Brexit hasn’t caused the sky to fall in (yet). In the run-up to the referendum vote in June 2016, the British government issued dire predictions of the short-term consequences of voting to leave the European Union. Ultimately, however, the UK economy proved surprisingly resilient. Analysts, of course, point out that Brexit hasn’t actually happened yet (and, even then, Britain is beginning to feel the pinch from a weaker pound and rising inflation).

Economists weren’t the only ones who made failed predictions, however. Many people also thought Brexit might herald the break-up of the European Union. The Netherlands could be next with ‘Nexit’, then France could vote for ‘Frexit’, Denmark could choose ‘Dexit’, and the Swedes could choose… ‘Sexit’?

Soon, however, a sense of normalcy returned. European leaders shrugged their shoulders, and declared that Brexit wasn’t “the end of the world”. Like the British economy in the early months after the Brexit vote, the European Union seems unexpectedly robust. But for how long?

We had a comment sent in on our “Suggest a Debate” page from Dexter, who asked if the EU could survive another Member State leaving after Brexit.

The Brexit negotiations could establish a precedent. If the UK tests the waters (and doesn’t drown or get eaten by sharks) then one or two others may paddle out to join it. Membership of the European Union could become much more fluid, with members leaving and joining without upsetting the greater whole.

Of course, Britain is not a member of the Single Currency. As complicated as Brexit negotiations will be (and they will be complicated enough), things would be unimaginably more difficult for any country wanting to leave the Eurozone. The American economist Barry Eichengreen was writing a decade ago about the difficulties of exiting the euro, and his argument still applies. And if one of the big founding countries, such as France or Germany, decided to leave then surely it would be game over for the EU.

Could the EU survive another member leaving after Brexit? Could Sweden or Denmark follow Britain out the door without leading to the collapse of the EU? Or would the whole house of cards come tumbling down? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!

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    • Arnout Posthumus

      You do know the uk was only holding the eu down

    • Cristian G. Dinu

      Were it Greece instead of the UK, it’d have been a boost.

    • Zoltan Kiss

      All they know is arrogance. If you dare disagree they just vomit offence…..

    • SD

      It depends which member leaves. If Germany leaves the EU its GAME OVER. Ofcourse if Croatia or Finnland leaves nobody will notice any big difference as they are on tge peripherie of the EU. Germany on tge other hand is a massive Country all tge way from the alps up to the english channel and to add to it the biggest economy in the EU.

  1. Arnout Posthumus

    Well we either all die or we dont. So if humanity picks death then so be it.

    For me its no option, europe will always survive because the other part is a part of 0 hope. Even if the benelux and germany will only stay, atleast it will stay.

  2. Daniel Parvanov

    Yes it could, but pushing hard on UK, for Brexit is just the example they need to conclude that EU is unfair… And word is not just these Social Justice Warriors things which some pro EU NGOs push… you’ve got to listen to the people and address the issues and people concerns and chance someone else to leave will decrease …

    • Ricardo Pinhal

      Bullshit! What will not happen is we, as EU, ending up with the short stick on this negotiation!

    • Ricardo Pinhal

      Nonsense! Far better protected than if we stood, as nations divided, all alone!

    • Piedade Luisa Pinho

      Speak for yourself. I don’t feel any protection. I want my country, my nationality back. I want my people free again to decide and to suffer from theirown decisions!
      EU project it’s only good for a few politicians and business men. They have long forgot we elected them.

    • Piedade Luisa Pinho

      Speak for yourself. I don’t feel any protection. I want my country, my nationality back. I want my people free again to decide and to suffer from theirown decisions!
      EU project it’s only good for a few politicians and business men. They have long forgot who elected them.

    • José Bessa da Silva

      I completly agree with you Piedade. To stay within an institution that brought the highest debt ever, poverty rate levels comparable to the dictatorship, purchasing power levels worse than during the democratic transition and legalized corruption under the name of lobbying is suicide. Not to mention how they intend to destroy national identities in name of an homogenized federal stated that will serve none other than corporate interests.

    • Piedade Luisa Pinho

      Freedom of speach?!?!? Freedom of religion?!?! Hellooooo? Come back to Earth, to THIS Europe… and open your eyes.

    • Ivan Burrows

      Ricardo Pinhal

      How is that working out for Greece, Spain, Italy, Poland, Hungary, etc ?

    • Ivan Burrows

      Laura Guthrie .

      There are plenty of Nations in the world that have freedom of speech, citizens rights, etc and are not in the EU.

      Brussels didn’t invent them.

