs? No way…

  62. avatar
    Avraam Neophytou

    Who is going to invade the EU? And why? There is so much poverty in the EU right now. If we really have all this money we don’t know what to do with and we consider “investing” on a “defense” policy, why don’t we invest in those who are in need? Half of Europe is migrating to the other half fighting each other, blaming the system, well guess what: The only fight we have to face is that within the EU. Defend against that. We need dignity not defense, and we are talking like a bunch of americans? Can I have some dignity in this community? The monetary war is enough. If a member state representative wants to put money in “security” they should know that we have not yet passed on all other issues. Try resolving the debt issue or the educational issue or corruption (national and european) or any other current matter. Then if we are still threatened (by aliens or imaginary terrorists or foreign countries from the other side of earth who want to invade my country’s beautiful wilderness) then so let’s do it!

  63. avatar
    Matej Dujić

    NATO doesnt equal by any chance with european defense strategy, since many non eu contries are nato members and few EU countries are not NATO members. By my opinion, eu states should leave NATO and build its own defense institution.

  64. avatar
    Angel Quintana

    Defence from whom? internal or external? in both cases, who? things are getting really scary… Who is going to defend people from that army?

  65. avatar
    Marie Strati

    If the money for defence were invasted for education and health care we would have a continend with less fear and more educated citizens.

  66. avatar
    Marie Strati

    If the money for defence were invasted for education and health care we would have a continend with less fear and more educated citizens.

  67. avatar
    Debby Teusink

    We could save a lot of money if we would join forces. It is cheaper and more effective, so YES.

  68. avatar
    Debby Teusink

    We could save a lot of money if we would join forces. It is cheaper and more effective, so YES.

  69. avatar
    Hélder Vieira

    A common military force should already be a reality.
    Unfortunately, it would only make sense in the context of a political union. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be a tool but an obstacle.
    We’re very distant from that point. Unless, of course, we decide to blindingly give our collective blessings to things such as the british and french colonnial adventures.

  70. avatar
    Alex Tselentis

    NO .. Worst article ive read in a long time .. Did we learn anything from WW 2 ?? Obviously not.

  71. avatar
    Antonio Pinto Caldeira

    Instead of creating one common army Europe should provide for more democratic elections and allow people to choose their representatives in ALL organisms of the EU.
    After that Europe should engage in real solidarity diplomacy not that biased for its own interests or those of the more powerful nations.
    We should have an Europe of peoples not a Europe of interests. Maybe than Europe may become a real beacon of democracy and human rights, not the fake union it is now.
    Get rid of all those that are betraying all Europe’s people.

  72. avatar
    Michele Browne

    Defence and security European style! That’s a joke they can’t make a decision or agree on anything quickly. Look at how these eurocrats act now on other things and then ask yourself if they should be in charge of our security and defence when often it’s vital to make decisions quickly!

  73. avatar

    Common European army would further improve the unity, besides from that It might create new jobs.

  74. avatar
    Joe Thorpe

    Those that have nothing want to bum off those that have which allows them to go on ignoring their defense & security. Of course they want command of UK forces to be in the hands of the EU so they can go on frittering their money on social engineering to win their next election.

  75. avatar
    Emanuel Din Bajra

    Let’s regulate and fix our economic and political affairs first , in the meantime we have NATO acting as a de-facto European force. The transformation will gradually occur, we need to work harder as Europeans to embed our national values into one single set of values under the banner of an integrated European Union State.

  76. avatar
    Tony Westfallen

    An EU army, rolling into Greece, Italy or Spain to stop civil riots is a wonderful idea! (Not)

  77. avatar
    Jacek Krawczyk

    It is time for serious reflection on how EU can get more output of defence sector for less and less budgets avaiable. Economies of scale, standarization, better allocation of R&D funding. A lot od waisted capacities at the moment among Member States.

  78. avatar

    i would like to disagree. Europe will never find peace as long as there are many ideologies, religions, ethnic tensions, dictators in many parts in eastern europe, nationalists movements, bankers, profiteers, the “haves” & the “have nots”, control of oil / cartels, & not to mention the “weapons manufacturers” do not want peace and many other reasons; sooner or later Europe will clash again and civilisation will once again bring untold suffering to the millions or is billions?….

