Earlier this month, Debating Europe looked at Eurobarometer data indicating that the number of citizens who said they trusted the EU has almost halved to just 31% since the start of the crisis. We also published a Gallup / Debating Europe poll suggesting that pessimism has increased radically among Europeans when it comes to questions about the future for young people. Mistrust and pessimism go hand-in-hand, and can make for a volatile social mix.

Trust in politics was also the topic of a recent debate that we partnered with, held by the Paris branch of the German Goethe-Institut, alongside nine other organisations. The live debate took place in Brussels, and was titled “Europe, the politicians and the people – confidence and commitment?”

So, do YOU trust politicians? Do you have confidence in the work they do on your behalf? The typical response, from all these polls and debates, seems to be a resounding ‘No’.

Samo, for example, left us a comment saying:

People are fed up with all the incompetent and corrupt politicians. And, yes, this is an EU-wide problem because the politicians with a vision for a better future are an endangered species on the brink of extinction.

While Sarchis thought that:

Too many politicians have forgotten what their ‘business’ is: to keep things going! Instead, they behave as if they belong to a caste, their positions (inside the ‘political establishment’) are permanent and their ‘raison d’etre’ is to enjoy the perks of power.

Clearly, then, trust in politicians appears to be at a low point. And yet, some of our commenters warned that we should not get carried away and reject politicians completely. There may be a temptation to “sack the lot of them”, but are the alternatives necessarily any better?

Yiannis, for example, argued that voters should take more responsibility for the state of politics today:

People vote and act irrationally. Maybe we deserve the extremists so as to learn the hard way…

Last year, when we spoke to Professor Andrew Moravcsik of Princeton University, he argued that people have never liked politicians, and probably never will. What people care about is results:

moravcsik-speaksPeople do not judge the legitimacy of political outcomes based on how much they participate; it’s just empirically wrong as political science. They don’t like institutions that are highly participatory, and generally they hate parliaments (even national ones), and elected politicians they hate even more, generally speaking, compared to judges and other things. What they judge is results, so the euro needs to be generating results that people like.

Recently, we interviewed Denis MacShane, a former British Labour Party MP who resigned his position after the Standards and Privileges Committee of the House of Commons found he had paid for research and travel expenses “in the order of £7,500” between 2005 and 2008 in a misleading manner, through an organisation that he himself controlled. The money was for reimbursement as Tony Blair’s personal envoy to Europe and his other work in Europe as an MP.

However, he was cleared of any criminal wrongdoing by police, and the Standards and Privileges Committee found no evidence he had made any personal gain from his claims. He apologised and paid back the money. Nevertheless, the committee recommended that he be suspended from the House of Commons for 12 months, and in response he resigned as an MP.

As a politician who has felt the glare of public anger, does he feel there is a growing “anti-politics” trend in Europe today?

macshane-speaksVery, very much. All over Europe, one sees politicians treated with scorn and contempt and blamed for everything. A Freudian psychoanalyst would call this ‘transference’. Voters think: ‘I’m perfect, and what I do is always right. But those terrible politicians are responsible for all the mistakes in the world.’

It is interesting that in the Second World War, when Britain was defending parliamentary democracy, only 35% of British people thought that politicians were honest and good for the country. So, perhaps that’s just in the nature of politicians; they’re never going to be loved and looked up to with huge respect…

Believe me, in a hundred years’ time – and I hope we still have democratically elected parliaments everywhere in Europe, because the alternative is far, far worse – believe me, in a hundred years’ time, everybody will still think politicians are doing a poor job.

What do YOU think? How can politicians regain YOUR trust? Are there alternatives to the current way of doing politics? Or is the current system the worst possible system, except for all others? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below, and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions.

Image Credits: CC / Flickr – MichaelKuhn_pics

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  1. avatar
    Xavier Schoumaker

    Trust is built through understanding so it is not hard at all.

    People need to understand where their money is being spent & how their votes are being “used” by elected officials.
    People ought to be part of the process instead of alienated by emotional debates.

    Transparency – what else? (by this I mean in public spending & work record of elected officials – not private life etc).

    Conflicts of interests are the new norm in politics – if you get publicly elected you have to open your books and be ready for public scrutiny – FULL STOP. Privacy has to do with other things than money – money is the trace you leave of how you exist – we should stop listening to politicians who claim that their earnings “on the side” etc is the “private” domain. We cannot rebuild trust with these kinds of pathetic excuses… (here is an example:

  2. avatar
    Horácio De Matos Táboas

    When a Superior European Parliament Institution request a national european deputy to support in order to speed up the conclusion of important portuguese economic and regulation petition and a complaint after three years of theres submission, something realy strange is happening in the European Union dont you think ?

