immigrationOne controversial topic we’ve not yet covered on Debating Europe is the thorny issue of immigration. At a time when European demographics mean a shrinking young population must support a growing number of eldery people, there are those who argue that only an increase in immigrant labour will be able to maintain standards of living. Debating Europe interviewed the Prime Minister of Malta, Lawrence Gonzi, and asked him about the experiences of his own country when it came to EU immigration policy.

Prime Minister Gonzi has spoken in the past of an “enormous immigration crisis” triggered by the Arab Spring and the intervention in Libya, and about the need for EU countries to work together to cope. We had a comment sent in from Christos, who criticised the EU’s approach:

We saw with the immigration problem, after the Arab revolution hit North Africa and thousands were loading themselves on a boat to enter the EU through Spain, Italy, Malta or even Greece, the Northern states ‘ducked’ once again and said that responsibility lay with the states where immigrants were entering into the EU.

But the immigrants do not want to stay in the poor South, they want to move on to the rich North… So why don’t the rich nations of Europe act as one with the states that are on the borders of the continent and assist them? Instead they decided to choose the easy option and suspend the Schengen agreement, like France and Denmark! If they had any problems with how Italy, Malta and Greece handled the situation, then why didn’t all our governments take action together?

How would the Prime Minister respond? Was he satisfied with the support Malta had recieved from other EU countries during the height of the crisis?

Well, I think that progress has been registered compared with three or four years ago. Malta’s immigration problem started even before the uprisings; we’ve been facing this problem for a long time. Most immigrants would target mainland Europe, never wanting to come to Malta. They place their lives in tremendous danger making the crossing, and sometimes their boats are forced to stop at Malta. The numbers have increased, and have continued to increase for several years.

In absolute terms, we have a very small number of immigrants. Following the Libya uprising, we received over a thousand immigrants. It was a very small number, but when you consider we have a population of only 400’000 people, this has an enormous impact.

Progress has been made. The EU accepted a pilot project especially for Malta, with ten member states agreeing to participate and accept a number of immigrants from Malta for resettlement. The total number is in the region of 250 people. It’s a good number, but not enough. The US, for example, has taken over 700 illegal immigrants from Malta for resettlement. If the US is able to do this, I expect more solidarity from EU member states.

Christos also made a comment more generally about the Arab Spring, saying: “As for our involvement in the Arab spring… well, we cannot just watch, but we cannot interfere too much either. We must support the civilians, [and] I am not in favor of military actions anywhere… Aid and sanctions are my ideal ways of intervening.” How does Prime Minister Gonzi feel about the sudden political instability in his region?

We look very positively on these developments. The birth of democracy will not happen overnight, of course. The uprisings themselves closed one chapter, and a new chapter is now opening. The challenge is giving birth to democracy whilst respecting the Arab culture; our responsibility is to contribute and support, not to impose our own models for democracy. We should be shoulder-to-shoulder with them and what I’ve seen so far is encouraging. I think what’s happening in Tunisia, for example, is moving in the right direcction. It’s still early days in Libya, but we are confident things will move in the right direction.

What do YOU think? Should EU member states help “shoulder the burden” with border members when it comes to immigration? Does immigration threaten social cohesion in Europe, or are the demographic challenges far more pressing? And has multi-culturalism “failed” as so many politicians claim? Let us know your thoughts in the form below, and we’ll take your comments to policy-makers and experts for their reactions.

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      Politicians in the EU have hidden agendas , and bow down to the business lobby for cheap labour , while ignoring the consequences . Without legal accountability of politicians for life , this will continue .

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    Miscarea Tehnocrata Romania Noastra

    The immigrants MUST ADAPT TO EUROPEAN LIFESTYLE if they want to live here. There is not other option. Otherwise the European cultures will dissappear in the mix of WRONG UNDERSTANDED MULTICULTURALISM. The democracy and the freedom are only UNTIL the BASIC VALUES of European culture are denied. If you come in my home and I am kind and let you stay here, DO NOT MEAN you can change my rules in the house. If you don’t like my rules you are free to not move here. If you move here you BECOME EUROPEAN and you lean to be European.

    This things must be written in EU constitution, BLACK ON WHITE/VERY CLEAR.