  79. avatar

    If Czar Putin and his monkey on a rope, Viktor Yanukovych, have it their way there will be war in Europe. Victor hasn’t completing his massive estate in Crimea and needs to return to Ukraine to rape the country of more funds. Catch the irony in all this. George, I agree with your comments.

  80. avatar
    Lino Galveias

    It’s incredible how you can write this with a war going on in Ukraine. Once more, Europe ignores a neighboring open conflict like 20 years ago in the Balkans

  81. avatar
    Marta Cioci

    Woudn’t say in Europe between ‘western democracies’ (Kant’s democratic peace), but definitely the Ukrainian crisis has approached high-tension circumstances between the EU and Russia. The legacies of the Cold War are still vivid in Eastern Europe and are definitely likely to trigger another war. Fortunately Obama’s admnistration has been relatively absent in Ukraine (apart from those 400 mercenaries in Eastern Ukraine in the surroundings of Donetsk and Luhanks, this is an inexplicable fact, given Ukrainian geopolitical position of of huge importance for NATO and consequently the US), by preferring to leave the business to the EU, as it indeed is a matter between Ukraine and the EU

  82. avatar
    Al Beirão

    Exactly Lino Galveias (at podia escrever em Portugus). It just shows how Europe debate is so poor! It also shows that unless things happen indoors (and I mean Central Europe), everything is fine! The conflict in Ukraine can be washed by Gazprom

  83. avatar
    Al Beirão

    Marta Cioci, again Europe blaming US… It’s true they triggered the WWIII (yes, Europe was in, USA was in…) in ex Yugoslavia, but guess who helped? What happens in Ukraine is now a victim of not only Russia but also EU!!!! EU promises help, but it also flirts with Russia’s energy oligarchs… Let’s face reality! I don’t think this has anything to do with cold war…

  84. avatar
    Breogán Costa

    probably, but not with Russia, more like civil war in EU countries (people vs. governments-banks-transnationals)

  85. avatar
    Josefina Placé Estêvão

    No! Europe will continue on a downward path of destruction. It took so much to achieve a status do enviable social well being but now, due to bankers, politicians and total lack of competence on the part of the EU governing bodies, Europe is doomed in every way. No present and definitely no future for it has relocated all of its industries to places of cheap labour so, no more industries to give jobs to its own!

  86. avatar
    Peter Josika

    As long as Europe remains divided along ethnic national lines history will repeat itself.

  87. avatar
    Pedro Jesus

    Course not! Isn’t a war going on in europe!? Isn’t nationalist movements growing stronger everyday and having voice as we could see in last european elections!?

  88. avatar
    Peter Ponte

    European Union needs a shared language so at least we can understand each other. Less distance between the nations. Less us and them thinking. More unity and understanding. Ofcourse national languages stay untouched.

  89. avatar
    Bart Thomaes

    Also at the heart of Europe, there is a need to reflect about political habits as possible causes of conflict and war.. Once morality and ethics has no importance war comes closer. If it is, you don’t can make a point then.

  90. avatar
    Joaquim Belbut

    already started!, right hand took ukrain governement and put another for germany interests, just like Spain in 3os.

  91. avatar

    The EU is rubbish. They should just stop this ridiculous experiment already that is costing lives in Ukraine and causing mass economic turmoil and get real. All these eurocrats in Brussels don’t know and don’t care what happens to people in Europe, they’re only thinking about the lowest common denominator and don’t realise the tensions they’re creating.

    It doesn’t matter much anyways, Europe is going downhill fast. The future lies elsewhere in the world anyways. I just hope some European countries are smart enough to get out now and shift focus elsewhere before it’s too late.

  92. avatar
    Andér Ve Mélnik

    if eu keep on nothing doing and nothing see what is goin on in Ukraine… YEAH!! WILL NEW KIND OF WAR IN EUROPE. So keep on waiting… Do debats… talks… descusions… and another bla bla blas….

  93. avatar
    Suncica Cvitkovic Anderson

    Andr Ve Mlnik, they have done the same in 90is and mass murderers serbs! Now the same MONSTERS that were killing in Bosnia together with chetniks serbs, are downing commercial airplanes! And they let serbs get 49% of Bosnia! What can you say!