  3. avatar
    Don Bourletsikas

    Stop talking and start acting! In the last 30 years politicians have seemed to gain this momentum of deceiving everyone, theoretically, and not acting on it, practically!

  4. avatar
    Nuno AG Graça

    I can’t trust any politician who has been in power for the last 39 years. They have never given a good example here in Portugal. How can someone “work” as a politician for 12 years and come out with a lifetime pension after that retirement from political activities, in the order of 4000-5000?? We have people working for their entire life gaining only 400? a month and ending up with a miserable pension of 250?-300?. Fairness? Justice? Ethics? All beautiful words that in the rows of power are buried too deep for anyone to be able to trust any of these maniacs.

  5. avatar
    Máté Parászka

    I’m not sure it’s possible. Maybe this is why they invented that in a few years you can choose another one.

  6. avatar
    Paul X

    Most politicians need reminding that they serve the public who elect them, the public are not just a source of revenue who’s opinions are meaningless

    It could be worse, I could live in Italy. So why do their politicians deserve wages more three times the EU average? (and about 6 times my wage… and I actually have a proper job!)

  7. avatar

    It’s like we are all on a drowning ship, not knowing where to go and why. The politicians seem to be talking a lot about how to stop the water from getting in, and that’s about all they do.

    There’s no coherence, there’s no vision. Nobody has any idea where we want to arrive, how we want to get there and what to do once there. Everybody is extremely busy talking about the water piling up in the boat, so we’re all floating with no direction.

    Let’s just see WHAT we want to do together and HOW we want to do it. Federalism, national states, something else, whatever! Just let’s see that we find a goal and a way, and en route there we’ll figure something out so that we don’t go down.

  8. avatar

    Gone are the days, so long ago now,
    When trust in our Government held fast.
    When true to their Oath and to their King,
    Just a memory, from that long distant past.
    Weak now are those in that place of trust,
    Eagerly treacherous Treaties do sign,
    For those that forbid the people a say,
    Shout by hook or crook, ALL is mine.

    But trust is such a gentle word,
    It is fragile, needs loving tender care,
    For once it is lost, it is forever out of reach,
    To place again in their hands, no one dare
    The belief in reliability, truth or strength
    Is now misplaced for a while,
    No confidence left for those in power.
    For those deeds that are done are most vile.

    Each five years in a ‘position of trust’,
    An honour bestowed to cherish,
    These most precious Islands of ours
    That so many in the saving, did perish.
    Never again will the people believe
    Any word by an MP, friend or foe,
    The people will only trust in themselves,
    For it is THEY that hold the future you know.

  9. avatar

    Politicians in both the EU and national governments do not get it!
    Europe’s problem is economic not political. The EU facilitated massive government debts, and made the debts contagious through creating the Euro-zone, which was a nice idea politically, but unsustainable economically.
    Now they believe the only solution is more Europe, which is more contagion and more debt.
    There is an economic solution, which is to break-up the EU, allow countries the freedom to devalue their currencies which would be more in-line with their economies, let the strong grow, and then let the strong invest in the poorer countries. We can have free-trade amongst ourselves, but we should be protectionist towards Asia and others, who are steadily stealing our jobs and wealth – the holes through which our wealth and jobs are escaping need to be filled in.
    This argument about “political will and investment” is nonsense! We have an economic problem, and if we need to break up the EU to solve it, then so be it!
    The EU Commission is not made of gods! we need more variety in our policies, and each country should run itself according to its own strengths and weaknesses – we are not all Germans living in Germany!!

  10. avatar
    Dennis Baltzis

    They cannot. As long as they care more about the deficits and the public debts having as benchmarks percentages that don’t reflect the real economy and as long as they don’t care about the prosperity of the majority of the Europeans, unfortunately politicians are going to be faced with hesitation.

  11. avatar

    Denis MacShane writes that, “It is interesting that in the Second World War, when Britain was defending parliamentary democracy, only 35% of British people thought that politicians were honest and good for the country.” I can tell Denis MacShane THAT AT THAT TIME Britain wasn’t JUST DEFENDING PARLIAMENTARY DEMOCRACY-it wasn’t even on the agenda or thought about, it was about defending this whole Country-no one even THOUGHT about Democracy, and through-out all the time I have lived, Churchill was and has been the only true great Prime Minister this Country has ever had. He inspired us ALL and to encourage us all to do things we might never had the courage to do.

