kosovoOn Monday, Western powers agreed that, by the end of 2012, Kosovo will no longer be supervised by the powerful (but fairly drab-sounding) “International Civilian Representative” (a.k.a. Pieter Feith, a Dutch diplomat originally appointed to the post in 2008 by the Council of the European Union). Feith has, during Kosovo’s transition to full independence, been vested with significant powers, including the “ability to annul decisions or laws adopted by Kosovo authorities and sanction and remove public officials whose actions he/she determines to be inconsistent”. From September, however, such international supervision will be over.

In the past, we’ve covered the issue of Kosovo only indirectly. Whilst we’ve run several debates on enlargement (here and here, for example, or in our infobox on the issue here), we haven’t yet focused specifically on the Kosovo question. As a jumping-off point, we’re using the following comment sent in by Nikolai:

What will be very interesting, given the increasing support for Serbian accession by Member States such as Germany, is what will happen to Kosovo? Kosovo can never be an EU candidate as a significant number of EU Member States don’t even recognise it for very obvious internal reasons. When the eventual enlargement of all the Balkan nations occurs, how will the EU deal with a landlocked Kosovo encircled by the EU with no prospects of membership?

We took Nikolai’s question to Doris Pack, a German MEP and member of the delegation for relations with the countries of the former Yugoslavia, including Kosovo. Here’s her response:

I have to disagree with this Mr Nikolai; he’s not right in saying there is no membership prospect for Kosovo. Yes, not all Member-States have recognised the country, but I think this will come, step by step. It will also never get to the stage that Kosovo is ‘encircled’ by EU Member-States without hope for membership itself, because an unresolved Kosovo-Serbia problem will mean there will be no hope of Serbian membership either. We accepted Cyprus with this problem, and it will never happen again. Kosovo will become a member.

Next, we got in touch with Gerald Knaus, founding chairman of the European Stability Initiative (ESI), a policy think-tank that focuses on South Eastern Europe. We asked Gerald to respond to Nikolai’s comment:

Well, that’s a very good question, which really one should address to EU leaders. The problem is, they don’t seem to have a good answer to that at the moment. My proposal would be that, as long as EU Member-States disagree on whether to recognise Kosovo as an independent state, they should agree to a ‘status-neutral’ accession process for both Serbia and Kosovo. The EU should have an interest in seeing Kosovo, whether independent or part of Serbia, moving towards membership of the EU.

Finally, we asked for a reaction from Rainer Stinner, a Member of the German Bundestag and foreign policy spokesman for the liberal centre-right FDP party (coalition partners to Chancellor Angela Merkel’s governing CDU party).

Nikolai makes a fair point. Only 22 of the 27 EU members have recognised Kosovo. This is weakening the common position towards Serbia. We will not have Serbia in the EU if they have not settled their relationship with Kosovo. We reiterated this when they achieved official candidate status; if Serbia holds local elections in the disputed northern part of Kosovo, it would be seen as extremely negative and would delay their accession process. We have had the experience of Cyprus, and will not have a second Cyprus.

What do YOU think? Could Kosovo find itself surrounded by EU Member-States but with no hope of membership itself? Or will Serbia be refused entry to the EU unless it resolves the Kosovo question? Have EU leaders “learned their lesson” from the experience of Cyprus and Turkey? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below, and we’ll take them to policy-makers and experts for their reactions.

IMAGE CREDITS: CC / Flickr – Kosovo Future Maker

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    Christos Mouzeviris

    Hmmm..difficult one.. Why though are we insisting on partitions and redrawing borders in Europe? While I respect the Kosovo people’s desire for independence, well realistically Kosovo is not Luxembourg, or Malta… Until now they have not only been supported by the EU financially, but also Europe provides them with military and policing for peace keeping. Perhaps instead of full independence we should be looking to a loose federation, something like Northern Ireland for example. N.I. has its own parliament and and it is semi-autonomous, but still part of the UK. Its citizens can identify themselves as Irish or British and hold either passports. Perhaps a similar deal could be struck between Serbia and Albania on Kosovo?

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      Josef Anisimov

      Great idea, but..I doubted that NATO and EU will agree to reverse the damage they’ve done by siding with Kosovo Albanians, expelling 250,000 Serbs and bombing Belgrade. Yes, Kosovo wasn’t recognized by 5 embers of EU, but neither US nor major members of EU could care less about it. The goal is to get anyone into EU/NATO, and simultaneously find an enemie or enemies to justify high costs of upkeep of NATO in the peacetime. US alone covers 70% of NATO expenses, and they were very succesful in splitting all countries in the Eastern, Central and Southern Europe: U.S.S.R, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, while working very hard on unifiying East and West Germanies. Why ? Because the former eliminates strong economic ( Economic Mutual Cooperation) and military (Warsaw Pact) alliances, while unification of Germany proposed by RR and G.H.W. Bush and agreed by Gorbachev greatly increased military capacity of Germany and NATO.

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      Why are you against Serbia?!!!

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      That’s ridiculous other european places has more drug traffic and they are in , all the states have drug traffic problems its a global problem .It’ll always be someone that will use it.!! So don’t comment stupid stuff when u dont know the truth and don’t have facts especially about Kosovo !!

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      Adrian Limbidis

      The HELL it will !

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    Thomas Moens

    I think that depends in the first place on whether the EU manages to formulate a real common foreign policy (not even all EU memberstates recognized Kosovo). But then again I believe Europe in the end will ask Serbia to make Kosovo’s EU accession possible as well. In the same way as other W. Balkan states had to promise not to boycot each other’s accession processes.

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      Respectively, as someone who lives and does business in Serbia- I can say that Kosovo might enter in EU if EU exist until 2020.

      I totally agree with You, and I would add that EULEX is not at all “neutral” at the field, there is no justice system, the Big Albania plan is coming – the leaders of so called Republic of Kosovo have gathered to negotiate about referendum to join/gather under Albanian flag.

      I must say that Serbia has made more commitment to join EU than ANY other country in recent past. Serbia is now modern, democratic country, with clear and on-field laws that are respect. Serbia is a country with friendly hosts, and great history. If You compare, respectively Bulgaria or Romania, and compare it with Serbia – in real life, You will see that Serbia as achieved a certain level where both of these countries were when they were accepted into EU.

      There is NO COUNTRY in Europe that has been more intiminated, requested on harsh and cruel way to do whatever Brussels says. Serbia did it and Serbia will obey the process of sync with EU laws and policies.

      But, how come that ONLY Serbs were inprisoned in Hague (International Court) on the Court of Wars in Yugoslavia – and there is no other side being responsible for terrible and massive graves; of Serbs.

      I travel, I see – I think. I’m opened, I’m socio-liberal / socio-democrat.

      Serbia, NOW – when everyone thought that we will get back into 90’s, have continued the reform and DEA medal approved battle against drugs, and organized crimes. Personally, I can’t remeber any other country except Italy – case Berusconi – that arrested and prosecuted high organized crime leaders, as Serbia did in case with DELTA HOLDING founder: Miroslav Miskovic- the 47x placed rich man on Earth.
      Same with war criminals, starting from Milosevic, trough Sljivancanin, to the general Mladic and Hadzic.

      European justice: Croatia is entering EU in July 2013, Serbia didn’t got the date of negotiations.
      Croatian 2 generals, such as Ante Gotovina and general Markac (equavilent to Mladic and Hadzic) have been released, and they told to the regional press that they have “won an domestic defensive WAR, and that they are very sorry for all causalities”) ~150.000 Serbian refugees came from Croatia to North Serbia/ Vojvodina + ~130.000 women and children were slaughtered and killed brutally – as same what happened on “opposite side” … Heh, the “small difference” : OPPOSITE SIDE “PAID” FOR CRIMES, Croatia?

      Bulgaria and Romania can tank the France politician and ex-high EU representative. If he hasn’t lobbied for Bulgaria and Romania, they haven’t be in EU for 15 more years.

      – Same thing. EU justice? Equal for all? Well, O.K – now, an non domestic for me topic: FYR Macedonia, and EU accession progress. 9 years after candidacy they wait for entering… Bulgaria and Romania…

      – Turkey… Turkey has to turn to their East (as Serbia will turn to east when it comes to economics, politically staying in EU) and look for partner there. EU doesn’t want a muslim country in their “rows”.
      I think that is clear as day, and if I were Turkish I would say on loud what is happening? What standard didn’t we sync? Oh, human rights…

      Well, RELIGION as the 90% of Turkey has DOESN’T LET the “modern EU law on human rights” to be synced. You can change the Government but not an whole civilization and their belief.

      Well, I guess I gave You something to talk about.




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    Kypros Savva

    It should never join the EU! The paradise of NATO-EU cooperation must and will never be accepted by many other member-states which reject the de facto sovereignty of Kosmet..

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      I support this kind of opinion
      I totally support this opinion. Kosovo, in reality – TODAY – isn’t Serbia. But the cradle of the whole Serbian civilization, from XI century – comes from Kosovo. From Nemanjic dynasty trough the Jugovic … As well as Milos Obilic who killed the Tzar Murat who ruled the whole Ottoman Empire, and with that act “signed” his death, in order to bring some balance to numerous kills of Serbs at the Kosovo Polje (1389).

      NATO/US, and EU as US puppet – will use Kosovo* (status: neutral under the resolution of UN 12/44) as an, respectively, Columbia(or Bolivia, Mexico) in Europe, whereby they could enable the drug and human ( as well as human organ) trafficking.

      Yesterday, on the “Serbian New Year” , the premiere of Serbia, Ivica Dačić said that Serbia is ready to act with SERBIAN SPECIAL ATT (ANTI-TERRORIST TROOPS) as well as NATIONAL GUARD AND NATIONAL ARMY, as a reaction on the MONUMENT FOR THE UÇK (or “Freedom Fighters of Presevo, Bujanovac, Medvedja) for FALLEN TERRORISTS/MAN WHO SLAUGHTER WOMAN, MEN, CHILDREN – all non-Albanian citizens.

    • avatar

      Indeed! And it always be. If US and EU wants to enable Albanians to create the “Big Albanian” dream – then let them be. But, I would like to know – are they aware that independence of Kosovo will be an domino-effect in whole World?!

      – Catalonia
      – Parts of Germany (Bavaria)
      – Ossettia
      – Republic of Srpska (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
      – Texas
      – Colorado
      – California

      Kosovo can very easily become the rock that will trigger the WW III .

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      Kosovo is not Serbia. It is an independent country and it really desserves to be part of EU.

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      Respect man!

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    Erik Zolcer

    If ever, they will join together with Albania, but we will be riding the Brussels metro for free with our senior passes by then!

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      What Serbia’s policy is… To be honest with You all, as someone who has experience and knowledge from history and politics, and someone who is part of those who are “neutral”/ liberal/ social-democratic I can say following…:

      – What Serbia is doing is a simple “synchronization” with model that has been proven as good. The laws, standards, and everything else – except the politics is good in EU- and Serbia is working on adopting the good things “from the West”. Meanwhile,

      Serbia will adopt and work with their Eastern partners such as China, Russia, Japan, India, as well as with some of the countries – such as Arabian Emirates.

      For centuries, Serbia has been east to the west, and west to the east. Serbia will remain the same policy, and with wise politic moves will try to improve the standard of people – what is on first place.
      – FLASHBACK: Many outsiders think that EU Integrations are #1 thing for new Government of Serbia. No, and they won’t be until reasonable/decent life standard is reached.

      Serbia won’t accept the Kosovo, as an independent country, as Greece, Spain, and some other EU countries haven’t done it. Not to mention UN, that won’t recognize it – for sure.
      – FLASHBACK: Palestine – who has much more reasons to become a member of UN – isn’t the one! It is just partner-observer.