  94. avatar
    Nadezhda Ogden

    It won’t be a surprise with all the extremism and hate around us! One of the purposes of the EU and similar organizations is to regulate and control in a diplomatic way through a network of countries cooperating with each other for mutual benefits and global peace. It’d be wonderful if such a model was practically workable!

  95. avatar
    Breogán Costa

    Don’t thin “impossible”, just study how the Roman Empire had fallen…
    Also, now you just have to see how people is starting to hate each other (instead of hating just the guilts of the crisis: dark greedy banking system -designed to help private banks to make profits instead of helping directly the countries with their debt-, ECB, also IMF, and, of course, many many corrupt politics -not all, but too many)

  96. avatar
    Kris Babůrek

    The same powers are going ahead with the same project that started WWI and prematurely fell into coma in 1990s.

  97. avatar
    Christos Mouzeviris

    Only an economic one…. As it is happening already! Or with Russia and it’s allies in the East, if things get much worse in the future!!

  98. avatar
    Ana Georgieva

    Yes, the whole World is declared to be a terrorist! Only the West is an exception, the angel, the one who “defend” itself! I will not be surprised if they bomb us here as well! Or if we are involved in a war and used by them like always has been, against Russia, or the Middle East. Cruseders..what else can be said, one word explains everything! Crule, arrogand, greedy liers!

  99. avatar
    Cla Carr

    If we split back in the sovereign countries we were, probably not. If we stay forced in the undemocratic union, probably.

  100. avatar
    Sylvain Duret

    If we split back in sovereign countries we were, probably. If we build a democratic federal state, probably not, because we would be stronger than USA, Russia or China, and all other countries which want our defeat

  101. avatar
    Gastone Losio

    We have not yet understood the reason of it. While a father founder of Europa since August 1941 is telling us the following truth: “The problem that must be resolved first, failing which any progress is nothing more than mere appearance, is the definitive abolition of the division of Europe into individual sovereign nation-states.”
    Altiero Spinelli, Ernesto Rossi, Eugenio Colorni, Manifesto di Ventotene, 08/1941
    We simply need EUROPE OF THE HOMELANDS, which is simply Europe of its Thousand Cities, or Cantons, as they call them in Switzerland.
    We simply have to CANCEL FROM OUR DICTIONARY words like Germans, French, Albanese, Italian, Spanish, British too, …. those terrible words have only been preconditions, prerequisites of all the wars, of racism, the hate among us, among brothers, as the millenary history of our continent have unavoidably made us.

    JFK in his highest verbal and political expression said “ich bin ein Berliner”
    I suppose he never would have said “Ich bin ein Deutscher”
    Never, sorry.
    Zur Zeit, bin ich ein Mailnder!

  102. avatar
    Rudi Spoljarec

    After the world war II , history of war continued , local wars have been happening all the time , no stop, thousands and millions killed. Seems like big nations wants to lead the world by leading local wars and keeping it more away from their borders , looks like capital and profit succeed to lead wars away from the borders of themselves. How long?

  103. avatar
    Giwrgos Filippatos

    Staring at war crimes that happen round the world,yes its the safest way to avoid a war an to have econimical stability, but also makes u part of the problem and co-guilty.Take a look at holland almost 100 people died including children because of propably either Russian or Ukaine missile, i repeat innocent peolple.And they dont even bother because they dont want to ruin their commercial partnerships.I wonder how much do they cost the lifes of 100 people

  104. avatar
    Breogán Costa

    Akos Tarkanyi, be carful with the drugs, you are taking too much xD

    For me, the best comment is Gastone Losio’s one. I agree completely with him.

  105. avatar
    Christiane Vermoortel

    Yes if the EU continues bullying the Russians and is so stupid not to see that the US wants to fight a war on the EU territory.

  106. avatar
    Akos Tarkanyi

    Breogn Costa, if you call the facts drugs… Just read a bit more about islamism and listen to the tendency!

  107. avatar
    Jaume Roqueta

    yes…. any system you bild up without us will be destroyed!. like israel!… some politicians and economist in europe belibe they are the kings of the world and the human was created by good in orther to satify IMF desires… but not… and at the point that people get true democracy, they vote for somebody they don like, ther will be a war… a war prepared by the richer people and big companies… they dont care in human life as we can see in PALESTINE!.

