Can we really call it ‘solidarity’ if it’s not voluntary? The EU Commission is taking Poland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic to court for refusing to accept refugees. The Commission believes that the three Visegrad states are failing to meet the obligations set out in a 2015 refugee relocation plan (which they all voted against) designed to take pressure off Italy and Greece.

If found in legal breach (a process which could take years to resolve) the European Court of Justice could levy fines against the three governments. So far, Poland and Hungary have refused to accept even a single refugee, while the Czech Republic has taken a grand total of 12 people. This stands in sharp contrast to countries such as Sweden and Germany, which have accepted hundreds of thousands of people.

In order to take a closer look at the local impact of the refugee crisis, we launched our ‘Cities & Refugees‘ project – aimed at fostering a Europe-wide dialogue between citizens, refugees and asylum seekers, NGOs, politicians, and European leaders. The emphasis will be on connecting local, everyday life at the city level to decisions made in Brussels and national capitals.

This week, we’re looking at Warsaw. The refugee crisis is a contentious issue in Polish politics. Fully 67% of Poles are against accepting any refugees from the Middle East and Africa, and only 4% are in favour of the permanent settlement of refugees across Poland. Critics accuse the government of spreading misinformation and encouraging stereotypes, while supporters point out that Poland is hosting thousands of refugees from the conflict in Ukraine.

Curious to know more about the refugee reallocation scheme and EU sanctions? We’ve put together some facts and figures in the infographic below (click for a bigger version).

We had a comment sent in from Graziano, who believes that EU funding should be cut if countries break EU rules or values. Would this be appropriate? Does solidarity run both ways?

To get a reaction, we spoke to Andrzej Porawski, Executive Director of the Association of Polish Cities, an organisation representing local governments in Poland. What would he say to Graziano? Does EU funding have conditions in place, including upholding European values on refugees and the right to asylum?

I would say to him that conditions are important. I do not support EU funding being seen as a gift. I understand there are conditions as part of a common framework shared by all European countries. It’s a framework building common values and a common Europe. If we want to spend public money owned by all our nations, we should formulate conditions. The more important conditions, in my opinion, are those conditions governing economic priorities. Conditions related to values are a little bit more difficult, because the understanding of values is still slightly different in different parts of Europe. And, unfortunately, we can see this very clearly in the understanding of different European countries on the whole problem of migrants and refugees.

We still hear a lot about migrants and refugees in Southern European countries, which is a really serious problem for Greece and Italy especially. But we have been ignoring, or almost ignoring, the millions of refugees from Ukraine. And those who support Ukraine, such as Poland, are also showing European solidarity in my opinion. But, unfortunately, this European solidarity is not recognised by those for whom the Southern migrants are more important. But we should remember the war in Ukraine, not only the war in Syria. I often see on European TV horrible scenes from Allepo or other cities in Syria. Rarely, however, do I see similar coverage of the devastation in Eastern Ukraine.

Should the EU sanction Poland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic for refusing refugees? Or is the EU ignoring the fact that these countries have taken refugees from Ukraine? Can we call it ‘solidarity’ if it’s not voluntary? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the form below and we’ll take them to policymakers and experts for their reactions!

IMAGE CREDITS: CC / Flickr – Peter Tkac

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What do YOU think?

    • Yanis Sarto

      A person fleeing war is worthy of help . Those who are verified to be in that state should be helped . The migrant crisis has affected the whole of Europe and Europe should deal with it as one . If Poland , Hungary and the Czech Republic want to do some cherry picking , they can just leave the union , like Britain did . Imagine that Britain wanted nice economic deals and trade but somehow didn´t want the Poles , Greeks , Czechs , Hungrarian , Spanish ect in their land ( lets face it , that is what Brexit was all about ) and the rest of the EU said rightly so , that that wont pass . The message coming out of these three countries is in a way similar and selfish so i think sanctions are a fair response

    • Viktor Plhak

      Yanis Sarto we are cherry pickers? We don’t see any euros from EU. It is only for companies. Also we want to leave EU, but how can we do that while we are unable to made Czechout(Czexit)? Politicians ignoring that. So we should ve punished for that? If yes, so OK, just let EU kick us out, but say me, why is EU saying sanctions instead of kickout? They also don’t want us to leave.

    • Yanis Sarto

      Victor you speak for yourself but your government represents your whole country . That’s how it works in politics so next time vote for a party which wants the Czech Republic out if the eu. In any case I would be more interested in hearing from you why you think it’s right for these three countries to not take part in the refugee sharing deal. Is it cause you reject everything that comes from the Eu not matter what or are there specific reasons?

    • SD

      As a Swiss I say this is what they want us to join?
      They used to argue the EU membership with the economy, then when the EU economy went down they argued “mitbestimmung” in essence having a say, this instance shows very well happens when a proud people decide to do the opposite of what Brussels wants, they get harrassed and trampeled. We Swiss will never give up our Constitutional Independence. NEVER.

    • SD

      When you are at war with a Country you don’t let in their people. We are in a more difficult situation, the West finds itself for the first time in a long time at War with Religion in this case Islam, ofcourse we Westerners don’t want to do Religious wars but the enemy sees this very much as a Religious war. We must unserstand what we are facing and take the actions necessary to defend Europe and the West. We absolutely need a stop to migration from Muslim Countries, this should include an asylum stop as well. We can help them in their own countries or in safe zones but not how Merkel did it. Her actions have already resulted in importing islamic terror and the resulting dead (Paris Bataclan, Brussels), many raped women, girls and even boys, many people have been beaten and robbed, there’s drug dealing. To add to it many refugees have contagious diseases like tuberculosis, herpes, hiv etc. There wohld also be severe mental problems. And as we already see daily the cultural differences between Western Culture of the Christian West and the Islamic cultur.
      In any case they are people with big problems, if we let them in their problems become our problems. It is not logical to let them in as this is a most dangerous experminent with a uncertain outcome. I am advocating a play it safe approach, defend Europe, keep them out, and take the necessary actions to identifu and deport other islamic extremists already in Europe. We have to put the human rights of European citizens higher than those who want to kill them!!!

    • Jeff Hamm

      Sanctions will push these countries further away and ultimately they will leave the union.They are moving in the opposite direction from Germany,France etc away from Socialism.The muslim migrants are not and will not ever integrate into society.It is not their way or their history.But it will be interesting watching the EU implode.

    • Romulus Roman

      Why ?

    • Max Berre

      You SAY that, but you’re country has also sent zero troops to help us deal with the problem.

    • Max Berre

      Sanction them for free-riding. Too lazy to send troops & ships. Too lazy to deal with the consequences of not sending troops & ships.

      Why do they expect to subsidize that with MY tax monies?

    • Andrzej Lassak

      It is democratic, you know why? First of all, because for example, Poland, agreed 2 years ago to take care of 3000 refugees … and it had not take care of single one … let me repeat that, POLISH GOVERNMENT COMMITED TO DO IT …

      Second reason? Poland 40 milion people, Czechia 10, Hungary 10 … so, together it’s 60 milion people … out of 510 milion people living in EU … it’s just slightly more then 10% of EU citizens …

    • Paschalis Bourletsikas

      Andrzej Lassak The government agreed to it and not the people… Now things have changed since the new government was elected of which they represented of not allowing any more “Muslim” immigrants!

    • Max Berre

      Because the east doesn’t want contribute to helping deal with the conflict, AND they don’t wanna deal with the consequences of not dealing with the conflict either.

      And they want MY tax monies to help pay for that free-ride?

    • Walerian Mazur

      Max Berre we don’t want do help with conflict because we didn’t cause the conflict. And how do you imagine refugee camps in our countries?

    • Edita Buržinskaitė

      Max Berre, it has nothing to do with not wanting to contribute. It has everything to do with these countries not wanting to import a bunch of freeloaders from an incompatible culture and endanger their own citizens.

  1. Zoltan Kiss

    No, such sanctions will only speed up the disintegration of the EU as its leaders are completely out of touch with their peoples and the people are more and more fed up. It’s a shame such a great and successful project will become the victim of complete arrogance. Britain will be followed unfortunately as there’s no sign of sensible change.

    • Max Berre

      Good riddance to bad rubbish, says I. No more subsidy for the east.

      They don’t wanna contribute to helping deal with the conflict, AND they don’t wanna deal with the consequences of not dealing with the conflict either.


    • Zoltan Kiss

      Max Berre exactly that kind of arrogance and patronizing behaviour is the reason the EU is going down soon and you can only blame yourself. Even your own country is fed up.. Otherwise Wilders would not be so popular and mainstream media would not be so terrified of him. I’d much rather live in Boranistan as you may refer to my country than in Holland that got rich only thanks to colonization and brutally robbing foreign countries and peoples. Absolute moral rubbish is what you and kinds of you represent.

    • Róbert Bogdán

      Zoltan Kiss “Holland that got rich only thanks to colonization and brutally robbing foreign countries and peoples”??? I seriously doubt that statement of yours. But otherwise, you’re right. Wilders has a sound and rational message. The EU is not yet a federation, and the neo-marxist, so called “progressive” ideology is not the “state religion of the EU”.

    • Zoltan Kiss

      But that’s what they try to make it and enforce on everyone. Also all previously colonising countries got rich on the resources of their colonies without asking the indigenous populations. The West got rich mostly from that. Slave labour and free natural resources of their colonies. Now they go on lecturing us on morality…….they should handle their sense of guilt otherwise. Also the absolute arrogance that Mr. Berre represents is disgusting and disturbing.

    • Edita Buržinskaitė

      I completely agree. It’s so sad to see the EU shooting itself in the foot with these ridiculous “refugee” policies.

    • Paul X

      “its leaders are completely out of touch with their peoples” I think you have that wrong, the government of these countries is listening to public opinion in refusing the liberal driven refugee policy, if only the German government had the spine to do the same …

    • Max Berre

      Although, I would ALSO like to engage in free-riding, my POV is from the view of the taxpayer who PAYS THE BILL for the free-riding of the east.

      They want free money. They also want to free-ride NATO. And also to avoid sending blue-helmets to the conflict zone, AND ALSO avoid paying for the consequences of ignoring the conflict.

      LOL. Lazy fuckers.

    • Zoltan Kiss

      Max Berre, new member states have opened their market to the EU and Western companies are taking out shit loads of money as profits so you live in a nasty illusion when you think central and eastern european countries only get subsidies. Your tone of language and conduct of communication says a lot about you……..

    • Walerian Mazur

      Max Berre Poland pays for military force double percent of GDP comparing to Germany, exacly as NATO demands. So maybe Germany should be sanctioned because of their free ride in NATO? And to you’re information Polish troops was deployed in Iraq, Afganistan, Chad Republic, Kosovo, Golan Heights etc.

  2. Marko Martinović

    NO. They are the only ones with some sense. Corrupt EU officials just cannot stand that they are proof and example in defense against terror. All other countries should be punished for endangering their people.

    • Max Berre

      Who will pay the bill for their free-riding though. I don’t want to subsidize them anymore.

      They want free money. They also want to free-ride NATO. And also to avoid sending blue-helmets to the conflict zone, AND ALSO avoid paying for the consequences of ignoring the conflict.

      LOL. Lazy fuckers.

    • Marko Martinović

      All other countries should be punished for sacrificing their people on altar of political correctness. Poland and its friends are best example of terror and rape prevention. They should exit EU to save themselves

    • Andrzej Lassak

      Marko Martinović: you know what the best way to destroy terrorism is? It’s to kill all people in the world and problem will disappear ;) Go on, do it ;)

      Putting and equal sign between “Syrian refugee” and “terrorist” is wrong, harmful, naive and inhuman … you are just a bad person for thinking and saying things like that …

      From another hand, saying that wave of “Syrian refugees” has nothing to do with with increase of terrorism activities is equally stupid, harmful and simply wrong …

      The truth is simple: Most of these people, are genuine people who run from war. But, there is plenty of ISIS influence among this people so this is a terrorist risk indeed. What do you do with risk? You take it when it’s worth it and you deal with it. I think saving human lifes is worth the risk. Especially, that you can minimise risk. How? Well, Poland has taken 0, ZERO, NULL, NONE refugees … could not Poland choose to take only let’s say 5000 orpahend children under 12 age old? It could because there is estimate 30000 children refugees in Europe already … what would be the risk for Poland? Really that fucking big? Come on …

      Poland refuse to take any refugees (even Christian one) because Poland is rasist country period.

    • Fernando Nabais

      So, you mean a country should have no longer the right to decide what to do inside their borders?

    • Max Berre

      I mean that a country can either decide to SEND TROOPS so that we don’t get refugees. Or else they can deal with the consequences of their lazy inaction.

      They want to eat their cake and have it too. And they want ME to subsidize that.

      No thanks.

    • Pedro Castro

      They should have thought about that before partialy relinquishing that power when they joined the EU Fernando Nabais.

      Now they either accept what they signed into or suffer the consequences.

    • Alice

      hello Max… I am Alice, I am Czech and I am proud of it – just to say for the start. All over this page I can read your complaints about us just receiving money and us not wanting to give anything back… well, I see it from a bit different point of view : firstly, during the course of history our lands were robbed and destroyed over and over again, with all that was valuable ending up where? of course in the civilised west. Ok, one can´t blame today´s people for what happened before- as we say: forgive but don´t forget. Today, where do most of the profits go? Yes, you are right- to the civilised west, while our people here,who create the profit, work for almost a minimal wage. The profits that leave our country are almost as high as the money that comes from EU. We don´t owe you a thing.

      Our countries get to be blamed for not keeping to the EU “rules”… but is it not what for example Hungary has been doing for the last 2 years – protecting the EU borders and yet getting into trouble? How come Germany is not punished for breaking the Dublin treaty? How come Merkel could speak for our country as well while closing the deal with Turkey without actually being authorized to do so and yet nothing happened? Why some “must” keep to the rules, while others don´t ? Why is it almost a crime to have different opinions than those hidden under expression “european values”? Why some think they can decide what is right and wrong and just force it onto others ? EU is made just to protect interests of the “big and rich” countries with the “shut-up-and-do-what-you´re- told” attitude towards the “unimportant” rest. So much for democracy… I can just hope our goverment has the guts to stand up straight and keep their word about not taking any migrants in because that is not a solution to the problem. EU should focus on finally starting to protect the borders and on finding other ways – and now I mean ways that would be acceptable for all countries -of helping those who really need it rather than insisting on their idiotic quota system which can´t ever work.

    • K. Ser.

      @max berre
      You actually read anything about the history & economics of the past few decades? Or are you a prime example of a brainwashed liberal? Poland is one of very few members of nato actually spending 2% of gdp on defence. You all hope on the US saving your ass, freeloaders. We were at UN peace keeping missions in the Balkans throught the whole conflict actually protecting people, not like french or your soldiers cowering in bases and waiting for it to be over. We fought and died in afghanistan and iraq. We supply goods to syrian refugees in lebanon. We pay into eu budget as well and get only a bit more out of it (only till 2022 i think). Check eurostat. We take in a lot of refugees from ukraine, we just like them working, not living off welfare. Apparently west likes them more living in ghettos and leeching off YOUR taxes. As far as I’m concerned you’re a freeloader, an arrogant one on top of it. If that’s how this union should look like, we’ll gladly leave.

    • Fernando Nabais

      Idiocy also doesn’t have place in Europe and you’re still here.

    • Javi Gil

      Super strong argument! Let me guess… Oxford debate club style? 😂😂😂 #PhDlevel

    • Javi Gil

      WoW!!! Super strong argument! Let me guess… Oxford debate club style? 😂😂😂 #PhDlevel

    • Javi Gil

      Both Poland and Hungary have populist parties in power. Their main argument to raise people’s irrational fears and so keep them believing their populist narrative: fear the foreigner / the other, all those who have come to ‘destroy’ our ‘culture’ (whatever that means).

    • Javi Gil

      Both Poland and Hungary have populist parties in power. Their main argument to raise people’s irrational fears and so keep them believing their populist narrative: fear the foreigner / the other, all those who have come to ‘destroy’ our ‘culture’ (whatever that means).
      Anti-intellectualism and hatred are no EU values.

    • Wendy Harris

      Try telling that to the savages invading our countries and raping our women. Their hatred of the west knows no bounds. You cannot have intellectual debate with people who still believe in barbarism. The UK has 23,000 Jihadists living here intent on doing us harm. By allowing wasps into a bees nest you will destroy the hive. But it’s the apologist enablers like yourself who are the real enemy within.

    • Javi Gil

      A clear instance of tabloid talk. It would be good for you to polish your argumentation skills, dear:

      Read some actual facts, travel a bit, try to understand the world outside your local community, then get back to me ;-)

    • Lubor Čambál

      Yes, only elitists should be in power

    • Javi Gil

      Elitists or elites? Could you please explain what the term “elite” stands for? Who exactly are those labelled as “elite” by the populist forces?
      Is the term derogatory by nature? If it’s not those mysterious “elites”, who will rule for everyone? You? Have populists proven their ways more effective in key social or economic issues? Have they tackled corruption or made ir worse?