    So, the immigrants must have LESS RIGHTS from their own countries. They must have all rights for an European citizen, BUT NOT MORE. They must not build huge communities of immigrants and towns in towns. They must integrate INDIVIDUALLY as citizens of one European country or another. This NeoTechnocratical approach is designed to stimulate the moderate European nationalism and to discourage the ultra-nationalists. If immigrants are building too strong communities in Europe, the local populations will become irritated and the extremists will start to manifest violently against immigrants. We do not want ethnic problems in Europe ! Do we ?

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      Very well said…..very well said!!!!

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      I agree. Simply put, no rights without responsibility.

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      No offense, but worldwide Europeans have come into other countries and did exactly what you say you don’t want done in your country. They came in, changed the rules and tried to take over. Do onto others as you would have them do onto you. I believe the real reason that Europeans have this fear of others taking over is because culturally this is what you have done to other nations. In other words you fear yourselves The migrants are just looking for somewhere to live peacefully. Learn to get along

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      Nina Thiry

      I totally agree but sometimes I disagree. I know that they are coming into our country and that means they have to respect our rules. But sometimes, we have to be supportive and help each other. Even if, Europe is not their country, we have to take into account that they do not decide to leave their countries. They were forced to leave and had no choice. Immigrants are people just like us, and they don’t deserve to be treated badly. Everyone has the same rights, and even if we are all different, we all stay humans. They are facing wars and conflicts, and don’t have the chance to stay in their country with their families, homes and jobs. I believe we should all welcome them in our country, and give them access to a better life with a better lifestyle.

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    Jovan Ivosevic

    Simple: More immigration for highly skilled labor, less immigration for low skilled or unskilled labor.

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    Miscarea Tehnocrata Romania Noastra

    I think we must train in Europe people to have everything we need. It’s a salvage system to use immigrant to sustain the economy. Our youngsters are buying expansive cars and the work to be done from others ? It’s crazy. Every nation must grow with own people. I, as Romanian I must stay here and fight for my country. I will go to other countries as tourist. Every individual must understand that and this must be the state politics in every country.

    Why it’s salvage ? Because poor countries will remain in poorness without their best ones. The advanced countries can not afford morally speaking to steal from poor countries. We must have some dignity. If we are not capable to produce enough qualified people in Europe, means that Europe have a problem and must be fixed internally, not by bringing immigrants. They do not solve the systemic problem. With immigrants we only treat the effect but not the cause. On medium-long term it’s a disaster.

    But who cares morality and principles this days ? :) In the speed of progress we forgot who we are !

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      True Miscarea!

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      Carl-Gunnar Harstrup

      Agree in many ways with you Mascara. All I hear from new and information from my own country, Norway, is what WE are obliged to do, understand, take our responsibility etc. etc. What about the other side? Economical migrants are simply not acceptable and should return to their own country to build it up with the rest of the population who stays there and could not afford or choose to use their funds where they are. So a clear no! War refugees and (real!) political refugees are in a difficult situation to put it mildly. But to select a few to come to Norway or other European countries is not correct having all the others that cannot come in mind. The solution there is to invest heavily in refugee camps in the surrounding areas/countries in order to assist as many as possible and to make it easier for them to return home when the conflict situation has been improved. To select and support a few thousands of “luxury” refugees is grossly unfair.

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      That is the problem , politicians will not change their ideas or thoughts and adapt to new situations , they are ultra conservative ,

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    Nikolay Petrov Petrov

    while accepting and giving social benefits to 3d world immigrants western EU states like HOLLAND in the first place are DISCRIMINATING bulgarians and romanians – oldest european citizens

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      Don’t you think you should learn about Dutch or other Western European country’s histories first before moving to Holland and expect them to hand you benefits? Like how many of Western European countries used to have colonies in other parts of the world and thus the ‘third world’ looking people are in fact Dutch citizens and have been so for generations, and many have their ancestors fought and dies for the Dutch state, waaaay before the Dutch let you come in to Holland to ask for benefits.