      Republic of Serbia, and new Government – even though I do not have the affinity towards them (Government); are doing, so far, a good job when it comes to the Foreign Policy.

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    Lazaros Kalaitzidis

    First Kosovo status shiould be revisited. I can’t really see why should Kosovo be independent and not Serbian. If anyone can explain with facts and not with unsustainable theories why NATO’s attack against Serbia was legal i am willing to discuss it.

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      blerta o

      I cannot believe how much ignorance is in this world! Kosova is independent at that is it. Serbs took it by force and by treason in 1945 from Albania. Please read history before you write things about topics you know nothing of. True, Kosova is not ready to join the EU and it shouldn’t joint the EU! EU policies are horrible! I am totally against it! What we should do is get red of the corruption, building a strong economy , fight human trafficking, drugs… Whoever wants to live in Kosova is welcomed to, Serbs, Roma, etc. But we will never become North Ireland, or change borders! Never believe in one moment that Kosova was a Serbian province and belongs to Serbia. It was under the rule of Serbia, like a colony. Kosova was taken from Albania and that is where it belongs together with the western part of FYROM and the part that was given to Greece. You can post comments full of hate, the internet will not stop you, but once they are based on hatred and not on facts…well they just remain comments full of hate, nothing more!

    • avatar

      What is so “unbelievable”? Ignorance?
      – Please, tell me You are joking. The real ignorance comes from the US and Brussels/EU. If someone who is proven to be a leader of para-military/ terrorist troops and in same time twice to be in Hague (International WAR Tribunal), and be the vice-president/premiere in Kosovo – THAT IS IGNORANCE. EU shouldn’t let the Kosovo choose anything, if EULEX and KFOR are there.
      – Another ignorance is the monument for “fallen fighters for freedom of Presevo, Bujanovac, and Medvedje” (part of well-known and CELEBRATED UÇK ). Serbia would never rise an monument for those who have slaughtered and killed ANYONE for any reason, especially not for false-ideals.
      – The ideal of “Big Albania” is becoming java. From dream to java – we are watching how Kosovo, a part of one country, is drawing new borders, making a new country, in front of the eyes of those who have been sworn on “to never happen again” – WWII.

      Washington and Brussels – as two centers who are the key partners of the south Serbian province, Kosovo, should open their eyes and merge the value of “domino-effect” and their interest from human-trafficking and connecting Afghanistan, Turkey, and Kosovo as new Worlds opium producers.

      Serbia and Serbian people are smart, but heart and emotional people. Very similar to Irish people, when it comes to fighting for freedom and being free.

      -My question is: What will You say when somebody asks You about Your nationality? – Kosovar? Kosovian? :) What?!
      – Then, if(and) when You answer what would Your answer be on the question: “Tell me about Kosovo’s history? When does it starts? ” – Answer would be in 2008.

    • avatar

      NATO bullies smaller countries.. the bombing was illegal 100%…

      NATO bombed hospitols..newborn hospitols office buildings homes.. bridges..
      (non military objects) why is NATO not in the hague??? 6,000 people DEAD
      from NATO bombs not to mention the depleated uranium bombs that NATO used there are high numbers of cancer cases and birth defects!
      its been 15 years and there is still high concentration of uranium U.S attacks countries becuase of “terrorism” but yet the U.S is the biggest terrorist country in the world.. if any other country used depleated uranium bombs that would be
      a reason to invade that country or bomb them.. but when NATO and the U.S does this then its alright to poison people with nuclear waste!!.

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    Karel Van Isacker

    Well, as long as Kosovo does not treat its minorities correctly, and as long as it does not sort out its illegal practices, and jihad fighters harbouring, there should be no way for Kosovo to join nor even considered a country. Imo Kosovo is also still a Serbian province, despite the political wrangle that was pushed by the USA to have political leaders define otherwise. Albania on the other hand should become full EU member. It is officially recognized by the EU as a “potential candidate country”, and has proven to be able to run a democracy with respect for all.

    • avatar

      With country where, starting from president, can be bought/corrupted?
      Country in EU where drug-trafficking, drug-producing is something that is “family business”?
      Country in EU where those who have slaughtered hundreds/thousands of innocent citizens who weren’t able to escape from the para-military troops of UÇK (“Oslobodilacka Vojska Preseva, Bujanovca, i Medvedje” or “Freedom Military of Presevo, Bujanovic, and Medvedje”).

      – Nobody in Serbia wants war! But, on the other side, we are – including all man popularity is ready to mobilize if someone threat to country where Serbia and Serbian people has always been.
      80% of all man in Serbia answered: “YES” , on question – “Are You ready to ‘raise on weapons’ if Albanian side try to invade or if Government decide to “clean” Kosovo for 24h ? “.

      – Sadly, man young man haven’t survived 2-3 wars, that I did, and do not know what is WAR ! We are looking to adopt everything carefully and peaceful.
      – Sadly, negotiations in Kosovo are lead with the leader of UÇK – and they might be continued with a man who has been arrested TWICE by International Tribunal for WAR Crimes.


      How can ANYONE negotiate, with someone, or… Even better: How can someone be someone important for a some “country”, and be it’s high-representative if he was convicted AT ALL!???!??

    • avatar

      Illegal practices? can u give me an example of that? and who says that is still a province of Serbia? U Serbs? man shut your dumb ass up and don’t come on here talking shit. I ain’t a Albanian myself but you gotta get you shit together. and when u say does not treat their minorities correctly is that applying to Your people or in general, because the minorities are treated perfectly plus given help and jobs. again don’t talk shit that u don’t know.

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      A famous Serbian singer said that despite Bulgaria voted for The Albanians in Kosovo, he knows in heart that Bulgaria always will be for Serbia!!!

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    Steve Nikolaou

    I strongly agree with Christos Mouzeviris. As long as Kosovo is an unsolved and hard issue, the best solution at the moment is to be semi-indepenent. An example like the Irish one, sound good. The point is that Kosovo’s status doesnt look “peace” enough in order to conclude in a solution like in UK. EU should move carefully, so as to prevent conflicts from the extremists of Kosovo and reactions from the Serbian goverment.

    Both Kosovo, Serbia and EU, should discuss a plan, which would give to the area a European future.

    • avatar
      Christos Mouzeviris

      Well the Northern Ireland issue was not settled up until a couple a decades ago, after decades of killings, bombings and so on..And even today, there are still outbreaks of violence and sectarianism.. But at least N. Ireland is not like Kosovo, in limbo.. And has made some progress in many issues..I think the Kosovars should think about it…

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    Albert Saxén

    Karel that’s a bit harsh.
    There r conditions which every must fulfill b4 accession. That dsnt make it any less a country.UAE had the Taliban ..as had others recognized it
    Albania, democracy? pls.

    • avatar

      American democracy, which is actually a pure communism.

    • avatar
      Adrian Limbidis

      Communism? In America?

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    Albert Saxén

    Thomas I’m finding a hard time following that.
    how can other prospective’ countries boycot ..another potential candidate’s bids?
    only member states, in my understanding, can. do.
    And, i twas the Kosovars themselves who rejected Serbian recognition (by declaring themselves independent

    Nato’s attack on Serbia did violate intl law.however the American nation cldnt just sit idle, by the side and watch innocents get slaughtered (and such was their failing inRwanda, yeah.)

    Erik i wish to come to Brussels. :p

    • avatar

      You said that NATO had violated intl law, why you didn’t say tha American natio did it. Another point you mentioned innocents got slaughtered. I will said inappropriate use of force aginst KLA (read insurgents or terrorists)
      Why USA or NATO don’t interfere in Syria now?
      Kosovo and Serbia will never be part of EU because Serbia will never recognize Kosovo as indenpendent state.

    • avatar

      Serbia will become EU member, with it’s wise decisions.

    • avatar
      Scott Johnson

      And American’s are ??? International policeman?! Let our military on South Province, within some people that are “accused” for the War Criminal and members of “Zemun Clan” and as they promised:” We will resolve the question of Kosovo in matter of 48hrs.”

    • avatar

      Serbia will never join the EU. Wait for the future president Vojislav Seselj.

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    Albert Saxén

    woulda bn better if they took , btw, the Albanian flag..w just a white strip by the side hoist flag side
    (That) would(a) honor(ed) their heritage..while setting them apart.

    This one now ..bah.

    Ya/their choice, of course.. i just have the rt to my opinion.

    The coal thing..that’s called thanking a friend ,for their help.

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    Konstantin BG

    I think there should be defined a “Day Zero for XXI century”. The status for territorial problem for EU Members is known – there should be no such problems for the Members. But what happens outside the Union? There are yet problems. It must be organised a territorial forum for Members and Non-members and every state to sign an universal resolution with decisions for the problems. Is this possible for The EU Parliament? Could It be a forum founder? Could the Day Zero be started with whole European signatures? It’s enough centuries of wars, it’s enough two World wars in Europe! There should be “war” in ourselves, “war” to get better person, and at the end a victory for the humanity!

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    Sunny Cvitkovic Anderson

    Kosovo, yes, eventually! Serbia, NO NO NO NEVER! Whoever lived in a same country with serbians knows how impossible is to live in peace and equality with serbs, that is not possible. BTW, if anybody of you think Kosovo should be part of serbia, you and you country should try become a province of Syria, like Holms. Serbia should and would be Russian exposure, at the same time we (EU) would be pressed to pay them money, all the time, so they will not start some war or start with violence. You people DO NOT KNOW what kind of people are they, do not learn that in a hard way!

    • avatar
      Boris Milanovic

      We are violent? We are the ones that are unpossible to live with?

      LOOK WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH VUKOVAR, and on 2.2.2013 what have You done with those young Serbs that were calmly drinking their coffee – while You were protesting because, by LAW of CROATIA, Vukovar has to have Serbian Cyrillic and Croatian Latin script.

      So please, don’t talk about intolerance! We, as nation, have apologized FORMALLY and IN PUBLIC for every fucking thing that Milosevic’s regime has done, and others? Croatians? You haven’t done a thing to appologize for more than 120.000 slaughtered, tortured, and killed CIVILIANS in Yu-war.

      SERBIANS ARE FRIENDLY, HARD WORKING AND LOYAL. Not to forget always better looking than ordinary “hrvatine”.

      Anyway, it’s good to know that I’m total liberal!

      But what You do, and what EU does – is not rational , at all!

    • avatar

      Well thank god it’s not up to you orthodox Slavs. Kosovo will be part of the EU and both kosovans and Serbs and Romanians Bulgarians Greeks etc will be driving a cab or cooking food in a restaurant in Western Europe together ;)

    • avatar
      Adrian Limbidis

      2016 and you kosovo clowns are nowhere.
      And mark my words.
      In 2116 if the EU is still around you will STILL not be in it you bastards!

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    Lazaros Kalaitzidis

    @Sunny Cvitkovic Anderson, please, give us a break. Youy lived together with Serbs in peace for 50 years till u decided one day to hand your faith to Franjo Tu?man, an ultra nationalist admirer of the WW II nazi occupating regime. Nazis always provoke war because their ideas are just stupid, hatefull, racist and primitive, and -at least to my knowledge- Serbs never had nazi admirers as government, despite the fact that they are also super-nationalists. Europe is about cooperation and understanding, not about nationalism and hating each other.

  14. avatar
    Debating Europe

    Hi Sunny! Please avoid making broad generalisations about an entire ethnic group. There are Serbs also taking part in this debate, and we want it to be welcome to all.

  15. avatar
    Debating Europe

    And the same goes for Lazaros (plus, be careful of falling prey to Godwin’s Law of Nazi Analogies!)

