Europe is a wealthy continent. It doesn’t always feel like it, but standards of living are among the best in the world. The countries with the highest quality of life, as judged by the Social Progress Index, are overwhelmingly European (and eight of the fourteen countries considered to have “Very High Social Progress” are EU Member States).

Of course, there is always still more to do. In Romania, over 40% of children are at risk of poverty and social exclusion; in Sweden, the number is less than half of that. Clearly, some countries are wealthier than others; the national minimum wage in Bulgaria is 235 EUR per month, while the minimum wage in Luxembourg is almost 2,000 EUR. Nevertheless, progress is being made across the continent.

A recent Special Eurobarometer on the Future of Europe asked people if they were happy living in the European Union. The majority said they were:

“More than half of the respondents in each EU Member State say they are happy living in the European Union. Respondents in Luxembourg (97%), Ireland (94%) and the Netherlands and Denmark (both 92%) are the most likely to agree, while those in Hungary (57%), the Czech Republic (58%) and Romania and Greece (both 62%) are the least likely to do so.”

What do our readers think? Are you happy living in the European Union? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!

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What do YOU think?

  1. Jose Quintans

    That’s a smart question.
    We need to acknowledge the good things, as much as on the bad things, for the sake of fairness, and being realistic.

    I do, I’m happy of living in the EU, firstly and foremost because of the Europeans. I’m proud of the European people.

    The European people tried to unite by several means since millennia ago, many generations of Europeans, many dreams and great aspirations.

    My advice to those Europeans that don’t like the EU, or how it works right now, is to take it and make it yours.

    God bless Europe.

    • Diaconu George Razvan

      Greece problem is not EU , is you guys voting politicians promising fairy-tails , than taking your country to bankruptcy.The exact same thing is happening in Romania and other countries.

    • Γεώργιος Δανιηλίδης

      Υou do not know the facts.Greece was EU member long before attack aganst it at 2010 BY EU WHICH DESTROYED THE COUNTRY .Since 2010 until today by “BAIL-OUT “HELP” GDP fell 35%,UNEMPLOYMENT INCREASED FROM 9 TO 25% AND …..DEBT INCREASED FROM 120% TO 180%!!!!!!!.Bear in mind that the country is governed by MOU and lenders E.C.,ECB and IMF

    • Venko

      Greeks very well know how they got there and who is to blame for present situation but will never confess it.It is always the others. Never themselves!

    • Mick Wijnen

      A dictator? You mean someone who pushes through policy changes of historic proportions (brexit) without a parliamentary vote?

    • Ivan Burrows

      Mick Wijnen You have it the wrong way round. The British ‘people’ pushed though Brexit so no parliamentary vote is required. If a prime minister did not abide by the ‘democratic’ decision of the people then that would be a dictatorship. By the way did you vote for Comrade Juncker ?

    • Liz Lyz

      Said the EU hater in charge. Go to sleep, Ivan!

    • Ivan Burrows

      Liz Lyz Good morning troll, no school today ?

    • Tomislav Humić

      “no school today” argument invalid, please leave before ending up more stupid

    • Ivan Burrows

      Tomislav Humić You trolls are out in force today, are your teachers on strike ?

    • Ivan Burrows

      Tomislav Humić And you are still a troll.

    • Paul X

      @Mick Wijnen

      Actually the UK parliament voted by a huge majority to allow the referendum to take place, they had their chance to stop Brexit there and then

    • Michał Borkowski

      Ivan is my favourite anti-european troll raping logic at every step, it is my guilty pleasure to read his comments. I am kind of an admirer.

    • Karolina

      I think you are confusing the rule of the mob with democracy, Ivan Borishnikov.

    • Ivan Burrows

      Michał Borkowski You spam my post then accuse me of being the ‘troll’ ??? lol goodbye comrade, goodbye .

    • Rémi Martin

      What’s funny with those trolls, they didn’t show us nothing why EU isn’t a dictatorship!

    • Geoffrey Howard

      Still unhappy with your existence? Sad.
      Enjoy your Brexit Ivan and we will continue to enjoy our lives!

    • Karolina

      Ivan, what spam are you talking about? This is a debating website not one for one-sided comments (advertising/propaganda). Do you think you may be on the wrong website? Definitely sounds like it…

    • Jan Kowalski

      Rémi Martin they got faith and only that. Faith frees You from having to have rational thoughtline and presenting the rational arguments.

    • Tarquin Farquhar

      @Mick Wijnen
      A plebiscite trumps politicians – it is called democracy!

    • Venko

      May be Ivan will show us a better place where people are happier.

    • Rowan

      Well, as you are British or so you say, you have lived in an elected dictatorship for many years, so you should be used to it. In the UK your vote counts for nothing because of our FPTP political model. Grow up and start realising the benefits you have working in the EU.

    • Marko Popović

      Gdje nejač globalizma pati
      Tamo Humić u oklopu svrati
      Gdje on pak srčano brani
      Tamo desno lete gavrani!

    • Tarquin Farquhar

      “Grow up and start realising the benefits you have working in the EU.”


      Who elects the EU commissioners?
      Who elected JCJ?
      Who appointed the politicised EU court judges?
      Why is the vote of a UK citizen worth less than a 10th of that of a Luxembourgoise?
      Why does Germany have extra influence over EU affairs than all other 27 EU nations?

      You are deluded!

  2. Matej Zaggy Zagorc

    I mean, there’s no war, so that’s good. But there is a ton of problems that are equally concerning and are not being addressed, leaving you with the feeling like you’re Cinderella living with your step mom and sisters.