      Think for yourself ;-)

    • Paul X

      This discussion regularly crops up whenever someone of a liberal left leaning tries to use the term populism in a derogatory sense instead of it’s literal sense

      By definition, populism is the views of the common/ordinary people, so why anyone would believe it is acceptable for politicians to ignore these views defies all logic…. unfortunately Brussels is full of people that think exactly that

  3. Emanuele Monaco

    Democracy is based on the rule of law. If you don’t comply with the rules you agreed with joining the Union, you get sanctioned. If I recall western Europe didn’t have such problems when the citizen of these countries were fleeing communism. Anyway, enough with history, article 50 it’s still there for them if they want. I still think though that opening the Union to the membership of countries interested only in subsidies and economic perks was wrong.

    • Sabin Popescu

      there was no vote before a certain german chancellor invited milions of refugees to Europe

    • Pedro Castro

      Sabin Popescu by applying the law everyone was familiar with?

    • Viktor Plhak

      And how should we get out of EU? Politicians didn’t want to, becouse they have profits from companies taking money from EU. Me, as a citizen never see any money from EU. We just don’t have a possibility to call referendum.

    • Petr Býček

      Arcitle 50 is still there but it will not happen because of economical profits for the couple of billionaires. Anyways if it will, still you cant reffuse economical islamic imigrants because you cant leave EU by a 1 day … Its a trap .. a big trap .. Germany didnt ask anyone to make decision what they made ..

  4. Sabin Popescu

    No, they should not!
    The invitation for migrants and the refugee quotas were dictates, not the results of votes inside the EU.

    • Andrzej Lassak

      Not true, was there a political pressure? Yes, of course, Poland make the same pressure in other case in EU. Was this quotas dictated? Absolutely not! Polane, 2 years ago, has agreed to take care of 3000 refugees … Poland so far has taken ZERO refugees … also, Poland is the only country in whole of EU, which spends less then 0.01% of it’s GDP o international help/aid … So Poland is technically not helping in any fuckin way …

  5. Vytautas Vėžys

    See? This is the reason why Eu is falling… You invite immigrants with open hands without asking members opinions and then force them to accept because you can’t handle them anymore?

    • Valeria Tancredi

      Nobody is inviting migrants they come without invitation because have no alternative

    • Cyriaque Bouchet

      No invitation sent. But when you joined you accepted the EU values, so yes, each MS knew what they were signing for.

    • Vytautas Vėžys

      Valeria Tancredi Are you living under rock? All Europe if full of “Refugees welcome” signs and Politicians in France or Germany publicly told “We will accept all immigrants” more times than we could count.

    • Sandrine Carlier

      Valeria Tancredi Wrong. The alternative was to to to Oubeskistan, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Tunisia, Morroco, Algeria, Indonesia…presumably you got the point but none of them provide the money that the Eu dishes out to them with taxpayers money.

    • Vytautas Vėžys

      Cyriaque Bouchet Show me EU agreement part where they talk about commitment for hosting refugees from countries outside EU.

    • Vytautas Vėžys

      Pedro Castro Thanks… That’s what I needed:
      Preventing unauthorised entry Under EU law, measures have been taken to prevent unauthorised access to EU territory. The
      Carriers Sanctions Directive (2001/51/EC) provides for sanctions against those who transport undocumented migrants into the EU.
      The Facilitation Directive (2002/90/EC) defines unauthorised entry, transit and residence and provides for sanctions against those who facilitate such breaches. Such sanctions must be effective, proportionate and dissuasive (Article 3). EU Member States can decide not to sanction humanitarian assistance, but they are not obliged to do so (Article 1 (2)).

  6. Sylwester Slojewski

    I think Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary should build a wall against EU Muslim invasion to commit crime rape and kill people burn buildings it’s a war zone they should sanction EU for expose their citizen for lack of safety security for their children wives

  7. Andrea Scacchi

    Yeah, let’s import all africa in europe! Let’s change completely our laws and institution to accomodate muslim law.
    What bad could happen.
    Fuck this europe of retarded german. I suggest the south of europe should secede from the rest.
    Is not a matter of racism. Is a matter of culture and law. Italian, french, spanish and german law are better than sharia law.
    You are racist.

  8. Jack

    No. It would be undemocratic and tyrannical. Also their model is shown to be the best in terror prevention. First duty of every nation is to protect its citizens and put them first. EU is endangering their citizens for political correctness and that should be punished. All other EU countries should be punished.

    • Emmanuel RODARY

      Union is based on treaties.
      One of them gives European Council the sovereignty to make decisions on refugees policy.
      Non respect of treaties is already challenging EU.
      If EU doesn’t react according to its rules THIS would be breaking of the EU !
      So YES, EU should sanction countries that doesn’t respect the treaties they signed to be part of EU otherwise there would be no more EU

  9. Lefter Isuf Gjura

    Did anyone mention refugees!!!
    Yeah, that’s right! Before Poland joined EU that’s what they where REFUGEES!!!!
    And they still economic REFUGEES!!!!
    So is not a political debate but a economic one

  10. Lefter Isuf Gjura

    Did anyone mention refugees!!!
    Yeah, that’s right! Before Poland joined EU that’s what they where REFUGEES!!!!
    And they still economic REFUGEES!!!!
    So is not a political debate but a economic one

  11. Lefter Isuf Gjura

    Did anyone mention refugees!!!
    Yeah, that’s right! Before Poland joined EU that’s what they where REFUGEES!!!!
    And they still economic REFUGEES!!!!
    So is not a political debate but a economic one

  12. Lefter Isuf Gjura

    Did anyone mention refugees!!!
    Yeah, that’s right! Before Poland joined EU that’s what they where REFUGEES!!!!
    And they still economic REFUGEES!!!!
    So is not a political debate but a economic one

  13. Lefter Isuf Gjura

    Did anyone mention refugees!!!
    Yeah, that’s right! Before Poland joined EU that’s what they where REFUGEES!!!!
    And they still economic REFUGEES!!!!
    So is not a political debate but a economic one

  14. Nikos Chardalias

    These countries want only the benefits (aka funds) from EU. They don’t want to have any obligation. Shame of the EU

  15. Cyriaque Bouchet

    Yes, the EU is not only an economic project but a solidarity project. You can’t have only the benefits of being a Member State, you also get the responsibilities. And those are shared by all MS and should be mandatory (according to each MS population and economic situation).

    • Luka Hadra'sei

      It’s true. However, solidarity is only possible when people/countries share similar values. I think that different countries within the EU have different value systems, therefore, to expect absolute and immediate compliance would be beyond miracle. Values change over time.

    • Sandrine Carlier

      Fine then tell the Germans that it is their obligation to dish the Greeks out to their debts..see what they have to say to that.

    • Paul X

      This is not about solidarity but spreading the misery…the EU does not have the political competence or strength to address the immigration crisis at source so all it is trying to do is dilute the problem throughout Europe so it becomes less obvious………until Europe is full that is

  16. Erna Reemers

    No, turkey belongs to EU now too they can take yheir brothers and sisters to help them out, is less dangerous

  17. Jan De Breuk

    Yes, and yes….. and another yes. Either you’re in , or you’re out, you can’t have it both ways.

  18. Dobromir Panchev

    No, the refugees crisis was created to make EU weak. Refugees are big business for criminals who transfer them through the borders illegally. It has nothing to do with humanity. If you want to make good for these people, make sure they are safe in their own countries.

  19. Tim Nick Knight

    The EU still has no real borders no deportations, just paper pushing. Those countries are brave enough to stand up to Merkel and the immigration tsunami she is responsible for creating. Let these other countries decimate their indigious peoples and culture. I am proud of countries like Poland, Hungary Czech for once agian defending Europe

  20. Matej Mlinarič

    Should those pay for damage that was done by immigration instead that let them in? Cause you did that against the will of the masses. You refused to enforce your own laws and you expect everybody to respect your hypocritical extortion….. Clean up your own mess instead of pretending that it doesn’t exist. Only way to do that is protect our borders and deal with those that are already here. Unless you are willing to do that accepting any immigrants present direct threat to our security and our way of life. Any politician that tries to import them against our will be held accountable for crimes immigrants commit. Neither does anybody has any interest at all to pay for their housing, welfare, medical care, education and rest of it. They either work for it like everybody while respecting our laws and its people or they are not welcome. You want them you pay for them with your money. Just you really have any of your own money cause all of it comes from us. Same goes with celebrities. So if this is what kind of EU you want to have then wast majority will turn to far right. Then if you still refuse to respect our interests they will vote to leave. Choice is ultimately yours. If you want this project to survive then populations demographics will be protected. We will not become minority in our own countries and we will not pay anybody for our own destruction. That means that all islamists and their supporters have to be permanently removed.

    • Florian Ockenfuß

      Part of that solidarity are structural funds worth 26 billion over the last five years to Poland alone. Membership does mean that you can only have the benefits.

    • Max Berre

      It’s not solidarity. It’s what they owe for having ignored the conflict when they COULD have done something about it.

      It’s also what they owe in exchange for all the free money and military protection they get from me.

  21. JanV

    No, because the decision to let refugees in was taken unilaterally by Germany without first consulting all other member states.

  22. Nando Aidos

    Europe needs to get its act together. Europe needs to admit it is part and parcel of the mess where all these people are coming from, the mess they are trying to flee, and stop pointing fingers.
    Why should the border countries carry all the burden?

  23. nando

    Europe needs to get its act together. Europe needs to admit it is part and parcel of the mess where all these people are coming from, the mess they are trying to flee, and stop pointing fingers.
    Why should the border countries carry all the burden?

  24. Ron Zwamborn

    Yes, you are in, or you are out.

  25. Tonino Jankov

    No, they shouldnt.
    Who decided to take them in in the first place? On EU level?

    This is one of the reasons for BREXIT, and will help EU fall apart.

    If one can’t decide anymore whom to let into his own house, he better start thinking where did he lose his sovereignity

    • Max Berre

      Who decided for this to happen were mainly all those countries too lazy and self-interested to contribute troops and ships to help us deal with the problem in the first place.

      Eastern Europe did nothing to help manage the situation. Now have to pay what they owe.

    • Tonino Jankov

      Who is “us” in “help us deal”?

    • Tonino Jankov

      And based on what does anyone owe anything to those “us”?

  26. Donnie MacLean

    Why don’t we sanction the USA (entre-autres) for creating the refugee crisis in the first place?
    Why doesn’t anyone want to address the root of the problem?
    I mean thanks to Wikieaks we saw back in 2014 that Hillary Clinton well aware that the Saudis were funding ISIS and Pulitzer prize-winning journalist Seymour Hersg exposed Clinton’s involvement in providing IS with chemical weapons to attack the civilian Syrian population.
    Why not call out the yanks for their direct involvement in terrorism and destabilising yet another sovereign nation ?
    Time to cut the crap folks.

    • Elie Awad

      Plus Turkey .but the EU instead praise Hillary and give help to Turkey and also gave nobel price to Obama

    • Donnie MacLean

      And now the yanks shot down a Syrian war plane that was fighting ISIS apparently. I reeeeeally HATE to be taken for an idiot don’t you ? STOP THE LIES !

  27. JD Blaha

    Reverse the question. Should the rest of the EU pay for the human rights abuses that the state of Hungary does at its border near Serbia?

    • Max Berre

      I like the way you’ve put it. Even the Serbian government admits that Hungary’s behavior is embarassing.

    • JD Blaha

      Max Berre Hungary’s border guards have been reported to be sending dogs to attack refugees at the border, and more – even Serbia doesn’t do that.

  28. Zeljka Jeramaz

    Countries which caused chaos in the Middle East should repair the damage not the countries which had nothing to do with it. Sorry, but my country had been Ante Murale Christianitatis for 500 years and in return the so called civilized Europe treats us like sh… So big guys taste your own medicine for once thank you.

    • Zeljka Jeramaz

      Adam Benjamin Henrik Hall thank you for that but no thanks keep your former colony citizens .

    • Max Berre

      LOL. Your country ignored a large conflict in its own backyard and hoped that there would be no consequences for that?


    • Zeljka Jeramaz

      Max Berre what are you talking about? You have to be more precise, there are a lot of different conflicts in my country. Thanks to games big countries play.

  29. Omar Gavilanes Cruz

    Yes. Being part of a group means that you have rights and duties.
    Other countries are doing their job so if they don’t want to contribute in accepting their share of refugees, they should at least give a financial support.

    • Ivan Burrows


      You consider the Brussels created migrant crisis, the Euro crisis, the banking crisis, the agricultural crisis, the democratic deficit crisis and the misery heaped onto millions of people across the EU to be ‘benefits’ ????

  30. Zsolt Barczy

    How stupid. Turn the table and understand. Let’s see the following scenario:

    I am Hungarian. I am an arrogant bastard, I bomb the world and spread my evil ideology, killing and maiming innocent people whose only sin and fault is that they don’t want my ideology and value system, claiming that theirs is better. I am an arrogant fool, so I don’t take no for an answer, so if they don’t bow to me, I bomb them, spread my stupid values by the sword.

    Now, these people have enough of my hubris and attack me back. They want to swarm Hungary, they send every young man to claim refugee status in my country to punish me for my Evil and illegal wars on them.

    The only problem is, that for whatever geographical reason, these so-called “refugees”, in fact tricky soldiers, have to march through Germany (obviously the situation is the other way around, but for the sake of this example let’s assume it is not). Now I ask Germany to a) let them through, and b) take in a few of them themselves.

    Do we understand the unjust and ridiculous nature of this request?

    Now turn it around and you will understand why the Hungarians a) don’t let these hordes through their land and b) don’t take them in on behalf of Germany.

    Do you understand? Hungarians did NOT colonize the world. Hungarians did not go to Africa, Americas, Middle-East, Asia to teach them Hungarian language, to tell them how to life, what God to worship, etc… Hungarians are NOT ARROGANT FOOLS. Capisci?

    So, Hungarians don’t want to “share the burden” of some arrogant European colonialist bastards who screw the world for 300 years and will bite the dust soon as the consequence of their arrogance and hubris.

    By the way, in this current example the irony of the situation is that actually Germany isn’t a major colonialist power either… Germany should refuse to accept any “refugees” (my ass), too. Germany could argue that Germany does not bomb Syria, Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc, so it has a clean hand, so all these angry “refugees” (in fact: new-age combatants) should go to the FUKUS Axis of Evil countries (France, UK, US) and punish them for their limitless hubris. The problem is, none of these FUKUS countries are as wealthy, as advanced and as civilized as Germany is, and these “refugees” are not stupid: they want a better life, so obviously they go to the best countries in the world: Germany and Scandinavia.

    Bad luck, Germany indeed. However, all this is not a reason to ask much poorer, much less developed countries to “share the burden”. Hungary, Poland and Czechoslovakia (yeah, I know, let me abbreviate it as such for now), in other words the CENTRAL EUROPEAN COUNTRIES have all the right to say “f*** off!” when the WESTERN bastards screw it up and want the Central Europeans to save their ass. No, we won’t. You cooked this soup, you eat it…

    We can be compassionate, and we Hungarians can help these Western bastards to calm down and advise them how to stop messing with the world, how to stop their stupid colonization efforts, how NOT to engage in arrogant regime change operations globally, how NOT to interfere with the internal affairs of other countries, how NOT to “bomb the hell out of” other countries, how NOT to spread stupid, backward, immoral ideologies to countries that are centuries, even millennia ahead of the West in moral development, in other words, how to behave like a civilized human being. That would solve the problem on the LONG TERM. On the short term, well bad luck: Central Europe is no partner in cleaning up the mess the West had and has created and keeps creating… Peace

    • Arnout Posthumus

      No. Your country accepted the eu rules and human rights. Piss off if you dont want democracy.

    • Paul X

      “countries that are centuries, even millennia ahead of the West in moral development, in other words, how to behave like a civilized human being”

      Of course, because burying women accused of adultery up to their neck and having a mob throw rocks at their head is acceptable?…. hanging young girls from cranes who have been raped and accused of “crimes against chastity” is normal?…if this is what west will be doing when it eventually catches up with these “civilised” societies then god help us all

    • カメニャク マリオ

      No nation in history is truly innocent. Go back 100-200 years. You were setting up prime ministers in my country that was back then just a region of hungary. You were trying to ‘hungarize’ my country Croatia. Not to mention that at one point you even tried to force us to use your language by changing all signs on official government buildings. And you did similar things to Slovakia as well. And then in WW2 your government just had to collaborate with nazis.

      Or if we go even further back 1000 years ago you were just a horde of nomads(immigrants) yourselves. All of central europe had problems with you back then.

      Alright that all was a long time ago so now it’s mostly forgiven.

      My country’s government in WW2 were also nazi collaborators. And I still REGRET that to this day. I woud rather die than be a nazi collaborator(or even just live under a nazi regime, without fighting it in some way).

      Ok, Hungary didn’t do nothing wrong to muslims specifically, but that is not my point. My point is that no nation on this planet is truly ‘innocent’, as in it has never done anything wrong.