    • Ariano Ângelo

      Ivan Burrows speaking from Portugal: we had every opportunity from the EU but corruption fucked us all over.
      We received money to improve our agriculture for example. This people spent the money on luxury cars and vacation homes. So yeah, let’s talk about EU be to blame. Don’t blame who’s trying to do the best for your country flaws. If you want your freedom back you can’t ask the EU to give you the stuff you want. To impose that they would’ve to control your country since your politicians are corrupt as fuck.

    • Rémi Martin

      And we didn’t wait for Brussels to have it! Sorry, but my land is better protected as with my 27 neighbors, remember just what happened in December in Germany, did you forget it? So fast?

    • Marco Filipe Chaves Antunes

      José Bessa da Silva ok let’s analyze what you have said.
      Portuguese debt if you analyze the value has a single number yes it is the biggest number, but if you correlate with the other 2 times that Portugal had debt issues, then the country was far poorer than in the current time so no prize for you in this issue. Now let’s analyze the worst purchasing power since the democratic transition. Sorry but you said another lie. In 1978 the inflation was 20,9 in 1990 it was 13,6 and in 2000 we got 2,9 in 2016 got 0,6 INE data. The low inflation means price stability witch you didn’t have with the escudo. We have the euro the price contracts are stable that’s good for the economy and the people. With the escudo Portugal would print more if needed but it was like a blind tax and ho had less escudos suffered more. No small savings would resist to the inflation only those ho had money and knowledge would exchange escudo for dollars or francs or Swiss francs to guarantee the value of their savings. Oh by the way the debt was the Nacional government fault no Eurocrats would advise a government to spend beyond their means that’s just too dumb to believe.

    • Ricardo Pinhal

      The propriety on which people talk of nothing they know nothing about! The EU was formed to be able to be competitive in a globalized world. No one enforced EU to their member states, if each government decided to join was because the intellectuals, scholars knew perfectly well that this was the way to go if one wanted to survive! Saying there’s no democracy, security, sovereignity is at best ill manered and irresponsible!

    • Ricardo Pinhal

      France will never leave! France is the genesis of the EU!

    • Konathe Vixa Brouillon

      Ricardo Pinhal then she should take the lead again and hopefully get back in track, cause lately Germany has taken over everything and is destroying EU for her own survive battle

    • Rémi Martin

      Ricardo, in the name of what do you speak about France? Did you forget our vote from 2005? It’s maybe time to organize a referendum about leaving EU in France, somes will be surprised…

    • Ricardo Pinhal

      Hey Remi, got your chance with Le Pen, but u know what, the majority of France said nahhhh!

  3. Claudine Vincenti

    But, why should the leave. Efforts should be made to improve it and I believe if Europe becomes one like the United States of Europe and become one for all and all for one. Is it possible that we can change our way of thought?

    • Rosy Forlenza

      but how does that happen though Claudine? The Eu needs to change its shift dramatically. The UK and particularly a certain branch of Englishness has had an over inflated view of its importance in the world, which is why it hangs on to the US’ coat tails, that said, I can understand why some of the brexiteer arguments were so powerful for people. Issues around a bill of rights, minimum wages for stay at home mums, (mothers are very forgotten by the EU), better fiscal management in the eurozone with upper and lower limits on corporate tax, vat and so on (so countries’ still have flexibility), ireland needs a direct link to the eu should the landbridge (england and wales) be lost, that means investment and super ferries for starters, italy needs help with migration from africa, otherwise the lega nord and the an and fn will gain momentum, angela merkel needs to stop speaking up for the eu, the united in difference is slowly being eroded, and they need to listen to the people before profits type of euro parliamentarians, and have a good project for small businesses (the back bone of any economy), and greener, healthier environmental laws, including fish stock monitoring, respect for local economies, proper animal rights laws (no intense super battery u.s. style farms), any united states of europe must be our united states of europe, and maybe a cap on politician salaries. we need to take a breath, i don’t want to live in a corporate trade deal dominated europe, i want an eu that respects and supports the differences between us and within our societies. i am voting hard left, if they don’t change and the 5 star win in italy, then they are pledged to remove italy from the eurozone, most italians do experience the euro as positive (i am sure it is) but the perception and experiences are that it isn’t.

    • Tarquin Farquhar

      @Rosy Forlenza
      The UK likes democracy, the EU does not.

      Many EU nations do not understand/practice/respect democracy.

      Hence the UK in its over-inflated ;) stable for a millennium mindset decided to leave.

    • Ivan Burrows


      Because France now has a pro EU president in Macron ?, given he was only elected by 20% of French voters I wouldn’t be to sure of no Frexit.