    • Ivan Burrows

      NATO has kept the peace so all the EU has been responsible for are the ton of problems.

    • Ivan Burrows

      Matej Zaggy Zagorc Brussels needs its EU army to silence decent in the Nation States of the EU.

    • Charles Vee

      EU army to pave a red carpet for economical migrants gaining entry with no passports is what you mean Matej Zaggy Zagorc !

    • Karolina

      Ivan, when you say NATO has kept the peace, do you include the invasion of Cyprus by Turkey, a NATO member in that? Turkey has been unable to join the EU because of its refusal to recognise Cyprus btw. So warmongers are not allowed in the EU.

      What about how they have put up the heat with Russia, was that a peaceful way for NATO to go about (wanting to install a defence shield in Poland, rejecting Russia’s application to join 3 times etc)?

    • Rémi Martin

      No wars? Lybia, Sirya, Iraq, Mali, call back up our soldiers, they just make war outthere from Europe, then talking for peace makes me laugh!

    • Matej Zaggy Zagorc

      Clearly I meant directly on European soil. Which is partly due to Germany’s economy being intertwined with France, more than the EU as a whole.

    • Rémi Martin

      Are you joking? I hope…

    • Tarquin Farquhar

      You forgot to mention the EU’s influence in precipitating the Crimea and Ukraine conflicts…

    • Karolina

      Tarquin, I think you are confusing actual events (facts) with your own interpretation of things… Unless you have particular facts to show us?

      In any case, I don;t think there can be comparison. The EU has definitely not bombed anyone.

    • Tarquin Farquhar

      Fact-light yet again.!

      The EU repeatedly tried to ‘convince’ Ukraine to come under the EU sphere of influence, thereby antagonising Russia and resulting in the aforementioned conflicts.

  3. Gerry Mavrie-Yanaki

    Require €490 billion in global capital investment funding so as to rectify the deficiencies in the economic, transport and cultural infrastructure of Greece , then I will be happy !!!!.

    • Gerry Mavrie-Yanaki

      Whats that ???? Tomislav,can you bring Chinese investors to finance my project proposals from their multi trillion dollar reserves?

  4. Emrah Can

    Yes . Definitely . As European , we should be proud of our civilisation , our way of life , our wealth . In European union , despite having still many issues , we have freedom of speech , democracy , human rights , state of law , social aids ( eu = 7% of world population = 20% world gdo= 50% of social aids given in the world ) .

    • Ivan Burrows

      There are 51 European Nation States so there are at least 51 ‘civilisation’ , which one are you proud of particularly ?

    • Emrah Can

      It s not true . There is one European civilisation . There is a culture shared by all European countries . Do you really think the culture in Great Britain does share anything with the continent ? Your laws , your architecture , your churches , your philosophers , your democracy… etc…

    • Ivan Burrows

      Emrah Can Including Russia, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, etc ? seriously ?

    • José Bessa da Silva

      Our civilization? My civilization is western and as everyone know not all Europe has a western civilization. There are no “European Civilization”.
      There aren’t even an “European Culture”. My culture is portuguese.
      Also, when Im forbiden to have a referendum to leave the EU, clearly democracy is something that does not exist.

    • Karolina

      Ivan, your comment made me laugh so much. The overwhelming majority of the population in Europe (and beyond) is descended from the the so-called Indo-Europeans. In archaelogy they are called the Yamna culture or shaft-grave culture. Their migration into Europe is known as the Seima-Turbino phenomenon. Both Seima and Turbino are in Russia. You really think that Russia, Turkey etc are not part of European civilisation? You need some proper education beyond internet trolling.

    • Ruairí Hallissey

      We don’t have freedom of speech in Europe. Germany locks up old ladies for voicing concerns about refugees. France is passing laws banning ‘gendered insults’.

    • Rémi Martin

      Emrah Can Curiously, in the 40’s, in Germoney, a guy called Adolf got the same idea of a united Europe, your construction is racist, nothing else, euronazi! I’m feeling me nearer from a Algerian or a guy from Ivory Coast then peoples from EU. I’ve more to share with them, it just 1500 years of history from France, sorry… Just want to leave it!

    • Karolina

      Ruari, unless we have the specific comments and their context to debate on, we can’t really judge.

    • Tarquin Farquhar

      @Emrah Can
      National Socialism?

      European values seem a tad over-vaunted!

  5. Marko Martinović

    EU is undemocratic and its working against its people. Most leadership of EU should be in jail for aiding terror etc

    • Charles Vee

      …and for turning Europe into an other Africa & Middle East through the support of illegal immigration and hence we live with terrorism on our door step.

    • Rémi Martin

      Be in jail? Hang them, high and short!

  6. Charles Vee

    The EU used to uphold a very positive concept however it is riddled with corruption & the fact that politicians are turning Europe into an Africa and a middle east with the shutting of eyes over illegal immigration while making those EU law abiding citizens second class citizens. The EU is a gravy train for the elite and a let down for the common tax payer. It is understandable that we are all immigrants however Refugees & illegal immigrants are not the same! We all know the ‘benefits’ of multiculturism. It is not working and will never work. Europe will be Islamic in 10 years time… thanks to the EU. I hope Britian does well after Brexit and serve as a model for other EU countries. Lets be a united Europe and cherish our traditions and not be taken over while laws should be left to the government elected by the people not dictated by Brusells and unless one agrees he is called a biggot and a racist.

    • Tarquin Farquhar

      @Charles Vee
      Well said!

    • Paul Vincent

      Teresa Del Riego Sá point was that the EU for me is a remote entity…more a talking shop (albeit on important issues..but reaching few genuine conclusive actions)..whereas actions taken at local, regional, national level in france directly affects my everyday life.