  108. avatar
    Charalambos Cherkezos

    if Europe doesn’t stop following the US and keep stepping on the bear’s tail , may soon discover that they are playing with fire , I’m afraid……..

  109. avatar
    Nikolaos Sotirelis

    NEVER SAY NEVER!!! The conditions then and now, are frightening similar!
    Crisis, austerity, povertization, inequality, rising of the phantoms of fascism and hyper-nationalism!
    Europeans are so naive and ignorant! They couldn’t (?) predict, the obvious evolution of the facts in Ukraine, just 3 months ago.
    They were so enthusiastic in the beginning and now we have a terrible civil war beside our heart and Europe already mourns, some of its innocent children!

  110. avatar
    Amie Kreppel

    Have people not noticed that there IS another war in Europe right now – wake up to the seriousness of the situation in Ukraine

  111. avatar

    There is a simple economic and political dynamic that assures wars and revolutions will continue into the future.

    The Republic, it is a weak form of democracy, too weak to protect the rights of citizens who are workers and consumers.

    The basic economic unit Worker/Consumer with little political strength in time is reduced to third world levels. This is happening now as the cold war unravels into the distant past for the western republics. In short the threat of communism forced the western elites who run their w***e republics to give ground before the people. Now that the USSR collapsed that political force has evaporated , the internet has replaced some of this political force for the masses, but NOT ENOUGH.

    So when the economic unit Worker/Consumer is reduced to third world levels the nation in question becomes third world and tends toward a condition of always being at the edge of revolution.

    Hence the natural condition of the real republic in all of it’s acceptable flavors of today is third world and always at the edge of revolution.

    It is simple, the worker by harsh forces of capitalism is reduced to lowest possible wages for survival this is because the worker has little political power in the acceptable republics. This worker as a consumer can’t buy anything of a first world nature to support the rest of workers without a job. On top of this, the worker can’t pay taxes of a first world nation and survive They are at rock bottom by the harsh forces of capitalism. The extreme poor can’t pay taxes and for stability suck wealth from the working class. The rich are too powerful politically and pay little to no taxes. The microscopic middle class can’t pay taxes to any extent. Hence the nation and government must be in third world chaos,,,, never ending. This is the natural condition of the real republic.

    This is the condition of most of the world’s real republics and now it is the coming condition of the western republics as time grinds forth, the Cold war era fading into the past.

    In the normal media, you rarely get the truth. The real trigger of eastern Ukraine to revolt was the last IMF monetary bailout plan. The plan was billions to the government, no doubt much of it to be stolen by the new elites and put back into western banks as escape money and to demand austerity for the Ukrainian masses. Of course this was the last straw, revolution broke out.

    There is no doubt in my mind that the economic crisis will continue into the future in Europe and the natural results will happen in time.

    The elites in the open or secret will support fascists against any socialist movements, elites may support fascists verses socialists over any democracy design reform movements. Both the fascists and Communists hate more true democracy, same as the elites. The elites would even favor communists over more advanced democracy design. In short as revolutions kick up single political party ran republics will rise up AGAIN fascist or communist or some similar “ist” . Note the core root of the actual government of the fascists or communists is a single political party ran republic. We even have Islamic republics ran by strong man single political parties. This fact is not in common books or news.

    So as the western republics lurch and stumble toward their natural condition there will be revolutions. Ukraine is the first of many, the situation in Ukraine will not be resolved by a happy republic with happy first world capitalism. No, the end game there is a dictatorship of some sort or dictatorships. Single political party ran republics ran by strong men, but still the condition of always being at the edge of revolution will remain as third world chaos must continue there.

    As time goes on major wars almost has to happen. As not all strong men are sane, many are bent on war. It is simple stats, you have ten republics fail you are bound to get a madman in charge who wants war. The western elites want rid of Putin, I will say his replacement may be much worse and may want to push nuke buttons.

    Anyone in Europe has some time, years to a few decades to make escape plans. The problem is where to escape to. As the whole world of governments are “proper republics” in third world chaos or heading that way—-on average.

    I would consider NZ or Australia, as they are island nations and less likely to be invaded and have war with another nation on their own soil. But civil war is still possible in them.