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    Christos Mouzeviris

    Immigration and multiculturalism can be very positive if handled properly…But again our Governments are failing us and they mess things a bit..My mantra is less immigration, better integration, or slower process..We have put immigrant populations in ghettos, we have alienated them..Unemployment of a young Arab living in Brussels up to the age of 30 is almost why on Earth do we do this…?? what is the point of allowing immigrants in if we are not willing to accept them or give them proper jobs..?? why create second class citizens..?? who benefits from all this?

    in my opinion this is a modern day slavery..we import more people that we need, to exploit them and have cheap work force, to the detriment of our social stability…because every now and again we do see social issues arising, riots from immigrants, rise in far right groups among native European populations all over Europe…so why are we doing it this…??

    here are some of my views of a common immigration policy for Europe..hope you find them interesting:

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    Miscarea Tehnocrata Romania Noastra

    Romanians must build Romania, Bulgarians, Bulgaria and so on. The advanced countries must offer know-how to poorer nations, not to steal resources from them. In theory the advanced countries are enough advanced to survive without stealing. They must help instead. IF this thing is not possible it means that the advanced countries are finally not so advanced as everybody thinks now. It’s like the american dream – here is the dream, here is not the dream anymore :)

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    Christos Mouzeviris

    My dear the advanced countries are so corrupt and greedy that will use anything to make sure that the less advanced countries won’t become as advanced as them..There is no space for too many super rich in this world…!! They want it all..So even if they are giving you money now, you will have to repay them in the future…Just see Greece, Ireland, Portugal and so on..

    cheap money was poured into their economies just to create bubble economies to be burst later and make those nations forever under the control of the richer ones…now we are paying for their debts as is not Ireland that is bust…we are paying to secure and save American, British, German and French shares in our banking system.The same goes for Greece…we are forced in continuous bail outs because the French and Germans have shares in our Banks they do not want to lose…And then they are telling us it is our fault that we have to pay now..

    How, when they destroyed every company there was in our country, to replace them with theirs..??

    They will make sure that you never become as rich as them..They want your lands for exploitation for their own benefit, and you as their worker…

    There is a video on line comparing Ireland and Norway, how rich is Norway because it exploits its oil and gas itself, and Ireland that has also oil and gas but gave it away in the past, gets nothing out of it…

    In fact Norwegian company Statoil exploits the Irish oil while having about 30-35% of the shares and of course the earnings…So while the Irish gave their oil away, the Norwegians were able to keep theirs…And not only that, but exploit other nations’ oil too..Why is that?

    Who decided what nation can be prosperous and can exploit its natural resources on its own, and who bought off or pushed or threatened the then Governments of Ireland and Greece to give up any chance of prosperity..

    I remember in the ’80s when oil was found in my mothers maiden town of Epanomi..Even a then minister Mr Papoutsis came for the opening…Then nothing…Nothing happened..They told us that there just was not enough oil for exploitation…Now they are telling us again that there is…And foreign companies are circling like vultures to take it…The Norwegians already came, the British and the Americans…the lot of them…

    The truth is out there…we know it…and this time we are going to do something about it…

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    Miscarea Tehnocrata Romania Noastra

    The “extremely” advanced socio-economical system in world in general, it’s so advanced that collapses under own weight. Have to much variables and it’s too complicated and unclear to survive. Everything must be re-thinked from scratch. All the rules we are using now worked well in some conditions that are not longer valid: they worked when the world population was smaller, when was almost no immigration at all (now it’s massive), when were no fast communications and internet (40 years ago people had time to think – in the stock market if some important event occurred people had time to think – if you were on the road you didn’t find out – go home – go to work – fixed phone etc – more phones analysis etc. Now everything is instant but the humans are the same. Result = everything is critical and possibly wrong. The only benefit is for traders that have plans. All the other are failing and traders get billions). So, all the economical system because of technology become unstable. The solution is not to quit using technology, but to simplify the entire structure to make it useful for the people. The economy of the world MUST SERVE PEOPLE. Is not for the sake of itself or to make a lot of billionaires. The scope is not like in communism to make everybody equals in poverty but neither to make the dictatorship of money. The right system is the system, not of the equality because people will never be equal by genes, but of the equality of chances. The poor must have access to THE SAME EDUCATION as the richest. Now, if you have money you go to UK to study, if not you can starve in peace. This is capitalism. It’s a theoretical freedom of anyone to go anywhere, but in practice there are no chances to do it for the poor. And because of the system failure, poorness is increasing and the gap between poor and rich goes grows. In crisis the rich will have always something to eat, electricity water, car etc. The poor now have all this, but tomorrow will not have them anymore, and not because of their own failure but because of the defective socio-economical system. We can fix the system, or we can let as it is now, and go to war to kill each other for food, fuel and other stuff.