    • Maia Alexandrova

      Paul X, you must be describing practices from India and Pakistan… These things don’t happen in Central European countries, unless probably if they are done by the nomads of Indian origin there, i.e. the Roma gypsies. Your knowledge about the people living in Central and Eastern Europe and their cultures seems to be non-existent… The Roma population is an ethnic minority, they have very barbaric practices indeed, which they inherited from their motherland – India, but their customs do not represent in any way the customs and practices of ethnic Europeans! No ethnic Hungarians, Poles or Czech people ever do such atrocities! Following your logic, we can say that the traditional English culture (which descended from the Anglo-Saxons), includes practises such as female genital mutilation, acid attacks, honour killings and full-face Islamic covering…

    • Paul X

      Maia, you have not understood the topic

      The original posters reference to ” regime change ” and “bombing the hell out of other countries” clearly indicates he is talking about the Middle East…and it is there that you will find the barbaric practices I mention being carried out

  31. jakov

    Not at all. Every country should decide if they want to receive migrants or not. GB, Germany and Sweden received a great amount of migrants and they have terrorist attack on daily basis. Poland, Hungary and Check Republic decided not to receive migrants and there is no terrorist attack in their countries.

  32. Penka David Rose

    No, they are the only ones that care for Europe and its culture. The western corporations and capitalists just want more people to work for them, no matter what. That is not tolerance, that is greed. That’s why they make a mess everywhere in the world. Not everything is money! Well done to the east european countries!

    • Rosanna Roxy Corty

      So what to do with the migrants crossing the Mediterranean on rubber boats? You leave them drowning to protect your culture? Or should a single state like Italy be left alone to deal with the phenomenon since it is not your duty? Don’t you feel your reasoning is at least a bit selfish?

    • Paul X

      The logical thing is to stop them entering the boats in the first place.
      Spreading the problem throughout Europe does not stop it being a problem….eventually every country in Europe would have as many immigrants as Italy and Greece, then where do we send them?

  33. Joao Antonio Camoes

    No. EU it is not a federal state.questions that afect each countries sovereignty should be decided by national governments or parliaments. We are now facing EU deconstruction due Brussels (?) “martial law” that imposes every thing about … everything. EEC was running very well until some globalists bureocrats change the rules of the game without questioning nationals through national polls.

    • Paul kuchtova

      The EU is already committing suicide if they are to sanction Poland Hungary Slovakia Czech Rep Romania etc. good old Russia will gladly and whole heartedly attempt to open a lot of trade deals with them has eu declines trade deals guess who you are helping………I am sure these Slavic countries rather have someone with a similar culture take over them than in incompatible if push comes to shove

    • Faddi Zsolt

      Kick you out from European Union

  34. Ricardo Teixeira

    No. There is nothing in EU rules when they joined that said they were obligated to accept refugees. If they don’t want to take refugees is their choice.

  35. Aris Olibiakaras Gia Panta

    No, it’s their right not to accept refugees! And after the war finishes and security is guaranteed send them back! This is the only solution!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Wendy Harris

    No, you cannot sanction a country for defending itself against invasion. It’s strange that people seem to have forgotten that the last Islamic caliphate was an empire or that the Islamic slave trade lasted for 14 centuries (and still goes on today) compared to a mere 4 centuries of Atlantic/European slavery.

  37. Mariusz Jędrzyński

    If they should sanction Poland then they also should sanction all the other countries who have not accepted their quotas.

  38. Aleksandrs Frederiks Znovs

    No! This was idea of corrumped EU authorities who wishes to show to others how “kind” they are. In the same time EU takes no responsibility and will not protect any EU country for terror and crime. So why????

    • Julia Hadjikyriacou

      I don’t politicians do anything because they are kind. They always have an agenda that increases profits. For example, an addition of a class of desperate rightless workers and future tax payers.

  39. Aleksandar Greguric

    No. We had no colonies, we had no slaves and we sure as hell do not get cheap oil. So don’t play that blame game on us. It’s all on you.

  40. Pierluigi Michetti

    There are rules and laws.
    They don’t respect them?
    Sanction the hell out of ’em.

    And have those who keep spamming about “invasions” and “holy wars” follow a two years class about civil and human rights, before letting them vote again.

    • Camille Gabriel

      Where is it written in the European law that countries should blindly accept refugees from the whole world, regardless of their religion, ethnicity and culture… Nowhere ! If Germany wants to welcome all the Middle East, so as they can improve their reputation because of their dark Nazi history, that’s ok ! Although replacing their own people by all these strangers doesn’t seem to be a solution. But we can”t force the whole continent to follow blindly these suicidal and nonsensical policies. All these absurd choices are shaping a very conflictual context everywhere. All our peoples should be informed and asked about such crucial topics, we all should have a say about whether or not we want to welcome foreigners. ( who exactly, how many, forever or for a short amount of time… ).

    • Pierluigi Michetti

      “The Commission believes that the three Visegrad states are failing to meet the obligations set out in a 2015 refugee relocation plan.”

      If you want to be in a club, you respect the rules.
      You can’t make up your own rules. Simple as that. :)

    • Stefania Portici

      è vero, però le regole vanno scritte in una lingua che si capisce . Se dai le regole imposte con una lingua sonosciuta…….sa di fregatura . Uno può anche firmare per la fiducia ma poi quando capisce che è stato raggirato non vuole altre regole se non sono chiare

    • Pierluigi Michetti


      Gli accordi internazionali vengono tradotti nelle lingue dei vari partecipanti, e sono scritti anche nella lingua commerciale internazionale (l’inglese), che tutti ormai dovrebbero saper parlare come seconda lingua.

      Non parliamo di tizi che vendono orologi falsi nei vicoli o di compagnie telefoniche che fanno firmare contratti-truffa, ma di trattati internazionali all’interno dell’Unione Europea.

  41. Kamila Anna Sotomska

    Niels In my opinion, yes, but… and here comes the big but – there is a problem with sanctioning the whole country while a) the PiS government is to be blamed – there are private persons and organizations in Poland that wanted to take refugees and they were prevented from doing so by the government, to include 10 families in the city of Sopot offered to take orphans and provide medical care for them! Moreover, even the church, whose political views are usually in life with the ones of conservative government of PiS, is calling for acceptance of refugees due to a Christian and human obligation to do so. b) Sanctioning procedures are usually long enough for a government to change. Given that elections are coming in 2 years, the consequences of sanctions are likely to fall on political parties that always supported the idea of providing a safe haven to refugees and above all, on the citizens, who disagree with the government either way. All in all, I am ashamed this situation has ever taken place and I am truly ashamed of my country.

    • Paul kuchtova

      Anna the poles along with many eastern countries won’t take grown military age beta males even Kurdish women fight…..poles should worry about taking care of their own people EU won’t give out such bad sanctions to many eastern countries because I doubt they would want Russia to strengthen more economically by taking advantage of opening deals with them. Remember EU wants them to stay

  42. Lonzo Bildelberg

    If taking in political and war refugees is a given in their constitution or in the European one (as it is in the Italian one) then yes they should

  43. Julia Hadjikyriacou

    Sanction America, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Israel. Basically sanction murder, torture and theft. What is wrong with the EU?? If the EU starts sanctioning EU member countries for EU rules most EU citizens don’t agree with the EU will eventually collapse.

  44. Hugo Miguel Carriço

    Give a Sancttion to United States of America, They should take all those refugges. Why? It’s them who start those silly wars, it’s not what they say: Protect and serve, its to do the war, take all the richness of all those countries, take the geostrategic position and rule.
    Open your eyes Europe. The Evil is USA not Russia.

    • Tarquin Farquhar

      @Hugo Miguel Carriço
      I can understand calling the USA ‘evil’ although I do not resonate with such a sentiment; however, identifying Russia in the same sentence as NOT EVIL suggests that your prejudice skews your logic somewhat!

  45. catherine benning

    Should the EU sanction Poland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic for refusing refugees?

    Sanctions? What sanctions? Financial?

    What you are suggesting is, unless Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic and so on allow their borders to be opened to the horrendous social and criminal events taking place all across Europe, as a direct result, of mass migration you will make them suffer physically, by taking away any money they may have. Just as they have done to Greece.

    What you should be asking is, do those countries believe that being part of the EU is worth what they feel will be the destruction of their natural social cohesion and their cultural way of life.

    If the answer to that is, yes, then those separate nations must accept what they feel will happen to them with open arms.

    • Max Berre

      Although that sounds like what needs to be done, it is worth noting that the eastern europeans aren’t willing to contribute the ships, troops, or hard power resources to make this a reality.

      They are just a bunch of free-rider governments waiting for the next welfare-subsidy check from our part of europe.

    • Tarquin Farquhar

      @Max Berre
      Most EU nations are net [EU contribution] beggars AKA Free-Loaders; take a look at the ‘Club Med’ countries for instance.

  46. Lynda Germon

    No..they can’t afford to stay solvent for their own citizens can they take in refugees ?

    • Max Berre

      Although it would have been cheaper for them to just send peacekeepers to the conflict zone, they were busy free-riding so hard that they didn’t wanna do that.

      Now it’s their turn to help deal with the consequences of heir previous inaction and laziness.

  47. José Bessa da Silva

    Obviously not. The EU is not a federal state. It is not a country. Stop meddling with sovereign issues or things will get worse for Brussels. Brexit is just the star. Departugal now!

  48. Dimitris Orfanoudis

    The invation of migrants to the eastern Argean islands has affected dramatically the lives of local population. People are tired and upset with whole situation and 90% are negative in the idea to relocate migrants.. The above mentioned countries they have the right toprotect the sovereingty not allowing relocation of migrants .. Well done

    • Tarquin Farquhar

      @Dimitris Orfanoudis
      I’m sorry but Greece has NO sovereignty – it is ruled by Germany.

  49. Rosanna Roxy Corty

    Yes! Why should Italy only be obliged to accept all migrants? Because of our geographical position? Because of the Dublin rules? The world has changed since Dublin agreements! And then if we are a union Italy is the union border! You do not want to share the burden? Then Europe should study a common strategy, not just turn a blind eye on what is happening! If countries take the sweets, I.e. European funds, then they should also take the opposite!

    • Tarquin Farquhar

      @Rosanna Roxy Corty
      The immigrants will help boost Italy’s stuttering economy and too dilute the corruption endemic within the indigenous population!

  50. Rosanna Roxy Corty

    Yes! Why should Italy only be obliged to accept all migrants? Because of our geographical position? Because of the Dublin rules? The world has changed since Dublin agreements! And then if we are a union Italy is the union border! You do not want to share the burden? Then Europe should study a common strategy, not just turn a blind eye on what is happening! If countries take the sweets, I.e. European funds, then they should also take the opposite!

  51. Rosanna Roxy Corty

    Yes! Why should Italy only be obliged to accept all migrants? Because of our geographical position? Because of the Dublin rules? The world has changed since Dublin agreements! And then if we are a union Italy is the union border! You do not want to share the burden? Then Europe should study a common strategy, not just turn a blind eye on what is happening! If countries take the sweets, I.e. European funds, then they should also take the opposite!

  52. Luca Kulikov

    What wrong with you political people are you taking them in your house or??? Stop the f…ing war in their country because enough is enough with this propaganda, Europe can’t solve their economical problem and European are suffering I mean tax payers

  53. Luca Kulikov

    What wrong with you political people are you taking them in your house or??? Stop the f…ing war in their country because enough is enough with this propaganda, Europe can’t solve their economical problem and European are suffering I mean tax payers

  54. Luca Kulikov

    What wrong with you political people are you taking them in your house or??? Stop the f…ing war in their country because enough is enough with this propaganda, Europe can’t solve their economical problem and European are suffering I mean tax payers

  55. Mimi Voiculescu

    Merkel invited them to her country and should keep them there. She created the problem and didn t ask us then. We have nothing to do with that and should not be obligated to take them . Many people from our country is seeking jobs in other countries because here are under payed or don t find work. We have lots of problems as it is. Plus some refugees turn out to be terrorists . Is not fair to be punished for not want to take refugees !

    • Rosanna Roxy Corty

      Ah really? I think you missed the news that EU has paid turkey to stop the influx through Balcans so almost all the migrants try the crossing to Italy which is the only open door to Europe. Should Italy be left alone to deal with the “problem” in your opinion??????????!???

    • Camille Gabriel

      If Italy should not handle the whole migrant crisis alone, there is absolutely nothing which justifies other fragile countries from central Europe to handle it… France, The Uk or Germany ok, these big countries are in favor of the multicultural utopia ( or dystopia actually ). and they don’t really care about their own people anymore. But we cant impose it to other countries and ask us to blindly follow our suicidal choices… ( countries which by the way know by experience how hard and challenging is it to deal with diversity of religions and ethnicities … )

    • Rosanna Roxy Corty

      What about if it was Poland in such a geographical position where thousands of migrants are taken by all kind of flag vessels on a daily basis? Do you think an acceptable response by the rest of Europe would be just control your borders and then drop the country to face the crisis alone?

    • Mimi Voiculescu

      What is EU doing to cure the sickness at its roots so that the migrants would go back ? We don t see anything being done.

    • Mimi Voiculescu

      I m not from Poland, my country got its share of migrants .

    • Rosanna Roxy Corty

      Mimi Voiculescu not much because many just believe they can resolve the “problem” by building walls at their borders😀

  56. Sari Bruno

    Of course, in this case as in others all EU countries must participate since all these countries have signed the EU treaties. I would make another question; why should only Italy take care alone of all those people asking for asylum? This situation has dramatically affected Italians for some years now. On the other hand, the EU must make huge effort to stop illegal immigration. By the way relocation doesn´t mean to give everybody residence permits to stay in the EU, but it helps to proceed these applications faster.

    • Mimi Voiculescu

      Nobody signet anything regarding reaceving migrants . Check it out !

    • Sari Bruno

      Mimi Voiculescu : You did want be part of the EU; solidarity not selfiness, please.

  57. Km

    Poland is recipient of highest EU developments fundfrom EU. €40 billions annually. Germany is the largest national economy in Europe, the fourth-largest by nominal GDP in the world, and fifth by GDP (PPP). The country is a founding member of the European Union and the Eurozone. Germany has been allocated EUR 27.87 billion from ESI Funds for the period 2014-2020. With a minimum national contribution of EUR 16.7 billion, Germany has a total budget of EUR 44.58 billion to be invested in various areas, from SME competitiveness to social inclusion, research and innovation as well as energy efficiency and the environment. A lot more then any other country in he EU. Western countries has been absorbing millions fmillions refugees from East europeans since WW2. Highest amounts of refugess in western Europe are east europe after USSR collapsed. These east europen received hundreds hundreds billions before and after joins EU. EU as improvement to millions of life of eastern european. UK has received a lot more immigrant and socil welfare recipients rom east in 10years then in 70years from rest of the world. USA, UK & NATO, has created mess in afghistan, Somalia, sudan, Lybia, Syria, Pakistan, Ukraine, Iraq, Iran and Yogosalvia to reduced Russian influences in the world. Saudi, UAE, Qatar, Turkey, Egypt, Kuwait are the puppets (personals Dogs) of USA and UK. These countries has been funding as accordingly wishes of USA and UK for Zionists regime’s.

  58. Ivan Burrows


    According to the UN charter of human rights the peoples of Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic have the right to self determination, to ignore this just proves the EU is a dictatorship, not a democracy.,

    The EU fanatics should remember that the EU is a union of ‘Nation’ States, it is not and never will be a country in its own right.

    So many pro EU comments on here happy to override the wishes of other ‘Europeans’ in the name of their empire building, Europeanism will end as all crazed European ideologies end.

    • Auer Bru

      Lol actually you have no idea How International law works

    • Ivan Burrows

      Auer Bru

      Whatever you say comrade, whatever you say.

      UN Charter Article 1.2:

      To develop friendly relations among nations based on respect for the principle of equal rights and self-determination of peoples, and to take other appropriate measures to strengthen universal peace;

  59. Milo Kobalicek

    I think those countries, which refused solidarity with other countries in EU, should be sanctioned, perhaps some cut from funds – those money should be send to countries, which will use it in refugee crisis.

    • Maciek Zbżerzny

      So let’s relegate 1.5 mln of Ukrainians from Poland.

    • Milo Kobalicek

      Hi Maciek, are they considered in Poland as economic refugees, or people suffering from war? Also, when I wrote about solidarity with other EU countries, I meant countries like Greece, Italy etc. – I think it would be fair to give them at least such a help.

  60. Maurice Lezmi

    Unfortunatly NO NO NO as of some countries of Europe made a mistake and will loose their nationality. Others are not ready for the same mistake.

  61. Tgame Bond

    Yessssssssss! !…..bcos their are greedy & selfish. ..While themselves travel to other countries, like Uk to search for work, better life and benefits. …..racist country!