    • Tomás Bernardo

      But me, I am not sure if Britain going to leave EU finally

    • José Bessa da Silva

      I will. I dream of a better future to me and my people and tha be possible outside of the EU.

    • Leonam Gonçalves

      A better future outside of EU?! Are you familiar with our political class at all?

    • José Bessa da Silva

      Delusional is to stay within an institution that brought the highest debt ever, poverty rate levels comparable to the dictatorship, purchasing power levels worse than during the democratic transition and legalized corruption under the name of lobbying is suicide. Not to mention how they intend to destroy national identities in name of an homogenized federal stated that will serve none other than corporate interests.

    • José Bessa da Silva

      Leonam, because Brussels politicians are better? In what world do you live?

    • José Bessa da Silva

      Ricardo Pinhal , no arguments, because repeating yourself does not make you sane!

    • José Bessa da Silva

      Delusional is to stay within an institution that brought the highest debt ever, poverty rate levels comparable to the dictatorship, purchasing power levels worse than during the democratic transition and legalized corruption under the name of lobbying. It issuicide. Not to mention how they intend to destroy national identities in name of an homogenized federal stated that will serve none other than corporate interests.

  4. Jose Martin Gomez

    Toynbee, ya predijo que, EE.UU. UK. y Paises Escandinabos, formarían una troyka. Llegado el momento el resto de Europa se construiría una EuroAsia.

    • Tarquin Farquhar

      @Jose Martin Gomez
      Toynbee is considered a nutjob in the UK BTW!

  5. Andrew Potts

    The top EU leadership should have resigned after Brexit as they lost an important functioning multicultural democracy, the people of Britain voted no confidence in the internationalist leaders. What happened they continued their global agenda rather then representing the interests of Europeans. Resign now pleas you failed really badly and even now they seek to punish

    • Andrew Potts

      I think you have just proved my argument with your remark

  6. Andrew Potts

    The top EU leadership should have resigned after Brexit as they lost an important functioning multicultural democracy, the people of Britain voted no confidence in the internationalist leaders. What happened? They continued their global agenda rather then representing the interests of Europeans. Resign now please as the EU leadership has failed really badly and even now they seek to punish the UK in spite rather then critically look at their shortcomings. I would be classed as pro EU but having seen the EU leadership, not, even pause for a moment of reflection at the loss of such an important member state I do now realise the top is the problem and should be removed. They are operating without accountability.

    • Andrew Potts

      I think you have just proved my argument with your unfortunate ignorant remark. The EU leadership have encouraged insults of those that express a real concern of the leadership of the EU. Another exit could see a rush to the door and a new body wishing to form. Already there are people in other countries thinking of an exit.

  7. Saul Crucero

    Before the EU was formed every country in Europe managed and survive on their own trading with one another, everyone has its own monetary system and its national defense and economic policy. It can return to each independent country managing its own state of affair.

    • Federico Rossi

      You forgot how they manage to survive…

    • Ricardo Pinhal

      This is absolutely having no knowledge of economic and political currents!

  8. Philip Spentzuris

    The EU shouldn’t survive unless drastic changes are implemented as an urgency!! Germany needs a harsh reality check!!!

  9. Philip Spentzuris

    The EU shouldn’t survive unless drastic changes are implemented as an urgency!! Germany needs a harsh reality check!!!

  10. Don Santiago

    The UE should be dismantled, since it’s original purpose: to form an alliance that brought political and military independence from the USA face the Eastern Block is no longer present.
    Now it’s an instrument to serve international corporation and deregulated capitalism and Globalization.

    • Александър Михайлов

      It has become an attempt at a European superstate, rather than a union of independent sovereign countries. It’s economy is stagnating. It is politically and militarily weak. It has become a bureaucratic tumor on member states

    • Paulius Paždagis

      The usual average modern internet cynic material… :]

  11. Janko Köhler

    The only country that should leave the EU is Germany! Since Merkel called her “guests”, the EU is going down!

  12. Paulius Paždagis

    Nobody wants to leave, you paranoid assholes. Even HALF of Britain voted Stay and now the whole Britain is teared up by realizing that they voted incredibly stupid and been blatantly lied to by deluded populists.

    • Paul X

      I think you will find it was less than half, and where is your evidence that people are changing their mind?

      You are no doubt too young to remember but this is the second referendum the UK has had on continued membership, and during the first back in 1975 the UK public was lied to about the direction of the EC resulting in a majority voting to remain.This explains why a lot of the older generation voted to leave this time, they will only fall for being lied to once.