  16. avatar
    Jovan Ivosevic

    It’s amazing to me how many ridiculously racist statements can fill up a board when it comes to any question related to the Balkans. Honestly, whether Serbia must recognize Kosovo to join the EU or not depends more on Germany’s electoral mood next year than Serbia’s or Kosovo’s. If Angela Merkl and the CDU stay in power after 2013 when Serbia begins negotiating in earnest, this scenario is likely. If the SPD-Green coalition returns to power, they have always insisted on Serbia joining without any additional conditions including Kosovo’s recognition. So let’s be realistic, Berlin here matters more than Belgrade or Prishtina.

    As far as whether Kosovo will join, according to any objective report you read by the US backed organizations like freedmhouse or any EU reports, Kosovo’s institutions are corrupt and non-functioning even by Balkan standards. So while Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia will likely join at the end of this decade, followed by Albania and Bosnia, Kosovo will follow long thereafter, and if Serbia is a member by then, Kosovo may face the same obstacles facing Macedonia today with the Greeks obstructing them. Sorry if I failed to make any racist commentary and disappointed anyone in doing so.

  17. avatar

    I am in principle for accession of all Western Balkan countries, even the one that is not a country yet, as well as Turkey, albeit in the long term for the former (and that I cannot underline enough), and medium term for the latter. The problems of the previous enlargements(s) have not yet sufficiently been dealt with: the overly large Commission, the lack of rule of law in Bulgaria, Romania or Hungary, the fashion in which it is challenging free movement, the Cyprus issue. On the latter point, it is a disgrace that a country with -basically- an active civil war, holds the European presidency. Before further enlargements the Union should gets it house in order, which means among other: reaffirming the EU as a project (free movement is being challenged by nationalist governments all over), strengthened integrated economic and fiscal government (note, NOT governance, which is far more fluffly) at EU level.

  18. avatar
    Nikolai Holmov

    Having been used as the platform for the question I suppose I really should expand further on why I see such difficulties with regards to Kosovo.

    These difficulties do not include only the issues with Serbia but also and perhaps just as importantly, the existing 5 EU members who don’t recognise Kosovo for their own internal reasons.

    How can they recgonise a passport issued by Kosovo for example? How can they deal with a government of a country they don’t recognise on a contractual and formal gov to gov level? How can there be trade negotiations between a member that doesn’t recognise the existence of a would-be trade partner?

    Why would a nation like Spain with a want-to-be break away region within it, ever recognise Kosovo, thus adding fuel to the separatist cause within Spanish borders?

    Cryprus, Greece, Slovakia and Romania also have similar issues.

    Globally, only 93 nations recognise Kosovo. Less than half the UN nations do.

    If by hook or by crook Kosovo joined the EU, how can the near 100 nations of the world recognise a Kosovan passport when they don’t recognise it exists? How will the affect EU relations with the rest of the world if the vast majority refuses to recognise passport holders of an EU nation? Return goods at their borders because they are produced in some non-existant nation called Kosovo (even if it is an EU nation)?

    Have such issues, admittedly further down the road, even been considered by the European Commission? They are already pushing the issue when 5 nations don’t recognise Kosovo and are quite unlikely to do so for very good internal reasons.

    To work on the premise that the Serbian issue is “the” stumbling block is a falsehood. Even if that gets resolved, and even if the 5 nations within the EU are bullied into recognising Kosovo somehow, that in no way addresses the huge issues of an “EU Kosovo” that is still effectively non-existant to almost 60% of the worlds nations.

    Are the existing EU nations going to necessarily welcome unnecessary friction between the EU and the rest of the world putting bilateral relations and trade at risk if the EU try to force the issue by stating snubbing one EU nation is snubbing the entire EU? I very much doubt it.

    This strikes me as another case of the European Commission saying “yes” when in reality the answer for possibly a generation or more is really “no”.

    When it comes to EU foreign policy the two biggest failings it has are saying “yes” when it really means “no” (throwing additional hurdles in if necessary to prevent a “yes”) and failing to walk (internally and externally) its own talk.

  19. avatar
    Eusebio Manuel Vestias Pecurto

    ainda há muito trabalho a fazer em Kosovo na minha opinião esta rebublica tem que melhoar as suas politicas no que respeita os direitos humanos liberdade de empresa era uma estrada de escrita

  20. avatar

    first EU, Kosovo, Serbia and Albania should agree on its status, before that nobody should be accepted. Second all criminal elements part of Kosovo government should be prosecuted. After elections and at least five years free democratic government they can start thinking about joining.

  21. avatar
    catherine benning

    Can Europe please explain why Kosovo should be accepted as a new member? What benfits can they offer as a member? How do you expect the European tax to cover thi kind of stupidity. The Germans are paying enough as are we, the British.

    Would anyone like to explain this need these government officials have to expand at a rate that is clearly detrimental to the entire 27 existing States? They appear to have a fetish with inadequate countries who have little or nothing to contribute.

    I feel, at this juncture of bankruptcy facing us all, Europe needs to sort out its present mess and begin to think along a realistic path, rather then ising into the ether with this nonsense.

    Leave the fantasy zone and think like adults, this would give all of us a break.

  22. avatar

    Kosovo in a simple territory until ALL EU countries will recognized.
    And I will vote against any authority willing to recognize that terorist state.
    It’s a decision wrong for so many reasons.

  23. avatar
    Ioannis Michaletos

    There are several drawbacks regarding Kosovo’s entrance into the EU in the foresseable future.

    Firstly it is not recognized by the majority of the UN members, including several EU states as well (Spain, Greece, Romania, Cyprus, Slovakia).

    Secondly, Kosovo is the primal hub for organized illicit activities of transnational nature according to all reporting by Europol, Interpol, State Department, Council of Europe, and the police and intelligence agencies of all EU states.

    Thirdly, Kosovo is still in a stalemate with Serbia regarding the recognition or not of its indepedence and it would be quite dramatic for the EU to accomodate such a difference if it wants to include both countries in its membership.

    Fourthly, there is a strong movement for the creation of the so-called “Natural Albania” or “Great Albania” or “Greater Albania” or “Soft borders Albania” that makes complicates enlargement procedure and raise fears in neighboring states such as Montenegro and FYROM about the outcome of a Kosovo entrance in to the EU.

    Lastly, will the EU last over the next decade or so? Or will it resemble a sort of an 80’s Yugoslavia with a clear division betwen “Rich North-Poor South”, heavily in debt and with refional and ethnic animocities rising in light of a change of political-economic balances worldwide ?

    The expansion of the EU is something which is not high in the EU’s agenda which is now experiencing a survival to contain the EURO-crisis. For that reason Kosovo’s hypothetical entrance into the Union would be stalled for quite some time.

  24. avatar

    Kosovo is Albanian land,with the Albanian language,with the Albanian culture,everything is albanian.kosovo will be unite with Albania and then will join the European Union.

  25. avatar

    No, it shouldn’t join the UE until MANY problems will be solved.

  26. avatar
    cesare balsamini

    Il problema non è il Kosovo in Europa, il vero ed enorme problema è quale Europa accoglie il Kosovo? Quale delle tante? quella tedesca iperefficiente ma speculatrice, oppure quella mediterranea ipocrita ed indebitata?
    Se hai una casa stabile può arrivare anche il terremoto, non ti spaventa. Ma se hai una casa estremamente fragile, anche una mosca può farla cadere e per questo hai sempre paura

  27. avatar

    Apart from the EU’s interest in seeing its proximity stable an secure, Kosovo and Serbia both should be aware that it is for their own good to find ways to settle the particularly difficult issue of the North Kosovo part. Yet, one should be aware that Kosovo has much bigger problems than Serbia in achieving a rule of law type of state and cleaning up its administration of corrupt elements. Things are also much worse when it comes about fighting illegal crime; can you really call a state an area with virtually no industry or factory of its own? Or where the other ethnic minorities in the region are afraid to walk the streets, unless there is KFOR in the area?
    That doesn’t sound good to me, and neither the decision to end the surveillance exerted by the International Civilian Rep. to Kosovo. So far it has played an important part in preventing violent escalations of an artificially – sustained situation.
    Pressing for Kosovo’ EU membership at all costs will only bring into light the negative aspects which have escaped so far the EU’s surveillance.

  28. avatar

    The question is incorrect. The process of joining the EU is a long one – over a decade. So, a long time will pass before Kosovo is “encircled” by the EU – it’s unknown how the status situation will have evolved during that time.

    Kosovo and the EU should engage in all “Stabilization and Association process” activities (starting with the association agreement) in a status-neutral way (“Kosovo*”). At the same time Serbia should advance on the membership procedure path (one of the conditions for that is to have “pragmatic” relations with Kosovo on practical level – for details see the last European Commission report). Further down the road Kosovo can also be engaged in a procedure similar to membership negotiations, but titled in a different way. The same technical chapters can be opened, benchmarked and provisionally closed. This process will be beneficial even on its own, without a membership perspective.

    Finally, if the point is reached where Serbia or Kosovo is “technically ready” for EU membership, but the status is issue is unresolved some clever solution have to be found. If Serbia reaches this stage first – it can’t be simply allowed in (so that we don’t repeat the current situation where Turkey-EU relations are hostage of the Cyprus-TRNC split; Macedonia-EU relations are also hostage of the Greece-Macedonia name issue). Serbia has to accept in its contract that they won’t have veto power over any issue (e.g. for decisions requiring unanimity no blockage will be allowed by Serbia alone) until the Kosovo status is resolved one way or another.
    If Kosovo reaches this stage first – it can get some “special EU status” trough representation by UNMIK and EULEX in a status-neutral way (but such solution will be a first – for EU law to apply in a territory outside any of its member states) – thus precluding any future blockage or hostage taking of EU policies.

    • avatar

      No, I totally disagree with you, by saying that “Serbia has to accept in its contract that they won’t have veto power over any issue” it sounds like you deprive the right for Serbia to express their oppinion and its fundamental rights for freedom of speech…
      Each country is free to set a Veto to whatever the issue they want. Instead of forcing a country to accept any soloution that’s on the taple without even take in mind the people and citizens of that country. Its better that European Union and UN sit with both sides listen to their needs and demands for a practical and peaceful soloution to be find. The same must happen to Cyprus too….

  29. avatar
    Hans Metzke

    If Kosovo meets the requirements of the EU-membership, they are welcome. But before all of that Kosovo must be recognised by all the other memberstates. Until that moment there’s work to do!

  30. avatar
    Marko S.

    That would be disaster..that would mean that all countries from EU regonized Serbian province as independant nation, witch isnt true..Also Serbia is almost in EU, and will never let “Kosovo” get in Eu…Actually, Kosovo will be in EU in same time with Serbia.. – Why?
    Поздрав :)

    • avatar
      rocky camaj

      Kosova is not Serbia its ALBANIA

    • avatar

      First=”Serbs like a heaven people they deserve it” to join EU.
      I should admit that Serbs and Particulary Serbian propaganda has achieved to balance their crimes in virtual way. Now Serbs are victims.
      Secondly- They never apologise for their crimes in Croatia,Bosnia , And Kosovo. We often have seen that Kosovar polIticans visit serbs . because of respect of them they speak serbian languange. I have a question to make, when will we se a serbian politician like Nikolic, Dacic , or anyone to visit albanians in south of serbia and to talk about their problems. Now we have a lot of works to do to join europe, but we now to forgive even this never has been asked to us.
      The historical claiming of both of it is easy to solve, even this way of revealing the truth is ridicoulus. The anthropologist should take dna test from 1.800.0i00 and result should be shown to tell if we are “turks” “Illyrians” or “Caucasian” ( Caucasian is theory from heart of wisdom serbia).
      I Know that Europe have a little simpathy but we admit this , because serbs are orthodox first and they always have been helped from outside like Rusia.They acquire education and use it to spread bad word about “Albanian Caucasians” “Albanians Sub-humans”.