  62. Auer Bru

    Technically John kerry slipped tongue caused no intervention and lack of decisivness in the western World back in 2012. So war instead one year is still being fought. Eu albo didnt do much about sarin back then. So then russians blocked the whole issue with syria and extender the conflict even further by pushing back the rebels obce again and raising the death toll. Then there was the negotioation fiasco between germany and turkey and all the hell broke loose turkey kind of switched sides and changed mind immigrants were flooding europe and among them albo some isis infiltrators. If there were expeditionary Force that included armor divisions and mechanized infantry the conflict could have been finished early without aby help of the us and flood of immigrants could have been,stopped at its core back when It was a tiny problem. Now europe learns what a capable european army could save them from, probably also turkey wouldnt break negotiations if war in syria would meet a strong answer early

  63. Auer Bru

    Technically John kerry slipped tongue caused no intervention and lack of decisivness in the western World back in 2012. So war instead one year is still being fought. Eu albo didnt do much about sarin back then. So then russians blocked the whole issue with syria and extender the conflict even further by pushing back the rebels obce again and raising the death toll. Then there was the negotioation fiasco between germany and turkey and all the hell broke loose turkey kind of switched sides and changed mind immigrants were flooding europe and among them albo some isis infiltrators. If in 2012 there were expeditionary Force that included armor divisions and mechanized infantry the conflict could have been finished early without aby help of the us and flood of immigrants could have been,stopped at its core back when It was a tiny problem with a good foothold to strike isis after syria. Now europe learns what a capable european army could save them from, probably also turkey wouldnt break negotiations if war in syria would meet a strong answer early. The problem with migrants and polish governing party also wouldnt exist if eu would send troops to syria back then. I think the civilian casualties in Eu gave a lesson for the whole europe that needs a more aggressive and active stance against its close neighbours. The problem was and still is syria originally not Poland Or other member states. Eu needs to defend its citizens and assad gov taken out early wouldnt produce all those refugees and war with isis would be much easier without Russia. I would advocate a 100.000 quick reaction expeditionary Force consisting of heavy divisions and other conventional forces with a separate european Special operations command. The mobile Force as needed could be extended to at least 300k troops with slower Combat readiness.

  64. Spyros Tsakos

    In the context of solidarity yes they should be sanctioned, that does not mean that they should accept every migrant, after all the rellocation scheme talks about specific numbers and of course there should be background checks for troublemakers. But the visegard four should see the problem not only from their side but also from the side of the countries that face the brunt of the migrant crisis(Italy and Greece -as Germany is an better position to tackle the problem- in the EU, Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan outside), not to mention that they and others outside the EU have to be reminded that the migrant crisis is a global crisis, you can’t shut yourself out of it even if you build walls(because that means that simply people will die in order to get pass them or drown in the sea to reach their destination). In the case of the EU the visegard four critisize the Commision on the matter without realising or forgeting that this lack of solidarity is shown in other matters as well like the economic crisis which also they critisize negatively of course. You won’t solve the problem by refusing to accept migrants, this oversimplistic way of thinking and the though of all migrants being invaders(in that sense for instance then Greeks and Hungarians were also invaders when the went as economic migrants mostly in other countries) will make the problem worst for them and us. In short dear Europeans the Union is not in danger because of migrants but from the lack of solidarity between its members and the selfishness that some of them promote in matters that affect us all. Of course any sanction will be food for fascists and far-righters in these four countries mainly but it is exactly these kind of people who see a complex problem as a simplistic one and don’t give a damn about others except their own.

    • Paul X

      “You won’t solve the problem by refusing to accept migrants”

      Similarly you won’t solve the problem by continuing to accept migrants…. as long as they know how spineless the EU is with its weak Liberal Left agenda (which makes it easy for the people traffickers to sell the dream) then the desire for people from these countries to come to Europe will never end. Much as the do-gooders in society hate it, the only way to stop them is to make it clear they will not be accepted into Europe, and when this message gets back to the shores of Libya, only then they will stop climbing into boats and risking their lives

  65. Rosanna Roxy Corty

    Can anyone explain why should only Italy, at it’s own cost and efforts, deal ALONE with the migrant crisis?

    • Maciek Zbżerzny

      You should start to protect your borders firstly

    • Rosanna Roxy Corty

      Maciek Zbżerzny ah really? I draw your attention that there are several European flagged vessels, plus various ong such as medcins sans frontieres, moas, etc, which are active in search and rescue and take all the migrants to Italy. How we can protect our borders? Please enlighten me😜

    • Maia Alexandrova

      What is the situation at the moment? Italian ships go to the Libyan shore, wait for a boat with illegal travellers to sink and then pick them up, go all the way across the Mediterranean Sea and dump them in Italy, then sail back to Libya for the next operation. As a first step, the ships can turn to the opposite direction and leave the migrants back on the Libyan shore where they can be helped by EU. If the Italian government wants to bring them to Italy for some reason, then it should organise a safe and humane way for that to happen, for example, by arranging a regular air plane service for illegal migrants from Libya to Italy. Either one, or the other. What the Italian ships are doing at the moment is not helping anyone, but only encouraging more people to drown near the Libyan shore. It is cruel and inhumane and needs to stop! Sanctions on Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic will not contribute anything towards solving the problem. Italy should start listening to the proposals of those countries, rather than patronise them!

  66. Faddi Zsolt

    Hungary has a bloody experience of muslim invasion from the Osman Empire! In those times the fuckin’ west made conspirative moves against Rex Mathias Corvinus, so he concentrated his forces against them, and had no chance to split his forces in two to defend Hungary from Turkey! After Rex Corvinus’ death Turkey invaded the country and oppressed it for 150 years! Fuck off you moron politicians in the EU! You didn’t have any experience until now!

  67. Stefania Portici

    abbiamo un problema grande e non è giusto che lo affrontiamo da soli. La UE dovrebbe sanzionare in tutti i sensi : in denaro , in isolamento e chi ha creato il problema si prende l’immigrato a carico, QUESTO E’ GIUSTO. . Se noi andiamo ad affrontare i problemi che ci hanno creato gli altri ,pagando di tasca nostra dei sacrifici umani che veramente stiamo facendo , QUESTO NON E’ GIUSTO, lo stiamo facendo ma non è giusto

    • Stefania Portici

      si chiede di sanzionare la Polonia , l’Ungheria, la Repubblica Ceca ….e va bene ci sta. Non si chiede MAI però di sanzionare la FRANCIA o l’INGHILTERRA loro che veramente andrebbero sanzionate per aver creato il problema immigrazione . Se si va a punire chi crea i problemi ( non hi li subisce ) vedrai che ci pensano in futuro prima di fare altri guai

    • Chisty Pqy

      Non lo affrontate da soli che ci stanno anche degli altri paesi che accogliono migranti… L’Italia non li tiene, i migranti. Noi li teniamo, voi li mandate via…
      Capisco che siate stufati, anche noi lo siamo ma cosa ci dovremmo fare? Francia, Belgio, Germania…ce ne sono anche da noi.
      Buona serata!

    • Stefania Portici

      la Francia è abituata perchè è una colonizzatrice , ha immigrati di terza generazione , noi no. . Noi abbiamo avuto turisti controllati ma mai cosi tanta , ma tanta , ma tanta immigrazione . Non è una immigrazione normale è una invasione . Quelli che vengono da voi non sono niente in confronto a quelli che vengono qui dal 2012 circa in poi , ma nell’ultimo anno 2016 è stato tragico , va peggiorando

    • Stefania Portici

      poi adesso si è creato un giro in più.Arrivano tanti immigrati minorenni senza genitori e quelli giustamente restano da noi per tutelarli . I bambini soli , salvati da noi e mandati da voi sono scomparsi ….traffico di organi !? Abuso minorile !? Sono morti !? Non è stata una cosa carina quello che è successo , per cui adesso i bambini soli non vanno fuori , restano qui e vengono protetti. La legge è giusta ma ……ci sta qualcosa che non quadra ……come mai i genitori mandano via i figli da soli? Mi sembra strano perchè non sono pochi

    • Rosanna Roxy Corty

      Chisty Pqy ma cosa vi tenete? Li drenate in Francia e li riammettete in Italia perché ritenete che siano “nostra responsabilità “. Metà Africa parla francese, non italiano, semmai sono vostra responsabilità, anche per la destabilizzazione della libya dove pensavate di portare democrazia ed invece guarda cos’è oggi. Buona serata anche a lei!

    • Chisty Pqy

      Non è la nostra responsabilità pet gli Africani. Non abbiamo colonizzati l’Algeria o il Marocco. Accogmiamo i Congolesi e sono dapperutto anche loro.
      Capisco benissimo che ci stia tanta gente e che siate stati invasi, ma perché siete anche nell’Europa, dovete farlo lo stesso. Le regole sono uguali per tutti.
      NB: non sono francese, sono belga. E non siamo responsibili per niente, quella guerra non l’abbiamo voluta.

    • Chisty Pqy

      Stefania Portici : cosa ne sai che non sono niente in confronto ai vostri? Ci sei stata tu in Belgio? A Bruxelles? Fatti un giro a Bruxelles e Liegi e poi la discussione continuerà!

    • Stefania Portici

      Chisty Pqy l’Africa e il medio oriente sono stati devastati dai francesi , inglesi , americani . Non importa quanti immigrati avete ed abbiamo ma importa sapere quale è la ragione del perchè questi Paesi occidentali hanno agito cosi. Tutto queste guerre sono state fatte per il cambiamento climatico ? Guerra per prevenire guerra ? Gli immigrati per il cambiamento climatico ancora non ci sono….quelli saranno una emergenza ,ma ci arriveremo stufi. Poi…sul cambiamento climatico bisognerebbe saperne di più, di che si tratta e come si è deciso di intervenire….. è probabile che esistano altre soluzioni pacifiche alla guerre . Le soluzioni per far restare la gente nella propria terra ed essere padroni della loro terra ci sono e non si capisce perchè non sono attuate , prese in considerazione. Ci sono cose che non sappiamo ? Non dobbiamo chiederci quanti immigrati abbiamo ma perchè sono cacciatti dalla loro terra

    • Stefania Portici

      ci sta un vecchio detto che dice ” chi è causa del suoi mal pianga se stesso” chi ha causato tutta questa immigrazione non ha il diritto di lamentarsi ma ci sono Paesi come il mio che non lo hanno causato ed abbiamo tutto il diritto di farlo. Noi stiamo supportando un problema creato da voi dunque non avete il diritto di mettervi nella condizione in cui vi ergete e se lo fate siete presuntuosi . Il dialogo VERO tra Paesi che ognuno prende in considerazione l’altro per crescere insieme , vi siete dimenticati come è fatto ? Fin’ora a noi ci avete azzittiti , azzerati , ci avete scaricato i vostri danni e ci avete derubati . Cioè… davvero ?

  68. Jerzy Zajączkowski

    It is necessary to restore the borders of the Member States. Every country has to watch over its borders. Otherwise, the EU will disintegrate. It is not possible to accept all willing to come to Europe.

  69. Moreira France

    yes of course Poland ,Hungary, and Czech Republic ,EU also offered “solidarity “for these countries, and then,they only wanted welfare provided by EU.

    • Maciek Zbżerzny

      what about solidarity with Poland with Nord Stream 2 ?

  70. Eugenia Serban

    No way.
    1. Eastern Europe (Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia) fought against the muslim invasion of the Otoman Empire for 500 years; the West was protected by these countries and nations, we were exploited, slaughtered, enslaved, plundered
    That s why the East is poor and the West is rich, because the East had to stand up to muslim invaders for 500 years
    2. Eastern Europe has not caused war ot any conflicts in the Middle East or Africa

    • Chryssa Chronakis

      Stay out of EU.Not when you benefit only.There are obligations pal.

    • Alessandro Ali Vit

      So we as sovreign countries must stop paying tens of billions of euros to them in structural funds.

      If they are sovreign countries they can help themselves, they do kot need our help.

      Then.we will use that money to help refugees here.

    • Maia Alexandrova

      Chryssa Chronakis, imagine that Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic left EU. Would the illegal migrants stop coming? Will the money saved bring an end to the crisis and be enough to look after every migrant properly, while still continuing to take hundreds of thousands more? Don’t you realise how useless your suggestion is?

  71. Andreas Nikolaidis

    Εφοσον θελουν τους προσφυγες ας αποδεκτουν ΟΛΑ τα κρατη μελη αναλογα του πληθυσμου τους και της οικονομικης ευχεριας τους

    • Tarquin Farquhar

      @Andreas Nikolaidis
      What about considering geography AND demography. England is the most densely populated large EU state – that means France, Spain, Germany and Italy will have to take up the slack.

  72. Carl Sebastian Steenekamp

    The EU are a bunch of hypocrites. Czech Republic and Poland have very very good human rights records but they get sanctions imposed on them for trying to protect their society. But yet also, they want open borders and free trade with the Middle East who treats their women like second class citizens.

    • Andres Baz García

      To protect who? And from whom? From immigrants who are fleeing 4 wars? From homosexuals, given the lowest protection standard bestowed by Poland and Czech Republic? From even the own EU, given the lowest rate of fulfilment of the European Court of Justice and the European Court of Human Rights’ decisions by Poland, just behind Russia in this last one?
      What I think is that every country should protect their societies from people like you, who have no idea at all of how refugees are living and how much they’ve lost. We all are humans and the EU is based upon peace and tolerance. The same tolerance that keeps me out of thinking that you shouldn’t be entitled to the european citizenship, taking advantage of the privileges built by post-war societies that wanted to make an effort to understand one anothers and then not understanding what this civil status means.

    • Carl Sebastian Steenekamp

      Andres Baz García . What most refugees are doing to western countries are outrageous and unthinkable. Just look at all the terrorist attacks that is going on all over Europe; Paris, Manchester, Munich, Stockholm, London, etc, etc, etc. Before the selfish Angela Merkel let in all the millions of thugs, Europe was just fine. She is very selfish for letting all those people in without listening to her own people, she is committing national suicide. Many many refugees pose as 14 year old children to get higher chances of getting to the West, and receives more welfare benefits because their “underaged”. They don’t move to Europe because of peace​ and harmony, they move to get free welfare.

    • Carl Sebastian Steenekamp

      Andres Baz García , and btw, I was never, is not, and never will be on the welfare system because I work hard and focus on my future, unlike most refugees.

  73. Kokonas George

    Refugee, based on the International Law, is someone only as long as his life is in danger and he is “moving” to save himself. The first country, which provides security, is the last in which he is classified as a refuge and is valid. … A refugee, for example, is the Syrian “up” to Turkey or Jordan and Lebanon. If he leaves these countries, which offer him security and protection, he automatically turns into an illegal migrant. END OF STORY

  74. Luísa Cunha Ventura Gagean

    Of course not. All the others should be sanctioned, for not understanding, what the Islam wants from EU. I say it again, the refugees must go to Saudi Arabia, and other countries with the same Religion. Dont invite those who cannot understand our values.

  75. Larry Moffett

    Yes. Just a quarter turn clockwise of the tap from which billions of EU structural and cohesion funds are flowing.

    • Tarquin Farquhar

      @Jean Charles Branco

      I don’t want NAZTY Germany or COWARDLY France leading in charge of any armies but their own!

  76. Mataroa Dida

    No! Each country has the right to decide what it wants specially when it comes to safety. Forcing one to ‘comply’ is dictatorship.

    • Alessandro Ali Vit

      So we can decide unilaterally to stop paying tens of billions of Euro to them in structural funds?

      Well, deal done! Then we use all that money to host refugees in our countries.

    • Maia Alexandrova

      Alessandro Ali Vit, with that rate of taking illegal migrants to Italy, the money from the sanctions will finish very quickly. Who are you going to sanction next in order to sustain the continuous intake of thousands more migrants from Libya?

  77. Wiktoria Anilom

    It is not that easy…could you publish all the times the presidents of the EU countries have said this: we should stop the war. Once you found it then we talk.

  78. Vicente Silva Tavares

    Why countries should be forced to receive Muslim migrants and in a few years start having Muslim terrorism like Germany and France? Why countries should be forced to accept Muslim migrants and in a few years start having the rapes, stealings and drug trafficking? Why do you wonder Social-Democrats parties are loosing their electorate ? It is not we are embracing international issues and not listening our own workers? Why EU could not help them in their countries or neighbors? Muslims did not integrate, do not integrate and will not integrate. Thanks to Saudi Arabia. Later they will bite the hand that feed them.

    • Nadia Dereguardati

      No..nothing to do with past. These are not refugees at all. The true ones are not here!

    • Maria Leitão

      Nadia Dereguardati please study history.. They were imigrants in Brazil, all of them, excuse me, I ‘ m brazilian And I know that! They are millions of imigrants in Brazil, And we are pleasure because we received them. How they forgot… They forgot, but we havé registration on ower country. Sorry…

    • Tarquin Farquhar

      @Maria Leitão
      Brazil – great at football, NOT good at democracy, NOT good at civility, NOT good at equality, great at corruption.

  79. Geoffrey Terry

    In effect the situation was initiated on a whim of Angela Merkel. Had there been a democratic discussion before she welcomed the world, on behalf of Europe, The Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary would, no doubt, have pointed out that their countries are finally ‘semi-free’, following 50 years of control by either Germany or Russia. The only restricting factor being that of undemocratic decisions by the EU.
    Dictatorship is not the answer to accommodating Merkel’s pleasure!

  80. Pedro Vidal

    no. They have no obligation to it. However, they should be more tolerant societies.

    • Pedro Vidal

      everything… people of color, other religions, other choices in life.

  81. Carlos Matias

    If so many other countries are sanctioned for failing to comply with EU rules why would Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic be different? This is a non subject. Sanctions exist for these very same situations. Apply them.