      Despite how much the ill-informed like to claim the leave result was down to all the “populist” rhetoric during the run up to the referendum ( immigration, 150bn for NHS funding etc) most people’s decision on how they would vote will have been made up years before the referendum was even called, and would have been based on a long standing mistrust of the EU, it’s ambitions and how it operates.
      That’s why I voted out, and nothing that has happened since the referendum has made me change my mind, if anything, the arrogant and often childish way the EU is carrying on at the moment makes me even happier with the result

    • Diana Shepard

      Romania is not bankrupt and is not waiting for all of us,taxpayers from all of the EU to give them money every year.Lazy people.We don’t need Greece in the euro zone.

  13. Ivan Burrows


    With the latest ‘threat’ to Polish sovereignty from the European commission we might find out sooner than you think, personally I do not believe it the EU will survive even if another Nation State does not leave.

    The continuing Euro crisis will kill it.

  14. Paulo Especial

    The EU will, of course, survive BREXIT or another EXIT. Because, as it was already said, someone will always choose hope against no hope.

    EU is an idea. One that promotes equality within Europe in order to, never again, allow war and conflict to happen within Europe.

    Since the implementation of the EEC and afterwards of the EU, not one war has happened between it’s members. Yes, not all is roses and a deep reformation must happen, but no one can deny the stability that all of us has gained with the present EU or the investments that have been made to raise the social and economical levels of the members with worse ratings/levels.

    The Younger generations, within the EU, are now more close and adept of the EU than the generations that lived before the EU.

    • Paul X

      Ignoring the fact it’s actually NATO that has kept the peace, on a European level if the idea was just to prevent war then there was no need for anything else apart from the European Coal and Steel Community, certainly no need for a profligate, totalitarian organisation like the EU

      ..and just because the young have grown up not knowing anything else but the EU does not mean thing are better than before, just that they cannot conceive anything different

    • Tarquin Farquhar

      @Paulo Especial
      You are not ‘special’, you are just deluded. NATO has kept the peace in Europe!

      I am hoping for a hard Brexit – I am sick and tired of propping up the corrupt regime that is the EU!

  15. Stefano Rossi

    nobody else wants to exit. Just see what’s happening in UK! Also Le Pen and Salvini are retracting theri position. Othe exit are not in the agenda of anyone

    • Ivan Burrows

      Stefano Rossi

      ‘Just see what’s happening in UK’ ?

      Our unemployment continues to fall, our exports continue to rise and inflation is under control so the UK is doing very well thanks.

      How is Italy doing ?

    • Stefano Rossi

      good for you, and I hope you will stay always better in UK, but there are no more exit political proposal after the referendum. It will mean something. Italy has huge problems given by the Italian “system”, not by the european partenership, without which we would be in default

    • Vincent Lia

      Ivan Burrows UK is still in the EU. Selling cheaply because of the drop in the value of the pound attracts more buyers.

    • Ivan Burrows

      Vincent Lia

      Something we can do because we are not locked into the job destroying Euro, something the southern European Countries can only dream of.

      We have enough trade deals lined up with the USA, China, India, Japan, Australia, New Zealand & the Commonwealth to easily make up any loss of trade when we leave the EU caused by European Commission’s stupidity, the same can not be said for the EU if the commission closes one of the EU’s biggest markets to continental businesses.

    • Diana Shepard

      Ivan Burrows ,what a lot of bullshit.Pound lost 10% of its value,inflation is not under control and very soon interest rates will go up.So things are not so good in the UK.

    • Tarquin Farquhar

      @Diana Shepard
      You’d better tell that to the hundreds of thousands of EU jobless that still seek work in the UK.

  16. Marko Martinović

    EU is sacrificing its own people for political correctness. In that condition it does not deserve to exist

    • Paulius Paždagis

      You are chosen to see the Truth behind all the Illuminati and The Elite lies! You are now among the others who see how truly things are! I salute you, fellow member of our society! You will be sent a golden tinfoil hat as a token of our appreciation.

    • Marko Martinović

      I said none of those things. Go and try to put your words in someone elses mouth, it does not work on me.

    • Rémi Martin

      After trying to make homo sovieticus, some peoples want the homo europeus! And it won’t work!

  17. Julia Hadjikyriacou

    So another 3 of the oldest NATO member wants to leave the EU since the EU army draws near, France, Denmark and Netherlands. What a coincidence.

    • Ivan Burrows


      Says the man who ignores the question & instead insults everyone who does not agree with his ideology ?

      Not at all conceited are you.

  18. Ralf Grahn

    Depends on the countries; the Visegrad countries seem to have joined under false premises, lately fomenting a ‘counter revolution’ against the entrace criteria, as well as EU and Council of Europe values and aims.

