ME&EU_featured_4_TurkeyHas Turkey’s President Erdoğan gone too far? Following a failed coup in July 2016, the Turkish leader has acted quickly to arrest or dismiss anybody deemed to be a potential threat to his regime. Tens of thousands of people have been detained; media organisations have been shut down, and roughly 120,000 people have been fired from their public sector jobs. President Erdoğan is currently pushing to reform the country’s constitution, consolidating sweeping powers into the office of the president.

It’s not that long ago that Turkey was being held up as an exemplar of secular democracy in the Muslim world. Many pro-democracy revolutionaries during the Arab Spring looked to the Turkish model. So, what went wrong? Why is Turkey following the path of illiberal democracy?

What do our readers think? We had a comment sent in from Siegfried on our ‘Suggest a Debate’ page, wondering whether Erdoğan’s Turkey was still compatible with EU membership, given the recent government crackdown.

Is Erdoğan’s Turkey compatible with EU membership? We asked Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) from all sides of the political spectrum to stake out their positions on this question, and it’s up to YOU to vote for the policies you favour. See what the different MEPs have to say, then vote at the bottom of this debate for the one you most agree with! Take part in the vote below and tell us who you support in the European Parliament!

Radical Left
Thomas Händel (GUE/NGL), Member of the European Parliament:

handelNot at all. The core values of the European Union are democracy and human rights, freedom of expression, freedom of press, and the rule of law. None of those are respected at the moment in Turkey. The EU should withdraw from all negotiations and halt any payments made related to the candidate status of Turkey. That’s the only way we have to express our concerns in a way the Turkish government understands.

Bodil Valero (Group of the Greens), Member of the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs and the Committee on Security and Defence:

valeroI think that we have to make a distinction between Turkey and Erdoğan. Because Turkey, formally, is a democracy, and there are a lot of democratic Turks who would like membership of the European Union. But it’s very, very difficult to negotiate membership with Erdoğan. Things are going in the wrong direction in Turkey under his leadership… So, I would say that EU membership is not compatible with Erdoğan, but it could be with another leader.

Liberal Democrats
Marietje Schaake (ALDE), Substitute Member of the Committee on Foreign Affairs and the Committee on Human Rights:

Centre Right
Jaromír Štětina (EPP), Member of the Committee on Foreign Affairs and Substitute Member of the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs:

jaromirNo, the [Turkish] regime is not respecting European democratic principles. But, at the same time, I do not support the freezing of accession talks with [Turkey]. It is vital to distinguish between the current regime and the Turkish people. We need to keep the dialogue open and maintain our criticism until the situation gets better.

Anna Fotyga (ECR), Chair of the Subcommittee on Security and Defence and Member of the Committee on Foreign Affairs:


Laura Ferrara (EFDD), Member of the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs and Substitute Member of the Committee on Foreign Affairs and Subcommittee on Human Rights:

ferraraThe situation of fundamental rights in Turkey is actually very controversial, especially after the coup d’état of the last summer. I’m afraid, unfortunately, that this situation is incompatible with EU membership. We hope, however, that Turkey could swiftly restart her path towards a better acknowledgement of the rule of law and fundamental rights.

Curious to know more about Turkey’s path to EU membership? We’ve put together some facts and figures in the infographic below (click for a bigger version).4-ME&EU-Turkey-EU
IMAGE CREDIT: CC / Flickr – unaoc

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    • Ivan Burrows


      The power grab of fascism in the 1930’s & EU power grabs of 2010’s, the similarities are very striking if you chose to look for them.

  1. Ivan Burrows


    Of course not, Erdoğan was elected by the Turkish people whereas the EU prefers rule by an unelected European Politburo.

    But they will join, its the only way Juncker can keep the migrants out.

  2. Αναγέννηση

    Through its actions Turkey has shown that it never was compatible with the EU and Never will be compatible with the EU . One just has to look at the British State Sponsored Turkish Military invasion and occupation of EU member Cyprus since 1974, which has provided the Britsih Military bases in Cyprus a security advantage against American efforts since 1950 to expel the Britsih Military bases from Cyprus and replace them with American military bases in Cyprus, sparking Turkish Military violations on Greek sovereignty in the Aegean since the 80s. Wonder how President Trump with his American First Policies, will react to the trachery commited by Britain and Turkey in Cyprus against the United States since 1950. Will President Trump demand British and Turkish military forxces leave Cyprus immediately. Only time will tell.