  82. Zbigniew Jankowski

    Sanctions .. are always acts against integration and the EU project is about integration. I’am polish and say that sanctions are no solution in relation to my country which became free only abt 25 years ago and became an EU full member only a little bit more than 10 years ago.. Why .. ? Well the main mechanism of democracy should be dialogue … and many people in my country do not yet understand the realities connected with being a member of EU. There is still a lot of work to be done in this field. I also thinks that In principle people are not against other people. They are usually against BAD politics or solutions or THINGS they do not understand. Will sanctions help to change this ?? I doubt it..

  83. Zbigniew Jankowski

    Sanctions .. are always acts against integration and the EU project is about integration. I’am polish and say that sanctions are no solution in relation to my country which became free only abt 25 years ago and became an EU full member only a little bit more than 10 years ago.. Why .. ? Well the main mechanism of democracy should be dialogue … and many people in my country do not yet understand the realities connected with being a member of EU. There is still a lot of work to be done in this field. I also think that in principle people are not against other people. They are usually against BAD politics or solutions or THINGS they do not understand. Will sanctions help to change this ?? I doubt it….

  84. Jean Corveleyn

    If those countries refuse to take refugees, they should at least show some solidarity by paying the other EU-countries where a larger number of refugees are taken than agreed.

  85. Antonio Massa

    They do not have to accept refugees. We have had enough of them. These States do not need to be sanctioned but they have to be an example to EU. The amount of refugees in EU is become the cause of splitting from EU (see Italy, Greece). Allowing millions of Syrians and others from the Muslim Middle East into Europe will end up as a catastrophe for Europe, and therefore for the West. Most European countries are bad at assimilating people from other cultures, especially from Muslim cultures. And large numbers of people from Muslim cultures are bad at assimilating into non-Muslim cultures.

    Read more at:

    Read more at:

    Read more at: amount of refugees we have in Italy is high, there are no social structures and the refugees live in squalled situation and are engaged in criminal activities by the member of mafia. EU has not done anything to help the Countries above and Italy and Greece to help the

  86. Danny boy

    Has anyone actually asked any of these ‘refugees’ if they wont to be sent to these east european nations??.

    • Paul X

      If they are true refugees then they will not care where they go as long as they are safe……but we all know the reality of the situation

  87. Teo Nagy

    No they shouldn’t , if yes than punish all countries which don’t keep the EU Stability&Growth Pact (public deficit under 60%, gov.deficit under 3%=nearly all west-EU)

  88. Milan

    I am from the Czech Republic and I agree with sanctions. We can’t use only what we want to, we have to respect rules if we want to be part of the EU.

  89. Petrxh

    I just cannot understand why did not EU put sanctions on Greece and Italy for non existant protection of Schengen borders.

  90. Adam Hladky

    Ja, diese Länder bekommen Geld von EU, aber sie möchten keine Solidarität mit Italien u. Griechenland.

  91. David Fernandes Coelho

    The EU should think first on the conditions each member has to offer it is not fair to offer the refugees housing and double of the countries minimum salary while the citizens of that state have to live with low income and get by Its not fair. So please lets not dirve our nations to war again.

  92. didier cosse

    The following structural funds to the new Member States in the period 2004-2006 are been allocated as follow: Czech Republic, 2,326 €billion; Poland, 11,369 €billion and Hungary, 2,847 €billion. This only concerns the period 2004-2006 and we are in 2017… I am not writing down the figures all billion € transferred to help the development of these 3 countries’ economies, not to be taken as insulting my Polish, Czchek or Hungarian friends; but when I read some comments like “we have never seen any EU money coming to our countries” I feel sad but also a bit angry.

    • Piotr Blaszyk

      Didier Cosse no one in the right mind and with access to data will say that we did not recieve a lot of help from the EU. It helped us develop in and in the years 2016-2020 out contribution to the eu finances will be about 44 bilion Euro ( tho we still technicly “recieve” more than we pay by a large margin, keep in mind that not all funds can, and will be used and go back to the eu). I personally see a problem, that we are not prepared to take in so many refugees. Let me explain:
      Currently there are about 17000 people waiting to be deported to poland from other EU countrys( the number is high because it is a problem that presisted for many years and just now is being taken care of). Since the begining of the year we recieved about 700 of them. These are people, mostly from Chechenia and Afganistan who asked for refugee status/asylum in Poland. However before the decision was made they fled to Germany, France of other where they can have much higher social benefits. But as we were the first country they arrived, acording to the Dublin accords(?) they will be directed to us again.
      Also on the topic of solidarity, its all nice and ok as long as it does not cost different states much. When particuler intrests of for example Germany (Nordstream and Nordstream 2, that will generally be a major danger for energetical stability and safety of my country) or France (for example the “loi Macron”) the solidarity is pushed to the back track.

  93. Maia Alexandrova

    Why sanctioning the only countries who are strictly following EU law about protecting EU borders from illegal entry? Germany, Greece and Italy should be sanctioned for failing to enforce the rule of law and creating security risks for European citizens! Innocent people have already died in numerous terrorist attacks because of those failures! Saudi Arabia is the glaring example of violation of international law regarding refugees and completely deserves sanctions by the EU!

  94. Karolina

    No, it shouldn’t. The “refugees” never wanted to go to any of those countries anyway. They have come over on the encouragement of Germany, which now wants to dump those it doesn’t need on poorer countries (some of them have already been returned to Greece and Bulgaria). If the EU penalises those countries , it will ultimately be colluding with the exploitation by Germany of its fellow EU members but also of the whole of the EU for Germany’s own benefit and individual advancement at the expense of others who are supposed to be equal partners.

  95. Philip Cole

    Sanctions are the appropriate response. And, while we’re on this subject, why not sanctions on the UK for its less than generous response to the refugee crisis? Every day I become more and more ashamed of being a British citizen.

    • Tarquin Farquhar

      @Philip Cole
      What the hell are you talking about?

      The UK already houses 3.2 million EU foreigners and gives the most AID MONEY in the world bar the 5x larger USA!

      Under-informed, echo-chamber types like you make me feel ashamed to be British!

    • Karolina

      Well, you are actually Irish/Nigerian, so no need to be ashamed…

    • Yavor Hadzhiev

      Tarquin Farquhar – foreign aid does not substitute accepting refugees. Refugees need as safe place with adequate assistance away from conflict zones and persecution. Aid alone is not even half enough to help them survive and have a dignified life. And the figure of EU foreigners in the UK that you mention, if true, means nothing in the case of refugees, whose main motivation for migrating is persecution and war.

  96. Val

    Absolutely. Defending freedom and law should not be optional. Refugees must be treated as refugee. They cannot cherry pick only what they want from the EU. We all should comply with our common EU liberal values and laws. EU federation and constitution are way overdue.

    • Paul X

      Unfortunately a lot of people in Europe do not agree with the “EU liberal values”, certainly not those who have to foot the bill for other people’s ideologies

  97. catherine benning

    Should the EU sanction Poland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic for refusing refugees?

    Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic should read this expose first. And then they can decide if they want to put up with being sanctioned. And if they are, why they are.

    Should the EU sanction Poland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic for refusing refugees?

    And it is still happening today because the politicians will not accept their failure of logic and common sense. This cancer is untreatable. The only way to be rid of it is to cut it out!

  98. Ahmet

    hi guys, I am from Turkey, muslim but not religious person. I feel sorry to hear that you guys are so afraid of muslim people.
    When I look to Europe, seeing big chaos between nations. Seems like best democracy and human rights project in human history is falling apart.
    It’s sad, we loose big opportunity to learn tolerance from each other.
    You guys are all welcome to Istanbul, 2000 years of history with multicultural and multireligious city, diverse society lived together in peace for many years.
    We can live together there is nothing to be afraid of.

    • Paul X

      Turkey is a nice country but I’m afraid it is certainly not peaceful considering it ranks number 14 out of 163 countries on the Global Terrorism Index

      It is no point feeling sorry for people who are afraid of Muslims,they have every reason to be. There are idiots on this planet killing people in the name of Islam and unfortunately you cannot tell just by looking at a Muslim if they are peaceful or extremist… so of course people are afraid.
      If moderate Muslims really felt sorry for people who are afraid of them then it is down to them to do something about it. The solution to Islamic extremism has to come from the Muslim world itself, any attempt to sort it by the west just inflames the situation. The Muslim world needs to be more vocal in condemnation of extremists…..UK Muslims have been up in arms and following an attack on Finsbury Mosque in which one person died….. it’s a pity they didn’t show similar levels of emotion following the murder of 8 people in the Borough market attack?

    • Karolina

      There was a concert in Manchester in protest against the bombing of the Ariana Grande concert. The point was to show defiance, uphold Western values and show unity. How many women in burkas and men in traditional Muslim wear attended? How many Muslims showed in action that they didn’t agree with the “message” of the terrorist, that young girls should not be out partying at 11 pm?

  99. Paul kuchtova

    Well Ahmet you can help us Eastern Europeans by turning the west into a shithole and less technologically advanced country we we will get ratnik 3.0 exoskeleton body armour t-14 armatas with 100km aesa radars s500 to immediately track and intercept nuclear missiles from the west etc just keep doing your part

  100. Ahmet

    @Paul X , believe me all terrorism created because of never ending conflicts in middle east in Iraq, Syria and all other countries.. And we do everything we can to stop this war going on.. Unfortunately, big powers get involved to this region ancient Mesopotamia oil rich lands and they wanna take oil. wish we would not have any oil in this lands and not have war… It’s all human history lying in this region. There are 34 different civilization found in archeological works in Turkey. please answer question US invaded Iraq for which reason? what do you expect those Iraqis to feel? who lost their homes and relatives at home now became refugee in Europe?

    We are not happy that our countries are controlled by fundamentalists and extremists.. we do whatever we can to get rid of them extremist people are highly uneducated, however they are financed by western weapon & oil industry lobby. You need to understand that middle east people are mostly poor, uneducated because of region is widely under-developed. It’s easy to convince uneducated people to create terrorism with little benefit to them.

    So, you say that we should stop these people, yes we try our best to stop them fundamentalist and extremist. But I say you should also stop those who are financing to create chaos in middle east and eventually create terrorism and refugees in Europe..

    Otherwise, ordinary people like you and me are not happy with all this mess going on. I like European Union project as it’s model for all the world that we can learn from you such as human rights and democracy. However, if we don’t do anything now, we will loose all good values for humanity.

    • Paul X

      Ahmet, I appreciate the conditions in some countries in the Middle East make it a breeding ground for extremists, but it is the Muslim world outside these countries which should be more active in letting these people know they do not represent Islam. It does not have to be all down to fighting, there are 1.5 billion Muslims on this planet so if pressure from them cannot prevent the relatively small amount of extremists from converting people into terrorists then the only conclusion the West can draw is they must have some sympathy with them

      This is one of the best speeches on the topic….

  101. Ivan Burrows


    More proof that the EU is an antidemocratic organisation built on lies, threats & intimidation.

    It will be consigned to the dustbin of history alongside those other failed ‘European’ dogma’s of fascism, Nazism & communism.

  102. Vaclav Sulista

    No! Quotas are nonsense as the migrants don’t want to stay in Czechia.

  103. Alexander Glogowski

    Italy and Greece first. For leting in the people without valid passports and/or visas. It is direct violation of Schengen Treaty.

    • Sofia-Maria Prentou

      So, should they let them drown? What do you propose as an alternative? Yes, they don’t have passports or any other official documents, however they are first and foremost human beings. And yes I agree that the EU shouldn’t sanction these countries.

    • Alexander Glogowski

      Nobody forced Greeks or Italians to sign that agreement. They did it voluntarely, so it is their problem what to do if they are not interested to obey what they had signed. Not Polish, Hungarian, or German… Why you want to punish Poland not Greeks? What about the equity before the law?

    • Antonio Borroni

      One day they will arrive to your happy Poland too 😂 that’s for sure

    • Alexander Glogowski

      We have Ukrainians and Chechenians alredy. Most of them are hard working and honest people. I hope they enjoy life in Poland.

    • Dylan Lasso Cester

      Wow, if every single law or treaty provision was taken so literally, there would be some interesting outcomes

    • Alexander Glogowski

      So why one want to be so strict when it comes to punishing Poles and Hungarians but not in the case of punishing Italians and Greeks? ;)

    • Ivan Burrows


      Who are you to force Nations to accpet your mistakes ?

      You might believe in Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Führer but that does not give you the right to force your idiotic idealism onto 440 million people.

    • Wendy Harris

      If there is ever going to be a Fourth Reich it will be a Muslim one.

  104. Nicolette Ladoulis

    Good point on Ukraine! Add Albania and Serbia and all the other Balkan nations waiting for membership. I read Czech Republic wants more control of influx before accepting..Makes sense to want to fix a leaky boat first.

  105. Ludvik Jirovec

    Schengen doesn’t work. Why? You can allocate the refugees by their mother colony countries :-D

  106. Боян Максимов

    Why, becouse there is real democracy in these countries? Africa have 5-10x bigger birthrate. Should we accept 1bilion “people” next 100years? We have as well our socioal standarts, those left liberals just make EU poorest than before.

  107. Michail Panchev

    The Stalinist Soviet Union is back :) Obviously. Should we expect new Budapest uprising or Prague Spring?

  108. Lynda Germon

    No …I Don’t blame them ! Look at the mess they’re made in France, Belgium and England !

  109. Andrew Potts

    no Germany should be sanctioned for breaking EU agree regulations. That resulted in 1.5 million going through the corridor countries causing expense to these countries. Now that too many have arrived for Germanys welfare system Germany is promoting migrants for all.To help would be to reward Germanys bad EU behavior. Bombs. There are many good reasons for these countries not to want a thousands of migrants. These reasons should be respected under EU principles

    • Chalks Corriette

      The main thing that concerns me, is how do we expect any one country to budget for such a problem? This should have central leadership, agreed with the 28 member states and funding should also be centrally provided. It is truly a problem to have locals picking up the financial costs of a world problem. People are frustrated not by the migrants, but by governments that tell the locals there is no money to improve local services. The big picture is that we have not managed the issues of migration well, in any part of the world. I do not know the exact top figure, but I think there are some 650 million migrants in the world. This is the issue we need to manage – the issues that cause people to become migrants.

  110. Stephen J Gorog

    Eu leaders should be punished for making wrong decisions, “inviting” refugees and migrants that resulted in the drowning of thousands. What about solidarity with the people of the EU ????

  111. Georg Blaha

    Yes. We are witnessing the greatest humanitarian crisis since WWII. The European Union is based on humanitarian values. Selling these off cheap to narrow minded populist regimes is going the wrong way. This would mean setting course to a Europe of conflict and division. Simply comparing the figures shows how little the whole of Europe is really doing on her home turf.

  112. Jude De Froissard

    no….each country has its own problems… need to impose more problems to what already exist.E.U. should be more responsible in its policy towards refugees by helping them either on the spot or in countries that already have them.E.U. has enough money for that….Humanitarian aid and solidarity are not obligations….but choices.

  113. Enric Mestres Girbal

    No, why? Refugees have been used by Germany, ONGs, leftish groups and others in their own benefit, economic, social and political.

  114. Jeremy Bornstein

    We should sanction all of western Europe for undermining security and identity. Eastern Europe is the true Europe.

    • Kostidou

      We definitely should sanction them. Solidarity is one of EU core values and if you accept to be an EU member you accept these values. You cannot pretend a posteriori that it’s not voluntary. EU is not a supermarket where you can do cherry pick what you like and dump what you don’t.
      Part of the European identity is tolerance and Eastern Europe countries prove by their attitude that they shouldn’t have been accepted as EU members. Too nationalistic and narrow minded, still too close to the soviet ideals they claim to loath. Security is used as an alibi. It’s high time they learn to respect common decisions.

    • Chalks Corriette

      The main thing that concerns me, is how do we expect any one country to budget for such a problem? This should have central leadership, agreed with the 28 member states and funding should also be centrally provided. It is truly a problem to have locals picking up the financial costs of a world problem. People are frustrated not by the migrants, but by governments that tell the locals there is no money to improve local services. The big picture is that we have not managed the issues of migration well, in any part of the world. I do not know the exact top figure, but I think there are some 650 million migrants in the world. This is the issue we need to manage – the issues that cause people to become migrants.

  115. Didier

    Yes Poland Hungary and the Czech republic should be sanctioned as they are in breach of EU decision on quota sharing. Most comments here are negative about the German decion of summer 2015 to open doors to refugees of wars and asylum seekers. We are not speaking here about economic emigration here, but about a humanitarian crisis where million Iraqis and Syrians fled because or war conflicts and or/religion persecution. These 3 countries must respect one core principle of the Lisbon Treaty which States that the EU has the international obligation to welcome WAR REFUGEES.. go

  116. Didier

    Yes Poland Hungary and the Czech republic should be sanctioned as they are in breach of EU decision on quota sharing. Most comments here are negative about the German decion of summer 2015 to open doors to refugees of wars and asylum seekers. We are not speaking here about economic emigration here, but about a humanitarian crisis where million Iraqis and Syrians fled because or war conflicts and or/religion persecution. These 3 countries must respect one core principle of the Lisbon Treaty which States that the EU has the international obligation to welcome WAR REFUGEES.. for 46 years I have been fed up with the UK deciding all the time to do cherry picking of EI policies
    That was a legal and moral mistake. If all EU member States are equal all member states must cooperate in good faith and respect solidarity principle. If there is no solidarity then next time Russia incorporates parts of Moldova of Ukraine or Baltic states, why shall the French or Belgian show solidarity with EU member States living at Russia’ border ?