  7. Vytautas Vėžys

    Wrong formulation of question:
    Most of my “Living” has nothing to do with being European or not. I’m happy living where I live, and this has nothing to do with fact my country belongs to some organization.
    You should ask “Are you happy living under EU control”, but that wouldn’t sound as nice wouldn’t it? You might even get negative responses, and that’s unacceptable…

  8. Marco Matani

    I hope EU will collapse asap and we’ll see al the EU buildings in Bruxelles ruining in fire.

    • Marco Matani

      Dictatorship, killing my country, undemocratic, totally senseless rules, we would have 70 years long peace anyway, make your choice mate.

    • Mitsos Daniel

      How do you know you’d have 70 years of peace anyway ? Why is it a dictatorship ? Get a book, find out how the EU functions. Then back up your hate with facts if you can. The EU is still very flawed, it’s not an easy project, it has never been. But ultimately, given the 2017 Order of things and how the future is projected to look like, we NEED it in order to be a relevant player at the world stage

    • Marco Matani

      I studied quite a bit of it mate. I say so ‘cos EU Parliament is totally useless, and the istitutions that trully matter as ECB are totally irresponsable from the people. The treaties are totally flawed by neoliberist ideology, with rules which makes no sense at all. Institutions are run by the rapresentatives of the most arrogant countries, as France and the IV Reich; the result is that rules are applied only to some countries (i.e. Greece and Italy), while Six Pack for Germany and high deficit spending for France and Spain have never been mentioned by any of the EU leaders. By the way, it’s not true wr have peace from 70 years: Eire and Former Jugoslavia are still in 70-years-long-peace Europe. And, we still had a long period of peace from 1814 to 1870, which is 56 years, but no EU was there at the time.
      Anyway, I’m not the one saying we should isolate in each owm country. I agree we need to integrate and collaborate, but this must happen in those fields were integration is actually convenient: foreign policiy, bargain power vs multinational corps, environment standars, labour rights, fighting terrorism, and so on. But, other stuff like single currency and totally senseless boundaries are damaging European people and are killing the idea of friendship between europeans. I think this is obvious: stuff like euro and several treaties have been made in such a way to advantage some countries and put burdens on others; so it is obvious some country in Italy hates EU, some other love it (Holland, Germany, Austry, Belgium…exaclty as Friedman predicted).

  9. Angéline-Sophie De Beierse

    EU should NOT be a territorial entity as you are portraying it. I was supposed to be no more than a political framework to ensure stability and growth on the continent. That means all member states are to submit to the said framework’s principles (i.e. democracy, economic freedom, free trade, free movement of capital, supporting each other in case one member is attacked without being a classical military alliance nor a federal state).
    Instead EU has became a bureaucratic empire of those corrupted politicians in Brussels who are looking to expand their own wealth and influence by an ever growing EU-state.

    • Angéline-Sophie De Beierse

      “Of course, there is always still more to do. In Romania, over 40% of children are at risk of poverty and social exclusion; in Sweden, the number is less than half of that.”
      This is not your business EU! Leave the market to correct these differences. Keep your dirty hands off the member states, they are not YOUR countries!

    • Rémi Martin

      Why don’t you leave it? So simply…

    • Rémi Martin

      Look at history, each empire who tried to unite it collapsed…

    • Angéline-Sophie De Beierse

      Exactly! So is the EU.
      Europe is not to be united, its regions/countries are meant to compete among themselves, not in wars but in attracting capital.

    • Tarquin Farquhar

      @Angéline-Sophie De Beierse
      Surely, the people of Romania have something to do with these matters?

    • Rémi Martin

      Don’t why they should share their future… For the big capital?

    • Rémi Martin

      Don’t see why they should share their future… For the big capital?

  10. Paul X

    This topic is pure EU propaganda though to be honest is a clear fail

    Firstly only four of the top ten countries in the Social progress Index are EU members (not five as claimed)

    You should also note that three of the top ten are British commonwealth countries, and with the UK just outside the top ten what does that indicate?

    At the end of the day, if Brussels was doing its job in trying to achieve equality across the EU the top ten should all be EU countries….the fact only four are (three being Nordic, another indicator?) means the EU is totally failing in one of it’s primary objectives

  11. Svetlozar Neykov

    As I said: Bulgaria €235.62
    Luxembourg €1,998.59 per Month for 01 January 2017.
    This means that 1 Bulgarian working 10 years is equal to 1 year work of 1 Luxembourgian or 10 Bulgarians work = 1 Luxemburgian or 10 Years work in Luxemburg for same person is equal 100 years work in Bulgaria. No fairplay in EU. Bulgarians will never reach or recover, because not only the development and production are not equal, but also in payment there is difference in times, this is wrong policy of EU, to not equalize the salaries of equal workers, it is like Bulgarian not produce with same quality standards but 10 times lower, please everybody knows that Romanians, Bulgarians etc.. go to Germany, Holland and produce the same quality and suddenly they have they pay rised, stop this political treatment like we are 3rd or 4th hand persons just because we live in Bulgaria by history reasons etc.. Despite it should be totally the opposite, to help the unfortunate so Bulgarians, Romanians, Greece should have more salary than fortuned Luxembourgian so they can reach them at some point of the time not in reverse that they will never reach them and EU is not equalizing. Do you think there are different speeds in equal Europe? So same person same job in different country different money? Even though Europe claims all conditions are equal? I divide Europe on East (working for Rich) and West (rich), North (rich) and South (looking for job)…

    • José Bessa da Silva

      That is absurd. The EU is not a country and therefore it has no power over this subject.
      Also, salaries are a big deal of your competitiveness. Make the bulgarian minimum salary equal to a western country and Bulgaria will simply economically crush. No company will go to Bulgaria, which has a worse education, worse infrastrocture, worse everything, if it had to pay each employee the same as in Luxemburg.
      Also it sound kind of funny for you to ask that out of tge EU. What would be your salary if Bulgaria was out of the EU? The same.

