blix-leinenUPDATE 08/03/2012: Thanks to everyone who watched online yesterday and sent in questions! We’ll be uploading the archived video from the event to Debating Europe next week.

Debating Europe, along with our partner think-tank Friends of Europe, are hosting a live event today at 18h00 CET on the future of nuclear energy in Europe. Taking part in the head-to-head debate will be Dr. Patrick Moore, Co-founder of Greenpeace and Co-Chair of the Clean and Safe Energy Coalition (and an advocate of nuclear power as a safe, clean and reliable source of energy), and Jo Leinen MEP, Member and former Chairman of the European Parliament Committee on the Environment (and a former spokesperson for the German anti-nuclear movement).

You can watch the debate LIVE today between 18h00 and 19h00 CET in the video above.

If you’re on Twitter, then we’d encourage you to use the hashtag below. We’ll be looking out for your tweets and comments.


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    Darek Taylor

    not until there is a melt-down proof safer alternative method with perhaps self contained liquid helium cooling or some such inovation otherwise NO. As it is no the technology must change and be improved from the basic model which is 45 years past due.

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    Neil Bradley

    Some radioisotopes have a half-life of millions of years, so one could argue that nuclear will still be here after we’re long gone.

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    Darek Taylor

    What is the plausibility of helium cooled Micro reactors for region specific power demands and easier containment with lower impact on any possible breach?

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    What about safety in the form of closed system liquid helium cooled graphite cased rods in a constant circulation constant cooled micro-reactor design, tethered to power grids on a micro regional basis rather than the unsafe, accident prone, macro regional water cooled monsters based on the mid-20th century models?

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    Nuclear energy is the ultimate product of the carnal minds out to wipe out the people in this planet.Let’s all join hands in crusading for the elimination of nuclear energy prolification.

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    Rouchon Jean-Philippe

    Will it be possible to watch the video of the debate on the website tomorrow or is it only a live streaming? thanks

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      Debating Europe

      Hi Rouchon,

      Definitely! The video will be online next week.

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    Holger Skjerning (REO)

    Yes! – Nuclear Power and hydro-power are the only two electricity sources, which can produce carbonfree and stable (constant) energy for hundreds of years. And the kWh-price is about a third of the price for wind-power.

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    Holger Skjerning (REO)

    Hello! – Me again! – I forgot to tell, at I come from Denmark, where the Government still live in a Bubble – and believe, that we can reduce our fossil-energy-supply (to zero) by Wind and Biomass. Great supprice!

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    Peter Schellinck

    My questions to the panel are:

    1. no casualties have been reported as a result of Fukushima. Hence, is the media, and communication in general, not being distorted?
    2. We have U-boats powered by nuclear. If cars, trucks, busses and other transport means were to be nuclear powered would we not solve a great part of the climate change problem and reduce global warming by 2 degrees?
    3. What would we have to say to the millions of patients that have been cured thanks to nuclear medicine? Any doubt that nuclear has a future? Let’s get on with R&D and further perfection of our knowledge and use. This could lead to the development and discovery of how to convert the waste into usable energy which will outlive fossil fuels and secure supply for generations to come.

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    just build it where there are no tsunami’s will ya? Come on by the time our plants suddenly explode we have probably been nuked several times by Iran.

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    Огнян Велков

    I want to join the Eco debate

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