    • Ivan Burrows


      Still blaming the Brit’s comrade ? lol

    • John Zervas

      We are not blaming anyone. Cyprus is a Member-State of the EU that has FOREIGN invading forces from Turkey for many decades now. By what right are the Turks occupying EU sovereign territory?This has to stop. You understand that Turkey gains an unhealthy advantage against the EU by having invasion forces on European soil, right? And what a surprise, the British are making things more difficult again for the EU…

    • Ivan Burrows

      John Zervas

      We are not making things difficult, we are just leaving the pointless club.

      Interesting that you ignore the fact Brussels has done nothing to remove the Turks from ‘its’ territory though.

    • Ibrahim Uzun

      John Zervas Turkey has gone to Cyprus to protect its citizens from the Greek Cypriot eoka terrorist organisation, why you don’t mention at all the atrocities from your side agains the Turkish Cypriot population ? that’s why Turkey is there to protect its citizens.

    • Ibrahim Uzun

      Just tell us what rule did played the eoka terrorist organisations agains the Turkish Cypriot population in Cyprus before the 1974 ?
      Don’t be shy ?

    • Harry Procopiou

      Ibrahim Uzun and for that matter TMT or are we selecting the ones we like?

  3. Philipp Baun

    Of course it is not. Its moving away from democracy and pluralism at high speed. But where was all the positive praise and improvements from the European side ten years ago when Turkey was making huge steps towards democracy and rule of law? Maybe if the EU has made some concessions in that time Erdogan could now not use the EU as one of his scapegoats he rallies his supporters against.

    • Ahmet Azmidolu

      Why did you ask WHY? Isn’t it obvous?

    • Joao Antonio Camoes

      because, as far as I understand Erdogan does not want apply to EU anymore (from de 28 dossiers, there is only one completed – i read a few month ago in na european magazine) and recente declarations from some leaders in EU made me think they are not interested in any enlargement anymoe. maybe i´m wrong but that´s the idea i´ve got from several news.

  4. John Zervas

    As long as Erdogan is in power, a Turkish membership is impossible. Even if he were to be de-throned (yes that is the correct verb, Sultans get dethorned not outvoted) it’s a political matter. If Turkey was to become a Member State, it would have even more votes than France in the EU. The French will never agree to that. So Turkey will never become a member of the EU. It is simple as that. Finally, do not get fooled by the image Turkey gives to us all, it only advertises how it’s coastal parts look which by the way are heavily influenced by European values since they stand on ancient greek and byzantine cities. The coastal parts of Turkey were always more politically civilized. However the coastal parts are a very small part of Turkey. If you want to see the real Turkey, just go and see what happens behind the coastal parts, it’s chaos.

  5. Alexander Ashford

    No. Turkey is not Europe. They’re invaders from Central Asia who destroyed one of the most gracious civilisations in history – the Byzantines.

    • Uğur Kerti

      I feel pity for your students

    • Alexander Ashford

      Uğur Kerti don’t. Feel pity for your countrymen who are pinned down by a vicious dictator.

  6. Julia Hadjikyriacou

    I dont agree with some MEPs who say it us only Erdogan that is incompatible with the EU and that the people are. If anything, Erdogans rules simply revealed and highlighted the fact that many Turkish citizens are incompatible with the EU. It is Turkish citizens that murder Homosexuals and transgenders, it us Turkish citizens who had machetes under their beds and beheaded soldiers in the coup, it is Turkish citizens in the police force who tortured dissenters and alleged coup participants, Turkish citizens voted for Erdogan by majority vote therefore support all he espouses. It is Turkey and most if its citizens that do not belong in the EU. We do not share the same values for democracy and freedom of choice.

  7. Thanasis Politis

    Yes because the European system for the security for the humans values is very important guide line for the Middle East

  8. Wendy Harris

    The EU is struggling to cope with a million extra Muslims, so how will they manage a further 75 million of them?

  9. Ray de Bono

    …if there was ever a ‘leading question’ competition this would qualify as an absolute winner here. Give us a break & don’t waste our time asking the obvious.

    • Ivan Burrows


      Your comment is incorrect, Erdoğan was elected by the people whereas dictators are not elected, Just as your president Juncker wasn’t.