    • Svetlozar Neykov

      Not true, because Bulgarians go in countries like Germany, Holland, and suddenly for the same amount of work they receive big salaries this means that their competitiveness and education is good enough, and about 2 million are abroad not staying at home from 7 mil. country. About the salary in or out fo EU again not true, all salaries are based on country minimum wage (so local employers say if there is a change in whole country policy we will rise salaries – this is excuse so they can make more money from other Bulgarian workers), which is controlled now buy the EU central bank especially for newly entered countries like us, we are in
      International Monetary Fund which controls economics. Our Debt increases each year which means soon we will follow Greece, as slaves of western Europe…

    • José Bessa da Silva

      You need some economy classes. You clearly lack the most basic knowledge about it.
      You ckearly don’t know tge EU or how it works either. You even confuse ECB (which is for Euro countries, not Bulgaria), with tge IMF (non european).
      Go read a bit.

    • Svetlozar Neykov

      A lot of Germans come in Bulgaria to study medicine, education is good and cheep, we export smart cheep labor to Europe.

    • Svetlozar Neykov

      I will read but the situation won’t change if the minimum wage is not same in all Europe for example 500 or 1000 Euro. Just to inform you Bulgaria an Romania even though they are European members they are still in monitoring to go for Shengen, and to take EU as currency, because of corruption problems so the law should be forced by outside not but the countries internal politics. A lot of Germans come in Bulgaria to study medicine, education is good and cheap, we export smart cheap labor to Europe. Otherwise, you are equalizing engineer or doctor in Bulgaria (higher degree) with barman (no degree) in Luxembourg making the later even higher value, and Bulgarians soon will leave to be barman or waiter instead of engineers, medicals, economists in their own country… Even Croatia which is member from 2013 have doubled standard (442,09 EUR min wage, 4,171 mil people and import food from neighbors ) compared to Bulgaria (235,20 EUR min wage , 7,128, produces food and export to neighbors ) which is member from 2007? Do you think it has bigger production than Bulgaria? The most interesting is that in Portugal the teacher of marine engineering is Bulgarian so is not from bad education…

    • Rémi Martin

      Do you really believe once EU was made for the interests of the peoples??? Come on, welcome on the Titanic! Leave it if you don’t want to obey it!

    • Tarquin Farquhar

      @Svetlozar Neykov
      I feel sorry that you have been unfortunate to have been born in such a low-calibre country.

      But there are poorer countries in the Commonwealth that have more of a claim for assistance from my country (the UK) than many EU nations that Britain has been at odds with – multiply and severally.

    • Μάρκος Κουντουρούδας

      José Bessa da Silva You’re so Racist…like All those who “love this EU”. How dare you to distinct one person from Bulgaria from another from Netherlands, with these racist arguments ? Supposed that in this EU there are Treaties preserving the Equality of all the citizens in EU. So, with your view, there shouldn’t be any “E.U.” and there will be not !

  12. Johnny Tranvai

    Italy has nothing to gain by being under EU control and dictatorship. I wish we could go out soon from it.

    • Geoffrey Howard

      Can’t gain if there is no contribution.

    • Johnny Tranvai

      Geoffrey Howard italy is the third contributor within the EU Member States.

    • Tarquin Farquhar

      Australia and NZ are better!

  13. name

    Correction: the minimum salary in Bulgaria is 235 EUR vs 2000 EUR in Luxembourg or inequality close to 10x.

    • Profile photo of Debating Europe
      Debating Europe


    • Mika Nowack

      And east and west. And the middle. And the corners. And individuals.

    • Rémi Martin

      Mika, please, tell me, what’s is the common point between all the states? Your construction is just racist, nothing else, like a guy cald Adolf in Germoney in the 40’s!

    • Tarquin Farquhar

      @Armin Calder
      The Union is an illusion.
      The Union is an intrusion.
      The Union is a confusion.
      The Union will lead to contusion!


  14. Svetlozar Neykov

    As I said: Bulgaria €235.62
    Luxembourg €1,998.59 per Month for 01 January 2017.
    This means that 1 Bulgarian working 10 years is equal to 1 year work of 1 Luxembourgian or 10 Bulgarians work = 1 Luxemburgian or 10 Years work in Luxemburg for same person is equal 100 years work in Bulgaria. No fairplay in EU. Bulgarians will never reach or recover, because not only the development and production are not equal, but also in payment there is difference in times, this is wrong policy of EU, to not equalize the salaries of equal workers, it is like Bulgarian not produce with same quality standards but 10 times lower, please everybody knows that Romanians, Bulgarians etc.. go to Germany, Holland and produce the same quality and suddenly they have they pay rised, stop this political treatment like we are 3rd or 4th hand persons just because we live in Bulgaria by history reasons etc.. Despite it should be totally the opposite, to help the unfortunate so Bulgarians, Romanians, Greece should have more salary than fortuned Luxembourgian so they can reach them at some point of the time not in reverse that they will never reach them and EU is not equalizing. Do you think there are different speeds in equal Europe? So same person same job in different country different money? Even though Europe claims all conditions are equal? I divide Europe on East (working for Rich) and West (rich), North (rich) and South (looking for job)…

    • Thors Ukonvasara

      Give it time ! Și în România noastră va fi bine dacă ne continuăm parcursul european. Dacă îl abandonăm, va fi mai rău decât în anii ’90. Iar unii abia așteaptă !

