merkozyWith the holiday season over and the last of the Christmas dinner digested, Europe’s leaders are now engaged in a furious meeting frenzy. Or, at least, some of them are. French President Nicolas Sarkozy is in Berlin today for his first meeting of the year with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Meanwhile, Italy’s new Prime Minister, Mario Monti, was in Paris on Friday and will be traveling to Berlin for a meeting with “Merkozy” next Wednesday. Merkel and Sarkozy will then both travel to Italy on Friday for a meeting with Monti in Rome.

Paris, Berlin, Rome, Berlin, and back again… European leaders are meeting more than ever in this time of crisis, but has the negotiation strategy changed? Are smaller countries being excluded by the Franco-German “engine”? Is Europe being led by the “Merkozy” couple today?

Tell us what YOU think, and we’ll take your questions and comments to politicians and policy-makers for their reactions!

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    Georges Faraklas

    L’Europe ne semble plus disposer de politiciens vraiment intresss par son existence. C’est simple, et c’est triste.

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    Christos Mouzeviris

    Of course they are..We always were..We are seen as territories, as provinces of the old original 6 and perhaps plus Britain. When Greece joined for example, it was not ready really..Nor it was really ready to join the eurozone. But they did admitted us in, “to expand their influence in the mediterranean”, even though we had not borders with any other EEC member state, and we were still not quite ready. Once we were in, that was it..They did not really bothered with what was going on, and they let the Greek corrupt elite to misuse all the funds they were receiving from Europe, with no check or control. What I would like to have seen, is stronger institutions to make sure that all countries complied with the EU regulations they have signed up, like a strong EP and a trimmed down but powerful Commission…That did not happen..Why? Because the rich and large EU states use EU for their own political games and influence, and if they wanted EU to meddle with Greece’s or any other smaller state’s internal affairs, that would mean they would have to accept similar meddling in their own affairs by the EP and the Commission. So they did turn a blind eye to what the Greek elite was doing and where the Greek economy was heading. Now that the times are dire, again they want to take lead and serve their interests first, not Europe’s interests as a continent and a group of countries..So again they leave Greece’s people out in the cold, at the mercy of their corrupt elite, the IMF and the tough austerity measures that are imposed on them….They need to understand what the problems with each economy and small country is, think how to solve it for the benefit of the country but also for Europe, and do it in such manner that we won’t have to repeat the same mistakes again….Amen!

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    Michael Tsikalakis

    I would like to think that Germany and France, being in the core of the European System (especially Germany), have the intelligence to include all European countries in their agenda and as part of the European Engine. A small number of countries in Europe, if properly coordinated, they can form a powerful engine competitive enough to overcome current European problems. As far as “Mercozy” couple is concerned I do not think that leads Europe today. Leading Europe is a stupendous task and consequently we need a leader with the corresponding leading power that will first unite Europe and then deal with the current crisis.

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    W. Alex Sanchez

    I’d like to see Monaco, Liechtenstein or Andorra join the EU.. see how much voice at the EU round table they get hmmm then again Liechtenstein’s banks could save the Union ?

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    Miscarea Tehnocrata Romania Noastra

    It’s not quite so. I am one, a visible one. Politics UK is another and there are a lot of activists more or less visible in the area. We are growing and out message goes far and far.

    We all shod fight to rebuild Europe, to restructure it. At the south of Europe are extremely grave problems and Europe must become A ROCK/MOUNTAIN of Democracy and Stability in world. This is our ONLY CHANCE TO SURVIVE AS NATIONS AND AS CULTURE IN THE WORLD. Otherwise the future is generalized war. It is a question of time until the extremist forces will gain such power that will try to dissolve us faster or slower, directly or indirectly. Situation in Nigeria is extremely grave and Nigeria is one of the most important African countries.

    We must produce followers for the democracy with the same strength that the extremists are producing followers. We must use the ideological tools with the same power as they. They understand that the ideology/religion is the most powerful political tool. We must transform the democracy from a set of spare democratically principles in a strong ideology with specific tools. The democrats are not big enough fighters. Democracy must be promoted with the same intensity and persistence as like religion. We need democratic schools like they have religious schools to form people ready at least to secure the cultural and democratic survival of our civilization.

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    Patrick Leneghan

    Well, it is a pity that we didn’t have more Dimitris Delakovias s’ in Europe, we probably wouldn’t be having these problems :) Not much more to add other than repeating, it is the mafia capitalist system that control the planet and who control all our governments. If the EU continues bowing down to them, as Dimitris says, buckle your seat belts, although that won’t do us much good either :)

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    Patrick Leneghan

    One way for Europe to regain control from international financial hostile ‘competitors’ is for EU member nations to reintroduce their own currencies, for local purposes. Keep the Euro for cross border and EU international trading purposes. Meaning all external trade will be in Euros. Each member nation’s currency will have a different value to the Euro but it will allow each nation, to play around with their own currencies and internal economies according to their ideologies, without undermining the EU as a whole. This situation would be the best of both worlds and of course, draw a line in the sand, around Europe. The $US can do as it likes.

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    Nikolai Holmov

    I anticipate any perception of “small nations” being inconsequential will disappear as 2012 progresses.

    In a year where being swift, deft and nimble will be crucial, slow moving behemoths, be they nations or supra-structural entities, will be consistently playing catch-up during the next 12 months.

    I say this not only with regards to the EU, but with regards to the globe in general.

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    Rui Mourão

    I always dreamed with a political, cultural and economical union in Europe. I didn’t dream and I don’t want this Merkozy model (more Merkel than Sarkozy) for Europe. I want to be part of a democratic European Union. I don’t want to be politically and economically colonized by Germany and by financial banks interests.

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