It was supposed to be easy. In 2017, Britain’s trade secretary, Liam Fox, said EU-UK trade negotiations would be the “easiest in human history”. His sentiments were shared by Eurosceptic MP John Redwood, who argued after the referendum that getting out should be “quick and easy” because the UK “holds all the cards”. With 365 days to go until Brexit, things look a bit different.

So far, the negotiations have been gruelling (and the future trade deal is unlikely to be concluded either quickly or easily). Progress was made at the European Council back in December 2017, but many of the fine details – including the seemingly intractable Irish border question – remain fuzzy.

We do, however, have a clearer idea about what Brexit will look like in practice (unless everything falls apart at the last minute). In 366 days, things should carry on pretty much as before. The mooted transition deal will mean that Britain will retain access to the Single Market in the interim. The UK will lose its MEPs and its seat at the European Council, but freedom of movement will continue, and Britain will continue to pay into the EU budget. European vessels will continue to fish in British waters.

In other words, the sky (probably) will not fall in. The doom-mongers of “project fear” evidently overdid it. Brexit has not brought about the apocalypse. Britain remains one of the largest economies in the world (though even the government admits it is sliding down the rankings). Today’s figures from the Office for National Statistics suggest a mixed picture, with continued GDP growth (albeit sluggish), but with weak consumer spending and wage growth.

What happens after the transition deal expires in 2021 is less clear. Will the negotiations finally have been concluded by then? Or will the transition deal be extended to avoid another cliff-edge scenario? And is everyone who voted for Brexit going to be happy with the eventual outcome?

How is Brexit working out? With 365 days to go, is everything still on track? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!

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What do YOU think?

    • Maria

      Mrs May said on the BBC news today, when we leave the money saved that was going to the EU would fund the N.H.S and Schools. Funny that, it was said at the back end of last year, that this money would be paid at a decreasing level over the next 40 years so where will this money come from ???

  1. Panayiotis

    Brexit is a joke, they will never leave EU

    • Ivan

      We have already left, just waiting on the politicians and bureaucrats to finish the paperwork :)

    • Dave

      We better do or there be trouble 😊

    • Adrian


  2. Gregory

    So, then in a year, they’ve decided in advance, to do nothing. Ok, I mean that’s fine, no one told GB they HAD to go, they came to that themselves. But for all the gum flapping, it’s really quite telling that nothing, is the plan.

    • Ivan

      Not funding the antidemocratic EU is the plan comrade. How do you feel about making up the shortfall in the EU’s budget ?

    • Gregory

      But that’s not what’s happening, is it? They’re going to continue to fund their portion to the EU comrade.

  3. Paul

    Parliament voted to trigger article 50…the commons passed the withdrawal bill (currently passing thru the lords).. agreed positions on divorce bill & citizens rights. …agreed transition period…now negotiating trade deal and border (NI & Gib)….these to be agreed in principle for oct/Nov council…for ratification by 02/03 2019.
    Uk to legally leave EU 29/3/2018….still on track

    • Ricky

      Here’s hoping as already partially delayed for another 2 years, dude to UK giving ground to the behemoth that’s the EU

    • Gregory

      In 366 days, things should carry on pretty much as before. The UK will lose its MEPs and its seat at the European Council, but freedom of movement will continue, and Britain will continue to pay into the EU budget. European vessels will continue to fish in British waters.

    • Paul

      Guys….don’t get stuck with the minutae of the negotiations…..yes the transition period will be virtually bau. ..but necessary to allow for smoother disengagement of 40+years of imposed laws and regulation…..the direction of travel and end game is the key….this will be clearer by autumn even if there will no doubt be many further months of details to be defined.

      Of course, it’s still conceivable that a sudden exit with no deal may happen…but increasingly unlikely.

  4. Giuseppe

    Very easy, as well as very expensive; Liam Fox is definitely a Fox. Ciao

  5. Anna

    Being Greek l understand how the Brits feel about the EU and the unelected banksters that govern us but unfortunately we belong to this Europe and Britain is part of this continent.

    • Ivan

      Russia, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, etc. are all part of ‘Europe’, do you want them in the EU too ?

    • Gregory

      Yeah, they’re all thugs and rapists, right Ivan?

    • Ivan

      What ??? lol

    • Paul X

      Britain will always be part of Europe……just not part of an arrogant, profligate, elitist, protectionist, cronyist, political bureaucracy

    • Joe

      Agree .U.K. is an Island like I look and Dream that the whole of Europe will BE ONE STATES….WORK FOR UNITED STATES OF EUROPE….

    • randomguy2017

      UK and Russia are European.
      This is more to do with EU though.
      Some countries “benefit” and others do not.

      I have friends in UK, Germany, Poland, Italy, Russia.

    • Karolina

      Ivan, I wouldn’t mind. I want them in.

  6. David

    My view total disester. May not equiped to deal with such a task. Nor is her any of her ministers.

  7. Lulzim

    UK is developed country and with this system I assure that the country will survive without EU as it has been before joining the big family but It can not be justified to left aside the UK because is a part of the EU and belongs there.

    • Ivan

      We are leaving the insular EU and rejoining the free world comrade & the sooner you accept it the sooner you can start paying more of your taxes for the dubious honour of being in the pointless EU :)

  8. Gregory

    No problem, pay the money you owe, and stop BEGGING for special favors.

    • Irene

      You shouldn’t want the EU benefits as well! For example, you want to benefit from some EU educational and scientific programmes like Erasmus and Comenius, which give a lot of money to the UK. Many people attend these courses in the UK, pay fees to British institutions, buy in your shops, go to your restaurants, spend money. But you want to keep the benefits, you want to receive , you just have nothing to give! And you forget that the first reason for the creation of the EU was the preservation of peace in Europe! The EU will survive and all the other member states just have to unite and keep it stronger!