    The nature of politicians as they are TODAY have brought how the people THINK of them-if they ever think of them anymore at all-on themselves. Lies were told by a Prime Minister remember-and later addmitted on TV for all to hear-that he lied when he had told the people that “There would be no loss of essential Sovereignty” re the signing of the Treaty of Rome-and look at us where we are now Denis MacShane.

  12. avatar

    Johnny English, here is what we are going to do. We are going to use the General Election in 2015 as the REFERENDUM we have been denied. WE know-WITHOUT DOUBT-ALL THREE MAJOR POLITICAL PARTIES WANT TO REMAIN IN THE EU-FOREVER SO WHY VOTE FOR ANY ONE OF THEM? All you have to do is vote for ANY POLITICAL PARTY OR OGANISATION THAT WANTS OUT OF THE EU-FOREVER. I BELIEVE-WITHOUT DOUBT-THIS MAY WELL BE THE LAST CHANCE YOU MAY HAVE to have A REAL SAY, for there has been too much sovereignty (authority) given away to the EU over all these years, to do the job of Governing this OUR Country which elected and paid UK Government should have been doing over all these years-yet they cannot disguise the fact anymore that even tHEY have to obey all EU Laws too..

  13. avatar

    How about applying this principle:

    ““In business you should always offer value first and then get the money afterwards. The mistake I made was that I focused so much on the creation of money without going out there and giving value first. Monetizing value is easy; it’s a matter of building that value first.”

    – Jordan Belfort – Best Selling Author & Motivational Speaker”?

  14. avatar
    Jesús Rgz

    Not at all! Any politician has never kept his word. They always say something and then do the contrary so we cannot take them seriously because they take us for idiots and we’re not! They don’t care whatsoever about peoples’ worries and don’t even try to get closer to know the real problems we face in our daily life. It is like the lived in a parallel world where everything seems to be perfect and problems don’t exist.

  15. avatar
    Pedro Celestino

    Forms of direct democracy to complement the representative!!!!! Also full transparency and accountability would help.

  16. avatar
    Carlos CM

    I think two basic pillars must be preserved in order to (re)gain citizens’ trust: representativeness and accountability.

    People must feel represented by their politicians in both their statements and their actions, and representative Electoral Systems and Political Ethics are key players of this side of political trust. In Spain we lack both of them. This is the ‘while’ part.

    Accountability comes in the ‘after’ part. When a politician has come to power and s/he has the possibility to take what s/he was elected for, or to ask people how they want him/her to face any unforeseen challenge. Of course, accountability also must rely on a system of ways to get politicians out of their office. Unfortunately, in Spain we lack this one too.

    Nevertheless, with a deeper political integration, Europe can take this into account and I am sure EU politicians will enjoy our confidence once again.

  17. avatar
    Horácio de Matos

    When a Superior European Parliament Institution request a national european deputy to support in order to speed up the conclusion of important portuguese economic and regulation petition and a complaint after three years of theres submission, something realy strange is happening in the European Union don´t you think ?

  18. avatar
    Nikolai Holmov

    How can politicians regain my trust?
    They could try: transparency, humility, adult to adult communication (not adult to child), honesty, clarity, delivery, accountability, accuracy, ending cronyism/revolving door appointments and jobs, ending conflict of interests, stating their vested interests, representing their constituency first and foremost (rather than party line or own interests), crafting better legislation rather than simply generating more legislation, repealing legislation that is long past its shelf-life, rebuff confidential lobbying and make all professional and corporate lobbying contemporaneous notes public, lead in areas they are competent to lead and listen to others in areas they are no wiser than an average bachelors graduate, take heed of the democratic horizontal, be flexible, be inclusive,……should I go on or is that enough for now?

  19. avatar

    By putting people’s interests ahead of banker’s interests.

    By putting our national interests ahead of other countries interests.

    By abolishing all unelected political jobs, tax-exempt benefits for themselves, goldplated pensions for themselves and all those ‘international’ organizations that seem to exist only for the further ‘glory’ of some written-off political reject.

  20. avatar
    Spyros Tsakos

    I think that is the opposite, the politicians do not trust the citizens. This pattern is not new but it happens even in modern democratic societies. They come in a conclusion that the masses are unable to reach a decision in some point and thats the reason why they are reluctant to forms of direct democracy but also it seems to me that sometimes they forget that the masses are not what they used to be. Hopefully this will change because if one side doesn’t trust the other it is obvious that there won’t be mutual trust.