    • Chalks Corriette

      I do understand your comments. I am looking for the EU to better mandate and support financially, issues such as migration. The problems come because local, already under pressure funds, become more under pressure. Local people feel they are being told there is no money to support their needs, and yet there is money for things like defence, overseas aid, migration and other blips. I am not saying that the local feelings are right or wrong – simply that we have not managed these feelings well. And, despite our best efforts – we never seem to manage this well. So local people and the politicians that represent them are just frustrated. This is a Global problem – I do not know one area of the planet not facing similar issues in some form. Governments cannot get the balance right between looking after their citizens and being human when others need help. If resources were abundant – we would probably not be having this discussion.

  117. Krol Jeff

    this page is a joke !!!! IN TRYING TO BRAINWASH ITS FOLLOWERS LMAO !!! COUNTRIES WHO ARE NOT ACCEPTING REFUGESS ARE DOING BETTER THEN THE ONE WHO DOES LMAO ! Because of that we need to punish these countries ( financial greed )

    • Francisco Magalhães Coelho

      Btw all the terrorists are born and raised in those countries.. sorry to disappoint you.. doing better? Are you sure? Compare the gdp 😂😂

    • Krol Jeff

      Francisco Magalhães Coelho BLA BLA … they may be born and raised yes .. but they don t accept their motherland nationality, nor their rules and tradition, i m in france don t tell me i m clueless … you punk … anytway europedoing bad with or without emigrants … but emmigrants lower standrads and pay rate so instead of defind that u should use your brain …. guess u watching to much media which is a tool for government to brain washed you .. u little sheep

    • Uli Czeranka

      Isnt that the whole point of showing solidarity? Your argument speaks actually for accepting refugees or contribute differently. And I am happily giving the eastern european states the impression that they are doing better. But its just their politicians trying to benefit. In the end it covers the real problems of the states. Having an external enemy always worked good

    • Krol Jeff

      Uli Czeranka solidarity in a individual culture ? And capitalist world … damnnn soon u ll be a unicorn 🤣🤣🤣🦄 what world are u guys living ?? I need the same shit u smoking 🤣🤣🤣

    • Carl Sebastian Steenekamp

      Francisco Magalhães Coelho It doesnt matter what the GDP is… The crime rates have skyrocketed in France and Germany and their economies are drastically slowing down while Hungary and the Czech Republic are actually very safe at the moment with very modest growing economies. You can’t also blame them for having lower GDP’s due to them having suffered under Soviet control for half a century.

    • Krol Jeff

      Carl Sebastian Steenekamp thank you ver clever statement 👍

    • Krol Jeff

      Bódis Kata that basically says it all BRAINWASHHHHH…. it says non goverment page …. my ass 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 let go fluffy unicorns

    • José Diogo Lages Machado Marques Figueira

      Hahaha, it’s immensely ironic that the countries that refuse refugees (despite happily syphon away money from the EU with their corrupt politicians) are the EXACT ones that export people to other EU countries. Don’t bit the hand that feeds you, Poland, Hungary and Czech Republic, because the other option will be, let’s face it, going back 50 years as Russian colonies 😘

  118. Marios

    First it should sanction Turkey for the occupation of a European country and then to start thinking about anything else.

  119. Marko Martinović

    NO!!! EU Should sanction countries who caused this migrant disaster. Merkel and her ilk should be in prison for aiding terror

    • Arnout Posthumus

      Merkel is a hero, I agree on sanctions on spain, the UK and hmmerica for starting these wars.

      Merkel is just cleaning up thier mess.

    • Marko Martinović

      No she is not. She is sacrificing her people and endangering EU and she even fights against free speech. Tyranny. EU will probably fall appart because of her anyway

    • Fawaz Al-Jobory

      Syrian people start migrant after 4 years continuous war and bumps through above their heads without any hope for stop such carnage . Merkel realised that nations whose behind this war will not stop even if they kill all syrian. what ever the reason behind welcome syrian refugee in Germany, Merkel behavior save the life of hundred thousand of people and family. Thanks Merkel…

    • Fawaz Al-Jobory

      Please, let us remember we are human being, and these refugee are human being in very bad situation they left their houses and everything just to save their lives!!!

    • Marko Martinović

      Not true. You are victim of common lies. Schengen speaks of hosting refugees at first safe country then aiding that country. Refugees where safe 6 countries before Germany. Syrians where safe in Turkey and Greece, then they became migrants. Interesting fact is that most of those people are not refugees at al, and terrorist where found among them. Merkel aided terror and other crime in EU.

    • Marko Martinović

      If helping someone kills your people and you decide this is a good trade off, then you are acomplice to these murders.

  120. Αναγέννηση

    If we had a established EU Defense Force , creating a FORTRESS EUROPE then there would be no refugee immigration into the European Union . The current European Security and Defense Policy unit of the European Union needs to be expanded and transformed into a all professional million personnel EU Defense Force .

    • Tchoum Xav

      “Fortress Europe” is not a thing, it’s a dystopia… You are like those idiots who suddenly agree with all liberticidal laws out of Orwell’s books…

  121. Joao Antonio Camoes

    Yes if they are refugees. No if they are migrants. Each country knows and should define their needs to fulfill national labour force and demographic problems by importing migrants. It’s not Berlin who defines other countries needs.

    • Piedade Luisa Pinho

      And if they REALLY are refugees, they have to accept what has Been given, and not demand. A refugee needs security UNTIL they can return to their own countries.

  122. Tony Petersen

    You can’t just cherry-pick the bits in the EU that suit you. You can work for change but either you’re in or you’re out. Abide by the rules or be ready to be sanctioned. Full stop.

    • Acsai György

      If it worked “that easy” most countries would be sanctioned for various reasons.

      As we can’t see it happening it’s safe to say that this point of view is a bit naive.

  123. Ether Traveler

    Do we sanction the elite for imposing their to way in realise a one world order?

    So, what do you expect?

    Btw, in common sens terms:
    “Sanctioning” never really worked/ work/ will work, at the final-end.

    • Arnout Posthumus

      maby they should elect a different government first then xD

    • Dimitris Orfanoudis

      This is another story but the way they doing now are doing well

    • Tonino Jankov

      They have elected whom they wanted to elect.

    • Barbara Szela Lesniak

      Arnout Posthumus SO who do you think should decide on who is elected to rule in our countries? France, Germany? No, thank you. Poland has already been under German Nazis during WW II and under Soviets afterwards. What do you want for us and why do you think you know what’s good for us?

  124. Maja Mulaček

    When and with what document did POLAND or any country transfer its soverenity to EU …If nOt :what right does EU have to MEDDLE inside interior Politics of a country ABSOLUTELY NOT as this LATE EU politics is AGAINST the interest of EU citizens and SHOULD respond to the People of EU .by giving away their jobs THe responsibility for terror attacks and Brexit is CLEAR ..:EU migrant policy and lies about it

    • Arnout Posthumus

      maby by agreements they signed? that they would take care of refugees? Something we signed after world war 2..

      Last time I checked Treaties > national law <3

    • Maja Mulaček

      AND HOW MANY REFUGEES CAME to ITALY from Lybia by see ::??? The abuse of the asylium sistem and the word refugeee in CRIMINAL in my point of view SO are the lies about mass migration AS UN own documents clearly shows EU and UN and probably the shadow puppetmasters the EU Burrocrats obey ( certainly not EU people) follow called MIGRATION REPLACEMENT

    • Maja Mulaček

      UNly a lunatic politician would follow that plan and called it refugee crisis – NGOS paid by SOROS ( NON EU CITIZEN ) who everybody in EU kiss ass to ( i wonder why) , are playing TAXI servis to economic migrants PERIOD , with no regard to what effect could that be on EU ECONOMY and Pretending this is some sort of HUMANITARIAN MISSON .. WHY all these lies I WONDER *** If the bankers and walstreet gambled EU pensions and now want to cash in EU member states rising debt ( as no member state could possibly finance and feed mass migration of people who doesnt work) THAT IS collusion with CRIMINALS in the banking sistem :: AND if EU is getting old ; and we need migration for Pensions ::SORRY Let the BANKS RETURN the money they gambled on WALLS Streets BUBLES OR let EU make a PENSION FUND and PRINT THE MONEY for pensions ad THEY printed money for THE BANKS … EU Members states did form EU based on free movement of people and goods BETWEEN MEMBER STATES . and NEVER Agreed ON free MOVEMENT from every poor country in the world to EU . SO pls STOP with lies of poor refugees .. THATS IS UN job not EUs job and the job of STATES the so called economic migrants are from -Perhaps those states would start with family planning AND not with producing more and more POOR KIDS .

  125. Любомир Иванчев

    No. As sovereign nations all EU member states have the right to determine who enters their borders and who doesn’t. The rules and clauses for free movement of people don’t apply to non-EU citizens, not to mention people who cross international borders illegaly.

    • Tchoum Xav

      In democracies only the people are sovereign. Hungary & Poland signed those agreements on quota, because they asked for them in the first place, who are you kidding…

    • Barbara Szela Lesniak

      Tchoum Xav Poland has already accepted about a million Ukrainian refugees – didn’t you know that?

  126. Iosif Cristian

    I have a better question for you guys… Should we sanction EU for bringing the refugees without consulting via VOTE with it’s citizens? p.s. I’m not saying that all refugees are terrorists, but let me ask you how many terrorist attacks did Poland, Hungary and Czech Republic had and how many did Germany, France and England had? … have fun answering that :P

  127. Vytautas Vėžys

    Should EU sanction Germany to refusing to provide shelter, social benefits and free education for everyone who wants to come?
    You invited them so it’s your obligation to host them. You don’t invite guest to your home and force your neighbors to feed and give place to sleep for your guests.

  128. Jon Apd

    How about sending refugees to the countries that made them homeless?
    That’d be the U.K. and France predominantly.

    • José Diogo Lages Machado Marques Figueira

      Do you mean France, who actively opposed any invasion of Iraq and meddling there? Or do you mean Poland, who actually invaded Iraq but is now refusing to accept responsibility for its actions?

  129. Tchoum Xav

    Of course – they first annoyed everyone because nothing was done, and once something gets done, they are still blaming ‘others’. Stop funding these countries, full stop.

    • Barbara Szela Lesniak

      Well, is it you who’s founding thes countries or is it you who is being founded? Poland’s paying it’s share. Btw., Did you know that Germany has never paid WW II reparations for all the damage they did to our country, our cities, buildings etc.? Did you know Poland has never had colonies, like France, Germany or Spain did – isn’t it them who benefited and should feel responsible now? I bet you didn’t know it …. Learn history, please

    • Tchoum Xav

      What do reparations have to do with this? I love history. I also love context.

  130. Edita Buržinskaitė

    No, they should follow their example. Not fair for countries like Italy or Germany? Well, stop importing them for fuck’s sake. Does it have to be a competition who gets islamized faster?

  131. Panayotis Moutafidis

    Of course it’s not fair some countries take and others countries not accept its members so must take them as agreement , EU with closed borders its the EU If want goa out of EU AND do anything like here have rules

  132. Marco Marazzi

    yes. a Union is a Union. you can’t only get the good things and leave what you don’t like

  133. Oli Lau

    if you want to be hated in those countries to a point that you will experience additional brexits… keep doing that.

  134. Serge Lauer

    Why are basically all the other Eu-states then committing and they not ? Why are Visegrad Countries getting EU funds ? Why are they in the Union ? These are the right questions.
    If they can’t answer then the Art.7 should be applied.

    • Ellen Heidbüchel

      “disagree against” – stupidity revealing itself!

  135. JohnAtl

    No sanctions to European countries. The point of the European Union is to unite Europe. How is that going to happen with sanctions?

  136. Paulius Paždagis

    No, they should cry more about how cruel and anti-democratic the totalitarian EU is and elect more populist morons so their country is f*ed beyond repair.

  137. Paulius Paždagis

    The answer is Yes, they should. The EU shares and agrees on certain values and xenophobia is not one of them.

  138. Ellen Heidbüchel

    The lack of basic orthography and grammar as well as logic in the comments of the EU-haters speaks for itself. ☹️And yes, in any club you join you follow the rules! EU is part of international conventions for the protection of refugees and people in distress. Not taking in refugees means breaching international law and therefore must be sanctioned. Stricter and faster than now – and easiest by just stopping EU-funding to the isolationist states.

  139. Tom Kuilder

    No, you can’t fine countries for protecting their citizens, culture and heritage.

    • Chryssa Chronakis

      What about the rest of the countries? All or none

    • Αλέξανδρος Γεροφώτης

      They do not wish to protect their citizens…They wish to control them by diversifying the population and the ethnic balances of Europe…Dividing the people…That is their true “diversity”

  140. Jerzy Zajączkowski

    All European countries should refuse to accept migrants and immigrants should be returned to their homeland. Otherwise, the entire population of Africa will move to Europe and Europe will become “Africa”.

  141. Valeria Tancredi

    Yes, otherwise Italy will stop paying its share to Eu. Rules are rules, don’t they always say so when they want to cut welfare?

  142. Jerzy Zajączkowski

    There is a problem with the white population of South Africa (because they white, to be clear) and they should be admitted to Europe.

    • Gabriella Anderson

      Says the bankcrupt place living on the life line of Germany? I guess you like to put your head voluntarily into the hook….

  143. Cãlin Rednic

    Should EU sanction Italy, Greece and Spain for refusing but still getting assaulted by african immigrants for decades…?

  144. Jerzy Zajączkowski

    Sanctions against Poland may result in sanctions in the opposite direction, and it must be borne in mind that Poland is a big market for European products. Moreover, Poland is a net payer to EU, so I suggest not to fantasize.

    • Gabriella Anderson

      GErmany benefits of all Easter _Eu countries…. the german FM admitted it – the money the easter countries get goes back into,the pocket of german and french companies…. the EU is a joke. It was originally good to avoid wars and conflicts – now it is nothing but some “stronger dogs” getting the bone…

  145. Toivo Okk

    Poland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic should sanction the EU for persist refugees

  146. Craig Willy

    Should Poland invade Germany to liberate the German people from their oppressive regime? Germany today is notorious for censorship and persecution against political dissidents, and the government’s policy of coercively imposing non-European settlers is inflicting lasting harm on the indigenous people of Germany.

  147. John Marcogliese

    These countries in the long run will ve ruined by the eu. Is the eu money really worth it? Look at spain. It did well with eu initially and then ghost towns. They are a sizeable block of countries. They can get something going. Develop their own economies and invest wisely in their own countries

  148. Stephen J Gorog

    That would be interesting how would Eu do that? GB is on the way out should more nations do that? Now I think if you invite people to your home you should not expect your neighbors to take care of them! Normal people don’t do that.

    • Valeria Tancredi

      Italy never invited any immigrants still they keep coming to estabilish in Eu not to remain in Italy. It is not fair to leave all the burden on one nation only for geographical reason

  149. Michael Šimková

    Not if the EU has any sense of self-preservation. “Can we really call it ‘solidarity’ if it’s not voluntary?” You answered your own question there. This issue can tear apart the EU more than the debt crisis, more than any other crisis to date. This is absolute suicide for the EU. Force it and central Europe will see the EU as an enemy and an occupier. It will be the best present to Putin since Crimea to alienate central and eastern Europe. The Commission is very naive if they think money can buy anything. People will accept these development aid sanctions if they feel an existential threat, and what is radicalizing people against accepting refugees is that they see it as an existential threat because of the Islamist movement. Nobody is going to yield on this because of economic sanctions or any other punishment from Brussels, they will only double down.

    The only result of the sanctions then will be to generate more hatred against Europe, more populist movements and conspiracy theories, and more Le Pens cropping up everywhere, and to make people even more disinclined to yield to the EU on any other issues. One needs to choose one’s battles, not act like a bull in a china shop. The EU must respect the decision of these countries.

    So what is the solution? The solution is to lead by example, not by force and threats. There are already many countries that are taking refugees. Make sure it works well in the countries that take refugees, and then you can lead by example. When things are working well, then people naturally tend to follow the example. You don’t need to force them, you just need to be yourself. So leave Visegrad alone and invest all the energy and outrage instead in fixing the situation in Germany, Sweden and France. Create a good example, and the problem will take care of itself.

    The real question is: do you think it is possible to salvage the situation, and make it work?

    • Tiago Do Val

      Numa democracia as regras são para todos, se entras no. Jogo tens respeitar as regras… Ora para receber milhões em fundos europeus a Polónia abre as portas, mas para receber quem precisa, já diz que é anti democrático…

  150. Rozalija Baricevic

    Basically, true refugees don’t want to stay in those countries. Nor immigrants. So, EU should turn its arrow to them.