    • Gregory

      GB owes 65 BILLION EUROS, and they’re trying to negotiate without PAYING. This is like a restaurant. Pay your bill and LEAVE.

    • Tarquin Farquhar

      EU students get paid by the UK to study in the UK and then a disturbing proportion refuse to pay. Erasmus benefits the EU more than the UK and costs the UK too much. You EU beggars need to put your hands into your OWN pockets.

    • Tarquin Farquhar

      Before Brexit the EU said leaving the EU means no single market and no customs union. Brexit happened and May said that she understand the EUs red lines re no single market and no customs union and thus the UK would abide by them.
      Unfortunately, the slippery EU are using the NI-Eire border as a means of keeping the UK in the single market and the customs union.
      Please EU, just go – we don’t fancy, like or love you any more!

    • Paul X

      To owe money you must have received something….so what exactly did we get that cost 65 Billion Euros?

    • Paul X

      @ Irene, guess what, post Brexit students can still come to the UK to study and spend their money if they want, the difference is my taxes wont be wasted sponsoring their foreign holiday under Erasmus

      If peace was the “first reason for the creation of the EU” then why was the UK, (as one of the major warring countries in Europe) not in it from the start?…because they knew back then it was more about French and German national interests than European peace

  9. Pete

    How can the UK “still be on track” when it hasn’t yet decided which track it wants?

    • Ivan

      You really need to stop taking what Brussels and the media are saying as gospel, they are lying to you because they know what’s coming & it ain’t good for the 27 Nations still trapped in the EU.

    • Pete

      And what exactly does your empty sloganeering have to do witht he woolliness of May’s chamaeleontic positions about the EU?
      If you want to answer me (nobody obliges you to: the doctor didn’t order it), how about sticking to the point I raised, instead of repeating facile soundbites?

    • Paul X

      The majority of people in the UK know exactly what track they want, unfortunately the EU keeps putting obstructions on it, and certain members of the UK political establishment keep trying to put the engine in reverse

    • Adrian

      What brexitards don’t get is there is a distinction between what they *WANT* and what the EU will *GIVE* them.

      So of course nut cases like Paul or Ivan will want “cake and eat it”.
      But the EU is not dumb.

    • Paul X

      @ Adrian, considering the UK has been net “giving” to the EU for over 40 years means whatever cake we want has certainly been paid for many times over

  10. Anton

    And who are the politicians who campaign to leave the EU?

  11. Seán

    So…365 days left for Scots to get independence and remain EU citizens instead of British subjects #SNP #UnitedIrelandUnitedEuropeNotUnitedKingdom

    • Paul X

      A majority of people living in Scotland voted for the UK to remain in the EU……..despite all the SNP rhetoric, that does not automatically mean that same majority want to remain in the EU in an independent Scotland

  12. Paul

    Same Laws same rules same open borders, Spot the difference!

  13. Jerzy

    The EU must go back to a level of integration acceptable by all countries.

  14. Paul X

    Despite the best efforts of the elitist political establishment, the democratic will of the majority of British people is still progressing

    • Adrian

      you mean the 37%”majority”

  15. randomguy2017

    I wish the Brits luck on their Brexit. If I was British I would vote for the exit.
    Not a fan of their elites but many normal humans there.

    I think business should be done between Anglo-American and Europe and Russia.

    And finally Anglo countries (several of them) need to let Europe countries be Europe.
    Europe needs to let Anglo countries be Anglo countries.

  16. Karolina

    Oh, not another Brexit debate… Just an opportunity for the same 3-4 Brextards to produce the same stale rubbish out of a can.

    • Tarquin Farquhar

      Your repeated Bremainiac postings appear to indicate otherwise!

    • Adrian

      Here comes Paul, Tarquin and Christine to tell us how we are all stalinists and EUSSRists and they are the kingdom of heaven and Farage is the god emperor or something like that.

      Ooops, Tarquin already here trolling hard :D

  17. Karolina

    Nobody cares… Let’s be honest.

  18. catherine benning

    365 days until Britain leaves: Is Brexit still on track?

    Now it can be openly discussed, Brexit is so popular. Far more than when it was when suppressed. I wonder why that is?

    In fact it is so openly backed by all and sundry now, the opposition to it are hysterical. They are spending a fortune trying to buy ‘blockage’ that is costing them a pretty packet.

    Why do you think they are doing that folks? Could it be they will lose their European pay packet once we are completely free of EU domination? From what I have been able to follow, much of our UK government, in one form or another, are getting paid a fair packet to go along with the subjugation of our people by the EU. How much of your tax money do you think is being spent on those who lead your State? Done in order to keep them subjugating you.

    And, are you happy with that? Should they be exposed for doing it?

    And of course the Iraq war propeller is so far up to his neck in it, he’s suffering terrible withdrawal symptoms as he can’t stand playing a remain advocate hid in the wings. Despised as he is. This old poster of him was so on key. Those who came up with it should have got far more applause.

    • Adrian

      You forgot to quote Breitbart and Stormfront.
      I mean while you’re using that level of “sources”.

  19. Luca

    Everyone believes in the future of an united Europe is looking forwards to see UK out of EU as soon as possible

    • Adrian

      Let the UK go already ( with no deal whatsoever but WTO rules ).
      And let’s get out Union in order now that we got rid of the trojan horse of the americans.

  20. Paul X

    But what most people like you choose to ignore is that the EU wants the WTO outcome even less than the UK does

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