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    Miscarea Tehnocrata Romania Noastra

    Example of the diference between the situation in world from 40 years ago, and the actual situation: In 1920 the world population were 2 billions. Less then 100 years after the populations is 7 billion. If in 1920 you need to exploit some wood for economy, it not was a very big problem. There were enough trees for 2 billion. But now they are not enogh for 7 AND the amount of trees is SIGNIFICANTLY SMALLER then it was in 1920 because we cut them. So, let’s aproximate: 1920: N trees for 2 billion – 2012: N trees divided by 3 (ecologists have more precise data – I only want to reveal the idea) for 7 billions. And we will be more.

    The system will fail COMPLETELY SOON if we do not fix it on ALL PLANS !

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    Miscarea Tehnocrata Romania Noastra

    There is needed a very good and CLEAR strategy to put everything in PERFECT ORDER. Like in accounting. That is required order to avoid the bankruptcy of the system. Order, and a continuous study and improvements to the system. Scientific work. Politics is about LOGICS OF THE SYSTEM, about academics, about EVOLUTION. Politics must become a science of the system. Politicians must be experts in the science of socio-political systems building.

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    Nikolai Holmov

    Before I go into any detail, I should make a disclosure that I am an immigrant in Ukraine. A British citizen with permanent residency. I am probably a rare case of a citizen from an EU nation emigrating to another European nation but one which is not an EU nation, yet may (or not) become a EU nation in the distant future.

    As is seemingly always the case with the EU on matters that matter, there is no single policy relating to the EU nations as all have a national immigration policy set by national governments. That may (or not) be smudged by small print in the Schengen agreements but as not all EU members are subject to the Schengen rules either by choice or by not meeting the criteria and thus prevented, quite obviously there is no joined up, one size fits all immigration policy free from individual national interests.

    The same applies for asylum. That is a sovereign (and not EU) decision to grant (or not). Therefore consistency and uniformity are again lacking between the component parts of the whole.

    One wonders how the EEAS “silver threads” of foreign policy relating to human rights will be reflected when those human rights are not being projected from the EU outwards but are inverted and under the microscope when it comes to inflows.

    Like Turkey, Belarus and Moldova, Ukraine is a border nation to the EU and is subject to a readmission agreement with the EU relating to immigration (and asylum).

    The EU paid for, Ukrainian run “holding areas” for those bounced back by the EU or detained by Ukraine prior to reaching the EU for months on end are numerous and large.

    Possibly inconsequential, possibly not.

    Ukraine also suffers from a shrinking demographic, not only due to migrating Ukrainians but also due to birth rate. Whilst it may not be politically correct to highlight the fact, there is an obvious area for research relating to the entire continent of Europe having an aging population and small youthful generation. With that I direct attention to the emancipation of women across the continent.

    Europe has made huge strides in emancipating women which is a very big plus as far as European sensibilities and leading by example go. It also has an obvious causal effect that there is likely to be less births due to women having far other demands or preferences in their lives than to simply produce children (or as many children) as they once did.

    A shrinking European populous, be it EU or European nations external of the EU is universal across the continent. It is highly unlikely that the emancipation of women and their equal rights will be rolled back to increase the European population.

    Therefore regardless of economic times, the birth rates will continue to decline. In times of poor economic climate and given a high level of education across Europe, those women who plan to have children may well delay indefinitely that act quite understandably.

    The issue is how to encourage women to have children across Europe. It seems quite abhorrent to think of battery hens or child birth and child raising as a State-sponsored profession.

    The only other alternative is immigration regardless of when or how it occurs.

    If immigration is going to be the solution to ever decreasing European populous numbers, then it is a question of whether sovereign governments look short term with regards to specific skills shortages (who may or may not have children) or whether they look long term towards population growth.

    Terribly difficult to get that answer right without raising the nationalist element in every sovereign nation and the problems that in and of itself causes.

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      Does the European Union take appropriate measures to deal with illegal immigration?

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    Though this may be stating the obvious, our leaders don’t have all the answers. However, from this year onwards, citizens will be able to help them out directly in dealing with eu-wide responses to our common problems. This makes sense because a lot of us who live in the real world are better equipped to deal with many of these issues since we experience them first hand. This being said, we don’t always have the time nor the means to participate in political policy making and as our result our precious insights are lost. Follow us if you want to find out more about sharing your insights so that the whole of the EU can benefit from them.