  21. avatar
    Paul X

    There is a lot of people on here from different parts of Europe all voicing similar opinions on this subject…..but do you think the politicians will take even the slightest bit of notice?

    and thereby lies the reason why we don’t trust them……….

  22. avatar

    How can politicians regain my trust? I am no longer sure they can EVER gain My Trust. Churchill was the only Politician the vast majority of people trusted at that time of World War II. Since then????—Down hill all the way.

    This Country is £billions and £billions of British pounds in debt. It has been in debt before, to America from that WWII and it took YEARS to pay off that debt but paid off it was. Now we are Billions of pounds in debt with our present Prime Minister still giving aid to other Country’s some of whom are probably better off than WE are.

    We cannot afford to keep paying for two full Houses in our Parliament that cannot Govern this Country according to its Constitution and pay billions of pounds to the EU plus contributing to all the EU Agencies as well. What is the point in paying and voting for national Governments that also have to obey the orders of Foreigners! While this Government is reducing our Forces we are CONTRIBUTING TO THE EU’S DEFENCE AGENCY. Instances where our forces may have lost their lives because of lack of some equipment-and yes, I can quote one man died because he did not have a protective vest because he gave it to his friend.

    You have a chance come the general Election in 2015 to use it as the REFERENDUM we have been denied-use it, for soon there will be nothing left of this Countries Constitution to claw back. I would vote for Donald Duck rather
    than any one of those in Parliament at present, (apart from some of those that sit on those back benches) for Donald can at least keep his neck out of water and see which direction he is going.

  23. avatar
    Christos Mouzeviris

    I would trust them if there was transparency.. When they are making deals behind closed doors, and we learn the results of those deals years later, how can we trust them? Politicians work for us. We elect them, we pay them, they should be accountable to us. But they think that they are rulers and leaders and we should treat them like kings and queens.And that is where the problem lies. They are not. They are just highly paid civil servants with a lot of responsibility. So when they are making deals with foreign parties, they should respect the wishes of the people and represent their country. Not push forward their own agendas and make profit out of deals that they won’t be beneficial for the nation…So if you want my trust, show me your work and I can evaluate it… !!

  24. avatar
    Limbidis Adrian

    Corruption at local level, at state level at EU level !!
    This is amazing. Politicians are in the pocket of big business and NOTHING will change. I don’t blame them. I don’t.
    They are the symptom NOT the cause.
    The cause is the economic system which concentrates wealth in the hand of big business who then make irresistable offers OR threats to politicians who CAVE IN.
    ALL politicians are corrupt, none is clean. If you think at least ONE is clean then you have some growing up to do still.

    Get rid of big business and wealth concentration and the MAJOR problem of corruption will diminish substantially.
    Give the workers the right to make decisions , not “investors” who use their money to bribe politicians. That way the politicians would work – if even bribed – FOR the people.
    And even this won’t stop corruption 100%
    As long as we have resources coveted by people and not enough MONEY, there will always be a problem. Our mentality must change.
    WE ALL are to blame for this, we perpetuate this and they benefit from it.

    I have traveled to Japan recently and ate at a very nice restaurant where my contact there took me. I tried to leave a tip and the waiter was visibly INSULTED at me even HINTING of tipping him.
    And this is one example. We must change our mentality, we must get rid of this GREED, this CONSUMERISM mentality that not only drives this malign economic system but also robs us of precious time, time we could spend with loved ones and which is instead used working to BUY BUY BUY stuff that we don’t need but the media has brainwashed us that we DO.
    We are the generation that knows the price of everything…and the value of NOTHING !

    The problem is huge, much bigger than just “oh it’s politicians, they are corrupt because they are evil /stupid/ weak men”. Far from it.
    They are the RESULT.

  25. avatar
    Limbidis Adrian

    Most immediate danger is the blasted ACTA which was repelled due to huge backlash and demonstrations in the street. No matter.
    These people will NEVER given up.
    They will try again, and again AND AGAIN until we don’t spot this and it WILL PASS. With all the nasty stuff we don’t want.
    In America they try again and again, and eventually it WILL pass, because nothing changes. Their mentality – like ours – does not change. They still think the political system works FOR the people.
    It doesn’t and ours doesn’t anymore either.
    It’s run for corporate interests. What do you think these “interventions” we are getting dragged along with the americans into are? Corporate INTERESTS in contracts for more PROFIT.
    You BLEED AND DIE and we PROFIT – the essence of it.

