president-debateIn less than a week, Jerzy Buzek will finish his mandate as President of the European Parliament. His successor will then be elected by MEPs in a secret ballot. At Debating Europe, we’ve already touched on this topic here. We also had a chance to interview Diana Wallis this week about her candidacy (you can read her responses to your questions here).

Today, at 16:00 CET (i.e. in two hours time), there will be a live “Presidential Debate” between the three candidates in the European Parliament, organised by European Voice, with the support of, Burson Marsteller, EU40 and Debating Europe.

You can view the livestream of the debate here at 16:00 CET

If you’re on Twitter, then we’d encourage you to use the hashtag below. Debating Europe will be watching the event, and looking out for your tweets and comments.


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  1. Michael Tsikalakis

    I believe that even though a European citizen does not vote for a President of the European Parliament, he has to be informed of the Parliament’s works.
    What I would like to ask all of the candidates is: “Is the representation of the member countries of the Union is the right one and how can the Parliament help in the crisis that Euro Zone is going through?

  2. Michael Tsikalakis

    Watching the Parliament debate I have to ask why Mr Martin Schulz is answering in German while is being asked in English. Translating does not give the whole picture of the speaker. EU has to do something about it. Choose a common language.
    Another thing is the bad impression that one gets seeing empty seats in the European parliament.

  3. Christos Mouzeviris

    We simply need to be shown what is being discussed in the EP more often on our national TV programs…I have been saying that for some time now….We might just get some more citizens interested in that way..But no….It will actually make people interested in EU politics, and who would want that? Definitely not our national Governments……

  4. W. Alex Sanchez

    I know the Americans have a channel called C-Span where they pass live feeds of sessions of their congress and some congressional hearings and speeches… maybe have a Euro-channel similar to that for the EP if there isn’t one already?

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