    • Doru Beldiman

      Thors Ukonvasara Sper! Sunt multi care voteaza cu PSD, cu cei care sunt putred de corupti, care tin tara in saracie!

    • Thors Ukonvasara

      Pentru că nici în celelalte partide nu se găsesc oameni capabili să facă o schimbare veritabilă ! Singurul capabil și care nu a fost psd-ist, era domnul Băsescu.
      Și când spun că nu se găsesc, nu vreau să se înțeleagă că nu există, ci că mulți nu sunt lăsați de mediocrii bine înrădăcinați în funcțiile lor, să avanseze.
      Va mai trece apă pe Dunăre până va fi și la noi bine, dar fiind în UE suntem pe drumul cel bun. Ne trage după ei, rămâne la latitudinea noastră dacă vrem să rămânem doar trași sau vrem să îi ajungem și să punem și noi osul să îi tragem pe alții, să fim la același nivel …

    • Doru Beldiman

      Thors Ukonvasara Chiar cred ca va inselati foarte mult! Base a pornit mai bine, dar pe urma s-a comporat exact ca un psd-ist! El si gasca lui au jefuit mult, foarte mult, in timp ce au taiat salariile si pensiile cu 25%. Singurul partid cu oameni competenti si care nu sunt corupti este USR.

    • Thors Ukonvasara

      Așa o fi, dar faptul că-s un grup de neomarxiști îi trage mult în jos … în opinia mea, cel puțin.
      Votul meu nu-l vor avea niciodată cei de stânga, precum PSD, USR, Demos, etc.

    • Doru Beldiman

      Thors Ukonvasara Te inseli! USR nu e de stanga!!! Nici eu nu pot vota pentru stanga!

    • Doru Beldiman

      Citeste despre Nicusor Dan, cel care a infiitat USR.

    • ado

      and why not?

      i have been on business trips to gb and nl… made friends, as in `we still talk friends` – that helped a lot to reduce my nationalism.

      many of my friends went abroad for a better life – no hassle, no drama – just pass the interviews and bam! that’s it.

      many of romanians who went abroad came back to try to `fix things here` – and i’m not talking about construction workers, MATE.

      people here are starting to get the role of the citizen in a democracy (remember the february protests? – the protesters formed both the romanian flag and the eu flag – )

      brusseles officials seem to follow what’s happening in romania (remember “you are fake news” ?)

      maaan… i wore a romanian flag on many protests (since 2012) but from now on i’m wearing the european union flag…

      heh, ya-man, ode to joy

    • Tarquin Farquhar


    • Karolina


  15. Roxanne

    Absoltutely not! Spain is repressive, corrupt and violent. How would you like to be Catalan and have the Spanish Guardia Civil helicopters over head all day and night non stop intimidating and spying on you? How would you like to have your democratically, peaceful, elected representatives in prison? How would you like to have your TV and radio censored and retroactively taxed to bankrupt them? How would you like to have 10,000 Paramilitary in your country costing hundreds of millions while the government bankrupts the pensions? How would you like to go to prison for hate crimes because you criticized police brutality? We are living in complete and utter hell in Catalonia thanks to a Franco follower dictatorship under the guise of a democracy supported by the EU club of member states, who also give lip service to human and civil rights, allowing Rajoy to centralize Spain’s power in Madrid by inciting hate and robbing the country blind. How would you like your media censored? How would you like it to be illegal to mention the word president, wear a yellow ribbon, or not be able to have yellow fountains honoring those unjustly imprisoned? Any opposition to Rajoy is fined and or imprisoned. Meanwhile 11 people have died with no autopsies allowed because they have knowledge tying the Spanish PM to the biggest corruption scandal in Europe. Still, Junker is awarded an honorary title in Salamanca to keep him in the pocket of Spain by filling his pockets. The EU backing Rajoy has blood on their hands and is responsible for allowing fascism to flourish in Spain. So would you like living in the EU under these unethical, illegal, repressive, sinister conditions? Me neither times at least four million more paying members to the EU. Why bother asking this question? The EU will just ignore it and continue to do nothing.

  16. ironworker

    As an eastern european returned from US of A, is terrible. There is so much perversity in the way EU is ruled, that I’m really considering going back and start a guerrilla info war against Bruxelles, Berlin, and Paris.

    • Tarquin Farquhar

      I understand your pain – the BBP represent the worst of European humanity!

      GO FOR It!!

  17. Ludwig Theile

    yes very Happy! That’s why so many traumatized people wants to flee to Europe! Because at home is “bullshit”! But Europe is to small for all how wants to come.

  18. Konrad Kowalski

    The EU is a great idea – close cooperation between independent states in Europe.

    Poles have the greatest experience in creating the Union.
    Creating a Union is Poland History and tradition (Poland made eight times and 7 was extremely successful).
    The longest Union in the history of Europe (and probably the world) is the Lithuanian-Polish Union.
    Poland is a great supporter of the EU but is not a supporter of the IV Reich.

    Many countries do not understand the EU deadline and therefore we have an EU crisis.
    There is a group of officials that the EU is supposed to behave like the German Empire or like the USSR.
    These people do not understand the word democracy, liberalism, tolerance, independence, tradition, nation.
    Pro-EU politicians are very often extreme nationalists. They falsify history and facts and try to introduce neo-colonialism and the dependence of independent states on another state or non-elected EU officials.