  26. avatar

    Christos, sadly they take absolutely no notice at all once the people have used their vote to vote for them. Whereas many Countries on the Continent had new written Constitutions after the last war, we in this Country still have our very ancient Common Law Constitution, and although our present Coalition Government is proposing to alter nine separate parts of it at present allegedly in case the forth coming new Royal Baby is a girl, -the real reason is to comply with the EU’s Equality Legislation. We have fought two World Wars to keep our own Constitution, and it is only by losing a war can our Constitution be changed. Our Government will find that much of our Constitution cannot be changed at all and certainly not indeed for any foreign Legislation or Foreign Organisation. There are certain laws on TREASON that protect our Constitution, plus in two parts of our Constitution makes very clear, that—-“…all usurped and foreign power and authority…may forever be clearly extinguished, and never used or obeyed in this realm. …no foreign prince, person, prelate, state, or potentate…shall at any time after the last day of this session of Parliament, use, enjoy or exercise any manner of power, jurisdiction, superiority, authority, preeminence or privilege…within this realm, but that henceforth the same shall be clearly abolished out of this realm, for ever.”
    This is in a Settlement Treaty, and not an Act of Parliament. It, therefore, cannot be ignored nor repealed by parliament.

  27. avatar
    Christos Mouzeviris

    That is true Anna.. Once we vote them in, their interest in us and our opinion fades.. It is back to business as usual for them.. This has to change…

  28. avatar
    eusebio manuel vestias pecurto

    O projecto europeu tem sentido e faz sentido É a unica forma de a Europa continuar como uma grande potência e um grande mercado global por isso são os governos das nações europeias que devem reforçar a confiança dos cidadãos europeos

  29. avatar

    eusebio manuel vestias pecurto. The time has gone for the EU to become a GREAT power. The Euro has seen to that. It was all a great dream that has turned into a Nightmare with riots and civil unrest in many towns and cities throughout the once nation states, at present trapped for now in the European Union.

    I am not quite sure at this moment in time whether the UK will be the first Country to leave the EU, but I know for sure, it will not be the last. We have to be out before 2014 for I am sure you realise what is in the pipe-line.

  30. avatar

    Trust is gained by carrying out their duties for the benefit of the people not the benefit of themselves. By sticking to manifestos submitted at election time ,by acting decisively at times of crisis and protecting its citizens from foreign interference .

    So on that basis they are a pretty useless lot . The party system is the problem , we vote for parties rather than people

  31. avatar

    How can we trust the political elite when we the people see the games that are being played. An ecb being run by ex american bankers, non elected/wanted so called brussels/eu leaders trying daily to grab more power from countries with promises of highly paid functions in brussels for politicians who sell out thier own people and countries. Political interference in elections. Threats of war or financial ruin if we dont integrate our economies. Bailouts with a ruthless troika, poverty and a total disregard for sovereign nations, and worst of all if you dont like thier agenda your a nationalist/populist/racist/ or your a xenophob. Then they say why dont you like us , give me a break, they need to wake up and smell the truth.
    The people of europe voted this whole american ideal down , and it was forced upon us anyway and when referendums were done and they lost they just shoved it down our throats .
    They hope if they wait long enough people will forget! No way!
    In the netherlands rutte cant even fart without asking his boss in brussels, sad really. And the other guy Samson would sell holland lock stock and barrel for a big eu position, the netherlands is slowly going bankrupt because of these guys.
    Right now the pvv is the biggest party in NL, and i know brussels will do what they can to keep them from power. The pvv want the euro gone, and all i can say is lets hurry before the boat sinks, bring it on and dump the miserable euro and give us back our country.
    Brussel needs to go back to what it was…
    Then i and the majority will trust again.

  32. avatar
    catherine benning

    I agree with much written by Klassen and Bastian.

    So, without further ado, you cannot trust politicians because what they tell you is a pack of half truths and outright lies about what they intend for this continent. It is all done with smoke and mirrors, now we see it, now we don’t. And never forget folks, they are doing it all for you, the people. They believe in democracy don’t they?

    They have handed our collective countries over to an outside force. All for thirty pieces of silver.