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    Demetris Kneknas

    Europe should first take care of it’s own citizens, make sure all of them live above a set standard and then take in more immigration each European country should accept as many immigrants as the country’s economy can absorb without harming the interests of the native population

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    Gregoris Gregoriou

    European Union should invest in those countries of Asia and Africa and try to develop their economies as “partners” for a better life standard. Then perhaps those poor countries would stop to “export” human resources. This way these people would never have to leave their country. They would also stop seen the Western civilization as enemy…
    In return , the rising life standard would make the people of these poor countries, desire access to technology and appliances, making themselves customers of advanced countries. Of course this evolution must take place in a “green” way or planet’s pollution would increase rapidly…

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    I’d rather europe go bust and restart then have our culture and heritage taken away!!!

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      I feel your pain Chris. How stupid are we. Like stupid sheep caring for a pack of wolves.

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    How about highly skilled europeans for europe? All immigration has done is make things worse. Sweden now has ghetto’s, greek’s are pissed, most immigrants are on welfare, they don’t want our culture and we shouldn’t force it on them thats racist, 681 rapes of british women by 9 muslim men in 5 years, they want to convert everyone to islam, white people are a dying race, everyone sticking up for their culture and heritage are marked racists only because they’re white, muslims have more rights than us, want sharia law, leftist marxist communist leaders not taking responsibility, people too afraid to walk around at night in scandinavia, people blowing themselves up, everyone except the ones getting money out of this violence are poor, nationalists are called nazi’s for sticking up for their rights, anti-racist is codename for anti-white, people are forcing segregation in their own homeland for fear, meanwhile the government just shrugs and says ‘i get money, yeah i get it’. But oh well, we have racist governments that don’t like white people and are sell outs. Don’t blame us when hitler style parties are on the move and kill foreigners, the government asked for it.

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    The EU should strengthen its borders in Mediterranean Sea…Italians are doing a great job at catching them and sending back the people.

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    Firstly the title to this debate should be “How should Europe respond to ILLEGAL immigration” as there is a difference from legal immigration as opposed to illegal immigration.

    I do agree that the European population is diminishing as there are less birth rates, while unfortunately the immigrant population are increasing tenfold and in time they will have outnumbered us completely! Apart from it being their culture to have many kids, they also are living the life in our countries…getting good welfare, clothes, houses, education, etc, while idling their time in their ghettos, and this idle time continues to help their child productivity which is not doing us any good at all!

    Now for us Europeans to start producing more babies, the governments need to offer better lives to us whereby the need for both parents to work their b**ls off everyday so they could live is removed. As it is now, with both parents working, there is little or no time for them to concentrate of raising a family, but if this mentality is changed then child rearing will increase and our population will strengthen and we would be self sustained as we all were a good few years ago!

    Illegal immigration is not doing us any good as to start off with they have brought with them cheap labour which inturn is leading to more unemployment for us. This is the mentality that needs to change….we do not need illegal immigrants in our countries and yes I fully agree that they should be sent back (not repatriated with the idiotic Burden Sharing scheme) where they came from irrespective of what the consequences would be. In time, if we keep sending each and everyone that comes here back in time they will realise that it is useless sacrificing their lives crossing from Libya as when they land on our shores they will immediately be deported back!

    But our politicians have no balls to do this….yes true they promise us that they would, but that is all they do….promises and no action!


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    A news program told the story of an illegal immigrant the other day. She and her 3 children had landed illegally in Lampedusa, been processed by the Italian authorities, given money and put on a train to Vienna! This isn’t my idea of how to cope with these people, they should be turned round and sent directly back to whence they came. Better still a concerted effort by all EU countries should concentrate on preventing these illegal immigrants getting on the boats in the first place. This is a question of national security and I’m sure the various agencies responsible for this could identify and target the illegal traffickers who are profiting from this scandal. Also an intensive education program should be started in the countries where the immigrants originate with the very clear message, “Do not come! You are not welcome! You will not succeed!”

    This is a European problem and should be faced by every member of the EU equally. Northern European and Scandinavian countries should send resources, personnel and money to help repel this de facto invasion of Europe.