    P.S. The EU flag is “banal nationalism”

    • Rémi Martin

      I’m sure you wouldn’t say the same if Poland didn’t get so much money (from our taxes) from EU… I just want to leave it!

    • Simon Rapala

      Francuz ma racje! Polacy sa chetni na pieniazki UE … ale na tym sie konczy!

  19. Claudia Mealha

    If there wasn’t an EU we would have had war for sure between now friendly nations, and prosperity was everything but assured – we would all be much poorer. Maybe all these euroceptcs would rather live anywhere else in the globe where rampant poverty, war and a total lack of social security are the unfortunate rule. You all need a lot of lessons in History – talking nonsense with a full stomach, an absence of war and your assured retirement pensions and free health care and education.

    • Rémi Martin

      That’s why this 60 years old construction doesn’t work, why don’t you talk about the quality of life who isn’t the same everywhere? We saw again yesterday with the glyphosate,Eu isn’t made for the interests of his citizens!

  20. Karolina

    Yes, I am. There are things still to improve but overall we enjoy some of the highest living standard in the world. It’s not many places where a citizen can sue the government. We enjoy many more rights than average.

  21. Vicente Silva Tavares

    For a while yes. It is interesting that in your article the people more happy with EU are the countries which steal the taxes from other countries like Luxembourg, Holland, Belgium, Ireland.. If they had to live only on their export of goods would they be so happy? The top 20 companies in Portugal have the holding company head office in those countries. They made the profits here and pay taxes in Holland or the other robber countries. Then we open the borders to import from cheap labour countries. The factories close down and relocate to those countries and we get unemployed. Then we only charge 3 to 6% of duties while the Chinese charges up to 90%. Its fair for them but not for us. Then come the robots to steal our jobs away. When most of us will be unemployed I wonder to whom they are going to sell their goods. Then to make more pressure on salaries we open our borders to all migrants of the world. And to make more pressure on our welfare systems, most of them are going to live on our social housing, social benefits and do not need to work. The became so grateful that they kill us on concerts, at fairs, at the streets with bombs, machine guns and cars and trucks. Thank you European “enlightened” politicians. Our future will be great…shit.

    • Tarquin Farquhar

      @Vicente Silva Tavares
      Your 2nd sentence is so accurate!

  22. catherine benning

    Are you happy living in the European Union?

    No, I voted for Brexit.

    However, I am happy I’m English and was born at the time I was.

    I want to remain in a society and culture steeped in freedom and tolerant democracy. I do wish that society was closer to Swiss Direct Democracy. Had we had this form of government we would not be facing the mess we are in now. Our EU steeped Parliament would have been curtailed long before we had to take a vote on leaving or staying part of it. In fact, had we had a Swiss way of rule, we would never have been part of the EEC or EU in the first place. And it would have saved us having to face the despotic vice we now find ourselves trying to break free of. Our politicians were bribed, starting with Heath.

    FCO3/1048 has now exposed how we were fraudulently led into the European Economic Community by a suspected paedophile who was paid, by that same Community, a mere £40,000.00 and a promise to keep his crimes quiet, if he would gladly sell us down the river. He took the bait. Really, I suppose they made him an offer he couldn’t refuse, don Corleone style. Fitting in this scenario I think.

    And proof.

  23. Eugene Kelly

    Yes, the EU has protected us in Scotland from some of the worst excesses of being ruled from England.

  24. EU Reform- Proactive

    Generally, happiness is where home is, one was born & raised.

    The SPI index seems to “compete” and is the EU version of the annual (UN) “World Happiness report”.

    SPI index “presenter” Nicola Caputo is a local Member of the EU Parliament-

    who has “developed” this index as an alternative calculation tool for the EU to measure GDP and social progress- mainly for EU consumption..

    Social progress, high GDP & happy living can- but does not necessarily translate into “personal happiness”. A poor person in the darkest corner of Africa might be & live happier- despite bad governance- than a wealthy Luxembourger in the EU.

    The “world happiness index” might differ somehow to the SPI, but is more representative to measure “happy nations” globally. :

    1. Norway (7.537) 2. Denmark (7.522) 3. Iceland (7.504) 4. Switzerland (7.494) 5. Finland (7.469) 6. Netherlands (7.377) 7. Canada (7.316) 8. New Zealand (7.314) 9. Australia (7.284) 10. Sweden (7.284) 11. Israel (7.213) 12. Costa Rica (7.079) 13. Austria (7.006) 14. United States (6.993) 15. Ireland (6.977) 16. Germany (6.951) 17. Belgium (6.891) 18. Luxembourg (6.863) 19. United Kingdom (6.714)

  25. Pier Dal Ri

    I am happy and proud to live in europe, the group of the most important in art letters and technology countries, I am not happy about the eu leadership, not voted by me, trying to change our leadership with a mix of black and arab subculture.

    • Rémi Martin

      Enchanté, heureux de ne pas partager mon futur avec des zozos comme toi! Les insultes, la réponse des personnes qui n’ont pas d’arguments!

  26. Mitsos Daniel

    Obviously yes!
    It just needs more time to work on its flaws. People just don’t understand it cannot happen overnight

    • Péter Sebők

      I am afraid that your IQ does not exceed that of a sheep

    • Rémi Martin

      Nice to share my future with you, isn’t it?

  27. Петър Йовчев

    the good thing about living in EU is that you can always leave it and go to Africa , Asia or Russia and see the difference. The way around is not so easy.

    • Rémi Martin

      Or leave, in order to not pay for others, isn’t it?