  19. Paul X

    What would be interesting is if one of the poorer countries that is a net recipient from the EU budget decides to leave, will the EU continue to pay out for all the “commitments” it has made to that country even after it has left?….

  20. Ludwig Theile

    the economic consequence for all EU Countries will be dramatic and can badly damaged the the world economy

  21. Matt Stewart

    the EU could try reverting to a simple free trade bloc. it would solve all the problems, and keep the main benefit. but that’s not on the agenda of the horrid little napoleons and hitlers at the helm.

  22. Manuel Alegria

    and why would any other member want to leave the EU???
    one should remember that UK were never in EU for the whole…

  23. Georgius Portugalus

    Well, first it was the of the NATO, after the end of United Nations and now the EU. Guys is logic that it is to stay at least for a good amount of years. Brexit was the best we could have since England was in to better be out, at least now is real they finally will be out. This English issue demonstrate to all of us the need to be together, we have a lot to loose when leave. Still one of the most important question is Peace, since EU (…) exists no war have started within its member states and this is very important. We need to develop the Union and give better life to its citizens. Long life to the EU!

  24. Ken Sweeney

    First off, if the EU decides to go down the closer intergeneration path and adopt some sort of federalism, then I believe that some member states will leave. Now that could possibly be a good thing as it may allow the path to a united Europe become a lot easier. Secondly, it’s not likely, given the absolute shambles that Brexit has been for the UK so far, that other member states will be prepared to endure the total uncertainty that leaving the EU would cause. The vast majority of EU member states are much smaller than the UK so any similar situation to the current crisis in the UK would possibly destroy their economies before they even left. It’s just like the reaction to Trump’s election – once the voters in Europe saw the utter nonsense of a President that he is, they had second thoughts about voting in someone similar. Brexit has had the same effect on the minds of Europeans.

  25. Jonathan Hibberd

    This idea is mostly the hobby horse of mythologising UK Eurosceptics, although the possible suspension of members like Poland may raise similar questions.

  26. Eduardo Santamaria

    Depends on the country. It’s not the same for example Sweden or The Netherlands leaving the EU that could be tragic on the other hand Malta Cyprus or Greece could leave it without damaging the European project .

  27. Serge Lauer

    Survive ? Well,
    The Eurozone which is the core of the EU is the most important to retain the whole EU’s integrity. The core shall be protected in one entity or X-xit could happen again and over again. It’s clear If an unprotected core can be dismanteled then the body dies . Rise of extremis during national elections over the years has proven how unprotected E.U. bodys without power are .
    Maybe the next time Frenchies won’t be anymore that accomodating during the next elections.

  28. Stefano Zuzzi

    Being seen by myself , it’s not the UK who has to have fears off coming out,
    but the others countries : an example; if the Greece fall, then there will be Italy, Spain and so on ; […] .

  29. Adrian Boray-Elliot

    The Visigrad states are bluffing. They have to choose between the EU and Russia and it is clear which side they dress. The former can just put up the pressure on them and they will ultimately fall into line. That said, it needs to if it wants to keep all the founding member states on board.

    • Claudiu Popa

      Doesn’t really matter anymore. At this point every member has a specific role and another ***exit could have a lot of negative consequences

  30. Brian Griffiths

    British companies with French & German bank accounts should without delay transfer to either British or formally Commonwealth banks.
    You certainly cannot trust French banks! They will pass on your trading details to French companies without compulsion.
    Believe me I know from past experience!!

    • Sari Bruno

      Why they should? On what basis you wrote this comment?

  31. Miro Perinić

    The European Union is a mistake. It is divided into a variety of ways, Representatives of many Western countries are equal to the same. Among other things, they are fatal mistakes that will result in the collapse of the European Union, where no one normal is dissatisfied. And that is good not to lose time unnecessarily.

    • Sari Bruno

      The EU is not the problem of the Eastern-European countries bad economy situation, but the past and your own governments. No country can manage anymore without others. The EU is one of the most safest places for ordinary people to live; high quality free education, free health care, high protection of human rights and in most countries the standard of living is good. Of course nothing is perfect, but let´s hope for better future. And it is good to remember; nothing comes for free.

    • Miro Perinić

      There is no foundation or common interest in Europe. That is why the Croatian state is a strategic partner USA ,,

    • Michael Holz

      No member state is forced to do something outside the contract it agreed on. If a country does not intend to serve certain aspects of the contract anymore, it is free to invoke article 50 of the European Treaty and leave the union. Which specific political competency do you wish to be restored for the member states?

    • Цветомир Гроздев

      What will happend if Brucel wants all EU members to alow same sex marrige and many of the members dont want that?

