european-youth-pollsLast week, Debating Europe published a number of posts on the future of the Internet. We’ve asked you for your comments on Internet regulation, online safety, government versus personal responsibility, digital piracy and Europe’s digital future. It’s been an interesting debate, particularly as these are all hot topics at the moment – with a controversial international agreement on global copyright enforcement (ACTA – the “Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement”) due to be ratified by EU countries amid growing protests from activists.

One of our partners for Debating Europe is the European Youth Parliament, who have just launched a “European Youth Poll” on the future of the Internet. The Youth Parliament describes these polls as “opinion surveys aimed at young Europeans on current topics. They bring out the voice of the European youth and offer an interesting insight into the opinions of young Europeans”.

If you’ve been taking part in our debate on Europe’s digital future, then this is a good chance to get your views across to policy-makers! Several contentious new Internet rules are currently being debated in both national legislatures and the European Parliament, so it’s a good time to make your opinions heard.

You can vote in the poll here

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    Le Petit Prince

    Young people in Europe don t care about politics, the polls are clear, so leave the propaganda and make a realistic spot …

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    Is over-legislation and too much harmonization harming Europe? Is Europe demanding too much out of its people? Would it make sense to resolve the crises by doing less? Think and ask: Is it really necessary? Can we live without this rule/ process? Sometimes i fear the concept of Europe is putting too much pressure on governments to do be ‘good Europeans’: are my fears justified? Europe was a success because it created enough synergies to make us understand each other better and there have been no wars – maybe its time to get back to basics.

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