  10. George Ferentinos

    The main problem for turkey to join the EU is that in case of being a memeber, it wiil be the bigest state in the club!!!!and moreover is 99% muslim country!!!!That is the real obstacle for the EU!!!!as far as the democratic deficiency in turkey is just a justification and not a reason!!!!,,EU is not so sensitive to these things sush democratic righrs !!!we see it in ucraine supporting the Meintan nazi elements !!!!???!the jihandists in syria etc!!!

  11. Jude De Froissard

    Why ask…Turkey does not want the E.U. and the E.U. does not want Turkey. But we can have excellent relationships with this lovely country.

  12. Öv Ge

    It’s not Erdoğan in particular but the thing is that Turkey is not compatible with the union as a whole. It is a huge land populated by 80 million, so there are dramatic differences between the regions and cultures within the country. Europe is not capable of handling this situation and there is not any justifiable reason to bother doing so anyway. Besides, the membership thing has fallen off the agenda for a while in Turkey -this is true even for the non-nationalists. For the pro-governments Europe is going down, so why would we be a part of this failure? For the anti-governments the pro-government Muslims will mess it up with their embarrassing ideologies and religious acts, so it is better for them to be a part of Europe individually -not as a society. Needless to say, I am just making generalizations.

  13. Joel Dominic Rodrigues

    No. This is a stupid question. Turkey currently doesn’t meet basic requirements for EU membership, including those on personal liberty, freedom of the press and of course capital punishment.

  14. Anar Rza

    Of course not. Turkey”s chances 10 years ago was far higher than now.

  15. Tarquin Farquhar

    No; however, the EU welcomed many basketcase nations from the Club Med and the Balkans into the EU already and this has provided inspiration/ammunition for Turkey re joining the EU.

    If Turkey does not join the EU, it will be seen as an anti-Islamic situation from Ankara – the EU has dug itself into a very deep hole.

  16. Maia Alexandrova

    Turkey should join UK – it has so many friends there and is much more compatible with their values than than with EU…

    • Duncan

      Care to give any examples? Or is this just more rhetoric based on dislike rather than facts?

    • Tarquin Farquhar

      @Maia Alexandrova
      EU values? Don’t you mean ‘Banana Federation’ values!

      Without the UK, the EU will quickly shift to become a ‘Latin bloc’ – then watch the already high levels of corruption and unaccountability go through the roof.

      Note the meeting of the new ‘European-Axis-of-Evil’ today in Portugal featuring 7 countries not lauded for their transparency, accountability or democratic credentials.

      It is only a matter of time before the 2nd, 3rd and 4th biggest Eurozone economies start to coerce Germany et al to do what’s good for them…NASTY!

  17. Enric Mestres Girbal

    Erdogan is a dictator and Turkey have nothing to do in Europe. Now that Syria is heading towards peace the terms should be different.

  18. Duncan Melville

    No! Never. Are you really serious asking this question? Have you not been following the recent events in Turkey?

  19. Duncan

    The answer is so obviously no that the mind boggles as to why this is even being asked. Here’s another question you should put to debate; “Do we really need air to breathe?”

    • Karolina

      Probably the best answer on here..

    • Tarquin Farquhar


  20. Faddi Zsolt

    In the eyes of the imperialist-lead Europe is a great market and big economy. They don’t care about such stupid questions as religion or compability!!!

  21. Helena Corte-Real

    What EU? EU ´s falling apart, in case you didn´t notice…And NO…Erdogan´s a dictator and he kills his own people…

  22. Frans Timmermans

    His striving to have a sultanate shows his disgust for democracy. And Turkey in that situation will never be eligible for EU membership

  23. EU reform- proactive

    What kind of “democracy” in a country of ~80mio, where +90% are Muslims? Turkish “secular Muslim Sharia democracy” = Universal European democratic values?

    Is the EU still clinging to the belief that a signatory to the 1990 Cairo Declaration on Human Rights in Islam- which is not “UNIVERSAL” but based on religious Islamic Shari’a Law- will ever become ECHR compliant? Except, the EU writes another “treaty” to introduce Sharia & sign up to the CDHRI.

    What is so difficult to understand when its political leader waves the Quran in both hands and aims to capture the executive sultana presidency, replacing the existing parliamentary system of government?