  28. Franck Legon

    In the valley I live in the air is now heavily polluted, way too many traffic, way too many people for the place to support, the land’s dying. Quite only big malls, lots people here that came just for the money to be made without a link, responsibility, no more local food, “one use” junks, it’s always more ” development ” and more growth for growth but not sustainable. Many jobless we have to pay for, owning land’s heavily taxed like everythin, they look at tv talkin about ecology but never did garden, lumber, watering, building, just buy and pay. I find it sad, maybe Im too old with 46.

  29. Bobbi Suzic

    I think we would gain much by further simplifying and harmonizing legislation and services to citizens.

    • Rémi Martin

      Because do you think it’s the prupose of the EU?

  30. Manel Farré

    NO, only money is important, the people no…

  31. Stefan Versac

    The EU organism, is not a country. It is a sect made with a few hundreds unelected corrupt oligarchs destroying European nations and cultures

  32. Jan Tegnér

    A good question, but hard to answer. I believe in the idea of an integrated Europe, but I voted No both to joining EU and to joining EMU (Sweden joined, but still have its own monetary system).

    Today, I don’t want to leave EU, but the reasons I was sceptical to join EU is still valid and even more so today.

    EU promotes companies at the expense of its citizens. Brussels are full of lobbyists from big money, but the voices of the people are seldom heard. The citizens best should always be prioritized before company interests.

    EU need more transparency, democracy and civil rights. I’m deeply upset with how Catalonia have been treated. It is not acceptable that a member country use violence against its citizens when they express their democratic and civil rights. Catalonia should be allowed to decide their own future and if they become independent they still should be a EU member state or else both Spain and Catalonia should be kicked out. All EU citizens should be treated equal, so its wrong to support the oppressive regime of Spain on the expense of Catalonia. This made me doubt about the future of EU.

    The foundation of a united Europe should be that the level of welfare system and living conditions are somewhat equal in all EU member states. A common currency does not work, unless there is a common tax system that compensates for regional differences and trade balance between countries. If Greece would not have joined the Euro, then the exchange rate would have compensated for the crisis and it would have been very cheap to travel to Greece or buy products from Greece, which would improve the economy and create more jobs. Now Greece are forced to try to solve their economic crisis with expensive loans, which makes prices higher, reduces tourism and increases unemployment and social welfare system. 85% of their debt is created by expensive loans. Joining the EMU has become a staircase to hell.

    Since EU has expanded too fast, it will be really hard to become the EU, I would like to see. When you are building a house, you need to make sure the foundation is stable and functional before adding more floor levels. It would have been hard to harmonize the social welfare and tax system of the western european countries, but adding really poor countries like Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary before this have been done makes it almost impossible. To achieve that western countries need to lower their own social welfare and this is not politically viable.

    So, I both like and dislike the EU. I do feel like an european more than just a swede, but the EU needs to shape up and put its citizens first to become the dream we want it to be.

  33. Yanis Sarto

    Yes ,I prefer us going forward together than when we were isolated from each other behind borders

    • Rémi Martin

      That’s your opinion… For the rest, can you explain me how you was isolated? A bit like North Korea?

  34. Tarquin Farquhar

    @Konrad Kowalski
    As with Prince Jan Sobielski III, Poland is aware of REICH IV (AKA the EU) and its terrible subversive grab for power and its dictatorial, corrupt and unaccountable practices.

    War failed Germany in its grab for power, economic treaties have helped Germany succeed in REICH IV.

  35. Vincent Kleijn

    less and less and less. With all those fascists governments nowadays… Slovakia, Poland and Hungary are already so, Austria seems to become so and the Czech Republic (where I live and work hard and the Czech tax authority also knows how to take taxes from my salary…) has an anti-immigrant party led by (yes, you guess it right…) an ECONOMIC IMMIGRANT!!! from JAPAN!) which probably gets a government with the right-wing ANO party :-( at some point, there will be no other choice then to move to Canada or North Korea…

  36. Dee O'brien

    No,I can remember a time before the EU turned political when Ireland was a lot more stable,functional and secure to live in

  37. Paul X

    Care to back up your statement “If there wasn’t an EU we would have had war for sure” with some hard facts instead of just repeating the tired old europhile propaganda?

    ..and you believe the EU funds pensions, free healthcare and education?…….clearly I need to ask the UK government for a rebate on my 39 years worth of National Insurance and Tax contributions, I was obviously mistaken when I thought these were my contributions to UK state pension and health care

  38. Maria

    I am very happy for being european and live in our continent..some things need to change, others need improvement but overall we enjoy years of consequative peace and stability.

    • Tarquin Farquhar

      Please take the RED pill, you’ll soon change your mind!

  39. Salome Dermati

    As soon as I began my undergraduate studies in the field of Political Sciences and Public Administration at the National University of Athens last year, I were able to comprehend and acknowledge the historic, symbolic, political, and economical significance of the EU. I feel utterly lucky and privileged to have being born and raised in a member state, as well as not having experienced war in my country.

  40. Iain Budde

    Yes. I also have every intention of making sure i remain so.

  41. Iñaki

    I am very grateful to Europe . Thanks to the opportunities that I’ve been given during my degree .

  42. Jane Wood

    Yes , I am European , nothing changes that

  43. Zsolt Ardai

    Absolutely, I’m European 🇪🇺🇪🇺😍😇💶

  44. Carlos Branco

    need to Deport the haters that hate europeans. EU promote the haters that hate europeans and finance rebelds with money from europeans. EU is evil.