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      Andrew Kaci Hili

      Agree perfectly with you. Burden sharing is not the way to rid us all of this problem, it’s sending each and everyone back that will finally begin to give positive results and nothing else!

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    The US has been effectively ignoring the decades old invasion via our uncontrolled southern border. For decades we have had the power elite wanting to be “just like Europe”. It seems the we share the same problem on either side of the pond. I guess they are getting their wish. Multiculturalism and diversity are destroying a once great nation. In less than a decade we will be sharing our common misery with our friends across the Atlantic.

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      Andrew Kaci Hili

      Well said Jim!

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    Timo Bremer

    My take on immigration?
    Well, I don’t see why people born inside some arbitrary borders are different from people born outside of them, why place of birth should decide over life chances from education over job opportunities to health care. I am for opening our borders and welcoming whoever wants to come. It would be more effective at relieving poverty than any aid program and development effort ever attempted if we just allowed a couple hundred million people to come here. And given that they would have very different skill sets they would not directly compete with us on the labor market, not threatening our jobs but instead increasing our standard of living through the resulting economic boom. Economists have estimated that opening the worlds borders could triple world GDP. If Europe was to open its borders, we would be on the fore again…

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      Hahaha, nice one! ( this IS a joke, isn’t it? )

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      Then do that in your israel.

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    Andrew Kaci Hili

    Timo, here we are talking about illegal immigration and not legal immigration!

    Also do not believe what economists say…the truth is that they are being forced to say so as our political correct leaders wants to impose multiculturalism onto us, so they try to picture it nicely but anyone can see the disastrous results this is having on all our countries!

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    As I am from Bulgaria which constantly fight with muslims from Syria and trying to stop them enter in Europe I think all countries in Europe should united and stop any immigration and islamisation of Europe they will make shariah and kill us we must stop this that’s what I think.

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    My ancestry is Scottish and some English and a little German. If European countries made it as easy for me to immigrate as they do for non-whites, I’d have moved there long ago. I don’t find the “diversity” of the USA helpful or healthy in any way. It has dragged down the quality of life here and the trend will continue until this country looks and operates like the third world. I’m polite, intelligent, hard working and I like to live simply. I would not object to having to take less desirable jobs as the newcomer. I suspect there are many others like me who would move back to Europe in a heartbeat if Europe gave the go-ahead.

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      No problem with imigration but what think we letting in murders rapists no checks on them

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    The only way to solve the immigration problem is to support development in the home countries.

    Denmark is one of only five countries in the world, providing 0.7 percent or more of their GNI in development assistance. Come on guys live up to your responsibilities!!

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    The problem with immigration in the First World isn’t immigrants, but vile forces that stand behind this project. Without this agenda not a single illegal immigrant would enter EU, ever. Main culprit is International Jewry which firmly occupies all influential positions in US Banking system, Government, Education, Mainstream Media, Entertainment and NGOs. From these positions they are pressing on EU to follow same immigration policy as US does.

    Neither America nor Europe needs such massive illegal and worthless immigration from Third World. Officially, immigration should be solution for European low birth rate and aging population, which is total nonsense, as indigenous unemployment thru EU is alarmingly high. Already at arrival they are welfare dependent, instead of solution they are burden, not to mention cultural incompatibility and crime.

    When I first time heard that this is Jewish project, my reaction was – nonsense, why would they doing this, where is the rationale. Next I found assertions that this project is primarily focused on eradication of White Race thru multicultural social engineering, and I reacted with wow, wait a minute, this is too much, there is no sense, these are just rumors. Unfortunately all these are facts, confirmed thru plain evidence, without crazy conspiracy exaggerations that Internet is flooded with.

    Barbara Lerner Spectre from Paideia, the European Institute for Jewish Studies in Sweden openly stated to IBA-News in 2010 next –

    “Europe has not yet learned how to be multicultural. And I think we are going to be part of the throes of that transformation, which must take place. Europe is not going to be the monolithic societies [sic] that they once were in the last century. Jews are going to be at the center of that. It’s a huge transformation for Europe to make. They are now going into a multicultural mode, and Jews will be resented because of our leading role. But without that leading role, and without that transformation, Europe will not survive”

    The Israeli Broadcasting Authority has removed several of these videos from YouTube, but they still exist, and even if they would succeed in total removal, millions already have seen it. With Obama, in US started Anti-White socio-engineered pogrom, perfidiously orchestrated thru education and further enforced ruthlessly thru mandatory diversity programs on all possible levels. Negroisation and Latinoisation of America already took epic proportions, where rampant and horrendous Black on White crime is systemically unreported by MSM, while police actions against violent Black thugs are practically criminalized.