    • Rémi Martin

      Then Lisbon’s Treaty is for what? Sign something with others countries and don’t respect it…

  32. Nuno Roberto

    With all of its flaws, I don’t think EU will feel the loss of countries that are not in the Eurozone. Countries leaving the Eurozone, though, that’s a different story.

    • Rémi Martin

      The problem is that no article about leaving eurozone exists! If you want to leave eurozone, you have to leave EU, so simply, why is Greece still here then? The answer is given…

  33. EU Reform- Proactive

    Some praise & hail the EU for various reasons, like: avoiding/suppressing wars, some for creating/enforcing “cohesion”, others for (too much) Human Rights etc!

    If so- isn’t the present EU concept judged & loved for too much non- economical complexity instead of economical simplicity? If some want a social club, others strictly an economic one- go ahead- do it! Mixing too many ingredients results in an emulsion of murky matter.

    What about going back to basics- to improve & grow not only EU- but European trade, jobs & prosperity. Re- evaluate EU’s ills & mistakes and opt for a fair(er) & more consultative approach of the “sovereign & willing”- while using all of Europe’s “comparative” advantages of high-tech, superior quality, high productivity & innovation to succeed on a global scale?

    Shouldn’t the strongest act differently & stop using “comparative advantages” within their own “family”? That is ruthless “EU-colonialism” at home under false pretense!

    Instead furthering constant speculations and nail biting- about when & how soon the present EU concept might collapse or not- why not start designing a parallel & better concept in the meantime? There shouldn’t be a lack of brainpower.

    Nobody can stop the UK or any would like “Exiteers”- to form- a- or more- think tanks to imagine & discuss more flexible & superior concepts in the meantime? That surely is foresight- not political treason!

  34. Yiannos Phiniotis

    No other member is leaving! The EU is stronger than ever! The U.K. has made a stupid mistake which they already regret as they allowed ignorant referendum to take place and people were negatively brainwashed. Now they got the picture of leaving as their economy is going down the drain!

  35. Ginster Plantagenet

    it won’t happen and will not happen. Brexit is a good example how things get worse when people are manipulated, some are realizing it already, now wait till the farmers don’t get their money anymore. The French farmers will not do it in the end. But necessary that Macron does not fail. That would mean LePen. But she already made a turnaround in the last election about the Euro and Frexit – she did it to not loose too many votes, but she did. So it will not happen. Now when Poland gets its Article 7 and maybe Hungary too, people will see what is going to happen to their farners. EU just has to put its foot down to these undemocratic parties in Poland and Hungary. Despite the protests. The EU must also fund the opposition. Well, we’ll see I am not sure if the Juncker clan will finally understand what time it is?

    • Ginster Plantagenet

      critizising the EU doesn’t mean to end it. 70 yearrs of peace seems no issue for all those who are ‘angry’. We need a union and we need to stabilize it to not be punchballs of USA China and Russia. Ever thought a bit further???#

    • Barbara Szela Lesniak

      Ginster Plantagenet I’m not saying we don’t need UE; quite opposite – we do need it but it needs to be reformed – there’s too much bureaucracy and no real democracy or respect for member countries’independence. Germany making bussines with Putin over the heads and against the interests of other member countries and then dmanding solidarity annd dictating on immigrant quotas. It’s not fair.

  36. Maia Alexandrova

    Britain looks like a lost sheep running around confused, trying to find its way back to safety… Brexit is more of an accident than a decision. I don’t think there will be another accident like that in Europe.

    • Paul X

      Not sure what qualifies you to claim a whole country is “running around confused”, personal experience or just selective reading of online media?

      Certain europhile idiots like Tony Blair are doing all they can to sew the seeds of doubt and create confusion but at the end of the day the UK will be leaving, so people like him should either do what they can to help make it work or shut up, in his case the latter is preferable

    • catherine benning

      @ Maia Alexandrova

      Europe and the EU are the lost sheep. Stunned and in fear at the prospect of not having British tax payers fund their immigrant love in.

      The ‘accident’ lies right across Europe with EU piglets standing mused by the possible loss of that UK gravy train. And those members who are waiting to leave should move now as to leave it longer will mean they face more bankruptcy and more illiterate influx from outside the continental land mass called Europe when they take the sensible step. And what will they do with them all pissing on their benefits system? That alone will stall their future possibility of standing high in a global trading world.

      You are a poor deluded soul and a prime example of why the EU is a loser.

    • Maia Alexandrova

      If you want to be fair with how people voted in the referendum, Britain should be half-leaving and half-staying in the EU (52% and 48% are too close for the majority to be considered serious). It looks like this is what will happen in the end, unless there is another referendum for people to approve or reject the final deal.