    Just keep’s all the EU bureaucrats busy talking & guessing for a few more years.

  24. Yiannos Phiniotis

    I don’t know of any Islamic dictatorship from Middle East that has anything in common with European Union do you? So quit asking idiotic question about future EU members that are not Europeans firstly and not democratic secondly !!!

    • Mehmet Özgün Uluğoğullarından

      And the EU is so democratic, by continually violating the sovereignity of its member states. You know what, I say we ditch the EU membership deal. Perhaps renegotiate the rest of the deals too.

  25. Ioanna Geor

    Certainly not, he made a law allowing him to be president until 2029. Do you think that’s democratic? Or do you think the coup was not planned to strengthen his power? No , no, no. Erdogan has not respect for Turkish people , do you think he has for the EU?

  26. Mary Mirarchi

    Lets grow up please….what more proof do you need to understand that this man is a DICTATOR !!! You guys are crazy to even think of writing an article on this matter !!!!

    • Ismail Akca


  27. Violet Vallance

    Just another Dictator to Add to control of the World. Definately not – the EU needs no more of these.

  28. Stathis Stathopoulos

    The workers of the EU are not compatible with EU memebership. The EU is a wolfden of capitalists. Our industries, farmers, fishing has been destroyed by the EU and the captalism it supports. All countries should exit such an organisation..

  29. Alayne Hunter

    E.U are primarily petrified of Turkey because of its population size and armed forces. Turkey should have been allowed in 10 years ago before Erdoğan became to powerful.

    • Mehmet Özgün Uluğoğullarından

      Well, back then, most of the country’s infastructure, economy and civil rights were considered to be “incompatible” with EU standards. You know what, the AKP regime did as a matter of fact made Turkey compatible with EU standards, but at the expense of national sovereignity and pride. This is why we nationalists always opposed him, while the EU praised him. Now we get questions like “is Erdoğan’s Turkey compatible with the EU”. Well, that is like offering him your direct support by giving him just another reason to push this precidency deal on us, by saying that the European Union is wary of it, so it must be good. I know for a fact it isn’t, but the EU’s stance is not making our case any easier.

    • Alayne Hunter

      Mehmet Özgün Uluğoğullarından…I bow to your superior knowledge. As a non Turk it’s very difficult to garner exact information.

    • EU reform- proactive

      Abu Tayeb,

      doesn’t God protect everyone equally? Rulers and commoners. Foe & friends. Rich & poor. Believers & non Believers? Isn’t the one God an unselective one- or?

    • Sefa Ayhan Emecan

      erdoğan diktatör değildir millet tarafından seçilmiş cumhurbaşkanıdır mazlum fakir aç insanları da korur sizin gazeteler medya sizi yanlış bilgilen diriyor türkiye de demokrasi vardır hukuk vardır.

    • Sefa Ayhan Emecan

      ab de satılmış gazeteciler var türkiye yi karalamak için para ile satın alınmış bu medya gazeteciler siz gerçekleri bilmiyorsunuz türkiye ye gelin gerçekleri görün

    • Sefa Ayhan Emecan

      diktatör dört milyon savaşdan kaçan suriyeli ve ıraklı mülteciyi ülkesin de bakmaz birde bu pencereden bakın gerçekleri görün erdoğan büyük bir liderdir aç insanlar için türkiye otuz milyar harcadı şuana kadar avrupa birliği yardım etmedi etmiyor

    • Vibeke Schneidermann

      Erdoğan is the legitimate president, chosen by the Turkish people in a general election surveyed and approved of the o e cd – observers. He is therefore NOT a dictator.

      Even if you do not like the way, he runs Turkey (and I guess perhaps his foreign policy)?

    • Vermeesch Paul

      Could you please tell me why there are soo many people in prison ….all those who didn’t agree with his way of thinking are separate. ..principale journalist. …and why did he firred 12.000 employees? ???

  30. Anestis Loulas

    Eu was established in human Values and the right to Freedom! We do not need morons and a man in a full dreaming state

  31. Cihan Ipek

    I think, it should not be forget that the relation between Turkey and EU based on mutual interest. There are a millions democrats and Kurdish people who are the friend of EU and respect the law and vaulues of Europe. And Turkey is also a big big market for european products. Turkey is not only Erdogan.