  33. avatar

    Catherine Benning you have forgotten to mention the most important of all re TRUST is the things our elected and fully paid up Members of Parliament and especially Government DO NOT TELL US, that are the most important. I am thinking here in the UK of the important matters our Government-which should of course be put before the people of the United Kingdom in a referendum-to make minds up on whether to give control or our Justice and Home Affairs Powers (Can you believe that) EU police and criminal justice measures (Can you believe that our Government needs time to think about THAT one? There are more than 130 measures within the scope of the decision are to be considered. These matters touch on our Constitution, a Constitution that has lasted over 600 Years. The time is coming when our Governments and MP’s have to make their minds up. Are they going to Govern this Country according to its Constitution or are they going to allow foreigners to do so for the people can no longer support and pay for both. We are mindful however, that our Constitution FORBIDS us to allow Foreigners to Govern us. 2014 must surely be “make your mind up time” in the UK’s two Houses of Parliament.

  34. avatar

    That looks a really interesting discussion. We should not forget the role of media as well. Since politics nowadays are heavily mediatized, our views depend on what we see and what we listen in media. And the low levels of trust, probably derive from the “use of media by politicians”, and the “use of politicians by the media”. Journalists should play more their “watchdog” role and demand, on behalf of the public, more transparency and more accountability from politicians in every level, and try to avoid any PR and spin doctoring attempts by them. If journalists change their approach, politicians will also change their behaviour and probably they will get some trust from the public. And we should use social media and new information technologies to communicate directly with politicians and demand more and more accountability, more and more transparency.

  35. avatar

    by creating a pan-European TV channel.

    I believe that Europe must have a common TV channel on European news, European politics and culture.

    There is a lack of EU information throughout Europe, including Denmark, my home state. This is partly due to the absence of a common European public. Increased media coverage will bring more presence to the EU institutions, as well as bringing the member countries closer together in solidarity. Overall, a common EU TV channel leads to a higher degree of legitimacy of the Union in the member states. TV channel to be automatically funded by the EU and should be accessible to all citizens in Europe.

    I am familiar with EP TV channel on the net that is exciting, diverse and seems very competent, which I follow with great attention. But it is not generally known, and has not the same impact as a television channel.

    Just an update from the current networked EP TV into a real channel in line with the many national parliament channels would make a big difference.

  36. avatar

    Can any of us REALLY believe any Politician again?

    You speak of the past, yet the past is now but a hazy memory. The present is but an illusion, a silent thought, the future is the nightmare yet to come.

    Democracy was among the first of those victims to lose its head in those once hallowed Halls where honourable men and women of yesteryear did sit. But yesterday’s men and women fought and won a war, those whose names will ne’re be forgot, yet on they linger in the thoughts of man.

    They that gave ‘their all’ that we might live in peace, freedom and liberty, to be governed by laws the true Brit shall writ. To no man shall we be beholden or bow, for we are well able to look out for ourselves, a once great Statesman said.

    I have no stomach to speak of truth, honesty or integrity, for they were the next victims to fall by the wayside, yet still ye look to the Crown, alas reduced in the signing of that first document, to just a figure-head.

    Hope is only a promise of deliverance left for you, unless you have “courage” to face that which is yet to come. But the way be strewn with debris that others before ye have cast away.

    Hold high your head, for you are surrounded by those that would harm you.

    Wear well your armour against the traitor waiting at the gate. Your patron saint, St George was indeed well chosen for the dragon spewing forth flames of hate of all things good, feeds on greed and power, a power that will in the end, devour itself.

    Be ye there, you ever faithful countryman, at the ready for it is to you, that those hard pressed forces abroad look to, to once more keep the home fires burning and the welcome light shining through the windows that have been darkened by the rules of strangers that you once extended the hand of friendship to. Remember that those ancient Barons gave you the greatest of all gifts, for it is yours forever. Remember andfight once more to keep it -forever.

  37. avatar

    Let us all put forward a vote of no confidence in the British Government so that Parliament be dissolved and an early election can take place. Let us then vote for the only politician, Mr Farage, that has had the guts to state that we MUST leave the EU and regain control of our government,our economy AND our borders. In fact let us not just forward a vote of no confidence in our government but let us DEMAND that parliament be dissolved now, not next year.

  38. avatar
    karen whitbread

    DAVID cameron shud look into the corruption of social workers cafcass and review every adoption order to many children are being taken of there parents and kept in care till someone can adopt it could take up to 5 years…..Tony BLAIR CAUSED THIS Imagine when they grow up how many parents are going to get their children to sue the government for the loss of life with there parents …young mums are being groomed for adoption lied to and set up to fail HELP US AND OUR CHILDRENS CHILDREN STOP THE CORRUPTION GIVE BACK OUR CHILDREN

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