    EU follows same pattern, where unbelievable tolerance from authorities against immigrant’s crime is visible in UK and France, whereas abnormal permissiveness in Sweden is beyond comprehendible. Brussels agenda is to enforce same policy across Union. One of many avenues of pressure from US goes thru Goldman Sachs and their ex CEO, a front man from Ireland, Peter Sutherland. Alarming was also Barosso’s statement at his farewell speech, when he said that one of his greatest achievements was keeping EU borders open.

    Greater tragedy is that Jews are not alone in this Anti-White Genocide; they are ardently supported with Left Liberal governments lobbied by big Corporations, and recklessly shortsighted Liberal masses.

    Those that do not understand nature and cannot learn from history will be forced to repeat history. Mother Nature and Laws of Physics are simple, on every action there is reaction. I only hope that lesson will be radical, far more convincing than it was with Fascism and Nazism from 30’Th. It will happen, as it has to happen, because only idiots and ignorants are the last one to understand anything.

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    Robby Evans

    One thing in all of this is urgent, Europe needs to do something, for years they left it to the Italians alone and they were not donig such a bad job, but now the stopped their program and it has been taking up by the EC ithas Fallen way low, whatever do something react………………

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    Millions of Europeans are Unemployed, why they open the doors to Muslims for? Muslims didn’t go there to work, they went to Europe to make babies and be supported by the welfare system.. Free everything!
    They came to Europe to Invade!

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    All the poor from Africa and Middle east come to Europe and USA, and All the wealthy oil companies from Europe and USA going to Africa and Middle East For the oils and minerals. When Greedy talks you better listen!

  30. avatar
    Sohaib Haq

    Europe should respond by requesting the aid of ther U.S., Canada, Northern Europe(since most people migrated to Southern Europe), and other Contries willing to take migrants without overpopulating. The United States has already taken Vietnam refugees before because they felt that they owed them. Since the U.S. is also involved in this battle, it is responsible for collateral damage and prperty damage, so it might as well be their duty to take in these migrants, or else it would be somewhat unfair. Canada want’s migrant’s and refugee’s to move there, so they would probably have no problem with the migrant’s in Europe moving to Canada. Lastly, most migrants move to Southern Europe. This means that Northern Europe probably has some space to take in quite a few migrants. As for other migrant-accepting contries, they could each accept a small ammount of refugees, making the migration crisis slowly cut down to a stop.

  31. avatar

    Arabs move to Europe and Europeans will move to Arab countries to take over land overthere. Good luck freezing your asses in Sweden.

  32. avatar

    I made my first post on this forum on Nov 1st 2013, this was a huge problem for Europe then and now almost 2 years later the chickens have come home to roust. What has the EU done in that time? Absolutely nothing and when the inevitable happened and the trickle became a flow and subsequently a flood the EU was sent into complete disorder without any unifying policy to cope. The Germans have lost their minds allowing migrants free rein to swarm across Europe and in so doing have undermined the security of the continent. We have no idea who these illegal immigrants are, other than they are illegal and immigrants. It may well be that some have legitimate refugee credentials, but many will be simply economic migrants who carry forged Syrian passports in which there is a booming trade on the black market. Others will be much worse, 2 so called refugees in Hungary have been identified as Jihadists and the French authorities have identified of one of the migrants in Calais as being on that countries watch list. So the first lesson to be learned from this fiasco is that the EU is not fit for purpose, it is a shambles and soon the public will recognize this fact and this will lead to the disillusion of the EU as we know it today.

    The second lesson we should learn, and be very worried about is the power the media has to spin a story and induce a state of mass hysteria in the general population. And all with a single photograph of a dead child on a Turkish beach. While tragic that boys’ death is squarely the fault of his Father. He was the one who made the decision to leave a safe haven in Turkey in search of a pot of gold in Germany, and he alone must carry the blame for that. The media however spun this as a human interest story, a family desperately fleeing war to reach the safety of Europe, and that if only we in Europe had done more to help these and other like them then this child would still be alive. Utter utter rubbish which completely ignores the facts of the matter, but then again never let the facts get in the way of a good story, eh?