  31. avatar

    The Serbs murdered innocent children and raped many thousands of girls who had cried everyday for the Serbs to stop killing their family members, but did they stop – NO! During these wars by the Serbs, the Serbs were showing many things on their T.V but the crimes their army was doing in these countries. In fact, during these wars, Serbian T.V was showing propaganda movies, comparing Bill Clinton to Hitler, yet they did not realize they have a Hitler of their own in Slobodan M. As far as Kosovo goes, Kosovo had no choice, did you not see what the Serbs did in Croatia, Bosnia and finally in Kosovo? The crimes committed by the Serbs were real – rape, torturer and murder of many Muslim innocent children. In Bosnia, the serb cowered’s hided in the mountains and killed people in Sarajevo with snipers for years. The international community saw what occurred in other places and did not want that to continue in Kosovo. The Serbs are upset with Kosovo because Kosovo fought back with NATO, they took the pains of war right to the front steps of Belgrade- they gave them a taste of the real pain that they caused in previous years to others. Kosovo had no choice but to brake free, you can’t expect someone to stay in an abusive relationship. The international court ruled 10-4 in favor of the Kosovo independence.

    • avatar
      rocky camaj

      You are so right Brady I doubt very much the Albanians will allowed Kosova to be run by the serbs again after all the crimes commited. To make things worst the serbian people supported their troops and their government. Only until sanctions were enforced against serbia did the serbian people rise against the government.

    • avatar

      I am from Serbia. When I was student during the 90’s, I protested against Milosevic. I found that he and his contributors gulty for war. Also, I think for war is needed two sides at least. Also, I protested against broken human rights from Milosevic forces and several times I was arrested. Today, no one concerned about human rights for Serb on Kosovo. During the 80’s, Serbs on Kosovo were tortured, and many people thinks that Milosevic can prottected Serbs. Unfortunately, then Albanian people were tortured. But, thanks God, today that is past. But, again, no one is concerned about human rights for Serbs on Kosovo. I am very dissapointed in Kosovo institutions, Albanian politicians, Nato, KFOR, EULEKS and EU.

    • avatar

      Unfortunately too little had been done too late. Milosevic and majority of Serbian civilians supported wars across former Yugoslavia. That led NATO bombing for 78 nights. I was 11 then I remember those dark days running for my life. Quite frankly no one cares about human rights, not then and not now. However, I hope this will change across former Yugoslavia. It’s about time we live like human beings.

  32. avatar

    As the question is about kosovo´s chance of emerging with the rest of europe i have to say it wont happen! But i will give you the reason why. Lately, EU has made it clear that they are trying to make serbia give away some% of their land to Albanians to be able to enter EU. That is however, not good. Imagine that you give a word about something and you sign a contract about it and you dont keep the promise? How about the resolution 1244? That is a problem were the two parts dont clach together. Eu Already made a promise to serbia about their land that they didnt keep and now they are trying to find ways around the contract to make a new deal with the serbian goverment, impossible. So to get back on the line, Kosovo will join EU only if it enters with serbia and not like a state not approved by the international law, if so does EU will not be a legal State. Other important factors that have to be solved is the organ trafficing that took place in kosovo committed against serbs. . I noticed that some of you named the War in Bosna-Herzegovina and yes there was a WAR in Bosnia, there are
    48% Bosniaks,
    37.1% Serbs,
    14.3% Croats,
    0.6% others
    Total amount off dead people in that country is some were around 100 000, and if you look in to the kosovo war kosovo albanians were forced to leave the country, thats when the resolution 1244 came to play, in Bosnia there is Deyton were serbian part are not allowed to have their own millitary wile the Bosnian Muslims are. so to get back to the question, The resolution 1244 is saying that Albanians could live there but that Kosovo i Metohija is serbia. So that means that Kosovo Will Join but only as serbia. So what need to be done is that Now when this became so big international question and many countries are involved in their saying. We need to stop listening to one part ant that is the ones to said yes to its independence.
    As EU is forcing serbia to give up Kosovo we need to say stop. States has to think twice about what happened with serbia since it could happen anywere. Dialogue between serbian and albanians is important, but, imagine to enter a stage and you are two persons that need to run 400meters, and before the race someone came and broke your leg and one arm, how good will you run. What I mean with Dialogue is that EU America and All other countries need to stay away and cant say what can be done and what cant. Let them run together from scratch and maybe some were in that race they will find the solution and love to be good to eachother and maybe kosovo urns a part of the territory they struggled to take from Serbia and we put a end to it.

    • avatar
      Christos Mouzeviris

      brilliant argument Alex.. Thank you for commenting on that!! I agree.. But Europe’s interests are always changing, they are shifting and they have always meddled in the Balkans.. That is why the region is so messed up!!

    • avatar
      rocky camaj

      Kosova will NEVER EVER enter as a part of serbia those days are DEAD. The days of yugoslavia A greater serbia are DEAD.

    • avatar

      I didn’t spend much time on reading your argument, because I just stopped after I read something SO-NOT-TRUE and as a matter of fact, I can prove it to you, that you CAN NEVER prove what u just said. No one is making serbia give % of their lands to Kosovo or Albania. http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_zqNWzwNh0BA/TGpH6oi6y8I/AAAAAAAAAUQ/PALMsLT_kQ8/s1600/serbia-kosovo.JPGt
      This picture shows the territories that belong to two independent states like Kosovo and Serbia. That will never change, and europe cannot be involved in changing territories. Imagine if Spain would be involved, that would mean that they have ti give away Andalusia and Catalonia. What about Great Britain, will they give away Northern Ireland? no. I suggest you take a look at facts and read a bit before you comment on something u have no idea how it goes.

      Respect independent countries. :)

  33. avatar

    I’d recommend to moderators to moderate some comments here, which are full of racism and hatred, and do not serve at all in the discussion. They are merely sick nationalists wasting their time.
    Regarding the question, I think Kosovo should and will join the EU when it fulfills the requirements to join. At least we do not need to hunt for war criminals like Serbia does. The rest of the conditions will be fulfilled with the time passing. Let’s not forget, Kosovo is only 4 years an independent state. The neighbouring states had plenty of years ahead to fight corruption, crime, etc (e.g. Romania, Bulgaria) and still without completing those requirements, they joined the EU.
    If you compare crime rate Kosovo is safer than Stockholm, as one swedish policeman once said for the newspapers. So sick nationalists take a deep breath, relax, apologize for your country’s crimes committed against Kosovo’s population, and stop your propaganda, as the justice (read ICJ) has said its word, and the number of countries recognizing Kosova is on the rise (93 and counting), and we will join EU and UN. If not, I think Switzerland is doing quite well without EU. Just leave us alone. Greetings from VERY safe Kosova. Ben

    • avatar

      Well put my friend. Well put!
      If I could moderate this debate, I would just HALT here!
      Point made.

    • avatar

      You comparing Kosovo to Switzerland is plain funny.

  34. avatar

    People !!! B4 you all start making comments about Kosovo , please do study a bit of history, geography then comment! Kosovo was stolen from albania and signed for in London .
    There will be the day when all the Albanian territories will be joined regardless what some uneducated people have to say!
    2020 will see the Great Albania united!

    • avatar
      Scott Johnson

      You can keep dreaming… Next?

  35. avatar
    Kristian K.

    Well, these national questions are far more complicated, than many national fundamentalists here in discussion think or are wanting to admit.

    I, as a member of nation, which haven’t recognised Kosovo, should say no, only with Serbia. However, the problem of Kosovo is profound and cannot be solved in democratic way without participation of Kosovars themselves.

    According to wiki demographics, number of Albanians in Kosovo is rising, nowadays around 92 %, which means Kosovo is no longer ethnically Serbian land and should be independent or merged with Albania. Thing is, that many Albanians live in minorities in other Balkan countries, as Serbs and Hungarians do, and nobody is trying to annex them.

    Therefore I say, that when Kosovars form a democratic state with Europe-oriented government willing to participate, and ensure rule of law in their country, then after fulfilling the requirement, why not?

    And with the recognition thing, in my opinion it will slowly become accepted by all European nations, if the EU will persist, just as bailout had. I know it was something different, but it resembles me the problem. If EU wants something hard, it will achieve it. Easy way or hard way.

    Ethnic tensions are something completely different, and if you look to Northern Ireland, I think there lies the answer. Years or decades of rage from some groups is the price to pay for solving such problem one way or other.

  36. avatar
    eusebio manuel vestias pecurto

    Enquado a Servia e o Kosovo não resolverem as suas guerras étnicas na minha opinião nem a Servia e nem o Kosovo entravam como membro da UE a europa respeita os valores Humanos hoje e no futuro

  37. avatar

    Why Serbs in Bosnia (Republic or Srpska) cannot declare independance but Albanians from Kosovo & Metohija can????

    This just can’t be logic.

    COnsidering the fact that Serbs of Bosnia have lived there since their origins, while Albanians came in Kosovo only some 200 years ago and became majority some 70 years ago???

  38. avatar

    First of all: elementary human rights for minorities (Gypsies, Serbs…) on Kosovo. When Serbs from north Kosovo and Metohia could freely go to market, then we’ll talk about real prosperity. First of all: freedom for non-Albanin people on Kosovo. Please.

    • avatar

      I as citizen of Kosovo have do dissagre with your opinion, every day I go shooping in Pristina, I can hear at last 10-15 people speaking Serbian language loudly and nobody even cares about that, anyway the “WAR” time has gone because people are tired of loosing family members on war for nothing. Greetings

  39. avatar

    Dearall, Kosovo and the rest of ballkans should join EU asap. This is not only in the interest of people living in these countries but its in the interest of the EU. I will mention some reasons why this is a win win situation for all of us.

    1. EU integration will stabilize these countries, the region ad the EU
    2. EU integration will improve the economy from which more jobs will be available for people in the region and thus a slightly bigger market for everyone to trade in/with.
    3. It will show that the region can operate with each other and the EU and thus this will show EU much stronger to interfere in the world wherever human rights are misused same as they did during the wars in Balkans, specifically in Kosovo. Namely, because of these acts EU won the Nobel price peace award, so EU and NAto had every right to stop Milosevic, namely his own people gave up on him at the end and handed over to the Hague Tribunal where he eventually died.

    Last but not ;east, how is EU going to be perceived in the world if they are not able to fix their own backyard.

    Stop being naive, nationalistic and not reasonable. Kosovo is a small country with about 2 mil inhabitants. How can it be a safe haven of crimes, how does crime exists there, where do the export/import their crime, how come this is allowed etc. Think about these issues and you will realize that you have been a victim of a propaganda against Kosovo, its citizens, NATO, US, western world, democracy, human rights etc. Don’t allow yourself to be manipulated, think why did all these countries supported Kosovo during the war, why approx 100 countries in the world have recognized Kosovo. Use your head and thin, don’t let other manipulate you…for nationalists, i would have only one message… don’t you think nationalism only harmed you… what did Serbia got from their nationalism (except for suffering, poverty, gilt, destruction, lose of human life etc). Don’t you see that countries in the region with less nationalism managed to do very well…

  40. avatar

    I think Kosovo has to know that’s is really not so good to go in the european union !!!! Because of the crisis just saying. but i think kosovo isn’t ready to go ……. they have to many problems that will never be soled :(((((((

  41. avatar

    Please, lets remind our self of the atrocities that so called KLA committed on it`s own people.The controversy over “Yellow House” where hundreds of Albanians and non-Albanians were killed, their organs harvested for the purpose of illegal trafficking . Moreover, drug trafficking that is taking place in Kosovo. Illegal drugs are smuggled from middle-east to western Europe through Kosovo. Should I continue….violence, poverty,etc. Not to mention that their political leaders such as Ramus Haradinaj and others were responsible for many lives. Kosovo is strategically important for the WEST.Why dis they put up the biggest Army Base in the world out there, called BondSteel. At the end, even though so called self-declared state Kosovo is recognized by many countries it is nor recognized by Israel, Russia, China, Venezuela, Mexico, India…and they have pretty big say in worlds affairs.

