The summer months are upon us, and parliaments across Europe (including the European Parliament) are now in recess. This is traditionally the time when Europeans (including politicians) head off on holiday and silly season begins in earnest. If, however, you’re still in the debating mood (and there’s no guarantee the eurozone crisis will also be going on holiday) then Debating Europe has teamed up with the European Universities Debating Championships (EUDC).

The EUDC is an annual debating tournament attended by teams from universities across Europe. The competition uses the British Parliamentary Style (the same format used by the World Universities Debating Championships). Participants test their strengths in critical thinking, public speaking and persuasion by debating a range of global issues ranging from international relations through social policy all the way to rights issues. The competition features around 200 teams and over 150 judges and is as such the biggest and most prestigious non-sporting event for university students in Europe.

We’ll be providing an online forum for participants to continue the debate  here at Debating Europe, and we’ll be covering the final in Belgrade tomorrow.

The debates are being livestreamed here

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