Debating Europe has received coverage from a range of media organisations: from international and European press, to national and specialist media. We have also received attention from the blogosphere and on social media (including from policy-makers we have interviewed, who often promote their interviews to their followers).

We have reproduced a selection of press-clippings below.

Press coverage

Debate with Peter Praet, chief economist and member of the executive board of the ECB: Has the European Central Bank gone too far?


Debate with ICT experts: Could ICT make European healthcare fairer?

Debate with Daniel Dăianu, former MEP and Finance Minister of Romania: Are Eurobonds just the beginning?

Debate with Will Pearson, energy analyst for the Eurasia Group: Should Europe Abandon Nuclear Energy?

Debate with János Martonyi, the Foreign Minister of Hungary: What should Europe’s foreign policy look like?


Debate with Jean-Claude Trichet and Jean-Claude Junker at the European Parliament


Debate with Ana Maria Gomes MEP: Should we pray for a Spanish bail-out?


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