    The third lesson is that there is a hidden agenda here which is to build a broad public consensus for further military action in Syria. Assad is being painted as a demon, his regime being described as “evil”. This despite the fact that Syria is recognised as a sovereign state by the UN who also recognise Assad as the countries legitimate leader. The U.S. however see things differently. They and their allies, which they term the “international community” condemn Assad as a brutal tyrant who is the cause of the civil war in Syria. In this narrative an Arab Spring style revolution with democracy at it’s heart was brutally put down by Assad who used chemical weapons in the process. The actual facts are that the U.S.A has been arming rebels in Syria in order to effect regime change. This despite the fact that in a U.S. intelligence report from 2012 identified the Syrian rebels as being dominated by “Salafists, The Muslim Brotherhood and Al-Qaeda”.

    So, what is the U.S end game? Well, it is to remove Assad from power in Syria, plain and simple. And they don’t care how much carnage is cause to achieve this goal. The reason the U.S. wants to get rid of Assad is that his regime are sympathetic to the Russians. They also have a Mediterranean coast line, which would give the Russian fleet a base in the Mediterranean.

    The U.S.A do not want this, they want to be the one and only power in the world. That is the aim of all U.S foreign policy, world domination. It is a policy which they have pursued since the end of WW2 but which really kicked in in the 1990s with the Washington think tank and lobby group “The project for the new American century” This ultra right wing lobby group basically wrote U.S. foreign policy which persists to this day.

    Now, you may call me a nutter or conspiracy theorist but all of this is verifiable. The reason the EU is drowning in a tide of illegal immigrants is in large part the EUs fault for not defending against the flow but the route cause is US foreign policy and they, the Americans don’t give a damn if Europe is sacrificed in the process.

  33. avatar
    György Gajdos

    We need a European Army that can be deployed on the southern borders as border control force on a permanent basis. This should not mean shutting the borders but should instead give us the ability to thoroughly process the flow. Find out who is legitimate and who is not. Those coming from war zones have to be let in. We also need a European secret service to sniff out terrorists and pan European criminality

  34. avatar
    M Boyle

    Why is immigration such a big topic in this debate? I live in one of the highest populations of EU immigration – Ealing, west London, unlike so many who complain, immigration has improved our community and has led to a more diversified and better society. Without immigration, you would not have the society you live in. Immigration will reduce if there is no demand. When you next order your takeaway, go out for a meal, pick up your fresh veg from your supermarket, buy from your local shop late in the evening, visit your hospital, remember that these services will not be as available if we do not have immigration. Immigrants, in general, are young and educated. It is our benefits system that needs changing to prevent abuse by all residents.
    I find it hard to understand why people who live in areas with little immigrants complain so much about immigration… Live in an area with people from many countries and you will realise that it is not a negative.

  35. avatar
    Jamie Vincent

    Well, Id understand but this is not going to solve the problem, I feel like this is now becoming a world wide problem

  36. avatar
    Clementine Guiminel

    European didn’t do anything to help them. Refugees don’t have place to live, don’t have a lot of food or drink.

  37. avatar
    Clementine Guiminel

    European countries don’t do anything to help them. A lot of refugees don’t have house, food or drink.

  38. avatar
    Themis pauwels

    I think that we can never really know how to react and what to put in place when thousands of migrants arrive in a country. I think that Europe is putting a lot of things in place to help the migrant, a lot of associations are helping them. This is not the case of all European countries but most of them have a lot of things in place (France, Belgium,…) and I think that we cannot expect people to react in a perfect way and to know exactly how to react, as long as we have done our best to help them, it is already a very nice gesture in my opinion.
    So I would say that yes, Europe helps the migrant and reacts in a correct way.

  39. avatar

    According to me, we should control immigration a lot, since there are different people that can harm the European countries and there are those who, on the contrary, will develop Europe further
    In any case, towards refugees and asylum seekers, we must be polite and sympathetic to them, since they lost their home, however, they must not sit still and must work to live on their own money, not money taxpayers.

  40. avatar

    By helping those in need, by providing them the necessary. But they also need to understand that we, Europe don’t have infinite resources for everyone. That is why we should split them equally to the countries that want to help. After all they could help contribute to the countries, work for the government, I am sure everything would be better than what they had.

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