    • Yiannis Raftopoulos

      This Turkey you mention is the one we shouldn’t turn down. Especially now that is under such pressure. Unfortunately under Erdogan I don’t see how.

    • Cihan Ipek

      This is a temporary time. We should not cut the tie and relations we should help Turkish democrats people snd study Turkey better.

    • Vibeke Schneidermann

      What makes you think that the kurds respect democratic values? When they loose elections in Turkey they respond with car bombs! ! The west of Turkey is liberal. The further you come East the more religious they are. And then comes Syria and Iraq on the other side.

      The kurds are just like them! Only some Europeans have some romantic notion that the kurds live under a bubble dome where the religious surge go right over and under the dome lives a democratic people with respect for Europe.

      But æt no such dome exists. The kurds are precisely the same as the east turks, the Syrians, iranians and the iraqies

    • Cihan Ipek

      Dear Vibeke Schneidermann, we can not say this for all Kurds or Turks. In all countries there are both democrat and extremist people. Turkey is a great country and has almost 80 million people. 1/4 of this people are Kurds. Nobody can say that all Kurds are for car boms or extremist

  32. Vincent Lia

    I would say no, but not so sure since the EU is not able to make a stand against corrupt politicians and appoints commissioners that failed the grilling and failed to get a vote of approval by the Meps. If EU chiefs dismiss such tests and still go ahead why the hell do they have these tests

  33. Mehmet Özgün Uluğoğullarından

    Hey there Eurofags. I should start off by stating that I am not a fan of Erdoğan and will vote “no” in the upcoming referandum. With this out of the way, I’d like to address this question:
    There is no “Erdoğan’s Turkey”. This country does not belong to a specific person, it belongs to the Turkish nation.
    And I can’t help but wonder, was Turkey considered to be compatible with the EU before Erdoğan took power? To my knowledge, the European powers were delighted to see Turkey taking a turn to liberalism under his regime before he got the useful idiots out of the way to start claiming power for himself in earnest. Now you begin to ask the question, “Is Erdoğan’s Turkey compatible with the EU”.
    Was this question asked in regards to the previous governments?
    If not, why now? You are all a bunch of hypocrites, or you’re actually secretly working in his favor by bringing up such questions, because people who praise him often bring up the issue of the Eurofags opposing him in regards to the precidency, and now they’ll got definitive proof for that. Thank you for your time.

    • Alex Browne

      If externals questioning the merits of someone’s presidency makes erdogans supporters see that as some kind of proof of legitimacy, that is their problem, and lack of logic

    • Alex Browne

      Europe sticks it’s nose into everyone’s buisiness, and as a country currently looking to join as a full member, you could expect nothing less

    • Mehmet Özgün Uluğoğullarından

      Alex Browne
      Well, Alex, their logic is irrelevant, but their votes are relevant.
      Besides, that wasn’t my question: what I’m asking is, whether Turkey was compatible with the EU before Erdoğan took power or not. And if so, why they didn’t make Turkey an EU member back then, and why this question regarding Turkey’s compatibility is being brought up now, although it isn’t a new question, it was not asked within the context of which government ruled Turkey, but now, it is. Such questions raise all kinds of doubts in the minds of the people here whether they support Erdoğan or not.

    • Marius Rusti

      Mehmet Özgün Uluğoğullarından, the answer is Cyprus, mainly.

    • EU reform- proactive

      @ Mehmet Özgün Uluğoğullarından, good day Sir!

      …………..”Was this question asked in regards to the previous governments? If not, why now? You are all a bunch of hypocrites……….” Well said & valid criticism!

      Would the EU not have shifted its goal post but rather restricted itself to pure economic criteria -when the EEC was created in 1958 (Treaty of Rome)- a Turkey- EEC economic partnership could have been in place after the Ankara Agreement in 1963 was signed.

      By burdening “economics” with political, social & ECHR values as conditions afterwards- “check mated” a Turkey- EU partnership of today. The EU was/is acting as a dishonest, hypocritical party, who doesn’t know how to jump over its own erected hurdles.

    • James Robinson

      And there’s your answer. Wasn’t compatability then. Certainly isn’t compatible now. Looks even less compatable as time moves on.

    • Mehmet Özgün Uluğoğullarından

      James Robinson
      And well I am not a sucker for the EU. The thing is, I don’t think that the “compatibility” issues have gotten worse, but in fact, better. Other than the Cyprus issue, many things in Turkey have actually moved to be compatible with EU standards.
      But that’s what I don’t understand, why is the question asked now.