  45. Martin Malfer

    No borders, the thought of peace and ever bigger cohesion on our continent. When you travel, you can trust food security all over, know that in Romania, Portugal amd so on the same healthcare standards apply, even though often not in reality yet, the fact you have as a European citizen the possibility to pay in other countries with a currency that is well accepted, the fact you can counter the US, Russia and China because you are part of a Union that counts, and is not determined by others are all things that make me proud and happy

    • Maria B Nikolova

      Трябваше как на български да им кажеш.

  46. José Bessa da Silva

    Not at all. My country should leave as fast as possible. The EU wasa terrible mistake my parents did in the 90’s…

    • José Bessa da Silva

      Isso digo-lhe eu. Se não gosta de ser português ponha-se porta fora.

    • João Almeida

      A ignorância é uma coisa terrível, se não fosse a UE Portugal hoje era umas dezenas de vezes mais atrasado, menos democrático, mais sujo e ainda pior em infraestruturas, justiça e tudo aquilo que uma sociedade moderna tem como característica base. Isto pode não estar bom, mas podia estar muito mas muito pior. As tangas que dizem sobre a UE não são culpa dela mas de quem cá só sabe aproveitar para se encher.

    • João Almeida

      E mais, não foi nos 90s, foi nos 70s que se começou a pensar na CEE com a entrada em 86. :|

    • João Almeida

      Uma pequena viagem ao principio dos anos 80 abria-te os olhos… barracas, infraestrutura do terceiro mundo, uma cidadania inexistente, justiça abaixo de zero, lixarada, rios poluídos, corrupção à bruta. Se hoje isto é habitável e próspero não foi graças ao que aqui havia, mas ao que foi “importado”. Dê uma voltinha pela Europa de leste para ver como era por cá…

    • João Varela

      Estamos tao melhor que as novas gerações estão a viver pior que a dos nossos pais. Viva a Europa da divida, do resgate, do euro e das auto-estradas vazias!. Viva!

    • José Bessa da Silva

      Mais democrático? Por fazer parte de uma instituição onde o seu voto vale nada e onde a palavra da Alemanha vale sete vezes mais que a de Portugal? Mais democrático por fazer parte de uma instituíção que tem na maioria dos seus quadros cargos não eleitos? Mais democráticos por fazer parte de uma instituição que se construiu sem perguntar ao povo se a cria ou como a cria e que se recusa a fazê-lo?
      Já agora, para quem fala em ignorância confundir CEE e União Europeia devia valer-lhe o prémio de ironia do ano.
      Em 1974 os portugueses tinham mais poder de compra que em 2017. Só isso já serve para acabar com essa sua conversa. Acrescente-se que o país nunca teve tanta dívida desde 1891 e todo esse parlapié vira piada. A banca, que era nacional, agora pertence a estrangeiris e está subalternizada a Espanha. As nossas exportações, que seguiam para o mundo, agora dependem da Espanha, que antes era irrelevante. A pouca indústria que tinhamos desapareceu (manter rios limpos é bem mais fácil assim). A nossa agricultura só agora começa a recuperar das décadas de subsídios para fechar explorações que a CEE e a UE promoveram, para garantir que não competiamos com os grandes, entretanto importamos tudo de de Espanha. Enfim, somos a UE fez de nós uma províncus ultraperiférica e pobre e o João Varela bate palmas com as migalhas.

  47. José Bessa da Silva

    Not at all. My country should leave as fast as possible. The EU was a terrible mistake my parents did in the 90’s…

    • Athanasios Tempridis

      You are not even a european. You and your breed is one of the most important reasons that i want my country leave E.U

  48. Beranger

    Yes, alot. As a 25 years old french student, I cannot imagine living in Europe another way.

  49. Jozsef Erös

    Well I do not see myself wealthy, after so many years the income differences still horrible between east and west european countries. This is not fair. The GDP per capita does not explain this differences because is about 60-70 % of the west european countries but the income only is only fifth or tenth of the west european workers. We are colonized, so simple int EU :(

  50. Armahn Armah

    with terrorism a daily concern because Angela Merkel foolishly opened the gates of Europe to millions of “refugees” without vetting a single one of them, how could you even ask that mindless question?

  51. Borislav Valkov

    No! The corrupted politicians are praised in EU and the lack of reforms are to be blamed on the population but everytime the population wents on protest either PES’s or EPP’s representitives come and give their full support to the corrupted politicians who call the protestors names: lumpens, bad material, 80% idiots etc…

  52. Gregory

    NO OFCOURSE NOT!! EU destroy my coyntry, people starving!!

    • Mitsos Daniel

      If different means disabled to you, then I have nothing else to say

  53. Ariste Arvanitides


  54. Paul X

    I’m happy living in the UK….I’m also happy that the UK is part of the continent of Europe….I’m also happy visiting other countries in Europe…

    …..quite how a profligate, political & economic bureaucratic organisation is supposed to improve my happiness levels is a bit of a mystery?

  55. Spy

    My country is Earth, but as I’m not free to travel and live everywhere, I feel EUROPEAN for it is the only continent that offers me some freedom and justice in addition to the rights granted by my own country/ies.
    I hope intelligence and solidarity will prevail and that my children like me will continue to enjoy living in this wider and peaceful common space governed by the principles of democracy, respect for human rights and the rule of law. That is precisely this short legacy that nationalists and so called economic patriots are trying to destroy every day putting at risk, Europeans’ autonomy and sovereignty.

  56. Peter John Spentzuris

    I don’t mind the European Union but I definitely want us Greeks to leave the monstrosity named Eurozone!!! Its lethal, deadly and its a German dictatorship which uses us as a colony!!!

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