  151. Simeon Milanov

    One day we will speak of the ”Junker doctrine” like we speak now for the Brezhnev doctrine :D Next thing I expect is Brussels and Berlin to send troops in Budapest and Warsaw to ”destroy the fascist bourgeoisie” :D It will start with sanctions and end with military interventions, curfew, government overthrow and pan-European secret police monitoring every ”act of disobedience”

  152. Marco Marazzi

    let’s do like this: let s hold a referendum at the EU level asking all the citizens : do you want Otalyn

  153. Marco Marazzi

    do you want Italy to shoot at the boats approaching Italian shores. if the majority replies yes then those who voted yes should enrol in the army which will be doing this terrible job . italians won’t do it for others

    • Ivan Burrows


      Why not make it totally democratic and ask everyone in the EU if they actually want to be in the EU and governed by Brussels ?

    • Marco Marazzi

      and do you think that leaving the EU is going to stop the flow of migrants ? ah ah ah

  154. Vintan Ioan

    Poland , Hungary and the Czech Republic must choose between the benefits of the EU and the Kremlin. It is clear?!

    • David Moody

      No. But this is. How to ‘weaponise’ compassion & humanity ;) —->

  155. Bódis Kata

    Hey EU, before you start punishing countries on nonsense grounds, kindly ensure an efficient and effective legal mechanism for sending illegitimate asylum seekers back home. Half the people are illegitimate yet they do not go home and European citizens have to support them. In Italy it’s definitely more than half.

    Don’t we have enough people who need social support in our own countries?

    • Bastian Balthazar Bux

      And don’t those countries benefit A LOT from EU funding? If you don’t embrace EU values, including taking your quota of refugees, then you shouldn’t have access to EU advantages, neither.

    • Bódis Kata

      You should study some economics.
      This bs line is economically and legally nonsense, a simple political populism to create media pressure.

      Check out who runs this portal.

    • Emmanuel RODARY

      The potential sanctions are based on denial to accept quotas of refugees.
      Refugees are the legitimate ones, there is no problem for any European country to send back illegitimate ones.
      So there is no issue about this.

  156. Zsolt Barczy

    Let’s see it from another angle. Should Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic AND SLOVAKIA (somehow was missing) sanction the EU for a) bombing innocent countries in the world, and thus b) creating mayhem, destruction and war crimes which c) result in millions of people being killed, maimed or displaced, who d) end up taking revenge on their attackers by going to their homes on foot e) VIA OTHER COUNTRIES WHICH HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS MESS?

    If you ask the question this way (thus PROPERLY, representing reality and the truth), you may suddenly understand who is the bad guy and who is the good guy in this equation.

    Eastern European and Central European countries did not colonize the world, did not participate in the neocolonialist tricks either, and thus have nothing to do with the mess created by some arrogant, brainless bullies. Asking these countries to share the burden caused by the blatant arrogance and hubris of some poorly evolved apes is perhaps understood to be UNFAIR. Peace…

    • Bastian Balthazar Bux

      But the funding from EU, where the western countries are the biggest givers, is never questiined, is it? Pecunia non olet….

  157. Faddi Zsolt

    NO! The European citizens should sanction those elitist circles who made this mess which was planned to affect on human feelings of people. Now they say that these countries should be punished because they aren’t humanistic, but in fact they recognized the evil behind the curtain!!! Hang those “elite” ones high!!!

    • David Moody

      ^ Bang on the Bullseye ! ^ further to that, this—>

  158. Francisc Leopold

    Obviously no, like Zsolt said it is they who should sanction EU for failed policies and disasters ;) It wasn’t Poland und Hungary or Czehch who invited the refugees/immigrants into Europe ;)

    • Max Berre

      All those borats ever want to do is free-ride. They need to start carrying their weight

    • Gabriella Anderson

      Berre…. you call us Borats? You are the biggest arrogant western eu bastard… ehy should we carry the bad decisions of your country? BRussels is an unsafe no-go zone. This is what will not happen to us…. when you wife, girlfriend will ge molested at night by your friends and you will need to carry guns to defend youself, we will have fun, free life…. good luck. Please never ever come to our safe place….

  159. Spiros Kontogiorgis

    Of course. You can not be at the EU and accept only what suits you best! Despite their disagreaments about the matter – in which they may be right – they have to respect the agreed policy.

    • Gabriella Anderson

      The EU should respect original agreements. Show me which agreement consists the law of taking in illegal invadors….

    • Spiros Kontogiorgis

      It’s not a matter of law. Besides there is not such a law! (and there must not be) It’s a matter of dealing with a crisis. On 2016 the EU decided that each country should take a percentage of immigrants depending on the country’s population in order to help especially Italy and Greece who deal with the the increased problem. Those countries denied participating…

    • Fernando Ferreira

      The law exists in every country. It’s called immigration law. Simple as that…

    • Alessandro Ali Vit

      The law is that if the European council decides refugees should be shared across all Europe, as it did, this is an European duty of every one.

      Otherwise we will skip reading the parts of the European law that oblige us to pay all those billions of euros to those countries in the forn of structural funds.

    • Daniel Bernoulli

      Alessandro: cmon, how can you call “refugees” people who were not even identified and registered.

    • Ivan Burrows

      Alessandro Ali Vit

      The latest poll out of Poland says most Poles would sooner leave the EU than be ‘forced’ to take the migrants so if the European Commission continues on its path of trying to bully countries in to taking them do not be surprised if they leave.

  160. Johnny Delahunty

    They’re just trying to look after their own after mass migration in recent years
    What is wrong with that ??

    • Max Berre

      Remind me again how many peacekeepers they have sent in. Zero?

    • Johnny Delahunty

      These countries were on their knees
      Anyway there’s nothing common about the EU
      ITS different rules for the richer countries to the poorer
      Nor should these countries be bullied into anything

    • Gabriella Anderson

      Max Berre not true. Check your facts before your word vomit….

    • Alessandro Ali Vit

      So democratically we Italians can stop paying structural funds given to those countries?

    • Ivan Burrows

      Alessandro Ali Vit

      The EU is ruled by an unelected Commission so when dictates are created and handed down by that unelected body without the consent of the National population it is a ‘foreign’ dictatorship, not a democracy.

  161. Max Berre

    Actually we should kick those welfare queen boratstans out of the union and NATO and wish them luck

    • Gabriella Anderson

      Welfare? We gave up our industry and markets for your welfare… since 1989 your wealth was based on the colonozqtion of Easter and Central EU countries….. you use our labor, our doctors, our engineers for your benefits and feed us with your secondary quality trash…. Enjoy your “refugee” workers – and send home the truly highly qualified and educated workforce…. I think your economies would suffer more!!!

    • Larry Moffett

      Gee, we’re really sorry for lifting the Iron Curtain. Life was so much better in the good old days of Communism!

  162. Vincent Kleijn

    and I’m even living in the Czech Rep and pay my ass of for the tax. They can certainly bring refuge to 10.000 refugees!

    • Gabriella Anderson

      You should leave the security of the Czech Republic and move back to NL or Belgium. Enjoy your wonderful neighbourgs there….

    • Vincent Kleijn

      Gabriella Anderson have you even been to the Czech Rep? It’s not that there are no foreigners here (even a lot of them. But wait, when they are European/American/Far East Asian we call them expats, but when they are from Africa or the Middle East we call them refugees and so on… As for Holland. I rather have one million Syrian refugees then one Geert Wilders!

  163. Fawaz Al-Jobory

    The Syrian refugees did not come to Europe as a tourist. Their country is a beautiful country as same as Europe. we just need to think clearly why did these people did not come to Europe before until the civil war start in their country!!!. This video shows the polish refugee was hosted by syrians during the second world war. The syrian refugee in Europe is temporary situation and most of them will return back to their beautiful country soon. (The video,

  164. Martial Tardy

    I dread to imagine what would happen to refugees sent into these countries against the will of the local populist governments, which embody rampant racism…

  165. Michael Tirrell Jr

    No. These countries have their own goverments that make up tje rule regarding the safty of their countries. Also there was no talks regarding such isues when these countries joined. Cant or should not be punished for protecting the lives of your own nations people over a war thoes countries had nothing to do with.

    • Amphib Ian

      The English and Spanish who colonised the Americas back then weren’t just migrants; they were well armed, well organised invading forces.

      Which is obviously a very different situation to that we have in Europe today.

  166. Corrado Comparotto

    And sanction also Germany, Austria and France? Since beginning of 2017, Italy has had to host 85000 refugees out of 100000. Nice this EU, that promotes fraternity within Europe!

    • Andreas Laskaris

      If Italy a country of 60.000.000 has to host 80.000 how many Greece, a country of 11.000.000, instead of the 150.000 that already hosts?

    • Larry Moffett

      Germany is hosting one million refugees, so Italy has a long way to go before reaching that level.

    • Corrado Comparotto

      Andreas Laskaris I know and I’m sorry for how this EU is treating Greece.

    • Corrado Comparotto

      Larry Moffett That’s true about Germany. Pity that Germany is the 4th biggest weapons exporter in the world…/germany-sells-arms-to…/a-38430841

  167. Gabriella Anderson

    NO!!!!!!! You are a major idiot. Get some of these terrrorists into your own home and have your wife and daughter raped and molested by them…… it is easy for you at the end of tehe world – we would get these illegals in Budapest, not you in your nowhere place… you call youself a Hungarian???? Shame on you that you wish this on your own country…

  168. Teo Nagy

    No, Germany , France has no right to force them to accept somebody outside of EU

  169. Alessandro Ali Vit

    Yes. It’s absolutly outragous that we pay them billions and when we are in need they just shut the door in front of us.

    As Italian I hope structural funds directed to them will be cut to zero up to when they do their part with the refugees.

    It’s not you can have your cake and eat it.

    • Georgi Goranov

      You just broke the EU with that childish thinking.

    • Ivan Burrows

      Should the rest of the EU be able to suspend payments to Sweden, Germany & Italy for creating the EU migrant mess ?

    • João Machado

      There you go… Time to get some accountability from the ones that created the mess in the first place.

    • Jeník Pikna

      IN CZ we had around 70 migrants from Iraq and as soon as possible the hopped the bus and flew to Germany. It´s shameful but they don´t want to stay here, language is ackward and they think we are poor eventhoufh we are already richer than most of Italy.

    • Richard M.

      I wasn’t aware that the EU structural funds were meant to be spent on Muslim immigrants. But I’d rather give up the funds, you can keep them.

    • Ivan Burrows


      A trade war is about to start between the USA and Brussels over the hypocritical Russian pipe line to Germany so no need for sanctions.

    • Цветомир Гроздев

      Ivan Burrows I know they would not do it even suffering from US mistakes in middle east, because the EU alowes influens of the US in EU politics nad because many EU countries are in NATO!
      However when Russia tooked Crimea there is sanctions! When USA creates ISIS and kills civilians there is no canctions! If we alow the US to do what ever they want this is not good for EU and for the world! Its not even good for the US.

  170. Larry Moffett

    The idiot is the one who fantasizes that every refugee fleeing war is a terrorist and rapist, and who can’t understand the difference between a legal refugee and an illegal migrant.

  171. Wendy Harris

    No, It’s Merkel who invited this invasion. They should have been placed in a safe haven nearer to their homeland and protected by the EU. This will end in civil war and the do-gooders have brought it on themselves.

  172. Björn Eric Ingemar Grahn

    Refugees camps is only for temporary measure during a month or so. They coming from cynical nationalists and ist also a modern invention from them.

  173. Graça Soares

    Of course NO. The Opposite. Hungary, Poland and Check Republic should sanction EU for its authoritarian rules over sovereign Nations.

  174. Galina Dimitrova Valcheva

    If they don’t want them, why you insist?! These are sovereign countries! Or you want to wash out their identity as it’s in Germany and France now!

  175. Weronika Natkaniec

    We don`t want terror risk. this is economical migration in 70%. Why Persian Gulf – oil states closed borders?

    • Maud Descamps

      Because bad muslims that don’t uphold to their value in the coran to be helpful (which is in the Bible too btw)

    • Maud Descamps

      No as long they receive a lot of money. When you receive stuff your have a thing that is call conditionality and that migrant issue is one of those. Or else they should have sled to join the EU.

    • Radostina Goroshevich

      Maud Descamps Yes, they can refuse, especially if most of those people aren’t even from Syria and aren’t refugees.

  176. Chalks Corriette

    I volunteer on projects that involve migrants. What I am looking for is better leadership from a central source; the EU Administration. The 28 countries needed a stronger mandate and reminder of ones obligation to support others. There has been too much debate and finger pointing. The people migrating needed action and they needed it in the past.

    We always need to look at the big picture, to fully understand why some countries have said they are unable to take more/any of those migrating. We also need the ability to provide financial support to those countries taking the bulk of the migrants, so that the locals are not held accountable for all costs.

    If sanctions are to be applied, I assume that these must have been written into any treaties that member states have signed up to. The bottom line for me, is that the EU Central administration must provide the leadership in such complex situations. No single member state is able to act alone in these circumstances.

    Strong Leadership + Mandate + Pre-Agreed treaties = effective migrant support

  177. Vicente Silva Tavares

    They are not refugees, they are economic migrants. And they want to live on subsidies. More than half of the so called”refugees” that went to Portugal run away to Germany after they learned the subsidies would stop after ten months and they had to work. Giving the example of Sweden was a perfect example of what not to do. Sweden is now the world champion of rape. The Muslim community live on subsidies, on public housing, drug trafficking and have now mosques preaching hate and jihad. If you want to help them, help them in Turquey, in Lebanon, in Jordan, etc and make pressure on Muslim countries to accept their own Muslim brothers. Take measures restricting imports from Gulf countries. Said by Muslim journalists the imans in the Middle East are talking openly about the invasion of Europe as part of the jihad. You see the result: Killings and harassment in France, in Germany, in Belgium, in UK, Italy (wanna see the videos?), etc. EU politicians failed to the duty of protecting their own people in their protected environment where they never will be in touch with these Muslim migrants. Actually these politicians that voted in favor of this massive intake of these migrants should be prosecuted in court for failing to protect us .

  178. Ivan Burrows


    It would be interesting to see how the EU intends to keep the migrants in those countries given their only goal is to get to the rich north. Camps surrounded by barbed wire and gun towers maybe.

    • Maud Descamps

      Rich and with rule of law. If I had to risk my live to get somewhere, I rather choose a destination where I know I wouldn’t be in danger. Those people are hard working and have skills. You have criminals among them that is true but that is true that we have them in our countries too. Migrants are no saints but people. I have witness them be much more hardworking in getting to know the languages than non migrants (expats or native from another linguistic region of the country)

    • Ivan Burrows

      Maud Descamps .

      The first & last role of any ‘elected’ government is the protection of their own people, just how many criminal migrants would you be happy to see forced on to Poland & Hungary in the name of your Liberal ideology ?

      Immigration laws are there for a reason.

  179. Julia Hadjikyriacou

    No. The hypocrisy is mind-boggling. Sanction people who don’t want refugees but don’t sanction the people killing them and arming those that kill them, or those that buy their stolen oil. Politics serves money not people.

    • Ivan Burrows


      What will you do when North Korea has ICM’s able to reach the EU, ask the Americans to stop them before they hit Brussels, Paris, Rome, etc ?

    • Julia Hadjikyriacou

      What has that got to do with the hypocrisy of sanctioning non-threatening countries?

    • Ivan Burrows

      Julia Hadjikyriacou

      If I read your comment correctly you want to sanction Nations that supply arms to the rebels (pro west) side in wars of the middle east which are being used as an excuse for the EU’s migrant crisis.

      If you then sanction those Nations why would they defend you when you are threatened ?

    • Julia Hadjikyriacou

      So are you saying to only sanction countries that do not have the ability to help you if an EU member country is under attack? Or are you saying sanctions should be banned altogether in case you need a particular country or NATO or EU army to defend you against attack ?

  180. Luísa Cunha Ventura Gagean

    No The EU SHOULD Sanction all the other countries of the EU, because they are destroying the Union and our way of life. Send the refugee back to their countries.

    • Maud Descamps

      Well and in the same way let say the f words to the values that make us différents and make us arrogant so we can be like ISIS, China, Qatar, Spain under Franco. Are we being destroyed by migrants or by our conscience because we have exploited ( and still) their resources (in most cases) but in term of humanitarian value we are like ostriches burying our head in the sand.

  181. Alex. Gubariu

    Why should the many play by the rules made by the few?! There is no money that can buy the threat of the acceptance of this refugees. Tell this to the victims and their families of the attenuates in France, Germany, Belgium, Spain, UK and other country’s. It’s funny that USA is fighting a “proxy war” in Syria, and we have to support the “collateral damages”. I’m sure that r. Trumpet won’t accept them also.

  182. André Cardoso

    They have the right to say no, it’s already a problem in Austria and Germany, sometimes I see big groups of 10 coming out from Zara full of bags, they don’t live bad in Austria, and I know situations that are enough to send them back, a European person when doesn’t have conditions to have kids don’t have one every year like I see some couples having, It’s crazy.

  183. István Simon

    Gabriella Anderson fuck off.
    you are a migrant, and doing shit in a country, where you think it’s yours.
    but I have to say again go to somewhere else to make this rubbish.