    • Matteo Bernunzo

      I mean led by an autoritharian leader who has been shutting down all opposition with mass arrests, just saying
      Btw,ask Kurds what they think about Erdogan

    • Mehmet Özgün Uluğoğullarından

      And you know what, the EU aided Erdoğan openly in this, being delighted with the fact that the country was becoming “more liberal”.
      Yeah, we have had all forms of asshats in our country, speaking out against out national identity, our history, our legitimacy as a people, freedom of speech hit the top. We tried to stop this increasing degeneracy, but to no avail. Now all these liberal asshats are either in prison or have retired from public life. Serves them just right. Just right.

    • Vibeke Schneidermann

      Most if the kurds actually vote for Erdoğan. They constitute 20-25 percent of the voters and the last thing many of them want is to be ruled by PKK. Or to have from Istanbul, where a quarter of them live and “home” to a Kurdistan that will be at war between themselves in a heartbeat.

  34. Tony Spillett

    The big question is why us this any of our business, we are leaving the eu so won’t affect us and secondly the way the liberals and left wing are behaving over brexit I think the comments about democracy and fascism is a bit hypocritical, this is becoming less and less a democratic country and is being led towards a semi dictatorship

    • Mustafa Kaya

      Mustafa ozbulut dünya liderimisiniz ☺☺☺☺☺☺

  35. Vibeke Schneidermann

    I actually do not think that Erdoğan and Turkey wants to be member of the EU anymore. ..There used to be around 20 percent against, but that number has increased to 50 percent and rising.

    • Nihat Erol

      I bet it’s already far exceeding 50 % though…

    • Nihat Erol

      By the way, I read your messages under this topic and seemingly you are well informed about Turkey and definitelly balanced views… Some how, any connection with Turkey?

    • Vibeke Schneidermann

      And I do Erdoğan and I do think he is on a quest for power. But what politician is not.

      But I can appreciate that he has brought the country financially forward. I can also see that most if the politic that Europe criticises is because he is thinking of Turkey first and last and does not care about Europe and USA. But why should he? They do not care about Turkey.

      Regarding human rights and media oppression, I don’t know. It is nothing you feel as an ordinary person and I have also read it in foreign newspapers
      But they are usually so wrong in what they write on items, I do know about, so I simply don’t know….

    • James Robinson

      Erdogan has done a good job of getting rid of the ‘useful idiots’ who he used and got him power, now he combines the office of prime minister with his own he will soon be the next sultan…and Attaturk’s efforts to modernise turkey will have been in vain as it goes back to relying on religion and goes the way of iran and saudi.

    • Vibeke Schneidermann

      First he has to win the referendum. Besides the change gives him the construction that corresponds to the one the US have and that is generally accepted and not doomed a dictatorship. At least prior to Trump. The Turkish people is not very religious and it us the part of Erdoğan they don’t like, but put up with because of the other results. He should, however, not push it. But if that becomes the result, then remember, that he actually tried Europe first…..

  36. Andrew Potts

    Absolutely compatible, there are millions of Turks only looking for the chance to work in the EU it does not matter there are already millions of unemployed EU orders.

  37. Çağdaş Dönmez

    As a Turk I regret to say that by no means today’s Turkey can be integrated to Europe. Corruption, social problems and bad economy are the major reasons. On the other hand some EU member states, especially the new ones aren’t necessarily better than Turkey either however their problems are manageable since those countries are smaller in terms of population. Turkey must embrace the principles of Ataturk and become a well established fully democratic, transparent and an objective legal state. The achievement of this goal under/with the current government is simply impossible.

  38. Miguel Cabrita

    I would not respond to rhetorical questions, but instead note that Erdogan insurgence is in part the result of several years of European Mockery with the Turks in the so called negotiations to join the EU, someday they would be tired with the farce, so now we have a dictator in Turkey.

  39. catherine benning

    Is he running a democracy? Does Turkey have Sharia law? Is Turkey compatible with European values? Does Turkey allow brutality toward women?

    Answer these questions and you know how to vote.


    No, it could be wrong turn…

  41. A_Strange_Idea

    No, but it should not sour foreign politics in any other way.

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