    I am struck by irony lately as Poland is screaming bloody murder being afraid of Russia invasion, Same for Ukraine and most of Europe while having draconian anti gun laws for their own citizens. It seems at the root of it these Republics ran by their elites are more afraid of their own population than anything else. With such laws I don’t have much sympathy, they are sheep to the slaughter they decided for by having a disarmed and helpless population. It is a shame their elites will be long gone if and when the invading and shooting starts, jet airplanes flying out everywhere…. To secret bank accounts and escape mansions abroad….

  112. avatar

    Europe will not fall into a war. European countries are so close together nowadays that we are all ‘friends’ – or at least we can work together. Europe isn’t made up of large superpowers, but qualities of each country are put together, so that European people get the best solution. We cooperate, and so therefore this put a European ‘civil war’ out of the situation.

    But whether a war would break out against Europe and other countries from other nations is a different question. But I would stand by my idea, or hope, that the answer is no. Europe has so many groups set up to stop these kinds of things happening that it would seem rather peculiar for Europe, or a group of European countries, to enter a war. But, if we were to enter a war, we would severely change the importance of the war, seeing as together, Europe is a superpower of it’s own.
    GO EUROPE!!!

  113. avatar

    I believe the next war will be a global civil war. The gap between the rich and the poor has escalated beyond the degree that sparks the French, Russian and other social/class based revolutions. The difference will be that a global civil war will not be centrally organized but will have a domino affect with county after country spurred on by smaller successes. When this happens nothing will stop the momentum. The end result will be nothing more than a restart of historical events that brought the world to a flashpoint. Mans thirst for power will see to that.
    I just hope I will be able to observe the events from way above.

  114. avatar

    3-4 thousand years of recorded history suggests that war is coming sooner or later. Economical and social problems are just the beginning of the war process and as far as i can tell nothing is ideal. Injustice, fanaticism etc are still the rulers of this world

  115. avatar

    Article talks about war in Europe and a quick CTRL+F search for the word Islam shows that it first appears in a user comment beneath the article. The author knows nothing or is deliberately obscuring it.

  116. avatar
    thomas e

    currently, the situation with russia wanting to reastablish itself as a major power within the world stage, makes you wonder, iff russia is prepared to take crimea away from ukraine, then how much further is it prepared to go in order to get what it wants. I just wonder, are we headed for a reset on the world stage (perhaps we need it??), Why not let the world decide through a vote, join the east or join the free world. We dont really need another world war to decide the fate of a country.
    Right now, the free world needs to unite against a common threat (the rise of a radical and unforgivng ISLAM). Most of the worlds troubles comes from the middle east, perhaps this is where we really need to unite against a common foe (before its to late).


  117. avatar

    If Europe had an all out war with weapons, where would European refugees go? We accept refugees from around the world. Do you think these countries would accept us?

    • avatar

      Right now, there is a sense within some european countrys that a new war is coming sooner than we think, otherwise they would not be repositioning their militarys to strenghen their borders (ie: russian and chinese partnership). The issue with european refugees and where they would go, hmmm, there wont be anywhere to go, because this time, nuclear wepons will be involved (obama needs to rethink his strategy, putin needs to stop dreaming about reforming his empire).

  118. avatar

    Well brexit might just bring forward an unstable period in euro history

    • avatar

      I seriously doubt this. Europe is an affluent continent with some of the most developed countries in the world. The EU has done practically nothing so far in Ukraine or during the break up of Yugoslavia, and NATO has been the driving force for peace and stability in the region. The Eurozone itself has always since its creation been in a state of unstable period (with taxpayers in European MDCs bailing them out. No, the U.K. will play absolutely no part in an unstable period of European history, we could leave the E.U (an economic group with totalitarian views), but we would NOT be leaving Europe.

  119. avatar

    Yes, unfortunately. Look at how we have marked the centenary of WWI. To me, it feels like we had some solemn parades in 2014 (And we will have some more in November 2018), but apart from that it has been largely forgotten. A better way to mark the centenary would have been a period of world peace. This, obviously, our leaders have not delivered.

  120. avatar

    Probably. I mean never say never. apparently we have 3.5 billion years before the Sun makes life inhospitable and that’s long enough for europeans to start killing each other again at some point. I’d give peace in Europe a millennium tops.

  121. avatar

    actually there have been a few wars in europe in the 21st century,like the ukraine war georgia russia war and the yugolsva wars

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