Debating Europe Vote 2014 is the first ever pan-European online e-Vote. Launched one year before the European Parliament elections in May 2014, it gives you the chance to decide who YOU want to vote for.

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The different colours in the chart at the top of this page represent different ideologies in the European Parliament. Each of you has a single vote (which you can change as often as you want), and the chart will update in real-time as users vote for the ideology they want to support in the 2014 European elections.

You can vote for any ideology, even if it is not represented in your country. Or, if your preferred ideology is not represented, you can also vote for “Other”.

Voting will stay open until one week before the European elections, and the final results will act as a high-profile barometer of voting intentions.

Why should I vote?

The hemicycle above will be a high-profile barometer of the voting intentions of Debating Europe readers. You will have the chance to interrogate MEPs (and prospective MEPs) on the issues that you care about, and the results of the vote are presented directly to the European Parliament each month.

One week before the European Parliament elections, the e-Vote will be closed and the final results will be sent out to European and national media.

Who should I vote for?

That’s for YOU to decide. Debating Europe will host a series of online debates, live chats, and physical events, designed to enable Europe’s citizens to question MEPs (and prospective MEPs) on the issues facing Europe, and help make up your mind about who to vote for in the European elections.

Where do I get more info?

The countdown to the European elections has begun. On 22-25 May, EU voters go to the polls to elect 751 new MEPs and decide which direction Europe should follow. Visit the European Parliament’s official election website for plenty of useful information.

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