    • Tarquin Farquhar

      @Maia Alexandrova
      As the arrogant, ignorant, petulant and vindictive EU continues its attacks on the UK, I only hope that we do not go to war!

      The UK, would not win such a war we will lie in ruins – however so will France and Germany. Ultimately, Russia will sweep up the remaining EU nations.

      The idea that the EU was/is a custodian of peace in Europe is RISIBLE!

    • Paul X

      Maia, you must have been brainwashed at the EU school of demodracy if you think 52/48% isnt a clear result? During the UK general election one MP held his seat by a majority of one vote, are you saying it cannot be “considered serious” for him to keep his seat?
      If the result had been 52/48 for remain there would be no further discussion on the matter or how small the margin was, and the EU would have taken it as a green light to surge ahead with its federalist ambitions

    • Karolina

      Apart from name-calling, has Tarquin got any coherent and logical arguments to defend his opinions?

    • Maia Alexandrova

      Paul, you know very well that this was not an election, but an expression of people’s opinions. In this case ALL people’s opinions have to be considered. It would still be the same, if the result was 52% for “remain” and 48% for “leave” – you simply cannot ignore the other half and reflect only the wishes of the first half in any decision concerning the future of both. Changes would still be needed, but I am sure that there would still be a demand for a second referendum by the losing minority.

    • Paul X

      Maia, I think you will find it was a bit more than “expression of opinion” It was a democratic referendum authorised by an act of parliament which was passed by a huge majority

      “if the result was 52% for “remain” and 48% for “leave” – you simply cannot ignore the other half”…that’s exactly what I’m saying would have happened, with a remain vote, no matter how small, the pro-EU politicians and media would go into full swing to deride and fragment any opposition to the result (cue…right wing nutters, xenohobes, racists go away, you lost etc, etc)

      The only reason there is so much dispute about the result is because the remoaners have a lot of rich, high profile people and media behind them, Tony Blair, Gina Miller and the BBC just can’t accept it, if the vote had gone the other way there who are all the rich and influential who are powerful enough to mount a challenge to the establishment and the EU on the result?

    • Tarquin Farquhar

      Evidently I do, given your attempted acerbic comments that suggest that you clearly do not agree with me. :)

    • Karolina

      I didn’t see a single argument to support your views there, Tarquin. No point in debating with you because you just launch tirades. You don’t debate anything…

  37. Francesco

    The EU would survie another membersate leaving. It’s crucial to know why they left and I believe its becaus of the EU immigration policy. The majority of the european population is shocked due to terror attacks..

    • Tarquin Farquhar

      The UK left because too many EU economic refugees came to the UK in a very short time period putting too much stress on the UK infrastructure and more importantly on societal harmony.

      The UK tried numerous times to convince the EU to change its ways but Angular Merkin and the EU Technoratti (which is institutionally discriminatory against the UK) exhibited nought but Teutonic arrogance – Welcome to the GEU!


    • Karolina

      Do you count Irish amongst those, Tarquin? What about your parents? Are they included or excluded in your personal quota system?

    • Tarquin Farquhar

      Oh please Karolina ‘Get over it’. Rejection is not the most pleasant experience but it’ll make you stronger.

      Besides, be POSITIVE. The EU-27 could be bigger (is that better?) with the potential addition of Turkey or Ukraine or Albania or Kosovo in the years to come!

    • Karolina

      Absolutely no answer to my questions, Tarquin! I knew it! Just make sure it looks like you are responding when you actually aren’t so that it doesn’t become obvious your comments are just neurotic tirades of no substance!

  38. Sari Bruno

    EU will survive, but the EU must deal and fast with illegal immigration. The EU must find the way to deport all illegal immigrants back to their homelands.

    • Paul X

      “The EU must find the way to deport all illegal immigrants back to their homelands” sentiments shared with probably 99% of the people so Europe, unfortunately the idiots in Brussels who could make it happen are too blinded by their own liberal left ideaologies to worry about what the man in the street thinks

  39. ironworker

    It depends on the member. The irony is that once out, any former member could become a direct competitor and a rock in the EU shoe. More former members could gather in alliances depending on immediate economic, security or financial interests.

  40. Maricela Potoc

    Why would you even consider it? I think we should focus on more integration, more collaboration.

  41. Paul Kuiper

    A fake discussion. The EU’s survival is not endangered in any way. A better question would be: will the United Kingdom survive Brexit?

