UPDATE 28/03/12: Many thanks to everybody who sent in questions and followed the debate online. The full video can be viewed below, and a highlights post will be published on Debating Europe soon.

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    MandyandPj Leneghan

    Well that is indeed an accurate description of the situation. However, do we the people want to be forced to adapt to an environment controlled by banksters and their economic terrorism and economic totalitarianism? I do hope not and with any luck, we the people will wake up and compel the banksters to adapt to our kind of structure. If the economic model cannot provide for the needs of the people, then it is the economic model that needs to change to suit the people and NOT the people being forced to ‘adapt’ to suit the economic model…pj

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    Jovan Ivosevic

    Perhaps that is why the Fed is better at its job – because the centralized fiscal policy of the US government complements and does not undermine its monetary policy the way profligate EU members did. Hopefully the fiscal compact will solve that.

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    MandyandPj Leneghan

    Whose flaming debts? This is a ploy to force ‘younger generations’ into a lifetime of serfdom to serve the master class…pj

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    MandyandPj Leneghan

    Disastrous for who? The bankster classes? Ordinary people do not need much, just some food and a roof over our heads, including the people of Greece. So why should we lose our basics just to make you lot…stronger?…pj

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    MandyandPj Leneghan

    Better at its job for whom? The 50 million Americans oo food stamps? And ‘mandate’ from whom? Certainly not the people, the fraudsters creat their own mandate, by them and for themselves…pj

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    Mike Norris

    There seems to be an imperative to restore confidence in financial institutions. In fact, what leaders seem to want is blind faith in these institutions, impervious to their failings. Has the pursuit of financial stability under these terms become the new religion?

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    Marcel Klein

    lol..”we don’t have central government..” seem that mr Trichet points out at the very root of EU weakness and shortcomings. Obviously we don’t..but in the mind of the funding fathers the Commission should have grown more powerful then the various inter or intra government cofnerences. Then we would have had something similar to a central government. Sounds as an own goal by mr trichet!

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    Christos Mouzeviris

    well that is the problem..!! how on earth can we have one currency without that…?? harmonize European economies, salaries in the eurozone and allow the commission and the EP to do their work for God’s sake, otherwise let’s forget the whole thing…!!

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    Boris Zenski

    The English translation of the introductory speeches of both MM Juncker & Trichet (the latter to a lesser extent) are appallingly poor. It would be much better and they would be much more “understood” if all their talks were made available (webcasted) in the original language … Live transmission should be done in full (including the voice) as a general principle.

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    Gerry Mavris

    Turkey and Britain are solely responsible for the economic disaster and catastrophy in Greece, as well as the indifference of Germany at the security plight of EU members Greece and Cyprus .Immediate EU wide sanctions and an EU wide economic blockade of Turkey must be put into action immediately on Turkey for the Turkish military occupation of EU member Cyprus as well as the immediate withdrawal of the imperial British military from EU member Cyprus. The EU must support 100% the Independence of Cyprus from Imperial Turkey and Imperial Britain. These 2 imperial countries are responsible for the economic disaster in Greece , through their criminal military actions in EU member Cyprus, Imperial Britain and Imperial Turkey are attacking the financial sectors of France, Germany and the BENELUX and the Euro Currency by bleeding the Greek economy with military pressure on the common Greek / Turkish border resulting in economic disaster. This is a European Emergency. I call upon France and Germany to ignore the treacherous anti European British establishment and liberate Cyprus from the Turkish military forces currently in EU member Cyprus. Europe must act FAST to end this crime committed by Imperial Turkey and Imperial Britain in Cyprus. The EU must ACT IMMEDIATELY AND FAST.

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    Try to ask the question he has one citizen, the 12 stars represent? I hope the answer right, otherwise I will have to teach. Possible? Many years of funding for the European development? Reviewing Community policies and the European identity deficit! Many people do not know what it’s like 12 star blue background, the most frequent answer is: are the twelve founding members.
    Passionate about European values, it means that you should know the meaning of the symbol stamped on the European flag?

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