  42. avatar
    Ylli Brahja

    Not to forget that Kosovo just came out of a WAR with nothing left to build, not to forget that you will never sleep the same again after the war, and of course there will be sacrifices, poverty, corruption, gangs and so on and on and on… But at least Kosovo has tried and will try even harder to build a freedom that has long been lost by animals which they call themselves human kind.

    Well not to mention that organised crimes, poverty, stability etc.. Leaks in almost every country in the WORLD, but for Kosovo it is a big issue in the agenda for proving human right or human kind in the sovereign nation of Kosovo.. Because you know why, it is because the whole world is watching Kosovo fighting for their own freedom and no one else’s freedom but their own!

    I live in London and I’ve been living here for nearly 16 years and I love this country not because this country gives free stuff to you, nor thee have I clamed, but simply this country has a freedom for you to become or choose a purpose or a dream that you dreamed when you once were a child, that my friend is a hope that Kosovo’s people have dreamed and hoped for years and generations.

    Not to mention by going back to my previous sentence “e.g” that not only United Kingdom gives you all the hopes in the world but it has a negative site of it as well, there is crimes everywhere, kids kill one & another over a stupid argument, there are organised crimes, drug lords/dealers, arm dealers and you can go on and on. Well my friends and brothers/sisters of the world, United Kingdom is a powerful nation and democracy that has been stabilised for centuries, and still has the problems that any nation in the World would expect to happen.

    And as for European Union, they have long waited to build a new EU and my only answer to them would be simple, open the borders for every single EU citizen either member or none member because our fathers, grandfathers and great, great, great grandfathers have fought for the same purpose which we are still fighting today, and that only purpose has been freedom for generation to come, that generation my brothers & sisters it’s today and not tomorrow or after tomorrow because we create Pandora’s Box, we bury them and a times like this we go back and dig for it to come back to reality, and that reality hasn’t got a happy ending.

    There’s only one things we can do to avoid this for happening again and again and again and that is learning the lesson our father told us and not acting upon this hate for each other because that’s what our grandfathers and great grandfathers acted upon today’s history. We the people of European should unite as one EU and a powerful European Union so at list we have something to engrave in the eyes of our children and a new generation where people can live in peace and love for each other rather than hate and war.

    (I do apologise on anyone if I have offended them by any mean of cause, I have only tried to express my opinion over this matter).

    Thank You!

  43. avatar

    I’m a KOSOVAR Youth. I’m full of dreams, hopes and believes. I represent 60% of Kosovo’s population, which is under 25 years old. I represent the post war generations that have been through terror, through facing of crimes, through loss of families… I represent an entire generation who is willing to make a change and working so hard towards defining our own way through challenges. Yes Europe, my country is 5 years old, but my nation is much older than you think. Apparently, not many people know history. Before you open your mouth, please make sure you have a vast amount of knowledge, to deal with what the truth!

    And since a person like me is willing to extend a hand. Saying that Kosovo’s glorious history starts in 2008 is just wrong! Illyrians ( the originally tribe where ALBANIANS AND KOSOVARS derive) is one of the oldest tribes in Europe. Politics, democracy and the EU may continue the continuous war towards this issue, but once they do it, they should think about 2 million people in Kosovo that keep suffering because of some “disagreements”. If the Politics doesn’t think, you as an individual, please do! I have heard my grandfather telling me stories that his great grandparents told him about my nation’s history. When I look back, all I see is wars and terror which gives the impression that Kosovo is only a battlefield.
    Do you still want my dreams? Do you still want to hold me back from saying what I want? Or doing what I want? I’m tired of filling visa applications, I’m tired of being neglected just because of my nationality, I’m tired of trying to teach people history… I’m just another World Youth that is disappointed by this planet, or stated better, the people of this planet.

    Kosovo is developing. Is developing fast. Rapidly fast. As simple as that, I come from a free country. I passionately want to see it grow even more. I will do anything it takes to help my country. And no, nationalism is never harmful (and don’t you better start with the Hitler’s case!) as long as I’m thinking peacefully.
    The EU ? Once Kosovo is strong enough to walk on it’s own, surely will be, be will have all the countries amazed by this “small” country’s politics. I’ve been taught that you do not need enemies! Therefore, Kosovo needs strong “friends”. We’ll never push them away.

    Do you still want my dreams? Now I have a country, I know where I belong and I know hat my country is proud of its history. Please, think sensibly when you discuss upon these issues.

    Do we want to join the EU ? The country is doing all it takes only to be part of the EU. We even have a ministry of European Integration, we have one of the best made constitutions in the world, we have all the laws in accordance with the European laws… as long as we keep working in our own goals. Fulfilling the EU criteria, means that we are fulfilling our own agenda as well. And here is what Kosovars say “two birds, in one stone”.

    My answer? Why not! It’s not what we really need, but one day…

  44. avatar

    The Republic of Kosovo will join EU in the future. The process of EU is not just being one day a member state, but fulfilling a set of criteria, criteria which will be useful not only for RKS but also for its neighbors. Having a democratic and peaceful Kosovo is also good for Serbia and other countries around the region. The independence of Kosovo is a closed issue, the earlier you get this the better for you. Often, i got surprised by the comments of many Greeks about the case of Kosovo…forgetting the similar case of Cyprus.

  45. avatar

    My country will eventually, and so will Serbia, until they both get along. Serbia has done a lot more war crimes than Albanians, but Albanians have also committed war crimes. I respect and understand that Serbians want “their” land back. They both need to strengthen their friendship (Probably not). Kosovo needs to wait for more recognition, which includes all EU members. Although I wish it stayed like it did in WW2 except the government should be democracy. I would worry more about joining the EU, though.

  46. avatar
    Patrick S.

    I think all countries in Europe have the right to E.U. Membership. Iceland, Turkey, Montenegro, Macedonia, Serbia, Kosovo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Albania, Moldova, Ukraine, Russia (maybe not), Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Switzerland, Norway, Liechtenstein, Andorra, Monaco, San Marino and Vatican City can become part of the E.U. if they like. If they don’t want membership, they don’t have to get it. Some have severe roadblocks, like Abkhazia, South Ossetia, Transnistria, Basque and monarchies.
    Some other European-ethic countries like Israel also deserve membership. So yeah.

  47. avatar

    Kosovo will become a part of the EU, quite possibly joined to Albania. For anyone who isn’t aware of the history, Kosovo was a part of Albania but was given to Serbia after the fall of the Ottoman Empire. That is why the majority of Kosovo is Albanian: because historically it was a region where the majority of the population was Albanian, not Serbian. During the early 20th century Serbia began an intensive colonisation program in which large numbers of Albanian families were forcefully deported to Turkey (around 100,000) and Serbian families from Serbia and Montenegro were paid by the Serbian government to come and live in Kosovo. The Serbian government used this demographic manipulation to their advantage, and claimed northern Kosovo cities as their own, including Nis (which was a predominantly Albanian inhabited region).

    For those Serbs here who are commenting that Kosovo is the cradle of their civilization, I’d like to remind you that the Serbs arrived in the Kosovo region only in the 7th century AD. That’s when you started to build your churches etc etc. Also, the battle in which your national hero, Milos Obilic, lost against the Ottoman Turks was actually a battle fought by Serbs, Albanians and Bulgarians. It wasn’t just the Serbs fighting against the advancing Ottoman army. The original inhabitants of the region were there Illyrians, known to be the ancestors of present-day Albanians.

    I really wish people got their facts right before commenting. I also wish that the next Serb generations would rid themselves of their ultra-nationalist ideology. Kosovo is free and you should give up this nonsence about Kosovo being Serbia. You just make yourselves look like fools. Move on. You’re acting like a jealous ex-boyfriend…

    On another note, Serbia is just as guity of drug and other such mentioned crimes as Kosovo. This is pretty much a big problem all throughout the Balkans and is not exclusive to Kosovo. We are a young country trying to rebuild after decades of unjust rule by the Serbian government, during which we were denied education in our language, we denied jobs and were ethnically cleansed. I think we’re doing a pretty damn good job at that!

  48. avatar

    Well I think Kosovo should join EU for many reasons though I am not sure to whether this will be beneficial for Kosovo. Their economy is growing by approximately 5% on yearly basis, and this has been consistent, which to me is impressive considering it just came out of war. It is already under Euro currency, so currency uncertainty doesn’t exist. Serbia kind of recognized Kosovo as a state, since it signed an agreement for not getting in Kosovo’s way for EU integration. I do understand their GDP isn’t that grate, though they managed their budgets pretty well. Seems like they have not debts like most of the major EU countries.

    I hope Kosovo enters EU, after all EU was established to create stability in the region, to become a better player in global market. (Joining forces will get you there).

  49. avatar

    yes 100% yes kosovo should join eu and end with all this racism that some countries and people have against kosovo. kosovo is a very nice country and the people are all very friendly. kosovo is a country that was in war and is desenvolving very good comparing with other countries and it doesnt have debts like some countries that is already in eu

    • avatar
      Boris Milanovic

      It should never join the EU! The vice-president of the Kosovo* is a man who goes into public saying that he’s aware of the fact that human organ trafficking is something that’s ongoing in the “Yellow House of Death”, and, that: ” mostly marjuana and heroin goes trough the Albania then via Kosovo to Serbia and other Western and Central European countries”. For God sakes, you would rather have Albanian for a neighbour than Serbs? Croatians, Serbians, Bosnians, Macedonians, Slovenian people – they all lived together until Yugoslavia became the strongest country on European soil. We were the first communist country that was INVITED to join the EU back in 88′. Also, just a quick recall, at that year population of Serbs was 1.5 Mil. , and now… ? Some 50.000 ! Now who did a genocide there? You really think that Serbs would leave their homes and go into somewhere unknown (Southern Serbia regions) and populate them, leaving homes without a reason? And what’s the ratio of Albanian people: Serbian now and then? That was Tito’s time, so you can’t blame Milosevic’s regime.

      So, as Serbia was YELLING that Kosovo is an international presedan, and that it will have strong domino effect on International level; nobody listened. Afterwards you got:
      1. Free Scotland
      2. Free Crimea
      3. … It’s cooking in Spain: Free Catalonia
      4. Bremen in Germany
      ….Who’s next? Ask “the international policeman” – the United States of America.

  50. avatar

    I’m from Kosovo, and I’m proud of my country and my and my origin. Some people hate us because we’re beter than they’re. We’re the most pro american nation in the world,and do not trust so much in Europe and we’re getting punished for that. Just let us travel freely, Europe unión is not our goal. Thanks to all suporters of Kosova.

  51. avatar
    Opinion from Croatia

    Yes, of course. All Nations have right to establish an Independent States, even Basks, Catalans, Scots and all others who are occupied and oppressed by mayor Nations. Also Serbian region of Vojvodina should also become an independent State and eventually become a full EU member too. After the Great War Serbia Illegally occupy Montenegro & also Vojvodina which was a part of Austria-Hungarian Empire. Then it was mainly populated by Hungarians and Croats, but with expulsion of the local population colonization of this region Serbs gradually established their dominance in this region. I think, that the EU is unfair community because in some countries there are still live oppressed peoples who are occupied by the majority of usurper Nations. Also this “debate” is pointless because in the fair community which the EU should be (but it isn’t) all members should be required to recognize Kosovo.