    • Paul X

      So you think the loss of the UK’s financial contributions and the current mismanagement of Immigration are not serious risks?…… if the EU does not dramatically change it’s arrogant and profligate ways, it is very much endangered

  42. Karolina

    Well, nobody has left so far… but, yes, it can survive in some shape or form. I believe it will. It doesn’t look like any other country will be voting to leave. UK’s already shown everyone what to expect if they decide to.

    • Paul X

      I agree Karolina, Brexit has shown the other EU countries exactly what treatment to expect if they dare try and leave….

    • Karolina

      I;m afraid we are dealing with a case where self-inflicted logical consequences are being presented as treatment by others. But nothing has happened yet and the EU has not had the chance to do anything to the UK. The UK already is suffering though: a weak pound, growing consumer prices, declining European population, a poor image abroad etc. Nobody else’s fault. Just a case of the UK showing its true nasty and provincial colours…

    • Paul X

      What exactly is nasty about wanting self-determination?…. and who exactly is suffering?…for every negative Brexit scare story you choose to read you can find another equally positive story, you are free to believe which ever propaganda you wish, but as someone who lives in the UK my personal experience counts for far more than any media rag.

      What is nasty is the EU’s “negotiating” tactic of making totally unrealistic demands and then blaming the UK for the lack of progress, it is them that are showing their true colours and it is not a pretty sight

    • Karolina

      I never expected you to admit that your internet-commentator expertise might have been wrong, Paul. But, trust me, it is going to get worse. The banks are already planning to move jobs out of the UK and into the EU, 2 EU agencies are moving as well and the Euro-clearing will be removed as well. There will be huge losses in tax revenue for the UK state, a drop in demand for property, hotels, restaurants etc. But at least the fisheries can improve. Because, there is a lot of money and profit to be made in fish, isn’t there, Paul?

      Oh, and the peace agreement with the Irish is based on the understanding that both countries are in the EU, so expect Irish terrorism to go up as well. But perhaps you don;t care about that because you are snug and cozy in your house in the country. You don’t really care what becomes of the rest of the population.

    • Paul X

      Karolina, I do not claim to have any “expertise” but I do have a lot of life experience and an opinion, and that is the basis of all my comments on here.

      Now maybe you should tell me where you got your crystal ball from because I fail to see how a young, inexperienced student from a foreign country is able to predict the future of the UK?… you… why? are simply wishing the worst when in reality you know no more what the future holds than anyone else on here

    • Karolina

      Paul, thanks for calling me a young student, although I don;t understand what you mean by “foreign” and how that would affect my comments or their weight.

      If you read my comment carefully, will see that it is referring to things that are already happening and are facts. No crystal ball needed. As to the major banks and EU institutions they have already said that they are planning their moves. Perhaps you should inform yourself better so that your comments actually have some commenting value.

      Tell us about your life experience that qualifies your opinions as valid. Which country have you run and/or were you perhaps a finance minister anywhere? We are dying to hear.

    • Paul X

      Karolina, by foreign I mean as in not from the UK…. i.e. the country you seem to think you know more about than some one who actually lives there

      “huge losses in tax revenue for the UK state, a drop in demand for property, hotels, restaurants etc. But at least the fisheries can improve”… but none of this is happening yet so you are basically just repeating scare stories generated from a certain section of the media

      and I do not need to qualify my opinion, my opinion is nobody can be certain exactly what the final outcome for the UK will be post Brexit…..this is just stating the obvious, though some on here like you, think they know better

    • Karolina

      You have obviously lost this debate Paul. Apart from the fact that you are in denial of the reality on the ground (clearly you are not comfortable with it), you seem to have a demeaning attitude towards perceived non-Brits and your experience is completely irrelevant. You actually don’t know what you are talking about. No more time for your likes.

    • Paul X

      Lol Karolina, you love to claim soemone has “lost a debate” when the reality is there has not been any debate. All that has happened is you continually regurgitating anti-Brexit doom and gloom fantasy stories and me saying you are no position to predict anything. Face facts, even the highly experienced political commentators cannot accurately predict what the eventual outcome of Brexit is so someone in your position has no chance

      …and there is a certain irony in you using the expression “reality on the ground” Yes, I’m here in the UK “on the ground” experiencing all that is happening regards Brexit where as you are not, now how does that make you more of an expert than me?

    • Karolina

      Well, I actually am in the UK at the moment, Paul… There is hardly anything you get right. Why do you even bother?

  43. Paul X

    Best quote I’ve seen for a while from German MEP Hans-Olaf Henkel when talking about the EU Brexit negotiation team..

    “We need negotiators there who are looking at the interests of the European Union, and not at the interests of what do we need to do to avoid another Brexit.”

    …at least someone in the EU has a bit of common sense

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