  184. Stephen J Gorog

    Valeria! You are absolutly right! Merkel invited them and Sweden and Norway. Now they think they should send them all over Eu. Ask them! They all would go to Germany but now Merkel says no!
    Yea Italy is betrayed Eu leaders betrayed your country ! They will not help! They have no idea what actions to take! They betrayed all Eu citizens!

  185. Stash

    Yes. But at the same time the EU should clearly state that economic irregular migrants should be immediately deported and sanction those countries such as Nigeria, Senegal etc that do not cooperate in taking back their own citizens. EU states should be given financial assistance and political support to deport economic migrants. The state of affairs where Italy complains its shouldering the burden of migration on its own but then fails to deport thousands of irregular migrants must end. 85% of migrants on the dangerous Med route are now economic migrants

  186. Eugenia Serban

    No. No. No.
    Sanction an indelendent sovereign state for what ??..
    For refusing an invasion. Which has never ever been a part of the deal.

  187. heather yeoman

    one of the reasons people are flooding in to europe beside the awfull war is because europe has elected to useprotectionisom and bar other countrys from trading with us ie african farmers the wealth is static and not shared being part of europe was about making trade easier in europe not about manipulating diversern of wealth by including poorer developing countries out of the finantiol club you want to know what went wrong ask your governing body of europe they took a good idea and gotpissed with power and that is what you are exsperiancing they think they are the ones in charge and when they say jump you should say how high i think youll find human rights mean nothing to thease folks its just another tool to rule you know have to pay the price of there polics goodluck get brave and leave they do ot have the god of the people at heart just the good of the wealthy

  188. Νικόλαος Κομσέλης

    I believe EU should sanction Germany. Merkel invited those muslims to come and take over our homes, ruin our neighborhoods, destroy our lives. It’s time we put an end το this madness, build a fence, force them back where they came from.

  189. Bulent Kartal

    Yes, democracy should based on the rule of law. But the EU cannot sanction the very Poland for violation of the European Union legislation coz Germany blocks this process

  190. Sam Waitt

    No certainly not. Push too hard and risk a Huxit Czexit and Polexit.

  191. Frances

    No, they have a right not to let people they don’t want into there country, but they should also not except EU funding.

  192. Martin Ošmera

    I am from the Czech Republic, but most of what I am about to say applies to the other V4 members as well. I mean no offense, I just state what I see.

    During the WW II. we were forced to surrender a significant portion of our territory because Germans demanded it, and British and French accepted that (the Münich Agreement, or as we call it the Munich Betrayal). Afterwards we were forced to split our country and help Germans in their war. We were forced to build death camps and sent our citizens there. Then, when Nazi finally lost, we were conquest by Soviets and forced into communist rule which over the decades decimated our industry. Now we are one of the poorest countries in EU while before the war, we actually were one of the richest not just in the entire Europe but in the entire world (precommunist Czechoslovakia).

    In the 1968, we wanted to reform socialism in our country. Countries of the Warsaw pact led by Soviets mounted a military invasion to our territory in order to put an end to the reforms, and their troops stayed here until the revolution in 1989. And once again the west has done nothing while people were dying here.

    After the Velvet revolution in 1989, the Western Europe have bought most of our most important industries from the corrupt post-communist politicians and have been sucking the country dry ever since (mostly through dividend and cheap work force).

    Now you want to change our demographic once again, only this time not by killing citizens of our country in vast numbers in concentration and extermination camps but by forcing us to accept massive influx of people of utterly incompatible culture. This country has not even yet properly recovered from the World War II and the communist rule which followed as a consequence, and yet its expected of us, once again, to put future of our children into jeopardy and ultimately inflict an irreparable damage on our country and culture.

    Decline of the European Union into a state of inwards aimed destructive madness in the name of so called “liberal values” is now becoming all too clear. This union is doomed, inevitably: low birth rates (especially among whites), acts of terrorism which never seem to stop, growing and unchecked ethnic tensions (mostly uncovered by the mainstream media), unsatisfactory recent GDP development (partially with the exception for Germany), rapid EU integration which appears to be merely an euphemism for ever tightening political authoritarianism (like in this very case concerning the refugee crisis), and the omnipresent and festering resentment for the EU across not just its former Eastern Block members but across majority of its members. The EU now seems to be in the state of terminal decline, and its demise does no longer seem to be a matter of far future. Sometimes, if needs to be, a man needs to choose the lesser of two evils. I believe that if the EU forces the V4 to accept the quotas on migrants, there will be many who will welcome Russian tanks when they come (again). And this is just one of the lurking threats to already crumbling unity of the EU. Lesson learned from modern history dictates nothing else…

  193. Dan

    Merkel is mostly responsible for the continuing illegal migration (and the deaths at sea) by welcoming all those who had the money to pay people smugglers to get them into Europe. They should have been returned to refugee camps and processed along with all other refugees, not jump the queue because they had the money to pay to be smuggled. No country should be forced to accept migrants or refugees if they do not wish to – it will create massive problems.

  194. Attila Bűkős

    Why ?!
    Poland and Hungary are soverign states….
    The migration crisis are NOT generated by this two states.
    In the past they do not have African colonies and they not take advantages ….
    It is time to finish with any punishment at ghis countries….
    Welcome Austria at cristhian
    Side of Europe.
    Protect christianism and you protect your future…
    Forget the liberal and migrants and p.c.bullshit!!!!
    Weak up Europeans !!

  195. Spyros Kouvoussis

    so, central european countries don’t want to chip in because it suits them. I wonder what they would say if it was the other way around and refugees were coming towards their borders.

    • Be Ve

      the outside borders have the duty to protect the eu. Before the eu this was also the case and never was it agreed that people would be forcefully transferred into other countries.

    • Tim Nick Knight

      They protect their borders, and pola do took in a million Immigrants from Ukraine alone

    • Spyros Kouvoussis

      Be Ve when you say “protect the borders” what exactly do you mean? Sank the boats with refugees? Since the refugees are here, it’s duty of every EU country to take a percentage of the refugees. They are acting like children who don’t want to take responsibility just because they are not facing the problem themselves. Very mature indeed.

  196. Be Ve

    No, europe should protect its outside borders as agreed.

  197. Bódis Kata

    There’s no legal ground for such sanctions.

    Besides, this question is based on a lie. These countries take in refugees who go to the borders, ask for asylum and in the process it turns out that they qualify for asylum. These countries do not accept economic migrants as “refugees”.

    Furthermore, these countries do not take part in the EU’s refugee distribution system, which is an administrative measure.

  198. Jude De Froissard

    No….they are sovereign countries …..and don’t have to “pay”for the choice or the unilateral political mistakes and decisions of greater countries.

    • Carmelita Caruana

      They chose to join the EU. They need to accept the rules of the EU they chose to join.

  199. Patrick Pashaj

    Departing from the judicial point of view: if the immigrants want to live in Germany, Austria, some Scandinavian countries, the UK ect. thus expressing their free will of choosing to move and live in these countries, won’t the EU infringe their free will by relocating them to Poland, Hungary ect..

  200. Ivan Burrows

    Why not, its not as though the will of the people is respected in the antidemocratic EU. Maybe Juncker will use his new army and force them to except the dictates of the unelected European Politburo.

  201. Stef Kostov

    Should the EU sanction the governments who are actually trying to listen to their people???? How the fuck did we end up asking such questions…

  202. Tim Nick Knight

    No, they actually defend the EU. Germany should be fined, for once agian bringing disaster to the peoples of Europe

  203. Joaquim M Pinto

    Why? No more refugees. The countries that profit with the weapons trade like France Germany UK italy they should have them all.

    • Joaquim M Pinto

      Well if you sell 90 billions in weapons to destroy others countries. That’s the price to pay. Anyway England is a muslin country now so why worry.

    • Ivan Burrows

      Joaquim M Pinto And yet you chose to live in a free Great Britain, bit of an hypocrite aren’t you.

    • Joaquim M Pinto

      Free great Britain? free in what? Don’t make me laugh….. Free to hurt the poors and protect the elites and the big corporation. Vote for the tories they will make Britain a paradise for the rich.

    • Ivan Burrows

      Joaquim M Pinto You are always free to leave if you think its so bad comrade. But thank you for repeating lefty fake news, we need it now and again to remind us how just how detached from reality you people are. :)

    • Vendula Ha

      Czech weapon industry is not insignificant…

  204. frankie perussault

    I’m an oldy super fan of the EU and my blood runs mad when I hear the wording of the question. “sanction” the European countries in the East ??? sanction them ??? fancy! The EU is a voluntary move towards more integration BETWEEN US. There’s no place for a supposedly boss administration to tell member countries what to do. Sovereign countries make the decisions they see fit for their own nation. That’s for one.
    The other aspect of the question is this so called refugee crisis. Refugees, sure, from war torn countries and/or famine stricken countries. But if we look closer and back into History we must remember that these European countries on the Eastern face of the continent SAVED the rest of us from a muslim invasion a number of times in past centuries. Have a read of the battle of Vienna, from wikipedia to start with here and ponder about that. Shall we let the “Ottomans” take over or shall we defend our cultures, countries and values? I’m not against refugees as such, or immigrants as such, I even “married” one and my children are of mixed genes and culture. But this new crisis looks more like an invasion against which we must defend ourselves. Poland, Hungary and Czechia might be seen as ultimate defenders of the EU actually. History will tell.

  205. Władysław Warecki

    It should sanction itself for failing to protect the Schengen borders, then blaming the countries who actually do it

    • Sebastian Ruba Muszyna-Rogalski

      Keep on dodging the real issue which is Poland is going into a full authoritarian state while people like you are gladly defending it.

    • Władysław Warecki

      Authoritarian state? Sounds more like EU. Our internal policy is none of their goddamn business, there are already 1 million legitimate ukrainian refugees in Poland which for some reason no one talks about

  206. Katka Dvorek

    It is very intersting how many of the “Western” commenters call the Eastern Europeans leeches, yet none of them mentions anything about 2-3 generations of Middle Eastern and African muslim immigrants living off their tax money. Many of them don’t speak the language of their countries after 20! years of living there (unfortunately often not working), and they keep importing new people through arranged marriages and family reunions. We have 50 years of this in multiple Western European countries to look back on and learn from! Why won’t they do it is beyond me….

  207. Konrad Kowalski

    The article is wrong in several places:
    1. No country in Europe has accepted (not hundreds of thousands) the required limit of immigrants resulting from forced relocation. Forced relocation is incompatible with all the principles of humanity and looks like a slave trade
    2. Regarding the amount of all immigrants from outside the EU:
    – in 2015, Poland accepted 541 thousand immigrants. It is a number 2.5 times greater than Germany and 4 times greater than Sweden

    3. Poland occupies by far the first place in the number of working immigration.
    In Poland, 95% of immigrants are professionally active and work !!!!!!

    In 2016, Poland took the first place in the number of immigrants from outside the EU (950,000 immigrants from outside the EU)

    4. Why should Poland be punished?

    Punishing and humiliation of Poland is a deliberate and planned action from 2013.

    • Gajdos György

      It’s deliberately looking for trouble since then.

    • Sebastian Ruba Muszyna-Rogalski

      Poland accepted it and did not take any refugees. Doesn’t matter if the government changed – agreements are contracts.

    • Konrad Kowalski

      Sebastian Ruba Muszyna-Rogalski You do not read comments, but you write a learned “song”. Poland welcomed the largest number of immigrants from outside the EU from all European countries (almost 1 million).
      Poland did not accept forced relocation of Islamic immigrants because the Poles did not agree.

      According to Eurostat data, Poles accepted as many immigrants as all continental countries (without UK) EU together.

      Western Europe has accepted immigration from its African colonies. Poles have nothing to do with colonialism.
      Poles have taken immigrants and refugees from Crimea, Ukraine, Chechnya and the Caucasus.

      What is the difference?
      The previous government signed a commitment to accept the obligatory relocation of Islamic immigrants without agreement with the Polish society.
      The previous government could sign the capitulation of Poland, even. And what?

  208. krzysztof

    The article is wrong in several places:
    1. No country in Europe has accepted (not hundreds of thousands) the required limit of immigrants resulting from forced relocation. Forced relocation is incompatible with all the principles of humanity and looks like a slave trade
    2. Regarding the amount of all immigrants from outside the EU:
    – in 2015, Poland accepted 541 thousand immigrants. It is a number 2.5 times greater than Germany and 4 times greater than Sweden

    3. Poland occupies by far the first place in the number of working immigration.
    In Poland, 95% of immigrants are professionally active and work !!!!!!

    In 2016, Poland took the first place in the number of immigrants from outside the EU (950,000 immigrants from outside the EU)

    4. Why should Poland be punished?

    Punishing and humiliation of Poland is a deliberate and planned action from 2013.

  209. Johnny Sintra

    POLAND, HUNGARY and CZECH REPUBLIC acted the right way, defending their citizens and their social stability. If the EU wants stability and development, its bureaucratic mentors in Brussels have to learn that it is up to each country to take care of its own security. Those 3 countries did what they had to do, did very well and were not cowardly lambs as happened with many other countries.

    • Arnout Posthumus

      no they are anti life. They only care about thier 1 gdp shit nations that only take from the eu instead of give.

  210. Carl Sebastian Steenekamp

    No. Those countries joined the EU solely of trading purposes as the EU originally was invented as, just a trade agreement. But the EU is growing more and more federal and centralised and countries like Hungary and Poland are just feeling threatened of their sovereignty being taken for granted by the EU. If those countries do not want to accept refugees and feel that it would pose as a threat to their cultures and security, then they have the right so.

    • Arnout Posthumus

      yea so they should leave then. Because they are mentaly handicapped if they didnt know what the endgame was which was obv and known from the very start.

    • Carmelita Caruana

      Sorry but they joined when the EU had rules on free movement that they *agreed* to follow.

    • Ivan Burrows

      Or be invaded by Juncker’s army ?

    • Marcelo Augusto Pires

      Or stay out. But i believe there are more benefits than problems in being part of EU. Not everybody is happy now and there are surely problems to be fixed but it is a fantasy to believe that, in a global economy, a country can stay out of it. And the EU helps a lot more being a big block.

    • Joe Grixti

      Mr.Ivan.Stop wasting time of the EUROPEAN UNION..I think De Goule was right when he refused to let Britain in…

    • Marcelo Augusto Pires

      Jokera Jokerov , comply for sure. It is agreed. If you want to unite with others you have to give up a little of your sovereignty. If you want to be 100% sovereign and independent you are entitled to be alone and isolated. Everywhere is like that, EU, United Nations, even in your country. Everybody has to compromise. It is a dream to think that you will have all the benefits of being part of EU (like access to international markets, jobs and education) and at the same time can be independent. It is actually interdependence.

    • Władysław Warecki

      Poland took 1 million ukrainian refugees already, I think that’s pretty significant. Also they are definitely refugees, not economic migrants

  211. Nelson Peter

    The mecanism of distribution of the refugees, until the situation in their home-countries will come back to normal, should be transparent and maybe even random. i think Germany select those with a better profesional background (and not only…) and give to other countries the ones with… problems.

  212. Nelson Peter

    Is this matter covered by the EU Treaty? Is there even a short mention that Germany has the right to decide for all the other members?! If Germany wants to get refugees it is their choice, their own policy…

    • Arnout Posthumus

      yea unless we force them. So fck em and force them. Yea welcome to democracy where we actualy fix problems. But ofc poland wouldnt know anything about that, so why even treat them as a democracy. Same goes for hungary.

    • Carmelita Caruana

      You clearly have no idea how the EU works. Get informed.

  213. Rui Santiago

    Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic and Austria should be REWARDED for refuse refugees and for defending free Europe. In the future this countries will be remembered as the Europe defenders. Long live Poland, long live Hungary. Viktor Orban for EU president NOW!

    • Arnout Posthumus

      idiot fuck these cunt nations should have not been accepted but let to rot with russia.

    • Arnout Posthumus

      the EU are these nations and are trying to do so but shitty nations that dont care about human life are working against it.

    • Ivan Burrows

      Arnout Posthumus Of course they care about human life, their own ! You want the migrants you have the migrants but leave other people in peace.

  214. Nelson Peter

    There are some countries with large collonial systems before ww2 and even after… Those coutries (having huge benfits from the middle east, Africa, far east, south America…) should now take care of the migrants.

    • Carmelita Caruana

      Ivan Burrows shouldering your responsibilities not to your liking?

  215. Lukas Navikas

    In Lithuania Europe send about 1100 migrants (real amount I don’t know) we had about 5% migrants now in Lithuania. They EVACUATING from Lithuania because our benefits for one migrant is 204 Euro in Germany, Sweden, Austria, Finland is more bigger beneficts and 95% migrants is economic migrants. Polish Politician Janusz Korwin – Mikke told they are HUMAN GARBAGES they don’t want work just live from our benefits. Anyway this is very good that they leave our country because immigrants in Lithuania not safe like homosexuals. Lithuania hate this peoples. sorry for my english

  216. Jorge Freitas

    No: receiving or refusing to receive foreigners is a country’s sovereign right, and as for the free movement of people within the EU it only applies to other EU-citizens or people who have received a Schengen visa from an EU-state). As a matter of fact Germany and Sweden should be held accountable for issuing visas without the necessary consideration for the concerns of other EU-countries.