    • avatar
      Boris Milanovic

      Learn a history a bit. I am born in and living in Vojvodina! And it’s heart, Becej! Now, St. Andrei agreement is something that “punished” Ostro-Ugar Empire to give up on South Eastern parts of it. Eastern Banat, Transylvania

  52. avatar

    Its such a shame that people mix Aolitics with Art. Kosovo will become a member of the EU and that is a fact. In couple of days from now Kosovo will start negotiating a Stabilisation Assosiation Agreement with the eu that will lead to membership. On the other hand the whole European Union and its individual MS has been telling Serbia that without normalising (recognising) relations with Kosovo, Serbia will not stand a chance to become a member. They oppenly say that they dont want to import another cyprus into Eu. Technicaly speaking chapter 35 is about Regional Cooperation, with reagion it means between countries and its allready been said that Serbia will not be abble to closethis chapter if they dont recognise Kosovo (normalise relations with Kosovo). Summa summau, Kosovo needs to do its homework in terms of implementin required reforms in order to speed the process while the eu softens Serbia with demands and while the radical powers in serbia are denacified. Serbia should start doing this very soon and i would suggest them to start by allowing a love paraid to take place in Belgrade because this is where they need to change first than everything else will go smother.

  53. avatar

    Of course it will eventually join the €U. If the most corrupted countries such as Greece or Serbia are allowed to part of €U, why not Kosovo?! Greece is not a contributor to the €U but instead a ‘ trouble maker ‘ for the whole continent. Serbia has always been a country of causing wars and therefore €U and USA have to spend taxpayers money to stop the wars and create peace. Many countries have not yet recognized Kosovo independance but who cares?! If USA, Germany, UK, France and Italy recognize it, then….that’s it. Its them who deciede in Europe and not serbia or russia or china.

  54. avatar

    I absolutely support it. First al EU countries should recognize the independence of Kosovo (Spain, Slovakia, Romania, Greece and Cyprus haven’t yet). Then we should make Kosovo as an official candidate.
    Greetings from Hungary.

  55. avatar
    Luke Skywalker

    Kosovo is the name of region, which been populated with Ethnic Albanian’s and Serb’s . Albanians are Albanians not Kosovar…they also don’t really respect new flag as much as real Albanian one.

    For me only logical explanation is to Albanian’s representatives seat together with Serbian one and agree how they will share that territory. If they do so, that will bring believe it or not peace and probably friendship between countries since the both countries would be satisfied.

    Parts of Kosovo which been populated with Serb’s should be a part of Serbia, other part should join Albania. Than both countries should work on building better place for their’s grandchildren.

    Serbian’s and Albanians are good people only ruled by wrong people, we should allowed them to negotiate but instead of politician they should include highly educated people from their own countries. Once they agree on their own future it will make that place better for life.

  56. avatar

    I have certain doubts about Kosovo being able to function as an independent country. Is their economy strong enough to stand on its own without international aid?

    There are a number of options, but not all of them good ones:
    – Let Kosovo rejoin with Serbia as a sovereign province (the majority of the population will probably not agree)
    – Let Kosovo join with Albania as a sovereign province (this will feed the dangerous illusion of a greater Albania)
    – Divide the country in two and let the north join Serbia and the south join Albania.

    In any case i would rather see Kosovo (as a country or a sovereign province) join the EU a thousand times before i would ever accept Turkey.

    • avatar

      It is always good to have doubts but it is always better to have good doubts. First of all, Re-Join Serbia? This is not the right terminology to use. It was NEVER Serbia. Territories of Kosovo were taken from Serbia with force, this is occupying, not being a part of Serbia. So there goes your first argument, down!
      Second, Kosovo and Albania are two different countries. They are already unite since no one asks who you are in borders! Just a check of an ID is required. This and the highways and other good things these states have together show unity and great friendships. Third argument, north join Serbia? When did that information came from? If Kosovo is about to join with Albania, then it is going to go as a whole. Serbs who live in Kosovo, they will have all the rights like minorities do in Kosovo. They are minorities and everyone is okay with that. So its a join as a whole package with Albania, or is Kosovo and Albania. It’s pretty much the same by the way.

      Turkey is another thing. Its not the same story as Kosovo.

  57. avatar

    @lukeskywalker and other commentators, kosovo is a state and thats the reality. You are spending unnecessary amount of energy in fighting this, Kosovo state is there and is there to stay. See who has recognized Kosovo and you will be convinced about it.

    On the othe hand Serbian Government has recognised Kosovo. Think about the brussels agreement on borders, Kosovo police and customs are on the borders with Serbia, with only few meters away are the Serbian border police and customs officers (i am putting emphasis on customs officers), secondary, Kosovo local elections were called by Kosovo president and by kosovo constitution and laws, the newly appointed mayors have sworn according to Kosovo Laws.
    So if the Serbian government has recognized kosovo why do you bother spending energy on inventing things and coming up with ideas about dividing kosovo and thus opening pandoras box in the Western Balkans (think what this would mean for Bosnia).

    So, the actual result is that Kosovo is there, and is there to stay. Furthermore, Kosovo is negotiating and Stabilization Association Agreement with the eu that is planned to be finalized this spring. This agreement paves the way to EU integration. Every regional country has negotiated it.

    Therefore, kosovo is bound with the region and the region as a whole will become part of EU. Kosovo has a European future and this has been confirmed by the european union officials.

    Kosovo and Albania in the great European Union.

  58. avatar

    First of all Kosovo should be accepted in EU. Here’s a thing, Kosovo is been recognized by 22 state from EU member and 5 didn’t recognized. The questiob is, Those 22 state made a wrong decisionfor recognizing Kosovo as a state ? And the answer is; Absolutly not, they are right because they are powerful European memebers, such as Germany, France etc..they both have a strong economy and Europe fate is dependedon on these states. These 5 countries are not so much important for Kosovo. Kosovo now is working on its economy and even if we join EU in 2020, we want to join as a power one state. And for Serbia good luck if you can join Europe without accepting us as a REPUBLIC OF KOSOVO and ILLYRIAN state.

  59. avatar

    Such a long wide range of comments, with no meaning at all. Of course Kosovo must enter EU. If Serbia, Bosnia, Macedonia and Albania want to get into EU, they have to be integrated alongside with Kosovo. There is going to be a lack of everything if first of all Serbia does not recognize Kosovo’s independence. It is such a thrill. Everyone is aware of the crimes Serbia did in Kosovo, murdering children, women and old people. Let’s not forget that the number of raped pregnant women went over the curve while the number of women who got pregnant, with a child of rape is higher than 2000. If there is going to be an integration, these states has to go into EU as a whole package. I think that’s the only formula to bring peace and democratic states to Balkans. Not letting out the government of Kosovo which is doing the worse they could on the debates of Brussels by giving powerful autonomy to Serbia regarding fundamental things such as Education, healthcare and policy. Moreover, these “rights” were given to be conduct inside the Kosovo’s territory. Changing the government would be a first step. A second step would be considered integration as a whole package.
    After all, how come other states of Balkans are doing better with their governments?

  60. avatar

    Never is too late to change things for good, or do the right things. Keep this in mind. Now is the right time for you and your country to realize the reality, which changed back in 1912 when Kosovo and Albania had territories to nowadays Nis, Serbia.

    Ah and it’s never too late to study history and be a good guy/girl and don’t talk stupid things. Another piece of advice: Promise yourself that you won’t ask stupid questions before asking google.

  61. avatar

    Mihail,you think you know a lot but in gact you dont lnow anything. Albanians of Kosovo nor Albania want to join each other, they want to join separately to the European Union. Macedonia has its own borders and needs to become an EU member accoding to actual borders and together with its communities that live there. Serbia has its own future and it should look after its people and stop dreaming about greater serbia (sh should you do as well). This dream has actually costed many people lifes, destruction and hatered. The dream of greate Serbia failed in Kroatia, Bosnia, Montenegro as well as in Kosovo. The longer it takes for serb nationalists to wake up the longer serbia will suffer from powerty, unnemployment, crime, corruption, etc.

    The sooner they forget this dream the faster their country will recover and become an eu member state.

  62. avatar

    Actually if you would even have a liiiiitle idea of why these countries does not accept the independence you wouldn’t ask. I will explain you why, but then you go an read for Gods sake.
    Greece and Cyprus doesn’t because Greece and Turkey have their OWN problems with the same situations with Cyprus. None knows to where Cyprus belongs.
    Spain have the same problem with Andalusia and Catalonia.
    Romania and Slovakia are not even Europeans. They belong to Ural mountains, where their closest friend is a red bu** monkey. Just like serbs and all other slavics ::)


  63. avatar


    I am not a racist. I am native here around Europe. Romanians are mix between Slavs, Dacians and Romans. What the hell are you guys?
    In cases you are using Internet Explorer than I wont strike you as a fool. Kosovo already is an independent state since 2008. Democratic world already accepted the long-known fact. If you don’t use internet explorer then YOU ARE A COMPLETE FOOL.
    And what is the argument you have about red-bu** monkeys? Am I wrong?
    Do some genetic studies upon your identity and then try to state something.

    And yes, I am Albanian. Well put. Welcome to Balkans. Oh and I suggest you read about history of Balkans. Illyria welcomes you :)

  64. avatar

    A state or a country can never be silly. The silly part of this conversation is you.

    Regarding to the link you sent me, I spent my 4 minutes watching it. It just proved my point that Romanians are also Slavs. Check it again.

    The Mafia controls the state everywhere. But in this case, do you have any proofs?
    Unemployment is being raised day by day. It is high because of the last war at 1999, horrid Russian and Serb forces burned down everything, took every single cent and killed people. A country needs time to be risen from such non-human things.

    Oh you did your reading? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Albania#History
    Go through these things if you don’t mind. I am sure that you won’t even SEE something called Romania, but still give it a shot :)

    Bulgaria? They pretend to be the same Bulgarians as in older ages of 6th century, Iranic People.

    Anyway, don’t you think before you read? :)

    Its the last time I’ve proven you wrong. I am not willing to spend anymore time in your thoughtless comments :)

  65. avatar

    Yes dumb! Yes.
    Did your teacher taught you Geography?

  66. avatar

    Nope. Western Europe is out of that mission in Kosovo since years now. Its been 6 years since the state is independent and solely independence. It’s a state recognized by democratic world. Kosovo’s people does not possess a passport that even has to do with serbia, except that is translated into that language due to official language in Kosovo.
    About the A,B,C-s there is a simple thing to explain. Wherever you see Albanians or Kosovars you are talking about native people of europe, as for Serbs, they are new to balkans which happened to have Russia’s help to gain some lands. As the democratic world states; Kosovo is an independent state recognized by democratic world.

  67. avatar

    LOL! May force of God be with you. Even though I doubt it. Apply to the most funniest stuff of 2014 with this comment. You will make a blast! TOP TEN I Guarantee it!

  68. avatar

    May the force of God be with you. I am being very friendly and kind to suggest you read something, like a book. It’s that thing that has letters written on papers. They are mixed, but they will make sense when you get to know characters.

    Please do a favor to the humankind and to your kids/future kids: Don’t exist. Just don’t.

  69. avatar

    Actually I was trying to be nice to you, but surely you don’t deserve it.
    No, you are totally wrong with everything you wrote up there!

  70. avatar
    Scott Johnson

    Kosovo declared independence without monitoring of EU, UN, EULEX, nor that what they did on Southern part of Serbia is legit. I am a lawyer for International Law, and Kosovo have got “independence” by having 2nd major force: USA behind them. Reason/ Motive:
    1. Uranium
    2. Route of heroin and cocaine
    3. Base at the Western Balkans after Bosnia for NATO forces.

    So, what has been done on Crimea IS LEGIT. Referendum, under the “eye of UN” and all relevant spectators. And Crimea isn’t anymore country for itself it is PART OF RUSSIA. (read a bit, but yes, in order to be part of some country referendum (51% + votes “for”) has to be done- which was.

    Cyprus is among first ones that had double standard among International Community. So, once Turks invaded part of Cyprus why just Greece is the one that “must chill”? If they weren’t on the path/ in/ the EU – they would definitely start a bloody war that happened to the people of Serbia, which I support as I know and been there (and on Kosovo*) and Serbs the one that were most killed people in ex-Yugoslav wars, war on Kosovo, NATO booming, Croatia and operation “Flashpoint” (Bljesak) and “Thunder-wind” (Oluja) whereby some 50.000 Serbs (so far discovered and identified) were killed. NATO booming: 500.000 Serbs (80% civilians). Kosovo: from 1.5 Mil Serbs at ’88 on Kosovo, you have now 50.000 badly. Now, something is fishy here, or you are all blind?!

    – Crimea will stay as it is and Ukraine has to say:”Okay, take it” and be happy. Now people of Ukranine, that have RECOGNIZED Kosovo as independent country KNOW how it is.


    – Catalonia
    – Bremen
    – E.U
    – U.S.A

  71. avatar
    Scott Johnson

    Now, THIS IS FOR PRESS! UPPER MENTIONED POST IS WHAT IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING IN FRONT OF EU EYES. Maybe EU has a plan to migrate all fake immigrants and fake asylium seekers from Albania, and Kosovo, all back to Kosovo along with gypsies. Albanians have the “Great Albania” plan, and next is Macedonia. History will testify and REMEMBER THIS POST OF: FLORI MUMAJESI!!!

  72. avatar

    And yes, you all in independent country of Kosovo. What is your athem? :) Do you have Novak? Do you have ANYONE that would represent Kosovo in good manners? No! Serbs do. Serbian Government showed a lot more tolerance toward minorities than EULEX on Kosovo. Now, in EU Parlament and @Jelko Kacin MUST see these plans for the “big Albania”, as they are true! But, they know that they will suck their own d— if they even think about “attacking” Serbia with armed forces :D hahaha Which forces? Oh, yes, UCK that slaughtered kids, woman and man and redressing as Serbs, and killed ones into Albanians. And there is a poor video somewhere on YT, where you can see that one of those idiots haven’t cutted out the amblem of UCK and he’s waring Serbian uniform and beside him are “killed Albanians” :D Oh, well… Russia will always tell you all: ” Now get down, show me your a-s and now I will f–ck you until I want to. ” – And what will “Great Albania ” do? Traffic more organs? Or traffic more drugs in order to lick a-s of US citizens?

    • avatar

      Unlike serbia, kosovo will respect minorities such as Serbs or their brothers Gypsies.
      Kosovo doesn’t have a milocevic to murder thousands of innocent people including Children, women, and old generates.
      your argument is invalid.
      Russia hahahahahaha. you’re a joker. Serbians like you, should go back to Ural and Karpate mountains where u came from in late 6th century. Balkans if for Illyrians as native people, meaning, albanians, hellas :)

      I could totally respect a cat’s shit more than you. You are Serb, minority in Kosovo and a guest at Balkans.
      Get back to mountains, you will find red but* monkies, remember your old friends?

  73. avatar
    eusebio manuel vestias pecurto

    Europe Kosovo this preparation of to have system democraty of Europe yes or non

  74. avatar

    And while it’s like that and while Russia has right of veto in UN Sec. Council Kosovo* will never be a part of EU or UN. Now lay down, and say: “Cheese” while RUSSIA IS OUR PARTNER, BROTHER IN ARMS, AND OF COURSE ORTHODOX BROTHER! I must say that nobody in EU wants the gypsies and Kosovars, as they are representing a “scum” in the EU. So, what the plan is: from well informed sources of Mr. Barou is that all refugees from Ex-Yu wars will come back as “Kosovo becoming closer to EU”, and once you sign the SAP Agreement- Serbia will be in EU finished 35th chapter( Question of Kosovo ) but remember one thing: Kosovo je Srpsko, Srpsko ostace!
    – You really think that anyone can forget what ACTUALLY Croats and Albanian scum did to the poor people of Serbia? Just like Cyprus. Greece will never forget that to Turkey, and Turkey will always be blocked by Greece due Cyprus. Now take your mujahedin’s out of Kosovo, and stand out like a men.

    And yes, see how you know when we came here. In 6th century. When did Albanians came to Kosovo? In 2008. due good back of US and Clinton’s policy. But, what goes around comes around, we’ll get shot in 2008 – years later you will get “shoot down”. And now it’s clear that Big Albania is a plan, but I’ve got hit like you will – but you’ll not fu–ing breathing.

    And stop hating people of Serbia. We don’t HATE Albanians, we hate injustice that’s happening to this people last 20 years.

  75. avatar

    Bulding democracy at 2014th? Isn’t a bit late for that? And there is still no answer for the question: what’s the official anthem of Kosovo and who wrote it? Serbia’s is “BOZE PRAVDE” (1918), The current anthem uses slightly modified original lyrics, asserting that Serbia is no longer a monarchy — four verses are different. In three, “Serbian king” (srpskog kralja) is changed to “Serbian lands” (srpske zemlje) and in one, “God save the Serbian king” (srpskog kralja Bože spasi, literally The Serbian king, O God, save) is changed to “O God, save; O God, defend” (Bože spasi, Bože brani). *Source: Wikipedia

    • avatar

      till far there is not an anthem of Kosovars, there is something but according to EU requirements, so its not the one it should be. But thats just a matter of time, short time. So the anthem of Kosovo and Albania is the same, Hymn to the Flag that was written in 1912.

      As for your previous comment,
      Your brothers from Russia are doing crimes in Krimea. If you didn’t know they got out of NATO, so the whole world, democratic world is against Russia. You stick to Russia because u belong to that territory. What can I say, 6th century visitors.
      Actually no, Kosovo will be part of EU, but Serbia will NEVER, unless they accept Kosovo’s independence. Thanks to Germany that made it clear to Serbia, well what Can I say again…Kosovo is causing everyone put rules of integration for Serbia…well EU doesn’t need Serbians to be honest, if u don’t accept independence who cares man? Who the hell pays attention to what you say? did anyone paid any attention till now? Kosovo just got a Green Light for NATO and soon enough will be there, before serbia does. What are u gonna do then? Even if they do not, did u forgot that Albania is NATO zone? Can’t you see that there is no option left for you, visitors from Ural Mountains, than to accept Kosovo’s independence? if u still dont see it, I feel bad for you but at the other hand I wish u meet soon your brothers and sisters, I mean red but* monkeys. Dont trust your elders, they have done crimes in Kosovo, Bosnie, Croatia. They will kill you. They dont care if ur their son, they will kill you just like they kill everyone UNARMED! I mean, children, woman and old generations…
      now do everybody a favour and go learn or read. Its gonna be better. But no, serbs have no other choice than accepting kosoovos independence.
      Serb, you are Serb, how can U sink more lower?

  76. avatar


    You are really mentally ill. Serbia was never in SSSR. Now, my sister is killed by Albanian UCK paramilitary troops. What about that? Who will get her back? We are OLD CIVILIZATION of Europe, and you? Lot longer history than US… Not to mention Kosovo. Do you really believe that EU loves Kosovars? :) Or Albanians that are in 90% criminals, and Crimea is just an domino effect of Kosovo’s ILLEGAL independence claimed. On Kosovo, there wasn’t any referendum, and so by it is self-declared, and remember that 4 EU states haven’t recognized Kosovo as a country. Serbs are best and most loyal in Germany after Germans themselves. Google! Also, Russia was never part of NATO-OTAN you idiot! Russia is “NATO for itself”. How come that NATO didn’t boomed Russia for Crimea, and now other Eastern parts of Ukraine? They know that they will get c0ck into mouth. Why US soldiers haven’t invade Serbian territory? Not a single boot of NATO has step in to Serbia, all from air-strike like pussies. And we are pussies, in compare to Serbian soldiers I say that as American myself, serving in Bosnia. Now what!? I have depesches that no one has, and what now? So keep your mouth opened, a lot of shit is coming into them and out of them, I am assured. Let’s see… V

    • avatar

      In your comments above there, u gave an impression to everyone that you are just another usual lazy serb, and now u just said that u are american?
      just LOL! U are Serb, not american. Americans are PRO diplomacy. Pro Kosovo :)
      Take your Russia and China and do anything about it. Still USA will fu**in bombard Belgrade, and AGAIN they won’t even know where did that came from :)
      Night bastard

  77. avatar

    Dear Miloslav,
    I am amazed to see and read a sincere comment like this.

    I liked every bit of it. If I might add something, Not even the name is Serbian.
    Kosova ( Kosovo; International name) does not EVEN has to do anything with serbian language.

    I encourage you to visit Kosovo, It is surely one of the most friendly countries you will ever see. Free, independent and A LOT of importance.

    Starting with the houses of where parents of Mother Teresa grew, continuing with the most old castle of Novoberda, near Gilan in south of Kosovo, longest bazzar (preiscent) with shops that has obviously saved the style, in Gjakova, and also one of the best nightlife in the region when u can get drunk with 10 euro and really enjoy it.


  78. avatar

    about the nightlife, I forgot to mention that, that kind of nightlife happens in the capital city, Prishtina!
    Welcome :)

    • avatar
      Adrian Limbidis

      Organ harvesting

      You know. Fun night life.

  79. avatar

    If Kosovo is so nice and everything is splendid without Serbs, why haven’t:
    1. FIAT
    2. PHILIPS
    5. DR. OATKER
    7. GORENJE
    9. IKEA
    10. AMAN
    11. LIDL
    12. PAY-PAL

    What about Kosovo? ! ?

    I would really like to know? German representative, Gerhard Schroeder , today said that Serbia will join EU in 2020, (“…a key country in Balkans…”) as business ambient is the best in region, factor of stability, and within Serbian-Russian Emergency Base for Terrorism and Natural Disasters. So, we have done a LOT, and what have you done … I am really interested. What huge company came and employed people? How many EU spokesman have told you (or even speculated when) will join EU? :)

    • avatar

      The state just got out of war and it still needs time to recover. And the answer to that is that; All these companies are private and they will not invest somewhere in vain. They will wait for it to recover and then invest.
      By the way, Gorenje did produce the main machinery in Kosovo, in Gjakova exactly! Just 20 years ago when Serbs didn’t commit crimes there, yet.

      There is your answer :)

  80. avatar

    ^^ Why haven’t those companies came to Kosovo?

  81. avatar

    Ha, ha, ha! USA will leave Kosovo* (not a country, protectorate under UN Resolution 12-44, and Rule of Law of EU : EULEX). It seems that if Kosovo* doesn’t establish Court for War Criminal (done by ethic Albanians) will be left without USA “back”. Source: http://www.google.rs/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0CCUQFjAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fbigstory.ap.org%2Farticle%2Fap-exclusive-eu-set-court-kosovo-crimes&ei=0RlIU7-LMcXYsga7rYHQDA&usg=AFQjCNFIixbuEq73CwceIMtY3hUlnWSVcQ&sig2=ogKK1u5M-3-tN5RhRejtQw&bvm=bv.64542518,d.Yms

    For EU and USA: You wanted “free Kosovo”, you got Crimea.
    You wanted “Free Kosovo”, you’ve got the whole Eastern Ukraine on fire and “Eastern EU Spring” instead of, unfortunately, “Arabian Spring”.

    So, now, tell me, realistically, who has bigger credibility now, when Gerhard Schroeder – very high rep of Germany and EU, said that Serbia will enter into EU maximally by the end 2020, so in less than 5 years.

    I would like to know the date for joining, for Kosovo* …. Also, please list me, and others how much days do you need to get the message of gained access for making business from the people abroad. I personally know one female from Ukraine that has some “Group Sh.gr” something like that.. That retired her company from Kosovo as she taught that VAT is something normal there, corruption is present but in normal array, and etc… She got impressed that there is pure anarchy at the Serbian Southern Province “Authnimic region of Kosovo”.

  82. avatar

    Serbia doesn’t want to be part of the EU!! As most countries that have joined have regretted it. Look at Greece. Eu is a business. Serbia is better of without!
    Russia is the better choice! Not EU!

  83. avatar

    Serbia doesnt want to join EU! And will never even if asked.. When the join mother Russia things will change in the balkans.

  84. avatar
    Sue greenfield

    I can. Anyone tell me is kosovo part of the eu .. In my opinion I didn’t think it was … But this other person I was talking with says kosovo is part of the eu can someone please tell me who is right

  85. avatar

    How can a Province be a Eu member???

    • avatar
      Adrian Limbidis

      It can’t. And it won’t.

  86. avatar

    Hello to everyone engaged in this interesting debate!
    First of all let me say that I have been involved in so many discussions and special events about the ‘Serbia-Kosova’ relations, and have a bit knowledge about the history of the centuries conflict, not only 90s.
    It is widely known about the predecessor of Albanians, the ILLYRIANS! They used to live in the whole Western Balkans territory, while they were branched in so many state-tribes, and one of the largest was DARDANIA – the modern Kosova. Dardania lied in the territory of Kosova, widening even to the today NISH in Serbia and Skopje in Macedonia. For this fact please see the history of the archaeological findings, especially in Ancient Ulpiana City, 15 kilometers far from the capital of Kosova, Prishtina.
    It is also widely known about the Slavic influx in the Balkans, from the Caucasians during the 7-8 centuries. They started populating this region and becoming “brothers” with the inhabitants. So, Number 1 – Serbians are DENIZEN!
    In 1389 happened the famous Kosova war in the “Fushë Kosova” region, (Serbian – Kosovo polje – for debate purposes usage), between the Ottoman Empire army and the coalition of Albanians-Serbians and Hungarians. What happened there, the history tells it, but what is very important is that Serbians used this episode to invade more territory in Kosova and to wide toward Albania’s territory. Number 2 – Serbians suppressed the centuries inhabitants!
    Later, during the famous Balkan Wars, Serbia, Hungary, Greece, Romania and some other neighboring countries, used these episodes to invade as much as they could from Albanian territory (Albanian territory means the whole land where Albanians used to live and they still live). Until the 1912 when Albania declared its independence and in 1913 during the Ministers Conference in London, it was decided to recognize the state of Albania, by leaving out of the country’s borders more than 50% of the real territory, including here even Kosova. Number 3 – the world repeated its inferiority in front of Albanians, because of the Serbians propaganda.
    In 1913 began the first world war because of the assassination against Franz Ferdinand, Austro-Hungarian prince of that time, by Gavrilo Princip, a Serbian nationalist, member of the BLACK HAND (a criminal and exterminator organization founded in 1908). Serbia used a PERFECT policy by becoming a winning country. Number 4 – So it was a great opportunity to gain more territories in the Balkans by widening toward Romania, Hungary, Croatia, Kosova and Macedonia.
    After the end of the World War 2, there was created the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, with six republics and two autonomous regions (Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro and Kosova and Vojvodina as autonomous regions). After the death of president Josip Broz Tito in May 1980, Kosovars started the famous protests during 1981 and 1989, searching for equal rights so as other republics had. It was the main reason of the dissolution of the socialist state of Yugoslavia. In 1991 three countries declared independence (Slovenia, Macedonia and Croatia). In 1992 Bosnia declared its independence. Serbia and Montenegro established the so called State Union Serbia-Montenegro. Kosovars were experiencing the repression of Milosevic, while Croatia and Bosnia were fighting against extreme Serbian separatists fully supported by Serbia government (remember the massacre of Srebenica in Bosnia and other massacres in Croatia). In 1997 Serbia declared war to Kosova, by sending the whole army and military artillery, in order to cease the Kosovars growing demand for independence and freedom. In 1998 they began massacring people around Kosova and the repression of Kosovars started becoming more and more intensified. In 1998, 24th of March they already were in the Dukagjini Plane, putting the military authority everywhere. In march 1999, after the decision of USA, UK, Germany and some other powerful countries, NATO started bombing the main targets against Serbian army, by destroying even the capital, Belgrade. In June 1999, after 72 days of bombing, Milosevic agreed to the NATO requirements. With the UN resolution 1244, Kosova was put under international protectorate, in order to work in the direction of becoming stronger politically, economically and socially, to declare its independence nine years later, on 17th of February 2008. Being recognized by 108 UN member countries, Kosova is on its way to Euro-Atlantic structures integration. It’s member of almost all regional and European agreements, and member of almost all sports federations. With a centuries history and unique culture, with a great geographical position (in the heart of the Balkans) and amazing potential for tourism and other economic fields development, with a population of about 2 millions, where 70% is under 35 years, it makes a perfect destination for investments and national&regional developments.
    Serbia has made damages up to 15 billion USD, over 10.000 murders, over 20.000 raped females, over 1.700 disappearing people and more than 800.000 people displaced to neighboring and European countries.
    In the other hand, Serbia is keeping a study-case politics with the Western countries (Germany, UK, US, etc) and still-socialist countries (especially Russia). European Union wants all European countries in the EU, but it also wants no disagreements, no conflicts, no bad relations between countries, so Serbia has strongly recognize the reality and lengthen the hand of friendship to the new state of the Republic of Kosova. So, of course until 2020, the whole Balkan countries can be fully integrated into the EU and get benefits from this process, such investments in economy, culture, sports and everything else.
    What Kosovars are interested in, is having good regional relations, student exchanges for study cases, conferences, trainings, camps, then governmental support to all regional events, in order to become a strong Balkan region.
    So, Kosova not only SHOULD, but it will join the EU naturally!

    I am so sorry for the mentality which is still present to citizens of Serbia, but this is just because of the political spirit that new generations are being grown up. I am so happy to said that I had many meetings with Serbians, modern Serbians, who recognize the reality, who see the future from different points of view and are interested in creating strong regional cooperation.
    At least, as Germany and other EU impact countries said, Serbia will never be an EU member without recognizing FORMALLY the independence of the Republic of Kosova, the modern Dardania! And so even Serbia is doing propaganda against Kosova, it can be seen the opposite in international area, where Kosova is triumphing every day and more.
    So, dear colleagues, open your eyes and do not live in dreams!
    The reality is THIS and nobody can or will change!
    Recognizing it, will be easier for all to work on the way of national and regional integration to the EU.

    Thank you for well-understanding!


    • avatar
      Adrian Limbidis

      Kosovo will never…NEVER join the EU.
      We will veto you everytime.
      Terrorist scum do not belong here.

  87. avatar

    You all need to stop going against kosovo so much none of you know how much crap the kosoven people have been through because of the Serbs so you know what yes they should be their own country and join the European Union they’ve fought through so much and they deserve it so unless your kosoven you can’t know anything so please don’t say that they’ve been in peace with serbia because we’ll they haven’t.

  88. avatar

    Of course it does .
    And will happen soon,
    On 23rd of this month will be the meeting Kosovo-Serbia , where is expected that an agreement will be made.

    Kosovo-Serbia situation is not revange or anything like this. Kosovo simply deserves to be a country of their own, after all they got through.

    I am happy that i see Serbia understanding the situation. It is better to leave the pride aside and continue, serbia has big prospective of developing. They can make big steps for the country of Serbia.
    Or they may continue what they are doing now. In this way they would not let nor kosovo or serbia join Eu. But they will not be able aswell, to return Kosovo.

    So enough with hate . Lets Continue together . In the near future as partners . This would be the best solution.

    It is time to leave History behind, and look ahead us.

    • avatar
      Adrian Limbidis

      “I just robbed you let’s forget that snd be frirnds” – Kosovo to Serbia.
      Romania is very friendly with Serbia.
      We will veto your membership FOREVER.

  89. avatar

    You say should Kodovo be a member of EU. DO NOT PLAY WITH FIRE. Their parliament , thair lidership are snakes , which will turn you their back first time EU don’t give em enough money they need. It is a criminal country. Just gi there , you will se a phenomenon like in no.other country. On every 100 meters you will see a hotell, a fuell pump and many more things like rhis. Do you know why? The biggest privider of HEROINE in Europe is kosovo. Its tons and tins of it. They poison the youngsters of EU , and by building those ridiculous things they make money loundry. I dont have much resourses , but i have many Serbs from Kosovo who know this fack! These days we hear , there are meni Squips , frim Kosovo are in ISIS , why , because they make new truppers fir new wars. Its kniwn they want south of Macedonia and a big part of Greece, i believe they want to take out from Grece 20 30 % of country. THATS MY FRIEBDS THE WHOLE TRUTG! So what you have on Kosovo , DRUGS , ARMOUR , NEW ISLAMIC TERRORISTS and THEY wont stop untill they make a “Big ALBANIA”. Look it uo , abd youll se what im tálking about. You need to make a new court just for their crines and terrorism. Of course many of the people from these region should be prosecuted. BUT BE AWARE OF KISOVO’S AGENDA!

    • avatar

      I am sory for many lapsuses calami , but i write from my phone and surrely make mistakes , but im certain you will get a point.

  90. avatar
    Blue Angel

    Kosovo never have been part of Albania, or any other Country. Kosovo is and allays was Part of Serbia. If terrorism and Theft is allowed, and supported By Major countries and the U.N. Then we all are in a Big trouble.

    • avatar
      Autochtonuous Albanian.

      That is a pure lie. Before 1912 Kosova, ALBANIA, Fyrom, Part of Serbia, Part of Vojvodina and entire Montenegro were ALBANIA, Greater Albania as it will ne again and sooner as we might have an idea. Thats the truth. On Oct 1912 Serbia occupied Kosovo by slaughtering innocent Albanians living in their land, their ancestors land because then and now Serbia was hungry for territories, thirsty for blood and it has remained so till nowadays. Kosovo never was and never will be part of Serbia. That dream is over. My condolences. Vojvodina will soon be separated also.

    • avatar
      Adrian Limbidis

      You will NEVER join the EU.
      It is “greatee Albania” OR THE EU.
      Revizionist crap has no place here!

  91. avatar
    Michael Hales

    All of the Balkans should join eventually but maybe not until they have settled their various differences and disagreements.

  92. avatar
    Salih Dublaku

    Some of you are proper primitive idiots. Drug traffic happen in bigger so and so called “better” Country’s. Ive been in many Country’s in EU and around the world (I know)
    Think of your own Country and what happens there before you “have your say” and how would it feel to say NO to a better future to all the children!

    • avatar
      Adrian Limbidis

      You are not a country.

  93. avatar
    Alisa haxhiu

    I think Kosovo will never accept on EU FROM Alisa Hachiu

  94. avatar

    Kosovo or Albania must never be permitted to join the EU, and im positive EU member states will veto their attempts at accession, End of Discussion.

  95. avatar

    Kosovo is the second Albanian state on the Balkans. Just look in Wikipedia which countries recognize Kosovo.

    There is a statue of Bill Clinton in the Capital of Kosovo. The official languages of Kosovo are Albanian and Serbian.

  96. avatar

    Kosovo is the second Albanian state on the Balkans! The official languages are Albanian and Serbian

  97. avatar

    A famous Serbian singer said that despite Bulgaria voted for The Albanians in Kosovo, he knows that Bulgaria always will be for Serbia!!!

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